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15 Best Custom Login Page Plugins for WordPress 2024

Why do we buy a WordPress theme? Because we don’t want our site to look like any other WordPress site. We want ours to be unique. If that’s the case with themes, why not with the login page?

A custom login page is a primary way to provide a unique user experience. It uplifts brand identity, which is crucial for any business to succeed.

WordPress’s default login page is the starting point for blogs or membership sites that require visitors to log in to access content. Before someone can access any subscriber-only material, they need to log in to the site. Think about it. How does that make you feel when you’re about to log in to the “members-only” area of a newly purchased membership site and see the same old login screen you’ve seen on every other WordPress site? The effect is slightly dampened, if not significantly. That’s why your business needs a customized version of the WordPress login page tailored to your business’s look and feel. Building a membership site and a custom login page is necessary.

If you’re building a custom solution for your clients, it’s a good idea to white-label the WordPress login page (and preferably the admin area). White-labeling your client’s WordPress site uplifts brand identity and works as a marketing agent for inbound traffic.

How do we customize the WordPress login page?

Method 1

The easiest way to customize a WordPress login page would be to edit the wp-login.php file, which is not good. Why? For starters, it’s considered a poor software development practice. Secondly, whenever you update a core revision of WordPress, the file is likely replaced with a newer version. As a result, you’ll lose all customizations.

Method 2

Another way is to build yourself a nice plugin with all the customizations. You can add nifty features like links, buttons, and animations and pack them in the plugin. Once you activate the plugin, the changes are immediately incorporated. This is essentially the correct (and safe) way to execute the process described earlier. Since it is a plugin we’re discussing, you won’t lose the customization while updating WordPress.

Here are a few tutorials to help you achieve this. Remember that implementing these tutorials takes significant time and effort and that you might become a developer.

Method 3

The third and final method to customize your login page is the easiest one by far—WordPress plugins. Below are some of the best plugins to customize your WordPress login page. We’ve categorized the plugins under free, freemium, and premium to help speed up your plugin hunt.

Free Login Customizer WordPress Plugins

Considering the growing list of attacks and vulnerabilities discovered daily, I’ve decided to list only those plugins from active developers.

1. Colorlib Login Customizer

colorlib login customizer

Colorlib Login Customizer is the most versatile plugin that allows us to customize the login form for WordPress. It packs all the functionality you will find on premium plugins, but in this case, you get everything for free. How cool is that?

Unlike other plugins, Colorlib Login Customizer allows us to customize via WordPress Customizer. If you have ever customized or configured any theme, you are already familiar with its user-friendly interface.

Here are more images to get an idea of how powerful this plugin is:

Price: Completely free with no premium version.

More info / Download

2. WP Adminify

wpadminify wordpress admin dashboard toolkit

WP Adminify is the most popular WordPress login and admin dashboard customizer plugin. With this plugin, you can create a white label website, so no one will be able to tell that it is based on WordPress.

Price: The basic plugin is available for FREE via White labeling, dark mode, and translation-ready setup are available for a single-site setup starting at $79/year.


3. WordPress Social Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

Responsive WordPress Login Plugins

You can integrate with different social media websites, such as WordPress, Yahoo, Salesforce, Amazon, Windows Live, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. With the free version, you can access many features and functionalities.

You can use the APP ID and APP Secret to set up your social login application for Facebook and Twitter. You can customize Logout Redirect URL, Login Redirect URL, and text for Social Login Icons. One of its features includes editing your icon, including the theme, shape, space, and size. Users can verify their email through a verification code.

This plugin lets it sync the profile picture from earning a social media account to your website. Aside from that, you’ll receive notifications when someone login through social media. Moreover, you can enable or disable this user registration anytime when you need it.

More info / Download

4. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

This plugin sports many features, including heavy customization options ranging from background, fonts, animations, colors, opacity, gradients, and other awesome CSS capabilities. It can also change the footer text in the admin dashboard, which is great to build a custom solution for your client.

screenshot-2 (1)

Demo login screen

A major feature of this plugin is the settings import/export feature. This makes things so much easier when you’re managing multiple websites.

5. LoginPress

loginpress customize login page plugin

LoginPress is a convenient login page plugin for WordPress that allows you to customize the layout style to the last detail. Add a logo, create an enticing background, and specify the error message you want to show your users. The meaning, from colors and images to texts and whatnot, awaits your creative touch.

Instead of featuring a boring login page, the web design can fully follow your branding regulations. It will feel like the page is custom-made from scratch. Yes, that powerful and modifiable LoginPress is. On top of that, any changes you make, you can preview instantly. This process ensures a quick creation while still reaching the same professional levels. Lastly, the design will be responsive and high-performing, compatible with web browsers. No slowing down of your website’s loading speed.

6. Login Designer

login designer customize login page plugin

Thanks to convenient tools like Login Designer, you can build stunning web designs without knowing how to code. Login Designer is a killer login page customizer plugin that gives you all the right to craft the niftiest login pages. It will not be easy and quick, but you will also have much fun. With Login Designer, you do the programming work visually. And this makes the extension beginner-friendly yet perfect for advanced users.

You can save yourself loads of time and effort by choosing from predefined templates and go from there. You can improve the ready-made layouts by changing colors, images and other details. Due to the ease of use, it will feel very comfortable working with Login Designer, almost like you used it already.

7. Custom Login Plugin

Custom Login Plugin Output

Sample plugin login screen

A unique feature of this plugin is the animated background. Set some images, and watch the plugin generate an awesome animated slideshow. You can add your social media accounts with one click. Also, all the options are fully customizable.

Freemium Plugins

These plugins offer basic functionalities for free and charge for the advanced ones. Normally, these plugins have a lot of active users and are mostly updated since they have a higher number of active users.

8. Custom Login

Custom Login Demo Output

Demo output of a premium design pack

This is one of the most popular freemium plugins, with over 80,000 active installations. The free version includes many design features and custom CSS and JS code snippets. Extensions like stealth login and custom redirects are housed under the premium tag.

9. YITH Custom Login

yith custom login customize login page plugin

If the default WordPress login page bores you, you better take things to an entirely new degree by employing YITH Custom Login. Instead of keeping it dull, you can spice it up to your liking. Keeping it original and enticing adds another coolness to your already exceptional website. Once the installation is complete, just hit the activation button and you are ready to move forward.

Under the appearance, you will find the Login Screen, where you get to customize your default login page exactly how you want. Keep in mind, you do not need to be a coder nor a designer to be able to work with YITH Custom Login. It is a beginner- and user-friendly plugin that helps anyone get as creative as possible.

10. White Label

white label customize login page plugin

White Label is a powerful and practical free WordPress plugin that customizes your login page to a new degree. White Label does not focus only on the login page; it allows you to brand and style the entire WordPress dashboard. Whether doing it for yourself or working with numerous clients, you can level things up with a fully customizable look of the login page and the admin dashboard. How insanely amazing does that sound?

The options are endless with White Label, and if you ever want to unlock yourself even more functions, you can always go pro. From adding a custom color or image for the background to uploading your logo, custom CSS, and changing the welcome message to just about anything you want, yes, that is all possible with White Label. And more!

11. Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer Output

Customization settings

All the customization features are available in the free version. The premium version provides a reCAPTCHA verification module as a security addon.

Premium Plugins

Premium plugins have extended functionalities and come with a basic level of developer support. The following are a few that I found at CodeCanyon. (I won’t go over the details since the plugin pages have all the features enlisted.)

12. White Label Branding for WordPress ($25)

White Label Branding for WordPress

This plugin is a complete solution for white-labeling your WordPress site. Also, this plugin has over 7,000+ sales and has a rating of 4.66 out of 5.

White Label Branding for WordPress Options

You only need White Label Branding for WordPress to take your login page to the next level. This practical customized login page plugin has many features and components. It even includes over 25 ready-to-use templates that you can employ out of the box. Of course, it will take you little time and energy to customize the desired layout to suit your branding regulations to a T. And White Label Branding for WordPress ensures a codeless experience. Even if you lack programming and designing knowledge, you will still make a killer login page with it.

WWhite Label Branding for WordPress features are image and video backgrounds, Google reCAPTCHA, social logins and an option to translate it to any language you want. The end layout will also be mobile-ready and in tune with all modern web browsers. You can always hit up the amazing and friendly support for extra assistance.

13. BM Custom Login

BM Custom Login

Besides the usual features like CSS customization, adding images, and background customization, BM Custom Login’s templates feature is unique.

BM Custom Login Plugin Options

Plugin options

The developer created a Flickr group where the plugin users share their customized version of the login page. You can create a new design using a PSD file provided on the image template folder of the plugin and then upload the new template to the plugin’s resource folder.

Price: Free

More info / Download

14. Nextend Social Login and Register

Social WordPress Login Plugins

There are a lot of perks for using social media’s login information. First of all, it is hassle-free. Instead of letting visitors type all of their data, they need to link their account to one of their social media accounts. Aside from that, you are also saving yourself a lot of time. You don’t need to spend on codes or widgets to get the needed information.

Furthermore, having this plugin doesn’t need to ask for email validation or anything that complicates registration. Of course, the users can add or remove their social media accounts on your website. They also can login using multiple accounts. What’s more, using this plugin means you can fully customize your designs and other aspects. You either use the login widgets or shortcodes. You can also edit or translate the texts on the login buttons.

More info / Download

15. Ultimate Member

Plain White WordPress Login Plugins

If you need a simple profile login or membership for your visitor, this one will work for you. It is now more comfortable to sign-up with this fantastic plugin. It is also perfect for your community and membership website. A lot of visitors can create their accounts and expand your network.

It comes with full features and functionalities. It has custom form fields, front-end user profiles, user registration, conditional nav menus, content restriction, user emails, member directories, user roles, user account page, drag and drop form builder, limited logic form builder, etc.

This WordPress Login plugin makes it easier to create your user-based website. It has incredible front-end elements that come with excellent admin functionality. You might opt for essential extensions to get the full features, such as Private Messages, Followers, Social Activity, Notices, and myCRED.

We have selected this plugin as the best WordPress user management plugin, doubles as a login page customizer.

More info / Download

Wrapping up

What technique do you prefer to customize your WordPress login page? Would you prefer to build a plugin yourself or use an existing one? If your answer is option 1, we’d love to check out your work. If it’s option 2, what’s your preferred plugin?

Not using WordPress and still want an amazing login page for your website? These login form templates are exactly what you need.

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  1. The best customize login plugin that i know is “custom login form”. It is simple and easy to use

  2. this is a nice overview, however i am still looking for a good AJAX login plugin. i tried several, they all sucked. but i don’t want to redirect my users to a new page to login…

  3. Libin V Babu says:

    Glad to see “Erident Custom Login” on top of the list.

    1. Libin,

      These plugins aren’t sorted by any quality ratings or anything. Last one potentially can be better than the first one on the list.

      1. So if you not sorted this plugin by quality, this comparison don’t make sense for me.

        1. Kala,

          It is not comparison. It is a list of best products out there. Each has their own specifics. For example one will need functionality from plugin that listed on top and one from one at the bottom. We have outlined all the details and you can now choose one that fits your site.

  4. Custom Login Plugin is good one.
    But I find out one thing in this plugin. There is no hide/remove option for “Lost your password?”
    So I use “TCBD Lost Password Remover” plugin for remove that option.

    I am using both this plugin for my site.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Ty for this article!
    My first choice is Sexy Login! 🙂

  6. Muhammad Adnan says:

    nice roundup!

    I would highly recommend that you try LoginPress. It’s a new plugin and Innovating the boundaries using WordPress Customizer.

  7. What about ONLY changing the logo and it’s URL? Keep it simple… I don’t need all that other fluff. Anyone have a plugin that only does that?

  8. How to encode it as we want to use as a page. We must create a page and add code how to it. Or how to add Colorlib Login Customer in a widget (eg: footer).

  9. How to using custom login in wp?

    1. You can download it from here or by searching for it via WP admin dashboard.

  10. Debbie S. says:

    I am helping redesign a website, where we have approx. 50 various clients…each one needs a private login that will direct them to their own private pages. Some of their pages will have portfolio items to reflect their particular benefits. We have found a couple of plugins (i.e. wp-client is one) but it seems that the client pages must be built on their templates, which don’t (I don’t think) have the ability to link a portfolio or project to them. Any suggestions?

    1. WP-Client comes closest to what you need. I haven’t seen other solutions for the task.

  11. Alastair D says:

    There are plenty of options available. I have used Colorlib and like it. Simple to use and set up for a bunch of clients.

  12. I have an error 403 with al of plugins. What can I do?

    1. Hello Elena,

      When exactly do you experience this error? When visiting to read more about the plugins or when downloading and starting to use them?
      403 error means that access has been forbidden which could mean that you don’t have a sufficient user level access when trying to install the plugin.

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