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real estate website design
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19 Best Real Estate Website Design Examples 2024

When you build a strong web presence for your real estate business, get more listings and buyers. Having such a wonderful goal, you will find this helpful inspiration. So, discover an ideal real estate website design for your business.

Accordingly, 93% of people search websites for homes or property. So, you see how important it is to build your real estate website for career development or business growth? Well, building a strong web presence isn’t a waste of time and resources at all. Fortunately, building a website in this modern era isn’t as hard as before. With a modern, high-quality website, you can provide more exposure to your properties, get recognition, and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Building a real estate website?

Website is a crucial part of any business, especially in real estate. Luckily, these days it is easy to build one yourself using real estate WordPress themes.

This list will find different creative ways to build an online presence effectively. Hence, the time you spare for this inspiration will never be wasted. So, spend time browsing these websites and get inspired! Get ready to jot down the best features you will find for your upcoming project.

Best Real Estate Website Designs

1. Presson (Drag & Drop Website Builder)

presson real estate website design

If you’re looking for a real estate website design for inspiration make sure you don’t miss Presson. But do you know what’s best? You can use this template to build your website fast, without knowing how to code.

Plus, you can fully customize it, add new sections, or whatever, thanks to the powerful and user-friendly Zyro builder.

You’re in complete control of your online presence with Presson, which is a must to grow it and expand your business.


2. Anir

anir real estate website design

Anir is cool because it offers you everything you need to build, manage and maintain a real estate website like a pro. Yes, you also get a free domain for one year, including hosting.

So. Cool.

Anir’s design is modern and very appealing to the eye. It guarantees a pleasant experience browsing through your portfolio (it also supports videos) and any other content you’d like to share.

Anir is secretly my favorite design, which I highly recommend.


3. The Coloradan

Built with Squarespace

The Coloradan

One of the effective ways to persuade clients is to impress them with a wonderfully built website. In like manner, the real estate industry has embraced this scheme for more apparent exposure and wider reach. Here’s The Coloradan a practical real estate website design that will serve as a guide. The homepage has a simple design but contains essential elements, including clear CTAs, logo, social icons, and more. Specifically, it uses huge square photos with short details on its side. Hence, the building, residences, and neighborhood menu are easily accessible on the homepage.

Are you looking to build a similar real estate website but don’t know where to start? Here are the best Squarespace real estate website templates with clean design and drag-and-drop building functionality.


4. City Sales

Built with Concrete CMS

City Sales real estate website

Typically, most people use the internet to find brands to rely upon. Hence, every brand must build a website to develop an online reputation. Consequently, almost all industries have embraced this digital marketing scheme. You might want to check this inspiration if you plan to adopt it for your brand. City Sales has a stunning real estate website design that you should look into. It is a leading apartment specialist in Auckland. Aiming to leverage its marketing scheme, the homepage is crafted with perfection. These web components are well designed, from the advanced search, good and clear typography to CTAs. This website implements the sticky menu with a drop-down feature to display submenus to provide easy navigation.


5. Tbilisi Gardens

Custom built website

Tbilisi Gardens

Find the best and most inspiring real estate website design on this collection. Then, learn what these websites can do to your upcoming projects. Tbilisi Gardens is the first New York skyscraper in Tbilisi. Its website aesthetically and creatively showcases the detailed description of the entire project. With this project’s remarkable goal – to create a convenient, relaxed place in the heart of the crowded city – its website is truly impressive. It allows the user to examine the technical details, safety, energy efficiency, and build quality. It also has user-friendly navigation as it integrates the off-canvas menu and the sidebar menu. Moreover, other pages also look creative with a clean and minimal layout, aside from the homepage.


6. Property Club

Custom built website

Property Club real estate

Indeed, a good website can leverage the brand’s credibility and unlock more opportunities. Hence, this marketing strategy is a demand. Property Club has an awe-inspiring real estate website design that promises a better home search. Specifically, this firm offers total transparency and direct access to landlords, listing brokers, and property managers. This website makes finding the best apartment, house for rent, or sale quick and easy. The hero header bears the advanced search with bright and vivid colors as the background image. Typically, magazines and brands that feature your product or services will help escalate your business. Hence, this website ensures that such a feature will look aesthetically pleasing. So, don’t miss checking the features on this website.


7. Level Barvikha

Made with SiteSupra website builder

Level Barvikha real estate design

Property websites are a cost-effective way to get your property details online. Moreover, it also drives traffic while generating quality leads. If you are working with similar projects, skipping this real estate website design collection might be unlucky. So, better not miss them. Here’s Level Barvikha, a modern residential estate that offers the comfort of luxury city apartments and countryside ambiance in the Moscow region. Specifically, the hero scene introduces the business via a resourceful video background. It also utilizes a nice and smooth transition effect as user scrolls the page. This site displays a split-screen layout with the left and right portions of the screen showing up from opposite directions.


8. RJ Investments

Made with WordPress. Hosted with Flywheel managed hosting

RJ Investments website design

When you build your website for your real estate business, you can easily reveal your personality and creativity. So, glimpse these stunning websites and expand your business soon. RJ Investments is a cool real estate website design to explore. It brings luxury living to the rental market through bespoke renovations and affordable property management. It has a professional and modern design that accents the site with an asymmetrical layout. Particularly, the homepage design shines with overlapping of web elements. Furthermore, the black tone background enhances the elegance of the site.


9. S&P

Made with WordPress and hosted with DigitalOcean


Streamline your real estate business as you adapt to the latest and most powerful marketing schemes. Undoubtedly, the internet has influenced people a lot in picking brands. In the same way, most people look for websites in finding real estate. No wonder why the real estate industry adopt this scheme. Here’s S&P, an international real estate boutique specializing in the design, marketing and sale of super-prime real estate and properties of distinction. To represent the firm at its finest, a well-built website is crafted. Particularly, it uses black and white color scheme with uncluttered web components. The header bears the logo on the center and the menu spreading evenly on both sides.


10. Rich Land Dubai

Made with WordPress

Rich Land Dubai real estate

Make this real estate website design a good inspiration to delve into. Rich Land Dubai is one of the impressive creative, and modern real estate websites. The homepage design utilizes the full-screen layout with the necessary web elements on it and the integration of GSAP animation. It presents the real estate aesthetically through a smooth slider, CTAs, and background image. Additionally, the user can easily filter the properties via type, neighborhood, and developer. On each property page, the sophistication is apparent too. It implements a clean, minimalist design, emphasizing white space, cool animation upon hover, and another awesome slider. Moreover, the user can also check the brochure, map, and floor plans.


11. Icon Villas

Custom made website hosted with Cloudflare

Icon Villas

Easily connect with your prospective clients as you build a reputable brand using a website. This way, your real estate business awaits more awesome opportunities. Icon Villas has a grandeur real estate website design. It is a luxury private rental in Cape Town, South Africa, and Africa. The best part of having a real estate website is adding as much quality content as you wish, including photos and videos. With this website, the hero scene highlights captivating full-width-images via a nice slider. It then provides a clean and simple advanced search so clients can easily access rental properties. Furthermore, the content looks warm with its grid layout, awesome blog section, and newsletter.


12. Mirabilis

Made with WordPress

Mirabilis real estat web

Beautiful and quality properties need a good website to showcase them pleasingly. So, make sure the real estate website design will value your clients. Whether hiring a designer for your website or opt for a premium one, you surely have to see this awesome list. Mirabilis is a property management company that strives to be remarkable in everything. They mean to pick incredible local properties, spacious serviced apartments, and dedicated people in the business. Specifically, it embraces a video background with a useful menu and calendar for booking an apartment. The property page displays apartments using a grid layout to look clean and modest. Other necessary details are also visible on the page, such as bakery, flower shop, and other establishments in the area.


13. Di Jones

Made with Sitecore CMS

Di Jones

A real estate website is never wasteful advertising. With excellent design and good functionality, you will not just build a good reputation but will have more opportunities to taste. Di Jones has an experienced and trusted team of real estate agents and property managers who offer sellers and investors outstanding results and service. It has the potential to grow its business on top of other brands. It welcomes the users to discover the best properties via the search function on the hero scene. While the layout is pretty clean and minimalist, the animation upon scrolling also enhances the look and feel of the website. Furthermore, the success indicators empower the brand too. It also has a nice sleek contact form with Google Maps integration.


14. JSK Real Estate

Made with PropertyBase – CMS for Real Estate websites

JSK Real Estate

Real estate is truly a highly competitive business. So, remember that your website will represent your business excellently. To achieve your goal, you can check out these websites for inspiration. JSK Real Estate has a great website design that allows you to buy, rent or sell properties efficiently online. It has a remarkable design on the homepage with an advanced search on the hero header. Particularly, this website displays the recommended properties using a card design layout.

One of the best ways to improve credibility is to embed testimonials. This way, people will have a good impression of your brand and consider trusting it in their next transaction. Additionally, the footer bears the find the property and lost your property buttons.


15. Ripco Real Estate

Ripco Real Estate

Set your brand apart from the highly competitive market. As real estate is a lucrative industry, many real estate agencies are building great websites to represent their brands across the web. Here’s Ripco, a commercial real estate brokerage firm in NYC, NY, NJ, and CT that provides retailers and developers world-class service and consultation. Its website is tailored to creativity, elegance, and advancement. It welcomes the user with an advanced search on the hero scene and introduces the brand next to that section. Meanwhile, the featured listing is enticing, with the slider highlighting them individually. This website also provides quick searches to easily access the different listings filtered by places.


16. Akershus Eiendom

Custom built website

Akershus Eiendom

Extend your local reach as you opt for a good website. To develop a strong online identity, ensure you have the finest tools and inspiration to examine before finalizing your design. Why don’t you check Akershus Eiendom for outstanding real estate website design? Norway’s leading commercial real estate broker assisted clients with advice and assisted in analysis, valuation, transaction, tenant consulting, and rental. The website ensures compelling content with a full-width layout and clear and captivating typography. In addition, the presentation of vacant premises is remarkable with the charming and smooth slider. Check out other amazing features you can apply to your project.


17. Sanderson Weatherall

Made with WordPress

Sanderson Weatherall

Sanderson Weatherall is the UK’s largest independent commercial property surveyor. It is owned and run by a group of commercial property experts. It provides property consultancy services for owners, occupiers, investors, developers, and financial advisors. Knitted to its awesome goals, it has crafted a professional website with profitable features. The smooth and subtle motions of the web elements enhance its look and feel. In the hero header, the video is integrated to introduce the firm distinctly. It also uses an asymmetrical layout to make the content more interesting and lively. Furthermore, this website understands the importance of success indicators to empower the brand across the web.


18. Akoya Boca West

Made with Divi WordPress theme

Akoya Boca West

Real estate websites have transformed into modern, unique and innovative marketing. You must not miss this collection if you seek effective and creative inspiration. Akoya is a luxury condominium located on the #1 Private Residential Country Club in the Nation, Boca West Country Club. Like most modern websites, it uses a full-width layout all over the page. Specifically, it utilizes clear images, big and bold headlines, HD videos, and smooth animation with GSAP. Hence, the overall look and feel are pretty impressive. In addition, the header and footer bear the necessary elements and look superb as they use the sticky header for quick navigation.


19. Jonathan Radford

Made with Spark Platform

Jonathan Radford

Boost your real estate business as you craft a professional website. So, never miss exploring these real estate websites we’ve gathered on this post. Jonathan Radford is the #1 sales associate kit of over 4000 sales professionals at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in New England. Understanding the power of web presence, Jonathan Radford ensures that his website will represent his personality as a real estate agent with vast expertise and experience. The website has much to say about its credibility. The random display of videos in the hero header welcomes every visitor with excitement. It also offers an option to watch the full movie resume, search for all properties or connect with him via contact number. Other features are all charming and harmonious one to another.

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