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22 Best Business Websites (Examples) 2023

Are you ready to take a peek at the best business websites because you’d like to gain ideas before building your own?

We wanted to include something for everyone, from clean websites to creative ones.

Whether you’re building a simple small business website or an advanced online shop, these examples equip you with heaps of creative proposals that will expand the horizons of possibilities.

Remember, you can quickly build a similar website either using a business WordPress theme or a business website builder.

Best Business Websites For Inspiration

1. Notarize

Built with: Webflow

notarize notary website

Notarize is a beautiful and modern website with an awesome responsive web design. They use a unique hero section with a title, text and a call-to-action (CTA) button. What we really like is that they’re also pretty straightforward with the price.

Moreover, the header is transparent, with a drop-down menu that turns solid and floats on the scroll. There’s also a FAQ section with accordions, keeping the space cleaner.

Note: Use a CTA above the fold, so everyone interested can take action immediately.

We also have a complete collection of the best Webflow websites.

2. The Rafael

Built with: Beaver Builder

the rafael one page website

The Rafael or The Julian are two minimalist, clean, one-page business websites that create a pleasant browsing experience.

The navigation bar is a sticky one, which is handy in the case of a single-page layout because it helps avoid unnecessary scrolling.

Note: Boost your website’s user experience with a floating header/menu.

3. ETQ

Built with: Shopify

etq simple website example

ETQ starts with a newsletter popup offering a discount, but you can easily close it if you are not interested.

The full-screen hero section features a 2/3 image background and a 1/3 text and link on a solid color.

The header disappears on the scroll but reappears as soon as you start scrolling back to top, giving the page a smoother appearance.

Note: Use a popup if you’d like to collect leads and grow your email list.

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4. Casa Mami

Built with: Squarespace

casa mami simple website example

Casa Mami is Beauty spelled with a capital. It’s a business website example with a massive slider that showcases the location without text or CTAs.

The design is minimalist, with a few bits of creativity sneaked in, including a parallax image.

Note: Use a slideshow purely for enjoyment instead of going straight to selling stuff.

Don’t forget to check all these stunning Squarespace website examples for more ideas.

5. Beginner Bank

Built with: Webflow

beginner bank clean website example

Beginner Bank has a dark design with an immersive scrolling experience that works so well for a one-page structure.

Moreover, the transparent header is always present, allowing you to jump from section to section with a single click.

While most of the site is dark, the footer is light, which gives it a cool dynamic feel. We also like the floating CTA button in the bottom right corner, which surely increases the application rate.

Note: Integrate a sticky CTA button and raise your potential of scoring more conversions.

6. Linnaean

Built with: Craft CMS

linaean spa website

Linnaean is a gorgeous business website with a newsletter popup that closes by pressing “x” or anywhere outside the popup.

Because it’s a service site, Linnaean strategically uses a sticky CTA button that opens the online booking system from the sidebar, so users don’t have to leave the current page.

Another awesome part of Linnaean is the (clickable) images representing each part of the location without being too salesy.

Note: Use an online booking system on your website to increase conversion rates instead of a 3rd-party platform.

7. Weddings By Lisa Nicole

Built with: Squarespace

weddings by lisa nicole service website

Weddings By Lisa Nicole is a simplistic wedding website that creates a strong first impression with the two slim slideshows that don’t feel like slideshows until you click them.

The header is minimalistic, with a logo on the left and a menu on the right. On the other hand, Weddings By Lisa Nicole doesn’t use a footer, just “Powered by Squarespace” text.

Note: Use more than one slider if you want to showcase a lot of content. We recommend using narrower slideshows in this case.

8. Objective

Built with: Wix

objective small business website

One of the more unique elements of Objective is the floating “Objective” text in the middle of the screen that acts as a back-to-top button. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel distracting.

This business website uses lots of images, a lightbox gallery, a drop-down menu and a two-column footer featuring menu links and a newsletter subscription widget.

Note: Don’t be afraid to go against the grain by adding website elements that no one else adds.

We have some more example websites built on the Wix platform.

9. Altrock

Built with: Squarespace

altrock small business website

Altrock has this interesting collage-like home page, with some images being clickable and some not. It’s an awesome presentation of their works that we aren’t used to seeing.

Plus, the overall page style sticks to simplicity to ensure the ultimate experience of browsing content. This also goes for the header and the footer.

Note: Combining minimalism and creativity can work wonders.

10. Traackr

Built with: Webflow

traackr small business website

Traackr displays a lot of content and information on the home page but uses slightly larger text and enough white space to maintain pleasant readability.

You’ll also find some animated elements, a mega menu, CTAs in the navbar and a language switcher at the bottom. Furthermore, they also have a “popup” promoting their featured content that collapses into a sticky sidebar CTA once you scroll.

Note: Use a language switcher so that users can personalize their website experience.

11. MinRims

Built with: Webflow

minrims clean website example

MinRims welcomes you with a full-screen image background, text at the bottom and a CTA at the top with an animated downward-pointing arrow that encourages you to start the one-of-a-kind scrolling experience.

The presentation of the product is very immersive, revealing all the additional details and views that excite you to join the waitlist.

Note: Create a unique single-page product presentation, like MinRims.

12. Willow Spa

Built with: Avada Theme

willow spa website

Similar to Casa Mami, Willow Spa also uses a clean slideshow without any text or CTA buttons.

There’s a top bar with extra business information and a header with a drop-down menu that sticks to the top of the screen.

What’s practical is the live chat widget in the bottom right corner for getting quick answers. Willow Spa also uses a pretty large Instagram feed grid that opens each post in a new tab.

Note: Do you want to add more content to your website? Integrated an IG feed.

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13. Soilboy

Built with: Squarespace

soilboy simple website example

Soilboy starts with a full-screen image background, text and a CTA button that takes the user directly to the shop.

There’s also a transparent header (that disappears when you scroll the page) to keep the appearance clean and a top bar notification that is closable.

What we like about Soilboy’s home page is that it maintains a minimalist website look throughout, with lots of white space, including the footer.

Note: Hide header on scroll and let it reappear only when needed.

14. Fred Perry

Built with: Adobe Commerce

fred perry magento website

Fred Perry wants you to have the best online shopping experience with a popup that offers you to select your region and language.

This business website features a disappearing/reappearing header, top bar notification, sticking bottom newsletter subscription, multi-column footer and product carousels, to name a few.

Note: Localize the experience with region and language switchers.

15. Vivobarefoot

Built with: Adobe Commerce

vivobarefoot magento website

Vivobarefoot has a full-width slideshow to promote some of its products with two CTA buttons per slide.

The navigation is a mega menu with links and images for finding the right product or information much faster.

Vivobarefoot also has country and currency selectors for more comfortable shopping.

Note: Use a slider to promote your best sellers, the latest drops, and more.

Check more ex. Magento now Adobe Commerce websites.

16. Nespresso

Built with: Adobe Commerce

nespresso magento website

Nespresso has a content-rich home page that doesn’t feel stuffed and overcrowded, still ensuring great content viewing.

They also have a cool “perfect coffee finder” with a three-part wizard that reveals the closest recommendations.

Last but not least, you’ll also find a shippable Instagram feed just before the footer with lightbox functionality.

Note: When done right, you can have a lot of content on your page, and it’ll still be a pleasure to view it.

17. Byredo

Built with: Adobe Commerce

byredo magento website

Byredo has a grid-style home page design, with most grid elements static, except one being animated to spice things up.

The top bar notification features sliding text (that you can close), the header has a mega menu and the footer has four columns of useful links, information, a language switcher and a newsletter widget.

Note: Don’t feel like adding a lot of text on your home page? No problem, create a grid to display your beautiful items.

18. Skullcandy

Built with: BigCommerce

skullcandy bigcommerce website

Skullcandy’s home page is bold but simple. It’s bold because of the images and simple because it’s short. The header is super clean, but the navigation opens a mega menu with all the necessary links.

The footer has multiple columns with a newsletter widget, social media icons and menu links.

Note: You don’t always need to add plenty of products, content and whatnot on your home page – keep it simple.

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19. Bliss

Built with: BigCommerce

bliss bigcommerce website

Bliss is a light and vibrant business website with an energetic vibe/branding from top to bottom. The top bar notification has a gradient background to make it stand out. The header has a mega menu and icons for search bar, log in, shopping cart, and more.

What’s really cool is the Instagram slider that features customers using Bliss products, so the whole website is not all about “me” but also about “you.”

The page also has a simple widget to enable accessibility, which happens automatically.

Note: Let everyone have the best website experience with accessibility mode.

20. American Leather

Built with: BigCommerce

american leather bigcommerce website

American Leather has a sticky top bar and header/navigation, so all the links are always at your fingertips.

They have a live chat widget to find quick answers, but there’s also a clickable phone number in the footer.

The home page contains plenty of images to glimpse their products quickly.

Note: Offer your visitors quick answers with a live chat widget.

21. Vionaro V8

Built with: Webflow

vionaro v8 webflow website

Like MinRims, Vionaro V8 also has a very immersive business website that takes you on a beautiful presentation journey.

And even though the page is long, it’s very entertaining, so that it won’t feel like that. (There’s also a progress bar at the top.) Plus, the dark-ish design gives it a more premium and high-end feel.

Note: Use a progress bar to inform visitors where they’re at.

22. Minna

Built with: Squarespace

mina startup website

Minna also uses a full-screen parallax image background above the fold with a minimalist and transparent header, which allows them to achieve a refined look.

The home page is split into multiple sections, presenting one item per section with an accompanying background to make it more dynamic.

Minna also has a three-post IG feed and a footer with links, social icons and a subscription widget.

Note: Add depth to your website with a parallax effect.

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