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Top 20 Responsive Fullscreen HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates To Build A Mobile Friendly And Professional Website 2018

Top 20 Responsive Fullscreen HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates To Build A Mobile Friendly and Professional Website 2018

The modern internet is a veritable maze of endless, repetitive and reiterative websites. Massive globalization and mainstream embracement of online services, businesses and ventures has crafted a brave new world where most people spend most of their time connected to the web in one way or another, on their computers, their laptops, their tablets, their phones. Having a strong online presence is crucial to making it, no matter what it is you wish to make it as—professionals, corporations, business ventures, organizations, charities, everyone that wants to be someone has to have a website.

That maxim, and decreasing costs of hosting, have caused a massive surge in the amount of websites out there, overwhelming consumers with such a broad range of choices for their every and any necessity that it is now pretty difficult for a website to truly make a memorable impact on your average user. Jaded by overexposure, most standards of website design have become clichés in the modern web. But constantly evolving technologies continue to augment the visual capabilities of websites, upping the ante in terms of creative possibilities to stand out from the crowd. That is why fullscreen HTML5 and CSS3 website templates are the smart and modern answer to creating unique, outstanding websites of all kinds.


Stash is a versatile WordPress theme of high level. It is completely malleable to business and professional uses. Though it can be used for virtually anything. Stash has more ´+48 layout demos confirmed and available. However it is not special only for quantity, but also quality. You will get a vast selection features that make it reliable, beautiful and high tech. Stash has a clean code and it is based on Bootstrap. It uses Visual Composer as a block builder and thus almost everything can be customized. Aside from that, you will get to give a tailored handmade touch and personal vibe. Arrange all +800 Google fonts, unlimited colors and video backgrounds while having fun.

Choose Stash and you’ll be fully supported. You will get incredible plugin compatibilities and actual custom support! Use WooCommerce, to make payment system an easy task. For multilingual options use WPML and RTL. People can find your site via optimized search engines. Display your content in a gorgeous way by Slider Revolution. Even it’s a slider, carousel, hero scene or a whole front page. Enjoy Stash’s one-click installation tool and startup your ideas and projects right away! Get updates at least twice a month! Start your dream site with Stash!

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Canvas is truly indescribably expansive, extremely visually polished, professionally graphically designed, endlessly resourceful, modern and vibrant, dynamic and interactive, flexible and nimble, fast loading and technologically sophisticated, elegant and thought out responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose fullscreen website template. Canvas is an incredibly ambitious and extensively developed website template that includes a massive 75+ full-fledged demo websites with inner pages and dummy content, a staggering 500+ HTML5 pages for every possible use known to man, and hundreds upon hundreds of sophisticated, highly customizable, reusable visual elements.

Vancas HTML template elements are a breeze to deploy anywhere on your website with intuitive and easy to use shortcodes, accessible and legible modular coding based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, and a ton of polished and smooth CSS3-powered animations and transitions, on top of gorgeous, cutting edge Parallax effects. Add to the mix HTML5 Video capabilities, 7 Sliders, LESS files for utmost customization ease, working AJAX Contact Forms, Calendar, Events, and full eCommerce functionality right out of the box, and it is no wonder Canvas is such a successful website template—there truly is no end to the pictures you can paint on a good Canvas. Incredible, engaging fullscreen layouts and demos are widely offered with Canvas, for a completely modern and immersive user navigational experience.

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Pages is an amazingly clean and polished, visually unblemished and highly interactive, well structured and easy to use, powerful and flexible, tech-savvy and carefully composed responsive HTML5/CSS3 frontend multipurpose website template. Pages has been thoughtfully designed to function as a flexible and all-inclusive frontend website template, capable of handling the needs of a wide and vast range of modern, handsome website applications, industries and fields. Pages includes over twenty different, unique website designs, readily available for your convenience, featuring interactive, unique layouts including gorgeous and impressive fullscreen websites,  perfectly integrated, deeply customizable widgets and shortcodes, and over 70 completely custom built Block elements, which are designed for you to easily and efficiently build your website through a visual, intuitive and easy to use stack-based page creation process, perfect for webmasters of any skill level.

Pages has been designed to service your website on top of a sophisticated HTML5 framework, with gorgeous and smooth-running CSS3 animation and visual styling and a developer-friendly, modular Bootstrap design that makes every Pages website inherently responsive across all devices, browsers and screen sizes, right out of the box. Pages goes quite well with the Pages Dashboard HTML5 and CSS3 coded website template, for the true full package website building solution.

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Outdoor is visually stunning, graphically expansive, creatively structured and deeply engaging, technologically articulate and extremely pliable, fresh-faced and outgoing, serious and professional, colorful and vibrant responsive HTML5/CSS3 photography and portfolio website template. Outdoor is a flexible and powerful website template designed for webmasters that want to show off their works to a wide, diversified online audience in a stylish, elegant, highly customizable and appealing presentation.

Outdoor has been fully equipped with a potent set of tools, widgets, features and page templates that empower webmasters of any skill level and background to effortlessly and quickly create handsome and functional websites, decked out with custom built AJAX-powered contact forms, sophisticated HTML5 YouTube Video backgrounds, and time-saving, versatile and flexible professionally preconfigured page templates, including a unique multiple slideshow homepage, along with six different homepage styles, four different portfolio pages and 9 modern and one of a kind single page portfolio pages. Outdoor also incorporates attractive fullscreen backgrounds that offer an immersive, profoundly engaging and deeply enticing navigational experience, allowing you to showcase your works in an elegant, refined style. First impressions matter and Outdoor is the website template that ensures you get off on the right foot. Make a dent, with Outdoor!

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UniSet is an engaging and attractive responsive WordPress multipurpose landing page website theme. UniSet is a flexible set of amazing templates and demos that make short work of website design. Bring your projects to the web today without any coding knowledge using UniSet. 21 different layouts and a ton of custom plugins provide ample functionality. Professional quality demos polished for different niches let you hit the ground running.

Dazzling animations and transitions bring your content alive for your users. Smooth and fluid navigational experiences are the norm with fast-loading Bootstrap technology. Advanced tools like Google Analytics and SEO enhancements keep your website competitive. MailChimp plugin makes subscription list building effortless and quick. Handy premium plugins give you endless options for functional customization. UniSet is perfect for businesses, professionals and creatives in general. Start making the buzz your project needs, with UniSet!

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Accent is a serious and professional, wonderfully creative and very graphically refined, aesthetically polished and highly flexible, intuitively customizable and technologically sophisticated, modern and colorful, vibrant and super responsive HTML5/CSS3 creative one page template. It is a supremely user friendly, clever and feature-rich website template that has been thoughtfully and carefully put together with the advanced features and complex technologies required to run successful, expansive and powerful one page websites of all kinds.

Accent includes four awesome backgrounds out of the box, with three different menu variants, all negotiated by a potent and cutting edge HTML5 framework powered by CSS3 styling technologies and amazing, high performance, elite quality layouts and features. Over eleven demos are included for your convenience, with plenty of specifically thought out website designs perfect for narrow or niche fields and industries, and peculiarly well suited for all sorts of business or commercial applications. Accent has been constructed with a simplified but profoundly customizable, clean and valid code that is extremely developer friendly and highly responsive, owing to its Bootstrap foundation and modular design, making your Accent business website impeccably rendered on all devices, screen sizes, platforms and browsers. Highlight your website in the eyes of the world, with Accent!

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Marquez is a wonderfully luminous, creative and ambitious, technologically spotless and articulate, bright and luminous, well structured and powerfully flexible, easy to customize and very intuitive, engaging and inviting responsive HTML5/CSS3 creative agency website template. It is an immensely potent, nimble and pliable website template that has been professionally developed and thoroughly graphically designed as an all-inclusive one-stop shop solution for all your website building needs, but that is so deeply customizable and so readily animated and smooth that it makes for a perfect template for all sorts of creative agency websites.

Whether you are a web designer, a graphic designer, a creative marketing agency or any other sort of creative professional, freelancer, firm or agency, Marquez is the template that packs the polished tools and expansive visual customization capabilities that will enable you to attract new business and impress a wide, online audience in a matter of minutes, right out of the box, with no coding skills or background required. Marquez incorporates over 25 different layout styles, 8 custom built plugins and over 20 unique elements for the integrated, potent Timber framework. Making a handsome and enticing creative agency website has never been easier—try Marquez today, and you will never look back!

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Unicum is an amazing and expansive, visually distinguished and one of a kind fullscreen HTML5 website template. It is endlessly imaginative and innovative, functionally flexible and deeply creative, highly customizable and easily navigable, intuitive and fast-loading, cutting edge and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded creative one page website template. Unicum has been exclusively and purposefully designed to empower webmasters of any background and skill level to easily and effortlessly churn out gorgeous and polished one page websites across a wide range of fields and industries within minutes, out of the box, with plentiful customization features that are intuitive and easy to use, and let you sit on the driver’s seat of your website’s look and feel.

Unicum is a perfect website template for all sorts of projects and ventures, from digital agencies to web development firms, from app showcase websites to personal blogs or static pages, if you want to communicate yourself and your content or work to the world at large in an attractive, engaging and appealing style, requiring almost no coding whatsoever and natively responsive and cross compatible with all devices and browsers out of the box, Unicum is the template for you. Its technological capacities are founded on a potent HTML5 framework that permits Unicum gorgeous fullscreen functionality for maximum impact, negotiated by handsome LESS CSS3 styling technologies.

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LeadGen is a resourceful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen is a purposeful platform for creating modern websites. LeadGen packs impressive tools and widgets for building sophisticated websites. A range of industries and applications can benefit from LeadGen’s intuitive development process. LeadGen’s HTML5 page builder makes layout customization effortless. Advanced admin panel options allow you to turn your websites inside out in minutes. LeadGen lets you reach a broad audience with your content with ease and speed. 32 dedicated demo websites await within LeadGen, each packed with deliberate design features.

You can achieve unique and effective results with LeadGen without any coding. Engaging video and image background technology spruces up your webpages. One page websites are easy to set up with LeadGen within a couple of clicks. LeadGen’s fullscreen feature can be activated with a single click at any time. It renders your website a gorgeous full width presentation. And with a lightweight Bootstrap coding, LeadGen lets you reach a global audience. Every device, browser and platform can enjoy your fullscreen websites in full glory. Adaptive image resizing makes your websites smooth on every screen. Broaden your appeal and maximize your revenue today, with LeadGen at your side!

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Conrad is completely serious and professional, very well polished and professionally graphically designed, technologically sophisticated and wonderfully structured, incredibly flexible and conveniently intuitive, easy to use and extremely modern responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded creative multipurpose website template. Conrad has been designed to be a thorough an all-inclusive website building toolkit that can help webmasters of any background and coding skill level to craft the most amazing and interactive websites available out there, in a speedy and effortless manner.

Conrad also incorporates a slew of unique and custom developed fullscreen features, including among them the Fullscreen Slider Section, Fullscreen Parallax Section and assorted Fullscreen Sections with bulleted navigation. Tons of different layouts are integrated into Conrad, totaling in at over 25, with multiple sortable portfolio options, tons of Project, Homepage, About Page and Contact Page layouts, complete AJAXified Contact Form features, and amazing blog, header and footer styles. Over 20 components and 8 in-house developed plugins are included within Conrad’s supporting Timber framework, designed to aid developers in automating the workflow of producing new pages and customizing the visual stylings of existent pages. Conrad has been built on top of a Boostrap modular design, making it both very ‘developer friendly’ and inherently responsive out of the box.

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Enigma is a truly nimble and flexible, wonderfully refined and visually polished, deeply resourceful and aesthetically minimalist fullscreen HTML5 website template. It is a clutter-free, highly customizable and very easy to use, developer friendly and ultra responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded creative multipurpose website template. Enigma has been carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, in order to produce a template where every nook and cranny is fully customizable and has been polished to pristine perfection and full-featured functionality, incorporating plenty of plugins, like the Revolution Slider, integrated into a strong HTML5 framework styled through dynamic CSS3 scripting.

The result is Enigma, an incredibly shape shifting and pliable template perfectly suited for applications as vast and diversified as blogs, portfolios, business or corporate, personal or commercial websites, regardless of nature or niche. Enigma’s truly malleable nature allows it to seamlessly service these website archetypes in sophisticated, fullscreen visual glory. The Hero Video Background is incorporated for a truly cutting edge fashionable look, as are over ten conceptually unique and one of a kind demo websites including an amazing Fullscreen Revolution Slider demo that lets you hit the ground running with a readymade, avant-garde website within minutes, out of the box. With all that power, there really is no mystery to Enigma’s popularity!

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Engage is a profoundly dynamic and deeply interactive, visually refined and aesthetically polished, professionally graphically designed and very user and developer friendly, flat and modern, colorful and vibrant, fresh-faced and well-structured responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded one page Parallax multipurpose website template. Engage is a fabulously modern and lavish template that has been extensively decked out with a host of sophisticated widgets, powerful plugins, customizable visual elements and smoothly animated Parallax visual effects. These effects are incorporated into a series of conceptually unique and extremely powerful demo websites, totaling it at over 18, with six completely innovative and endlessly imaginative design concepts and three different menu styles, which, combined with amazing and professional looking Parallax sections.

Engage HTML template features a gorgeous and functional Cube Portfolio and other polished plugins, make Engage an endlessly customizable website template that will bend to your every whim and meet any demand you may encounter as you build your own one page Parallax website. Fullscreen Parallax features will keep your users interested and engaged with your content throughout your website, while an inherently responsive Bootstrap modular design provides both a legible and well organized code that is very easy to develop as well as a powerful mobile responsiveness that makes Engage render seamlessly across all devices, browsers and screen sizes.

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Smarty is an incredibly clever and amazingly full-featured, technologically articulate very visually polished, aesthetically fashion conscious and graphically well composed, fully customizable and easily navigable, intuitive and elegant responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded creative portfolio website template. Smarty has been intelligently crafted to seamlessly service a broad range of website archetypes and needs profiles, but that has been uniquely and powerfully equipped with all the necessary skills and features to effortlessly muscle the demands creative agency and portfolio websites, personal or professional, with equal grace and style.

Smarty includes gorgeous options for presenting your content, such as modern grids and masonry layouts, as well as dark and light backgrounds at the flick of a switch and beautiful, sophisticated fullscreen capabilities, which include an amazing and one of a kind Carousel Style Full Screen Template, in both one page and multipage presentation. Nine different portfolio styles are available right out of the box, with 38 HTML5 files included packing all sorts of expansive functionalities and convenient shortcodes into a nifty suit. Five different blog templates open up all sorts of possibilities for Photographers and Photojournalists. Everyone who needs to show off something beautiful to the world in a perfect, flawless style will find an ally in Smarty.

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Cany is a wonderfully attractive, deeply engaging and modern, completely visually stunning and graphically immersive, aesthetically accomplished and very fashionable, nimble and flexible, light and fast-loading, clean and pristine responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded coming soon website template. Cany is a powerful website template that is jam-packed with convenient and functional shortcodes and plugins as well as expansive and feature-rich demo websites and custom built layouts, all narrowly and specifically designed for the purpose of empowering webmasters of any skill level to create gorgeous Coming Soon websites in a matter of minutes, out of the box, without writing a single line of code.

Cany is very resourceful, and allows for beautiful fullscreen presentation of your content, MailChimp integration for optimized customer conversion, three different Home styles and 10 different background styles, with an intuitive, polished user interface that is inviting and reliable, with a modern, flat design that users can quickly navigate. Cany is based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, making it very developer friendly owing to its modular codebase design, as well as extensively responsive across all browsers, devices and platforms, maximizing your reach and impact. Cany is a sophisticated template that can keep your users entertained and engaged as they await your upcoming products, websites or campaigns.

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Oshine is a visually expansive, graphically polished, enormously sophisticated, technologically cutting edge, serious and professional, creative and innovative, ambitious and well-structured, thought out and highly responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded creative multi-layout, multipurpose website template. Oshine is a very powerful website template that has been thoroughly equipped with a fantastically broad set of tools and features capable of handling just about any necessity a website may throw at you, owing to its peculiarly adaptable and pliable nature.

Oshine has been designed with 18 complete demo websites packed within, with every single demo fully fleshed out with all their inner pages, so you can get off on the right foot with your website. Over 150 unique, custom built HTML5 page templates, readymade and fully preconfigured, are included, covering every page you could possibly need in a variety of styles, simply waiting for your content to fill them out. Oshine templates and layouts have all been designed with an equally polished, clean design that permeates Oshine websites through and through, ensuring a professional, original unique result every single time, with plentiful customization options at your fingertips to make your website truly your own. Oshine is inherently responsive and developer friendly. It is a template for websites to shine!

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Pivot is a truly gorgeous and highly dynamic, visually refined and aesthetically polished, graphically expansive and easily customizable, technologically sophisticated and modern, fast loading and flexible, well structured and user friendly responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template, incorporating Page Builder features. Pivot has been handsomely and carefully crafted as a powerful and very intuitive website template that can easily meet the demands of an enormously vast range of website archetypes.

That is because Pivot has been founded on a solid HTML5 framework and styled through dynamic LESS CSS3 scripting for efficient and powerful visual customization and smooth, light loading animations. Pivot makes effective use of the powerful hardware Parallax effects to produce amazing fullscreen visuals. And with the built-in Variant Page Builder, creating your own layouts and pages is an easy and effortless process, where you simply stack content blocks atop each other and churn out endlessly sophisticated pages within seconds, right out of the box. Pivot comes packed with 70 different content blocks for your every need, as well as four contact forms, three different menu types, four footer styles and many other custom pages for all sorts of purposes. Pivot is a theme for you to center your ambitions around.

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Massive is a truly overwhelmingly expansive, vast and resourceful, flexible and graphically ambitious, intuitive and easy to use, functional and feature-rich, versatile and adaptable, technologically accomplished and highly user and developer friendly responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template. It is a truly enormous website template, with an unparalleled 50+ demo websites all fully decked out with inner pages, and a whopping 260+ HTML5 readymade preconfigured page templates at your fingertips. Over 20 menu styles are included, a head-spinning 85+ portfolio templates, a wealth of narrow, specific demos and pages, and all sorts of impressive visual features, from Parallax sections to engaging and enticing fullscreen layouts and presentations that will make your website pop out from the crowd every single time.

Massive includes over 900 Custom Line Icons, as well as powerful and fully functional eCommerce layouts and top of the line Isotope portfolio filtering. Over 150 shortcodes will make building your own colorful, stylish and deeply functional pages with little effort and tons of visual customization options. With handsome deployment of HTML5 technologies across features such as YouTube or local-hosted Video Players, Mixed Masonry layouts, the potent and pliable Menuzord premium plugin and endless more features. Massive knocks it out of the park!

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Jango is an incredibly innovative and highly creative, visually sophisticated and endlessly flexible, functionally refined and feature-rich, easily navigable and very intuitive, technologically potent and nimble, light and fast loading, well structured and clever responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template. It is an extensively developed, constantly updated, ever-growing template, deliberately constructed to allow webmasters without any coding background or experience to seamlessly and efficiently produce their own professional looking, polished, dynamic and interactive websites within a matter of minutes.

Jango achieves this by making use of an extremely powerful Page Composer system, wherein over 300 custom built, exclusive and extremely customizable Component elements can be patterned and placed in infinite layouts to create pages of limitless versatility and amazing deep-running functionality. Page construction is as easy as picking a header, selecting components, and picking your footer—done. Jango has been created on top of a powerful HTML5 framework and is styled by sophisticated SASS CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies that are easy on the eyes and on the server loads. Bootstrap modular design has been extensively incorporated into the codebase of Jango, making it extra developer friendly as well as highly responsive across all devices, platforms, screen sizes and browsers. Time to Jango!

More info / Download Demo



Rhythm is a hip and trendy, fashion conscious and tech savvy, sophisticated and elegant, polished and professional, deeply functional and incredibly flexible, stylish and thought out, professionally graphically designed and visually stunning responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Rhythm is a full featured website template that is jam-packed with useful, convenient and time-saving features, shortcodes, plugins, page templates and demo websites, all endlessly customizable to suit your every need and to ensure your Rhythm website looks exactly the way you always wished.

Rhythm is capable of producing gorgeous fullscreen visual layouts that are immersive and wonderfully engaging, resulting in increased attention, focus and ultimately, user conversion rates. Rhythm is a clever template, powered by HTML5 and CSS3 technologies augmented by a modular Bootstrap design that renders Rhythm both developer friendly and deeply cross compatible among all devices, screen sizes, platforms and browsers. Rhythm includes over 175 exclusively preconfigured HTML5 page templates for your benefit, with amazing features such as the Fixed Image Content Slider, HTML5 Video Backgrounds with local hosted videos, incredible functional variety ranging from blogs and portfolios to eCommerce and Landing Pages, and so much more it’ll make your head spin. Let your website feel the Rhythm!

More info / Download Demo



Foundry is a polished and professional, serious and sophisticated, expansive and extremely flexible, powerful and pliable, technologically cutting edge and visually stunning and creative, colorful and vibrant, developer friendly and highly responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template. Foundry has been designed specifically to be a powerful and outstanding template that enables webmasters of any background or skill level to speedily and masterfully churn out endless sophisticated, professional looking pages in a matter of minutes, out of the box, capable of beautiful and impressive fullscreen capabilities throughout several of its included demo websites and gorgeous preconfigured template pages and layouts.

Foundry is very high performance, perfect for demanding, upscale applications or very massive website applications that need complete reliability and security above all. Quality is Foundry’s veritable bread and butter, and a finished, polished feel is palpable throughout every single Foundry website. Foundry incorporates advanced modal features for delayed and autoshowing iframes, HTML and forms, multiple menu styles including a gorgeous centered menu perfect for creative, fashion and similar applications, over 20 different Home conceptual designs and dozens upon dozens of convenient and time-saving shortcodes. Foundry’s powerful Bootstrap design makes it inherently responsive, meaning every Foundry websites works perfectly across a broad range of devices, browsers and screen sizes.

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Porto is a very effectively designed, colorful and modern, luminous and bright, clean and fresh-faced, technologically articulate and highly customizable, pliable and powerful, visually stunning and smooth, elegant and intuitive responsive HTML5 and CSS3 coded multipurpose website template. Porto has been carefully and extensively developed to be an all-inclusive website template that is packed to the brim with all the necessary page templates, tools and features necessary to quickly and effortlessly set up a sophisticated, modern website with full mobile responsiveness out of the box.

Porto packs a graphical punch with plentiful, amazing, impressive features and Retina-ready graphics and icons incorporated, as well as attractive and engaging fullscreen layouts and styles, hundreds of custom built shortcodes readily available, and deep-running visual customization with the exclusive and in-house built Style Switcher. Porto is built on a reliable and secure HTML5 framework styled with dynamic CSS3 scripts and incorporating Twitter’s Bootstrap modular design standard, for heightened developer friendliness and extensive inherent responsiveness and cross compatibility with all devices, browsers, screen sizes and platforms on the market. Porto is a perfect match with Porto Admin, for the true full set of extended advanced customization features, polished and complex monitoring tools and much more. Try Porto today!

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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      No, they can’t be used for Blogspot directly. They need to be modified to fit different platforms. HTML version is basically just a design with no platform dependency. From there you can port it for any platfrom but it requires a lot of work and knowledge.

  1. Good to see some articles about html 5/CSS templates on here. Would like to see more features like this. I have used WP and “traditional” html sites and still find the html/css sites to be much better when modifying to meet your needs but, WP is hard to beat for blogs. Looking to add a WP blog to my site now. Keep up the good work.

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