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WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products
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8 Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products 2022

In the age of the Internet, you can buy anything you like online with a few clicks of a button. That’s amazing, but what about selling your products? Selling online has become a business enterprise that many haven’t given up on mastering. What could be more joyous than being able to sell your ideas, in digital format, to anyone in the world? It’s like opening up your paintwork art shop, but with the capability to attract customers from any corner of the planet. Marketing your digital products is much easier because you can tap into the infinite pool of resources that the web provides. In particular, you can target and optimize organic traffic for maximum return.

So, you have decided that you wish to sell your work digitally online. Perhaps you’re trying to sell copies of your books in a digital format, or you’re a performer who wishes to sell music to fans. It’s all possible. The limits of selling online aren’t many. One of these limitations could be the platform you use for selling, and we wish to help you with that. The WordPress community considers the following as the best plugins to help you start selling digital products. While they are unique to WordPress, we have covered additional areas of options to customize your website for digital sales:

Setting up your digital store will be effortless with such a great range of options. Please take all the time you need to explore our suggestions below. We will appreciate any comments in the form of suggestions and feedback on improving this resource.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads can be described as an e-commerce platform for promoting and selling digital products using WordPress. The lightweight and easy-to-configure plugin makes it easy to sell digital products straight from your blog. The plugin functionality focuses on simplicity and gives you the essential tools to get started with selling your content online. The plugin features a shopping cart, which means that customers can buy multiple products from you at once. A coupon code system is built-in to allow you to promote some of your downloads/products with discounts. In addition, the most reliable payment methods are supported: PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon.

As the platform manager, you and users can review a user’s history of purchases. This allows users to access downloads even after making the purchase a long time ago. You can create your digital product bundles and sell them that way. You can also analyze your earnings through simple statistics charts that are automatically generated. Extension support exists to help you add more functionalities at an affordable price.


WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager evolved from a simple file management plugin to a platform that supports the sale of digital products. The manager helps its users to manage, analyze, and fully integrate their downloads. This is to give out free download links or for selling actual products. This plugin is appealing (with over 100k active installs) because it acts as a download management platform and an e-commerce solution. You can create custom downloads and allow certain user types to download them. Alternatively, you can apply secure passwords to keep your files safe from unauthorized access.

The plugin supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, and other cloud platforms. This gives your files external storage support, so you don’t have to overstuff your server. Even though cloud-hosting platforms are cheap as chips, DigitalOcean doesn’t provide a lot of free disk space. This is where external cloud storage can be so useful. Control things like download speeds, CAPTCHAs, and custom modifications for downloads. Utilize the shortcode support to display your free downloads or paid products anywhere.


WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

WooCommerce plugin is the number one eCommerce solution for WordPress bloggers. Tens of millions of online stores are in existence thanks to WooCommerce, a highly customizable platform for selling physical products. Still, if digital products are what you’re into, you’ll need to equip yourself with the plugin right here, the WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods. Since you are selling digital products, the need for complex customer information disappears. Usually, it is managed by the payment gateway, so the plugin here strips away all those unnecessary fields and instead gives you a simple checkout process that customers can use to purchase your digital goods.


Paid Memberships Pro

paid memberships pro wordpress plugin
Paid Memberships Pro is a spectacular WordPress plugin that enables you to sell digital products. That could be subscription products, premium content, online courses, etc. If you want to expand your online project to a new stream of income, consider selling any previously mentioned. You can only let paid members access some of your content even as a blogger. Installing and activating Paid Memberships Pro plugin is simple and very beginner-friendly. The tool is also fully adjustable, making sure you can alter it to your requirements.

Other specialties of Paid Memberships Pro are six payment gateways, content restriction function, more than sixty add-ons for complete customization and more. In this day and age, selling digital goods is simpler than you think. Paid Memberships Pro is a free tool, so test it out and see if it fits your needs.


WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

wordpress simple paypal shopping cart plugin
Thanks to WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart, you can now instantly add an add to cart button anywhere on your website, in posts or pages. You can even add the call-to-action button in the sidebar. This free WordPress plugin turns your existing WordPress page into an online selling machine. You can push products and services easily and effortlessly.

Of course, WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is also compatible with any theme. Anyone who purchases your digital product will automatically get an email with the downloadable file. You can also translate this plugin and fully localize the experience. Take a peek at the setup video tutorial first and get creative afterward.




Selz builds an online store directly into your WordPress blog. There are no requirements of technical knowledge, only your ability to install the plugin. Your selling isn’t limited to digital goods either, but physical items and services can also be sold using Selz. There are some transactional fees involved. So, we recommend that you contact Selz to discuss any possible discounts for a large-scale project.


Premium Packages

premium packages wordpress plugin
Premium Packages is the free WordPress plugin to get you started if you want to sell your digital products safely and securely. The purchase process that Premium Packages unlocks for you and your users is simple, not hurting your website’s already excellent performance. Also, if you offer a free item or have different licenses for different products, that is something that Premium Packages handles for you, too.

In just a few clicks, you can now turn your existing website into a digital marketplace, selling goods to users worldwide. Thanks to the convenient Premium Packages, you can start immediately, as the installation and activation are nothing else that two clicks away to complete. Some other tool features are sales reports, coupon management, role-based discounts, and many more in between.


PayPal for Digital Goods

paypal for digital goods wordpress plugin
PayPal for Digital Goods is a WordPress plugin for selling digital products with a simple option of paying for the goods via PayPal. Whether it’s eBooks, PDFs, audios, Excel documents, you name it, with PayPal for Digital Goods, you can create a customized “buy now” option that will seal the deal. Once the user hits on the button, the plugin opens up a pop-up where they get to complete the purchase. Immediately after they pay for it, they can also download the file to their disks. PayPal for Digital Goods works with PayPal’s express checkout API/gateway.

Sometimes, you just want to stick to simplicity and not overwhelm your users with fancy stuff. Thanks to PayPal for Digital Goods, you can now start selling your digital products right away, without breaking a single drop of sweat, as the method of importing it to your page is a little breeze.


Premium WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products

Here are premium plugins that you can invest in. If they could solve your puzzling problem, why not spend a little to finance the future of your goals?

Digital Download with ARForms

Digital downloads with Arforms

ARForms is a highly popular WordPress plugin for building custom forms, for literally any possible use. The digital downloads addon extends the forms builder to add the functionality of selling digital goods using your WordPress installation.


Subscribe to Download

subscribe to download wordpress plugin
Subscribing to Download might be slightly different from other WordPress plugins that you find on this list, still an excellent addition that many will find of great use. Instead of asking someone to pay for the product, urging them to subscribe to get the download link to the free digital product. This way, you start collecting an email list, which you can later use for all sorts of offers that you will have going on. Email marketing works.

In the Subscribe to Download bundle, you will find twenty different subscription form templates to use further as is or style. Some other features of the plugin include pop-ups, double opt-in, email domain name exclusion, form preview in the back-end, and integration of MailChimp. With all the many features and functions, you can start immediately and begin collecting emails in exchange for a product download.


Stripe Instant Downloads


Stripe is quickly expanding its platform to become a direct competitor to PayPal. The plugin gives you the tools to sell digital content using Stripe’s payment system.


Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

This Post Has 10,676 Comments

  1. Hello, this is an excellent post and I am looking for a solution that allow me to treat uploaded resumes as products, meaning that most digital download plugins free and paid offer you a solution for e.g. ebooks or files that the site owner will upload and then adjust the sale settings as desired, however what I require is an automated process where external users or guests will upload their own file on front end and it will have to automatically, say, turn into a digital product without me having to monitor file uploads 24/7 to set all the uploaded files as products every time someone upload such file. Is there anything in the plugin market that might offer such option? Any ideas or directions to get what I am looking for will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards


    1. Cesar,

      Any of above could be tweaked to do that or you can go with a marketplace theme that allows anyone to upload files or products and sell them. Here are best examples.

  2. Karina Garden Jimenez says:

    Hi! Do you have any suggestions if wanting to sell stock photography? I tried the Sell Media plugin but its not as user friendly as I thought when I tried customizing the different pages. Thanks!

  3. I’m actually helping a friend try to get more information for her site but I’m wondering if one of these plugins would be better when trying to sell a membership where a download is provided quarterly. She’s currently using Woo Commerce but the way it works is complex and not as user friendly as I think it should be. With Woo, she has to add the new release for the quarter into the “Collection” product and then on the customer’s page, she has to reupload the collection so that they have the latest one that includes the new release. The customers are essentially “pending” until the end of the year when the official “collection” has closed. I swear there has to be an easier way! Thoughts?

  4. Konstantin Pulman says:

    Hi, looking for the Digital Downloads Store Plugin that can add purchased product after purchased.
    What I mean:
    The product is Report on one of the subjects.
    User purchase the Report.
    Then the operator, based on users purchased report genereting up-to-date report for the requared subject. Once Report generated by operator, operator uploads the report to the Website and assign it to the Purchase.
    User then receiving the notification that the report is Ready for download, logins to the website and downloading the Report.
    Obviosly this all can be done eliminating the website at all, by just creating dummy prducts and then delivering the Report to client by Email. But just as an idea would like to see if any kind of such plugins available, payd or free… meanwhile researching to find anything like that, but if anyone already know?

    1. Konstantin,

      There is no such a plugin to tool already available and likely never will be. Reason being is that plugins are made to solve “problems” that many users might have. Your case is very specific meaning no broad solution will work. I would suggest to start with a regular theme and ecommerce solution and then send the report via email. If that venture becomes successful you can spend money and develop a custom platform. This is not something that will break or make your product/service and can always be implemented down the road for a smoother user experience.

  5. Kate Richard says:

    Hi- I started using Easy Digital Downloads to sell my horse picks but I’m wondering if there is a better option. I need to upload as many as 10 free and paid options per day and its hard to manage. The button aren’t configurable and I’m worried about all of those files slowing down my site. Any suggestions?


    1. Kate,
      Make sure to invest in a good hosting provider such as Kinsta that offers a proper caching and your site will never grow too big. For example, we use EDD as well and we have around 2,000 products for sale, millions or registered users and loads of purchase records. WordPress doesn’t have any limitations for database size and only limitation is your hosting provider. Shared hosting provers will become slow real quick as the database grows but managed hosting such as Kinsta will always keep up with the demand.
      Otherwise, you might want to try third party solutions such as Gumroad or Sellfy. Maybe they can help to sell products without making your website bigger.

  6. Marianna Briguet says:


    I would like to know if in any of those plugins, we can use STREAMING instead of DOWNLOADING?


    1. I would recommend using Vimeo Premium offering. It allows to embed videos, make them not sharable and allow to be viewed just for certain users. It can be used with any theme since it is just an embed or you can even send a link to your users.

  7. Hi, great article!
    Im looking for the plugin to protect my digital products from piracy. I’m going to sell my firms e-book.
    Do you have any free or paid solutions?

    1. That’s what above mentioned plugins are all about. To give access to digital downloads/products only after user have purchased them.

  8. Greetings

    What’s the best plugin to let subscribers on my website download my VIMEO videos – in a way that will not allow them to give away the video links??

  9. Do you know if there is a plugin that has download/save to options? Im looking for a plugin that gives users the option to upload their purchase directly to a cloud service drive, dropbox, box and one drive.

    Thank in advance.

  10. Matt Kuritsyn says:

    Good collection of plugins, thank you.

    I would also add Ecwid to the list — it has the digital products feature as well.

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