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react native templates
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14 Best React Native Templates [Free & Premium] 2023

If you are building a mobile app for iOS or Android, do yourself a favor and quick-start your project with these React Native templates.

Even though the building process of a new project is fun, sometimes, you want to save time and energy and increase your workflow.

Luckily, we have all sorts of alternatives in the collection below. With that in mind, it is guaranteed that you will find the tool that best resonates with your project. Once you unlock the full potential of the RN template, the final product is closer than ever.

Each pack’s starter kits, templates, components, and other goodies do every web and mobile developer exceptionally well. On top of that, you can also introduce your creative touch and make the React Native app template of choice yours to the last detail.

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While building the entire app from the ground up takes a ton of time, even with the React Native itself, you can avoid the difficult task by choosing the template and getting the ball rolling immediately.

Let’s look at some of the best options that cover different niches and industries out of the box.

Best React Native Templates


mstore react native template

In particular, MStore is the spectacular Reactive Native template that does the trick for an online store. Even if you are unfamiliar with RN, you will surely succeed with MStore and all the goodies. In short, if you are looking to transform your eCommerce website into a mobile app, MStore is the tool that does the trick.

Many designs are at your disposal, readily available to put them into practice and make an immediate difference. You can also choose between dark and light modes and enjoy the seamless WooCommerce integration. Still, this is not even close to all the features MStore promises. It is compatible with all languages, supports multiple payment gateways, rocks instant account creation, and does not ask for coding knowledge. Friendly support and frequent updates are also part of the deal.

More info / Download Demo


beonews rn template

BeoNews is an all-around and highly flexible React Native template that turns your page into an app without a hitch. It works great for any news, blog and online magazine website, but it also compatible with other projects. Instead of doing all the work from scratch and paying a hefty fee to a mobile app developer, use BeoNews. It is a convenient solution that boosts your website’s mobile performance.

Some of the features that BeoNews contains include image zoom, header animations, social media compatibility, parallax effect, plenty of layouts, offline support, and push notifications, all this and plenty more is what you get with BeoNews. Create either an iOS or an Android app in pretty much no time. BeoNews is here to make an immediate difference and take your online project to new heights.

More info / Download


listapp react native template

As the name implies, ListApp is a mobile app creation for anything listing and directory-related. If working with React Native is what you are looking for, you better do yourself a favor and go with ListApp. It works with Android and iOS platforms, so that’s not something to worry about. In other words, if you are a beginner or a pro, ListApp is for both, guaranteeing to create a first-rate outcome. Mobile users will enjoy your work to the fullest.

As for the features, we will only jot down a few highlights since there are, obviously, way too many. Map view, calendar event, bookings, offline access, predefined layouts, outstanding performance, and the list of traits goes forever. You better waste no more time and create a fully functional mobile application of a directory website for a small investment.

More info / Download Demo


oreo react native template

While some React Native starter packs are multi-purpose, others focus exclusively on an industry or niche. Oreo is one of the tools that works ideally for a fashion brand or an eCommerce website. With the different demo layouts and other skins, you can quickly set things up and start your thing sooner rather than later. In other words, when you would like to improve the mobile experience of your existing online store, go with Oreo and enjoy the spectacular end product.

What’s cool about Oreo is the mobile builder plugin it comes with, unlocking the convenient drag and drop method. Moreover, you get over seventy screens, dark mode, social login, free updates, 24/7 support, and even a blog section in the kit. Even though you might be new to RN, you will still witness an outstanding result, thanks to how beginner-friendly Oreo is.

More info / Download Demo


antiqueruby react native mobile app kit

Antiqueruby is this multifunctional React Native template that suits all sorts of projects. With the broad horizon of predefined material and UI components, you can quickly turn nearly any website into a mobile app. Antiqueruby comes compatible with general websites, blogs, WooCommerce projects, dating, you name it. There is even a crypto app included in the kit for your convenience. The options and possibilities are very many with Antiqueruby.

Antiqueruby is a top-notch solution that unlocks the creative freedom when setting up a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS. Over 260 screens, more than sixteen UI/UX, RTL compatibility, practical navigability, and music-ready screens. You can also reach out to the professional team of experts for any additional questions and concerns you may have.

More info / Download Demo


listar react native template

Since listing and directory websites are quite popular, another impressive solution is to turn your online project into an active mobile app. Listar is a great alternative that turns you into a pro mobile app developer even if you are not one. After all, why start from the ground up if you can take a strategic shortcut with Listar. In the package, you will discover an array of goodies that offer a quick start to something new. You only need to take charge, and you can already experience fantastic results that appear right before your eyes.

Skim through all the predefined features for a speedy execution and go from there. This allows you to get the gist of Listar, so you know exactly what to mix and match. Some amenities contain different color skins, RTL support, dark mode, and over twenty demo screens.

More info / Download

DWT Listing

dwt listing react native directory template

You might still be unsure about which React Native app template to choose for your directory website. DWT Listing is a spectacular alternative that gets the ball rolling right away. It is modern, professional, and very appealing to the eye. With DWT Listing, the performance will always be of the highest degree, whether it’s an iOS or Android app.

Out of the box, you get to pick between eleven homes. Keep in mind you can expect even more samples to drop with upcoming updates. Undoubtedly, DWT Listing supplies you with all the necessary features. In contains custom fields, coupons, sidebars, free and paid listings, geo listings, advanced search, etc. There is also a review and rating system. The timing is perfect for mobile with an app that DWT Listing helps you bring into being.

More info / Download Demo


gofit react native app and backend

Hence the name, GoFit must have something to do with fitness and health. That’s right, it is a superb RN template for building a fitness app with included back-end. In other words, it comes as a full-blown Android and iOS app creation solution that will save you a ton of time and energy. Not just that, but with GoFit, you will also save money, as it only costs a small fee.

GoFit covers anything fitness and health-related. While you can employ it out of the box entirely, you can also brand and modify the default settings of GoFit. Other highlights include full data management, translation-readiness, Firebase, and Google AdMob.

More info / Download

Felix Travel

felix travel react native template

Are you interested in building a travel app? Not just that, are you looking for a way to turn your existing website into a mobile application? If that is the case, meet Felix Travel. A practical and easy-to-use React Native app template with all the necessities and then some. Seven modules and over one hundred screens await every user out of the box.

That’s not all.

Indeed, in the kit, Felix Travel delivers all the elements and reusable components for quick mobile app creation. You can choose a dark mode, pick the ideal colorway, translate it and enjoy the predefined eight user profiles. There are also seven booking modules for hotels, cars, buses, flights, events, and cruises, to name a few. Last but not least, if a blog plays a good part in your online presence, Felix Travel supports it to a T.

More info / Download

Flexible free React Native Templates


argon app template

When building mobile apps, turning your websites into applications, you do not always need to use the premium React Native template. Argon is an excellent free solution that suits eCommerce mobile applications like a charm. You receive a whopping collection of two hundred and counting components, elements, and other great stuff to start on the right foot in the bundle. You have the complete creative freedom to use the available to your liking, even introduce your creative touch. Of course, Argon delivers various screens and example pages, which you can preview before going all-in.

Instead of investing a large chunk of your budget into developing a mobile app, Argon will do the trick. Make a speedy prototype and end up with an A-grade outcome. Argon helps you boost your workflow significantly.

More info / Download Demo

Material Kit

material kit react native template

If you are a fan of Google’s Material Design, you will want to use Material Kit without a second thought. The React Native app tool follows all the latest trends and regulations for a killer outcome. It rocks a minimal and clean design that appeals to a broad audience. Material Kit is also a little breeze to top it up, making sure beginners and professionals get the most out of it.

Thanks to collecting two hundred elements and components, you will find all the necessary to quick-start your project. Still, if you want to unlock even more features and functions, you can always upgrade and go pro. But if you need a more basic mobile app, you will witness great success with the free version of Material Kit.

More info / Download Demo

Now UI

now ui react native template

Now UI is your trustworthy free React Native template that saves you time and money. Even though it might cost you nothing, Now UI still rocks loads of material for your convenience. Whether you are just building a prototype or using the tool for a functional mobile app, Now UI is here to do you well. You get a wide collection of screens and components that you can arrange according to your liking.

Cards, buttons, navigations and many more reusable elements, Now UI delivers tons of goodies for you to implement. The default web design is also clean and simple, ensuring a better mobile experience. Making a mobile app all of a sudden becomes much more straightforward than you previously thought.

More info / Download Demo

React Native Starter

react native starter react native template

React Native Starter provides a starter kit for swift mobile app realization. By using React Native Starter, you can work on different projects, as it caters to various intentions. React Native Starter has two more premium alternatives for your information and the free plan. If you are serious about your mobile apps, you might want to skip the free version and go with either a Personal or Developer plan. But the Open Source option is ideal for anyone who is just starting. Four pages, one color theme, GitHub support, and compatibility with multiple platforms that’s what’s up for zero investment.

React Native Starter, like other RN templates on the list, is also in tune with Android and iOS so that you can create one app for both operating systems. Let React Native Starter do all the heavy lifting instead of you.

More info / Download Demo

React Native Starter Kit

react native starter kit

An additional free React Native Starter Kit to quick-start the mobile app development. Whether you are learning to work with RN, plan to create a few prototypes, or even go with final app creation, let React Native Starter Kit get you going like a champ. It is, indeed, in harmony with both iOS and Android devices for your convenience. Instead of working on the project from the ground up, do yourself a favor with React Native Starter Kit instead.

In the collection of features, you will find tons of practical stuff for building a mobile app exactly to your liking. Facebook login, user management with Firebase, fully adaptable code, and different predefined designs are all available in the React Native Starter Kit package. Bootstrap your app project now and make an instant difference.

More info / Download
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