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30+ Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes For Company, ECommerce, Blog, Affiliate And AdSense Websites 2019

30+ Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes For Company, eCommerce, Blog, Affiliate and AdSense Websites 2019

There is a 91% chance that you found this page by looking on Google for “best SEO WordPress themes”. And since we are on top of SERPs for that keyphrase we feel obligated to speak about SEO and how WordPress themes can help you achieve first page rankings on Google and other major search engines.

What makes WordPress theme SEO friendly? A simple code base that is fast and scores high on Google PageSpeed Insights, properly used meta tags, good Schema markup, and additional SEO controls to change how your content appears in Google.

What makes a great website? It is the quality of the content or the amount of revenue that it can generate? Well, neither actually. The most important quality of a web page is its ability to attract viewers and sustaining a large following. The money, exposure, and advertising will come as a consequence of that quality. For the purpose of this exercise, focusing on content is not very productive, because it is very subjective. We have all seen popular formulas fail, and fringe phenomenon rises to the heights of notoriety. It all depends on the circumstance. Just do your best and try to be creative. If you manage to do that, like-minded people will naturally gravitate towards you.

The object of your focus should be a factor that is quantifiable and controllable. You must ask yourself how a site is exposed to the public, and how it interacts with the overall infrastructure of the World Wide Web. When one wishes to search for a certain subject or topic, what does he/she do? If you guessed that a search engine must be used, you are right. Without these search engines, the internet would be the embodiment of chaos, a series of hundreds of millions of websites, unconnected amidst the disorder. Thanks to search engines, a few keystrokes can find every single piece of information that you might ever need. The engine almost seems sentient, as it can figure out what you want from a few keywords.

Importance of SEO

Of course, each company has specific algorithms for its search engines, and they are considered trade secrets. However, the overall principles are universal. Based on keyword density, proliferation and personal history of the account, the results pages are generated. Imagine that you own a site that is not Search engine optimized. Your website would show up on the 5th or 6th results page, and most users rarely bother to look past the first. In these conditions, only personal friends and people who have memorized your address can access your site. It used to be the case that a user needed to hire a professional company to optimize his page, but now it is considered a default service. If you are purchasing a quality WordPress theme, it must be SEO friendly, and you should not settle for less.

It does not matter what your business is. Everything from massive corporate pages to a simple review site or blogs, need exposure to survive, and this exposure can only be achieved through optimization. That is probably the greatest advantage of the web: equality. In the real world, you would need tens of millions of dollars to run a successful marketing campaign, while the web version of that campaign can cost significantly less. It is the great equalizer, making small business and large conglomerates, sit at the same table.

The initial package will be optimized for search engines, but your future posts won’t be. If you do not want to involved ghostwriters, you must learn how to ingrate keywords at specific locations, and in specific densities in order to compete. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best SEO friendly WordPress themes:



Jevelin is a technologically ambitious and fresh-faced, engaging and business-friendly, modern and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. A thorough and resourceful platform that greatly streamlines the website development process for webmasters from all walks of life, regardless of prior coding knowledge. With Jevelin, setting up your own personal blog is every bit as easy as showcasing your professional portfolio to employers and potential clients the world over, or introduce your corporation to the world as quickly and effortlessly as you can set up an online shop for your business.

Featuring essential and advanced commercial capabilities powered by the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, Jevelin is a natural salesman and can easily market your wares or those of your affiliates to massive online audiences within a few easy clicks, the same day you set up through the uncomplicated single click installation. Additionally, the SEO enhancements have been implemented from the codebase up, making Jevelin websites high performers when it comes to climbing the search engine rankings overnight, significantly expanding your user base, increasing your traffic and maximizing your ad revenue within the blink of an eye. Try Jevelin today, and start reaping the benefits of true SEO enhancements on your very own website!

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Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is a multifaceted WordPress theme oriented to blogs and magazines. It has numerous demos and amazing customer support. You will get it with 7 pre-launched demos of one-click install. Gillion uses Unyson framework but it is Bootstrap compatible too. It has a super customizable layout with its own live customizer to change things in real-time! Friendly with a header with social icons integrated and unlimited colors to set up. Gillion is SEO improved and it is supported by Google Analytics. What else do you need? Come on now and try out this awesome specialized tool! Come try Gillion!

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Soledad is an astoundingly modern and cutting edge, visually cohesive and well-integrated, technologically articulate and proficient, graphically nimble and flexible, visually refined and deeply aesthetical, efficiently coded and super lightweight, intuitive and streamlined, simple and highly responsive WordPress multiconcept blog and magazine website theme. A purposefully constructed theme that is intended as a one-stop-shop solution for webmasters of any background and skill level to quickly and effectively design, develop and maintain sophisticated modern websites across a broad spectrum of interests and fields.

Built around the WordPress Live Customizer tool, letting you craft your own pages within minutes through a visual process that is both intuitive and easy to master, while including over 250 options for you to customize every aspect and element of your website with utter speed and simplicity. With SEO at the codebase, meaning that search engine crawlers will always find your relevant content, keywords, and metadata in the right order and presentation to maximize your impact on the search ranks, netting you a ton of additional traffic in no time at all, which is then easily monetized thanks to Soledad’s thorough AdSense integration. Start making a dent, with Soledad!

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Divi is an SEO optimized WordPress theme which you can employ for any plan, project or purpose. The rules and limitation truly are none when you decide to start working with Divi. This prominent, impressive and sophisticated theme follows all the latest trends and regulations, ensuring stable and smooth operation of your website. While there are countless layouts and features you can utilize out of the box, you can still customize everything and fine-tune it to your branding needs. And you do not need to change a single string of code to modify Divi.

Powerful and user-friendly theme settings, an endless collection of elements, an array of jaw-dropping demos and the list of goodies goes on and on. With Divi, you can go as creative as you want and enter the industry with a bang.

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MagPlus is a clever and modern responsive WordPress blog and magazine website theme. This theme is a potent platform for articulating attractive, creative websites in a flash. You don’t need to know a thing about coding to get professional quality results with MagPlus. With a visual design interface and 150 elements to deploy, customization is effortless. Impress your audience with 20 slick sliders, 25 article layouts and 12 header layouts. MagPlus offers an infinite array of layout styles you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

MagPlus is a competent performer across the major search engines. Extensive SEO optimization makes MagPlus a perfect platform to drive traffic home. Broaden your audience and reach a massive, global crowd with MagPlus. Easy translation and responsiveness let you reach users on every language and device. MagPlus has the tools you need to succeed! Get MagPlus today!

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Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro is a powerful and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. The perfect platform developing business-savvy websites in a flash. With flexible widgets and 9 different ready-made templates, building your website is easy. You won’t need a lick of coding to get sharp, professional results in no time at all. The Visual Composer lets you style and customize your layouts with utter ease and speed. The convenient Convert Plug Popup lets you capture vast amounts of new users effortlessly. Many of Marketing Pro’s templates are dedicated to increasing your email conversions.

You will building email lists like you never have before. Additionally, this theme is a sharp SEO framework that will skyrocket your website’s performance. Your content will get top-notch rankings in the blink of an eye with Marketing Pro’s sleek design. Nobody can place your content out there like Marketing Pro can. Your traffic will go through the roof within days of setting up shop with Marketing Pro. And with the WooCommerce platform and tons of monetization capabilities, your revenues will soar. Marketing Pro is everything you need to make it in the competitive world of SEO marketing. Try Marketing Pro today, and find out!

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webify seo optimized wordpress theme
With the versatility and high adaptability of Webify, you can, of course, expect it to be a top-notch SEO optimized WordPress theme. You can employ Webify for all and any website you would like to bring into being. This could be a page for a lawyer, a freelancer, a small business, an agency or an online store, the options are there. Out of the box, Webify comes with twenty remarkable demos for a quick start of a fresh new website. No need to complicate, just stick with the sample that fits your taste, as it is already a full-blown solution.

Moreover, Webify is also optimized for speed, 100% mobile-ready and in tune with all the popular web browsers. The customization capabilities also go through the roof, allowing you to edit and adjust just about any section of Webify. With Webify, you are readier than ever, to execute a first-class, SEO-ready page.

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If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a high degree of flexibility that was specifically created for SEO companies, Digital Marketing Agencies and social media expert sites, look no further than SEO WP. It includes a limitless number of page designs, plenty of header styles, and a wide range of footer layouts. It is very intuitive and easy to use, as it was designed for everyone, not just programmers and coders. The customer is able to personalize the aesthetic of his site in real-time, viewing changes as they are implemented. This live customizer is a huge time saver, and a great tool for creativity.

Despite its low price, the developers have included premium plugins such as the live composer page builder, for no additional fee. Using this tool, you can modify pages in front end by simply moving things around, and dragging and dropping them. One of the greatest things about this product is that it never stagnates or becomes outdated. The developers constantly tweak and improve it, adapting to new challenges as they arise.

For example, in the context of the last update, the developers have added a feature that lets you take advantage of the massive potential offered by social media. They have also integrated PPC management, Web development and design, and an additional 8 illustrations for SEO services. It is very fast, as the home page can load in less than 3 seconds.

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GoodLife is a powerfully developed and extensively polished, incredibly resourceful and nimbly flexible, consistently reliable and amazingly fast-loading, technologically top of the line and highly modern, bright and energetic, youthful and colorful, splendidly mobile friendly and extremely responsive WordPress magazine multipurpose website theme. A wholly creative and fabulously user-friendly WordPress theme designed specifically to meet and exceed the demands of modern magazine websites.

Decked out with a whole slew of impressive technological features and capabilities, ranging from smooth and sleek plugins, sliders and layouts to powerful and convenient shortcodes, relevant and on point widgets, completely predesigned and preconfigured demo websites fully outfitted with all their inner content pages and dummy content, and much more. Additionally, a ton of truly outstanding functionalities, from interactive and fast-loading Video Playlists to enthralling and delightful AJAX pagination options with the most seamless transitions in the market today, along with an enormously broad range of choice as far as Headers, Galleries, Footers and similar, related pages and sections go. Outclassing the competition when it comes to search engine optimization, though, with its incredibly clean code that search engines love and index to the top of the ranks in no time at all!

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is an optimally potent, quietly robust, superbly tech-savvy, uniquely responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. A spectacularly convenient website builder, capable of handling a very broad range of needs and requirements across a huge spectrum of website archetypes and applications. Deploying the impressive real-time Live Website Builder, Massive Dynamic combines settings customization, shortcode configuration and layout crafting in a single, sleek interface that is both powerful and intuitive.

Over 70 shortcodes are packed along with Massive Dynamic for your convenience, and a treasure trove of template websites and pages is readily available for import, plugins, shortcodes and settings included. Inherently SEO enhanced codebase provides a rock-solid foundation for any online entrepreneur with a mind for monetizing to build a business on top of. With Massive Dynamic’s capabilities for online commerce, through incredibly designed, beautifully innovative online shop layouts, combined with its great SEO performance, placing your products highly on the relevant rankings and cashing in is easier than ever before. Attractive AJAX features such as live search or the impressive Notification Center, integrated with shopping carts and all, make this the best-rounded builder of SEO, marketing and affiliates websites on the market.

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SEO Engine

SEO Engine is a WordPress theme dedicated to digital market agencies. It is the perfect provider for software developers and tech companies in general. It offers 12 homepages half and half for one page and multipage designs. A great admin panel, which as expected is SEO enhanced. It features a flexible layout with 5 pre set headers, 2 portfolio pages and many variations for each. Grids and sliders, unlimited color mixing and a live customizer are also found. SEO Engine is modern, clean and sober in its concept. It provides customization options via Redux Options framework and page building using Visual Composer.

You will find tons of typography options between Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome Icons. This theme can set shops with WooCommerce, and translate with WPML. It is compatible with Contact Form 7, and uses premium Layer Slider. It is all screens and browsers compatible (entirely mobile friendly). Additionally, this works with high resolution formats and includes a child theme. It has lots of versatility on headers and posts arranging layouts. You can set grids and lists of all kinds. It also has free lifetime updates, a premium support team, and lots of documentation. Get it easy, quick and with just one-click! Get SEO Engine!

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Simple & Elegant

simple-elegant-feminine-wordpress-landing-pageSimple & Elegant is a dashing and visually stunning, impressively resourceful and technologically cutting edge, unique and one of a kind, polished and professional, minimalist and aesthetically designed, flexible and nimble, fast-loading and responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. A beautiful and functional theme that has been decked out with a slew of professionally designed and styled tools, features, widgets and shortcodes, featuring an equally dazzling, vibrantly fresh-faced and youthful, clean visual design. You can easily deploy all of these through the powerful Visual Composer tool, and further style things yourself with the Live Customizer and advanced Theme Options.

The groundbreaking theme that challenges modern website design philosophies with a cohesive and visually integrated approach to websites, that users can navigate following their intuition with ease and that webmasters of any skill level can create with speed and effortlessness. Capable of handling modern features such as HTML5 YouTube and Vimeo thumbnail video posts, AudIo, Video and Gallery Portfolios and gorgeous Slider Revolution integration, as well as MailChimp and Instagram custom-styled widgets out of the box, Simple & Elegant is a theme for tomorrow’s websites, with timeless aesthetics and modern technologies to boot.

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boostup seo optimized wordpress theme
For anyone who is searching the web for the most promising and easy to use SEO-optimized WordPress theme, you came to the right place. Not only is BoostUp SEO-friendly, but it is also a tool perfect for SEO marketing agencies and freelancers. The included eight home page samples are out of this world, each unique and creative in its own way. But home demos are just a small portion of the whole bundle of goodness that BoostUp has in store for you. Needless to say, BoostUp is also responsive, retina-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for fast loading speed.

Other amenities of BoostUp consist of drag and drop technology, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce integration, blog and portfolio pages, loads of plugins and shortcodes, well, you get the gist of it. Indeed, BoostUp is a pack of amazingness that will do you and your business exceptionally well.

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topseo-seo-agency-wordpress-website-templateTopSEO is a competent and business-savvy, engaging and fresh-faced, youthful and feature-rich, highly responsive WordPress SEO and digital marketing website theme. A wonderful framework for the uncomplicated and fast creation of top-notch websites that perform at a professional level in terms of search engine ranking, traffic generation and ad revenue increase. The result of a lengthy study of the fundamental principles of search engine optimization that has concluded in a sleek and purposeful set of tools honed to perfectly provide you with all the tools, features and capabilities your website needs in order to truly succeed in the SEO game and make it big in terms of audience and revenue.

Outfitted with an intuitive visual interface that makes customizing and branding your website an easy, breezy task that requires nothing but a few clicks and includes thousands of possible combinations, each perfected for optimal SEO performance. Built on the latest web development technologies, TopSEO deploys an advanced HTML5 codebase to empower you to use an array of multimedia features and options, as well as dynamic CSS3 coding that brings your pages alive with animation and utter mobile friendliness powered by Bootstrap. Try TopSEO today!

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Newsmag PRO

Newsmag PRO is a simple and intuitive, engaging and modern, robust and reliable, easy to use and highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose magazine website theme. A perfect companion for webmasters from all walks of life who want to put together resourceful modern magazine websites capable of competing in the modern market, packed with cutting edge features and custom unique modules and elements you can deploy without having to so much as look at a single line of code. With Newsmag PRO, visual and graphical customization is a worry-free, uncomplicated visual process with deep-running capabilities easily fine-tuned through advanced theme settings.

Amazing features such as endless customizable sliders and carousels are readily available for you to keep your users engaged with your content while allowing you to drive traffic to your recent or trending posts with utter ease, powered by cutting-edge AJAX technologies which also underpin Newsmag PRO’s potent custom pages and search features. Extensively documented, making full use of each of Newsmag PRO’s built-in resources and capacities is an easy matter, while thoughtful, dedicated support is available for any doubts that may remain. Built on Bootstrap, Newsmag PRO is mobile-friendly and inherently cross-compatible. Try Newsmag PRO today!

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bridge seo optimized wordpress theme
No doubt, the gigantic Bridge theme follows all the latest trends and regulations. Of course, it is an SEO optimized WordPress theme that includes hundreds of ready-made concept layouts. To be more exact, Bridge comes with over 376 demos which cover just about any niche and industry you can think of. Agency, food, travel, medical, photography, music, freelancer, online store and blog websites is just a small percentage of different pages you can establish with Bridge. That said, even if you work on several projects, all you really need is one theme and you can create a bunch of entirely different websites.

The features are very many as well.

From advanced search function, social media integration and infographic elements to automatic updates, smooth animations and powerful admin dashboard, Bridge has it all and a ton more. You better visit its live preview page and let it blow you away.

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brixton-theme-examplesBrixton is a youthful and attractive, colorful and sleek, engaging and inventive, aesthetically accomplished and readily responsive WordPress modern creative blog website theme. A uniquely aesthetically aware theme that has been developed with a keen focus on look, feel and behavior, intending to provide not merely a functional, efficient blogging platform, but also a wholly customizable, entirely professionally designed end user experience that is enveloping and memorable.

To achieve this, Brixton breaks from the usual layout schemes often seen around the web in favor of very modern and seamless dynamic layouts, such as adaptable grids and masonry layouts with AJAX powered filtering and category aggregation happening live before your visitors’ eyes, creating marvelously tiled arrangements that make brilliant use of your whitespace to leave nothing unsaid. In both boxed and fullscreen presentations, Brixton never fails to make an impression, with clean cut visuals and deft management of multimedia content, high resolution imagery and icons wherever you turn and much more under the hood. Advanced post formatting options let you customize your postings even more, making them stand out uniquely from the bunch. Engaging sliders, transfixing transitions and bewildering vistas are the norm for this beautiful blogging theme. Get creative with Brixton!

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KALLYAS is a dynamic and modern creative WordPress eCommerce multipurpose website theme. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, KALLYAS is a sophisticated website-building toolkit. Webmasters from all walks of life find in KALLYAS a reliable platform to suit their every need. The Visual Builder, packed with demos, templates and elements, keeps things simple. The gorgeous Revolution Slider increases your content exposure and engagement. Showcase your finest and trending articles with convenient widgets. Build your online store in a day with the powerful WooCommerce.

A versatile SEO features secure your rapid ascent through search engine results. Drive up your traffic overnight and hit all the right keywords with KALLYAS. Intuitive, thorough written and video documentation is available explaining every nook and cranny. Whatever you still need help with, professional customer support will take care of. Let KALLYAS boost your performance today!

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Be Theme

betheme-seo-company-website-templateBe Theme is a solidly constructed and very laboriously designed, professional and engaging, modern and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. The ultimate WordPress website building platform; it’s been tooled with the goal of meeting and exceeding the expectations of webmasters the world over, across a range of fields, interests, and industries. To that end, Be Theme has been developed to be a truly massive theme. With over 220 professionally predesigned, prebuilt websites provided for your convenience, Be Theme always has something up its sleeve that is simply perfect for your purposes, whatever those may be.

Affiliate marketing websites, digital marketers, and related industries love using Be Theme because of its superb collection of niche market website demos that have been polished for multiple, specific applications, yet retain a completely cutting-edge approach to search engine optimization, with enhancements applied in a slender, lightweight manner from the codebase up, making every nook and cranny of a Be Theme website a completely SEO enhanced element on its own, and part of a larger, well-indexed whole. Topping the ranks for all the relevant keywords is the order of the day for Be Theme. Expand your audience, increase your traffic and fatten your revenue, with Be Theme! Try it today!

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If you are a person who appreciates quality, you should consider Tower. This impressive WordPress theme can enhance your site, and improve the design of its layout.  For those who are first-time website owners, an online Documentation source was included. It contains information about every theme feature, and it can act as an installation tutorial. The support forum can also be consulted, if any issues occur.  This forum has many helpful and friendly members, and a series of informative topics.

Online page improvement and customization is possible via the Online Template Builder Tool. This guarantees that customers can design something that matches their vision. If you are short on time, pre-made content can be your best friend. This theme has 18 incredible demos. Every demo can be implemented with ease, thanks to the one-click import function. From start to finish, site creation can be finalized in a matter of minutes. In addition, your page layout will be responsive in regards to hand-held devices. This opens up the market, eliminating resizing issues that would have otherwise ruined your follower’s browsing experience.  If you wish to learn more about Tower and its features, be sure to check out the live theme preview.

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Spin SEO is a business oriented WordPress theme. It comes with tons of awesome premium plugins and a one click demo install. It also features 2 home pages and many variations for blogs and project pages. Even a child theme is included! Spin SEO suits well all professional levels with a smooth, sober, clean and modern concept. It uses Visual Composer and Revolution Slider and it is even Contact Form 7 compatible. You will get it ready for translation with WPML and customizable with shortcodes.

It uses Google Fonts for typography and offers really cool color palettes. A highly committed team for 24/7 customer support is also available. A versatile for different environments of work and very malleable. It has awesome transitions and Parallax effects for backgrounds. You will get it with HTML5 and CCS3 files too. A practical smart choice for all business that is looking to personalize their site. It will provide quick formulas and creative pre-built designs. Add widgets, banners or pictures and take advantage if its high resolution support. Get this awesome theme right away and you won’t regret it! Get Spin SEO!

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Brando is an elegant and purposeful, easy to use and wonderfully convenient, reliable and robust, highly responsive WordPress single page multipurpose website theme. A tech-savvy platform where webmasters from all walks of life can seamlessly design and develop their own responsive, modern single page websites in a matter of minutes, without ever having to write a single line of code, and with a plethora of engaging, top-end features and capabilities built right into the theme that enable you to make creative, dynamic websites that suit your precise vision. Based on the latest and greatest web development tech, including media-savvy HTML5, dynamic and engaging CSS3 styling, powerful and resourceful jQuery capabilities.

Renowned for its remarkable performance with search engines. Indeed, Brando’s powerful SEO enhancements have been implemented at every level from the code up, making for a website that both quickly ascends the pages and ranks of all the major search engines and loads quickly and efficiently due to its lightweight, spartan coding, making it easy on the servers even under high traffic loads. Perfect for online marketing websites, business and corporate websites and many more niches. Try Brando today, and find out!

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POFO is a modern and resourceful responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. An intuitive solution for users of any skill level to craft eloquent websites. Dozens of demos and hundreds of templates ensure POFO always has the right fit for your needs. The WPBakery lets you fine-tune every nook and cranny of your pages to your every whim.

Perfect for introducing content or catalogues to audiences. Cutting-edge visual effects and technologies set POFO apart from the pack. Your visitors won’t soon forget the trendsetting stylings of your POFO website. Integrating Yoast! SEO, POFO is an SEO conscious theme that helps you increase traffic overnight. The MailChimp plugin handles all your subscription newsletter needs. Staying in touch with your audience has never been easier. No matter your niche or industry, POFO will help you conquer the market!

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h-code-seo-optimized-wordpress-themeH-Code is a clever and easy to use, wonderfully technologically advanced and visually seamless and smooth, rapidly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Crafted to function as a true multipurpose, a completely adaptable solution for webmasters with or without previous development experience to put together sophisticated modern websites within moments, through intuitive, clean-cut admin user interfaces requiring absolutely no coding at all. Conceptually devised, including over 57 Concepts for you to structure your website according to different sets of needs, requirements and graphical structuring, rendering your website building experience both swift and profound, and effectively targeting niche markets effortlessly.

A favorite for online marketers, digital campaign managers and SEO marketing websites because of its extremely polished, cutting edge implementation of high-end SEO enhancements from the codebase up, rendering your H-Code websites spectacularly effective at claiming the top ranks for all the relevant searches at an impressive speed, resulting in higher levels of traffic. With plentiful options for monetization included within H-Code, as well as complete WooCommerce integration, there is nothing in the way between your project and total commercial online success. H-Code only needs your content to work its magic and take you the rest of the way!

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Paperio is a sharp and responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. A modern and impressive set of tools for creating effective blogs. Strapped with the most powerful technology, Paperio gets things done with speed. Get things going with 7 unique, fleshed out demo website templates. Mix and match layout styles and elements through a visual interface. Customize your colors, fonts and styles in a couple of clicks. Tons of widgets connect your audience with your content. Featured post sliders, latest posts, popular posts and more. The sharp AJAX technology underpins its rapid modern features.

With extensive SEO enhancements, Paperio is a top-notch performer across search engines too. Improvements to the code make Paperio websites parse seamlessly through search algorithms. Your content will be up front and center of all the relevant searches. This in turn lets you drive your traffic through the roof overnight. And with convenient ad blocks, monetizing that traffic is simple and effortless. Once you’ve got the traffic, you want the speed. A fast-loading theme that’s always easy on your servers. Impressive technology optimizes image loading for each user and device screen size. And without losing any quality! Popularize your content, with Paperio!

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SEO Crawler

SEO Crawler is a highly specialized WordPress theme. The creators built this theme to empower agencies and digital markets or websites with a fast and pre-built design easy to set. It comes with 3 unique demos and many subpages customizations. A GoodLayers based and features a well-known Drag & Drop page builder. Set up amazing slides, videos and more multimedia with Slider Revolution and iLightBox. 8 posting formats are available including videos, links, galleries and audio. With pre-built variations for footers and headers to make distinctive looks.

It even gives you an optional top bar that you can enable for social media. With its live customizer, you can rearrange everything in real time! With features customizable colors, skins, backgrounds and typography. You get preset Google Fonts, a personal font uploader, unlimited colors, and even single portfolio pages. You will even get full compatibility with major plugins like Yoast SEO and W3 Total Cache. Additionally, this theme have 30+ amazing pre-built options for blogs, portfolio or gallery layouts. Pages to provide different services are also completely customizable. Theme in general is in fact fully responsive and adaptable to all screens and devices. Get it right away with automatic updates! Use SEO Crawler!

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schema seo freindly blog theme

The developers claim that this is the fastest WordPress theme, and that is not entirely unfounded. Most internet users give up on a specific page if it refuses to load, or loads slowly. That is the blessing, and the curse of the online commerce world: there are always alternatives. As a business owner, you risk losing traffic to your competitors you don’t optimize your content. Thankfully, Schema is refreshingly quick, and it only takes a few seconds for everything to fill your screen. The developers made it well documented, with extensive information available at the click of a button. This opens up the gates for less experienced users that wish to personalize their site, and turn it into something that not only generates revenue, but also expresses their unique vision.

You can complete most of the required operations for the setup process with just a single click. This large amount of user friendliness will definitely work in your favor as you navigate the menu options. Also, is you decide to purchase Schema, you are not settling for a single product. It is not uncommon for quality WordPress themes to receive constant updates, as the content needs to adapt to an ever changing landscape. Moreover, you can solve every eventual bug, error or glitch via free downloadable content. Same also goes for the support system. All clients will receive the unrelenting aid of thee developers, which pledge to guide them through any process, and help them solve any issue.

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independent seo optimized wordpress theme
Independent is a fantastic and easy to use SEO friendly WordPress theme for any type of blog or online magazine you would like to create. With loads of ready-to-use demos, you can start your online journaling journey sooner rather than later. Independent also contains samples for cryptocurrency, technology, food, travel, sports, organic and numerous other niche websites. Besides, each sample is also entirely customizable for you to tailor it to your needs precisely.

With this spectacular multi-purpose theme, anyone becomes a pro at coding and designing. Indeed, there is no need to have any prior experience to work with Independent – anyone can do it! Thanks to the drag and drop technology, modifying existing layouts and creating new ones is a piece of cake. Independent is also entirely monetizable for you to earn money while pushing compelling articles.

More info / Download Demo


crocal seo optimized wordpress theme
The limits are barely any when you set on Crocal. Working with this SEO optimized WordPress theme is quick and straightforward. Not only that, but you can craft a professional and sophisticated website even if you have zero technical and design background. How cool is that? First, you pick between a solid collection of ready-made samples that go from online shop and creative agency to portfolio, fitness and photographer websites to name a few.

Crocal has a responsive layout to make sure your website works seamlessly across all devices (web browsers, too!). You can use Crocal for blogging and selling products online just as well. In short, whatever your heart desires, Crocal can help you realize it. The potential of Crocal is massive so make sure you benefit from its powerful features and take your project to the next level.

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This full responsiveness guarantees a broader audience, thus increasing your web site’s traffic. The developers have included a full demo, and you are able to test it live. Of course, this service is free of charge, as it aims to convince you that this theme is worth your attention. The creators added an impressive review system, along with the equally amazing Mega menu plugin. The reviews will provide you with valuable user feedback, while the MegaMenu lets you create an impressive drop down lists, filled with menu options.

With the massive amount of included content, it’s as if you purchased multiple themes bundled in the same package. There are several styling options, each with its own unique twist. If you do not like the defaults sections and categories that are featured on your site, you will always have the options to edit them, either removing or adding any area of your web page. Although they are the most important factors, your page traffic, and view counts will not generate sufficient revenue, if they are not optimized for AdSense. In plain term, a well-optimized page is able to squeeze more money out of their existing views.

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yosemite cool seo friendly blog theme

Yosemite is an aesthetically appealing theme that is sure to impress any user, and attract plenty of views for your site. It takes its inspiration from the Mac Yosemite, and it integrates a completely responsive design. The developers thought out every single element in this theme, designed to maximize your chances of reaching online fame. Are you considering a purchase but you are not sure about its quality? No problem! As the developers of Yosemite have added a very useful demo that can help you form an opinion without any financial risk. The user engagement levels are off charts, as this theme is compatible with WP review Pro, a newsletter plugin and MegaMenu. It should be mentioned that it is also optimized for AdSense, granting the client a greater degree of readability, and access to some informative page reviews.

The theme’s site also has some screenshots, so feel free to check those out. A very beautiful, even among other well-designed WordPress themes. It takes a page from the book of Apple’s OSX Yosemite, integrating a clean and polished look that alludes an aura of elegance. Moreover, this theme got the looks and quite well optimized. They placed every element of the user interface to where it needs to be.  This can give a highly intuitive navigation experience. You will also be free from confusion and you can surely know what you’re doing next. These are not just claims, as the developers decided to put their money where their mouth is, and analyze the rate of user engagement. They found that the responsive and intuitive layout resulted in a very high involvement rate, when compared to other competing themes from the same niche.

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sociallyviral wildfire blog template

When visiting this theme’s home page, one might be tempted to think that it was hacked, and the price was jokingly replaced with a much lower value. The sheer amount of content that you can receive for such a reasonable price is astounding. However, written reviews are somewhat limited. Thankfully, the developers have included a demo version of their product, allowing customers to sample before deciding to purchase. They designed SociallyViral to be fast, engaging and capable of increasing the number of views that your site receives. People often call it “going viral” since it is similar to that of a virus, which spreads quickly. You goal should be to encourage your users to share your site on their social media circles. This increase in traffic and popularity will definitely stimulate your rankings in search engines.

This product is compatible with Mega Menu, a feature that allows customers to develop enticing drop down menus that will stimulate user creativity and interest for your site. You may also display a featured post in order to attract visitor’s attention, and encourage social media sharing of your content. This will result in an increased rate of viral traffic for your page. With the help of the review plugin, you can receive honest, direct feedback from your customer. If those reviews are positive, other interested client will be assured of the quality product. If they are negative, you will get a chance to learn from your mistakes, and build upon pieces of constructive criticism.

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newstimes news magazine seo theme

This is a very appealing, pixel perfect WordPress theme that is ideal for customers that wish to boost their web traffic and increase their view count. Of course, you can not achieve those goals if your user base is very restricted. Thankfully, this theme is fully responsive, and your content can be viewed by everyone, including those that are using mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. Same goes for web browsers, as NewsTimes works in any circumstance, and is compatible with most popular browsers. The coding is very solid, as it uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3, making your page viable for a long time.

The range of aesthetic choices is equally impressive, as you may take advantage of the limitless color palette, and customize content to fit your distinct personality. The developers realize that stagnation is the key to failure, and that is why they continue and support their product with constant updates and tweaks. They added over 630 Google fonts into this theme, allowing for a mind boggling degree of typography customization. NewsTimes also includes a unique custom slider and some very sleek transition effects for your animations.

They also integrated this theme with Off-Canvas Mobile Menus, which is a very useful feature for the screens of mobile devices, because of its limited space resource. Furthermore, they will adapt in every situation, adjusting their size and solution in order to conserve power and screen space. They also included social media icons, giving your blog a streamlined aspect that is ready for social media platforms.

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magxp multipurpose seo wordpress theme

Experience a theme that is considered one of the best SEO friendly products on the market. It includes several layouts for your site’s home page, and an innovative admin panel which presents plenty of options for customization. Additionally, you can navigate all of the offered options without being an experienced programmer. The developers also added 2 preset configurations for the design and you can easily shift them between dark and light variations. It is rare to find a theme that can seamlessly combine form, flexibility in function in a single package. They designed the framework in a way that can maximize your site’s chances of being successful. This theme also includes an informative review system. These reviews are useful because it gives your customers an outlet to express their opinion regarding the product.

It seems that user accessibility was important for the makers of MagXP, as they have simplified every feature so that a child can use it. There are four pagination configurations, along with limitless side bars and a plethora of options for your side bars. They made this theme HTML5 and CSS3 ready and optimized it for search engines. The odds of making it on the top of search engine rankings are great. You are able to target a vast audience thanks to these features, helped by the translation ready coding. Regardless of the language, you can fully translate it for your audience.

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amax marketing firm wp theme

If you are looking for a versatile WordPress theme that boasts an impressive roster of practical features, be sure to check out Amax. The developers intended this theme to accommodate all web pages, regardless of their field of activity. Amax will include the adaptable Visual Composer plugin, in addition to 15 new content elements that can enhance any user’s browsing experience. It also features the extension of a few default settings: row fancy edges, colors, animations, row backgrounds, and so on.

The theme offers several options for you page titles, such as background color, preset Parallax effects, and images. You can modify each of these according to your will. The theme also offers 3 different layouts for headers, and the choice to apply a transparent or personalized background. If you wish to learn more about this amazing theme, be sure to view the theme overview video explanation. Running for only 4 minutes, it will showcase Amax’s most important features. They also added some beautiful screenshots and a live preview.  Lastly, you can look at these features of you wish to purchase one of the best WordPress themes on the market. For more information about Amax theme, you can read this review.

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Top News

top news adsense optimized theme

Top news is an innovative WordPress theme that is designed to accommodate News and Magazine sites. The creators made it completely Translation ready. This can help in conveying the buyer’s content to non-English speaking audiences. In addition to boosting your view count, it will make your writing relevant to more people from across the world. If you decide to purchase this theme, you will benefit from a lifetime of free updates. Basically, every single feature tries to minimize bounce rates and maximize the amount of exposure for advertisement. It will also encourage your users to browse your product and /or articles, by offering them plenty of enticing options.

A Theia Post Slider is a feature that lets you create some astounding pages and slide shows, displaying your key selling points in a fluid manner. Speaking of fluidity, tablets and mobiles can benefit from the easy navigation experience similar to social media sites. The Menu plugin is responsible for these awesome features. They added this plugin for free but it normally cost about $17. Same goes for the previously mentioned Theia post slider ($22), as the developers seem determined to offer users the best experience possible.

The simple act of holding moving your mouse over a specific post will cause social media icons to pop up. This holds vast potential, as satisfied customers are able to help in the proliferation of your site, by spreading it on Facebook or Twitter.

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newsmag appealing seo friendly magazine theme

If you are looking for a high tech WordPress theme that can help in boosting traffic for your web site, look no further than Newsmag. With this theme, writing articles and maintaining a successful blog is child’s play, and the developers are ready to offer excellent support. You can fit this template for magazine, newspaper, news, review sites, personal blogs and publishing sites. If you wish to integrate YouTube content into your posts, you are able to do so, while receiving feedback from a rudimentary review system.

Newsmag loads your page very fast, a rare feat given a lot of features that it includes. From the ground up, the developers optimized it for search engines. This feature increases the chance of your site to be on the top of the search engine charts. Let’s face it, if you site appears on the third or fourth page, it is basically anonymous. Depending on your primary monetization method, you might not rely on advertising revenue, but those extra funds will be a welcomed addition. This product is able to support AdSense and Google Ads.

New to the online world? Or are you not familiar with the setup process? Well, you do not have to worry because the developers have introduced an informative series of online videos that explain everything in detail. With your purchase, you will also gain access to six distinct stacks that can facilitate the setup process. You can initiate these stacks by accessing the Theme Panel, and you can personalize them at any time by modifying the layouts, fonts and colors.

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north unique ecommerce template

Similar to artists, those who work in the eCommerce field are often forced to come up with innovative and creative ways of selling their products. Of course, your website can provide a commercial portal, but it can also act as a primary means of advertising and marketing. Given the pivotal role that a well-designed website plays, the need for a proper commercial WordPress theme becomes apparent.

As far as this theme go, you can be sure that North is one of the best. The developers also filled it with useful features and design options. Moreover, it has background customizers that let you change the color of your page without effort. Furthermore, the account pages are astounding, offering a very impressive experience even for those that are veterans of Themeforest.

Overall, this beautifully designed theme deserves your precious time and attention.

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route seo optimized corporate theme

This is a very responsive, minimalistic and retina ready theme for WordPress. Along with the powerful user options, the developers also implemented features that can result in an almost limitless amount of possibilities for users. Despite the reasonable price tag, Route compensates by offering a large amount of content. In addition, the developers have also added expensive premium features, free of charge.

Users can also take advantage of limitless color options, over 600 Google fonts and plenty of short codes. Moreover, you will have all of the tools required for the creations of a successful online page. You do not have to be an experienced coder or programmer. Also, you can simply pick it up and start. However, if at some point you will experience issues, be sure to consult their informative high definition series of explanatory videos.

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Aigars Silkalns

Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. Well noted and nice list of themes.

    Tested some with SEO markup testing tools and so far I am really impressed with results. Definitely will be switching to a new theme because mine looks terrible and outdated.

    1. DanNy,

      Your website definitely needs redesign. It is good from SEO perspective with all the necessary information in place but it is painfully slow to load and it looks like it was designed in 90s.

      If you need any suggestion that would work well for your blog, please let me know your preferences.

        1. Contact Form 7 is by far the most popular contact form plugin. That’s the reason why we mentioned compatibility with it. Ninja Forms is far less popular but it works with most themes listed here.

  2. I totally agree with u Aigars. But I got a say that´s a good post. Do you recommend WordPress for SEO or should I build my own HTML template with all schema markup requirements in place?

    1. WordPress by default is fairly SEO friendly, however, you will still have to use plugins such as All in One SEO Pack or WordPress SEO by Yoast. WordPress by default doesn’t have functionality to set noindex for tag archives and other pages that you don’t want to index and that’s there plugins comes into game. Another thing is XML sitemaps that are highly valued by Google and these plugins helps to create these sitemaps automatically.

      One thing that sucks about WordPress and SEO is that it is rather slow by default and you need to use some cache plugins such as these or implement some server side caching that we have on Colorlib. There are some caching in place for WordPress by default but it is nowhere near to be perfect and additional cache is absolutely must.

      If you are skilled front-end developer you can feel free to create your own HTML template but it might take a lot of time if you are looking to create standard templates that all over the place. It will save you a lot of time and nerves.

      Please let me know if you have any question about WordPress SEO or any of WordPress themes listed on Colorlib and I will be happy to help.

      1. I am a musician/educator. Which theme should I use for a homepage/blog combo that needs to run soundclips and video/Youtube?

        I know Enfold, but am not sure that’s the best theme for the job.
        Is there somewhere I can compare the different themes side by side?

        1. Lena,

          It would not be possible to create a service where you could compare themes side by side. Themes are just too unique to be compares specs vs specs. It all comes down to design and personal preference.
          Enfold could get job done for you but since you are looking for very basic functionality it means other themes will be able to handle it as well. Such as Jevelin or Uncode.

  3. Hi,
    I am looking for a WordPress Theme for my website that is optimized for SEO across devices. I need a clean, crisp and modern look and feel for my website and would appreciate any advise as there are so many to choose from.


    1. Over the years WordPress have proven to be the most SEO friendly CMS and blogging platform. It has proper meta information such as description, title and other useful information in place. However, there are no option to tweak this information manually and these tags are taken from your content. That’s where SEo plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack comes into game. Other than tweaking SEO settings for individual posts these plugins helps to generate XML sitemap, robots.txt file and allows to choose what Google should and shouldn’t index.

      With all this in mind you can choose any WordPress theme listed above. The main thing is to focus on functionality and design and WordPress and my above mentioned plugins will take care of SEO for you.

      Let me know if you have any questions about SEO or WordPress themes in general. I have been involved with SEO for the past 6 years and I can offer you some advice in case you need it.

  4. its look more powerfull template for wordpress for me, i like it and i want download this template, thanks very much

    1. Purnomo,

      Which theme you are referring to as there are over 20 different SEO friendly templates listed above.

      One thing that I want to point out right away is that you are now using Blogger which means that none of these templates will work on your website. However, migrating your website from Blogger is not difficult as WordPress does have import tool available. If you have any questions about website migration from Blogger to WordPress, please let me know and I will he happy to help.

    1. Piers,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Schema is a great theme and as it name indicates it’s SEO friendly and features a proper Schema markup. This markup is taken into consideration by Google and it will help you to boost ranking in search engine result pages.

  5. I do not aware for this time to use seo friendly themes. After read this articles I decide to use one of them.

    Thanks for sharing this good news.

    1. Morinda,

      Search engines is a great source to drive traffic to your website and SEO friendly website is a must have. WordPress is SEO friendly by default but it doesn’t hurt to have a good theme and some SEO plugin to get even better results.

      Once I started Colorlib is didn’t know much about SEO and I was working mainly to drive traffic from other websites and social media. Results were good but once I started to learn more about SEO, I realized that there is a huge potential. Few years later there are thousands of visitors a day coming from search engines and mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s still important to think about other traffic sources to make sure that your website can grow.

      1. Hi Aigars,
        Thanks for the very informative post! I recently set up my website and wondering if you had any thoughts on my theme? I like the feel of it, but it doesn’t go too well on mobile view and isnt performing SEO wise. Does the Arcade theme have SEO tools in built or am I best swapping over to another theme to get better SEO results?

        1. Ramona,

          Your theme is SEO friendly and there is no need to change it unless you want to. Themes no longer include dedicated SEO settings and usually depends on plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO. Plugins for SEO are much better approach because you won’t lose any SEO settings when switching between WordPress themes. Also ranking will not be affected when you do a switch. Therefore I strongly recommend to use a plugin instead of looking for oldschool theme with a built in SEO settings. It’s no longer a way to go.

  6. All of these themes is powerfull seo friendly. Is there free themes? For these time I do not use premium themes yet. Please tell me if there is free themes that recommended that support seo friendly.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Gunawan,

      All above listed themes are premium ones which means that they are slightly more flexible, with more options and in some cases better built than free themes. If you are looking for free themes you might want to check this theme collection. There you will find free themes that are SEO friendly, responsive and easy to use.

      WordPress by default is SEO friendly and it has all it takes to rank well on Google. To get the most out of WordPress you can use plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast (we use it on Colorlib as well) and All in One SEO. These plugins offers more advanced functionality to optimize your website for search engines. It helps to write custom meta tiles, descriptions, limit what pages to index and helps to generate XML sitemap. These things will help to achieve even better SEO results when used properly.

  7. Thanks for sharing this important news. I want to use themes seo friendly. For the prices, it is forever?

    Is there can I get $ 10 for one of the themes?

    Thanks for your information.

    1. Obertina,

      Premium WordPress themes these days costs around $50-70. While some theme developers does sell them for around $20 these are usually really poor quality themes. If you are looking for a WordPress theme and can’t afford to pay asking price you can always use free themes. Here are some great examples. Most of these themes are really high quality and are responsive and SEO friendly. Themes that are listed on top of that collection also comes with great support which is also completely free.

      The main difference between premium and free themes is that premium themes are much more flexible. They usually come with visual page builder and hundreds of theme options to help you to create professional and awesome looking website without hiring a developer or designers. Free themes are much easier to setup but they aren’t that flexible. Usually you can create the exact same looking website as on theme demo but other options might be unavailable or are very limited.

  8. I want to start a niche website around romance authors and reviews of new author ebooks that come to market. One important piece is to monetize it by affiliate marketing with google, amazon’s, and apple’s digital programs. I need a site that will allow me to have that ecommerce slant with somewhat of a blog/other medium in which to organize reviews and solicit comments from readers of the site. Could you recommend a few of your themes that would help me get started?

    1. John,

      Above listed are SEO friendly themes that are great for many different things. There are few magazine styles themes that have their own review/rating system but I think that it would be better to start your research with this theme collection on which we have listed themes created speficially for reviews.

      WordPress by default is SEO friendly and almost any theme will serve you well. For advanced SEO optimization you can use WordPress plugins such as All in One SEO and Yoast SEO. These plugins will help you to create XML sitemap, create custom meta information for each post/page and much more. You can easily live without these plugins but to get the most out of Google and other search engines I highly recommend these plugins. We use Yoast SEO on Colorlib and we are happy with results but All in One SEO is the same grade plugin and it all comes down to your personal preference.

  9. Hi, my client want same theme as which is basetheme but i don’t able to find this them

    he want so many plugins and graphic yet he also want website to load in 2 sec 🙂

    pls help me

    1. Faraz,

      Single Grain is based on WordPress but it uses a custom built theme. They use base theme as foundation for their website but by default it looks nothing like this website. If you are developer you can use the same framework and build a website on top of it but be prepared to spend months on it. Much better and easier alternative would be to use some multipurpose theme such as these or landing page themes. These themes are flexible enough and will help you to build similar looking website without writing a single line of code. These themes have a built in Visual Page Builder that doesn’t require any coding and everything is done via drag and drop interface.

  10. Was just searching “Seo wordpress themes” on Google this is in the #1 spot and I can see why. Glad I hit this list been using Canvas WooThemes forever and haven’t checked out any of these themes yet. Also, proof in the pudding your themes aren’t too shabby either since this post is #1 lol..

    1. Mike,

      Thank you for noticing that we dominate Google SERPS for most WordPress theme and SEO theme related terms. 🙂
      For your main website you are actually using The7 theme by Dream-Theme which is a well designed and coded theme. It has proven to be successful and have been sold almost 30,000 times and that’s impressive for a single WordPress theme. You have made the most out of this theme for your website and it is almost impossible to tell that it is based on The7 theme. Only the most experienced WordPress users will be able to tell it.

      Your mentioned Canvas by WooThemes is an amazing theme and it was my default theme for all my websites for several years. It has changed a lot over the years and is still competitive. Still some of my old websites use this theme and I have no plans to change it because it just works and that’s the main thing. No need to spend countless hours on maintenance and updates because everything is done behind the scene. If I would have to choose a new theme for those sites running Canvas, I think I would have a really hard time because I am spoiled with this theme and its quality. It’s not the most beautiful one but it is so well coded that it’s hard to find other themes that would come close.

      Let me know if you have any questions about The7, Canvas or any other WordPress theme listed on Colorlib and I will be happy to help.

  11. I’ve read one of your replies Aigars and you’re right. Google loves WordPress, that’s a given. But if you have a SEO Optimized Theme, for me, it’s like WordPress loves Google back.

    1. William,

      Thank you for your comment!

      One thing that I noticed on your website is that you are using completely outdated version of Startling theme which means that it is prone to several XSS vulnerabilities. I strongly recommend to install the latest version to keep your website safe. Getting hacked would destroy your SEO entirely as Google takes security seriously. It’s better to play safe than sorry.

  12. Hello,

    Thanks for the great post! I’m hoping you can help me because choosing a theme is doing my head in!! My company is a start up locksmith business and I’ve started planning the site but haven’t built it yet.

    It’s a very competitive SEO market, a lot of people will find the site on mobile and won’t necessarily care about imagery etc if it’s an emergency and they just need a number to call.

    So I want some page layout options for the various service pages which don’t automatically require a huge header.

    I do have a plan to do a blog, collect emails and try to create some marketing funnels. eg for Strata companies, property developers etc who might be good for repeat business.

    Can you suggest anything?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Clare,

      WordPress is SEO friendly by default and theme doesn’t do much to improve it even further. If you are looking for more advanced SEO functionality you can look for plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO.

      All features you see on theme demos and screenshots above are completely optional. Which means that you are not obligated to use large header images, slider, parallax sections or any other fancy features. Just leave them disabled as all themes comes completely blank and you can enable one functionality by another and in your case you will have a much easier task because you will leave most functionality disabled.

      Based on your description any theme listed above will get the job done because all of them have a blog functionality included as these are WordPress themes after all and WordPress originally was introduced as blogging platform and this feature is still there.

      If you can’t find there right theme on this plist you might want to check this collection instead. Like I said, all featured are completely optional and if you want a simple blank page you will get it even tho this theme is also compatible with WooCommerce, has a portfolio, parallax section, masonry grid and many other fancy things.

  13. Hi Aigars; Nice list. However, when I think of a good wordpress theme for SEO, it means the designers don’t use h1 and h2 tags for formatting but for SEO. A lot of these, including The7 use h tags for formatting. Any suggestions on themes that are good in this sense? Built from the ground up with SEO in mind? Thank you in advance. Corey

    1. Corey,

      Thank you for your question!

      I am not surprised that your website doesn’t rank well on Google. Over the years Google have made their search algorithm much more advanced and now are using Artificial Intelligence to provide more accurate results. Which means that most onsite optimizations are redundant and a proper use of heading tags won’t bring any benefits. Make sure to use title tag properly and write as good content as possible. By good content I mean well researched, completely unique, valuable to readers and that can be used as reference in your niche. Which means that you have to offer much better content than Wikipedia has. These articles should set a new standard in your niche.

      I have been involved with SEO for the past 6 years and have helped to optimize thousands of websites and none of theme ranked better because of heading tags but because I made them noticeably faster, with better content and better structured for simpler navigation.

      Which means that you can use any of above listed themes because their heading tags are used correctly.

  14. Hello Aigars!

    I am currently looking for a WP theme for affiliate product marketing, but not able to find a suitable one thus far.

    Basically, what we do is providing a review for product and then provide link/links where visitor can go to purchase the product at the merchant website(for example Amazon).

    Most of the WP themes are made for e-commerce, where you sell the product directly, and work only with woocommerce plugin. Whereas it is not applicable to us as we do not use cart, checkout, etc.

    Do you have any suggestion on WP theme which is good and ready for affiliate product marketing theme?

    The main reason for choosing WP versus HTML is the responsive design. It is an advantage to have a mobile-ready website as Google is giving it extra juice nowadays.

    1. Daniel,

      Thank you for your comment!

      WordPress is based mainly on PHP but it generates HTML output therefore user only sees HTML and not PHP. Which means that both WordPress websites and HTML websites can be made responsive. Most of HTML website templates released today are responsive and mobile friendly. Of course if you are looking to use some outdated tool such as MS Frontpage or Adobe Dreamweaver then your website is not going to be responsive.

      To monetize website using affiliate products you might want to either check this theme. If review themes are what you are after then you might want to check this theme collection. All themes on both of these theme collection can be used to sell affiliate products.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. SEO WP would be a great fit for your website as well. Your current design looks outdated and I think that it’s the right time to change it to something more modern such as SEO WP.

      If you have any questions about this theme, please let me know.

  15. Can you please make a list of best SEO friendly FREE themes and help the poor people like me. Or atleast provide me the link to the relevant source. Thank you.

  16. Hi there,

    Is the SEO WP theme usable with WooCommerce or something similar? e.g. on the demo it says ‘get a quote’ does it have the functionality to have actual prices and a ‘buy it now’ button that allows people to buy through the website directly?

    1. SEO WP doesn’t have WooCommerce support but they have option to add pricing tables and payments. Payments are handled by Ninja Forms in combination with PayPal. You can also just use Ninja Forms to receive requests and then process everything manually.

  17. Hi Aigars! I used your Sparkling theme for one of my clients and with your help, they are super happy with the results. Thanks!

    I am now back seeking your recommendations on a SEO WordPress theme for another client. I narrowed it down to the Tower theme and the Route theme. Both seem well equipped for their needs. Route has a great track record, but since Tower just came out, it might be good to get a jump on it before it becomes popular. Is there one over the other you would recommend?

    Thank you for all your help!

    1. Mark,

      Thank you for using our free WordPress themes!

      I think that there is no clear winner between Tower and Route themes. Personally I would go with Tower because it looks a bit more modern but Route theme is tested by thousands of users. Which means that all things are already polished and there aren’t any rough edges or otherwise that theme wouldn’t have lived for that long. That’s just my personal opinion as both themes are great and will get the job done.

  18. hi..
    i want develop one websit …it is educational support. can you give suggestion for the developing website…
    i want to theme like page tittle with image…

    can you give back to mail

    1. Since you are looking for magazine style website you might want to check this theme collection instead. Above are only few magazine style themes therefore it is going to be difficult to choose the right one. On my mentioned theme collection you will find plenty of SEO friendly themes with your described functionality.

  19. Dearest Aigars,

    Kindly overlook that I haven’t chosen a theme yet and just set up the Hosting comp. a few days ago.

    I am in the life-business coaching business, and I need a Theme with 2-3 sliders across page, modern sleek, crisp, retina ready, SEO optimized, commerce ready, landing page, tracking opt-in..etc..

    SEO, commerce and retina ready is of outmost importance…

    1. Hello Eivor,

      Your described functionality is available is available for all multipurpose WordPress themes. We have a dedicated theme collection that covers multipurpose themes and you can find it here. Any of listed on that theme collection will get the job done for you.

  20. Hello Aigars,

    Great article!

    I have a question, this is what i heard from seo specialist these days, i don’t know whether this is true or not? Please correct me if im wrong. By default WP is a search engine friendly platform, the problem occurs when adding plugins, each plugins generate its own codes, the more you add plugins the more codes will be generated which are harmful for search engine in terms of readability. Imagine if you have to look for something in the forest with lots of tree, the more trees are standing the less your sight is will be.

    1. Chino,

      You are right that WordPress is SEO friendly by default. You can also slightly improve SEO if you know what you are doing by using plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO plugins. Installing other plugins doesn’t affect SEO directly. It mostly affects website usability and performance that drives down your SEO. Google will still be able to read your code and understand what your website is all about as they algorithm is smart enough. These days Google understand complex JavaScript code and nothing goes unseen by the big G. But loads of unnecessary plugins will slow down your website and users are spoiled and they demand performance and they won’t return to your website if it’s very slow to load. Google will take that into consideration as well and won’t send visitors your way.

      What you can do is to use WordPress optimized hosting such as one offered by SiteGround and WP Engine. These hosting providers have WordPress specific caching technology that will help to load any website really fast. It doesn’t care how many plugins you have installed as these hosting providers will still be able to keep up with all of them. Some other hosting providers such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy and others doesn’t have this kind of caching in place any you will lose few positions on Google just by choosing the wrong hosting provider. Even when you will have only few or even no plugins installed.

      Even when you can use as many plugins as you want with a good WordPress hosting provider I would still recommend to keep plugins to minimum. That way you will achieve much better usability because users love simplicity and you should provide it whenever it is possible. Less is more.

  21. Hmmm. nice and truly comprehensive description.
    I guess I don’t have such a nice SEO theme for my blogs 🙂
    Altough it makes me wonder, can it be difference in marketing success only when it goes to theme or is it about the work behind the website?
    I am posting regulary three years now on small Slovenian market – and believe the second one is the case. Regards,

    1. Matija,

      Content is the king in SEO. Themes have very little to do about SEO but it wouldn’t hurt to have one with a good Schema markup such as ones listed above. Regular website updates with fresh content are crucial and even if you don’t have the most SEO friendly theme or website setup you will outrank your competitors just because you have a fresh content. Keep on publishing new articles and you will remain on top.

  22. Thank you for sharing. I found this extremely useful.
    Please can you help me with choosing a theme. I hardly use social media and have struggled to get my message online for two reasons
    1. I’m technically challenged when it comes to posting stuff online
    2. I have a web developer who manages my content and that takes alot of time.

    Can you recommend a theme that’s super simple to use once it’s up and running. Just today I have explored the updated Yoast plug in for SEO and find that very useful for writing content. I’m currentl using DIVI and can’t change my home page that easily at the moment because it requires some coding. I want to change things in realtime.

    Hope you can help
    A theme that does not require any coding will suit me best.

    1. Yasmin,

      Personally I would recommend to stick with Divi WordPress theme. You have already invested a lot of time and money in this theme and switching to another theme will be a time consuming and expensive switch. Especially since most of the tasks on your website is done by your designer/developer. Multipurpose themes are vey similar from one to another and other themes are not going to become magically easier to use if you don’t have basic WordPress knowledge in place. One you master one theme it will be easier to switch to the next one but just switching to another multipurpose theme won’t help.

      Make sure that you are using the latest version of Divi theme which is 2.5 as this version finally features live preview for your website as you build it. This update should help you a lot to build website on your own without help from developers. If you still think about switching to another theme you might consider these multipurpose themes that comes with visual page builder.

    1. Passerby,

      None of users comments are posted by us and they are a real comments. However, several of theme were posted in attempt to drop some links without really reading the article therefore they might not look as natural because they aren’t.

  23. I’m a little bit confused, are all these themes free? Or is the schema theme free? I’m new to WP. And still on blogger. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mia,

      Clean your browser cache and try again. If it doesn’t work please send as a screenshot and info about what browser, device and OS you use and we will look into it.
      This information would help a lot to understand what is going on with the site as we couldn’t reproduce this error ourselves.

  24. Currently I am using Hueman theme. I know it is free but I have seen its good feedback from others.
    Can you suggest me if i should purchase for another theme for better ranking?

    1. Hueman is a nice theme and you can continue to use it. Switching to a new theme won’t bring any SEO benefits because that’s not how SEO works these days. The thing you absolutely must to is to change hosting. Your website is in Hindi and your target audience is India. However, you are hosting your website in United Stats with Bluehost. It means that if your neighbour wants to visit your blog he will have to connect with server in US. Which will take way more time than it would if you would host your website in India. Your server must be as close to your audience as possible.

      For example, Colorlib’s target audience is in United Stats and that’s why we host our website there. We are also using CDN that helps to load static content such as images, JavaScript and CSS files from closes servers to our visitors. With your hosting choice you have mad a fundamental mistake and you absolute must do something about it.

    1. Hey Abhishek,

      We are using WordPress default comments on Colorlib and we haven’t had any problems. The most popular options are comments that comes with Jetpack plugins. Those comments are very similar to WordPress default ones but comes with an option to comment using social profile information. This might boost engagement as users won’t need to enter their details manually.

      Another option is Disqus that are very popular among WordPress blogs but it works on any other platform as well.

      Lately many popular blogs have switched to Facebook comments. Many claims that these comments helps to reduce spam and offensive comments because of personal information which is visible for everyone. But the reality is that most commenters will still use fake Facebook accounts that looks like a real ones. You can see spam on all popular blogs that uses Facebook comments. Some examples are TechCrunch and The Next Web.

      The main thing is to have moderation in place or otherwise your comments section will turn into a dark place.

  25.  I was searching for the SEO Optimize wordpress theme and I came across this. I had almost finalized my theme and now I’m confused again 🙂

  26. Hi,

    How due you feel about Avada? I have heard mixed reviews that it’s great and fast and Seo optimized then I hear its over bloated causing it to load slow? I currently have a site built with Avada and I am thinking of using it on my main business website.
    Any advice would be great!
    Thank you

    1. Theodora,

      The main thing is to invest in a good hosting. That way you won’t need to complain that Avada is bloated and/or slow. Avada is a great theme with loads of features but running it on a cheap hosting that doesn’t have any WordPress specific optimisations in place is going to be a pane. While hosting providers such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy and other claim that they are WordPress optimized, they actually aren’t. They don’t have WordPress specific performance optimizations like ones you can find on SiteGround, WP Engine and others. These hosting providers will make your website fly and doesn’t matter if you are going to use Avada or some other multipurpose theme.

    1. Maurizio,

      You don’t need any experience with SEO to make these themes SEO friendly because they are already well optimized and you can work on things that matters, such as content and your brand.

  27. Hello Aigars,

    Thank you for all the useful WP templates and information. I currently have a website that I built on Weebly by way of Bluehost. While the site ranks at the top of all of the search engines, most likely due to it being a niche market & little competition for my keywords, I am seriously overdue for a new & fresh site. My questions are as follows: I am technically challenged (as you can probably surmise by my site :), and wanted to know if the premium WP sites you have listed above would be as easy for me to build as the drag-n-drop weebly platform? If not, what could I reasonably expect to pay for someone to build me a site from one of the WP templates you have listed with similar amount of content & pages that I have now, and is that something you do? My main concern is the affect on search engine rankings once I change my website to one of the WP premium themes & host to SiteGround. Would you suggest that I stick with what I’ve got or make the change now before Google starts penalizing me for having a non-responsive site? I appreciate your advice & look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Barry,

      The main thing when switching from one theme to another theme or from one platform to another is to keep the same URL structure or create redirects from old pages to new ones. For example, if your website has page “” it should still there after the update and not something like “”. Keeping the same permalink structure will mean exact same ranking in Google as long as content is on the similar quality or it’s the same content only with different template.

      Building website with WordPress is a simple process since you can use demo content to start with but it will take some time to move everything from the old platform. Switching from one WordPress theme to another would take far less time but it doesn’t add complexity but it will require more time.

      I am not available for freelance work. Prices for this kind of services depends on freelancer experience and their location. Ones that are based in India, Vietnam Philippines will charge less but it might also reflect in quality.

  28. Hello Aigars,
    I’m looking for a wordpress theme that is seo optimized and responsive at the same time for my recruitment agency website. Most of the themes that are available on the market are more suitable for job boards (job board layout with login for candidates and employers…) rather than recruiting agencies. Do you recommend any theme that is suitable for my business, ideally with the WP Job Manager plugin because it’s already integrated in my old design?
    Thank you.

    1. Karl,

      There are no themes that comes with custom WP Job Manager plugin while not being job board theme by default. However. WP Job Manager plugin is very flexible and you can use it with any WordPress theme our there. Therefore I would recommend some multipurpose theme such as these. From there you combine these themes with WP Job Manager plugin and build recruitment agency website with an additional job board functionality.

  29. Is avada a good option for seo optimized theme? Please list me with 3-4 best news magazine themes which are seo optimed too.

    1. Vibhor,

      I am slightly confused about your request. You first ask about Avada which best suited for business, landing page and other similar websites and then you ask about magazine themes and Avada clearly isn’t a magazine theme. Of course you can tweak it to make it as one but it would be much easier to use dedicated magazine theme as that will make your life much easier.

      Avada is SEO friendly and will help you to rank well on Google and other search engines. But don’t forget that content is the most important thing about SEO and not theme. If your content is going to be low quality don’t expect to get any SEO results even when using Avada theme. It’s just not how it works.

      For magazine themes you might want to check this theme collection.

  30. Wow all the WP themes you recommend here are really amazing in designs, functionalities and there is no reasons for us to not considering them to be installed on our WordPress blog.

  31. Hi Aigars,

    Thanks for the informative post. My site was built a few years ago using the Vivacity theme, when I was just starting out. I’ve been unhappy with it for various reasons. As a result I’m ready to get started on a brand new website.

    What I’m unsure about is whether to go with a theme or do this as HTML, which I am more than capable of. It’s just finding the time. While the themes you’ve listed are clearly functioning well in terms of SEO, I can’t help but feel from a design perspective they are a little dated. The theme I’ve been leaning towards purchasing Jevelin. But if I can’t get a theme this sophisticated looking that ranks well for SEO on the WordPress platform I’m inclined to just do it myself on HTML. Would love your thoughts and recommendations around this.

    Much thanks, Justine

  32. Thanks for the useful post! This is what i’m looking for, several seo optimized themes. You cheer up my day. Thanks!

  33. Cool selection! I think you might also be interested in magical features of Jupiter WP Theme and how SEO-friendly it is!

  34. Looking to upgrade my site using WordPress. We are a custom manufacturing company; website will be more informational based with a gallery and most importantly a product catalog through pdf form. Not too crazy.

    Leaning towards Tower theme. Do you think that would be a good template? Any other options?


  35. I was searching for the SEO Optimize wordpress theme and I came across this. I had almost finalized my theme and now I’m confused again 🙂

    1. Cristi,

      Unfortunately, there are no way to test WordPress themes before buying. It is way too easy to copy them that’s why developers doesn’t offer any trials.

  36. Great article. I’d like to recommend SEO Post Content Links Plugin from WordPress. It’s an automatic SEO for websites and fully supports internal linking for all languages.

  37. Hello !
    i’m surprise to see BeTheme on this page talking about SEO cause this theme dont manage microdatas correctly. I’m just redoin whole my professional website but usin a genesis framework theme, and probably for all my customers from now.

    1. Christophe,

      Metadata is no longer managed by any WordPress theme but instead it is done by WordPress core or 3rd party plugins such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO and other plugins. Themes used to add their own SEO settings but it is long since this functionality is diconsinuted as plugins does much more than that and does it better.

  38. Hey Aigars,
    I am really happy, for you to give such a nice list on the e-commerce themes. I had a query… i want to start a blog for affiliate marketing purpose. But i am stuck on the thing that ,should i start with a readymade theme or a start with building a theme through a framework like genesis or gantry for my blog???

    1. Amit,

      It really depends on structure you want to have for your website. Readymade works better as landing page while genesis is better suited as blog theme. There are many different possibilities for Genesis to build ecommerce, landing page, real estate websites and much more but I really don’t like they way it works. I have always thought it as blog framework and nothing more. And furthermore it is also very outdated and there are thousands of far better themes available today. It is just the community around it that still makes it worth it but other than that it is no longer the best tool for building WordPress websites.

  39. You can choose a fast theme this has an impact on SEO, but apart from that I don’t think the theme itself has that much of an impact – you need to SEO optimize it anyway.

  40. Nice post Aigars!

    I read your post and I picked some themes randomly, from the above mentioned themes in your blog. I have checked the speed of those websites and the results are as here


    Page Speed Score (C grade) 79%
    Yslow Score (D grade)67%


    Page Speed Score (C grade) 72%
    Yslow Score (D grade) 66%


    Page Speed Score (C grade) 72%
    Yslow Score (D grade) 66%


    Page Speed Score (C grade) 73%
    Yslow Score (D grade) 65%

    Simple & Elegant

    Page Speed Score (F grade) 48%
    Yslow Score (D grade) 65%

    Don’t you think their speed must be optimized to be SEO friendly, because website loading time is one of the main factor behind the increasing bounce rate of a website.

    I have some recommendations to update the list with SEO Friendly themes having One Click Installation, A grade speed, Clean and Sleek Design.

    Please check: Clean East Food Blog Theme by NavThemes.

    1. James,

      Thank you for your valuable insights and tests!
      Your mentioned theme would be a good option as a free theme as it is a very basic one but I would never recommend it to anyone for $59. Yes, it does load fast but a blank page will always load faster than very detailed landing page built with drag & drop page builder such as Visual Composer.

      Also, theme and plugins accounts around 20% of website performance and the remaining 80% are done by hosting itself. For example, you can test our own website which will score very low on most automated test tools. However, it loads faster than the most website. The thing is that we are using HTTP/2 which uses parallel downloads which means that things such as multiple CSS and JavaScript files no longer matters and they are loaded all at once. None of automates test tools check if a website is using HTTP/2 or not, so results are very, very far from accurate. These performance test tools show how optimized is your website for technologies that are no longer relevant in 2019.

      If someone really cares about website performance he needs to invest in a good hosting provider instead of choosing a theme that looks like a blank page just to make it load slightly faster.

  41. Hi,

    Do understand you point regarding HTTP/2 but still page speed does matter to google as per my knowledge.

    Google has indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. And research has shown that Google might be specifically measuring time to first byte as when it considers page speed.
    I am recommending this theme for great speed. It is a blog theme that’s why it doesn’t contain so many effects, animation and drag and drop features.

    I agree that a good hosting may lead to boost the speed but using too much CSS files and JavaScript files will lead to increased page size and ultimately lead to increased resource consumption. Hence increasing the cost.

    As you said that the above-mentioned themes are SEO-Friendly. So I think that the speed must be optimized for a theme to be SEO- Friendly that’s why I am saying that website speed is the vital aspect of SEO friendly website. The given below facts will clear it easily.

    P.S. – I am not the advocate of this theme, I just found this theme good for bloggers.

    1. You are right and Google does take time to first byte into consideration but that can be reduced by good hosting and cache. Theme very little affects time to first byte therefore you shouldn’t worry about that. But if you have a terrible hosting and no caching (server side or plugin based) you are going to have a really bad time. Once first byte is loaded it can take even 10 seconds to load the website and Google won’t care but users will. So you can call that your site is SEO friendly but users hate it. That’s why I am always think about users first and not Google.

  42. Yes, I agree with you that we must focus the users. But when we are talking about SEO(Search Engine Optimized) friendly website, we have to think about Google. 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

    1. I should also probably mention I have three main commercial sites: one is a store with a blog, one is a photography site, and one is a site offering services, education, a blog, and a store (linked in this reply). For simplicity, it would be nice to have one theme for all three, plus my personal freelancing portfolio site, unless I really need to use niche themes for each.

      1. Diana,

        In your case, the most cost efficient solution is going to be using Divi theme. Other themes have a different licensing which means that you can use a single license for a single website. Which means that it would get expensive real quick since you have several websites. Divi is an outstanding theme and will get the job done with ease.

  43. Hi Aigars! Hope you can help me finding best theme for my website. I need WPML (2 langs), I plan to use Yoast, w3 Cache free, compress files, Pardot & AdRoll integration.

    Am I missing something? WP SEO or some other?


  44. Inspiring theme! I’m going to get back here for a theme for my future clients. Comment from other business minded people and designers are likewise very helpful. Awesome collections and kudos to the team!


  45. Great post all of the above themes are great. I will also create the same kind of post in the future. Anyway, thanks for the post and will be looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  46. Hi Algars,

    How are you doing?
    Great article!
    I’m trying to choose a WP template for my website.
    At the moment the website is mainly in HTML and CSS and I host it in AWS/S3 Amazon.
    I’m thinking seriously to host it using Siteground or Lightsail Amazon and I’m looking for a
    Wordpress Theme SEO friendly and responsive. I work as a private English teacher.
    If you were me, which theme would you choose for your business?
    I would profoundly appreciate if you were kind enough to spare some of your time
    and give me your opinion.
    Thank you!

  47. Thanks for your best List of SEO WordPress themes. all of your reviews is friendly talk, It will be awesome if you add more review for a free themes. Thank You

  48. Great themes suggestions! I’m developing a wiki-style website but can’t decide if I should use a knowledge base (wiki style) theme or find a decent theme and use a knowledge base plug in. Any thoughts on this?

    Also, most importantly, what theme are you using for this website? It’s great!

    1. We use a highly modified version of Jevelin. Which is a theme we have build ourselves and tweaked to work for Colorlib. By tweaked, I mean there is not much left of it 🙂

      If you go with a plugin solution you get things such as page builder, slider and other premium plugins that comes as part of the themes. If you just use a wiki theme they are usually are limited to wiki functionality with no page builder. But it will also reflect in the performance and complexity.

  49. Thanks for such a comprehensive list of WordPress themes that are seo friendly. I have used Be themes before and the only thing I didn’t like about it was the Muffin Builder. The pages simply don’t back up when you create them in Muffin Builder. The workaround is to just use visual composer when creating new pages if you like one of the premade themes.

  50. Hi. Nice article. I’m looking at the SEO Engine WordPress theme. Can you please explain how its admin panel is SEO enhanced? I tried to look on its youtube installation demo but the admin panel looks normal as to what a normal WordPress admin panel will look like. The design panel also looks similar to the other theme I tried before. What are the differences in terms of SEO performance of SEO Engine WordPress theme compared to just installing SEO plugins (eg Yoast SEO)? How did SEO Engine WordPress theme enhanced its SEO performance compared to other WordPress themes? Thanks.

    1. Lisa,

      It uses Redux Framework for options and that’s what makes it different. It is not like the dashboard will be turned purple and butterflies will be flying around. It is all about subtle differences when it comes to WordPress themes.
      SEO Engine is a theme that will work well with SEO by default even when not using plugins. It has may of the Yoast SEO functionality built it. However, we highly recommend to use Yoast SEO or other SEO plugin anyways as it is better to have a tool that does one thing really well than tool that does several tasks good.

  51. Great article. A good SEO friendly theme is crucial when you are launching your site in WordPress.

    In case you want to fine-tune your on-page SEO some more, I’d like to point out a new, light-weight WordPress SEO plugin. It is called Poor Man’s WordPress SEO – since it has no premium features like for example the current giants Yoast SEO and All In One SEO Pack.

    In addition to being wallet-friendly, the plugin is also user-friendly. It contains all the features a basic or more advanced WordPress site owner could ask for. New features are also coming all the way. The plugin is released under GPLv3 in the same manner as WordPress we all love. 😉

  52. Dear Aigars,

    thanks for this great review and all your comments. I am just getting started with my first affiliate website and wondering whether I should use a WordPress Theme from you list above or a page builder like Divi. It seems to me that Divi is very intuitive with lots of designed resources to build on. However, I have heard that it is not very SEO friendly and that will be my backbone of getting traffic. I am not able to code and would like a range of designed options and features such as customer reviews etc.

  53. tahnks for the compilation… bit please i need a simple theme with simple grid layout and simple post slider on homepage…

  54. Very awesome post. Really using an SEO optimized WordPress theme is very helpful to get good visibility on search engine. Recently, I have found one amazing SEO optimized theme which is known as Bloggers. This theme is very impressive, has many stunning features and also gives you a better SEO ranking.

  55. This is a fantastic roundup, love that the themes are both useful and beautiful. I admittedly tend to use the same themes over and over for most projects, but it’s nice to have a few new ones to try out and test 😉

  56. Hey

    I am from denmark
    I am looking for a simple FAST mobile FREINDLY and best SEO template there is. I have a blog about fishing tehnics and article on news and more. Want it to look like a magazine. Most important! VERY FAST, MOBILE FREINDLY and BEST SEO
    what to choose?

    Best Reagrads Mads

    1. Hello Mads,

      All themes for like last 10 years are now SEO friendly thanks to what WordPress team did with their core. For more control over SEO we recommend using a SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or any other.
      Website performance is very little to theme you use. It mainly comes from optimisations (cache plugins) and/or your hosting provider. For example, we use Kinsta which comes with its own caching therefore saving us ton of time trying to optimize our website.
      Mobile friendly and responsive. Every single theme released after 2013 must be and is mobile friendly and responsive. Otherwise, they are no longer accepted on any theme stores or marketplaces.
      In short, Performance comes from hosting and its setup, SEO from WordPress itself + plugins and mobile support is there by default. Which means that you can choose any theme that we have listed on our website by looking for that looks in a way you want it instead of looking for features that are no longer worth looking for.

  57. I have feeling that best set theme are ugly 😉 sort but we need speed time, no js / or a little / minimal kb weight etc.. tones of text on front page and subpages … that make them a little bit old-time .

  58. Hello Aigars! I am thinking of starting a video blog soon with the mind of ranking it with some long tail keywords to outrank my competitors. I have good knowledge of worppress optimization with yoast. Which of the above themes will deliver my job perfectly . I have also thought of Genesis framework . Please m confused on which theme to use as a base.

    1. WordPress by default is SEO friendly but if you are serious about ranking your website then Yoast SEO or other SEO plugin is a must. Themes are all about design and not functionality. WordPress core and plugins are what delivers functionality. With that in mind, just look for a theme that you like the most from design perspective and the rest will come with plugins.

  59. Hi Algars,

    Thank you for such a wonderful post. I have Divi in place for my website and I was using it for my blog as well but I am currently in search for another more optimized and lightweight theme which would boost my website Speed as well as SEO. I don’t need many functionalities, I just need a proper lightweight and SEO friendly theme. Please suggest me one. Money is not a matter of concern for me but a good theme is.


    1. There are two ways to approach it:
      1. Go with a free theme such as these. Yes, a free theme. They are much simple, doesn’t come with any bloat such as page builders that makes your website to load slower etc. They just serves the basic needs and they does it very fast and will always load faster than any premium offering.
      2. Invest in a good hosting provider such as Kinsta. We use it for Colorlib as well and our website loads incredibly fast even tho we have a very, vey complex setup with loads of scripts and processes.

  60. Hi,
    Thank you for your insight into SEO optimized WordPress templates. Which template would you recommend for dentistry that is simple to implement? I want a modern look and many companies that offer to build dental websites are very generic and unattractive. I love the clean design and artistic look of the templates you listed but which one is most suitable for video plugins and links for making appointments for speed and seo local ranking?

    1. The best WordPress themes for dentistry can be found here.
      When it comes to SEO, themes are not going to impact much in either positive or negative way. Your content is what going to make the biggest impact. To make your content rank better I would recommend using Yoast SEO or some other SEO plugin for WordPress. That way you will be able to implement all the necessary things for Local SEO and beyond.

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