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22 Best Bottle Mockups for Showcasing Bottle & Label Designs

Designing a new design for a bottled product? These bottle mockups will help you speed up the design process.

Customized bottles look extremely attractive. They also provide a brand with a unique identity. And when a brand has a unique identity, it can stand ahead of its competitors. Now you can design customized bottles by adding custom designs, logos, and text on them and enhance their appearance easily. Do you know how? This post has the answer to this question.

If you go through this post till the end, you will get to know about 22 best and easy-to-customize bottle mockups that you can use to design any type of bottle.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these mockups and how they can help you get perfectly customized bottles.

Best PSD Bottle Mockups

Mockup of Three Water Bottles

mockup of three water bottles
Instead of one, this bottle mockup offers you to style three bottles of water. With an option to upload your design from within the browser, you can instantaneously decorate all three bottles of water with your branding. Moreover, you can also edit the label color, the cap color, as well as the background color. Even at this point, you still do not need any skills and experience, as there will be no need to use any advanced software and whatnot. With any of the Placeit mockups, you do all the work in-browser, which makes it very quick and convenient. And very user- and beginner-friendly if you will.

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Mockup of Two Water Bottles Featuring Tropical Fruits

mockup of two water bottles featuring tropical fruits
Two glass water bottles, one smaller and one larger, in the company of tropical fruits. It already looks very appealing to the eye. However, you can step things up with your custom branding that will decorate both of the water bottles. If the previous bottle mockup allowed you to add the same label design across all three bottles, here, you can add two different ones. Just hit the upload button, pick the design from your computer and see it appear on the bottle. The smaller one has a working area of 520 x 500 px and the larger one 620 x 700 px.

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Mockup Featuring Two Different Sizes of Water Bottles

mockup featuring two different sizes of water bottles
Creating a photorealistic presentation of water battles with your custom design on them has never been more fun and simple. This minimalistic mockup features two different sizes of a water bottle, both coming with a customizable label. Not only can you slide in two different designs, but you can also change the color of the label. Speaking of color, this mockup allows you to improve the shade of the background, too. All the work happens from the comfort of your favorite web browsers. And if you would like to affix a text overlay or a graphic, you can do that as well.

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Glass Water Bottle Mockup

Are you in the market of packaged drinking water? Then you should better be prepared to deliver a unique and engaging bottled water brand that does not shy away from the competition. Here is a high-quality glass water bottle mockup that can help you design customized water bottles in a breeze. The package includes 5 easy-to-use and fully customizable PSD files. The color of the bottle body and cap, background image, shadows, and effects – everything is customizable in this mockup. Just drag and drop your creative design work via smart layers. Within just a few clicks your presentation will be ready.

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Dropper Bottle Mockup

Design customized dropper bottles that are ideal for liquid solutions, serums, oils, lotions, and treatment products. This dropper bottle mockup can help you do this easily. The mockup includes a PSD file and an instruction file. You can edit the PSD file and place your design to get the desired presentation. From bottle color to label design, a background image to shadows and highlights – you can edit and modify everything via the smart object layer. If you find this mockup useful for your next project, then get this now and enjoy customizing.

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Sports Bottle Mockup

Customized sports bottles can be a great product to use for promoting your business. And as they are affordable, lightweight, easy to transport and practical, they can be readily accepted and used often by receivers. With the help of this sports bottle mockup, you can design your own customized sports bottle easily. It includes 6 high-resolution PSD files, displaying 3 different bottle designs in 2 different angles. You can place your company logo, change the color of the bottle’s lid, top cover, and body and modify the background just the way you want. Well-organized smart layers make the customization process quick and easy.

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Sipper Bottle Mockup

Customized sipper bottles can be a lovely gift option for your friends and family. You can also use these bottles for commercial purposes. Now you can design a customized sipper bottle in a breeze with the help of this sipper bottle mockup. This is a high-resolution premium quality mockup that displays colorful sipper bottle design.  You can stick to the existing design and place your brand logo or any necessary message to meet your purpose. Or you can change the whole thing and create a completely personalized sipper bottle design presentation. Editing the Photoshop-compatible file is really easy via smart layers. You can change the bottle color, background effects and more.

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Sports Water Bottle Mockup

Another sports water bottle mockup is available here. It includes Photoshop-compatible PSD files. In the layout, you can edit the background color, bottle color, and the label color. Additionally, you can adjust the shadows and effects. Within just a few clicks, you can get a high-resolution presentation that can never fail to meet your clients’ satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Do you have any creative design idea for sports water bottles? If you do, then get this mockup and present your designs in the perfect way.

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Beer Growler Mockup

A beer growler is actually an air-tight jug, usually made of glass, ceramic or steel, useful for transporting beer without a degradation of quality. Now you can place your brand logo and design on a growler easily with the help of this beer growler mockup. This high-resolution premium quality mockup has an easy-to-edit layout where you can customize colors of the bottle, label, and background easily. Furthermore, it comes with a guide file that can help you if you face any problem while using the mockup.

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Champagne Bottle Mockup

An excellent quality Champagne bottle mockup is available here for showcasing wine or Champagne bottle label with style and professionalism. You can easily customize the layout in Photoshop and apply your own label design. The well-organized smart layers make the entire process quick and hassle-free. The color of the bottleneck is also editable. So, what are you waiting for? Get this mockup now and present your bottle designs with elegance.

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Beauty Product Bottle Mockup

Are you building or growing a beauty business? Then you must have a lot of competition? It seems sometimes it is quite difficult for you to stand out. You should know that the first impressions are massively important to develop brand loyalty. Attractive product packaging has a great role in creating an awesome first impression. The bottle or container that contains your beauty product and package graphics should be attractive. What you put on the packaging certainly set the stage for beauty products. They help you stay ahead of the crowd. With this beauty product bottle mockup, you can design such an eye-catchy bottle design in just a few clicks. It is a high-resolution mockup that includes 1 PSD image and a help file. You can easily edit the color of the bottle cap, label, and background via smart layers.

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Honey Bottle Mockup

Transform your creative design idea into reality with this honey bottle mockup. Use it to showcase your label and packaging designs. You can easily customize the layout via smart layers. Just open the smart object, place your image and hit save. Your job is done. Within just a few clicks you can have a high-quality presentation ready. Above all, other than editing the honey bottle, you can change the background as well. You can place any customized background and make your presentation look more attractive.

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Medicine Bottle Mockup

Medicine bottle mockup is available here in high resolution. It includes easy-to-edit features and adjustable shadows and effects. The bottle design comes in 4 different colors. However, you are welcome to change the color and play with creativity. Just drag and drop your image, text and other design elements inside the smart object and get your presentation ready. So, if you find this mockup useful for your upcoming project, then get this today. Enjoy customizing!

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Photorealistic Beer Bottles Mockup

Do you want to place a customized label on a beer bottle and promote your brand effectively? Then use this photorealistic beer bottles mockup and do things easily. It includes one PSD file, displaying 3 bottle colors and 2 cap colors. Therefore, you get plenty of editing options. You can easily place your own design in the layout and present it to impress your client and customers. Its realistic appearance and high-resolution effects make your presentation look simply flawless and fantastic.

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Water Bottle Mockup

With customized water bottles you can do successful branding. In addition, you can make dull-looking water bottles attractive. You can use customized water bottles at your office or any corporate event. In various corporate events, the custom label on water bottles can help you promote yourself in the best possible way. If you already have a design idea in your mind, use this water bottle mockup to have a preview of how that design would look like on a water bottle. This way you can make the best decision before finalizing the product. This high-resolution mockup includes 6 PSD files with similar settings in the layers. Therefore the mockup is very easy to customize. Get this mockup now and use it to present your water bottle designs with an utterly professional approach.

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Realistic Champagne Bottle Mockup

Showcase your label design on a champagne or wine bottle with this versatile, elegant, high-quality mockup. This photorealistic mockup includes 3 PSD files. It displays 2 bottle designs (green and clear), 3 capsule options (full, ripped and none), 4 capsule materials (matte, glossy, metallic and foil), 3 main label layers (matte, glossy and foil) and excellent paper textures. You get countless editing options. Therefore with this mockup set, you can create an elegant wine or Champaign bottle label design presentation easily.

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Reusable Water Bottle Mockup

Present customized reusable bottle designs perfectly with the help of this water bottle mockup. It includes 9 PSD files, displaying different angles of the water bottles. The mockup also comes with 4 premade filters, 10 background textures, and an awesome photorealistic appearance. Editing the mockup is quite easy. You just need to know how to work with smart objects. And if you face any problem editing, just go through the user manual and video tutorial that come with this mockup set.

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Pack of 10 Beer Bottles Mockup

This is a set of 10 photorealistic beer bottle branding mockups. You can use it to showcase your beer branding designs and create a strong brand identity. Similarly, by creating any presentation or having a preview of how your design would look on a beer bottle, you can use this mockup set for website and social media promotions as well. You can easily design a header or banner for websites, ecards, posters, flyers, social media cover images, etc. All the PSD files have smart objects that make the editing process trouble-free. There is no hassle associated with moving around individual objects. Each mockup scene is set and ready to use with just one click.

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Vodka Bottle Mockup

Showcase your label design on a vodka bottle with the help of this vodka bottle mockup. The mockup is available in Photoshop-compatible PSD format. There are 3 bottles designs (clear glass, frosted glass, and ceramics) available. Also, you get 3 different background options – studio, frost and abstract. Moreover, the shadow and reflection layers are also separate. Therefore, editing the whole layout and moving individual elements is really easy. Place your brand logo, add text, modify the design and create a fantastic vodka bottle design presentation within just a few clicks. For any guidance, you can go through the help file, available in PDF format, that comes with this mockup.

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Plastic Water Bottle Mockup

This plastic water bottle mockup is perfect for those who want to showcase their bottle designs, presentations, and advertisements. It includes 1 high-resolution fully layered PSD file. You can find here separate lid and bottle layers, lighting layers and water splash. Just double click the smart objects, place your artwork and hit save. Within just a few clicks, your presentation will be ready. With such a professionally crafted presentation you can impress your clients.

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Fruit Juice or Iced Tea Bottle Mockup

Are you looking for the best possible way to render your design on a juice bottle? Then get this mockup and do things easily. The mockup set contains 9 PSD files, each having a smart object. Therefore, you can simply edit the layers of the graphic canvas or remove them and place your own graphic design inside. There is no need to worry about perspective light and shadow effects. The smart-object in the main file updates itself. Other than designing a juice bottle you can use this mockup to design an iced tea bottle as well. Create your presentation for a designer portfolio, website, marketing project or tutorial. Impress your clients with a completely professional approach.

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Vitamin & Pill Bottles Mockup

Pharmaceutical packaging is important. A solid packaging protects medicines from any kind of physical, chemical, and microbiological invasion. Also, it is a medium to present the advertisements and necessary details to the consumer. Now you can design a bottle for pills easily. Use this vitamin and pills bottle mockup. This high-resolution mockup allows you to have a preview of your design on a medicine container. So, you get the chance to make the best decision about designs before starting the manufacturing process. The mockup includes 8 fully layered PSD files. You can customize the bottle color, change the background, adjust shadows and light effects easily. It also comes with a help file in PDF format to guide you throughout the process.

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In a nutshell,

All the above-discussed mockups are equally useful for showcasing designs and promoting brands effectively. So, which one is your favorite? Is there any mockup that can be useful for your next project? Then get that mockup now and feel free to share your experience.

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