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67 Modern Free CSS Website Templates 2023

Are you looking for free CSS templates for your next project? Here you will find the best CSS templates for free to the public.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the skin of your WordPress website or any site. The CSS decides how your website appears, the style, and the look of your site. Even when you intend to customize website template, the tweaks are usually done only in the CSS section.

Free CSS Templates To Build A Modern Website In 2023

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Websites have evolved a lot from the first website born at CERN. The modern website templates give you a lot of interactive features, thanks to the updated CSS3. In the new modern CSS website templates, you get trendy design styles like;

  • Rounded corners
  • Shadow effects
  • Colorful gradients
  • Multi-column design layouts
  • Cool web fonts

If you are searching for trendy website templates with updated looks, then this list of free CSS website templates is for you.

Amazing WordPress theme alternatives


FREE CSS Templates

Divi is probably one of the most complete and all-around site canvases. After all, any user can benefit from it. Whether you are just starting or an experienced web developer, Divi suits both and then some.

Moreover, with over one hundred full website kits, you know you will find something that will spark your interest. You might use the one demo that intrigues you exactly as is. Let’s face it, all the samples are already active websites, just stuff them with your details and information and you are ready to roll.

Moreover, Divi also includes a page builder that unlocks even more options and possibilities. You will also discover a horde of extensions, elements and impressive customization capabilities. Whether you would like to build one or a hundred different pages, you can successfully do them all with Divi.

More info / Download Demo


Jevelin website template for WordPress

Jevelin will instantly build confidence in you when you decide to make a page independently. Yes, you! Note that you will not need to write a single line of code when setting up an online presence for your project or business. When you employ the powerful and practical Jevelin and the simplicity of dragging and dropping, you will quickly have a complete web design set up to go live.

To kick things off like a champ, choose one from over thirty demos and start on the right path. Each layout is entirely editable with WPBakery Page Builder. The latter also allows you to develop custom layouts, specially designed for your niche. Of course, Jevelin also sports all the latest trends, ensuring your website’s operation runs smoothly and flawlessly.

More info / Download Demo

Best CSS Website Templates You Can Download Today

Glint – CSS Template (Most Popular)

glint free mobile-friendly website template

The cool animation effects are the major CSS update in the modern website. You can easily grab your visitors’ attention to the web element you want by adding cool animation effects to the elements.

Glint website template gives you trendy visual effects on your website. Developers have used the latest CSS3 to this website template. As soon as you land on this website template demo, you will see an arrow indicating you to scroll down to control; this modern website lets your visitors navigate your site easily.

All the cool transitions from the sides and fade in the entry of the website elements easily help you get the visitors attention on the spot you want.

More info / Download Demo

PhotoGallery – Free CSS Template

photogallery free css template

PhotoGallery is a wonderful free CSS website template for photographers. Whether you are just starting your photo project or an established photographer, PhotoGallery is here to take your project to new heights. With its creative and modern web design, you will spark everyone’s curiosity and make them express their interest in learning more about what you do. Along with the striking index page, PhotoGallery also delivers a beautiful gallery, enticing a single gallery section, blog, and contact page. Yes, that’s all you are getting with PhotoGallery.

More info / Download Demo


Sonar free template

Sonar is a free CSS website template for photographers and photography agencies. The tool’s creativity ensures a pleasant experience across all devices and platforms. Sonar practices only modern technologies, so you know your website’s operation will be flawless.

Carousels, sidebar menu, sticky header, back to top button, and scroll content loading are just some of the specialties you get with the Sonar kit. You can also create a beautiful portfolio and start a blog. There are many options for Sonar, so take it to your advantage.

More info / Download Demo


videomag free template

If you want to start an online magazine primarily focusing on video content, you opt for VideoMag. It is a superb template that costs you nothing but contains many useful features and page layouts. You are welcome to use VideoMag out of the box, but if you want to beautify it, you can do that, too.

Moreover, VideoMag has preset ad placements, social media icons, a drop-down menu and a featured posts carousel. Finally, you can use VideoMag for niche and general video news sites, as it easily handles multiple categories.

More info / Download Demo


Philosophy is an exciting free website template that works for all blogs you want to start. Instead of doing things the traditional way, you can always spice things up with Philosophy. It rocks a cool design that will help you create your overall site experience more enjoyable. This goes for mobile devices, too.

Philosophy has social icons, a drop-down menu, a back to top button and delivers content beautifully on scroll. It even includes a functional contact form and Google Maps, saving additional time. Finally, you can always personalize Philosophy to your signature style, but using it as-is is also an option.

More info / Download Demo


Appy free landing page template

When building a landing page for an application, make it happen with the impactful Appy. It is a tool with great features and functions to help you push the boundaries further. With a solid online presence of an app, you can increase the downloads over and beyond. Of course, marketing is crucial, but you need to start somewhere.

Appy comes with all the necessary sections to create a full-blown app display. It has testimonials/reviews, screenshot carousel, floating navigation and call-to-action buttons, to name a few. You can even activate the blog module and introduce strategic content marketing.

More info / Download Demo


Webmag Free Template

Building an online magazine needs not start from the ground up. Instead, use a free CSS website template, WebMag, and kick-start your project with style. WebMag uses the latest technologies to guarantee a first-rate performance across all devices and platforms.

Other cool features of WebMag are a sidebar menu, a contact form and a floating navbar that only appears once you start scrolling back to the top. In short, if you want to speed up establishing a news site, make it happen with WebMag.

More info / Download Demo


Quantum Free Template

Quantum is a powerful free CSS website template for building landing pages with meaning. While you can use it for a product, it would be best to employ Quantum for creating an agency, heck, even freelancer, landing page website. The clean design and neat features will help you pop.

With the split-screen above the fold section, you can play around with image and text combinations until you find a fascinating one. Quantum also has sticky navigation, pricing plans and loads content beautifully on the scroll. If you are ready to shine online, pick Quantum now.

More info / Download Demo


Reshape Free Template

Reshape is the best free template to establish an online portfolio for architects or interior designers. You can use these impressive features to your advantage and make a difference. Reshape has a nice mixture of white and black, making it very dynamic and appealing to the eye.

Moreover, Reshape also uses only the latest technologies and tools. With this, it promises exceptional performance across all devices and platforms. Feel free to work with the default sample or introduce your edits and improvements – it’s possible. Some highlights are animations, carousels, testimonials and a functional contact form.

More info / Download Demo


Space Free Template

Secure your space on the internet with Space. This clean, minimalist, yet highly creative free website template promises a great online portfolio creation. Regarldess of your creative venture, you can easily make a website with Space. Even though an HTML template, the code is neat, so everyone will enjoy working with it.

A ton of modern features await every Space user. Even though the design is very clean, the special attention to detail makes it stand out. The content reveal and other animations will trigger everyone’s interest immediately.

More info / Download Demo


beckham free template

Creating a personal portfolio happens much quicker with the right set of tools. With Beckham, you can enjoy the impactful design and practical features when forging a desirable website. What’s special about Beckham is its dark design, offering you to stand out from the masses right from the get-go.

Moreover, Beckham rocks a text slider, progress bar, scroll content loading, neat animations, and a list. It includes a full-screen menu overlay, blog section, contact form and Google Maps. Start on the internet with a bang by creating Beckham’s top-class personal portfolio website.

More info / Download Demo


webuilder free template

Webuilder – as the name implies – is a free CSS website template for construction and building companies. Regardless of the industry, a website is an absolute must in this day and age. Thanks to Webuilder, you can now save plenty of time and energy while still coming out with a top-notch result.

As you would expect, Webuilder rocks many great traits for your convenience. It’s all part of the kit from sticky navigation and animated statistics to testimonials, Google Maps and drop-down menu. Enjoy the additional internal pages, connect your website with social media and more; Webuilder is here to make a difference.

More info / Download Demo

Classy Ads

classyads free template

Classy Ads is a modern, clean, engaging free website template for classified ads and listing platforms. If this is something you are after, you better not miss the powerful and practical Classy Ads. It is just a click away, full of great amenities that will help you push the boundaries of the online world.

Other highlights are the parallax effect, testimonials slider, login/registration pages and many additional internal layouts. You can also modify the default configurations and keep the footer copyright intact.

More info / Download Demo


Inspire Free Template

Amaze and inspire your potential prospects with Inspire. Create a website that will take your business to the next level without the need to start moving forward from scratch. Inspire is here for everyone, whether you are an experienced web developer or a beginner. The user-friendly code structure unlocks great options and possibilities to make an outcome that suits your liking. With this in mind, you can use the default sample or improve it further – the final build will undoubtedly be spectacular.

Above the fold, Inspire treats you to a full-screen banner with text, link and social icons. You can also use a video and engage everyone right from the get-go. Testimonials, inner page layouts, drop menu and a functional contact form are just some of the specialties that Inspire also has ready for you.

More info / Download Demo


Homey Free Template

Put your properties in front of your audience with a well-thought-out website to help raise your potential. Homey is this marvelous free CSS website template for real estate agencies and realtors that will do the trick. Homey sports all sorts of great features that will do you well. With the predefined template, you can save time and energy, instead of investing in marketing your offerings.

In the bundle of features, you will find carousels, hover effect, testimonials section, and additional inner pages. Without spending a dime, you can start working your way to launching a sophisticated real estate website that will have a strong and positive impact on the industry. By the way, if you want to unlock the theme and use it for whatever without following copyright direction, you can upgrade to pro any time.

More info / Download Demo


Bold Free Template

Creating a landing page happens quicker than you think when you have the right tools. For instance, pick Bold and enjoy fine-tunning it according to your directions. Making a website from scratch seems very old-school, as many alternatives are available that fit your purpose out of the box or come close. Bold is flexible enough to work with an array of different marketing campaigns. Bold is down for it even if you want to create an impactful one-page business website.

Other highlights include video support, animated stats, inquiry/contact form, and other practicalities. Start with the right free CSS website template, like Bold, if ready to make a difference.

More info / Download Demo


Furn Free Template

Furn is short for a professional and free furniture website template. Whether you want to resell products or build a website for a brand, you can make them both with Furn. The tool has many goodies that will effortlessly take care of your objective. From home and internal page layouts, it’s all at your fingertips to put into practice as is or with your creative twist. You can use Furn free forever (you need to keep footer copyright intact).

Furthermore, Furn also ensures that your website follows all the current internet trends for smooth operation. Floating header, back to top button, drop-down menu, Furn rocks all the good stuff and more. It also includes a working contact form and Google Maps, so you do not create it yourself.

More info / Download Demo


Rettro Free Template

All photographers, amateur and professional, should have a website. However, it all comes down to your goals. But when you do decide to sort out an online presence/portfolio, consider using Rettro. It is a free website template you will find a lot of fun using. Rettro is organized, so you can quickly figure things out, edit and customize it and call it a day. You will also find that Rettro has quite some distinct features that will help you stand out from the masses.

First and foremost is the full-width slideshow with thumbnails. Use it strategically and you raise your potential of winning over new fans and clients. Testimonials, pricing plans, image feed (you can use it for Instagram posts), social icons and blog pages, and more are available. Take your photo project to new heights with a website that will turn heads, thanks to Rettro.

More info / Download Demo


Videograph Free Template

Now, filmmakers and videographers, amateurs and professionals create an online portfolio with Videograph. This impactful free CSS website template will wow everyone who lands on your page. The amazing dark look and clever colors create a memorable first impression that will help win over new clients. However, once you stuff Videograph with your compelling content and works of art, you immediately take things to the next level.

The features of Videograph include text slider, social media buttons, animated statistics, featured blog posts and a full-blown contact page. Whether you are just starting out or an established videographer, consider building a website, as it will raise your potential to new heights. That’s when Videograph and all its terrific perks come into play. Hit the download button; you have nothing to lose yet all to gain.

More info / Download Demo


Mostudio Free Template

For photographers in particular, but really, any creative out there, Mostudio is a stunning free website template with dark look. This tool promises to amaze everyone who sees your website. Not just that, but head over to the demo preview and it will do the same for you. Since it is a free tool, you can put it into practice right away, one click is all it takes. You can either work with Mostudio out of the box or make adjustments. Indeed, Mostudio can follow your signature style with ease.

Sticky left sidebar menu, scrolling animations, load more button, pricing and a contact form are all the varying amenities of Mostudio. Of course, you can also create a beautiful gallery and write a compelling about page. Make a persuasive online portfolio with Mostudio and enjoy growing your business to new successes.

More info / Download Demo


racks free template

Presenting your software company on the internet happens professionally with Racks. It is a spectacular free site canvas that uses only the latest technologies. With that in mind, the performance will always be first-class across all devices and platforms. But this is just the beginning of all the goodies Racks has available. First and foremost, you can employ Racks or modify it according to your branding regulations.

Some other goodies of Racks are typewriter effect, gradient colors, drop-down menu, sticky navbar, on scroll content loading and testimonials slider. Multiple inner page layouts await you, a working contact form and Google Maps integration. The pleasant, almost soothing style of Racks is readily-available to impress everyone who lands on your website and raises the potential of winning them over.

More info / Download Demo


WebApp Free Template

Even though WebApp fits web applications best, this free website template easily adapts to other intentions. It is a modern solution that helps you save time and energy when coming up with a top-notch online presence. Promote your project in style with a killer page that WebApp will help you set up. It has a clean look, making sure all the information comes into view distraction-free. You can showcase screenshots, promote all the special and unique features and display pricing options.

Top and sidebar reveal navigations, sticky header, multi-level drop-down menu, blog and contact form, all this and more is what WebApp delivers. Also, it is a template with a one-page structure, meaning, excellent user experience, as all the information is just scrolling away. Finally, if you already have reviews/testimonials to share, you can, too.

More info / Download Demo


Consulto Free Template

Consulto is an all-around free website template for consulting businesses of all types. If you want to promote your firm online with style, make it happen with Consulto. This tool is a pack of terrific amenities that will move you immediately. And if you fancy the default design, you are in luck, as you can save all this additional time and effort. You can play around with customization tweaks, too, for as long as you keep footer copyright intact (a link back to Colorlib).

As for the features, Consulto sports carousel, sticky menu, testimonials slider, back to top button and social media buttons. Introduce your custom content, personalize and brand Consulto, display your business’ location and more. Take things into your hands and set yourself apart from the competition with a unique website, thanks to Consulto.

More info / Download Demo


Archlab Free Template

Archlab is the free CSS website template for architects and architectural firms that will do you well. If you are building a fresh website or improving existing online presence, make it happen with Archlab. Due to the carefully crafted design, Archlab promises a jaw-dropping outcome that will impress everyone. That applies even if you utilize it out of the box. But you can unlock unlimited options and possibilities by modifying Archlab according to your liking.

Some features spice things up are parallax effect, animated statistics, on scroll content loading and testimonials. Write a fascinating about page, share pricing, promote your services and even start a compelling blog – make the website promote your business in the best possible way. Archlab is here to help you out on your journey, so take full advantage of it.

More info / Download Demo


PersonalPortfolio Free Template

As the name implies, PersonalPortfolio is a free CSS website template to help establish a personal website. Regardless of your creative intention, you can push the boundaries with PersonalPortfolio and make yourself even more popular. Create an online presence that will promote your amazing work and services over and beyond, helping you make a success out of yourself.

Full-width layout, call-to-action buttons, back to top button, filterable portfolio, testimonials and logo slider are all the different traits of PersonalPortfolio. Moreover, you can even turn PersonalPortfolio into a single-page website if you are interested in. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself, let PersonalPortfolio assist you in marching toward the victorious realization of your personal page. Still, basic coding knowledge is necessary to turn PersonalPortfolio into an active website.

More info / Download Demo


endgam free template

Are you interested in building a gaming blog? You are lucky, as Endgame is the exclusive free website template that will do the trick. It comes with different sample pages that you can put into practice and start with the right foot forward instantaneously. For your information, Endgame comes with no hidden fees, readily available for you to employ it with the click on the download button. But that does not mean your gaming blog will be half-baked – a complete opposite. Endgame has many great features and functions that will set you apart from the competition.

Slider, drop-down menu, dark mode, social icons, contact form, Google Maps, all this and more is part of the Endgame bundle.

More info / Download Demo


fitnessclub free template

Fitness centers can now greatly profit from FitnessClub, a free website template. Even as a personal trainer, you can use FitnessClub to your advantage to share your business with a broader audience. An excellent web design helps you skip the building process from scratch. FitnessClub is an HTML template requiring coding knowledge, but it is a great alternative that lets you quick-start something new.

Text slider, sticky header, back to top button, feedbacks/testimonials, weekly schedule and a contact form are just a few of the specialties that FitnessClub allows you to put into play. Finally, even though FitnessClub is a multi-page template, with a few tweaks, you can easily use it for creating a one-page website. Take the promotion of your fitness facility to new heights with the right template and enjoy the immediate difference.

More info / Download Demo


Brber Free Template

Barber shops and hair salons for men, Brber is the free CSS website template that will bring your business to the online space. In this day and age, you should not be lacking a professional and sophisticated website. After all, with many great web designs, you do not need to invest countless hours and save money. In this exclusive case, you can get the ball rolling with Brber, which raises your potential to level eleven.

More info / Download Demo


Archi Free Template

Archi is a modern and jaw-dropping free website template for architects. With the impressive design, you will have no trouble triggering everyone’s interest in the snap of a finger. Archi is a tool that promises a fantastic end product sooner rather than later. After all, there is no need to start from the ground up anymore. Let Archi do the trick with the predefined page layouts and all the varying features and functions.

Archi rocks a fluid layout that instantly adjusts to all devices, mobile and desktop. Some other highlights of the template include a large slider, call-to-actions, sticky header, back to top button and video support. Showcase projects and even start writing a blog, all this and more with Archi. With the integrated Google Maps, you can also showcase the exact location of your firm for in-person meetings.

More info / Download Demo


Sunzine Free Template

Sunzine is a free CSS website template that takes your photography project to level eleven. With a filterable home page portfolio, everyone can learn about your terrific masterpieces immediately. Of course, Sunzine rocks other inner sections for you to create a full-blown presentation of yourself and your professional work. But if you are still an amateur, Sunzine is perfect for you, too.

The design of Sunzine is clean and simplistic, ensuring all the content appears front and center. Other goodies contain social media buttons, Google Maps, functional contact form, and Bootstrap structure. Your Sunzine-based website will, of course, work on mobile and desktop devices flawlessly. If you are searching for an easily distinguishable free website template for photographers, Sunzine is the one. Make it yours now; it is just a click away anyway.

More info / Download Demo


Zogin Free Template

Yogis and yoga studios in particular, Zogin is the remarkable web design that will do you well. You better not miss a ready-to-use Colorlib template when setting up a dedicated website. We made sure that all our items are advanced and premium-like while costing you nothing. And Zogin is another magnificent solution for your convenience. Hit the download button now and it can be yours already.

In the Zogin bundle, you will find many greatness that will help speed up establishing a yoga page. Full-width slider, animated statistics, gallery, appointment form and testimonials are just a few of the specialties that Zogin brings to the table. Moreover, you can also make adjustments and tailor Zogin to your needs and regulations precisely. Let the journey to epic success begin with an impactful online presence.

More info / Download Demo


yogalife free CSS template

Hence the name, Yogalife is a free CSS website template for yogis and yoga studios. It welcomes all your site guests with a full-screen slider to take them on an adventure through relaxation and exercise. The slideshow also features a parallax effect, giving it an extra sophistication touch. Moreover, Yogalife sports sticky navbar with a multi-level drop-down menu, pricing plans, a pop-up gallery and an additional slider to announce your forthcoming events.

With Yogalife, you can push your spectacular services and win over more students. Promote your different yoga classes, share your story in the about us section and link your page to your social media accounts. Contact page with a working form is also part of the deal so you do not need to build one yourself.

More info / Download Demo


Loanday Free Template

Daily loans and other financial businesses, Loanday is the free CSS website template that assists you at bringing into being a striking and attention-grabbing online presence. Promote your business in style now and enjoy the outcome that will help raise your potential to level eleven. You can display everything With all the predefined sections and page layouts to impress your clientele.

If you want to brand and customize Loanday, you can do that, too. Any type of loans, be it personal, business, health or education, you can now advertise online with Loanday like a champ.

More info / Download Demo


TimeZone Free Template

TimeZone, as the name suggests, is a free CSS website template ideal for online watch stores. Thanks to the cleanness and minimalist look of the web design, TimeZone puts all the timepieces on display stunningly. The outcome will be spectacular even if you stick to the default settings and only improve it with your branding directions and logo. On the other hand, you are also allowed to perform customization tweaks at free will.

In the kit, you will discover all sorts of convenient amenities. From slider and call-to-action buttons to sticky menu, back to top button, video support and hover effects, these are just a few of TimeZone’s goodies. There is also an option to start a blog and implement strategic content marketing to grow your business over and beyond.

More info / Download Demo


Ogani Free Template

Ogani is another remarkable free CSS website template for an eCommerce website selling food and organic products. Even if you run a farm, you can employ Ogani to push your product online in style. Of course, this is still only an HTML website, meaning you need to know how to do the programming work to turn it into a functional website. However, no need to start from scratch.

There are different home and internal page design at your disposal to mix and match. Drop-down categories, social media icons, top bar, carousels, Google Maps and a functional contact form are all the various highlights of Ogani. If you are ready for something new that will help you start making noise online, you better go with Ogani now.

More info / Download Demo


Logis Free Template

Logistics, cargo and transportation companies, you are all welcome to benefit from Logis tremendously. This free CSS website template is a pack of goodness that will do you exceptionally well. Instead of doing all the hard work from square one, you now have the design and quite some features ready-made. You can use Logis as it comes out of the box or style it further to match your company’s branding.

Logis also ensures full flexibility and extendability like any other site skin on this list. Thanks to all Logis’s amazing perks and specialties, you are closer to building an impactful website than ever before.

More info / Download Demo


Gymlife Free Template

Gyms and personal trainers will greatly benefit from GymLife when building a top-notch website. This free CSS website template ensures a magnificent outcome that will help raise your bsuiness’ potential to new heights. It has a dark and bold appearance that will positively impact every visitor and potential customer. With GymLife you can cover all the sections, bring into view all the classes, promote your team and more.

Instead of starting from the ground up, you can now save time and effort by employing the powerful and practical GymLife. From the home page to all the other inner layouts, blog and contact sections, GymLife takes care of everything out of the box. You can profit from various goodies, like slider, call-to-actions, pricing tables, carousels, contact form and Google Maps.

More info / Download Demo


GiveHope Free Template

Raise your charity, non-profit organization or fundraiser’s potential with GiveHope, a free CSS website template. It is a modern, sophisticated, impactful web design that will help you immediately start with the right foot. Avoid establishing your website from scratch by employing all the rewarding perks that GiveHope brings. Even by employing this page skin out of the box, you guarantee an outcome that will turn heads. But tweaking it according your branding directions is also a possibility.

Some of the features of GiveHope contain parallax effect, video support, animations, sticky menu, gallery, about page and a blog section. Spread the awareness for one or several causes, raise funds and make an influence with GiveHope.

More info / Download Demo


WebHostingService Free Template

WebHostingService is a free CSS website template that works best for web hosting companies and domain registrars. With the modern and impactful look, you can create a striking end product that will turn heads. WebHostingService is a pack of amazingness that will help you on your journey to successfully launch a new website. Starting from scratch is history in this day and age. With so many options and tools at your fingertips, you can start in no time.

WebHostingService rocks anything from slider and call-to-action buttons to back to top button, sticky navigation and loads more in between – all for your convenience. Share pricing, start a blog and introduce content marketing, connect your website with different social accounts and even share your location on Google Maps, yes, WebHostingService is a serious competitor.

More info / Download Demo


StartupBusiness Free Template

Small businesses, startups and agencies, StartupBusiness is meant for you. This professional and sophisticated free CSS website template knows no limits. After all, with amazing flexibility, you can alter the default look of StartupBusiness according to your branding directions to a tee. But many will just want to use StartupBusiness as it comes out of the box. To each their own.

In the bundle of amenities, StartupBusiness rocks slider, sticky menu, back to top button, skillbars, testimonials and a gallery. Multiple predefined elements also come at your disposal to mix and match them into the final design however you want. Also, if you plan on starting a blog, you can do that. After all, clever content marketing can bring in even more potential clients to grow your business over and beyond.

More info / Download Demo


Accounting Free Template

Accounting agencies and other financial businesses can start online with Accounting template. This free CSS website template equips you with a top-notch design and multiple features that will do you well. You can just brand the default appearance with your colorway, add a logo, enrich it with your custom content, and call it a day. This method works great, however, you can also go the extra mile and edit Accounting to the last detail.

In the kit, Accounting delivers slider, animated statistics, on scroll content loading, testimonials and accordions, to name a few. You can also share pricing and offer everyone to book a free consultation with you. If you are ready to stand out from the masses, you better go with Accounting immediately – it is just a click away anyway.

More info / Download Demo


Create Free Template

If you are willing to create, you will do the right thing with Create. This free CSS website template is perfect for everyone looking for a one-page site canvas with parallax and typewriter effects. With the two features alone, you will immediately trigger everyone’s attention. Of course, you can easily and quickly enrich Create with your creative touch and make it follow your signature style precisely. As simple as that. Still, Create is an HTML template, so you must know how to code to make the most of it.

Create includes floating navigation, gallery, testimonials slider, team section and a functional contact form. You can even start a blog and use it for content marketing to bring in even more potential clients and experience constant business growth.

More info / Download Demo


Wiser Free Template

Schools, universities, online learning programs, you name it, you can approach website creation with Wiser and make an immediate difference. This sophisticated and easy to use free CSS website template is packed with the awesomeness that will do you well. Skip the web development process from scratch when you can take Wiser to your total advantage now and enjoy the outcome much quicker.

Wiser practices all the modern trends to ensure a website’s stable and secure operation. Other specialties include a slider, sticky menu, call-to-actions, social buttons, various inner page layouts and a full-blown contact page with Google Maps and contact form. Whether you would like to focus on something more niche or go general, with Wiser, you can realize it both.

More info / Download Demo


Imagine Free Template

Imagine becomes your best buddy once you decide to create a one-page business website. This nifty, clean and minimal free CSS website template easily caters to all sorts of intentions. However, you can quickly expand its capabilities by enriching it with your branding touches and other customization tweaks. All is possible for as long as you keep the footer copyrights intact.

Well, the technicalities are not something you need to take care of, as Imagine sports it out of the box anyway. You will also discover call-to-actions, sticky menu, hover effects, team presentation, testimonials and a functional contact form. Hit the download button now and make Imagine yours.

More info / Download Demo


Tulen Free Template

It does not matter whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, Tulen is a spectacular free CSS website template for both. If you want something different to present your works in the best possible light, you better check out Tulen. The bold, impactful and out of the ordinary design will definility trigger everyone’s curiosity. Yours, too, while seeing Tulen for the very first time. You can now proudly download the tool and take it to your advantage. It does not cost you a dime, yet the end product will surely be spectacular. It is a guarantee!

More info / Download Demo


Applab Free Template

Pushing an application online requires a well-thought-out website that will increase conversions/downloads. With Applab, you can establish a striking, distraction-free website that will raise your potential to the highest level. With all the necessary information in one location, users can learn about your app before downloading it. Make it as compelling as possible and you will enjoy the number of downloads gradually increasing.

Make it a success with Applab.

The structure of Applab is also very flexible, guaranteeing smooth and stable operation. Whether they come from a mobile or a desktop device, with Applab, your page will reshape to any screen seamlessly. Scrolling animations, user reviews, pricing tables and a contact section are all the different specialties Applab has in store for you. Check out the live preview page and see how amazing your end product will look.

More info / Download Demo


snipp free template

Agencies and freelancers, you are in for a sweet treat that will help you establish an impressive online presence. Snipp is a free CSS website template that brings a beautiful design and all these practical features to the table. You can start with the right foot forward by taking a clever and strategic shortcut. Avoid building a page from the ground up when you have a remarkable solution just a click away. And it is free of charge!

Moreover, Snipp contains sticky navigation, drop-down menu, loads content on scroll, testimonials slider and nifty special effects. Create a beautiful portfolio, start a blog and let potential prospects contact you via the integrated contact form. Yes, all this and more is what you get with the mind-bending Snipp.

More info / Download Demo


Dogger Free Template

Dogger is a trendy CSS website template for anything dog-related. Whether you operate a clinic, you are a breeder or offer a beauty salon for pets, with Dogger, you can now create a website that will turn heads. The design is very clean and minimalistic, ensuring all the content is beautifully viewed.

Other specialties include pricing plans, loading content on scroll, sticky menu, testimonials and a wonderful gallery. And if you would like to start a blog and implement content marketing, you can do that, too. With sophisticated and modern Dogger, you have very many options and possibilities to start on the internet with something fresh and enticing.

More info / Download Demo


Ahana Free Template

Yoga trainers and studios can now use a striking free CSS website template. Ahana is a dedicated tool for all yogis looking for a way to speed up establishing an online presence. With Ahana, you can now make it happen with a predefined desing and all the very many features it comes with. For a trendy and impactful website, Ahana is it.

Above the fold, Ahana has a top-notch slider that will trigger everyone’s interest immediately. Moreover, Ahana also includes drop-down menu, back to top buttons, social media icons, testimonials and events section. Pricing plans, Google Maps and a functional contact form are also available.

More info / Download Demo


Aspiration Free Template

Aspiration is a free CSS website template for charities and fundraisers. If you need a solution to get you online and help you spread awareness, this is it! Aspiration will get you going immediately without the need to get things moving forward from ground up. With the design ready-made, you can drastically speed up building a striking website. Not only that, Aspiration costs you nothing, so you have nothing to lose.

Amazing full-screen banner with parallax effect welcomes everyone to your world of spreading goodwill. Aspiration also ensures a flexible and responsive layout that guarantees top-notch performance on all devices and browsing platforms. You can also start a charity-related blog and contribute to the community in a way no one else is doing it.

More info / Download Demo


Booke Free Template

You can now push your new book online using Booke as an author. This free CSS website template is a nifty solution for realizing an online presence that will strengthen sales. On the other hand, Booke also works great for starting your online bookstore. Whatever the case, you can start on the web with a website that will help boost the hype and increase your potential. If you are ready, Booke is even readier!

Booke practices all the current trends and regulations, ensuring stable and flawless operation of your new website. The layout is responsive and fluid, reshaping all devices instantly. In mind, Booke works ideally for crafting a one-page website, covering all the necessary and then some on a single page.

More info / Download Demo


Ignite Free Template

Ignite is an exclusive free CSS website template for hosting companies and domain registrars. For everyone starting fresh, skip the building process from scratch and enjoy the pleasant experience with Ignite. It is a top-notch solution that will get you on board sooner rather than later. For some, you will want to use Ignite exactly as is. On the other hand, you can also fine-tune the tool’s look, so it matches your needs and regulations precisely.

In the Ignite kit, you will find sticky navigation, domain search function, animated statistics, hover effects, pricing plans and a clean testimonials slider. To give back to the community, start a blog and share your knowledge with the world.

More info / Download Demo


Buri Free Template

Restaurant owners and everyone who is in the food business, Buri is the free CSS website template for you. With its appetizing web design, everyone’s mouth will water instantly. Especially once you couple Buri with your professional food imagery! That’s when you will win them over with ease. Have in mind, there is a functional contact form included in the web design so that they can reserve a table right away. Also, Buri comes with Google Maps to show everyone the exact location of your restaurant.

Buri is based on the popular Bootstrap Framework, ensuring your website is flexible and fluent. Get your hands on Buri and shine online with your restaurant.

More info / Download Demo


Oneder Free Template

Agencies, freelancers and other creatives, Oneder is the striking free CSS website template you should consider. When setting up a fresh website or redesigning the existing one, with Oneder, you can speed up the process and enjoy the outcome sooner rather than later. Oneder has tons of goodies that will put you right on track. Feel free to employ Oneder out of the box or fine-tune it further. A lot is possible with the convenient Oneder, helping you stand out a mile.

The full-screen banner welcomes everyone to your world of professionalism and sophistication. Oneder loads content on scroll, has sticky navigation and includes a filterable portfolio. Present your services in the best possible light, share client testimonials with a slider, and put on display pricing. Start a successful website with Oneder now.

More info / Download Demo


Snapshot Free Template

Snapshot is an all-around free CSS website template for photographers and photography agencies. If you want to take things to a new degree, you can make it happen with Snapshot. The dark, elegant and trendy layout of Snapshot will capture everyone’s attention in a snap of a finger. Even if using the tool exactly as is, Snapshot guarantees a dope outcome that will turn heads. But you can also personalize and brand the web design according to your needs and regulations.

Parallax effect, on scroll content loading, gallery, testimonials, working contact form and Google Maps are some of the very many features of Snapshot. You can employ Snapshot for creating a one-page website, too. Bring into fruition an awe-inspiring website with Snapshot and set yourself apart from the competition.

More info / Download Demo


Trips Free Template

Trips – hence the name – is a free CSS website template for travel agencies, tour guides and other tourism-based businesses. It is a nifty web design that will speedily get you going on the web. At this point, you do not need to start from scratch anymore. Let Trips take care of the design part of your business-driven website and save yourself additional time and energy. For your information, this HTML website template still requires additional work to turn it into a functional page.

What’s more, Trips has many first-class amenities that will help you start making moves online like a professional. Also, Trips is based on Bootstrap Framework, guaranteeing a fluid and flexible layout.

More info / Download Demo


Plataforma Free Template

Plataforma is a highly adaptive free CSS website template for conferences, events, forums and other gatherings. It contains all the necessities to present your upcoming event in the best possible light. Most importantly, to increase its potential of filling out all the seats. The appearance of Plataforma is modern and professional, perfect for any occasion. Of course, you can also improve and adjust the layout to your wants and regulations before you go live with a new page based on Plataforma.

This excellent website canvas contains countdown timer, registration form, on scroll content load, schedule, sticky menu, gallery and pricing tables. Plataforma also includes a special section to introduce all the speakers and a newsletter subscription box to capture emails to use in later campaigns. Get the word out, sell tickets online and make your next event successful.

More info / Download Demo


uza free template

For businesses and agencies, here is Uza. This free CSS website template prides itself on the clean, minimal and creative web design it sports. On top of that, working with Uza is simple, thanks to its fully organized structure. You can enjoy employing it out of the box but can also improve and enhance it per your requirements. Undoubtedly, the outcome will always be outstanding, attracting new potential clients in desperate need of your services.

Uza includes many features that will serve your online presence exceptionally well. Slider with cool transitions, video support, categorized portfolio page, blog section, and a contact page with form and Google Maps is all at your disposal. All you need to do is to download the template and get things moving forward in the right direction.

More info / Download Demo


Education Free Template

Like Fitness, Education is one of those free CSS website templates that goes straight to the point. With a name like that, you already know what you get. A fantastic tool for making education-first websites. You can use it for schools, universities, online courses and other training programs, Education handles it all.

Sticky and transparent navigation, sliders for courses and testimonials, advanced courses search and even blog pages make Education and all-in-one tool for your web presence. As far as the blog goes, you can freely use it to build an independent website and begin releasing compelling articles relating to teaching, tutoring, schooling, you name it.

More info / Download Demo


Wordl Free Template

With a compelling blog, online magazine or any other news related website, you can reach the entire world easily. And it is our advanced free CSS website template, World, will help you accomplish your goals. It allows you to bring your ideas into words and spread them out. World has everything you need to start a sophisticated online magazine and make it known.

Give yourself a chance to start something new and turn what was once a fantasy into a reality. No matter your passion, you can start turning it into something more with World. Regarding the topics, World does not mind what you plan to write about. It could be sports, foods, politics, whatever comes to your mind, World can manage it.

More info / Download Demo

Charity 2

Charity 2 Free Template

Charity 2 is the second edition of our first ever free charity website template. We improved it, make it better and gave it a slight twist regarding the design to make it even more appealing to the eye. Whether you run a non-profit organization or would just like to raise awareness for a particular cause, Charity 2 brings it to fruition for you easily.

Can you even beat that?

If you are Charity 2, you can offer even more to your users. From blog section and neat single cause page to parallax effect, testimonials slider and social media links, Charity 2 has it all at your disposal. Make it popular and bring in more people to support your charity with a cutting edge website.

More info / Download Demo


Transcend Free Template

To truly appear original on the web, look no further than Transcend. This one-of-a-kind free CSS website template is here to please all your needs and requests. Transcend is ready to sort you out with an enticing web presence if you run a creative or digital agency. Not only that but it will also help you grow your business to new levels and gain you fresh project deals.

Transcend is a landing page website template with fascinating features and impressive performance. Parallax effect, on scroll content load, big portfolio and animated statistics, with Transcend, you can persuade even the pickiest ones. By the way, Transcend has both scroll down and back to top buttons. If you do not own a website yet or your current one might be outdated, refresh it with Transcend today and shine on the web.

More info / Download Demo


Original Free Template

You got to be original if you would like to succeed in anything that you want to do. On top of that, invest loads of work into it and victory awaits you. However, once you come to creating a website, take the needed shortcut and make it happen with Original. It is a free CSS website template for lifestyle blogs but applies to other subjects.

Original template is a distinctive tool for creating terrific pages everyone would love to return to regularly. From the fantastic carousel slider and pleasing header to feature-rich sidebar and Instagram feed, Original sports all the necessities and then some. Crafting a one-of-a-kind experience with Original is very possible. Jump in with both feet and let Original fulfill your blogging journey.

More info / Download Demo


Halo Free Template

While Halo focuses on the photography industry first, you can also use it for other projects. In other words, this free CSS website template applies well to creative agencies and professional individuals who need to promote their work and attract new clients. Halo’s massive banner creates a strong first impression and makes everyone hungry for more.

But that does not come even close to all that Halo features you.

The full-width layout of Halo is so interested sparking, no one can resist it. Even yourself once you land on the live preview page of the tool. It is magnificent, that is for sure. Implemented into the web design is also an unbeatable portfolio that makes whatever you do appear even more professional than it already is.

More info / Download Demo

What’s Your Choice

These are the best free CSS templates you can use for your website. The WordPress website template gives you a lot of benefits than the HTML website templates. The modern HTML5 templates give you all the advanced features you need on a website but still, maintaining a WordPress website is more comfortable than an HTML website.

In our next blog post, we will be covering the best modern HTML5 template. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified when the post is published. What’s your favorite CSS website template? Let us know in the comment section.

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