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22 Best Magento Websites (Examples) 2023

This is our take on the best Magento websites that are perfect for gaining new ideas when building any type of eCommerce website.

Fun fact: Adobe acquired Magento in early 2022, now called Adobe Commerce.

You’ll immediately notice that some of the biggest brands in the world use Magento to run their online businesses.

It’s a powerful platform with endless options and possibilities. Plus, it easily handles the largest volumes of traffic for your convenience.

You’re ready for anything and everything from minimalist online shops to the most advanced ones.

Note: Pick any from our list of the best popular Magento themes to save time and effort.

Best Magento Websites & Examples

1. Fred Perry

fred perry magento website

Fred Perry’s seemingly long home page doesn’t feel boring when you start scrolling.

The mixture of images, text and white space is nicely balanced to give you a pleasant experience. Also, the sticky newsletter subscription notification at the bottom of the screen is clever.

And the website also has a floating header that only appears when you start scrolling back to the top.

Note: A nice balance of content and white space ensures great UX.

You may also want to check these online store builders if you’re unsure about Magento yet.

2. Omega Watches

omega watches magento website

Omega Watches is a Magento website with an awesome split-style slider you can pause and play. They use one side of the slider for an image and the other for text and a call-to-action (CTA).

Omega Watches has a minimalist mega menu that helps you find the desired item or category more comfortably.

And the scrolling content animations are a must-see.

Note: If you’d like to add animations to your eCommerce website, do them with style (like Omega Watches).

3. Helly Hansen

helly hansen magento website

Helly Hansen’s front page is pretty basic, with a large hero image and CTA buttons to the shop section. You will also find a sticky header area with a mega menu and a newsletter subscription section just before the footer area.

Speaking of the footer, it’s a five-column one and pretty info-dense but not distracting.

Note: Use your website’s footer to add all the additional information about customer service, payments, social media, etc.

4. Vivobarefoot

vivobarefoot magento website

Vivobarefoot welcomes you to their shoe world with a full-width slideshow with texts and CTAs.

They also opted for a sticky header with a mega menu, search bar and notification bar.

What we like is the black-background footer which gives the overall website experience a more dynamic feel.

Note: Let your potential customers have access to your products at any time with a sticky mega menu.

5. Barbour

barbour magento website example

Barbour’s multi-section home page gives you an instant experience of the brand. They normally structure the home page according to the season or any special drops and collaborations they have.

Barbour also has a mega menu with images and links, but it’s not a floating one. You’ll also find multiple carousels for categories, top picks and client images/shop the look.

Note: Use carousels and sliders strategically if you want to showcase many items, content, categories, and more.

6. Sigma

sigma magento website

Many would say that Sigma’s front page is way too “stuffed” with products, images, texts and other content.

But it’s for this same reason that we’re adding it to the list. The use of larger fonts, white space and black and white backgrounds make it happen, keeping the user undistracted.

Plus, the minimalist sticky drop-down menu is always available for finding desired categories and items faster.

Note: Use Sigma as a great Magento eCommerce website example of how to put A LOT of stuff on the home page – with taste.

7. Nespresso

nespresso magento website

Nespresso has a content-rich, beautifully sectioned home page for the visitor to get a taste of everything.

They have a cool text slider below the hero image with special codes and deals to immediately grab your attention.

Interestingly their sticky “header” only features the logo, the search bar, the account button and the shopping bag.

Note: Do you regularly have multiple deals and coupons going on? Showcase them with a text slider.

8. Shinola

shinola magento website

Part of Shinola’s home page features a masonry grid that they use for displaying categories with beautiful images.

They also use a carousel slider for their best sellers and a very original section with only one testimonial/review.

Moreover, the mega menu is enhanced with multiple images and links, and the search bar features live results.

Note: An image-heavy home page with a beautiful masonry grid can work well for brands.

9. Olympus

olympus magento website

A full-screen slider is what Olympus features in the hero section to trigger everyone’s interest immediately.

Another cool thing is the mega menu which elements react on hover, highlighting the hovered item and dimming the rest.

We also like the filterable photography styles that Olympus’s cameras can easily handle.

Note: If you offer cameras, showcase example images (and videos) shot with them, and not some boring stock content.

10. Christian Louboutin

christian louboutin magento website

Christian Louboutin’s auto-played video in the hero area is very engaging and offers you to mute/unmute it.

This Magento website is very minimalist with a simple content loading animation on scroll.

And what instantly differentiates the website from the rest is its accessibility options with multiple visual functions.

Note: You can make your website accessible-ready with a cool widget, like Christian Louboutin.

11. Vortex

vortex magento website

Vortex features a responsive web design that gives mobile and desktop users an equally awesome experience.

The page features a slider and a mega menu that appears only after you click the desired category.

They also have a dedicated section for a newsletter subscription form, social media links and a hashtag.

Note: If you would like to popularize your unique hashtag, ensure you don’t forget to include it on your website.

12. Cox & Cox

cox and cox magento website

Cox & Cox equips you with special deals, features categories, popular products and more with a grid-style home page.

Their header is minimalist, with a large search bar that also recognizes the person’s voice. And the footer section has a gray background to make it stand out from the already “distracting” (in a good way) home page.

Note: If you want to emphasize your products, then a grid of professional images with links is a great solution.

13. Munchkin

munchkin magento website

Munchkin’s website is clean but, at the same time, vibrant, perfect for loving parents. They feature a valuable testimonial slider that’s from various authorities.

One more practical element is the sticky bar that promotes an article, but you can close it by pressing “x.”

Note: If other big brands talk about you, make it visible on your website and show potential customers how popular you are.

14. Sig Sauer

sig sauer magento website

Sig Sauer contains a large hero image with text and a CTA button. Their header section is small and transparent, not getting in the way.

But the top bar captures your eye, which is exactly what a notification bar should do.

Besides the featured items, some additional company information and a pretty extensive footer area, Sig Sauer keeps things very simple.

Note: Keep your hero section cleaner with a transparent header/navigation bar.

15. Lladro

lladro magento website

Lladro has an awesome mega menu, with most images pretty large (and clickable). What’s pretty intriguing is the top notification bar that doesn’t reveal much but makes you want to click.

Lladro also features some catchy animations and includes special sections for various collections, first an image that leads you to the category and second some of the items from the collection.

Note: Limited collections deserve special sections, which you can copy and improve on from Lladro.

16. Tom Dixon

tom dixon magento website

The top bar, header and full-screen slider are the first things Tom Dixon treats you to. And this is enough to get the visitor’s excitement going.

Tom Dixon keeps the navigation bar very minimalist with four clickable categories that unlock the mega menu on hover.

Last but not least, the shoppable Instagram section allows you to visualize Tom Dixon’s products in their natural habitat.

Note: A shoppable Instagram feed is great for showcasing customers who use your products but at the same time guiding the visitor to the product page.

17. Bulk

bulk magento website

Bulk’s header smoothly collapses on scroll but reappears when you scroll back to the top.

This gives the user a more pleasant browsing experience but gives him/her a chance to visit other sections and products without going all the way to the top again. (No time wasting.)

The “Stay in touch” section is also large, which increases the chance of scoring a new lead.

Note: Always focus on the best user experience, and a great browsing experience is one of the contributing factors.

18. Catbird

catbird magento website

Catbird’s top notification bar (with multiple notifications) and header area are floating to keep you guided through the page regardless of how much scrolling you do.

We particularly like the “How you wear it” section, which shows some of Catbird’s customers modeling the products. But at the same time, you’ll see links to product pages for quick shopping.

Plus, Catbird is also one of the rare websites with the accessibility mode.

Note: Instead of opting only for the floating header, make the notification bar sticky, too.

19. Byredo

byredo magento website

Byredo’s front page is a big grid of beautiful images with text, pricing and an option to click on them. Some elements guide you to the category and some directly to the product page.

But you also have the floating minimalist header (with a mega menu) always present if you want to visit something that’s not on the home page.

Note: A full-screen grid-style home page allows you to showcase products without being too salesy.

20. Vionic

vionic magento website

Vionic features a boxed Magento website design that’s clean and simple for everyone to enjoy.

The top notification bar collapses on the scroll but not the header. The navigation only features four elements that reveal sub-sections on hover.

Note: Promote the benefits of your product(s) with a slider that showcases what’s hot (check Vionic’s “three-zone comfort” slider.)

21. Vitamix

vitamix magento website

Vitamix has a very basic Magento website, which makes it a perfect inclusion to the list. We wanted to show this awesome eCommerce website builder‘s versatility – you can build any type of online store with it, clean and simple or creative and modern.

Note: If you’re unsure about your business’ web design – keep it simple!

22. Coca-Cola Store

coca-cola store magento website

Coca-Cola Store features bold elements to capture the visitor’s interest with main and secondary navigation (a multi-level drop-down), a notification bar and a countdown timer for special deals, sales, etc.

They also keep all the CTA buttons red, which go very well with their branding, always reminding you of Coca-Cola.

Note: Make your website elements resemble your branding.

If you’d also like to check some Magento alternatives, we recommend cheap eCommerce website builders that’ll get you started immediately.

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