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20 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates For Your Web App 2018

20 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates For Your Web App 2018

Bootstrap 3 is the latest version of the Bootstrap and the largest web framework with a lot of features, all easy to use. We’ve hand-picked the list of 20 best free Bootstrap 4 Admin and Dashboard templates. The focus of each template is different – some templates offer a wide range of customization while other focus on specific features. We’re certain you will find a template that suits your needs perfectly!

These simple yet powerful admin templates are well suited for web apps or any other website or project that requires admin dashboard. This templates will serve as a solid foundation for your upcoming project and will save you a lot of time. Needless to say that Bootstrap makes these templates mobile-friendly and responsive.

Below listed free Bootstrap admin templates are rather simple and might not be the right fit for everyone. If you are looking for more advanced and more customizable admin templates you can check this and this template collection. On those template collections, you will find HTML5/CSS3 coded admin templates as well as one powered by AngularJS and Bootstrap.


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Adminator (Top Pick)

Adminator is by far the best free admin template ever released. If we would say that it is a game changer it would be a massive understatement because it is playing a new game on its own. Period. Based on Bootstrap 4 packs the latest and greatest tools to improve web development like nothing you have ever seen released for free. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

More info / Download Demo

Sufee (New)

Sufee is the latest and greatest admin dashboard template made by Colorlib. It packs incredibile technology in a beautiful design. One of the best HTML admin templates around based on Bootstrap 4.

More info / Download Demo


ElaAdmin is the latest creating by Colorlib and has proven to be one of the most successful admin dashboards ever released. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes with more libraries, pages and elements than any premium template out there. Why we are giving it away for free? Because we want to see what users will come up with and how far it can go.

More info / Download Demo

Gentellela (Most Popular)


Gentelella a responsive, flat and full featured admin template build. This template is build on Bootstrap 3 framework using modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size. This is by far the most advanced and well designed free admin dashboard template that can easily compete with any premium alternative.

More info / Download Demo


More info / Download Demo



This template features plenty of different options and many different versions for you to test out and find the perfect fit. This template soon to face a major overhaul with new design and functionality. Make sure to follow it to be the first one to see the revelation. It is going to be build using Bootstrap 4 and bring latest and greatest to the scene.

More info / Download Demo

Monarch (Premium)


Monarch is an elegant and extremely well developed, mature and sophisticated, technologically top of the line and deftly competent, highly accessible and both user and developer friendly, lightweight and fast-loading. Furthermore it’s highly customizable responsive AngularJS and HTML5 Admin website template. resulting into a resourceful and cleverly crafted theme, a platform constructed with the pliable malleability and adaptive modularity of the latest and great web development technologies, founded upon a robust framework coded with W3C-valid, lightweight and efficient HTML5 standards. In conclusion, it offers webmasters and developers a full range of web-based desktop and mobile application development tools and powerful features to assist in crafting sophisticated, dynamic and interactive web applications and modern, dashing websites built around them.

Consequently, the AngularJS brings to the table not only a lively ecosystem of sophisticated functions and libraries that allow for all sorts of modular expansion and addition to a sleek, developer-friendly code, but also amazing, professionally graphically designed front-end user interface templates. Hence, building the end-user experience for your web presentations, tablet and mobile apps or desktop web apps is easier and speedier than ever before, with gorgeous, tasteful results regardless of your UI design experience. As a result, Monarch is natively responsive, compatible with all browsers and platforms on the market. Try Monarch now!

More info / Download Demo

Delight (Premium)


Delight is a beautiful and versatile, while remaining efficient and lightweight. In addition to being tech-savvy and attractive, it’s easy to use and customize, visually flexible and lastly, highly responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme website template. An innovative and impressively potent toolkit for webmasters and developers to craft unique and distinct, modern web-based applications and sophisticated websites and presentations, for all sorts of diverse fields, industries and clients.

Ideal for professional developers, app developers and engineering firms looking for solutions in both front-end and back-end format for all sorts of websites or apps, from tasteful and attractive front-end UI templates to powerful Admin dashboards since Delight makes elegant deployment of the combined power of Bootstrap framework with the sleek, clean and pristine visual styling and language of Google’s own Material Design aesthetic conceptual philosophy. Furthermore, creating modern web applications that make eloquent usage of Material Design elements and visual cues, widely understood in an intuitive manner by people across all demographics the world over, is faster and easier than ever, with instant access to a whole array of convenient as well as the innovative tools for crafting colorful and fresh web based applications. Try Delight now!

More info / Download Demo

AdminLTE 2


AdminLTE provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components. It features over 1000 icons, custom-made plugins, 6 different skins and plenty more.

More info / Download Demo


matrix-admin-free-bootstrap-admin-dashboard-templateMatrix Admin is a wonderfully fresh-faced and colorfully youthful. An intuitive and attractive yet, quite robust HTML5 and Bootstrap admin template. A perfect theme for amateur or professional webmasters that are establishing their online home for themselves, their projects or their business, and are in need of a reliable, solid and robust framework wherein they can develop their website without wasting time and effort in coding every last little bit of functionality and every single resource.

This theme has plentiful package consisting of two different dashboard presentations, as much as 20 integrated plugins to make your life easier and your design experience smoother and fluid, tons of handy widgets and awesome templates, powerful graphing capacities that make analytical work and data handling or reporting a simple, streamlined task, and much more under the hood. In addition, professional quality charts, interactive graphs, colorful widgets and functional buttons, sidebars, headers and more await you within Matrix Admin. Cutting edge HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap capabilities make Matrix Admin backends completely cross-compatible with all devices and browsers, mobile-friendly and extremely lightweight and fast-loading right out of the box. Boxed and fullwidth layout capabilities are but a click away, as are a myriad more advanced choices and styles. Try Matrix Admin now!

More info / Download

Lumino Admin

Lumino is a clean and fresh admin panel template which includes everything you need for your backend administration panel. Consequently, some of Lumino’s many features are a dashboard overview page, various widgets, responsive charts, advanced data tables, forms, UI elements and sample login page.


Bootstrap Admin Theme

While not as colorful or flashy as other themes, Bootstrap Admin Theme’s main focus is on usability and utility. It’s because that the custom made plugins, different editors, and plenty of UI and interface elements guarantees easy to use admin template with great customizability.



DashGum is a simple and elegant admin panel. While it comes with 15 pages to start your panel as soon as possible. Furthermore, you have charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to-do lists and more.



Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin Lite is a well-crafted template designed for admin panels and dashboards. It is a free and available option to improve your websites. Though, if more complex and complete options were wanted you can get its pro version. This last one is ideal for expert users and or commercial use. Ample Admin lite, is minimalistic but flexible. You will get a Bootstrap based element with quick customization. It uses Lessbase CSS and Font Awesome icons and fonts. Ample Admin lite is light weighted, completely responsive and features tables and charts. Use its awesome 10 IU components to get a taste of the +500 options of its pro version.

It is so simple and instinctive it requires no documentation. Ample Admin lite provides 7 demos to discover your personal style and preferences. You will get a simplified dashboard, which is inspired by MegaMenu, and a basic data table. Get constant free updates and enjoy templates full compatibility with many awesome plug-ins. Ample Admin lite includes HTML, CSS3 and JS files within a responsive and clear layout. Go fun crazy and try this completely free option for your personal projects.  Go for Ample Admin lite…and don’t forget to check out its pro version!


Monster Admin Lite

Monster admin lite is an HTML admin dashboard template made to fit all your needs. It comes with 3 versions from free to paid that adapt to your particular use. You will get a live demo easily downloadable. The creators crafted Monster admin lite to have versatility and simplicity. It offers multiple choices for dashboard variations and over 10 IU elements. It was built on a clean code and it is Bootstrap compatible on framework. Monster admin lite has incredible Font Awesome Icons and unique color options. It is a theme made to set up a page in a quick, light and fun experience.

You will even receive some PSD files and responsive pages. Strong businesses can try the pro version that includes a free landing page! Monster admin lite is customizable and includes 7 page templates to play with. All versions are extremely responsive and mobile friendly. A basic data table and JS, CSS, LESS files are also featured. Monster admin lite can be personalized through profile pages and constant free updates. It is an intuitive tool that works mostly for individuals, and adapts to any given topic. Give a quick look at this amazing template and you will see what it is all about! Use Monster admin lite!


Pixel Admin Lite

Pixel admin lite is an HTML admin dashboard template of multiple uses. It comes with tons of unique elements is a responsive layout. It is Bootstrap based and uses advanced panel options. You will get it for free and completely downloadable. Pixel admin lite is adaptable to all screens and very mobile friendly. It offers loads of colors options to the point of no limit. Have fun playing around with its Font Awesome Icons. Pixel admin lite has a targeted use for individual costumer. However, the developers added a highly improved pro version for commercial use.

With this version you will get an awesome dashboard and 7 page templates. It will also include +10 IU components and table examples. They also integrated Google Maps into Pixel admin lite and includes HTML, JS, CSS files. Add to this a personalized profile page and a live demo and there is your awesome new tool. It is thought for individuals and small business and thus it is quite intuitive and simple. Pixel admin lite is made to be quickly set up and to adapt easily third party themes. Try this awesome theme and give also a try to its pro version to get many other awesome features! Try Pixel admin lite!


SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard template, or webapp UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built in Bootstrap UI features.



Siminta is a responsive admin dashboard template for admin and backend applications. It is a reliable, user-friendly and easy to customize. Siminta comes with a huge collection of plugins and UI components that make your work easy.


Devoops V2

With 2 color skins and more than 20 plugins Devoops v2 is a stylish Admin and Dashboard theme that is incredibly versatile and customizable.



Based on Bootstrap, TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customizable admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3. You can use it as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications that are lightweight, faster, and mobile-friendly which is a great starting point.



Clean and flat style admin and dashboard template with modern design. Hierapolis is based on Bootstrap 3 with SASS and Compass.


Bootply Admin Template

This is a starter template for an admin, control panel or dashboard. The developers added a collapsible tree menu and a variety of panels that you can use as dashboard widgets.


Simple Responsive Admin Theme

Simple Responsive Admin is a free lightweight, imageless and bootstrap based admin theme. You can use this admin theme for personal and commercial projects under cc3.0.


Dark Theme

This is an admin theme with many additional pages and layouts. Dashboard, which contains dashboard widgets, handle the task of data visualization for the theme. Useful for quarterly reports, sales data, data reporting etc.



BCORE is fully responsive admin template. It comes with 40+ integrated plugins for charts, data tables, maps, form elements, notifications and more.


Nice Admin

A powerful admin template based on Bootstrap that provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on UX. The creators built it to work seamlessly across browsers, tablets, and phones. It includes advanced examples of charts, form validation, and maps.



Zontal is free Bootstrap admin template for personal and commercial use. It features nice animations and movement that is similar to material design.


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  1. Great Stuff

    These Templates are really quality and free.Thank you for these great resources.Building my webapp has just started here.

  2. it does not work :active in gentallela

    var table = $(‘#tablaclientes’).DataTable({
    responsive: true,
    $(‘#tablaclientes tbody’).on( ‘click’, ‘tr’, function () {
    // alert(‘hellow’);
    if ( $(this).hasClass(‘active’) ) {
    else {
    } );
    1. @claudio, that is because `:active` is a pseudo selector and not a class, so you can not access it with `hasClass`. Hope that makes sense.

  3. hi i want to download

    Monarch (Premium) Template All versions HTML, Angular and Frontend

    But it is not free How can i get this free

    or can you send me zip of it in my email

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Rajeshsingh,

      Monarch template is clearly marked as premium template. We just wanted to outline that how much more superior premium templates can be over free templates. Unfortunately, we are not going to share it for free.

  4. Gentellela- best theme i’ve ever seen. nothing can match the beauty of this template. I’ve decided to put this theme for admin area of every project i will handel.(some time i will use it on frontend too.) It’s packed with great stuff. This template gave me new ideas for my projects. i will always use this template. either whole or a part.
    colorlib thank you very much

    1. I am in need of a web designer to set up the coffiure template for my site. I would like for my clients to be able to book and pay online is this something you do?

      1. i can do build this booking and pay online system i have worked on booking table app before so i can help you with this if you still in need u can email me at mughalrules(@)

  5. I use both, AdminLTE and Gentellela. The Gentellela is old and have some layout issues. The AdminLTE is a really good one. I’m chocked it is for free.

    Thanks for these templates 🙂

  6. Need help here,

    i try to using Gentallela template, but somehow i don’t know how the sidebar menu working. other template use “class=”active”, but no such thing in Gentallela.

    please help, newbie here.

  7. The tables in metis bootstrap admin template – fall of the page – if the browser window is not wide enough. Does anyone have fix for this.

    1. Richard,

      These are plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript templates which means that they load incredibility fast and doesn’t add any load to the server. But that also means that there is no database or backend functionality attached to them and you need to create it on your own. That background functionality with affect performance the most, so make sure to write a good code.

  8. This was so helpful especially for me because i was starting to learn php, Thanks a lot !!! Salute to the admin

  9. Excellent collection! We have been looking for a great looking theme for an internal project so these have really helped! nice one

  10. Well i’m new to Github and all. Its super complicated for me. I usually just download admin themes and adjust the code to need, but the Adminator theme is a pain. The css files aren’t linked to the pages, so they show up wierd, no .js files linked too. I have no idea where to start. I like the adminator theme, but its difficult to use. Why can’t it be edited like AdminLTE 2 or some other themes listed here.

    1. Adminator is much more advanced and is built for developers. It uses Node and NPM and needs to be compiled. Just opening up it as blank HTML canvas won’t do a thing and you should follow instructions instead. It might not be for some but developers building web apps will appreciate and already appreciates the way it is built.

      1. It would really be GREAT to have an example of use along any framework.

        Right now I’m struggling to make it work with Django, and I just don’t get it to work.

        1. Miguel,

          Contributors are welcome for this project. We want to make this template great but it is not like we have 100 developers on payroll specialised in using different coding languages. We would be happy to pay our contributors but we are not able to create all examples on our own.

  11. hi
    i am a web developer (server side)
    and i wanted to use your template(adminator). Actually I in love with it.
    i run it throug npm and maked build folder
    but i when i edit the build folder it not worked
    I do not want to be involved in design and please
    Please guide how I can get html files and style files to edit the templates based on my needs
    thank you very much.
    abbas zamadi

    1. We don’t have a RTL version for it therefore you are on your own with this conversion. If you do make a RTL version, please let us know and we’ll be happy to share it with our users.

  12. Hi, is there any way to remove backlinks? Can I buy any licence or something like that to support the theme?

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