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t-shirt mockups
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30 Free T-Shirt Mockups For Clothing Brands & Print Shops 2022

You can use T-shirt mockups for all sorts of purposes that will benefit you greatly. Whether you are a print shop owner, starting an apparel brand, or even just an online T-shirt business, always make sure your product shots are of the highest quality.

Of course, you can order it, take product shots and use them in your store and for other marketing purposes. However, the simplest and quickest option would be to use T-shirt mockups to be able to attain equally professional results. And you do not even need to own the product! Moreover, these mockups come especially handy if you are using a print-on-demand service that does the printing, the packaging, and the shipping instead of you.

In most cases, a T-shirt mockup is a blank T-shirt that you can put your designs on. It is as simple as that. Still, to make it more photo-realistic and easier for people to envision the designs they are getting for themselves, many mockups include a male or a female model wearing it.

You have a ton of different T-shirt mockup options in the collection below.

Best Free T-Shirt Mockups

T-shirt Mockup Featuring a Stylish Man in the City

t-shirt mockup featuring a stylish man in the city

A T-shirt will never go out of style. It is an essential piece of clothing both for men and women. And if you happen to be running a T-shirt store or an apparel brand, making a life-like presentation does not have to be complicated and pricey anymore. As it turns out, all it takes is a mockup, and you are closer than ever to making the demonstration of your new tee design. Here is a male model in a men’s shirt, posing somewhere in the city. You can upload any design or logo you want with a hit on the button. Moreover, the color picker also allows you to change the shade of the garment.

More info / Download

T-shirt Mockup Featuring a Family of Three Posing in The Bedroom

t-shirt mockup featuring a family of three posing in the bedroom

Is everyone up for a matching family tee? Here is a cool and lovely T-shirt mockup featuring a family of three, if that is the case. All three clothing items are entirely editable, with custom designs and colors. While every T-shirt can have a different design, of course, you can also create a matching outcome. To top it all up, the mockup also offers you to slide in a graphic and add some text or a call-to-action. It takes no time at all to have an end product ready to impress your customers with something new and must-have.

More info / Download

T-shirt Mockup of a Woman Wearing Denim

t-shirt mockup of a woman wearing denim

A women’s T-shirt mockup that can push your fresh, new design over and beyond. As you already know, nowadays, you do not even need to hire a model and a photographer to get professional product shots done. Thankfully, we have an array of different alternatives here that will help you with a life-like presentation of your T-shirt design. By the way, you do not need to be a skilled designer, and you also do not need to use Photoshop. When it comes to Placeit, you will enjoy the smooth flow of improving the template according to your liking.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Woman Wearing a T-shirt Under Her Bomber Jacket

mockup of a woman wearing a t-shirt under her bomber jacket

Instead of hiring a professional photographer and a model, you can get a spectacular demonstration of your tee design with a mockup. It would barely take you any time to edit the template with your work, as you do it all in-browser over on Placeit. Nope, no need to use Photoshop or any other photo editing tools. Just import your image via the upload button, crop and reposition it, and you are ready to roll. Additionally, change the color of the T-shirt and add a text overlay, if necessary. Loads of options are at your disposal to swiftly create a realistic presentation of your new tee design.

More info / Download

Man Wearing a T-shirt Posing in Front of His Truck

man wearing a t-shirt and posing in front of his truck

By using a T-shirt mockup, you can not only test your designs, but you can also use the outcome for an extra boost in promotion, too. Also, a mockup is an excellent way of gaining new ideas that help with the final design creation. If you are into trucks and truck-related topics, here is the ideal mockup template for you. It features a bearded guy with glasses and a flannel standing in front of his truck. Upload your design with a click of a button and see it appear on the tee flawlessly. Have in mind, you can also change the color of the garment and make the final product exactly to your likings.

More info / Download

T-shirt Mockup of a Man with a Tote Bag

t-shirt mockup of a man with a tote bag

A nifty, jolly, and modern T-shirt mockup of a dude, sitting, with his glasses on and a tote bag in his hands. Would you look at that? Just as you can edit the tee, you can also enrich the tote bag with your designs! You can fully improve this template in just a few clicks and have it ready to impress possible buyers or the client you work with. Placeit is a wonderful and user-friendly platform where you can come up with the most outstanding presentations for the product designs you are working on. Do not waste any more time and enjoy the process, which gives excellent results.

More info / Download

T-shirt Mockup of a Bearded Man With a Leather Jacket

t-shirt mockup of a bearded man with a leather jacket

Here is the right T-shirt mockup for you for a more rocker-ish and motorcycle vibe. It features a bearded guy with an open leather jacket standing by his bike. If the template suits your brand or objective, by all means, head over to Placeit and edit it accordingly. Just a few clicks later, you will have a full-blown presentation ready to go. Impress your fans and your client, and get the hype going strong with an outcome that will make everyone crave your new shirt design. Make it as exclusive as you fancy; the end product will surely be a real masterpiece.

More info / Download

T-shirt Mockup Featuring a Tattooed Senior Man

t-shirt mockup featuring a tattooed senior man

With tattoos being a real hype nowadays, it is becoming pretty normal that brands and companies use tattooed models in their marketing campaigns. And if you would particularly like a tattooed senior man to sport your brand, you can do that now. This happy, bearded man enjoys himself at a restaurant, chatting and exchanging knowledge bombs. Enrich his shirt with your marvelous design by hitting the upload button. Also, alter the shade of the garment if necessary and append some text.

More info / Download

Round Neck T-shirt PSD Mockup Free Download

Clothing brands need to ensure that every clothing product they dispose of has the best quality to improve customer loyalty. In addition, they must not miss adding a logo or brand as part of their marketing strategy. Well, with this Round Neck T-shirt PSD Mockup Free Download, you can indeed evaluate your branding designs. This freebie features a hanging T-shirt with a superb and photorealistic effect. It enables you to add your branding to various parts of the T-shirts through smart objects. You can add a logo on the front and sleeves, change the colors of different parts and modify the background color. This way, people will have to consider their clothing products as they see the brand.

More info / Download

Free V-Neck T-shirt PSD Mockup

T-shirts are comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. Men and women commonly include T-shirts on their wardrobes on casual walks. Thus, the demand for this type of apparel is high with the brand competition. So, better make your designs exceptional along with genuine quality. Here’s a Free V-Neck T-shirt PSD Mockup that will serve as an effective guide in crafting your T-shirt products. This free T-shirt mockup features a male model wearing a T-shirt with a magnificent background. Having the smart object layer, you can easily add your designs on the T-shirt. Whether you want to add patterns, logo, or whatever artwork you want to add, it’s easy and quick to do so.

More info / Download

Free Pocket T-shirt Mockup

The designs of the T-shirts greatly contribute to the overall quality of the apparel. While comfort is far more important, some people can’t wear T-shirts with cluttered designs. So it is always necessary that you craft the designs well. Here’s a Free Pocket T-shirt Mockup to aid you in evaluating your designs. With this mockup, you can check your patterns, logo, and other artworks, whether they’re ready for print or needs more improvement. This freebie features 2 long T-shirts in separate PSD files – one for the front design and the other for the back view. Moreover, this mockup is fully layered, where you can easily customize the colors, pockets, and garments, and add your branding via the smart object layers. You may also change the background color if you wish to.

More info / Download

Woman Wearing a Round Neck T-shirt

If you are looking for a life-like T-shirt mockup, you came to the right place. This is a mockup of a woman wearing a round-neck T-shirt in her kitchen. It is a fantastic solution that creates a beautiful experience for the end-user. You can utilize it for many different intentions. Whether for social media promotion, on your online store, or even in an email campaign, grab your customers’ attention without the hassle and turn them into potential clients. Also, if you are building a design portfolio or working with a client, showcase your creation on a T-shirt and win them over. The options are unlimited.

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Free Photorealistic Men’s T-shirt PSD Mockup

More often than not, men choose apparel that could enhance their masculinity. With such apparel, they are able to look more attractive and well-built. With that in mind, clothing brands continue to create irresistible and exceptional designs of t-shirt to impress customers. If you’re working with t-shirts for men, then this Free Photorealistic Men T-shirt PSD Mockup is a demand! It features a man wearing a t-shirt in a semi-side view with fantastic nature background. As with what other awesome mockups offer, this freebie lets you insert your designs easily through the use of a smart object layer.

More info / Download

Awesome Men T-shirt PSD Mockup

men t-shirt psd template free download

When you have a design ready and set for print, you want to test it out first and see it in action. One of the best ways to see how it will appear on a T-Shirt is choosing a mockup. With a simple dragging and dropping via smart objects, you can instantly see the end product. This particular mockup gives you a blue and a white T-Shirt with a round neck. The out-of-the-box versions can also be altered to your needs and requirements. In other words, change the garment color and the color of the background or use it as is.

More info / Download

Free PSD Men T-Shirt Mockup

free psd men shirt mockup

First and foremost, you need to understand that all the T-Shirt mockups you find on this list are free of charge. You can download and use them straight away. The same goes for this mockup of a guy wearing a T-Shirt which allows you to add your design, whether just a logo or a full front print. Whatever the case, it offers you to study your work further to perform any necessary last edits. Moreover, you can also change the color of the top and even alter the background. You will indeed have no issues coming up with a few different variations in a snap and see what works best for your brand.

More info / Download

Free Download T-shirt Mockup

free download t-shirt mockup

We ensured that the collection of free T-Shirt mockups is a mix of male and female apparel for your convenience. Here is a mockup that includes a T-Shirt, a Converse sneaker, and a pair of jean shorts to provide a complete outfit. You can remove the latter two at free will or leave them part of the presentation. Besides, you can change the color of the shirt and add different designs to it. Get creative and come out with an enticing result that you can use to presell your new T-Shirt design. Intrigue them and start taking fresh orders.

More info / Download

Sober & Cute T-shirt PSD Mockup

Free White T-shirt Psd Mockup

A white T-Shirt is essential for both men and women. If you are coming up with the best design for your white shirt and would like to see how it appears in real-time, this T-Shirt mockup is what you need. It already comes with a quote, but you can change it effortlessly. You can also change the main color of the T-Shirt to the one you fancy. The mockup features a round-neck tee with a tag on a wooden background. Get your buyers familiar with what they are purchasing and get a better idea of the outcome they will receive in their mailboxes.

More info / Download

Customizable T-shirt Mockup Available in PSD

guy T-shirt Mockup

If you are a fresh business owner who is establishing an apparel brand, a T-Shirt is still one of the best products to get things moving. It is an item of clothing that everyone likes, whether a dude or a dudette. To avoid getting the actual print done, hiring a model, as well as a photographer, to get a photoshoot done, all you can use is a T-Shirt mockup, and you are ready to rock. Add your design to the tee, change the product’s color, and even modify the background, so your brand image pops out, even more, all this with a simple to use and free mockup.

More info / Download

Round Neck T-shirt Mockup In PSD

Free Round Neck T-shirt Mockup

You might have the most remarkable design, but what good is it if it does not appear fantastic on a T-Shirt as you envision? To avoid the struggle, pick up a mockup and test all sorts of variations to avoid any inconvenience later on. Change the color of the product and add different work styles to figure out the best combination that will intrigue everyone. Once that’s done, you can sit back, relax and start enjoying fresh orders coming in regularly. Achieving such results is way easier than you think – take action now!

More info / Download

Male Multi-Color T-Shirt Mockup

male multi color t-shirt mockup

If you were pushing just the designs, it is time to change. Make your business bloom with realistic T-Shirt mockups and achieve great results. Get those interested in your apparel to have a better idea of what they are purchasing without the need to spend a hefty price tag to get a model and a photographer to sort things out. You can easily do it with a mockup and attain similar results. The one mockup you see above allows you to change the color of the top, add your design and create a superb presentational material that will help you drive sales.

More info / Download

Acid Wash T-shirt PSD Mockup

Free Acid Wash Tee Mockup Michael Hoss

This acid wash T-Shirt mockup for young people who enjoy urban lifestyle brands comes perfectly to grab their attention. It is a classic round-neck T-Shirt with rolled sleeves on a hanger. You can change the color of the background and the color of the garment, add your creation using Photoshop, and that is it. Before you know it, you can have your T-Shirt crafted without the need to send it out to the print shop yet. On top of that, you also do not need to invest anything to make things move forward since the mockup is, you guessed it, free of charge.

More info / Download

Hanging T-shirt Mockup in PSD

free hanging tshirt mockup

If you ever wondered how to bring into being a T-Shirt with a design on it without doing it all yourself, the simplest approach is to use a mockup. Now that was a breeze. In this hand-picked collection, you will find a wide variety of tools that you can take to your advantage. For pure presentational purposes and to see that your work fits on a tee seamlessly, this hanging T-Shirt mockup is the ideal solution for you. Get it for free by hitting the download button, importing it into Photoshop, finding the smart object layer, and changing the existing design with yours, and you are all done.

More info / Download

Fashionable V-neck T-shirt PSD Mockup

V-Neck Shirt Free Mockup

While T-Shirts with round-necks are the most common, you might want to step things up with a V-neck shirt. Here is an ideal T-Shirt mockup for you if that is the case. Besides, it is free and very straightforward to use, for everyone to get the most out of it. Meaning, you do not need to be a skilled designer to change the initial artwork with yours. Basic Photoshop knowledge is all you need. From there on, you can also play with colors and implement your signature touch to it to truly create a genuine presence of your T-Shirt brand’s fresh new drop.

More info / Download

Round-neck T-shirt PSD Mockup

Free Round Neck T-shirt Mockup For Branding

Round-neck T-shirt with rolled sleeves is what you are getting with this neat and effortless to employ mockup. You can now present your designs in a unique and photo-realistic way without the need to break a single drop of sweat. It is all there, at the tip of your fingers, for you to start doing all sorts of different tricks and tweaks to turn the free T-Shirt mockup into your piece of art. Your potential clients will surely be amazed and impressed, ready to open their wallets and get one for them. If you plan to increase the hype for your fresh brand or new products drop, use a Mockup to excite people.

More info / Download

Folded Shirt Mockup in PSD

free folded shirt mockup

A fully customizable folded T-Shirt mockup gives you a different approach to presenting your designs. So far, you might be using those on hangers and those on models. However, if you want to go against the norm and do things differently, you might test things out with a folded T-Shirt. What’s more? You can also tailor the background to fit your branding to the T. Pick it up now for free and make the magic happen inside of Photoshop.

More info / Download

Free T-shirt PSD Mockup

free shirt mockup

Yes, once you get the gist of it, it truly is that easy. Whether you are promoting an event or you are starting your very own apparel brand, get a T-Shirt mockup, add your design to it, and have a photo-realistic presentation that no one will be able to resist. And if you are using a print-on-demand service, you do not even need to touch the actual final product. With this freebie, you can implement your brand logo, your impressive artwork, or even a simple quote, whatever the case, do it with style. Do not forget to change the color of the garment and even the background if there is a need.

More info / Download

White T-Shirt Mockup Freebie

free t-shirt mockup

A realistic approach to presenting your T-Shirt design without actually printing it is what you get with this mockup. Indeed, a super simple to use mockup features a male model with his right hand in the pocket of his jeans, wearing a white tee. The front of the T-Shirt is fully editable for you to slide in your custom artwork and see how it looks on someone wearing it. A very effortless way to see the result you need for proof before you send the content out to the print shop. Furthermore, you can also use it for social media marketing purposes.

More info / Download

Women T-shirt PSD Mockup

t-shirt mockups

You might not know it yet, but you have oh so many models all over the place willing to model for you. However, I am not speaking about paid gigs and photo shoots. If you pick up a T-Shirt mockup with a model, voila, you just scored yourself a “brand ambassador.” Joke aside, create a realistic presentation of your new designs or a simple tee with your logo with this freebie. It features a woman wearing a yellow T-Shirt with rolled-up sleeves with both hands in the front pockets of her jeans. The mockup makes it feel like she would truly be modeling your gear, right?

More info / Download

Folded T-Shirt Mockup Freebie

T-Shirt Mockup Free Psd

Another excellent folded T-Shirt mockup with a somewhat rustic feel to it is here for you for free. It gives you a chance to add your design not only on the front of the tee but the inside, too. Of course, you can also change the color and make the whole experience unique and stand out amongst the masses. Now you can test many different versions to see what would work best. You can even use mockups with your following base, asking them what they fancy more. After a few tests, you will get a better idea of how the final product could look. Instead of paying for a test print, you can see nearly the same results with a solid mockup.

More info / Download

Flat T-Shirt Mockup Freebie in PSD

free t-shirt psd mockup

By now, you probably already know the entire idea behind the mockups game. They are solely for presentational purposes and to see if your design would even fit and work out. Thanks to the mockup you downloaded for free, you can comfortably make it a reality once you test out many versions. This flat version gives a full front view of the tee, which you can adjust and enhance with your works. It even comes with a tag that you can use to include your brand logo. Get your name out there in an original way and go against the norm with your uniqueness.

More info / Download

Kids T-shirt Mockup

free kids tshirt mockup for kids brands

Of course, we did not forget about the kids. Here is a kids T-Shirt mockup you should not miss. If your designs are all about cool, fun, and vibrant, and kids’ fashion is what you are the expert on, get your hands on this mockup and release adorable tee kids will love. Like with all the other layered PSD files, this one is quick and straightforward to use. Introduce your designs, change the background or use it as is and have a cute outcome that kids need in their lives. But it must appeal to their folks first and foremost.

More info / Download

Free Essential T-Shirt Mockup PSD

free t-shirt mockup psd

When you master the basics, you will see the success you want to see for yourself. That said, when you conquer the T-shirt business, you know no one can stop you. Start with the essential T-Shirt mockup, which comes free of charge, add your design to it, and put it on sale. No, it does not need to be printed and even packed by you if you would like to start a T-Shirt-based business. Or, even if you are a designer working for a client, help them better visualize their artworks on a basic tee with a mockup.

More info / Download

White T-shirt PSD Mockup for Men

Free Nice White Hanger T-shirt Presentation Mockup

T-Shirts are loved by just about every single human being out there. It’s the basic piece of garment we wear if nowhere else, home for sure. Or when working out or doing any other sort of activities and whatnot. Some prefer it best for sleepwear, while others wear it 24/7. This following T-Shirt mockup with rolled-up sleeves is ideal for men and comes in white. But it is the brick wall and the wooden hanger that make it appear exceptionally realistic. Now add your custom text, design, or logo and grab everyone’s attention. All you need is Photoshop and a mockup, and you can take things to a whole new degree.

More info / Download

Male T-shirt Mockup – Fashion Meets Usefulness

men T-Shirt Mockup

You are interested in pushing tees if you run a male apparel business or even a generic one, right? Since we all know the answer, here is a male T-Shirt mockup that comes in two different colors out of the box, white and yellow. Of course, you can alter not only the color of the clothing but the actual design, too. To make it appear as realistic as possible is one of the best ways to make it happen. Thanks to the smart object layer and Photoshop, you can almost instantly change the design and have multiple ready in little to no time.

More info / Download

Free Women Shirt PSD Mockup

woman t-shirt mockup

Here’s a super customizable women T-Shirt mockup in PSD, which you can effortlessly tailor and improve to your brand needs. Or even if you work on designs for clients, use this mockup to refine the final artwork and present it to them in a simple to imagine way. They will surely be blown away by the level of professionalism you will deliver with your final product. What’s truly awesome about this mockup is the fact that you can change the sleeves, the color of the tee, you can also edit the tag and, of course, swipe in your custom design. This mockup is of an entirely different level compared to the rest.

More info / Download

Photo-Realistic Women T-shirt Mockup

free t-shirt mockup women

Normally, mockups are shot on the floor, on a desktop, or in front of a wall. The next level of T-Shirt Mockups includes a model but are shot in a studio. Of course, they give a very photo-realistic feel, but you can still consider one more level of mockups. Get the realistic vibe flowing full-tilt with a mockup of a model wearing the tee outdoors on a sunny day. That is exactly what you are getting with this particular and super-exclusive template. All you need to do next is change the current art, and you can be done already.

More info / Download

Oversize Women T-shirt PSD Mockup

free Woman oversize t-shirt mockup

For whatever reason, oversized clothing is very popular in this day and age. Test the waters first with a mockup if you are following the trend and would like to offer an oversized women’s T-Shirt. No need to use it purely for testing purposes, you can employ this T-Shirt mockup for promoting your new designs and even to increase your sales. By utilizing the smart object layer, you can change the background, the T-Shirt color, shadows, and other effects. Make it stand out and entice every woman to get her hands on your new piece of garment.

More info / Download

Woman T-shirt PSD Mockup

free woman shirt psd mockup

To make things appear as realistic as possible, a mockup with a human being involved is the best way to go. This one includes a woman, as well as the T-Shirt alone. Thanks to the layered and organized file, it is an easy-to-use mockup that you can utilize effortlessly with Photoshop. Just add your designs, brand logo, change the colors, and you are done. You can use such a T-Shirt mockup in your online clothing store or purely for marketing purposes. Whatever the case may be, the end product will surely look beautiful and interesting. Get it now; it is free!

More info / Download

In the comment section below, let us know which T-Shirt mockup you choose for your project and why?

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