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20 Best Easy To Use Free 404 Error Page Templates

20 Best Easy To Use Free 404 Error Page Templates

Most of the premium website templates and some best website templates provide a separate 404 error page templates along with their package. If you are not contented with the default 404 error page templates you can make use of these free 404 error page templates. To help you select a best template, we have included both creative and simple straightforward free 404 error page templates. Based on your existing website templates and your taste select the best one for your website.

Before getting into the free 404 error page templates list, let us see what makes a perfect professional 404 page. Of course, 404 page is an error page, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave the error page simply with a 404 notice. You might have seen some of the top websites shows 404 page effectively.

It is up to you to decide what the user has to do after they hit an error page. You can directly show them other suggestions that are closely related to their search term. You might have seen this approach in many news websites and even some of the news and magazine website templates give you this option by default. Or else you can directly provide search box or a button to take the user back to their previous page or to your homepage. You might have seen these approach most of the business website. These are some user friendly features as well a way to retain your visitors.

You can also stay creative with your 404 page. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Some may use interactive animated pages, in some blogs you might have seen some interesting text messages, that itself will retain the user. All these free 404 error page templates are unique in different ways. Sadly you can’t find all these qualities in one template, they are all generic. If you need a complete 404 page, then you have to customize any of these free 404 error page templates that closely fits your need.

Simple Pure Error Page


Simple Pure Error Page is an animated template by Enrico Chiaromonte. If you like to be creative even with your error page then this template can be helpful for you. In this template blue color is used as the color scheme of the page, if you have a brand color for your site then you can customize it to the color you want.

Since the code used to create this beautiful page is present to you directly you can change the color you want and can preview it. In order to change the color, you have to tweak the CSS file. If you are a developer you will be knowing how to customize this. But if you are a normal user you can use the following tip.

Mostly the color code used in the CSS file will be in the hex color code values. Here, in the template the default color is blue, whose code is #48A9E6. This code will be mentioned in the code as background:#48A9E6; change this value to your brand colors hex color code.

More info / Download Demo

Not Found


The Gradient is one of the most predominant design trends you have been seeing in the past few years. Since most of the top brands are shifting to the gradient colors, the design experts had predicted that gradient is going to be the trend for the following year also.

With this 404 error page template, you get a simple and clean looking message. The error code and its meaning. This template uses HTML, CSS and Javascript framework. All the classes used in this template are interlinked. So if you have an intention of modifying the content please make sure you go through the entire code snippet.

Again if you have a brand identity as a gradient color you can easily modify it in the CSS. Here in this code it is mentioned as background: -webkit-repeating-linear-gradient(-45deg, #FFEB3B, #FF6F00, #00B0FF, #76FF03, #b98acc, #69a6ce, #9b59b6). All the hashtags are hex color code value. As I shared with you in the previous template, just change the color code to the one you want. Thanks to John Fink for sharing this well coded error page template with us.

More info / Download Demo

Bootstrap 404


This type of error page is best for the lifestyle related website templates and modern software company website template. The animated countdown style with an interjection gives a human touch. To make the template get along with your existing website template you may need to change the fonts and the color scheme of this template. The developer of this template, Ahmed have used the HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The code is well written so that you can easily correlate these codes with your existing website template coding. If you wish only to change the look of the template, then you can tweak the CSS section alone.

More info / Download Demo

Pure CSS


Pure CSS template is really a well executed template. As the name implies this template is purely based on the CSS, the JS files kept untouched in this template. The most user friendly touch you get with this template that you don’t have with the other templates is the option of providing the back to the home button. Rather than making the visitor hit the back button in the browser it will be more user friendly to providing the home button option on the error page itself. By doing like this you can make the visitors site within your site itself.

More info / Download Demo

404 Vampire


The 404 page can also be used to reflect the festive mood and the seasons to stay creative and to be on trend. This Vampire style 404 pages can be used during the Halloween seasons. With the templates like this, now you can give costumes for your websites also. With this template, you have enough space to say your message and also have the option to add a call to action button to take the user to the previous page. Again if you wish to use this template for your site, then you must spare some time to fit this template code into your existing website template.

More info / Download Demo

Fantasy Error Page


Fantasy error page template is a simple and elegant template. With the full page design, it makes use of all the screen space of the device. To add meaning to the templates name, a dreamy fantasy style background image is used. Other than that you get a straightforward bold 404 error message and a call to action button to take the user to the previous page. The only thing you need to change in this template when you integrate with your existing template is the color of the call to action button. This simple looking template uses HTML and CSS3 frameworks.

More info / Download Demo

Elegant Error Page


Elegant Error Page is a user friendly or to be precise user retaining 404 error page website template. Instead just adding an animated error page or a template with a sorry message, you can use an interactive web element. The only interactive web element which the user will feel useful in the error page is a search box.

Instead of taking the user to the previous page and to start the search cycle again, you can provide the search option directly in the error page itself. You also have the option to add navigation menu bar right below the search bar, by which the user can choose whatever page they want. With the two line texts, you have enough space to add your own personal message. If you are searching an error page template for a business website template or content rich sites like magazine website templates, the Elegant error page can help you.

More info / Download Demo

Fashion Error Page


Fashion error page template can be used for the personal website templates and e-commerce store website templates. With the big background image, the template manages to fill entire screen space. This template provides you the option to add social media icons to help the user to reach you if they need any immediate assistance. The subscription form at the error page is not a good idea, because the user may be a bit annoyed to know the page they want is not there. You can use this space for adding search bar or a back button. This template provides the navigation menu in the hamburger style.

More info / Download Demo

Easy Error Widget


Easy error widget will be a handy error page template. This template includes all the necessary web elements to retain the visitors and also have the option to help the visitor reach you easily. If you are using a full-page website template, this full-width error page template will fit well with your site. You get a bold text 404 error message and a small one line to add your personal message. Below the text box, other website page links are provided for better navigation. At the bottom right corner, you have the option to add social media icons. The hover effects on this page are done neatly. If your website is using a different color scheme for the hover effects, then make sure to customize the hovering color.

More info / Download Demo

Smart Error Page


If you wish to notify an error to the visitors in a more casual way, then this template will help you. With only one animated emoji at the center, the page won’t weigh a lot, when compared with other animation rich error page templates. Between all the texts and the web elements, ample amount of space is given to make the template look clean. You have a call to action button to take the visitor to the previous page. It is mobile responsive, so you won’t be having any issue with integrating this template into your mobile responsive website template.

More info / Download Demo

Flashy Error Page


Flashy error page template is a simple and clean looking 404 page template with a little animated owl. The bubble like effects on the background gives a lively feel to the template. The background image is a full-width image that covers the entire page. If you change the background image to any of the images related to Christmas, this 404 error page template can be used as a seasonal error page template. Because already you got a snow effect in the background and an animated owl with a hat at the center.

More info / Download Demo

Effective Error Page


Effective error page template is a clean looking, particle design style template. The particle design background is not interactive, but it manages to give a lively feel to the template. The default design of this template makes this a perfect fit for the beverage and bar website templates. With this error page, you get an error message, a bold heading and enough text space to add your own text. Just above the footer towards the bottom left corner you have other page links like home, about, services and contacts. Towards the bottom right corner, you have the option to add your social media profile link.

More info / Download Demo

Smooth Error Page


The Smooth Error page is a straightforward template with solid colors. In order to fill the entire screen space, this template uses solid color background instead of a background image. The bright red and little bit of rose tinted color indirectly show a warning message to the user. With this template you only a get a single line with few characters to add your own message. And again this template also includes a subscription form, which is not a suitable place to get user email address. You can use this space for any other useful feature and you don’t have a back button or links to other pages.

More info / Download Demo

Dark Error Page


This error page template is quite opposite to the name of the template. With a baby pink color and tinted pink color for the content box, this template looks clean and simple. Fonts weights are managed well on this design, you only have a single line with few characters to add your message. To make the texts fill elegantly within the design the spaces between the characters are made a bit higher than usual values. You have the option to add social media links of facebook, twitter and google plus. The hover effects on the social media icons are designed well. Other than the icons you also have the option to add a button to take the user to the previous page.

More info / Download Demo

Modern Error Widget


Modern Error Widget is a content rich error page template. With the split design, this template manages to show the 404 sign as well a detailed message from the webmaster. To cover the entire screen space solid color is used. On the left-hand side, you have the search bar and the 404 sign. On the right-hand side you the space to add your own creative texts and right below the texts you have the option to add popular social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You don’t have the option to add a button to take the visitor to the homepage or the previous page. You can use the text space to add a text link to the homepage.

More info / Download Demo

404 Error Widget


404 error widget is a super clean interactive error page template. The designer has made use of the given full space effectively. The split screen design with rose and white background is neat and simple. The visual effects on this template are sleek and are done with care. The consistency of the template design is followed in the visual effects of the templates also. With this template you get clear 404 sign and a bulleted list, you can use this list to add link to your other pages and categories. Other useful features are social media icons on the the left corner and the back to home option on the top right corner.

More info / Download Demo

Simple Error Page


With bold texts and reasonable bigger web elements this error page template manages to fill the full page design effectively. The texts are bold and dark, even though they are not visible in certain area due to the background image. To fix this, either try to change the background image or the text color. Other features you get with this template are back to home call to action button and social media links to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This simple error page template uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework and it is mobile responsive.

More info / Download Demo

Cool 404 Page


Cool 404 page is a flat design error page template. To match the flat design and also give a modern look latest font style is used. With the big background image this template manages to cover the full screen space. On the top you have navigation menu, which includes page links for home, portfolio, about and contact page. The call to action button uses hover effects to stay interactive, below the button you get social media icons for the most popular platforms. With the HTML5 and CSS3 framework base, this template is made mobile responsive and also optimized for all famous browsers.

More info / Download Demo

Simplified Error Page


Simplified error page is a restaurant style template. It is damn simple and straightforward, no flashy animations or unique features. It does its job perfectly, notifies the user that the content is not available. Only useful feature you get with this template is the search bar. It is a full page template and uses solid green tinted blue color as the background. The shadow effect for the content box helps to give it a clear distinction from the background. It is mobile responsive and uses HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks.

More info / Download Demo

Creative 404


Creative 404 is also a full page error template. This template uses content box and image background to fill the screen space of the device. The conte block uses split screen design with the neat and professional looking font, this template fits well in all type of business websites and personal websites. You have a search box option and right below it you have the option to add social media icons for Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Like most other templates on this list, this error page template is also mobile responsive.

More info / Download Demo

What’s Your 404 Error Page

These are some of the best free 404 error page template you can make use of for your HTML website templates. All the templates uses latest CSS framework, so you get modern design elements and trendy colors with these templates. Again, you can’t simply unzip the file and use it directly into your site, you have to spent some time to get these template into your site.

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