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Top 30 Best Free Blogger Templates To Create A Beautiful Blog Or Magazine Website 2018

Top 30 Best Free Blogger Templates To Create A Beautiful Blog Or Magazine Website 2018

Blogger is possibly the oldest blogging platform still actively running on the web, Google Blogger has been home to millions of bloggers for over 16 years now, and still maintains a quite stable market share in the content management platform list. Out of all the known websites that run a content management system, Blogger is used by 1.9% of those websites, which comes out at being used on 0.9% of all known websites to man; thanks W3Techs. Some stick with Blogger because it is a product of Google, and you can expect high security and quality standards. Others enjoy the easy to navigate blogging dashboard for getting content out quickly and painlessly.

Blogging has been one of the most noteworthy topics in the recent decade. Small and big business owners have long come to the realization that blogging is a wonderful medium for generating traffic, extra sales, free exposure, and generally for building community around content publishing. The benefits of blogging easily outweigh the negatives for having to set one up, and actually having to maintain one. From simple rewards like increase in search engine visibility and branding possibilities, to things like authority, and conversion rate increase — blogging has something to provide for everyone.

Google Blogger makes it rather easy to style your own blog the way you want it to look, you’re only required to know a little bit of HTML and CSS to get started, and apart from that, anyone is capable of creating their own custom Blogger templates that they can share with their friends, and the community at large. Finding great templates can sometimes be a little bit of a pain in the butt, not because there isn’t any availability, but quite the opposite — there are so many great styles and templates to choose from, the process of finding the right one can at times feel quite overwhelming. We have decided to try and solve this mystery of finding your right template by putting together a list of the best free Blogger templates that have been modernized and optimized with the most up-to-date features, widgets, and code standards.


Pixel is our latest Blogger template which is completely free to use for private and commercial use. It features several areas and widgets to place advertisements such as AdSense or other ads. This theme also proves to be insanely popular with several thousands users jumping on it within its first 2 weeks.

Download Preview Documentation


Kaplan is our latest Blogger template and it is by far the best one we have released. It is mobile friendly, fast, customizable and completely free. Can be used for any news or magazine style website such as fashion, automotive, travel, gossip, and so much more.

Download Preview Documentation


One of the most beautiful Blogger templates well suited for news, blog, gossip, fashion and viral style sites. It is easy to monetize thanks to several advertisements you can use for AdSense or any other ads. This theme is also easy to install and customize.

Download Preview Documentation


Plasm is a creative and beautiful magazine style template well suited for travel, technology, or any other sort of news sites and blogs. This template is completely free to use without any restrictions as long as your credit the original author. Just leave their URL in the footer of the site and enjoy a free template with premium functionality.

Download Preview Documentation


Ember is a clean travel and lifestyle magazine theme that you can also use for your blogs. It is a Colorlib original design and code, meaning that you can expect the best possible quality when it comes to Blogger themes or any website templates in general.

Download Preview Documentation


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Download Preview Documentation


Download Preview Documentation


Minimal, as the name implies, is a minimal blog theme with no bells and whistles but it gets the jobs done and looks absolutely stunning. This is probably my favorite theme we have created so far.

Download Preview Documentation


By far the best free blogger template that will take your website to the entirely next level. It is a simple magazine style theme with ad spaces, several custom widgets, image slider and premium look. This is also the more impressive Blogger template we have seen even when looking at various premium templates.

Download Preview



Shutter is a creative photography portfolio Blogger templates with a large slider area on top. It has everything you would imagine on a premium template except this one is free. How cool is that?

Download Preview  Documentation




We’re kicking off the season with Boulevard; a stylish blogging template suitable for traditional blogs, magazines and tutorial blogs that want to maintain that classical field of grid-like blog templates. Tweaked to be in alignment with the most modern search engine requirements, Boulevard will make it easy to have your content appear optimized in front of search engines, and of course your audience. It’s always all about your audience anyway! Boulevard also packs some cool widgets, like social media buttons, a widget for the most popular content and comments. Additionally, this theme comes with full optimization for delivering the most optimal advertising experience to your readers, in a way that doesn’t feel pushy.


Duos Mag

Duos Mag

Duos Mag as the name suggests is a theme with an extra hint of that modernism feel added to it. This theme will manage to make even some of the most esteemed templates to shy away. Four big things for this template are hidden within the posts template, where at the ending of each content piece you get some widgetized features like direct social sharing, related content widgets, and authors box, and even a email subscription form for getting that email list populated quickly. Works across all devices and browsers!




Global is taking modern to the next level, if we didn’t know any better, this template could easily be confused for a well-configured WordPress blog, it’s simply that good! Right away, on the homepage, we are greeted with a stunning slider plugin for displaying your latest content, a featured posts widget to outline your best posts quickly, actual content pages resemble a modern media news websites where the emphasis is put on content, and the promotion of content through social media. Great mix of typography makes Global a contender for being one of the best Blogger themes in this list.



Particular Template

Particular takes a stance of content-only focus. Post pages are simple, allowing bloggers to add featured images to their content, whereas the content itself is complimented with a straightforward social box for sharing content quickly, and Particular uses — instead of using Google+ comments — Disqus comment system to provide the best commenting experience there is. Nice thing about Disqus is that many of the webs users are already registered to the service, which often means that people will be more inclined to leave a comment seeing as they have already been logged-in into their Disqus accounts. Just one of the ways such platforms can work in our favor.



Glamour Blogger Template

So many designers make bold moves with the choice of their template names, but Glamour is one that actually does look glamorous and enables a glamorous blogging experience for both the blogger, and the user browsing the blog that’s using the Glamour template. Slow scrolling might intimidate some, but one look at the post pages and the charming fluidity of typography and text-style is what makes Glamour the number one choice for fashion sites, food blogs, and travellers who want to express their thoughts in a more petite way.



Fabric Blogger template BTemplates

Fabric is bringing back the 2-column layout in style! First thing we notice about Fabric is how easy it is to navigate the homepage of latest blogs, all posts are attended with featured post images, making the homepage feel alive, which often is important for blogs writing about things like tutorials, write-ups, lists, and other similar content. We see Fabric as a great choice for bloggers who wish to maintain a regular blogging schedule, and have a design that really compliments varieties of content, without putting the emphasized feel on just one particular type. You can easily customize the sidebar to be fitted with your own widgets and elements that will better explain your strategy.




Kylie Jo

Kylie Jo Blogger template BTemplates

Kylie Jo is a Blogger template from Colorand Code, with a girly name, but not so girly design. Features are a 2-column layout with a right-hand sidebar, and a gallery theme that makes browsing many posts at the same time a very pleasant experience. The feel of the design is fresh combined with crispness, yet maintaining that minimal feel to it. It’s a very unique design in the sense where it capitalizes on all three parts of the website, the navigation, the content area, and the footer. Will be a great theme to use on blogs that are meant to be used as ways to share stories, diaries, and articles.



Sorbet Blogger template BTemplates

Being the technology geeks that we are, we completely adore Sorbet — a technology-feel Blogger template for multi-purpose blogging. Best feature in our opinion in the widgetized navigation menu where each icon represents a different list, such as links, promotional links, social media stuff, and even a search button. Optimized with latest responsive web design techniques, Sorbet will function equally well for all visitors who come from different devices and platforms. Excellent template for blogs about to write a diary, entertainment or internet.



Papersheet Blogger template BTemplates

Papersheet is another beautiful theme for writers and storytellers, it’s a no-sidebar template that focuses on displaying all of the available content on the homepage, offering readers the chance not to have to click away from when they start to immerse themselves in one of your published stories. It’s also lightweight, and uses a general theme of light colors to put the emphasis on written content, than anything else.





Material design is beginning to make some serious appearances in the template markets of all blogging and content management platforms, and now Blogger is part of the list as well (we guess it makes sense, since Blogger is owned by Google, and Google is the owner of Material Design), with the ever-stunning Neue responsive template. Neue instantly stands out with it’s versatility in design, and the blossoming of material design in full spectrum. Material design incorporation allows for interesting features like ripple effects, content preview for visual content, seamless social sharing buttons, a beautiful comments section, and to help bloggers who like to share video content, creators of Neue have taken their precious time to integrate FitVid library for repsonsive video content ingreation that will work across all browsers, and devices.


Johny Cassia

Johny Cassia

Are you looking for a Blogger theme that will help to inspire authority in the eyes of your readers? Look no further than Johny Cassia — a state of the art responsive Blogger theme that’s clean and crisp out of the box. Good fit for foodies, travellers, and others in similar fields who want to take utilize features by the likes of automatic thumbnail resizing, search engine optimization, custom error pages, email newsletter subscription module, and many others. Broad selection of fonts and exceptional typography makes Johny Cassia a great theme overall.


Better Mag

Better Mag

Want to run a magazine blog, though feeling like you’re technically incompetent to build your own magazine style? Don’t worry, Better Mag has got you covered, for good! A fantastic Blogger magazine template fit for news sites in any field, be it health, technology or science, Better Mag will find use in any of those situations. We love the full-width header logo that helps to make a clear statement about your projects.


Johny Darkfire

Johny Darkfire

Johny Darkfire is yet another blogging / magazine style template for Blogger users, this time leaning towards the more dark-ish color choices. Without much thinking, Johny Darkfire will be of good use for blogs and sites that talk about sports, gaming, and perhaps even personal community efforts where the emphasis is put towards the community aspect of the site, instead of what the design looks like, but Johny Darkfire does look quite amazing!



MBL Avada

Avada keeps it simple, and quite real too! Big header titles, medium-sized fonts, everything to help you make a blog about tutorials and lists, without the need to worry as to how others are going to perceive it, quite frankly these kinds of themes we have already gotten used to, and they’re a very safe choice for such type blogs.




Android is the most talked about open-source operating system on the planet, millions of new smartphone devices are activated to the Android system each day, and the fact that we are seeing an Android related template is no surprise by any means. Plenty of Android related blogging websites exist already, and if there’s one thing in common for all of them, then that’s color Green — the official color of the Android mascot. AndroidMag is a template for Blogger bloggers who wish to write about Android, or mobile technology in general, and wish to use a template that’s already established a presence on the web. Content sites will greatly benefit from AndroidMag!



Real Mag

RealMag, on the other hand, takes a little more of a modern twist. It delivers a spectacular design experience you will hardly find even on the most expensive of the designs that we find on news sites today. It is a responsive template for bloggers who wish to run their own personal magazine blogs, or blogs that talk about design and development — as the design layout perfectly compliments those fields.



Fast Mag


The last couple of templates in our list of best free Blogger templates have really stood out, the modern design, the beautiful choice of colors, the stunning allocation of elements to really reflect what blogging is all about, and Fast Mag is just that — the combination of all those things in one beautiful execution that will fulfill even your most wild desires of what a professional and good looking blog should look like. We are in awe with this design, and might even have to work on trying to transfer it to platforms like WordPress and Drupal; it’s stunning!




Technology bloggers, rise up! We are concluding the list of free Blogger themes with TechWorld, a fully flexible and fully optimized Blogger templates. It packs the features and modification options that you would expect from a technology-oriented style. These include content sliders, easy-to-navigate archives, a sidebar, good header and footer allocation. It’s perfect for the technology writer.


Premium Blogger Templates

We have come to an end of our list of free template. But before we say the final goodbye in this post, we wanted to inform you about some other Blogger templates that come from a premium marketplace. By no means should you choose these because we say so, but perhaps do give these few templates a chance to shine and see what they are really about. You might come across something that actually sticks with your current desires for a template. (If it’s affordable, why not? It’s an investment in the future, and who knows what kind of opportunities might come out of it, business people love sites that look great, it indicates trust and understanding!)


BMAG Magazine Responsive Blogger Theme

Planning to run a media websites that talks about literally everything? BMAG is the choice for you! This feature-packed Blogger template will leave nobody hanging when it comes to delivering a smooth design experience. A strong in-built admin panel will allow you to make the kind of changes that will better help you align content in a way that suits your needs at that time. It’s optimized with jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5 snippets to guarantee a professional blogging experience.




Ovation is already a favorite amongst bloggers who wish to make their blogs feel more like home. With Ovation it’s possible to manipulate the layout for different categories, making the site also appropriate for editorial blogs. Optimized for search engines. It also has many ticker and feed widgets to allow you to display content from external sources in an elegant way.




Radja is a responsive Blogspot theme for the blogger type. It’s simple, fluid and will work well for sites and blogs that talk about technology content. Radja uses AJAX and jQuery to provide a fluid transition between pages. It also comes with full optimization for the best performance in search engines.




Oliver is the number one Blogspot template for photographers. It’s without question the theme that will put the focus on your photography, and that alone. No longer do you have to spend hours looking for photographer themes; Oliver is the one, and we couldn’t be more humbled by its smooth layout and extendable list of features.



Magpress Blogger Template Light

MagPress offers Blogspot bloggers two different color choices for their magazine sites. These include light and dark color schemes powered by modern and classical features. This is perfect for a passionate content consumption experience! What’s more, MagPress’ documentation is the perfect compliment for starting your own personal magazine editorial blog on Blogger!




Lastly, it’s ShadowLight we are going to end this post with. Surely, this template is going to find home for content that talks about web development and other related topics. Built for speed, ShadowLight is heavily optimized to be one of the fastest theme ever. Thus, it is suitable on any device, like smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop. You can get this theme up and running without any prior programming experience, an attraction you may enjoy.


Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others.

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    1. Emanuela,

      sorry you feel that way. It’s clearly marked that the last few templates are “premium”, which is something we do regularly on Colorlib posts, we encourage bloggers to look at alternative designs that might require a monetary investment, the 2/3 of templates are free, as advertised.

        1. Danielle,

          It is a freemium template. You can get it for free or pay extra to get additional functionality. In most cases you will be fine with free version of the template.

        2. This is the second site in the last few minutes that listed free templates and then they weren’t. I’ve tried free versions of these freemium templates and you really can’t do that much with them. Most of the functionality that you see in the demos is not available.

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    Please update links or drop alternative links if possible.

    1. I have never seen any dedicated Blogger themes for Android news sites. But any magazine style theme should work just as well as long as you use logo, content and images for your site Android related.

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      For premium themes is is usually one time payment with lifetime updates but with limited amount of support such as one year or something like that. But no one uses supports after the year anyway as you setup your website within the first months and from there it just maintenance where you won’t need any support.

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        1. Dana,

          For theme support related questions please make sure to contact theme developers directly. We do provide information about themes but we can’t deal with all support requests for themes that we haven’t created.

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  19. Hi! I love your Glamour template! I’ve applied it to my travel blog. Just one question; how can I edit the top bar that says “home” “download” “social”, etc? I don’t have all those features for my blog.

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      For template related help make sure to contact theme developer directly. We do showcase themes and provide information about them but we can’t offer support for all of them. Sorry for inconvenience.

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      Johny Cassia theme as a free version comes with no support. You are on your own with that theme. Support is available only with premium version but that’s how it usually happens with free blogger templates. If you are going to use WordPress it is a whole different story and most free themes have support included. WordPress wins hands down and it is not like you are going to save much using Blogger if anything at all.

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