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15 Free Angular Templates For Your Admin 2024

If you are ready to build epic stuff without spending a dime, these free Angular templates will do the trick.

Sure, each might have particular limitations, but you can still have an outcome ready to rock and roll quickly and effortlessly.

In addition, you can always upgrade if your business grows to the point where you need extra features and functions.

You will often want to use the free admin template exactly as it comes out of the box. Of course, mix and match the available amenities and create your version, but there is no need to build stuff from the ground up.

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Each of the free Angular templates is unique. They offer different sets of UI components and page layouts.

That said, there sure is a tool that will resonate best with your application. For your information, you can always peek at the live preview demo first to see the template in full effect.

Save time and effort and have the finishing admin available to help manage and maintain your project that much simpler.

Best Free Angular templates

1. ArchitectUI Angular

architectui angular 7 dashboard

You can speed things up and build an admin dashboard with ArchitectUI Angular now. Bootstrap also powers the tool, so you know that the flexibility and responsiveness will be on point. Many elements and components are available to put them into practice and strengthen the project. Multiple color schemes are predefined so you can find the right look quickly. Of course, ArchitectUI Angular comes with many great configuration options to precisely tailor it to your liking.

In this day and age, not only do you not need to build things from the ground up anymore, but you also do not need to spend a dime. Still, you can always use the pro version whenever you need to unlock even more ArchitectUI Angular features.

More info / Download Demo

2. Material Dashboard Angular

material dashboard angular

Material Dashboard Angular is a free template that was established on Bootstrap and Angular. This web design’s entire structure is perfect for beginner and professional coders, so everyone gets the most out of it. Material Dashboard Angular looks clean and modern, catering to various projects and web applications out of the box. Of course, you can tweak and edit the default settings and alter the style.

The bundle includes all sorts of ready-made pages, color skins, a sidebar with an option to add an image background, and Google Maps. Well, you get the gist of it. For a free alternative, Material Dashboard Angular comes with loads of practical stuff that helps you start on the right foot right from the get-go.

More info / Download Demo

3. Paper

paper dashboard angular

Paper is a free Angular template with a minimal and creative appearance. It rocks a soft colorway that creates a very appealing, easy outcome on the eyes. On top of that, Paper is also fully in harmony with modern devices and web browsers, making it high performing regardless of where the user comes from.

Just like any other template on this list, Paper will be easy to implement. It is lightweight, neatly coded, and includes many great features. If you want to quick-start your project, get your hands on Paper now and enjoy a speedy dashboard realization.

More info / Download Demo

4. Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

light bootstrap dashboard angular

Whatever you need in an admin dashboard template to kickstart your project, you will find it in Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular. Hence the name, this web design is somewhat basic at first glance, still, once you dig deeper, you will immediately understand how much there is to it. In other words, the page layouts, the UI components, you name it, Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular, make sure to offer you a premium-like experience without spending a single penny.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular works for anything from back-ends for web applications to CRMs, project management systems, and more. After all, you can freely fine-tune it accordingly and make it follow your particular directions precisely. You can also pick between six colors for the sidebar and use an image for the background.

More info / Download Demo

5. Now UI Dashboard Angular

now ui dashboard angular

With the right combination of elements, page layouts, components, and styling, Now UI Dashboard Angular is one of the finer free Angular templates. You can start working with it now, as the tool is fully available and ready for use. Do not forget to peek at the live demo and go from there.

In the free Now UI Dashboard Angular package, you get sixteen elements, five plugins, seven example pages, SASS files, and comprehensive documentation. To kick things off ASAP, that would be more than enough. On the other hand, there is always the pro version, which brings more material to the table. With that in mind, feel free to start, well, for a free and only upgrade when the need occurs.

More info / Download Demo

6. Free Angular Admin Template

responsive free angular template

Free Angular Admin Template is a tool full of amazing perks and other practical traits that will help you start building a dashboard confidently. Save time and energy by downloading the tool and making noise immediately. This helps boost your workflow, resulting in a killer outcome that would otherwise take a lot of effort to bring into being.

The Free Angular Admin Template package gives you a broad specter of different components, charts, forms, icon packs, buttons, and plugins. Of course, you can always first check the tool in full effect by accessing the live preview. With the pro version of this impressive template, you can step things up and take your admin panel to the next level.

More info / Download Demo

7. Nuxt

nuxt free angular template

Nuxt is a free Angular template for those of you who want a dark design. It is a beautiful and modern creation that will help you build and prototype admins much faster. For your information, you can also use the light mode, as both versions are available in the free bundle.

Sixteen elements, three plugins, and seven sample pages are also available. Nuxt uses only the latest technologies, so you know it performs flawlessly across all devices and platforms. Note that you can also go premium and unlock even more possibilities.

More info / Download Demo

8. Guru Able

guru able free angular admin template

With Guru Able, you can build epic stuff, and that is a fact. This tool sports a minimalist style, showcasing every detail with crystal clarity. Guru Able is compatible with retina screens and works flawlessly on mobile and desktop devices.

Even though Guru Able is free, you can still create quick prototypes and dashboards for various projects and apps. Sure, all the features might not be available, still, there is enough content at your disposal to enjoy a smooth sail. The code of Guru Able is well-commented and beginner-friendly, so you can make edits and improvements without breaking a single drop of sweat. You even get vertical and horizontal layouts out of the box.

More info / Download

9. ngx-admin

ngx-admin angular template

If you want a free and open-source Angular admin dashboard, you should check out ngx-admin. It is a popular alternative that delivers a feature-packed web design with a nifty look.

In the kit, ngx-admin offers users a wide range of UI components with terrific customization functions. You can enjoy charts, maps, tables, four themes, two dashboards, and frequent updates on your journey. But first, see the live preview of multiple styles and witness what’s possible.

More info / Download Demo

10. Argon Dashboard Angular

argon dashboard angular

Let the idea of a free Angular template not fool you, as Argon is packed with features and functions that make it more premium-like than something else. After all, there are one hundred elements to choose from and five plugins and seven example pages. You can mix and match the available and create your variation of the admin. You can also see the live preview first to understand what Argon is about.

Argon also rocks a responsive layout that instantly adapts to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers like any other tool in this collection. With the included documentation, you will never feel lonely when using Argon for your web app. For any additional questions and support, you can contact Argon’s team of experts, who will assist you further.

More info / Download

11. Black Dashboard Angular

black dashboard angular

This next alternative is the way to go for everyone who would like to work with a free Angular template with a dark design. Why do the customization tweaks yourself when you can pick a predefined template and go from there instead? And if it is a free solution, that does not necessarily mean the outcome will be half-baked – the complete opposite.

This black dashboard template is based on Bootstrap and Angular. With a collection of sixteen elements, seven ready-made pages, and three plugins, you can quickly set things up and start with something novel without the tedious task of starting from the ground up. Black Dashboard Angular is here for all levels of users, whether you are a beginner or an expert web developer. Later, you can also expand with the pro version and unlock and more features.

More info / Download Demo

Angular UI Kits

12. Now UI Kit Angular

now ui kit angular

Let’s move forward with something a tad different. Not exactly free Angular templates, these UI kits will surely help you on your journey. Now UI Kit is a pack of amenities to help you avoid doing all the work from scratch. This pack works ideally for the flat design you are after, coming with a twelve-column grid system.

Moreover, you get a collection of fifty elements and three templates, everything working together in unison correctly. Of course, you can use and reuse the material at free will when setting up the final product. For your information, all the content comes in PSD and Sketch formats. You can even check the live preview page and see all the goods Now UI Kit has in store.

More info / Download Demo

13. Argon Design System Angular

argon design system angular

Argon already comes as a template format, still, the tool is so popular, the author decided to put together a full-blown UI kit for your convenience. This pack is even larger than the previous one, giving you the freedom you deserve to use all the elements and components however you fancy. One hundred allow you to find the perfect combination by mixing and matching the available.

These are just a handful of all the specialties Argon allows you to employ from basic elements, like buttons, inputs, and menus to navbars, tabs, progress bars, alerts, date pickers, and carousels. Make the kit yours and save yourself time while building your web application or another project. By the way, online documentation is also available to read through and get the gist of it.

More info / Download Demo

14. Paper Kit 2 Angular

paper kit 2 angular

Paper is an Angular template you can find above; however, Paper is also an Angular UI kit. As for the latter, the free version uses quite a decent portion of goodies that will do the trick. Elements, plugins, predefined pages, documentation, and SASS files are all the different goods you can get. But if you decide to invest a chunk of your budget into Paper, you can choose the premium alternative that almost knows no boundaries.

Still, you can enjoy prototyping projects and building web apps with Paper’s free UI kit. The Paper kit includes appealing colors, catchy typography, inputs, pagination, navigation tabs, and one hundred custom-made icons. Before fully diving in, take a peek at the example pages.

More info / Download Demo

15. BLK Design System Angular

blk design system angular

BLK is a stunning and striking Angular design system with seventy individual components. There are also different plugins and predefined sample pages that you can use to build websites with less work. Of course, if you are new to UI kits, investigate the documentation first and go from there. It allows you to understand the process. Still, everything that BLK has in store for you is designed with user-friendliness. That said, beginner and professional coders are welcome to use BLK.

The components that you will find in the bundle also come with different styling options, like colorways, hover, and more. Of course, you can preview all the elements first to see what’s hot. Still, BLK costs you nothing, so there is no real reason to hold back.

More info / Download Demo
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