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30 Websites Using Salient Theme – Stunning Salient Theme Examples 2016

30 Websites Using Salient Theme – Stunning Salient Theme Examples 2016

Salient is WordPress theme from ThemeNectar. It has been purchased over 40,000 times and has an active community of users. An updated version has recently been released and it promises improved performance coupled with bug fixes. Visual composer is now a plugin in the new version rather than being inbuilt in the theme itself and existing users will have to activate it in their Admin panel.

The theme has a number of features that help to bring out varying design concepts. Some highlights are listed for you here,-

  • Box roller effect with video
  • HTML5 canvas header BG option
  • New nav effects
  • Full screen menu option
  • New icon set that can be animated
  • New promo page
  • Nectar Builder, a new version of Visual Composer that can be used to help build any number of gorgeous pages with just Drag and Drop and no coding
  • Swipe enabled, unlimited instances with full screen and loop options.
  • Video backgrounds natively supported in a touch friendly Nectar Slider
  • Extensive theme options that can be customized to a great extent
  • 100% responsive design
  • Coded to pixel perfection
  • Shortcode generator available on editor in both visual and text tabs
  • Tons of portfolio configuration options and layouts that are flexible and easy to use
  • 3 full icon sets – steady sets, linecons and font awesome

Some of the Salient powered websites examples that use the theme are featured here so that you can have an idea of the possibilities with Salient.


StorNext offers digital storage solutions for every production and archive need. They can add cloud capability to websites without disrupting workflow. It is a very creative Salient theme example and one on my favorite one.

Visual Working

Visual Working is a media production company whose speciality is state of the art imaging. Their website makes good use of the Nectar Slider from Salient to carry a number of video images that showcases their prowess in unconventional productions. A number of embedded videos from Vimeo find their place in the homepage.

Boost Audio

Boost Audio can help to sell beats to a targeted audience by sharing email lists with the sellers. Their website uses imagery to depict the music industry and there are a few call to action buttons placed strategically on the homepage.

Bryce Cooley

Bryce Cooley is a pastor and a designer and he has used Salient in his website to showcase both his vocations.


A company in the business of PR & Media, SEO, digital marketing, web services and web maintenance, Avant’s website is built on the Salient theme.


Avioa is the design enterprise of Alex Redondo. His website uses horizontal layers to explain the work done by the enterprise. On landing, a visitor sees a single page with a merged header. A downward arrow takes you to more content in the bottom half of the page. The header becomes prominent as you begin to scroll. Interesting layout from a designer!

Athlete Interactive

Athlete Interactive is a digital branding agency for professional athletes. They promise to maximize earning potential of the athletes by image management with their digital services. A few of their success stories are displayed on the revolution slider on their website which is built on the agency format from Salient.

Tropicana Beach Club

Salient comes in handy for building the website for the Tropicana Beach Club.

American Mold Services

American Mold Services is in the business of maintaining healthy and clean internal environment. They have kept it simple and business like in their website. The scroll down button and the scroll to the top button in the homepage makes navigating the website easy.


Non tech entrepreneurs can find an enabler and techies can find an accelerator in Appdupe. Their website showcases some of the possibilities in the app world and the numerous, convenient call to action buttons make the website user friendly.

Eight by Eight

Eight by Eight is the website of a magazine of the same name built using Salient theme. This example shows that you can use Salient theme for magazine websites.

Another Love Story

Another Love Story is the website of Happenings and Homebeat which organizes weekend celebration and other events. The site is well organized on Salient, keeping the homepage free of clutter. This helps to focus attention on the neat parallax scrolling in the homepage. The image gallery has been utilized to showcase previous events.

Painted Pixel Studio

Painted Pixel Studio is in the business of design (graphic and web), branding and internet marketing. They proclaim their love for technology in their header and it shows in the way their own website has been built on Salient. The different services offered by them and their strengths are showcased tastefully in the header itself.

Jessica Carver

Jessica Carver is a product designer and has her website mounted on the Salient theme.

White Knight Video

White Knight Video creates videos for businesses to explain their product and service to potential customers. The website uses colorful animations to convey this effectively to visitors.

The Sleep Lady

Kim West, who is better known as The Sleep Lady uses Salient on her website to offer tips and methods for a good night’s sleep and to create better sleep habits for the family.

Launch Effect

Launch Effect describes itself as a provider of co-living space for innovators. It targets engineers and entrepreneurs for collaboration, taking away routine tasks and leaving them to focus on their ideas. Salient is used on their website.

Living Wholy

Living Wholy is a website dedicated to wellness and nutrition and has a website that is structured on Salient. It is easy to navigate and well laid out.


Retroyspective are makers of videos that create an impact. They present a story or a concept from a totally different perspective and their body of work is showcased on their Salient based website.

The Sponge

The Sponge is a branding service. Their website has some attention grabbing options like free webinar, free rating for your brand, positioned in the right side of their homepage. Call to action buttons are freely used, which can tempt a visitor to navigate further.

Camp Timber Lane

Camp Timber Lane was established more than 60 years ago and has catered to three generations of campers. Their website is based on the Salient theme. This is a great Salient theme example using fullscreen slider which is very popular these days.

Conner Productions

Conner Productions specializes in delivering professional video effects to non professional editors. The Nectar revolution slider from Salient has helped them to display a number of templates that showcases their capabilities.

Gavin Ash

Gavin Ash is a cinematographer, photographer and graphic designer. He has used Salient to build his website where he has displayed his body of work.


Imagiinate offers web hosting and IT plans and beautiful, responsive and affordable web design for startups and small business. Their own website has made use of a number of customizable theme options from Salient to present information in a relevant and easy to find way.

Baron Visuals

Baron Visuals is engaged in the business of picturisation of stories in video format. Salient theme has been used in building this website.


Mixte is a PR and communications company that focuses on telling the stories of ‘nice’ companies that want the good things for communities. Their Salient themed website is made attractive by the very small video at the bottom and the neat arrangement of their services, clients and team on the homepage.


Ted is the personal blog of Ted Murphy, a serial entrepreneur and it is constructed on the Salient theme.


Powerhouse is a creative studio that helps brands flourish in the social era. They also sell products online and the sort and filter options will help a visitor in choosing from the wide range that is included in the ‘shop’ segment.

Casail Gobbo

Casail Gobbo is a luxurious villa which offers staying options to visitors. The stunning photographs of the beautiful villa is sure to tempt visitors.

The Foundry Ministries

The Foundry Ministries is a voluntary organization that works in reshaping the lives of the people who need it the most. Their website, which also uses Salient, is well segmented so that information can be easily accessed and the many call to action buttons will make it easy for a visitor to donate or volunteer.

Salient is an extremely customizable multipurpose WordPress theme. Almost any content can be turned into a work of art. You can give wide expression to your creativity and you will find that you are limited only by your own imagination. If you have used Salient on your website too, do let us know so that we can check out how creative and imaginative you have been.

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Vishnu is a freelance writer by night, works as a data analyst by day.

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