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20 Best Free Dashboard Templates For Amazing Admins 2018

20 Best Free Dashboard Templates For Amazing Admins 2018

It is not only about the powerful functions and features that our best free dashboard templates come with, design matters, too. After investing a good chunk of time into picking only the top and most promising tools, here we are now, saving you time and money.

Amongst all the products you find below, there are those with exclusive features and others which are as versatile as possible. That said, you surely will find the right option for your website or application. There is no need to build from the ground up anymore. You can take a way simpler and efficient path by choosing what is already available.

To track the performance of your website, these best free dashboard templates come extremely helpful. You simply integrate the one you are after into your project and have a better understanding how it performs. To grow your business, it is crucial to track pretty much everything.

With a dashboard template, you will know exactly how well your online project is doing. For instance, track sales, new members, likes, profits, tickets, you name it, it can all be done inside your ultimate dashboard. Site management becomes a lot more unchallenging when you have it all clearly gathered in one place. Make the most out of it and run your online project of any kind like a pro.

While free dashboard templates have certain limitations, we already published an outstanding collection of HTML admin templates if you are ready to go premium straight away. You can even pick a Bootstrap admin template and bring site control to a whole new level. But that is something you will going to do with the products you find further down the page.

Let’s get down to business and see what we have in store for you. Before you download the one you believe suits you best, check the live preview and see the free dashboard template in action.


If Adminator and Terminator have something in common, I cannot tell you, however, the former sure is a powerful tool for building top-notch dashboards. It is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template which makes building dashboards oh so much fun. Adminator has plenty ready-to-use features which you can take to your advantage and build the exact administrator you are after. Instead of coming up with your own version, the majority of work is already completed for you. Just make sure you follow the simple installation process and you are ready to go.

From custom pages, practical widgets, maps, tables and UI elements, Adminator has it all and then some. You can do pretty much whatever you want with the template. Customize it, copy it, even seel it, for as long as you have it clearly stated that Colorlib is the author. Other than that, throw it into the modification blender and make it as unique as you want.

More info / Download Demo


More info / Download Demo


For your app, services or websites, Gentelella is the great free admin dashboard template which is based on Bootstrap 3. All this means is that the product is flexible and entirely mobile friendly. Something you should not be missing no matter what type of online project you plan to launch. In the mobile-first era we are living, it should all be responsive and perfectly adapting to smartphones and tablets. Gentelella sure does not have an issue with that.

Gentelella is a fantastic tool with which you will easily create stunning admin panels and marvelous back-end dashboards. The free template comes with many features, like charts, validation, off-canvas menu, upload area and progress bars. You might get the feeling like you would be using a premium template, not a free one. Don’t bother, use it to its full potential.

More info / Download Demo



MaterialPro Lite

MaterialPro Lite is a free dashboard template for personal use wich was built using Google Material Design, hence the name. For flexibility, MaterialPro Lite template is powered by Bootstrap 4 Framework so you do not have to bother about responsiveness if the final product.

With MaterialPro Lite, you get seven page templates and over ten UI components. The tool includes Font Awesome icons, one-of-a-kind color options along with basic data table. Google Map, error 404 page and profile page are also part of the game. MaterialPro Lite is clean and minimal in design what calls for a distraction-free use.

Take the Lite part away and you have a premium plugin which unlocks even more features and commercial use. But do give the free version a shot and see how well it performs for your app.

More info / Download Demo


Lumino is an elegant free Bootstrap dashboard template for creating the shiniest admin panels. Very minimal in the design with lots of features for making your life simpler and more productive. You will not have a single issue customizing the template to meet your needs and requirements. For instance, update the Lumino’s main layout color with your preferred one, as well as font, using SASS variables.

Some of Lumino’s features are widgets for forms, charts, panels, menus, UI elements and a wide range more. As a great addition, there are also notification features available and user functions. For your information, there is a Bootstrap 4 version of the template available, plus, the pro option. You find all the information on the download page. Get that admin panel look how you fancy.

More info / Download Demo

Ample Admin Lite

ample admin
The cleanness and simplicity of Ample Admin Lite free dashboard template will definitely hook you in an instant. While there might be a ton of stats and other information going on in the admin panel, the last thing you would want is to have a complex design. Sure, it might look pretty but when you start investigating the results, the overdone design might be a distraction. Not with Ample Admin Lite.

The main features of Ample Admin Lite are the mentioned minimal look with several page templates and a nice portion of UI components. Bootstrap 3, 100% responsiveness and super simple to modify all come in the bucket of key features. To look Ample Admin Lite in action, make sure you do not miss the live preview. Tables, icons, Google Map integration, error 404 page and profile page all come part of the free template.

More info / Download Demo

AdminPro Lite

AdminPro Lite is an entirely free dashboard template which you can use for all kinds of personal projects. It uses modular design with an off-canvas menu but most importantly, it is clean and fairly basic. Kinda like an admin panel should be. Clean, stylish and straightforward. All this is what you will find in AdminPro Lite, plus an entire stack of awesome features that will enhance your workflow.

Customize its color and fonts and put all the extras to use for achieving goals faster. There are seven page templates at your service for profiles, tables, maps and more. Google Map is integrated into AdminPro Lite along with a ton of material icons and even a 404 error page. Indeed, the layout is mobile-friendly so any device user can enjoy it. Are you ready to bring the administrator to the next level?

More info / Download Demo

Monster Admin Lite

monster admin lite
Monster Admin Lite is not at all frightening rather appealing to the eye and very user-friendly. It is another fantastic, neat and refreshing free dashboard admin template which you can use for your personal online projects. When you would like to step up the game, upgrade to the pro version which you can use freely for commercial sites and apps. But test the waters first and see if it is a fit for what you need. No doubt!

Monster Admin Lite template is based on Bootstrap 3 for complete flexibility of its layout. In other words, you are able to operate it from smartphones, tablets and desktops smoothly and effortlessly. Ten UI components, seven pages including 404 and Google Map and a special section for profiles. Even if it is not seen to the end user, it does not mean it should not be beautiful and practical.

More info / Download Demo

Pixel Admin Lite

pixel admin lite
Neat and all shipshape, that is what we could roughly say Pixel Admin Lite template is all about. If you need to construct an admin that gives you an overview of your website and application’s performance, Pixel Admin Lite is a great way to go. Set tasks for specific profiles, see the number of sales you generated on a daily basis and read the current messages. But that is just a tiny fracture what you can do with Pixel Admin Lite template.

Create tables and profiles for each contributor or team member and have it all organized to the T. Your admin can also be your secret, back-end office that no one knows about only you and your members. Use it to march towards new goals and assign different tasks to each of your colleagues.

More info / Download Demo

SB Admin 2

sb admin 2
If you are in need of a responsive Bootstrap 4 webapp UI starter, SB Admin 2 is the free dashboard template you should look into. It is an HTML template with a variety of features to meet many users’ needs and requirements. The template comes with a multi-level menu for creating numerous dropdowns and active classes. Both sidebar and top menus are responsive with a set of cool features for you to have better access to different sectors of your admin panel.

SB Admin 2 is browser compatible and follows all the latest web technologies. It comes with three custom panel styles, searchable tables and LESS files for customization. There is also a chat widget and a login page by Bootsnipp. Make it follow your rules and modify SB Admin 2 template exactly how you want it to look. It allows you to do just that.

More info / Download Demo


Hence the name, Dashboard is ideal starter template to bring into being an admin, control panel or, like the name says it, dashboard. It is a Bootstrap 3 template what makes it fluent and flexible to work and adapt to all devices instantly. If you need a quick solution for a lit back-end, Dashboard template should be on your to-check list. Or do it right away by hitting the preview button and see Dashboard live.

Dashboard template can be a great starting point for building something original. Make adjustments so it follows your project and gives you a quick checkup of how it is performing. It all happens in the beautiful back-end that you will develop with help from Dashboard. Do not feel limited and start performing tweaks and the dashboard will help you boost your business.

More info / Download Demo

Nice Admin

nice admin
With its main focus on delivering the best user experience, Nice Admin is the free dashboard template which you should further investigate. Based on the Bootstrap Framework, your admin panel constructed with Nice Admin will work fluently on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Besides, the template supports all browsers what makes it an all-around template for every user.

Top and sidebar menus, lots of UI features, charts and widgets, these are all part of Nice Admin. Understand your members, how they are behaving, with analytics integration and optimize your product accordingly. It is all possible if you track everything and know exactly how it all functions. Only then you can start tuning, testing new variations and start witnessing new levels of success.

Nice Admin is modern, dynamic and colorful in design. If black and white is not your thing, then Nice Admin is the one for you. Still, all is executed smartly so there will be no confusions whatsoever.

More info / Download Demo

Zontal Admin

zontal admin
For those of you who need something slightly different, you should consider Zontal Admin. This free Bootstrap dashboard template has a horizontal layout what helps it distance itself from what is available on the market. Not only that, Zontal Admin sports bright colors and a lovely design for everyone who needs a little extra “entertainment” going on. Feel free to use Zontal for both personal and commercial use.

Zontal Admin template is easy to customize due to its clean code. The tool is responsive to adapt to any screen size instantly. It is light what makes it load extremely fast for better UX. Zontal Admin comes with Font Awesome icons and a login page. Other than that, you will find different data tables, forms, UI elements and a blank page which you can customize to follow your project precisely.

More info / Download Demo

Dream Admin

dream admin
To build contemporary dashboards, you need a handy tool like Dream Admin is. It uses Bootstrap 3 Framework along with HTML5 and CSS3, plus a nice selection of jQuery plugins. Constructing modern admin panels for apps, sites and any other projects is quick and efficient. Dream Admin template is compatible with all browser and devices.

With our compelling collection of free dashboard templates, you will surely find the ideal solution for what you are after. Dream Admin is not only user-friendly, but developers will find it easy to work with, too. There are different plugins for charts, data tables, forms and other useful elements. You might consider Dream Admin a multi-functional tool for crafting desired dashboards. Smooth scrolling, Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons are just three more cool specialties of Dream Admin to persuade you.

More info / Download Demo

Dashboards by Keen IO

dashboards by keen io
Are you in need of a proper analytics dashboard which shows you all the data you need whether you work on your own projects or your clients’? Dashboards by Keen IO is the free product which you can use to share the statistics with your team members or customers. There is no need to build from scratch and modify CSS. Moreover, you do not even have to test for responsiveness. Dashboards by Keen IO guarantees you mobile friendliness and fully functional dashboard. Gather all the data to later optimize the project you work on to achieve the goals faster. Moreover, go beyond the initial business plan in half of the time. You need to invest little work and effort and have a working analytics dashboard ready to collect data.

More info / Download Demo

Paper Dashboard

paper dashboard
There is no need to mention it but somehow stating it feels right. Well, you will unquestionably enjoy Paper Dashboard free template. Either you are a developer or a webmaster who needs to work with a dashboard, here is another fantastic product that you should not miss. Paper Dashboard perfectly blends features with design what makes it enjoyable to work with. It comes with many components and plugins but still keeps things light and easy to use.

With Paper Dashboard, everything is very straightforward. You will not feel overwhelmed although the tool is powerful and rich in features. For an even easier and quicker start, Paper Dashboard developers also put together four example pages. Get the tasks done with Paper Dashboard template and unlock a new chapter for the project you work on.

More info / Download Demo


Starting your dashboard will happen in a snap with DashGum free template and its fifteen different pages. Yes, that is not a typo, 15. You will find charts, calendars, notifications, tables, to-do lists, lock screen and more. Cool animations and hover effects spice things up and get a bit of an action going on inside your admin panel. If you are not into this kind of stuff, we have many free dashboard templates appropriate for you in this collection. From those as basic as possible to more complex and colorful ones. There is something for every taste.

When you build the desired dashboard with DashGum, you can use it to track how many new files have been uploaded, unread messages, pending tasks and more. One thing is for sure, you will have it all organized in one eye-friendly place.

More info / Download Demo


A free Bootstrap dashboard template with jQuery plugins, Edmin, rocks a flat and responsive design which you will find useful for your projects. Its user interface is simple to use what makes it accessible even if you are new to custom dashboards. Do not feel intimidated if creating an admin panel is something you have not done yet. Most of the work has been done already anyway. You just put it into play and start benefitting from Edmin. Seems like a good plan you should not avoid. At least if you would like to have a better control over your website or application.

From the main dashboard to the news feed, inbox and tasks, there is a section for each inside Edmin template. Is your project growing, are you getting a ton of new users and regular sales coming in? You can see it all and go in-depth with how your online project is doing.

More info / Download Demo


AdminBSB is a free tool with a distinct design what makes it very fun to work with. It is colorful and very engaging but most importantly, easy to work with. Powered by Bootstrap 3 Framework and Google Material Design, AdminBSB is built to perfection with all the needed elements to get the most out of it. And using it on any handheld device is possible, too, since it smoothly adapts to the resolution of choice.

Real time statistics, widgets, image gallery, maps, various charts and a multi-level menu are all features that come with AdminBSB. The free admin panel template is cross-browser compatible and available for both personal and commercial use. Attribution link is also not required but appreciated. See the live preview and be amazed by what AdminBSB is capable of.

More info / Download Demo


Gretong is a robust and free template with its primary focus on eCommerce websites. Minimal and clean metro style design makes template ready for both newbie and advanced users. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap Framework what calls for full responsiveness and all browser support. Fetch all data and have it beautifully presented in your admin section.

The index page of Gretong comes with a status report, progress bar, image slider for (latest) products and real time updates which you can set by milliseconds. If you need a combination of dashboard panel and eCommerce, Gretong is the template you should use. Analyze every section of your website and see what works and what does not work for you. Customize it and slowly and steadily grow your platform.

More info / Download Demo


When in need of a dashboard template which follows all the modern design trends, pick Hybrid. It is one of the tools that makes constructing an admin dashboard ridiculously simple. With basic coding knowledge, you can also customize the template so it meets your project precisely. Hybrid is powered by Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and jQuery with lots of useful plugins. You will find astonishing graphs, charts, task panel, tables and forms. It also has an additional empty page which you can use for building whatever you are in need for.

Hybrid is responsive, handles all browsers and loads fast. It is a multi-functional dashboard template which you can tailor to your demands no matter the type of project you are launching. Easy on the eye with loads of functions for every developer and project owner. Hence the name, Hybrid does not shy away even when it comes to executing difficult tasks.

More info / Download Demo


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