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Angularjs Admin Templates

20 Best AngularJS Admin Dashboard Templates To Build Awesome Web Apps 2021

With any of these highly resourceful AngularJS admin templates, you can create a rewarding dashboard panel that will help grow your application or project.

Web technologies are a rapidly evolving field of numerous competing standards that are constantly innovating themselves and building upon their capacities in order to better serve their function and to always be increasing how much, how fast and how well they can do things.

As people come to expect more and better behavior from their websites and applications, a high-quality solution stack becomes entirely crucial to the successful deployment of most web-based or app-based software.

The following collection of admin panel template pages has been curated to represent the best of the best of AngularJS compatible and enabled admin panel template pages available for web apps.

If you, your clients or your application demands a quick and seamless adoption of expansive HTML JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, look no further than the following. Here are some awesome AngularJS admin templates that you can use to create an awesome admin panel for your web app.

Your business lives and dies by the latest tech, and there is simply no time to waste playing catch-up. Software frameworks help out in this task, of course, but even then, keeping up with all the different frameworks can be impossible in itself. Luckily, you don’t always have to.

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Best AngularJS Admin Templates for any App

ArchitectUI – Angular 11 & Bootstrap

ArchitectUI is a new template that has proven to be very successful. It comes as Angular 11 template and is based on Bootstrap 4. This is one tool that you must have in your developer toolbox.

Do yourself a big favor and avoid creating an admin for your application from the ground up. Instead, pick any of these AngularJS website templates and save yourself a lot of time. Rather spend all this time on building your web app and bring it to an entirely new level while the admin keeps track of everything.

Choose one of four ready-to-use layouts ArchitectUI sports and start from there. All four are available in both Angular and HTML versions but you will probably stick with the former anyway. Some of the key features of ArchitectUI are date and time picker lazy loading, three different navigations, niche dashboards and free lifetime updates. Seven menu color presets, over 25 pre-made components and a stunning chart with shadows are just a few additional goodies. There is more, indeed!

More info / Download Demo


Monarch is a clean and minimal Bootstrap based admin template which comes in AngularJS and HTML version. This template is highly customizable and you can use it as admin dashboard, user dashboard or anything in between. Indeed, Monarch is a highly versatile and adaptive admin template for you to get the most out of it instantaneously. In short, Monarch is one of the most popular Bootstrap-powered admin templates and is in use by thousands of developers all over the globe. You surely cannot go wrong by choosing Monarch for your upcoming project or application. It is ready to handle everything for you so you can focus on marketing primarily. Monarch also makes sure to work like a dream on all devices, retina screens and browsers thanks to its responsive and flexible nature.

More info / Download Demo


startng angularjs admin template
StartNG is an AngularJS admin template based on Bootstrap 4 Framework with full responsiveness and browser compatibility. With six different front styles and additional ten color skins, you get a total of sixty variations when you unbox the package. Of course, there is a ton of other UI features part of the gem, like buttons, icons, cards and superb typography. Moreover, mailbox, form elements, basic and dynamic tables and a good deal of extras.

The code of StartNG is organized and too easy to edit and improve. StartNG also has lazy loading, integrated maps and is ready for retina displays. Turn StartNG from “just” a template to a functional web application in next to no time.

More info / Download Demo


materialpro angularjs admin template
MaterialPro is a, hence the name, material design website template ideal for crafting valuable dashboards. It is 100% responsive and comes with five entirely different layouts of which each has an additional six color presets to choose from. Light and dark version, RTL support along with vertical and horizontal menus, the variations are there, ready for you to put them to use.

Whether you are developing one or a hundred different admins for web apps, your workflow stays at a pro-level at all times with AngularJS website templates. Go with MaterialPro or any other and see fantastic results shortly after. MaterialPro delivers plenty of chart options, tables, validation forms and a plethora of plugins. Whatever you look for, chances are, MaterialPro already has it in store for you.

More info / Download Demo


espire angularjs admin template
Espire is a bright and straightforward admin template with a neat web design to create every experience a pleasurable one. In the batch, you will find three different demos. Two are angular and one is a static HTML version so choose the one that suits your web application best. Espire is great for newbies and professional coders. The template is simple to adjust and coded in a way programmers will find very friendly and uncomplicated.

The final project will smoothly adapt to any screen size and work well with all modern web browsers. Each Espire user gets free updates and a support that you can contact at any given time of the day. Make the most out of Espire template and put together the dream admin.

More info / Download Demo


egret angularjs admin template
Since, for the most part, you are seeing only light layouts of these AngularJS website templates, let’s break the pattern with Egret’s dark design. But it is not only dark what you get with Egret template, do not get me wrong. Designs vary from top and side navigations to fixed header and RTL. What is also important to mention is the fact that Egret is a genuine Angular admin dashboard. That said, no Bootstrap Framework and no jQuery.

Start your CMS, CRM or ERP project swiftly with Egret and never look back. Any Egret layout you go with is dynamic and flexible, effortless to use and protected by AuthGuard. Start right now and have your project’s admin sorted out within minutes.

More info / Download Demo


Cuba is this versatile and highly practical admin template that includes many variations. If an Angular admin is what you are after, that’s what Cuba covers, too. The look of it is very clean, modern and engaging. Cuba creates a pleasant experience browsing the content, whether on a smartphone or a laptop. The layout is 100% responsive.

Forms, charts, galleries, Google Maps, eCommerce support, chat, you name it, Cuba covers it. You can even use a predefined dark mode if that’s what interests you the most. You will find it a lot of fun playing with the features, setting up the ideal admin for your application.

More info / Download Demo


treo angular admin template
Treo is an Angular tool that helps you stay away from starting building an admin dashboard from scratch. If you would like to sort things out quickly and professionally, that’s when Treo comes into play. The features are very many, so you know that Treo can assist you with whatever project you have going on.

From tons of ready-made page layouts and built-in apps to dark mode, starter project and the list goes on, Treo treats you right. Speaking of apps, you get calendar, eCommerce, contacts and even mailbox applications. Start strong and with confidence, thanks to Treo.

More info / Download Demo


vien bootstrap angular template
Vien is a full-blown solution that comes with four main dashboard samples and many more additional page layouts to mix and match. What’s one of the main specialty of Vien is the clean and minimal design that it sports. If that is something that appeals to you and your project, you will have a blast using Vien for the creation of a resourceful dashboard.

The package of goodies is also vast, making sure to cover all the necessary and then some. You get everything from video player and shortcuts to charts, smart menu, different layouts and more. If simplicity is a priority for you, drop everything and go with Vien.

More info / Download Demo


gene angularjs admin template
Being based on Angular 2 and Angular-CLI, as well as Material Design, makes Gene one superb and practical admin template. It will feel very natural, almost kids’ stuff, managing and editing Gene. While the features of Gene are there to create first-class applications, using the template, in general, will not cause any pain. It will be more or less a fun little adventure. But to be entirely frank with you, you will probably need to invest hardly any time and still have the most professional outcome.

With Gene come all sorts of stuff integrated. We are speaking about the text editor, maps, charts, chat, tables and forms. Even inner pages are predefined for a stunning gallery and pricing tables. Besides, Gene is fully translatable.

More info / Download Demo

Admin UX

admin ux angularjs admin template
Predominantly, all AngularJS admin templates you find in this carefully curated list have you covered with all the needed. They are missing nothing expect if you are in need of something super specific. Still, even if you are, they are all adjustable enough to warmly welcome any new extension or plugin. Limits are none but possibilities are immeasurable. The same goes for Admin UX Bootstrap 4 and Angular 4 dashboard template. It is solid from top to bottom.

Trendy UI elements, splendid web design, mobile-friendly and great customization features, Admin UX did not forget about anything. Whether you are new to all of this wizardry stuff or have years of experience, Admin UX makes it simple to all of you. You can achieve terrific results with the right set of tools.

More info / Download Demo

Material Wrap

material wrap angularjs admin template
Modern and sophisticated tool for admins and dashboards, it is Material Wrap. Two demos of which one is HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 powered and the other Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4. Choose accordingly and start improving it per your need. Not only is Material Wrap very appealing to the eye, the features it comes with make it a truly user-friendly AngularJS admin template. It tells everyone that they will have plenty of fun managing and maintaining their web application with Material Wrap.

Eight built-in web applications, over twenty inner pages and more than nine hundred material design icons, I know, that’s a ton. On top of that, Material Wrap also includes Seed Project, various color skins and NMP package management. Every user is also treated to free updates and expert support.

More info / Download Demo


lucid angularjs admin template
Lucid is an AngularJS admin template with a clean, contemporary and professional web design. You can now save yourself time, money and energy with a cracking tool that will get you going sooner rather than later. As far as the design part of your admin dashboard goes, Lucid has it fully sorted out for you. It is also versatile and flexible enough to work with many different projects and applications.

Be ready with your concept in mind, and Lucid will materialize it just the way you require. In the kit, Lucid comes with six beautiful color skins which you can improve further if needed. Give your admin an identity by tweaking the default settings accordingly. It has calendar, chat, inox, contact card and user profile pages and numerous other functions that suit your admin site. The support team will be happy to guide you anytime you need help.

More info / Download Demo


vex angularjs admin template
Vex is a nifty solution for your applications and websites with quite a portion of predefined material for you to put into practice out of the box. This admin template rocks many samples, so you get to find the one that suits your style best quickly. To top it all, of course, you can customize and fine-tune Vex according to your branding directions and needs, too. But if the default settings have all that you need, well, you can expect a swift realization of a sophisticated admin.

Light and dark looks, snack bar notifications, chat, calendar, help center, coming soon page and pricing are just some of the goodies that you find in the Vex bundle. At any time, you can also reach out to the team of experts and they will be happy to assist you.

More info / Download Demo


endless angularjs admin template
Endless – hence the name – offers endless possibilities when it comes to building an admin panel. There are six main dashboard samples at your disposal, readily available to put them into play right away. From default to eCommerce, university, server, project and crypto, these are all the different options that you get with Endless. Needless to say, Endless has no trouble catering to all sorts of other projects that you have going on or plan to start.

In the Endless kit, you will also find many practical and highly useful amenities to take to your total advantage. From quick search and multi-language support to bookmarks, over ten workable apps, color customization and dark and light modes, it is all at the tip of your fingers. With Endless, you start with the right foot forward, avoiding kicking things off from scratch.

More info / Download Demo


decima angularjs admin template
It does not matter whether it is CMS, SAAS, CRM or any other project you are working on, when in need of a banging admin, Decima template is the right answer. Along with plenty outstanding UI elements which you can reuse at free will, other features and components are part of the deal. Dark and light layouts, translatable and lazy load support are just three of the numerous features of Decima.

To go over a few more Decima AngularJS admin template treats, continue reading. Email, a number of different charts (pie, line, bar, etc.), Google Maps and loads of widgets are other elementary components of Decima. You might need all of them or you just a few, exclude or add as many or as little as you want.

More info / Download Demo



Fuse is an extremely potent, incredibly pliable, unimaginably customizable and even more flexible, completely cleanly designed and fresh-faced, technologically refined, enormously dynamic, deeply technical, cleanly coded and heavily annotated admin panel template page. A thoroughly resourceful solution for internet administrators, system administrators, software application developers and programmers. But webmasters in general, to bring together the most powerful currently existing web standards to produce the most securely reliable, brutally efficient, entirely effective and undoubtedly successful software applications out there on the market today.

Your new favorite admin template was created by developers, for developers. Thusly, every line of code within Fuse has been properly indented and annotated for easier reading and easier still modification. All this truly make Fuse your own at the most important level—the code. For the less important levels, Fuse doesn’t skim one bit. An excess of a dozen professionally graphically designed layouts and even more completely predesigned full pages are included with Fuse. Your intranet, CMS or web application can theoretically be up and running about as quickly as Fuse can be deployed. Which happens to take nothing but two minutes and less clicks. Fuse includes features as diverse as calendars, email and file managers, to-do interfaces and much more. Let your better dashboard come together, with Fuse!

More info / Download Demo



Slant is a very unique, visually one of a kind, aesthetically refined and sophisticated, functionally powerful and technologically accomplished, popular and successful admin panel template page. An especially crafted admin panel template page whose main inspiration was, from the start, the production of a different kind of admin panel. It offers all the powerful functionalities of the most common admin panel templates while still breaking from the cookie cutter mold of most admin panel templates.

The admin template includes all the necessary skills of a modern dashboard template, with diverse proficiencies. These include an enormously versatile AngularJS framework, a powerful set of tools that enable you to effortlessly produce the most modern and pliable software applications for all imaginable uses. From intranet or corporate applications to content management systems, apps of all kind and anything you might be developing. Slant can deliver all this power while still dressed to impress in an incredibly memorable, charming and differentiated style that sets is apart from the bunch. If you want to be in charge of your web application or admin dashboard and you wish to not compromise on aesthetics while still getting the cream of the crop in terms of power, reliability and versatility, Slant is just what you’ve been looking for.

More info / Download Demo



Remark is a highly contextualized, extremely epochal, visually jaw-dropping, vastly elegant, entirely minimalistic and refined, technologically sophisticated, functionally flexible and very appealing admin panel template page. A clever, smart template page that has been equipped with the most amazing technologies available in order to afford webmasters and developers the widest range of possibilities in terms of a single page and multipage application development.

You get an enormous selection of designs and components that you can effortlessly make use of, including a whopping 120 jQuery plugins, horizontal Mega Menus, landing pages, a great diversity of predesigned, functional apps, such as Calendar, Contacts, Forum, Mailbox, Media, Project and Document Apps, AngularJS powered framework with Bootstrap inclusions for full, native responsiveness, touch-friendly panels, tables, charts and buttons, over 100 widgets and far over 1000 user interface components, user profiles, invoices, registration and login, handy plugins that expand functionalities with forms, charts, graphs, and much more. Synchronize your media uploads, manage contacts with three different styles, administrate your applications with multiple layouts and variants and virtually endless combinations of these. Or just lay back and let Remark do the heavy lifting. Just deploy whichever one of the many included pages best works for your project, and get going today!

More info / Download Demo

If you are on a tight budget or just don’t feel like paying for premium admin templates you might want to check these completely free ones.


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