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20+ Modern Free CSS Website Templates & WordPress Website Templates

20+ Modern Free CSS Website Templates & WordPress Website Templates

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the skin of your WordPress website or any site. The CSS decides how your website appears, the style and the look of your site. Even when you intended to do some website template customizations, most of the time the tweaks are done in the CSS section only.

Websites have evolved a lot from the first website born at CERN. The modern website templates give you a lot of interactive features, thanks to the updated CSS3. In the new modern CSS website templates, you get trendy design styles like;

  • Rounded corners
  • Shadow effects
  • Colorful gradients
  • Multi-column design layouts
  • Cool web fonts

If you are searching for trendy website templates with all the updated looks, then this list of free CSS website template is for you.

Noon UI Kit Website Template


The major CSS update you get in the modern website is the cool animation effects. You can easily grab your visitors’ attention to the web element you want by adding cool animation effects to the elements.

The Noon UI Kit website template gives you trendy visual effects to your website. Developers have used the latest CSS3 to this website template. As soon as you land on this website template demo, you will see an arrow indicated you to scroll down to control; this is the modern website, letting your visitors navigate your site easily.

All the cool transitions from the sides and fade in entry of the website elements easily helps you to get the visitors attention on the spot you want.

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Have ever thought of buying a retro car? Garage is a free CSS website template is based on the theme of a car garage. The CSS work on this free website template is very clean, that will make you wonder whether it is a free website template.

The notable work on this website template is the dynamic slider they have used in the search option. We all will be having a range when we are about to buy, when adding a slider helps the visitor to feel the interactions of your website than just clicking a button.

The web fonts used are clean and displaying the cars in a neat layout and showing the details on hover makes this website template as one of the best free website template.

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If you are looking for a website template with a card like design, then STAK is the perfect website template for you. By keeping a static image as the background, the website layouts are developed on the images.

As you scroll down, you can see the cards are flipping with two overlaid boards, one of the board contains the image, and the other contains the required texts. The buttons also look neat and placed at the right spot.

You also get a carousel along with these card layouts, best suits for you to display recent posts if you are a blogger or you can show products and services if you planned to use this free template for a business website.

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Hyacinth is a bright purple color website template with a textured like background. The template also provides a parallax scrolling effect.

The use of icons to demonstrate the services makes this website template best fit for professional or business website. This website template is also best suits for landing pages.

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Volcano is a line design based website template. Small animations when you hover over any of the buttons are thoughtfully designed.

One of the major aspects of a business site is branding. Branding includes lots of factors like logo, design consistency throughout the website and most importantly brand colors. The Volcano website template did this part correctly. They have consistently followed the cloudy yellow color throughout the website design.

There is also an interactive map given in the contact section, it is a well-thought design. In a business website providing a clear location of the office is very important

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Newline is a free CSS website template, with horizontal scrolling interface. This website template has an out of focused video as the background, dark color overlay on the video helps the texts to be more legible to the readers.

This website template is almost like a single page website template, the only thing that differs is the horizontal scrolling interface. The bright yellow color of the template, easily makes the visitor to look closely. Buttons with rounded corner have made this website template more appealing.

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Magnet Portfolio Template


If you are not into bright colored website template and a kind of person, who loves minimalism lot, then the Magnet website template is for you.

The Magnet is a minimalistic website template, with lots of white space, this makes the website template best pick for portfolio or small e-commerce site. The dark hover color on white space makes the elements distinct from the background, and the use of web font is also clean, which makes the letters easier to read.

The blog section of the website template is very nice; thin fonts makes the reading on the site a delight.

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Hyperspace is a modern single page website template. This website template best suits for the landing page. Modern bright colors are used in this website template. The image holders in the website template are perfectly proportioned with the web design.

The font style and the icons used are also neat, make the text clearly legible and easy to read.

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My Data


My data is a just opposite of the Magnet theme. It is full of colors; even the icons used are colorful. The CSS works made on this website template are intuitive.
You almost get all the modern website elements for a business site or portfolio sites; counters, image zoom on hover, small parallax section and clean drop down animations both in menus and inside the main block in this website template.

When you combine icons with your taste and make some color change, you can start using this website template for your website.

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Interactive designs are becoming a part of website strategy to improve the dwell rate of the website. Dale does this job well for you; it is a clean, minimalistic website template with subtle animations as you scroll.

The designers and developers decided to stick with a professional approach to the template. You won’t be seeing any unnecessary gimmicks; this makes the website template light.

In the header section by keeping huge banner images or neat video as the background, you can say about yourself with the big, bold fonts.

The preview option when you hover over images are clean and as told before the consistency of maintaining the brand color throughout the website template makes this template a professional piece of work.

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Fitness is a modern website template that can be used by any gym or fitness website. The buttons are more rounded, no more old-fashioned boxes. The CSS works are also great on this template, the layouts, spacing and the fine use of green color to indicate health; everything is used in the apt proportion. That makes the Fitness CSS website template unique from others.

The use of modern workout icons for the daily schedule of the week is an impressive design idea.

The pricing section is also taken care on this website template; there is ample space on each price card. It helps you to describe the plan neatly to the visitors.

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If you are not into animation and interactive designs, and looking for a neat modern website; then you should take a look at the Opiami website template. It is a multi-page CSS website template, neat segmentations and the layouts are also neatly spaced.

This website template best suits for personal websites, it can’t stand with the modern business website and portfolio websites.

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Rex is a perfect modern business or agency website template with all the necessary CSS elements and web elements you need in a business website. The header section will welcome you with a neat animation of periodically changing texts.

All the icons, fade in animation, split animations are all clean and will make your website interactive to the users. Intuitive CSS element like counters, dark overlay options when you hover over the images; all make this template a perfect modern CSS website template.

It is a single page website template with a blog section. The blog also has all the necessary options you need to collect subscribers, popular post options to engage your readers.

More info / Download Demo



Webkurn is a perfect website template for website like deals and offer sales. The CSS work on this website template is too flashy, that make this template a bit unprofessional for business websites.

It has all the CSS elements that you need in an offer based websites, always blinking headers, carousels at the header section, forcefully sliding in elements from the sides as you scroll, and card flipping animations on hovering.

When you make minor changes and little improvements to the website template you can use it for your website.

More info / Download Demo

Big Picture


Big Picture is a perfect photography and traveler based website templates. This template gives more emphasis on the images, the larger section for images helps you to display your photographs beautifully.

The CSS works also taken care very well on this website template. As you scroll, you get interactive web elements sliding in from the sides.

Overall it is a clean CSS website template; best suits for personal, portfolio, photography and travel websites.

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Kaylay is a modern freelancer type CSS website template. With the big banner image space, you can make a compelling intro about you.

You get other sections like services you offer, about section, gallery and contact form. You can see small CSS animations as you scroll and hover, which make the website template neat and professional.

More info / Download Demo

Free WordPress CSS Website Template

WordPress is the best CMS you can use to start your website from scratch. The difference between the HTML5 & CSS template and WordPress template is, you can efficiently manage your site. You can update the theme, or you can add extra functionalities to the WordPress templates easily with the help of plugins. Saying that these are the best free WordPress CSS website template.



Shapely is a multi-page free WordPress CSS template. You have all the necessary theme elements you need in a professional website. With the pixel perfect theme design, your website can easily make a professional mark as soon as the visitor lands on your website.

With the modern CSS animations and clean look, you get all the pages you need for a professional website in this free WordPress template.

More info / Download Demo

MedZone Lite


MedZone is a doctor and health clinic WordPress website template. You almost get all the required premium features in the free version itself. There is also a pro version of this WordPress website template, in which you get advanced features and premium support.

Since it is a clinical website, the option for selecting the services are given beforehand in the header section as soon as you land on the site; it is a well-thought positioning of services on a clinic website.

You get all the required segments like; a team of doctors, opening time, a brief description of the services offered, testimonials and a contact form.

More info / Download Demo



Hypermarket is an eCommerce WordPress Website Template. It is a minimalistic e-commerce website template with all the features you need on an e-commerce site.

It is a multi-page WordPress website template. Shop cart, filter option, price slider, single product page, all the options are given in this website template. It is a clean looking website template with a lot of white space.

You also get the rating options in this WordPress website template. If you are searching for a full featured free e-commerce website template, then you must take a look at the Hypermarket website template.

More info / Download Demo



Allegiant is a multipurpose WordPress website template. It has both lite and pro versions, just like the MedZone. It is a clean looking WordPress website template with the modern CSS work.

This theme is a multi-page WordPress website template. The use of modern icons and consistency of color throughout the theme makes this website template a professional looking perfect website template.

More info / Download Demo



DistinctPress is the perfect solution for bloggers who are in search of free and minimalistic WordPress website template. This website template is designed completely by keeping bloggers in mind.

You get all the required website element you need in a normal blog. You can place the recent post and recent comments to the right hand side, sidebar. This WordPress website template also suits for personal portfolio, to be precise it best suits for bloggers portfolio.

More info / Download Demo

What’s Your Choice

These are the best free CSS website template you can use for your website. The WordPress website template gives you a lot of benefits than the HTML website templates. The modern HTML5 templates give you all the advanced feature you need in a website but still maintaining a WordPress website is more comfortable than the HTML website.

In our next blog post, we will be covering best modern HTML5 template. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified as soon as the post is published. What’s your favorite CSS website template? Let us know in the comment section.

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