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brochure mockups
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30 Best Free Brochure Mockups & PSD Templates 2022

You need the best brochure mockups when you decide to push your design over and above. With these, you can see your artwork in action, send it out to the client or even use it on your own online portfolio. The part you will probably like the most about all these is that they come free. In addition to that, all templates are of the highest quality and super simple to employ.

Thanks to Photoshop and smart object layer, you simply drag and drop your creation and immediately see it “real-time”. With this in mind, you can have multiple variations of your must-have brochure ready and set in mere minutes.

You can use our cutting-edge collection of free brochure mockups for all sorts of intentions. Best for marketing and promotional purposes, create the neatest designs that will entice and impress the end-user. Moreover, have them hooked and intrigued to flip through the brochure to see what’s hot.

From brand awareness, new products and services announcement, bi-fold, tri-fold, you name it, brochures could be for everyone, as well as in many different styles. For your convenience, we have a broad variety of brochures, booklets, flyers, pamphlets and leaflets in PSD for you to take to your advantage.

Gate Fold Brochure Mockup Standing

gate fold brochure mockup standing

With our comprehensive collection of brochure mockups, you will find the right one quickly. And if you are particularly looking for a brochure with a gatefold, then this is the one that will do the trick. You can immediately improve the default look with an option to add a design to the outside and the inside. What’s more, you can also style the color of the brochure and the background with any color that you want by accessing the handy color picker. To top it all up, over on Placeit, you can also append a text overlay or a graphic.

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Mockup of a Floating Brochure

mockup of a floating brochure

We bring you a floating bi-fold brochure mockup that calls for a striking and life-like demonstration of your jaw-dropping creation. Whether you want to brand the brochure or enrich it with some art, you can do both in a few clicks. That’s right, just hit the upload button, pick the design you would like to slide in and you are done. Keep in mind, you can also crop and reposition your creative if necessary. You can also change the tint of the paper and the background and have it exactly how you fancy. That’s that, now it is your turn to take action and make the magic happen.

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Brochure Mockup Featuring a Woman Sitting on a Stairway

brochure mockup featuring a woman sitting on a stairway

Here is the one that will trigger your attention for a truly photorealistic brochure mockup. The template features a woman reading a tri-fold brochure that you can decorate with a custom design. The working area of the brochure is 825 x 650 px. Keep in mind, adding your design or image is only the beginning of all the goodies that Placeit treats you to. Of course, you can also change the booklet’s color and add text and graphics. What’s best, you do not need to have any experience with design and still end up with a sophisticated presentation that will amaze everyone.

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Mockup of a Bi-Fold A5 Brochure

mockup of a bi-fold a5 brochure

When working with a client on brochure design, once you are close to the finishing product, use a brochure mockup for a life-like presentation. Especially if it is a bi-fold brochure, here is a template you can use right away. It allows you to edit the front page and the inside page. With a simple upload function, you can instantly append your designs and make them appear on the mockup in just a click. Last but not least, you can also change the color of the brochure’s paper and the background. The mockup supports unlimited colors, so you make it follow your branding without a hitch.

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Bifold Brochure Mockup Lying Next to a Laptop

bifold brochure mockup lying next to a laptop

A professional bifold brochure mockup template on a glass desk next to a laptop. If you are looking for a photo-realistic presentation of your brochure design, you better not miss this nifty solution. It gives you all the necessary for a quick realization of an exclusive outcome that will help your client better visualize the possible final product. Also, the mockup could work out great for any type of social promotion or even in an email. Play around with different colors, slide in your design and add a text overlay if necessary for a speedy and spectacular realization of a presentation.

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Open Booklet Mockup Lying on a Two-Color Surface

open booklet mockup lying on a two color surface

A highly customizable brochure mockup featuring an open booklet over a two-tone background/surface. It offers you two working areas of 700 x 1000 px dimension for you to introduce your marvelous designs. Add the right and left designs and make them instantly appear on the brochure/booklet. Once you upload an image, Placeit also allows you to crop and reposition it accordingly. Moreover, you can edit the color of each brochure page individually and each of the two-tone background. Make it as colorful as you want or keep things simple and minimal, whatever suits your taste best. Multiple options to create the exact presentation that you visualized.

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Mockup of a Woman About to Open a Brochure

mockup of a woman about to open a brochure

To take things to the next level, you better employ a brochure mockup template which involves a human being. This one features a woman looking at a 700 x 1000 px brochure while sitting behind a wooden desk. Instead of keeping things blank, insert your brochure design by uploading your image and making any possible last corrections. Thanks to the user-friendliness of Placeit, anyone can create a presentation that will amaze and inspire. If you have the design ready, you do not need to be a pro to use it with this mockup and make it follow your regulations to a T. Of course, you can also change the shade of the paper, using the practical color picker.

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Mockup of a Woman Reading a Brochure

mockup of a girl reading a brochure

Keep things as realistic as possible with a brochure mockup of a woman flipping through the outcome. You do not really need actually to print a brochure and take images of it. With a mockup, you do it all in a few quick clicks and already have a realistic and possible version ready to go. This gives you a better understanding of whether or not your design needs additional editing. Once you upload the image, you can also change the color of the paper, so it suits your or your client’s want exactly. Although you will need to invest very little work, you can expect a first-class result.

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Eye-catchy Brand Brochure PSD Mockup for Free

Brochures should be well designed to kindle the interests of the audience. It can even expand the visibility of your brand across potential clients. So, before you finalize your designs, test it with this free Brochure PSD Mockup. It features 2 brochures in an upright angle displaying the front and back views which comes with smart object layers for applying your designs into the scene. With this free tool, you can now enjoy a beautiful presentation with flawless designs in no time! If you’d like to edit the background to implement your preferences, this mockup enables you to do so easily.

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Letter-sized Brochure PSD Mockup for Free

Highlight your products with the use of brochures. Or introduce your brand to numerous potential clients with a seamless brochure project. You can do that when you remove the flaws in your design with this Brochure PSD Mockup for Free. This mockup comes with 2 letter-sized brochures in a perspective view. You can use this tool for a client presentation or for your own projects. Just apply your designs with the use of smart object layers as each of these have one. With a dimension of 4000×3000 pixels, this mockup can showcase your brochure designs clearly and pixel-perfectly. You may also change the background color if you need to.

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Quad-Fold Brochure Design PSD Mockup for Free

Promote your brand cost-effectively and practically with brochures created professionally. If you wish to use it as part of your marketing schemes, you must see this Quad-Fold Brochure Design PSD Mockup for Free. It features a multi-fold brochure mockup to display your editorial designs stylishly. This mockup enables you to easily add your own graphics with the help of the smart layer. Specifically, you can showcase the front cover and 3 inner pages. Each page of the brochures has smart objects so it’s definitely easier to edit each one. It also comes with a business card that allows you to showcase and enhance your designs. If you wish to change the background color that’s also possible with this mockup.

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Letter Brochure PSD Mockup

Brochures are not just affordable form of brand promotion, it’s also a compact and informative tool that every entrepreneur must-have for their business. If you wish to craft the cover page of your brochure, the inner and back cover then don’t ignore this Letter Brochure PSD Mockup. It can help you create the finest overall design of your brochure. This mockup features ample 8 letter-sized brochure in different angles. With this mockup, you won’t just enhance the cover but also the inside pages. This tool can be perfect to polish your designs without much difficulty. Thanks to the smart object layer, this mockup allows you to easily insert your artwork. This mockup is also possible if you prefer to edit the background.

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Bi-fold Brochure Design PSD Mockup

psd university bi-fold brochure template

If your client is a university, this bi-fold brochure mockup is your best pick. It is designed specifically for schools, universities and colleges to save you loads of time and effort. Now, you can present your work in a professional and sophisticated, very photo-realistic way. While you can benefit from the default settings, you can also adit and improve the layout with your creation and even use it from something entirely different. Of course, you do not need to stick with the university theme. In the bundle, you get two mockups, one features a stack of three brochures and the other a spread brochure.

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Real Estate Business Brochure

real estate hotel tri-fold brochure template

Designers who work with a real estate client or, more specifically, with a hotel owner, here is a brochure mockup ideal for you. It is a tri-fold pamphlet template in green. However, you can easily change the look of it entirely and make it follow your client’s branding to a T. Moreover, instead of one, you get three different looks of the same brochure for more freedom and extended professionalism. Use it for personal or commercial purposes and impress not only your client but also the end-users. Present special deals, rooms and other services uniquely.

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Four-Panel Roll Fold Brochure PSD Mockup

4-panel roll fold brochure mockups

Some are single, some bi-fold, the others tri-fold and you even have four-panel roll fold brochures. For your convenience, we hand-collected something for everyone. This particular free brochure mockup is the four-panel roll fold variation with a stunning look, enriched with sophistication and elegance. You can customize every pamphlet section and make it your own without hassle. Download it now, import it in Photoshop and look for the smart object layer. From then on, the task becomes simple and fun, offering you to have the look you want to achieve with your brochure ready quickly. Get creative or do things the minimalist way, whatever the case, succeed with this neat mockup layout.

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Landscape Half Fold Brochure Mockup

free landscape half fold brochure mockup

While you are often used to seeing vertical brochures, you can also use a landscape/horizontal style. The latter ones are somewhat more elegant and aesthetically appealing, but that might be due to the fact of not being that popular in the everyday use. That said, if you are ready to differentiate yourself, you can do it by choosing a different format for your brochure. From then on, get a free mockup like this one and attach your design to it to see its exact version. You can now decide if it needs additional editing or not and be fully comfortable when sending it out for print.

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Square Bifold Brochure Mockup

free sqaure brochure mockup

Square brochures are also available and, would you look at that, we have the ideal bi-fold mockup here for you. This sample gives you a bunch of different views; outside and inside, as well as with male hands. The variation with male hands gives you a super photo-realistic view that will spark everyone’s interest. To help your client better visualize how the end product will look like, demonstrate it to them with a free brochure mockup and take their breath away. Download this freebie now and get things to come to life with ease and flow.

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Trifold Brochure Mockup

free download trifold brochure mockup

Before fully realizing your marketing ideas, you better test things out first and be safe than sorry. Sure, it might take you one additional step but at least you will avoid any inconvenience. Just imagine, printing a thousand brochures with the wrong color or font – no good! Anyhow, if your design for a tri-fold pamphlet is ready, employ this free brochure mockup and see its lifelike version. You noticed that there are quite a lot of details on this template, from plant to coffee cup and pencil to name a few. You can use, reuse or reposition these in the exact way you fancy.

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Free Bifold Brochure Mockup

free bifold brochure mockup

When you decide to use a brochure to send your message out, you need to strategically craft the right design that will intrigue them. Not only that, show how serious and how professional you are so they will never doubt in you. If pushing a product or a service, get your hand on this A4 bi-fold brochure mockup and start bringing your craft to realization. A mockup could be the final step aka the final proof that your creation works out flawlessly. And in case you or your client are not fully satisfied, fine-tune it now and test it out again for as long as it does not satisfy both parties.

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Open Brochure Mockup for Photography Business

free photography brochure mockup

For photography projects, this free brochure mockup is the ideal solution to showcase your outstanding photographies. Get your name known with a simple thing as a pamphlet. And if you are hosting a photo exhibition, invite everyone interested with a brochure where they can learn more about you and your works. Or simply stun them with impressive imagery. Whatever the case, create a unique, lifelike version of a mockup with this template by editing the file in Photoshop. Enrich it with your personal touch and make it stand out due to all the details the mockup includes.

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Free Trifold Square Brochure Mockup

trifold square brochure psd mockup

We already covered the bi-fold square mockup; here we now have a tri-fold alternative. To promote your business like a champ spread the awareness with a striking pamphlet that will get everyone’s attention. Bear in mind, this exclusive layout offers six different views for you to take the presentation to a whole other level. You can fully design the inside and the outside of the brochure and make it appear special with all these additional looks. Besides, you can also change the design and make it follow your brand’s precisely. You can accomplish a ton with a free template for brochures and get things to a whole other level.

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Free Brochure Mockup in PSD

a4 brochure mockup

This free brochure mockup is more of a booklet, but you can use it however you fancy, for whatever project you work on. It is a versatile and adaptable tool that presents your company or client’s services originally and uniquely. No need to stick with the out of the box version instead, go against the norm and bring in front of the potential audience something fresh and novel. Get them interested and make them talk about you and your offerings with their families and friends. To increase the hype, there are eight different scenes you get access to, and you can also alter the color of the background.

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Tri-fold Brochure PSD Mockup

free creative tri fold brochure template

Another beautiful and eye-catchy free tri-fold brochure mockup for your advertising ideas. You can now create the final product without actually printing it. With this process, you can see how your promotional artwork looks and improve it if needed. Only then, when your client and your personal creative spirit are 100% satisfied, printing begins. Download the PSD file, import it into Photoshop and start editing it. You can modify colors, typography and all other elements and forge the best fitting brochure out there. Besides, if working with multiple clients who need pamphlets, you can hammer out entirely different styles at a rapid pace.

More info / Download

Square Brochure Mockup In PSD

square brochure mockup free psd

Call it a brochure or a booklet, both work, making this mockup a versatile template for many uses. Whether your a drug store promoting your latest products, a brand advertising their latest drop or even a service-based business, create a brochure and jump on board. While some of the mockups come with one scene only, this one includes eight for you to get the most out of it. From closed to open, back, front and inside, all views are available for everyone who downloads this square brochure mockup in PSD. Make it your own or simply add it to your collection for later use.

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A4 Sized Tri-fold Brochure PSD Mockup

trifold brochure mockup

From a single A4 paper format, you can easily create a vertical tri-fold brochure. Make it one-of-a-kind by utilizing this free template and testing out a whole bunch of different variations. The free brochure mockup offers a bird’s-eye view at the pamphlet for everyone to enjoy its visually appealing graphic presentation. One thing is for sure, just like all the rest on this list, it is a very realistic brochure which you can decorate with your designs easily and effortlessly. Change the colors, the fonts, add your image and personalize the experience and make it follow your branding precisely.

More info / Download

A5 Brochure Mockup

a5 brochure psd mockup

There is a horde of different ways how you can market your business, and a banging brochure is one of them. If you are looking to create a smaller size brochure, you can rock this A5 brochure mockup and see the magic happen. It is a bi-fold brochure aka booklet mockup in a very attractive atmosphere. The sample is packed with various working areas for you to add your creations and see instant results. Along with the brochure, the mockups also includes letterhead, file, cup with plate, plant and more. You can also change the background to help push the actual artwork of yours.

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Horizontal Brochure PSD Mockup

free horizontal hardcover brochure mockup psd

You are in right hands with all the free brochure mockups you find here. They are all super simple to utilize for the refined, clean and professional outcome. Just the basic Photoshop knowledge is required and you can better imagine how the final work would look like. That said, whether a web designer, a one-man brand or a company, with a brochure, you can do a lot in the name of growing your name. Do not miss employing it and see the difference. Predominantly, most of the pamphlets are vertical but that is not the case for this stunning masterpiece. Demonstrate its realistic visualization and make an impression.

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Trifold Square Brochure Mockup in PSD

square trifold brochure mockup

It truly is too easy to be true to work with a free brochure mockup. Even if you are a newbie designer, you can achieve fantastic results with it as well. Heck, you only need to have Photoshop and all the rest comes pretty naturally. Find the smart object layer and you are nearly done. For tri-fold square brochures, you came to the right place. A simple and to the point scenery that emphasizes your artwork and the final brochure that you will then send out for print. Even the background, you can modify for a killer brochure demonstration.

More info / Download

Bifold Square Brochure Mockup

bifold square brochure mockup

It is all about making it visually appealing and tempting so they actually check it out. Yes, I am speaking about brochures and pamphlets. However you want to call it, we bring you a stunning brochure mockup with a front and back or inside and outside look with an editable background. In short, you can adjust and enhance this template at free will. Since it comes at no cost, you can download it right away and start putting it to use immediately. Update it with your artwork and make it shine with all of its light. All you need to do is to drag and drop your work and you are ready to roll.

More info / Download

Die Cut Brochure Mockup in PSD

die cutting mockup

If you would genuinely like to differentiate yourself from the masses, now is the right time to do it. With this die cut brochure mockup, you can achieve fantastic results without the need to print it just yet. You can first experiment with numerous different combinations to find the right one for your project. In the bundle, you get two PSD files of which one features a closed and the other an opened booklet. Just like all the rest, edit it with Photoshop and you can be done quickly and efficiently. Always look for new ways to stand out from the masses.

More info / Download

Trifold Brochure Mockup in PSD

free trifold brochure mockup

When designing a tri-fold pamphlet for your client or yourself, you must first lay down a solid artwork. From then on, you need to find a way to test the photo-realistic version of the outcome. With the right free brochure mockup and your creation ready, you can see how the final product would look like in just a few clicks. Edit all three sections of the brochure and see instant results. To your surprise, all you’ve done works out seamlessly. On the other hand, if you feel like some light improvements are needed, do them now before you print it.

More info / Download

Free Square Brochure Mockup in PSD

free square brochure mockup

Regardless of what you offer to the crowd, chances are, you might push your latest deals, products and services with a brochure. Since many are using it and not slowing down slightly, you can benefit from it, too. That said, create your own presentation with a brochure, a booklet or a pamphlet using this cracking free mockup. It is square and lets you change the front, the back and the inside pages to enjoy a graphic sneak peek. In Photoshop, look for the smart object layer and edit it according to your needs.

More info / Download

Beautiful Brochure PSD Mockup

square brochure mockup free

Download a free brochure mockup and have a preview of the final product ready in close to no time. This beautiful template includes four working areas and permits you to edit background and alter shadows. Put your creative thinking into play and modify it to your heart’s content. Before you know it, you have an attractive and tasty demonstration of the brochure. Send it out to your client to investigate it further before printing begins. Also, create a stupendous brochure design, use it on your online portfolio website, and increase your potential. The possibilities are endless so take full charge of it.

More info / Download

Photorealistic Tri-fold Brochure Mockup

tri-fold brochure mockup

A brochure can be great for branding, as well as to offer special deals and offers. Whatever the case might be, we bring you the complete collection of free brochure mockups for you to enjoy. If working with multiple clients, now is your chance to fuel your imagination with new ideas and start hammering out original and creative designs to wow everyone. Help them out spread their name and grow their businesses with something as basic as a brochure. It is a tri-fold brochure we got here and you can utilize it with a click of a mouse. Just download it and you are ready to roll.

More info / Download

Beauty Salon PSD Brochure Mockup

beauty salon tri fold brochure template mockup

Either you are a multi-talented business owner or a designer, when the niche is beauty, here is the most ideal brochure mockup for you. For free! It gives a photo-realistic feel to it and all the rights to create both the front and back of the surface. It comes in a few different scenes that give an even better idea of how the actual printed version will appear. No need to complicate, simply download the dedicated mockup template and see the difference in just a few instants later. Your workflow increases significantly when you have the right material and elements on hand.

More info / Download

Double Sided Tri-Fold Brochure PSD Mockup

free 2 sided tri fold brochure mockup psd

When you are creating a tri-fold brochure, of course, you want both sides to have content on it. To do things right, with epic style, use our free brochure mockups and save yourself both time and energy. A stunning template awaits you, enhanced with gorgeous colors and elegance. After the download, insert your work and create both sides of the pamphlet without hassle. You will see your artwork appear straightaway for you to do quick correction real-time. Create a marketing medium that will take your or your client’s brand name to new heights thanks to your ingenious brochure design.

More info / Download

White Clean Brochure Cover

free brochure cover mockup psd

This could be the cover of a tri-fold brochure or even a thin bi-fold variation. No matter what for you use this free mockup, you can easily edit and step it up per your request. Notice: to attain the best possible outcome, make sure you use your style of the same size as the dimensions you get in the help folder. Sure, you can do your thing as well but is not necessary. Keep things simple, create a clean and minimal white brochure preview and express your sophistication and stylishness in a modern and contemporary way. Get it done the right way.

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