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Marketing Wordpress Themes

22 Most Popular Marketing WordPress Themes For Startups, Landing Pages. Products, Apps and Services 2017

Everyone knows that in today’s globalized world nothing is as crucial to commercial and business success as a good and effective marketing strategy. From young boys hawking the latest newspapers and pamphlets advertised through their gruesome crime reporting or incredible tall tales to the late century posters and flyers handed over soapboxes to workers and laborers to stir them into action over political causes, marketing has consistently made a difference between winners and those histories that are forgotten. Marketing is all about knowledge. Knowing your audience, you’ll know what is important to them, what they will respond to and what their concerns are—and how you can service them. Knowing your product, you are keenly conscious of how to turn any weakness into yet another strength. Knowing how to express yourself, finally, is perhaps the most important part of marketing. And after all’s been said and done, the single most relevant place to express yourself—and to engage in any marketing—is the internet. How you show yourself online is your actual calling card to the vast majority of this planet. Knowing which WordPress themes are most effective for the purpose of creating marketing related websites—that, has been done for you, in the form of the following collection.



Founder is a clever and commercially competent, tech-savvy and very user friendly, modern and rapidly responsive WordPress content marketing website theme. Founder is a spectacularly flexible website building platform for webmasters across a number of fields and businesses that are looking for an effective way to establish an online foothold for their ventures online. Founder is a resourceful theme, outfitted with a wealth of amazing options and features that make short work of all your content marketing needs, providing a stable, reliable framework for you to share your content with the world at large in very strategically effective presentations that can capture and retain new business and customers.

Further still, Founder has all the necessary infrastructure to allow users to buy your digital products or services right off your website in a seamless fashion, greatly easing tasks such as distributing online goods or selling affiliates marketing service packages, among many more usage cases. Founder supports the handy MailChimp for WordPress plugin, allowing you reach out to thousands of subscription newsletter affiliated visitors in an instant, and includes plentiful social media integration and sharing tools, wonderful responsiveness for maximized cross-compatibility and more features that you can possibly fathom. Try Founder now!

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Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro is a crafty and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Marketing Pro is a flexible framework for articulating powerful digital marketing websites. Filled with possibilities for increasing your performance, Marketing Pro elevates your business. Intuitive to a fault, 9 ready-made templates let you hit the ground running overnight. The integrated Visual Composer provides you with an easy way to style your website. Customize your layouts and settings with utter ease and speed. Tons of convenient commercial widgets are at your disposal.

Expand the functionality of your pages within a few clicks. The Convert Plug Popup lets you create massive email lists in no time. It also integrates with several of your templates in a very handsome presentation. Marketing Pro lets you reach users wherever they may be with complete cross-compatibility. Mobile and desktop devices and platforms will see your content flawlessly every time. The Bootstrap framework powers all of Marketing Pro’s responsive features and adaptive image technologies. Advanced theme options let you quickly brand and style your pages to suit your business. You can market your products or services with powerful commercial capabilities powered by WooCommerce. Digital marketing has never been this easy! Check out Marketing Pro today!

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Upshot is a reliable and responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose business website theme. Upshot is an elegant framework for articulating purposeful websites. With Upshot, building enticing, attractive navigational experiences is easier than ever before. A curated collection of powerful templates let you start things off on the right foot every time.

Upshot is ideal for a broad range of applications across all sorts of industries. Lightweight and fast-loading, Upshot is an efficient performer and will keep server-loads down. With a responsive nature, Upshot renders beautifully across all platforms and devices. No theme is more cross-compatible than Upshot, broadening your audience.

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jevelin-nature-inspired-website-themeJevelin is a powerful and professional quality, robust and reliable, modern and sophisticated, highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is the ideal solution for webmasters in need of a quick and easy way to establish an online home for their projects and endeavors of any nature, from personal to professional, commercial or corporate, with utter ease and speed. Jevelin packs full-featured demo websites for you to get started off on the right foot across multiple niche markets, while tons of page templates expand what you can do with your website while looking polished and professional.

Jevelin’s extremely intuitive page builder plugin, combined with the eloquent Slider Revolution premium plugin, furnish you with tools to competently polish your pages and websites to suit your most precise graphical specs and branding requirements. Jevelin is perfect for businesses that require complex functionality and plentiful customization capabilities while requiring no coding knowledge; with its WooCommerce-powered commercial capabilities including multiple payment processing, shopping carts and product catalogues with customizable, endless fields, handsome showcase custom settings and much more under the hood allow businesses to effortlessly market their products or services to their massive online audiences, bolstered by extensive SEO friendliness. Try Jevelin today!

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Divi is an incredibly versatile, amazingly pliable, unfathomably strong and impressively aesthetic WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed with the sheer power and thorough adaptability to seamlessly adopt any shape and function required by a multitude of imaginable needs and purposes, from personal blogs to business websites, from corporate pages to freelancer portfolios, Divi can do it all. It’s peculiarly well-suited for the purposes of a website focused on marketing related activities, marketing related business or simply for online marketing hubs—if you’re in the online marketing game, Divi can do wonders for you.

Not only is the incredibly powerful Divi Builder going to let you create the most unique, incredible layouts within seconds with an intuitive, stack-based interface that is loaded with dozens of different, fully functional modules to build your pages with, such as Shops, Social Media Follow buttons, pricing tables, countdown timers for your promotions and offers, testimonial sections at the drag of a block, call to action, audio player… A lot may claim to do it all, but Divi actually follows through. This full-fledged, responsive, expansive theme is boosted with SEO friendly code to top the ranks of the search engines in no time, and take your marketing website to the next level!

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Professionalism is a quality that all corporate websites must have. Uncode is a WordPress theme that can improve your corporate page, helping you to impress potential customers. This is a versatile and user-friendly product, given that it can adapt to any business niche. With Uncode, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Every customer will benefit from an astounding collection of site features. You can also enjoy some premium WordPress plugins, which were added free of charge: Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider and iLightbox. In total, you will save up to $86.

Thanks to the modern media library, your corporate site can host an expansive marketing campaign. Content from Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter can be easily featured. For those with a preference for online commerce, the popular WooCommerce plugin was added. You will be able to create a successful online store that facilitates the distribution of merchandise. Uncode has many customization settings, as each client can design a corporate page that matches his vision. It is possible to change the page typography, given the inclusion of Typekit, Google Fonts, Fontdeck, and so on. A social sharing function is available, along with some useful Google Maps and crisp CSS3 animations.

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Intact is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It is an award winner on demos and provides +10 of them pre-built. It gives you a child theme and one-click installs. Within demo selections you have Intact Marketing Agency for specialized features. This theme gives you a Redux framework, Lightbox gallery and Revolution Slider. You will have a premium quality page builder such as Visual Composer. Layout is responsive and has perfect pre-built choices to get a quick set-up. This gives your design modern looking and clean concept.

Intact Marketing Agency adds special treats like pie charts and progress bars plug-ins. Updates are constantly on the way to get bug fixes done. Intact makes impact with smooth customizable backgrounds and +600 Google Fonts. Find amazing headers and footers as well as portfolio styles pages to customize. Intact Marketing Agency specializes in 3 main areas. These are marketing communications, paid media, content marketing. Get the help you need from all documentation and tutorials available! Analyze ratings and get news alerts options. You can month reports, graphics of your performance and much more. Like any agency that sales, WooCommerce compatibility is there to help you. Intact is also WPML compatible. Give your agency a whole new status with Intact Marketing Agency!

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Uplift is a clever and concise, modern and massive, lightweight and lightning-fast, readily responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Uplift is a professionally developed, enormously ambitious and highly intuitive one-stop-shop solution for webmasters from any background to easily and effectively put together modern, appealing, engaging websites across all sorts of businesses and industries. Uplift has a particularly apt profile for servicing all sorts of marketing websites, from marketing to affiliates and everything in between. Uplift is out of the box compatible and visually integrated with the WooCommerce commercial plugin suite, making Uplift websites natively capable of marketing your wares to a massive, undifferentiated online audience without skipping a beat.

A painless, 5-star-rated Demo Importer allows you to replicate any of the included demo websites instantly for easy customization through the Swift Page Builder plugin, also included. A powerful, top-down SEO enhancement is present throughout all of Uplift’s codebase, ensuring that your marketing is as effective as possible by allowing you to make a real dent on search engine rankings, netting you more and better quality traffic. And with top-notch ratings on Y-Slow and PageSpeed, you can rest assured that your marketing will load quickly and effortlessly the world over. Try Uplift today!

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Kalium is a sleek and effective, tech-savvy and easy to use, modern and attractive, superbly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose portfolio and online shop website theme. Kalium has been created as an all-around power kit of capable tools and innovative features readily prepared to muscle the demands of all sorts of websites across a variety of industries and fields. Kalium’s utterly free creative environment, its intuitive website design process based on plugins like Visual Composer and LayerSlider, and its e-Commerce capabilities emboldened by nimble integration of the WooCommerce plugin suite, make Kalium a favorite among mobile app developers and marketing campaign webmasters looking for a solid solution for receiving incoming traffic from all kinds of sources.

Kalium includes several modern and trendy Landing Page template pages and demo websites that will save you time and effort as you set up your landing page websites for your apps or campaigns, or any other project requiring the handling of large volumes of user traffic while informing users in an eloquent fashion about products, services or works available or offered. Kalium’s supremely mobile friendly Bootstrap based code features some of the fastest and most responsive coding on the market today, running smoothly on platforms and devices the world over. Try Kalium now!

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fatmoon-online-marketing-wordpress-templateFatMoon is a gorgeous and lightweight, incredibly smart and technologically savvy, modern and responsive WordPress creative photography multipurpose website theme. FatMoon is a resourceful and imaginative website building toolkit, a clever and competent framework for the painless and streamlined development of a wide assortment of diverse website archetypes and applications across all industries and fields. Peculiarly adept at handling visual content in an elegant, appealing presentation, FatMoon is perfect for digital marketing campaigns, online marketing websites, affiliate marketing websites and all similar, related enterprises.

Its sophisticated image gallery and product portfolio capabilities place it above and beyond other themes on the market today when it comes to making your marketed products look amazing to the general public, while the seamless integration of the fantastic WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite makes FatMoon a natural salesman, ready to market your wares to a massive online audience within minutes of initial setup, in a visually cohesive online store page that is both entirely predesigned and deeply customizable for your utmost convenience. With the premium Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins, making your layouts and template pages completely your own is fast and easy, while cross-compatibility the world over is taken care of by FatMoon’s Bootstrap roots. Try FatMoon now!

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topseo-seo-agency-wordpress-website-templateTopSEO is a robust and reliable, modern and comprehensive, feature-rich and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress SEO and digital marketing website theme. TopSEO is a perfect platform for the speedy and intuitive design and development of amazingly modern, resourceful websites specializing in making a significant dent in establishing an online presence for your company, your projects or your ventures of any kind at all. TopSEO requires absolutely no coding skills in order to pull off professional quality graphical environments for your audience to explore your content within.

Digital marketing agencies love TopSEO because it’s equipped out of the box with every single tool and option you’ll need to get your campaigns to rise to the top of all the relevant searches in no time at all, thanks to an extremely polished SEO engine powering TopSEO’s every element and page from the codebase up. That allows you to sit back, relax, and focus on your content, while TopSEO brings the people to your website in massive volumes, simultaneously going easy on your servers due to its sleek and optimized HTML5 coding, which is both fast-loading and lightweight. Based on Bootstrap, TopSEO is also inherently mobile-friendly and responsive. Check out TopSEO today, and find out!

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Leadx is an engaging and responsive WordPress multipurpose landing page website theme. Leadx is the perfect solution for every webmaster looking for a landing page theme. With capable plugins and polished shortcodes, Leadx is the full package. Resourceful templates let you craft websites within minutes, no coding required. Geared for landing pages, Leadx is versatile enough to reach marketing applications too. Pretty much every webmaster looking to convert visitors into clients needs Leadx.

Honed for impeccable SEO performance, Leadx makes topping the ranks easy and fast. You will make a dent on the top results of your targeted campaigns effortlessly. Leadx is everything you need to lead the market. Captivate your audience multiple demo websites, the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. Engage them with smooth animations and awesome MegaMenus. And market your products or services without lifting a finger thanks to WooCommerce. The potent eCommerce plugin suite furnishes you with stores, checkout pages and more. Google Maps integration makes physical stores easy to find for customers. Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 give you tangible ways to stay in touch with your audience. Advanced typographical tools and sharp icon fonts let you express yourself eloquently. Check out Leadx today, and see for yourself!

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Interactive is an impressively modern, incredibly inventive, visually engaging, dynamic, vibrant and colorful WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the intention of creating a handsome WordPress theme solution for webmasters who wish to create profoundly reactive websites that come alive when gazed, browsed and navigated by your visitors in a myriad, deeply customizable ways meant to envelope and fascinate your audience into becoming regular visitors.

Which is exactly why Interactive is a perfect fit as a marketing WordPress theme—it is especially well-suited for the purpose of exposing a massive amount of people to loads and loads of content, wherein maintaining user interest over time is crucial to the success of the website itself. Interactive was born to answer just such a question, and with its amazing, easy to use features and sections that effortlessly add tons of functionality to your pages in no time at all and with absolutely no coding, Interactive is meant to market. It loads faster than any other theme out there, has a gorgeous off-canvas mobile menu that swipes in and out, incredible social media integration features, superb SEO functionality, smoothly animated sliders at the drop of a hat, and much more. Interactive is just buzzing with business!

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steadyincome - online business theme

SteadyIncome is an aesthetically clean, visually minimalist, technologically savvy, visually clutter-free and user-friendly WordPress responsive online blogging and marketing theme, built exclusively with the needs of marketing experts, amateur online marketers, content producers, content aggregators, freelance bloggers wanting to make a buck off their hobbies or a serious paycheck off a dedicated website. SteadyIncome is uniquely built to trim the fat and pack only the prime beef in terms of looks, functionality and overall power—it is stuffed with tons of features incredibly convenient to online marketing and blogging in general, such as powerful subscription tools, easy to use ad optimization capabilities, an attractive featured products section, and many more useful features that will overall make your life easier as you establish your personal, digital brand and make a name and a reputation for yourself and your website. SteadyIncome is just the pal to have at your side, as you climb through the rankings of the popular search engines with the cleverly coded, search engine optimized framework of SteadyIncome, viralize your campaigns with prominent social media integration icons, advertise your partners with a handsome logos slider, let people sign up for promotions right off your website and watch your subscription rates skyrocket. SteadyIncome—are you serious about this?

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genesis-theme-framework-for-codersGenesis is an endlessly powerful, unimaginably flexible, modern and cutting-edge, visually impressive, functionally fluid and extremely intuitive WordPress multipurpose theme, carefully crafted to be a potent, pliable framework on which webmasters across the board in terms of skill and purpose could build incredible professional-looking, sophisticated and interactive websites that are dynamic, polished and beautiful, without ever having to write a line of code, yet without compromising the thorough depth and breadth of the availability of features, functions, widgets and shortcodes available for every possible website necessity.

That’s why Genesis is a great online marketing WordPress theme—it is created to be successful, no matter where it is or what it’s doing, and regardless of the nature of your venture, Genesis never fails to deliver your content in style, thanks to its awesome, responsive design. Every bit of Genesis can be modified to suit your purposes, from columns to layouts altogether to colors to behavior to anything else you can think of—if you can see it, you can change it, and if you can’t see it, you can make it happen. Customized menus, headers, sidebars, footers, Parallax sections, backgrounds… Genesis is clearly the start of a good thing for your website. Will you dare take the first step, and let Genesis do the rest?

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foundry-multipurpose-wordpress-small-business-themeFoundry is a gorgeous WordPress theme for marketing websites. It is streamlined and well coded, with a design that is sure to turn some heads. This product can also accommodate a variety of market niches, considering that it can be used for portfolio, business, or blog pages. Despite Foundry’s popularity, no two customers will ever have similar sites. The theme incorporates the Visual Composer plugin, along with multiple page builder elements. Basically, you are able to design a marketing page that perfectly matches your vision.

You can even target foreign audiences, given that Foundry is compatible with the WPML multi-lingual plugin. This can be a very smart business decision, as sites with multiple language settings are often more successful than their monolingual counterparts. In total, the theme has more than 20 home concepts, with more to be added in the future. With just a single click, users can change the color palette of their site. If your schedule does not allow you to spend much time on customization, you can always import demo pages. They are perfectly functional and user-friendly. Foundry will never experience resizing errors, as it is compatible with all operating systems, web browsers, and devices.

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Seo Company

seo-company-classic-wordpress-website-templateSeo Company is a clever and concise, creative and colorful, cunning and crafty, readily responsive WordPress digital marketing and social media website theme. Seo Company has been laboriously developed through a length of time by a professional team of coders and developers with a keen eye for detail and a patent devotion to business-friendly internet projects and marketing campaigns, digital networking, affiliates marketing and all similar, related fields. Seo Company combines a relentlessly rapid codebase that loads at lightning speed and plays nicely with all devices, browsers and platforms in existence, owing to its Bootstrap roots. A sleek HTML5 framework underpins Seo Company, providing it with uncomplicated handling of the most engaging multimedia content without skipping a beat.

With Seo Company’s visually stunning Whiteboard features, powered by the equally impressive Slider Revolution on a separate license, throngs of your visitors will be amazed and dazzled by the sheer beauty of your content presentation. And throngs they will be, given Seo Company’s uniquely competent handling of social media strategies, with a fully visually cohesive integration of social media features, feeds, buttons and sharing platforms all throughout your websites. Seo Company is the perfect theme for the modern marketer. Get yours today!

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For your marketing website, VYSUAL is an ideal choice. This innovative WordPress theme promises to enhance every aspect of your page, thanks to a large roster of practical features. VYSUAL is compatible with all devices, regardless of their screen size. Followers and customers can easily access your content from their tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers. In addition, this theme is also Retina-ready and compatible with most web browsers. Marketing is the art of appealing to as many people as possible. Thankfully, VYSUAL can be translated into any language and it has incorporated .POT files. By enabling a more accessible format for your foreign customers, your sales numbers can definitely increase.

In terms of visual customization, site owners can feature gorgeous page backgrounds. The backgrounds can be represented by static images or videos.  It is possible to include songs, or sound clips, thanks to the in-built audio player. VYSUAL has WordPress menu support, WP featured thumbnail support, and WP post format support. With this theme, your marketing website will benefit from infinite scrolling and Ajax loading functions. There are also modern jQuery animations and effects. For customers who want to sample VYSUAL without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.

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For customers who want to design a quality marketing website, Pitch is an ideal choice.  This WordPress theme gives you absolute freedom when it comes to page customization. It has incorporated a sizable roster of useful features, in addition to a solid design that is sure to entice customers. This product allows for easy personalization, yet it remains user friendly and accessible. It does not require any specialized coding knowledge. Demo content can be swiftly imported via the one-click demo importer. If your schedule is limited, this feature is a godsend. Of course, you can customize the pre-designed content at any time.

Pitch has the Select Core Plugin with custom post types, and an astounding full screen slider with Parallax capabilities.  With this slider, you can showcase your content/products in a very attractive manner. It is also possible to include picture or video slides. The theme select slider has SVG Graphics and SVG Drawing Animations. In addition, there will be a menu entry animation, and a custom font animation. Few themes manage to present such a vibrant and dynamic design. Pitch has incorporated a full screen menu, and a customizable mega menu.  Of course, the theme code is well-written, resulting in an excellent browsing experience for all site visitors.

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Startit is an exemplary WordPress theme for your marketing web page. It is powerful and versatile, yet it remains very user-friendly and intuitive. Startit boasts a large collection of practical features, and each feature promises to expand your site’s capabilities. In addition, you will be able to control every element. This theme allows you to start working immediately. It has multiple pre-designed template variations for blogs, enabling the instant publication of posts. For those who wish to impress potential clients or employers, several gorgeous portfolio layouts were made available. They can easily showcase your most successful business ventures.

Successful marketing sites can provide optimal platforms for online commerce. Startit owners will benefit from the prolific WooCommerce plugin, which enables the creation of gorgeous online stores. Even the best pages can sometimes remain unnoticed by customers. In order to avoid that unfortunate circumstance, this theme is also SEO-ready, making it easier for your site to climb search engine rankings. More than 600 impressive Google fonts were added, making it possible for administrators to alter the typography of each post. Should any issues arise, you can always contact the support team. Their representatives are friendly, polite, and eager to resolve all problems.

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X is an incredibly ambitious, outrageously bold, functionally polished, visually accomplished, thoroughly customizable, incredibly pliable, modern and appealing WordPress responsive multipurpose, multiconcept theme, an incredible development that is best described as several themes within a theme, thanks to X’s Stacks system. Currently four Stacks are available—Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos, and while all of them are amazingly well-designed, smooth and effective, they’re entirely independent from each other. If you’re thinking these are skins, you’re wrong—Stacks have their own skins, templates, and demos.

They’re full-fledged themes in spirit, powered by X’s incredibly array of tools, options, features, widgets, shortcodes and overall expansive functionality, so overwhelmingly broad it had to be packed into four themes, though new Stacks are always in development. This is why X is an amazing online marketing theme—the sheer customization capabilities of this unique, powerful theme make it so that every website produced is so inherently distinct from any other before it that building an online brand, presence and identity is almost effortless with X at your side. You’ll find a template for any page you need, and a custom element for everything on those pages—if you’re in online marketing and looking for profit, it’s easy, solve for X.

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Urip is an exceptionally polished, incredibly well-designed, robust and solid, fluid and functional, highly customizable, modern and easy to use WordPress responsive professional landing page theme, uniquely designed for the purpose of constructing single page landing websites, static landing websites, and all sorts of landing pages for apps, offers, subscription lists, click through pages, businesses, creative websites, startups, and many, many other possible applications. For these reasons, it’s pretty clear that Urip is an immeasurably valuable tool for the design and construction of online marketing websites.

Urip is, among other things, completely lacking in any need for you to do any coding. The powerful Visual Composer takes care of that for you, and you’ll drag and drop elements and shortcodes into the fray and lay them out like a pro in seconds. Revolution Slider, the premium WP plugin, is thrown in for good measure, meaning you can make incredible, animated, smooth sliders for all kinds of purposes. On top of that, Urip is thoroughly WooCommerce integrated out of the box. Try it out—you’ll be marketing your wares directly from your own online storefront within minutes of clicking the single click required to install Urip. Add native, extensive search engine indexation optimization, and you’ve got yourself a marketing monster, called Urip.

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Marketing is a consistently impressive, visually accomplished, thoroughly well-designed, technically sophisticated, modern and highly advanced WordPress responsive landing page theme, designed for the generalized benefit of a host of different websites, from business websites to corporate, from personal blogs to freelancer portfolios—if you’re in the business of distributing any kind of content to the widest audience available in an effective, engaging manner that promotes loyalty and high return rates, Marketing is your theme. Which is precisely why it works so superbly, especially well when deployed for online marketing websites.

Marketing is a savant when it comes to putting your visitors in the closest possible contact with your contents, products and advertisements—it is an unstoppable force of flexibility, fast-loading responsivity and time-saving convenience, with tons and tons of exceptionally effective layouts that are particularly excellent at playing nice with ad integration platforms and your personal ad positioning. Marketing is thoroughly, extensively SEO friendly, meaning not a single bit of your website’s content fails to be relevantly indexed by all the crawler bots out there, and your traffic figures will see the difference in a matter of days. Marketing is a theme for those who are in it to win it, and playing the long game, but needing short term results.

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launchkit-enline-course-landing-page-templateLaunchkit is a thoughtfully thorough, extraordinarily detail-oriented, visually graceful and elegant, technologically advanced, modern and popular WordPress responsive marketing and landing page theme, built to be a one stop shop solution for the needs of an ample breadth of website needs and requirements, and meant to meet and exceed all their expectations while remaining classy and stylish through the entire time. Whether you’re building a landing page for your app, for your coupon code redemption platform, for your event or project, or simple a click through website for your online marketing business, an extensive, content-filled marketing blog or any other kind of marketing related website, Launchkit is well-equipped to satisfy them all.

Launch a whole new product line,  offer a brand new service, promote a party or simply direct people to where they need to go, with Launchkit. Extended Page Builder elements allow for full blog feeds, portfolio feeds and many other features to market your wares easily. Engage your audience and captivate their eyes with smooth Parallax background image sections. Edit everything live, with the live preview and the advanced theme customizing options—brand every nook and cranny with your colors, typographies and logos in a matter of seconds. Gravity forms and Contact Form 7 forms are readily available for your visitors to easily contact you, while MailChimp is integrated for hassle-free massive e-mail subscription list management. What are you waiting for?

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SmartMvp is an extremely clever, thoroughly user-friendly, robustly designed, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive startup, landing page and marketing theme, built to quench a thirst for unique, responsive, fluid, adaptive WordPress website themes that are both intuitive to use and capable of handling enormous volumes of user traffic without flinching, as they present tons and tons of content to endless visitors, where every tenth of a second loading matters a lot when adding up and where you live or die by the numbers, the statistics, the traffic, bounce rates and more.

That’s why SmartMvp is optimized to beautifully and effortlessly allow you to handle the most important, crucial elements to create and design a website you can call your own—from the layout, color schemes and logos to even the language itself, SmartMvp is quickly altered to suit any situation. Its incredibly optimized code is both absurdly fast loading, minimizing your server loads and, at the end of the month, bills, while also optimizing how search engines index your website, making the relevant parts of your content stand out first and pop up higher and higher on search engines, attracting even more visitors. Extremely seamless social media integration drives that point home. The rest is up to you.

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xLander is an amazingly modern, thoroughly well-designed, visually accomplished, technically sophisticated, powerful and intuitive WordPress responsive startup, landing page and marketing theme, uniquely designed for servicing the needs and requirements of a host of diverse website ventures and projects of all sorts of nature that must produce professional-looking, masterfully crafted, beautiful, functional and fast loading pages for distributing content, products and services directly to a massive, widespread audience. Whether you’re a fledging startup seeking an angel investor, an established app creating a landing page for your users, an organization managing a special event or offer, or simply trying to make a buck in the cutthroat world of online marketing, xLander is a theme you want on your side.

Powerful visual edition tools let you create just about any landing page or click through page you can think of, with all sorts of time-saving shortcodes available to ease your workload and inspire awe among your users as they gaze upon amazing Parallax effects, subscribe to the integrated MailChimp newsletter management system for easily e-mailing thousands of people with a few clicks, Whoathemes extended Visual Composer functionalities for a truly unique marketing website, thorough search engine optimization, and much more.

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Landy is an entirely powerful, wholly pliable, easy to use, highly customizable, technologically advanced, thoughtful, modern and handsome WordPress responsive marketing and landing page theme, constructed to be an easy and intuitive website solution for webmasters trying to create an online foothold for their mobile applications, desktop applications, click through marketing website solutions, upcoming product launches, featured product descriptions or offers and a million other uses. Landy is extremely user-friendly, and requires absolutely no experience with any form of coding—easily drag and drop sections and blocks into your layouts, crafting whole new pages in a matter of seconds, which you can fill out with tons of convenient, useful shortcodes to help with anything from pricing guides to testimonials and mobile store integration.

Tons of high resolution icons and imagery are readily available to make your Landy websites look spectacular every time, and its natively responsive design assures a flawless rendering across any device. On top of that, Landy is primordially built to be the ultimate search engine optimized theme—not a word you type will fail to be indexed by search engines, in the most ideal order for your actual content to stand out, rather than random bits of coding. Landy has figured out everything there is to online marketing—pull up a chair.

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SEO WP is an extraordinarily efficient, amazingly robust, extremely up-to-date, entirely modern, interactive, engaging and visually minimalist WordPress responsive social media and digital marketing theme, built with the raw power and sheer flexibility to easily and effortlessly transform itself into any number of entirely diverse websites, but especially designed for meeting the expectations of social media content aggregation websites, social media hubs, digital marketing websites and marketing related website operations in general.

If you’re in the business of distributing huge amounts of content to an even bigger audience, and are interested in retaining this audience, building a following, viralizing your content in social media, maximizing your exposure online, increasing your market share and traffic levels and of course topping all relevant keyword search ranks across the big search engines, SEO WP is the answer to your marketing prayers—a theme built from scratch to optimize the speed at which your websites load, the ease with which robots crawl through them to find your content and index it for search, the effectiveness with which it retains your users’ attention as they peruse your content, and the incredible rate at which your users will return, with SEO WP in place, you’ve got everything going for you.

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Avada is a mind-numbingly powerful, indescribably mutable, technologically gifted, visually awe-inspiring, fluid, modern, highly customizable and thoroughly professional WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, constructed with the deliberately vague mission of producing the most incredible websites that current technologies permit to exist, while demanding absolutely no coding skills from webmasters, and offering them a seemingly endless stream of incredible functionality that is sure to enhance the look and reach of their content, the effectiveness of their communication and their traffic levels.

That’s why Avada is perfect for digital marketing applications. Its uniquely polished user navigational interface, its amazing visual page building feature, its gorgeous native sliders, its powerful, gorgeous Parallax smooth scrolling and background effects on pages and sections, Avada lets you make pretty much any form of website with absolutely any layout you’re capable of conjuring in your imagination for truly one of a kind pages that are as unforgettable as they are functional, thanks to Avada’s superbly useful shortcodes and plentiful widgets. WooCommerce compatibility means you can set up your online storefront within minutes of installing Avada through a simple one click process, and open up a new revenue stream for yourself or your business within the day. Coupled with helpful, sensible ad placement options, Avada is the theme you’ve been looking for.

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bridge - advanced local business theme

BRIDGE is an extremely eloquent, amazingly modern, thoroughly flexible, highly customizable, potent and ambitious WordPress responsive multipurpose multiconcept theme, designed with the goal of creating a theme so wide in its reach and so profound in its attention to detail that it may be capable of operating absolutely any kind of website, no questions asked—professional, personal, corporate, BRIDGE has you covered, thanks to an excess of a hundred different, completely unique and fleshed out demo pages, each one completely new and showcasing an entirely novel way to use BRIDGE, and to create websites in general, most of the time.

BRIDGE’s professionally graphically designed demos include templates for any imaginable need, and are appealing, attractive, efficiently coded and search engine optimized, which is why BRIDGE is a perfect match for a marketing website—if you need to make sure tons of people are keenly aware of the existence of your content, BRIDGE will have them find it easily on search engines. BRIDGE will keep them on your website with gorgeous sliders, Parallax sections and more once they’re there. BRIDGE will entertain them with interactive elements. And BRIDGE will keep money coming in, with sensible ad placement options. What’s not to love?

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betheme multiconcept wordpress theme

BeTheme is an enormously expansive, incredibly well-designed, thorough and cohesive, robustly coded and solidly built, visually engaging and appealing, modern and functional WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, created with the ambitious mission to be a one stop solution to all webmasters across the board. BeTheme can thusly handle personal freelance portfolios just as well as it handles corporate blogs, product launching pages, online eCommerce websites, professional firms or anything else you can possibly think of—over 130 different predesigned websites are fully included with BeTheme, and there’s no way you can fail to find what you’re looking for when you combine these entirely diverse website templates with BeTheme’s customized, over 200 shortcodes that expand the visual page builder’s functionalities to unfathomable degrees.

Widgetized areas, unique header layouts, WooCommerce compatibility, section-based page building, advanced theme options, tons of custom post types… BeTheme can seemingly do it all. That’s why it’s a standout theme for marketing websites—whether you’re posting a video of your product, describing pricing plans for your services, receiving visitors landing from your app or just clicking through an offer, BeTheme lets you take care of your work in seconds while you rest assured that your webpages look exactly how you want them to and act exactly the way they’re meant to, with BeTheme’s responsive, Bootstrap framework coding.

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Salient is a naturally outstanding, visually unique, eloquently bold, highly expressive, vibrantly colorful, stimulating, interactive, exciting and modern WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built to service websites large and small, personal and corporate in an equally talented fashion—Salient is less about the nature of your activities, and more about your desire to stand out from the crowd. Salient is built so that every tool and feature included therein is executed in your website in a completely unique, recognizable, customizable manner—Salient is highly branding friendly, meaning your website will look exactly the way it should be within minutes, thanks to advanced admin panel options and an easy to use visual page builder.

These factors make Salient an excellent theme for digital marketing purposes, as its general independence from the nature of its content and its overall exclusive focus on producing memorable, distinct and appealing pages that leave a lasting impression on visitors aligns perfectly with the requirements of a digital marketing operation. Obviously, standing out isn’t all there is to marketing—extensive search engine optimization, fluid responsive BootStrap framework coding, tons of convenient pre-configured pages ideal for any online business or blog, useful custom widgets such as the Nectar Slider, optional AJAX frontend search and page transitions—there’s just nothing like Salient out there.

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Ronneby is an entirely uncommon, visually unconventional, superbly creative, professional yet personable, modern, flexible, powerful and pliable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built to easily and seamlessly service the requirements of a whole bunch of diverse websites, from large online commerce operations to small personal blogs, medium sized fledgling startups, professional firms or freelance portfolios, among a myriad other different applications, all sharing a common thread: high performance.

Ronneby is an extremely polished theme with carefully handcrafted, professionally graphically designed themes that are meant to entice and seduce a high end clientele or target audience that is interested in high end products and services. As such, Ronneby is ideally equipped for the needs of a high performance digital marketing website, specializing in the marketing or sale of high end products or services to an equally high end audience. Ronneby is thus built to very, very high standards of quality, and every aspect of Ronneby has been carefully thought out and tested, from its creative, trendy, hipster style layouts to its modern, Parallax enabled pages and sections, every bit of Ronneby exudes quality. With Ronneby on your side, there isn’t a business you can’t succeed in. Are you ready for an infusion of Ronneby?

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Unicon is an amazingly well-designed, entirely one of a kind, visually stunning, technologically powerful, thoroughly cogent and graphically cohesive WordPress responsive multipurpose design driven theme, specially crafted with the unique goal of producing a theme directed by design rather than by a series of added functions piled on top of each other. Unicon thinks that that is going about things the wrong way—you start with the way a website should look and feel, and then work your way up to how it works behind the scenes. As such, Unicon is intuitive both for webmasters and for users to navigate, has a very strong visual identity, is quite branding friendly and inherently memorable and distinct.

These features make it a fantastic marketing website theme, as its host of useful features combine unobtrusively within its many completely innovative, amazingly creative predesigned layouts to make truly iconic webpages that while having plentiful functionalities, are visually tied together as a whole and make hierarchy and navigation a piece of cake for your users, which increases the content they’ll happily devour as well as the time they’ll stick around doing so. All of which turns into more profit for you, over time, whether through direct sales through your own WooCommerce eCommerce online store, or through tastefully placed advertisement spaces, fully compatible with all common ad service providers. Take the plunge today, with Unicon!

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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