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46 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates For Your Web App 2019

46 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates For Your Web App 2019

Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of the Bootstrap and the largest web framework with a lot of features, all easy to use. We’ve hand-picked the list of over 30 free Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard templates. The focus of each template is different – some templates offer a wide range of customization while other focus on specific features. We’re certain you will find a template that suits your needs perfectly!

These simple yet powerful admin templates are well suited for web apps or any other website or project that requires admin dashboard. This templates will serve as a solid foundation for your upcoming project and will save you a lot of time. Needless to say that Bootstrap makes these templates mobile-friendly and responsive.

Below listed free Bootstrap admin templates are rather simple and might not be the right fit for everyone. If you are looking for more advanced and more customizable admin templates you can check this and this template collection. On those template collections, you will find HTML5/CSS3 coded admin templates as well as one powered by AngularJS and Bootstrap.


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ArchitectUI – Angular 7 & Bootstrap 4

ArchitectUI is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template with a broad specter of options and possibilities. It is a stunning, clean and professional Angular 7 tool with full flexibility and extendability. If you are starting a fresh online project or application, ArchitectUI is the one tool you should not miss on your list. It will surely help you out creating the most killer admin panel, which will take your idea to new successes.

Out of the box, you get to pick between a dope collection of nine samples of which all are beautiful and contemporary. While using them as they are is an option, we sure do advise you to alter and fine-tune them according to your needs and wants. Tons of elements, more than twenty widgets and components for forms, color presets and chart plugins are just some of the features that ArchitectUI has available for you.

More info / Download Demo

ArchitectUI HTML

ArchitectUI HTML is a versatile and multi-purpose Bootstrap admin dashboard template with a horde of components, elements and widgets. Besides, ArchitectUI HTML also offers to choose from ten different dashboards. Right away, you will discover the best layout for your purpose. However, the process of establishing an admin does not end here. You can freely customize and modify ArchitectUI HTML to your requests and make it your own.

Fifty elements, thirty chart boxes variations, stunning form layouts, tables, ready-made pages, you name it, ArchitectUI HTML covers it all and then some. In total, there are about 150 components that you gain access to once you unbox ArchitectUI HTML. The site skin makes sure everyone uses it to its full potential and gets the most out of it. With that in mind, waste no more time, approach the creation of your desired admin with an open mind and all the rest will become history.

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Kero is a striking two-in-one Bootstrap admin dashboard template. It comes with a horizontal and a vertical layout. Moreover, each style also comes in additional nine different looks accompanied by nine color schemes. Just with the out of the box material, you already have tons of options to mix and match and craft the must-have admin. Also, it does not really matter what your application is all about, Kero easily caters to all your ideas and projects. Like that would not be enough, every Kero user also gains access to a friendly team of experts who will be happy to assist you.

Other goodies of Kero are elements, plugins, layouts, tables, helpers, utilities, widgets and loads more. Last but not least, you can always introduce your creative touch and improve and enhance Kero further.

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Metronic (Premium)

Metronic is by far one of the most remarkable and well-liked Bootstrap admin dashboard templates ever released. The tool comes with many layout variations and works as an HTML template, as well as Angular 7 native template. In short, you have many options and combinations available to hammer out a magnificent admin panel. Use it to track the performance of your application or software and optimize it according. This gives you a better overview and a higher chance of scoring big with your project.

With Metronic, you will immediately notice how simple the process is. Basic coding knowledge is more than enough to complete establishing a spectacular admin with Metronic. After all, the majority of works and designs are already available for you to put into play. Last but not least, Metronic is also regularly updated for you to constantly get hit with new useful contents.

More info / Download Demo

Adminator (Top Pick)

Needless to say, Adminator is by far the best free Bootstrap admin templates that you can get your hands on today. If we would say that it is a game changer it would be a massive understatement because it is playing a new game on its own. Period. Based on Bootstrap 4 packs the latest and greatest tools to improve web development like nothing you have ever seen released for free. Once you see Adminator in action, you will find it more premium-like than free. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Adminator has a minimal and appealing to the eye layout which instantly adjusts to all screens and devices. Also, Adminator is entirely congruent with all modern and popular web browsers for an always smooth operation. You will have a blast using Adminator that is for sure.

More info / Download Demo

ArchitectUI VueJS

Fully sort out your application or software with an easy to use admin dashboard thanks to ArchitectUI VueJS. This convenient and up-to-the-minute template is all one needs when starting something fresh. No need to build things from complete scratch anymore, let the tools do the work for you. After all, you are already busy with the main objective and there is no need to keep yourself involved in the creation of an admin panel 100%.

With ArchitectUI VueJS, you can now speed up the process and have an admin up and running sooner than later. You can easily customize and modify the default layout, choose between ten different color skins and enjoy scalable assets architecture. Whenever you find yourself in need of even more features, you can always upgrade and go premium.

More info / Download Demo

ArchitectUI Angular 7

It does not happen very often that you have a free admin template based on Angular, especially Angular 7. Well, ArchitectUI Angular 7 sure is not your everyday tool. In the bundle of goodness, you will find all the necessities and more for a 100% active Angular dashboard. Besides, if you need even more flexibility and extendability, do not hesitate and upgrade to PRO. However, you can use the free version for as long as you want.

Needless to say, ArchitectUI Angular 7 follows all the latest practices and regulations in modern web development. The layout is mobile-ready, responsive, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and optimized for fast loading speed. There are also ten different color variations of ArchitectUI Angular 7 for you to quickly find the one that suits your branding best. But do adjust the existing layout further and make it your own with ease.

More info / Download Demo

ArchitectUI React

ArchitectUI React is sophisticated and easy to use Bootstrap admin dashboard template that you can use free of charge. Indeed, ArchitectUI React is very stunning, showcasing all the information and details beautifully. Bear in mind, regardless of the device and browsing platform you use, ArchitectUI React acclimatizes smoothly to all. That said, you can expect a steady and stable performance of your admin dashboard panel all the time.

ArchitectUI React comes with all the components, elements and widgets you might be in need of. There are also multiple color schemes to choose from (ten) and you can also alter the default configurations. ArchitectUI React includes complete documentation folder, too, for you to never find yourself lost on your journey. But if you are looking for more you can always upgrade to PRO version and unlock a whole bunch of new features and functions.

More info / Download Demo

ArchitectUI HTML

ArchitectUI HTML is an excellent free Bootstrap admin dashboard template with a light structure and a set of handy features. Have in mind, ArchitectUI HTML, after all, is a free tool and it comes with limiting options. However, at any time you would want more from the tool, you can always upgrade to premium. On the other hand, if the free version meets your expectations, by all means, use it for as long as you want.

Anyhow, let’s take a peek at some of the goodies that you get when downloading ArchitectUI HTML. It has a responsive framework which fluently reshapes to all devices and browsing platforms. ArchitectUI HTML also allows you to adjust sidebar and header background color, which you can do by selecting from ten preset skins. It will also be a breeze including and excluding stylesheets due to ArchitectUI HTML’s scalable assets architecture.

More info / Download Demo


Admindek is a stunning, refined, great in performance and cutting-edge free Bootstrap admin dashboard template. You can use this exclusive tool for all sorts of online projects you are working on. Admindek offers you to mix and match all sorts of elements and components to suits you precisely. Out of the box, Admindek rocks three different styles; default, CRM and analytics. With these three home styles alone, you might already find yourself the ideal combination.

Moreover, Admindek rocks all sorts of other goods as well. One of them is the hide/show navigation bar. This comes helpful for when you need to study your statistics in great detail with as little distractions as possible. A lot of UI elements, animations, forms, tables and widgets are also part of the free download.

More info / Download (Soon) Demo


If not niche-oriented, pretty much all free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates come applicable to numerous websites and applications. Adminty is one more super versatile site canvas that will take your breath away with the number of features it rocks. With as solid admin that you can build with the out of this world Adminty, you are on the right path to see the success you want to see. Having it all in total order is a must when running a business and bringing it to an entirely new level.

With Adminty, that is very achievable.

Adminty is an admin panel with three home designs and loads of other pages. It also has a full-screen button and a hide and show button for the sidebar. When both options turned on, you are all in your statistics and information, nothing else disturbing you.

More info / Download (Soon) Demo

Gentellela (Most Popular)

Gentelella is a responsive, flat and fully featured admin template. This neat site canvas is built on Bootstrap 3 framework using modern techniques, like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size. This is by far the most advanced and well designed free admin dashboard template that can easily compete with any premium alternative. And once you introduce your creative touch to it, the options go over and beyond. Indeed, there is no need to stick to the default settings. Still, if you dig Gentellela as is, go full-tilt with the existing layout.

Moreover, Gentellela has handy libraries included in the bundle for calendar, tables, charts, off-canvas navigation and more. Additional features include but are not limited to progress bars, notifications, animations and forms. With future updates, you can also expect even more out of Gentellela.

More info / Download Demo

AdminLTE 2

AdminLTE provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components. It features over one thousand icons, custom-made plugins, six different skins and plenty more. With the out of the box version of AdminLTE, you will quickly find the right look for your project. And if you need to tweak it here and there, you can do that, too. AdminLTE has a lightweight structure which helps the final product to load faster. Speaking of performance, AdminLTE is also responsive and browser compatible.

Of course, the amazingness of AdminLTE continues with eighteen plugins, two different dashboard styles and several more layout styles. As a free admin template, AdminLTE is a serious deal. But you will only discover the real power of the tool once you download it and put it to use. Once you commit, all the rest becomes history.

More info / Download Demo


CoolAdmin is a modern and striking free Bootstrap admin dashboard template which you will be hooked by immediately. Okay, first you need to move over to its live preview and then enjoy the magic of this spectacular tool. CoolAdmin is powered by Bootstrap 4 Framework what gives it full flexibility. In other words, CoolAdmin acclimatizes to all devices and web browsers for a constant smooth and stable experience. You can operate it from anywhere and everywhere what comes very convenient.

What is definitely very intriguing about CoolAdmin are the four dashboard layouts it comes with. You can preview them all first and only then take action and download CoolAdmin. For free! Predesigned tables, forms, buttons, badges, register and login pages, you see, CoolAdmin is stuffed with traits. Make it yours and get your project rolling.

More info / Download Demo

Monarch (Premium)


Monarch is an elegant and extremely well developed, mature and sophisticated, technologically top of the line and deftly competent, highly accessible and both user and developer friendly, lightweight and fast-loading. Furthermore it’s highly customizable responsive AngularJS and HTML5 Admin website template. resulting into a resourceful and cleverly crafted theme, a platform constructed with the pliable malleability and adaptive modularity of the latest and great web development technologies, founded upon a robust framework coded with W3C-valid, lightweight and efficient HTML5 standards. In conclusion, it offers webmasters and developers a full range of web-based desktop and mobile application development tools and powerful features to assist in crafting sophisticated, dynamic and interactive web applications and modern, dashing websites built around them.

Consequently, the AngularJS brings to the table not only a lively ecosystem of sophisticated functions and libraries that allow for all sorts of modular expansion and addition to a sleek, developer-friendly code, but also amazing, professionally graphically designed front-end user interface templates. Hence, building the end-user experience for your web presentations, tablet and mobile apps or desktop web apps is easier and speedier than ever before, with gorgeous, tasteful results regardless of your UI design experience. As a result, Monarch is natively responsive, compatible with all browsers and platforms on the market. Try Monarch now!

More info / Download Demo

Delight (Premium)


Delight is a beautiful and versatile, while remaining efficient and lightweight. In addition to being tech-savvy and attractive, it’s easy to use and customize, visually flexible and lastly, highly responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme website template. An innovative and impressively potent toolkit for webmasters and developers to craft unique and distinct, modern web-based applications and sophisticated websites and presentations, for all sorts of diverse fields, industries and clients.

Ideal for professional developers, app developers and engineering firms looking for solutions in both front-end and back-end format for all sorts of websites or apps, from tasteful and attractive front-end UI templates to powerful Admin dashboards since Delight makes elegant deployment of the combined power of Bootstrap framework with the sleek, clean and pristine visual styling and language of Google’s own Material Design aesthetic conceptual philosophy. Furthermore, creating modern web applications that make eloquent usage of Material Design elements and visual cues, widely understood in an intuitive manner by people across all demographics the world over, is faster and easier than ever, with instant access to a whole array of convenient as well as the innovative tools for crafting colorful and fresh web based applications. Try Delight now!

More info / Download Demo


If you are looking for a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, Concept is here to get you going strong. No need to look elsewhere and definitely no need to create an admin from the ground up. Once you utilize Concept, you get access to loads of material that will quick start your project and have it moving forward sooner rather than later. Hence the name, Concept is a multi-concept tool for financial, sales, eCommerce and influencer projects out of the box.

Some of the countless traits of Concept are charts and tables, forms, loads of internal pages and other practical UI elements. Of course, Concept is also 100% mobile- and retina-ready, as well as compatible with all the modern web browsers. Concept is a Bootstrap Framework based template what ensures flexibility and extendability, allowing you to alter it to your regulations with ease.

More info / Download Demo


If you are looking for a high-quality free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, SRTDash is one of very many we have here for you. You will surely be amazed by all the stuff it comes with. Knowing that it is a Bootstrap template, SRTDash comes flexible and mobile-ready, to work on all devices fluidly. On top of that, the template is also in tune with all the modern web browsers for an always smooth operation. SRTDash is built on HTML5, CSS and jQuery and very simple to employ.

With three index pages and over 46 other sections, you are assured that you get all and everything that you need. Included is also documentation so you never run into any trouble. With its neat and simplistic appearance, SRTDash makes sure that you have a clear overview of your page and see how things are going. Thanks to the admin, you always know what customizations to do to improve your project.

More info / Download Demo


Although a multi-purpose free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, Kiaalap is perfect for schools, colleges and universities. The template is entirely mobile-ready and pliable to surely adjust to the device you are examining it from. Whether a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer, it is a guarantee that admin panel based on Kiaalap will look stunningly all the time. You can choose between three styles of homes and more than fifty pages. What you see, you can use as is or you can enhance and adjust to your desire.

Utilize countless reusable UI elements and plugins and have the perfect admin ready and set in as little time as possible. There is no need to be doing anything from the ground up when so much goodness is at your disposal. Get sucked in the amazingness of Kiaalap and have the final product available sooner rather than later.

More info / Download Demo

Sufee (New)

Sufee is the latest and greatest admin dashboard template made by Colorlib. It packs incredible technology in a beautiful design. One of the best HTML admin templates around based on Bootstrap 4 that you can currently get your hands on. And you will find it effortless to use, manage and maintain a convenient admin panel with. No need to be a real expert either, when working with Sufee, basic skills are all you need. The content is there anyway, ready and set for you to employ it and match it to your application’s requirements.

Sufee has a collapsible sidebar menu, mobile-friendly layout, notifications, animated statistics, two icon sets and more. Besides, there are also login, register and forgot password pages, tons of widgets, charts and two styles of maps, Google Maps and vector maps.

More info / Download Demo


ElaAdmin is the latest creation by Colorlib and has proven to be one of the most successful admin dashboards ever released. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and comes with more libraries, pages and elements than any premium template out there. That’s correct, however, you might only believe it once you see it. If that is the case, by all means, rush downloading it this very moment and see the outstanding performance of ElaAdmin right away.

Why we are giving it away for free? Because we want to see what users will come up with and how far it can go. If you approach ElaAdmin without limiting yourself in any way, shape and form, the possibilities are close to endless. Use this cracking tool for whatever project you want and make a difference. And if you think you created the impossible, feel free to share it with us.

More info / Download Demo


While the majority of free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates rock a full-width layout, some of them have a boxed style exclusively. If this is the type you fancy, Notika is the one you should go with. Of course, there are other tools which offer both, a wide and a boxed version. Pick accordingly and have the ideal admin dashboard all set up in a breeze.

What’s more, Notika comes with four dashboard variations to fit a variety of tastes. Widgets, cool drop-down menu, multiple inner pages, hover effects, you name it, Notika delivers it all and then some. There is also a page for contacts, invoice, login and error. Still, we are far from done with the features Notika has in store for you. But we will end it with the fact that Notika is also 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

More info / Download Demo


For those whose dark layouts are your cup of tea, Nalika is the one to settle on. It comes with a stunning and eye-catchy web design which is both minimal and sophisticated. Exactly what you need when looking for the ideal free Bootstrap admin dashboard template. Since you now also know that it is based on the popular grid framework, you know it rocks a fluid layout that adjusts to all devices in an instant. But this is just the beginning to the outstanding Nalika.

Nalika is a fantastic solution if you run an eCommerce business but you can also alter it for other use. It has three dashboards you can choose from and plenty of other material that will do you extremely well. Widgets, UI elements, charts and tables, it is all there and then some.

More info / Download Demo


AdminPro is a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template that takes things to an entirely new degree. No wonder why it is called the way it is. AdminPro shines online with seven excellent demos and an additional front-end version coming your way in the near future. You will have a complete solution that you can utilize for your needs and save yourself time and energy. Light, dark, horizontal, vertical, gradient, you name it, AdminPro comes with all these different styles. It shows its versatility and gives you a quicker solution that will drive your business forward.

If you would like to have it all in perfect order and under complete demand, with an admin like AdminPro, you can achieve those goals with ease. Make sure you employ it to its full potential for impressive results.

More info / Download Demo


This template features plenty of different options and many distinctive versions for you to test out and find the perfect fit for your project, app or service. First thing’s first, you can utilize the banging web design of Metis out of the box. And second, you can also improve and enhance the look, making it follow your regulations to a T. What’s special about Metis is the dark attention to details which make it very trendy and elegant.

Metis is powered by Bootstrap 4 and follows all the latest and greatest practices, ensuring you a stable and secure admin dashboard. Some more features of Metis include Google Maps, plenty of different layouts, tables, forms, login page and more. The menu is also broken down in multiple drop-down sections – in fact, as many as you want.

More info / Download Demo


More or less, all free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates appear to be very generic, fitting numerous niches and projects. However, if you are looking for something more specific, you might want to choose Jeweler. As the name suggests, Jeweler is a perfect admin for someone who runs an online jewelry store. It even has three gorgeous home variations which you can utilize and modify further. Jeweler gives you the freedom to design and establish an admin panel that will serve you right.

Jeweler practices all the latest web and tech trends to always make sure your dashboard functions with excellence. With its essential, as well as polished, look, admins based on Jeweler will stand the test of time. When you execute it correctly, you always have the opportunity to investigate your site’s performance and alter it accordingly.

More info / Download Demo


adminwrap bootstrap admin dashboard template
AdminWrap is a super clean looking free Bootstrap admin dashboard template with quite a few features that will get you going right away. First and foremost, AdminWrap costs you nothing and you can use it for as long as you want. Of course, when you grow your application to a certain level, you might want to consider upgrading to the Pro version but you do not really need to if AdminWrap Lite’s features are all you need.

Thanks to the Bootstrap Framework, AdminWrap’s layout is 100% responsive, working seamlessly on all devices and platforms. Along with the index page, there are several additional internal sections, UI elements, widgets and plugins included in the kit as well. AdminWrap also comes with a free lifetime worth of updates, keeping your admin looking fresh and modern.

More info / Download Demo


nice bootstrap admin dashboard template
You can get your admin rolling in a small breeze with the help from Nice. This free Bootstrap admin dashboard template is packed with useful content that will help you on your journey. No matter what your application or online project is all about, have it sorted out with Nice Lite. Later in your career, you can also go with the Pro version of the tool and unlock a whole new specter of options and possibilities for you.

Nice is definitely very appealing to the eye, contemporary and sophisticated. As far as the features go, Nice includes basic sample pages, UI components, widgets, plugins, tables and charts. Even if you utilize Nice’s full potential, you can still get to experience what a solid admin dashboard is all about. But do know that the real deal is in the Pro version.

More info / Download Demo


elegant bootstrap admin dashboard template
With a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, you can get the gist of it and play around with its feature for as long as you want. Just like all the other tools you find in this collection, Elegant is another cracking admin layout with a modern and minimal appearance. Note: you can only use Elegant for personal use. Moreover, commercial use only applies to the Pro solution. It all comes down to the project you are starting, what Elegant option you need. But if the Lite version is all you really require, go ahead and work with it for as long as you wish.

Elegant has one main dashboard, six internal pages, ten UI elements and plugins, widgets, icons, forms and tables. You see, it might be free, but it will still serve you well.

More info / Download Demo


xtreme bootstrap admin dashboard template
For extreme solutions, you came to the right place. Xtreme is a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template that you can download and put to use in an instant. Little do you know, after some tweaks and improvements, you have the right look ready and set. With a layout that is as solid as Xtreme, you can achieve great results no matter if it costs you no dime. There are still several features and tools that you gain access too which will benefit you greatly.

Let’s go through some of the numbers. Xtreme has seven page templates, ten UI components, ten plugins, two forms, three tables and over one hundred icons. Also, Xtreme is updated regularly for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Take action now, download Xtreme for free and get things moving in the right direction.

More info / Download Demo


matrix-admin-free-bootstrap-admin-dashboard-templateMatrix Admin is a wonderfully fresh-faced and colorfully youthful. An intuitive and attractive yet, quite robust HTML5 and Bootstrap admin template. A perfect theme for amateur or professional webmasters that are establishing their online home for themselves, their projects or their business, and are in need of a reliable, solid and robust framework wherein they can develop their website without wasting time and effort in coding every last little bit of functionality and every single resource.

This theme has plentiful package consisting of two different dashboard presentations, as much as 20 integrated plugins to make your life easier and your design experience smoother and fluid, tons of handy widgets and awesome templates, powerful graphing capacities that make analytical work and data handling or reporting a simple, streamlined task, and much more under the hood. In addition, professional quality charts, interactive graphs, colorful widgets and functional buttons, sidebars, headers and more await you within Matrix Admin. Cutting edge HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap capabilities make Matrix Admin backends completely cross-compatible with all devices and browsers, mobile-friendly and extremely lightweight and fast-loading right out of the box. Boxed and fullwidth layout capabilities are but a click away, as are a myriad more advanced choices and styles. Try Matrix Admin now!

More info / Download

Lumino Admin

Lumino is a clean and fresh admin panel template which includes everything you need for your backend administration panel. Consequently, some of Lumino’s many features are a dashboard overview page, various widgets, responsive charts, advanced data tables, forms, UI elements and sample login page. You see, Lumino is one banging free Bootstrap admin dashboard template with a horde of treats that will do you and your project well.

Just like all the other templates you find on this list, Lumino, of course, comes with a mobile-ready, flexible and retina-friendly canvas. Bear in mind, if you would ever want more features for your admin to take care of your thriving web project, you can always move to the pro version of Lumino. Do yourself a favor, test the waters now and see how much Lumino can do for you.


Bootstrap Admin Theme

While not as colorful or flashy as other themes, Bootstrap Admin Theme’s main focus is on usability and utility. It is because the custom made plugins, different editors, and plenty of UI and interface elements guarantees easy to use admin template with great customizability.

In short, if you are on the hunt for a clean and straightforward looking free Bootstrap admin dashboard template, you better check out Bootstrap Admin Theme. It comes with all the necessities one needs when sorting out an admin panel for whatever project he or she runs. Although very basic at first glance, Bootstrap Admin Theme will surely do the trick and get you going in little to no time.



DashGum is a simple and elegant admin panel. While it comes with fifteen pages to start your panel as soon as possible, you can also edit and adjust them to your likings. No need to stick to the default configurations entirely, DashGum offers so much more. Furthermore, you have access to charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to-do lists and more. With the beautiful and eye-catchy look, DashGum also displays all the information and details clearly. It is no wonder why many users enjoy using it even out of the box. Yes, that’s how amazing DashGum is, and it can be yours for free.



Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin Lite is a well-crafted template designed for admin panels and dashboards. It is a free and available option to improve your websites. Though, if more complex and complete options were wanted you can get its pro version. This last one is ideal for expert users and or commercial use. Ample Admin lite, is minimalistic but flexible. You will get a Bootstrap based element with quick customization. It uses Lessbase CSS and Font Awesome icons and fonts. Ample Admin lite is light weighted, completely responsive and features tables and charts. Use its awesome 10 IU components to get a taste of the +500 options of its pro version.

It is so simple and instinctive it requires no documentation. Ample Admin lite provides 7 demos to discover your personal style and preferences. You will get a simplified dashboard, which is inspired by MegaMenu, and a basic data table. Get constant free updates and enjoy templates full compatibility with many awesome plug-ins. Ample Admin lite includes HTML, CSS3 and JS files within a responsive and clear layout. Go fun crazy and try this completely free option for your personal projects.  Go for Ample Admin lite…and don’t forget to check out its pro version!


Monster Admin Lite

Monster admin lite is an HTML admin dashboard template made to fit all your needs. It comes with 3 versions from free to paid that adapt to your particular use. You will get a live demo easily downloadable. The creators crafted Monster admin lite to have versatility and simplicity. It offers multiple choices for dashboard variations and over 10 IU elements. It was built on a clean code and it is Bootstrap compatible on framework. Monster admin lite has incredible Font Awesome Icons and unique color options. It is a theme made to set up a page in a quick, light and fun experience.

You will even receive some PSD files and responsive pages. Strong businesses can try the pro version that includes a free landing page! Monster admin lite is customizable and includes 7 page templates to play with. All versions are extremely responsive and mobile friendly. A basic data table and JS, CSS, LESS files are also featured. Monster admin lite can be personalized through profile pages and constant free updates. It is an intuitive tool that works mostly for individuals, and adapts to any given topic. Give a quick look at this amazing template and you will see what it is all about! Use Monster admin lite!


Pixel Admin Lite

Pixel admin lite is an HTML admin dashboard template of multiple uses. It comes with tons of unique elements is a responsive layout. It is Bootstrap based and uses advanced panel options. You will get it for free and completely downloadable. Pixel admin lite is adaptable to all screens and very mobile friendly. It offers loads of colors options to the point of no limit. Have fun playing around with its Font Awesome Icons. Pixel admin lite has a targeted use for individual costumer. However, the developers added a highly improved pro version for commercial use.

With this version you will get an awesome dashboard and 7 page templates. It will also include +10 IU components and table examples. They also integrated Google Maps into Pixel admin lite and includes HTML, JS, CSS files. Add to this a personalized profile page and a live demo and there is your awesome new tool. It is thought for individuals and small business and thus it is quite intuitive and simple. Pixel admin lite is made to be quickly set up and to adapt easily third party themes. Try this awesome theme and give also a try to its pro version to get many other awesome features! Try Pixel admin lite!


SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is a Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard template, or web app UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built-in Bootstrap UI features. All the material, widgets and elements are blended together into a professional and sophisticated layout which helps you manage and maintain your project hassle-free. Either you use it exactly as is or you improve the existing layout, whatever the case, the outcome will surely be a high performing admin dashboard. Last but not least, SB Admin 2 is also in tune with all devices, web browsers and retina screens, thanks to its flexible and extendable nature.



Siminta is a responsive admin dashboard template for admin and backend applications. It is a reliable, user-friendly and easy to customize Bootstrap tool for beginners and pros. Siminta comes with a huge collection of plugins and UI components that make your work easy. With Siminta, you can avoid building your project from scratch entirely. Choose the fantastic web design that Siminta brings to the table and make it yours with ease. It will take little time to fine-tune Siminta, as it is already highly adaptive and easily modifiable. By the way, if colorful and vibrant web design is your cup of tea, Siminta is, very likely, the ideal solution for you.


Devoops V2

With two color skins and more than twenty plugins, Devoops v2 is a stylish admin and dashboard theme that is incredibly versatile and customizable. You will effortlessly customize it to your needs and requirements, making Devoops V2 follow your wants exactly. In some instances, you will not even need to do much editing since the out of the box version of Devoops V2 is already highly versatile and easily caters to numerous different objectives. That said, you can make Devoops V2 yours with confidence even if you are just starting out and have only basic coding knowledge. Beginners, you are welcome.



Based on Bootstrap, TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customizable admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 and CSS3. You can use it as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications that are lightweight, faster, and mobile-friendly which is a great starting point. With TemplateVamp, you do not need to worry about responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility since the tool covers that already. TemplateVamp is a clean and sophisticated admin template with top navigation, footer section, reports and more. If you need a web design that ensures excellent performance and stats deliverability, TemplateVamp is the tool you should go with.


Bootply Admin Template

This is a starter template for an admin, control panel or dashboard. The developers added a collapsible tree menu and a variety of panels that you can use as dashboard widgets. Bootply is simple to use, perfect for both newbies and experts. No doubt, you can also expect an admin dashboard powered by Bootply to be flexible and easily adjustable. When doing the work with Bootply, you can be sure that a striking final product is not far ahead of you. Especially if you employ Bootply as is, you can see a complete admin panel enter the space sooner rather than later.


Simple Responsive Admin Theme

Simple Responsive Admin is a free, lightweight, imageless and bootstrap based admin theme. You can use this admin theme for personal and commercial projects under cc3.0. Instead of overcomplicating with your admin section, you can keep things super simple and employ the powerful features and amenities of Simple Responsive Admin. Save yourself time and effort while coming up with the perfect dashboard for your web application and choose Simple Responsive Admin. Let the free canvas do a significant part of the work for you and help you complete the job swiftly. That’s why we put together this collection of free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates in the first place.


Dark Theme

This is a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template with many additional pages, layouts and extensions. A dashboard, which contains handy widgets, that handles the task of data visualization for your project, app or service. In short, Dark Theme never disappoints. Useful for quarterly reports, sales data, data reporting, etc. As the name suggests, indeed, Dark Theme sports an elegant, responsive and browser compatible layout which easily caters to your distinct style. No need to scour the web any longer to find the ideal admin template that rocks a dark style; let Dark Theme do the magic and become the foundation of your app admin.



BCORE is a fully responsive admin template, instantly readjusting to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. It comes with over forty integrated plugins for charts, data tables, maps, form elements, notifications and more. There are loads of practical UI elements at your services to put into play. Very likely, BCORE highly exceeds the actual quantity of features you need to take care of your application. That said, whenever you find yourself in need to add more functions to your admin dashboard, you can always introduce extra forms, components and plugins. Waste no more time and kick things off like a champ with BCORE once and for all.


Nice Admin

A powerful admin template based on Bootstrap Framework that provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on UX. The creators built it to work seamlessly across browsers, tablets, and phones. It includes outstanding examples of charts, form validation, and maps. Nice Admin is a free tool that has something in store for everyone. And if you do find something not following your regulations to the very last detail, you can always perform customization tweaks and create the ideal admin panel for your online project. On the flip side, use it as is and speed up the process over and beyond.

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  1. Great Stuff

    These Templates are really quality and free.Thank you for these great resources.Building my webapp has just started here.

  2. it does not work :active in gentallela

    var table = $(‘#tablaclientes’).DataTable({
    responsive: true,
    $(‘#tablaclientes tbody’).on( ‘click’, ‘tr’, function () {
    // alert(‘hellow’);
    if ( $(this).hasClass(‘active’) ) {
    else {
    } );
    1. @claudio, that is because `:active` is a pseudo selector and not a class, so you can not access it with `hasClass`. Hope that makes sense.

  3. hi i want to download

    Monarch (Premium) Template All versions HTML, Angular and Frontend

    But it is not free How can i get this free

    or can you send me zip of it in my email

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Rajeshsingh,

      Monarch template is clearly marked as premium template. We just wanted to outline that how much more superior premium templates can be over free templates. Unfortunately, we are not going to share it for free.

  4. Gentellela- best theme i’ve ever seen. nothing can match the beauty of this template. I’ve decided to put this theme for admin area of every project i will handel.(some time i will use it on frontend too.) It’s packed with great stuff. This template gave me new ideas for my projects. i will always use this template. either whole or a part.
    colorlib thank you very much

    1. I am in need of a web designer to set up the coffiure template for my site. I would like for my clients to be able to book and pay online is this something you do?

      1. i can do build this booking and pay online system i have worked on booking table app before so i can help you with this if you still in need u can email me at mughalrules(@)

  5. I use both, AdminLTE and Gentellela. The Gentellela is old and have some layout issues. The AdminLTE is a really good one. I’m chocked it is for free.

    Thanks for these templates 🙂

  6. Need help here,

    i try to using Gentallela template, but somehow i don’t know how the sidebar menu working. other template use “class=”active”, but no such thing in Gentallela.

    please help, newbie here.

  7. The tables in metis bootstrap admin template – fall of the page – if the browser window is not wide enough. Does anyone have fix for this.

    1. Richard,

      These are plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript templates which means that they load incredibility fast and doesn’t add any load to the server. But that also means that there is no database or backend functionality attached to them and you need to create it on your own. That background functionality with affect performance the most, so make sure to write a good code.

  8. This was so helpful especially for me because i was starting to learn php, Thanks a lot !!! Salute to the admin

  9. Excellent collection! We have been looking for a great looking theme for an internal project so these have really helped! nice one

  10. Well i’m new to Github and all. Its super complicated for me. I usually just download admin themes and adjust the code to need, but the Adminator theme is a pain. The css files aren’t linked to the pages, so they show up wierd, no .js files linked too. I have no idea where to start. I like the adminator theme, but its difficult to use. Why can’t it be edited like AdminLTE 2 or some other themes listed here.

    1. Adminator is much more advanced and is built for developers. It uses Node and NPM and needs to be compiled. Just opening up it as blank HTML canvas won’t do a thing and you should follow instructions instead. It might not be for some but developers building web apps will appreciate and already appreciates the way it is built.

      1. It would really be GREAT to have an example of use along any framework.

        Right now I’m struggling to make it work with Django, and I just don’t get it to work.

        1. Miguel,

          Contributors are welcome for this project. We want to make this template great but it is not like we have 100 developers on payroll specialised in using different coding languages. We would be happy to pay our contributors but we are not able to create all examples on our own.

  11. hi
    i am a web developer (server side)
    and i wanted to use your template(adminator). Actually I in love with it.
    i run it throug npm and maked build folder
    but i when i edit the build folder it not worked
    I do not want to be involved in design and please
    Please guide how I can get html files and style files to edit the templates based on my needs
    thank you very much.
    abbas zamadi

    1. We don’t have a RTL version for it therefore you are on your own with this conversion. If you do make a RTL version, please let us know and we’ll be happy to share it with our users.

  12. Hi, is there any way to remove backlinks? Can I buy any licence or something like that to support the theme?

      1. How can I spread the word without using them? If I cannot use it, I will create it with another template, and forget admindek. I strongly recommend that you make it available first. Can I use it?!

  13. Hi guys,

    You have prepared a very nice list. I was googling for admin templates since last few days and found it very difficult to choose a proper on. Your article helped me to narrow my search to only few options.


  14. Thanks for sharing free templates. I am using Nalika for my free website along with Angular 6. Sparkline graphs are not working. How to integrate Sparkline js with angular 6. Please help.

  15. I really loved Notika but found two issues when using IE 11.

    1. Date picker on “Form Components” page is not working. Clicking on date field doesn’t open calendar.
    2. None of the dialogs which are on “Dialogs” page are working. When I click on any button, nothing happens.

  16. I really want to download adminty theme. but it isn’t ready yet.

    When I get this theme?

    Because I have no time.

    I have to finish some dashboard program soon.

    Please, let me know.

  17. It so beautiful but i don’t know why when i run it the icon don’t show up like it work in demo. Can someone tell me how to fix it pls?

  18. Admindek has a problem in the mobile mode. When you scroll the content the menu also gets scrolled and vice versa. So if you scroll the content down quite a bit… and open the menu… you will see a blank menu. The menu should be on a separate “layer”.

    Another problem is the email layout where the top line is unaligned.

    Just some things to fix before release!

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