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20 Most Popular Marketplace WordPress Themes 2021

Looking for the best WordPress marketplace theme? We have got you covered! Here you will find the best marketplace themes for physical and digital products.

They are powered by WooCommerce, thanks to several plugins and add-ons that help to enable marketplace functionality.

A digital marketplace is a place where you can sell your digital or physical products within a single-purpose website. Another factor is the ability to invite other sellers to join your platform and sell their items on there.

Etsy is the most commonly recognized, where sellers can quickly create their store account. And to personalize it with their products and offerings.

The marketplace themes we have picked out here are directly related to anything selling and buying online. The design quality for this level of the field is truly astonishing! You won’t be disappointed in finding something that pushes you to the final design decision. For a marketplace website, the important things are product page designs.

Without further hesitation, let’s have a look at the best marketplace WordPress themes.

Best Marketplace WordPress Themes


ekommart marketplace wordpress theme
Ekommart is a powerful and impactful marketplace WordPress theme that works for all sorts of products. It comes with Dokan plugin support for front-end multi-vendor marketplaces based on WooCommerce. Either you stick to one industry or niche, or you go full-tilt with a general marketplace, all is possible with the amazing and always improving Ekommart. You get the demo content, front and internal, and heaps of features and functions that will do you well. You do not even need to know how to do all this stuff, as Ekommart is perfect for beginners. After all, it is the codeless website establishment process that guarantees speedy and spectacular results. For your information, the Elementor drag and drop page builder simplifies it all.

In the massive bundle of amazingness, Ekommart delivers all the necessary and then some. From the one-click demo data import and fast loading speed to headers and footers, mega menu and product quick view, these are just a few of the highlights that Ekommart offers you. It is easy starting a multi-vendor marketplace with Ekommart, so make it happen now and enjoy the positive outcome.

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marketplace WordPress theme
Market is an excellent WordPress theme choice for marketplaces to sell digital or individual items or online courses. The possibilities with Market are limitless! And the modern design makes this theme a top choice amongst eCommerce store owners. The homepage design feels more like a brand outline, yet customizable per your business values and offer.

The page builder can help you modify the text, header, blog posts, banners, product items, pricing tables, customer reviews, and search features.

Dashboard crafted elegantly that will suit your vendors’ taste. You will be able to provide the necessary features for them to publish their products using your marketplace. It is a fully customizable WordPress marketplace theme! So whether you want to sell digital goods, services, or physical products, you can configure this theme to suit your needs naturally and effortlessly.

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marketplace WordPress theme
Marketica is a combination of eCommerce and a Digital Marketplace in a single WordPress theme. With thousands of customers and users already, it has grown from an entry-level marketplace design to a fully self-sustainable solution for selling products individually and in the context of a multi-vendor store. Even if you already had a store running, you can use the Marketica theme to restructure your store to allow additional vendors to sell their stock on your platform.

There are multiple demos that you can choose from traditional WooCommerce integration without marketplace capabilities. These include a vendor’s demo that integrates multiple vendors into your eCommerce store. Moreover, there are two separate integrations based on Dokan and Socio for multi-vendor stores. Also, a WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin that’s targeted at websites that want to create a marketplace directly from their WooCommerce installation.

Marketica uses a modern design layout that works great for physical and digital products alike. The product page layout is comfortable for all age groups. In addition, it is integrated with a native content slider to showcase the best visuals of each of the products. At the end of the product pages, you have separate widgets that you can use to show popular products. But also products related to the one that the customers are browsing at that time.

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wordpress marketplace theme
Martfury is a marketplace WordPress theme equipped with the powerful and easy-to-use WooCommerce plugin. You can effortlessly create a multi-vendor market with the amazing Martfury and get your business rolling online quicker than you think. Along with all the impressive ready-to-use demos, Martfury also includes the necessary plugins to create a web platform that will have the potential for constant growth.

One-click demo install, vendors price comparison, mobile and search optimized, as well as color, label and image swatches, Martfury makes sure you get it all and then some. This theme is also enhanced with WPBakery website builder to allow you to perform any customization tweaks even if you are not a coder yourself. So to create an online marketplace of any niche or a generic one, Martfury is here to get you going without hassle.

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ambesten marketplace wordpress theme
When starting your own web marketplace, all you truly need is a set of ready-made and powerful tools, and you can get online almost instantly. Ambesten is a marketplace WordPress theme that provides all the must-have content and other elements and components you require. With 14 full home demos, you can swiftly decide on your website design that will help you present your business on the internet in a professional and interest-sparking way.

Ambesten is responsive and retina-ready. It offers to choose between one and up to ten column grid modes and includes multiple headers and footer styles. Besides, ensure comfortable navigation with a mega menu, have daily deals, and localize or globalize your website (you can even use multiple currencies!). This theme also supports unlimited colors. There is nothing you cannot do with Ambesten, so use your imagination and start the online marketplace you always wanted to own.

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antomi marketplace wordpress theme
Antomi is a marketplace WordPress theme for pushing any products or items you want. From sticking to niche to creating a full-blown general store, with Antomi, you have all the options you want. It includes four pre-defined demos and a whole collection of other internal sections for your convenience. Without spending too much time on the setup of online eCommerce platforms, you can start seeing results fairly quickly with Antomi. Try it out and you will see it for yourself.

Antomi is compatible with all devices, popular plugins, well-liked browsers, and retina screens. It also does not miss speed and SEO optimization, as well as practicing all the other modern web development practices. With Antomi, your marketplace will run smoothly and securely at all times.

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urus marketplace wordpress theme
You are closer than ever to launch your marketplace. Thanks to a marketplace WordPress theme, like Urus, starting from the ground up is so old-school. This tool offers you more than 30 pre-defined demos, all easy to use and entirely customizable. Of course, without the need to touch a single line of code. It is the drag-and-drop technology that turns everyone into a pro web developer even if they have not yet built a page, let alone an eCommerce platform. You will be impressed by how much you can accomplish with Urus.

Urus has a fluid layout that adapts to handheld and desktop devices with ease. Moreover, it contains a horde of internal page layouts, drop-down cart, convenient filtering, product quick view, 360-degree view, and Instagram shop, to name a few. With Urus, you are closer than ever to starting your own online business and realizing all your ideas.

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Restored Marketplace

Restored - Online Marketplace website design

Restored Marketplace is a WordPress marketplace template intended for a digital download store and supported by the Easy Digital Downloads extension at the back-end. This theme bridges the high cost of starting your own professional digital marketplace and gives you a substantial list of features and addons that will make your store feel authentic and professional from day one. Those without prior experience in marketplace design can choose from four unique homepage layouts, each with advantages and custom modifications.

Whether you’re an artist who wants to sell his digital artwork or a musician who wants a store for your music, there’s a lot that Restored Marketplace can offer for your needs. The website design is fully mobile-friendly. No one will have any problems buying stuff from you while on their mobile smartphone. And you have full access to WPBakery Page Builder templates to make further changes as required for your level of likeability.

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Have you been meaning to launch a marketplace for selling crafts and similar works of art? You’re in luck because LeCrafts is a WordPress theme just for that purpose alone; to help you create a high-quality online marketplace that retains its beautiful website design that’s pleasant and does the job as intended. We’re blown away by the designers of LeCrafts. They have provided their customers with a selection of nine unique homepage layouts to choose from. Versatility isn’t going to be a problem for this theme, ever!

It is also a multi-vendor theme. Meaning, you can invite your network of friends and acquaintances to come and sell their products in your store. All individual vendors can open up their digital stores using your platform. This design ties everything together with this theme! The usage of white and creamy colors puts the focus on each product. Creating a professional experience while not expensing any design elements. You can use product pages to showcase photos using a custom slider. Define a product description. And lastly, attach reviews and the information of the particular seller. The user experience-oriented marketplace theme. A natural through and through.

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Everyone needs a bag in this world, and the Baggies theme will ensure that your bag products are going to fall into the lap of the right customer each time. It is another well-oriented WordPress theme that focuses on crucial marketplace aspects despite the design you created. With more than eight unique design layouts to choose from, you will find something that resonates with the way your brand is operating. It is packed with custom functionality, plugins, and features that are one of a kind.

Whether you plan to showcase only products, the Baggies theme takes care of it all. You can invite other store owners to create their unique stores using your platform. Further enhancing your presence on the web as a reliable product marketplace. The mobile design is crafted precisely to ensure that customers can access your store from any device imaginable. The theme customization panel allows you to dig deep into the Baggies theme’s individual design aspects and elements. They are putting you in charge of how you wish for your final marketplace design to look.

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dealsdot marketplace wordpress theme
Even though the idea of building your own marketplace may feel intimidating to you, Dealsdot is here to make a difference. In fact, this tool goes the extra mile, as it is down for any challenge, even starting a multi-vendor marketplace. Even if you would like to use it for affiliate marketing and coupon sites, it’s all possible with Dealsdot.

In short, if websites like Aliexpress appeal to you, that’s pretty much what you can do with this theme. Go big with Dealsdot. Its enormous collection of features makes sure that you create a powerful platform sooner than later, which you will.

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cartzilla marketplace wordpress theme
Whether creating a marketplace for digital or physical goods, Cartzilla is the all-around WordPress theme that does the trick. You can start right away with any of the available samples, which are all 100% customizable. Cartzilla is compatible with Dokan, which is one of the best solutions for building a marketplace type of website.

Create a modern online platform for selling niche products or even create a generic marketplace. A few other amenities include a mega menu, user account pages, ten headers, floating navigation, a back-to-top button, and a blog section. You have all the material at your fingertips for staring immediately.

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tijarah marketplace wordpress theme
Tijarah is a marketplace WordPress theme that is exclusive for pushing digital products. Themes, plugins, arts, tutorials, ebooks, stock content, audios, whatever, present it all online with Tijarah. The clean and modern design of Tijarah easily caters to different ideas that you have. However, you are also welcome to modify it to your liking.

Tijarah practices only the latest technologies that promise excellent site performance. Some of the features contain Elementor, WooCommerce, Dokan, RTL support, custom widgets and more. Once you go with Tijarah, you unlock endless possibilities to establish a first-rate digital marketplace that will turn heads.

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besa marketplace wordpress theme
Besa is an all-inclusive marketplace WordPress theme that you can use for anything from niche to general online eCommerce platforms. With the very many pre-defined home and index layouts, you also do not need to do much work in creating the right design. After all, Besa comes with Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, offering you to make any last corrections if necessary quickly. But if you like the out-of-the-box look, stick to it.

Some of the features of Besa include compatibility with Dokan, mega menu, three custom-made homes, live search, and smart filters. Besa is optimized for fast loading speed and is compatible with mobile devices. The shopping experience will always be smooth and comfortable, raising your potential to level eleven.

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meup marketplace wordpress theme
Meup might be a slightly different tool compared to all the other solutions on this list. It focuses on creating a marketplace for events, or you could also say a directory. It is a resourceful solution with two main index demos and other killer goodies that will get you going right away. Without the need to be a coder nor a designer, you can now set up the right platform for your intention. Keep in mind, the integration of the Elementor page builder keeps you away from writing the code.

Ten listing styles, flexible tickets and calendars, sales management, booking, packages and WooCommerce bookings, Meup gets you going instantly. With the multiple features, ready-made page layouts and complete creative freedom, you can now start a killer online space, promoting events of all kinds.

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Stocky - Stock photography WordPress marketplace

Stock photography is a growing market, and there is no denying that. Do you plan on selling stock photography? Then Stocky could be your theme of choice. It focuses solely on two things. First, a beautiful homepage layout that’s easy to navigate. And, product pages that showcase the given photo but also enable a quick purchase. The addition of a blog layout, and a custom footer design, allows your marketplace to become a brand in its own right.

The Stocky theme has a big Search form attached right to the header of the page. This enables anyone to find a photo that they’re looking for quickly. The product pages focus on showing the photograph, with a right-hand sidebar where customers can select the size/style/type photo version that they’d like to purchase. They can view the comprehensive details about the camera that was used to make the photo.

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Catalog is a buying and selling marketplace WordPress style. It has been crafted to support all modern browsers. It also includes a responsive design that will welcome people to your marketplace from any smart device out there. The goal of this theme is to put you in charge of what your store will look like.

The Catalog theme is divided into two different demo layouts. One is for a generic digital marketplace that you can use to sell digital and physical products, while the other demo is niche-specific and caters to stock photography marketplaces. Both layouts feature a unique approach towards each of the industries. But doesn’t fail to deliver a design experience that’s memorable and user-friendly.

This theme is ready to go once you install it. Maybe a few alterations and configurations here and there. Generally, you should be able to start welcoming vendors and customers as soon as you get this theme up and running in your store.

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As you will clearly see in the demo, Pasar is a marketplace/eCommerce theme for those who are into fashion-related business. And it all comes together rather nicely, we must say. A fashion store will need to provide a fashionable selection of products and an elegant design to go alongside it. Pasar might have found a way to bridge the two without sacrificing performance or user experience. The design feels smooth, finding products within categories is painless. And product pages work effectively to close sales.

TokoPress is known for creating WordPress themes that provide high-quality. Alongside reliability and a list of functions that are going to be a hard match for the competition. Pasar comes integrated with more than ten unique WPBakery Page Builder elements of your liking. Those elements are custom banners to promote individual products, a widget to list the available brands, separate boxes for showcasing recent blog posts, and current product releases. Likewise, you can show top-rated and best-selling products, amongst other useful widgets.

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Olam is a versatile marketplace theme. It offers a general marketplace layout, but you can also use Olam to sell your services or promote bookings of events. This makes Olam a more refined selection amongst individuals, freelancers, small business owners, and those with more upper-end management responsibilities at their company. The use of creative design will make Olam appealing in the case of creating a digital-only marketplace, especially for selling any digital items such as design assets. It has that friendly feel to it.

The recently released versions of Olam added several new and exciting features. Some of them are new ways to list products, an ability to hide pricing of products in category pages, a way to set a custom background color for the menu, further compatibility with leading eCommerce plugins, and several styling customization options to create custom layout experiences. Olam uses the Unyson Page Builder as the layout management engine, so if you’re familiar with it, it’s even better of a deal for you.

Moreover, the design is mobile-ready. All theme areas have been widgetized and can be customized to your liking. You can choose from more than 20 shortcodes to add in pages, posts, or product pages themselves. Also, it comes with Google Fonts, Font Awesome, Mega Menu, and a sticky header to keep everyone’s attention on your categories!

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Listify has nearly 12,000 sales, with tens of thousands of active websites using this theme. While at first glance, this does not seem like a marketplace-worthy theme. But this theme has multiple ways of encouraging revenue. Some of those are travel guide marketplace creation where tour guides can enlist their profiles and expertise, and the WooCommerce connected at the back-end, so accepting payments won’t be a problem whatsoever.

Apart from supporting WooCommerce as a standalone shopping platform, Listify also supports and integrates plugins like Product Vendors, Subscriptions, Bookings, and custom Payment Gateways. So whatever type of a listing you’re building, you could eventually create a subscription model out of it. If your website starts to grow rapidly, why not ask users to invest some money before adding their listing? The same goes for claiming individual listings, which could act as centralized resources for the listing owner to communicate with his customers.

The web design of the Listify theme is modern, appealing, and with a touch of elegance that a website of this scope would require. Meaning, if you plan to launch travel or a similar website, you’d want to use a platform that truly supports your mission in the long term. And Listify is amongst the few themes that can do this easily.

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