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20 Best Modern & Responsive Coming Soon Templates 2018

20 Best Modern & Responsive Coming Soon Templates 2018

With coming soon templates, you can keep your online presence intact or start the hype for something new early. Use these if you are redesigning your current website or you are about to launch a new online project. Keep users aware of your existence and let them know exactly when you go live. With an awesome countdown timer, you can create outstanding coming soon and under construction pages and get the excitement going.

If you are already driving a decent amount of traffic to your website, you surely do not want to miss all the new unique visitors due to site maintenance. With this in mind, it is wise for every site owner to introduce a subscription box to the coming soon page. Not only will they know exactly when is your website ready for the launch, you can also use their emails for marketing. Although your site is down at the moment, it does not mean all the traffic is lost.

For new online projects, you can use coming soon pages to briefly tell and display what users can expect from your work. It is a great approach to get them intrigued and mark the date to make sure they do not miss it. Create buzz for your startup in advance and gain popularity without a product. With a strategic approach, you can start growing leads with nothing but a coming soon page.

Inform folks about what you are up to ahead of time with the best coming soon templates. A small investment can keep your website alive even when under construction and keep guests electrified. There is a considerable diversity of templates we have ready for you to meet any type of business.


kounter coming soon template
Kounter is a counter page template with a K. It is exactly what you are thinking it is. A nifty and elegant coming soon template which is handy enough for agencies, corporate businesses, portfolios, eCommerce and other creative and innovative individuals. Whether you are redesigning current page, adding new features to it or you are bringing into being an entirely fresh product, use a coming soon page to fill the I-am-not-online-now or we-are-under-construction gap.

Each of the twenty background styles Kounter has in store for you comes in text and countdown layouts. Some of the available are ripple, monochrome, full info with map, wave particle and (Kenburn) slider. Due to Kounter’s clean code and great documentation, you will not have a problem performing tweaks and modify it to your likings.

More info / Download Demo


stomp coming soon template
STOMP is a unique coming soon and teaser template for getting people interested in what you are up to in an instant. There is enough action going on that achieving that will not be a problem at all. Create short videos which end with a fantastic coming soon page. STOMP is a typography landing page for announcing big launches in style. If you would like to distinguish yourself from what the majority is doing, then STOMP is the template you should go with. It is “more than an intro.”

Four demos and counting, smooth animations, subscription popup and about section, STOMP does not lack anything. For customization, the template comes with easy to use STOMP generator. Change and replace the text and add images and you are ready to shine. Sometimes, it is wise to go against the grain and craft something extraordinary.

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axio coming soon template
Even a coming soon page can be creative and amazing and all you need to do is to pick the right template. It is just as simple as it sounds. But that is something we already got you familiar with. And to pick the right one you can go with any of the coming soon templates you see in this collection. One fantastic product is undoubtedly Axio. With twenty demos, five fancy color skins and a ton of features, Axio is a powerful tool that will have all your coming soon and under construction pages sorted with ease.

You can use an animated background and benefit from many awesome transition effects. Split layout, five different patterns, custom Google Maps in the contact section and many other qualities. Axio is powered by GULP and SASS and easily modifiable due to clean code. You should not feel at all limited with Axio coming soon page template. Keep things at a pro level at all times.

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selene coming soon template
Selene is a clean and elegant template that takes care of your coming soon pages in every creative field. Businesses and agencies, even if you are a freelancer, you can all build with Selene. You can choose between three backgrounds, six color skins and benefit from the countdown timer. As far as backgrounds go, available are image, image slider and YouTube video backgrounds. You have plenty options but you can always do your own improvements and add your personal touch to it.

With Selene, you get straight to the point with announcing when you are launching or re-launching a new page. It is a one-page template to briefly tell about what they can expect from you with an option to subscribe to your newsletter. Connect it with your social media accounts and let guests check what you do on a day-to-day basis.

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wiresphere coming soon template
Whoever is looking for a minimal and contemporary coming soon template, Wiresphere is a great option for you. It is very straightforward with a stylish 3D animation. Wiresphere is simple to use and even simpler to customize and adjust to follow your business requirements. It is entirely mobile friendly, instantly recognizing the device and readjusting its layout to it for a fluent experience.

Along with the eight impressive background options, you can also include the about and contact pages. You can configure effects and colors and make Wiresphere help you build a one-of-a-kind coming soon site. The contact page comes with Google Maps and you are allowed to edit the CSS file manually. Although it is quite simple, with Wiresphere, you do not overwhelm your guests. It is stylish and elegant with focus on uniqueness.

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isoon coming soon template
Are you launching something remarkable very soon? Do you want to get the hype going in advance? Why not building a coming soon page and tease those interested and start growing your audience early. If you have considered it, pick up iSOON coming soon template and create a responsive page announcing the big day quickly and efficiently.

iSOON template comes with ten versions, fullscreen, slideshow and minimal to name a few. Choose the one you fancy most and go from there. Add a title, brief explanation what to expect and link it to your social media accounts. Although minimal, all the content is at the right place. Still, depending on the version you go with, some allow you a little more content compared to the others. Keep it mysterious or be a tad more specific. iSOON template uses Bootstrap 3 with a well commented code for easy customization.

More info / Download Demo


vibe coming soon template
Nice effects, nice features and an overall fantastic tool for your lovely coming soon pages, let me introduce you to Vibe. It is a responsive HTML coming soon template with all the needed and then some. You will not find anything missing. A ton of different background styles are perfect for a quick start. With so many available, you might find yourself lost at some point. Just stick to the one that grabs your attention right off the bat and start improving it.

You do not want everyone to just come to your coming soon page, get informed about the launch and leave. Oh no, it does not go like that. If they already visited your website and even if nothing is ready yet, you would at least want to fetch their emails, right? You can stay in touch with them and inform them about the exact time of the launch. That said, subscription and contact form are both part of Vibe. But kick it off with one of the pretty backgrounds that are at your service.

More info / Download Demo


Marshall is a coming soon and under construction HTML template with amazing attention to detail. Even if it is a coming soon page, it does not have to be boring. Make it something special and people will get even more intrigued by what is coming next. You get to choose from a variety of home pages (over 50!), like app, bookstore, eCommerce, gym and many more. Since so much is already done for you, make sure to use Marshall to its extent.

The coming soon template is based on Bootstrap Framework, fully responsive and simple to customize. You also get Instagram feed integrated into the template to show everyone how social you are. On top of that, Marshall also comes with Mail Chimp subscription form and many more cool goodies. Marshall is a truly impressive coming soon website template.

More info / Download Demo


don coming soon template
DON template is responsive and retina ready, based on Bootstrap Framework 3. Every creative individual, business and agency can use the template for crafting outstanding coming soon pages. There are many ready-to-use backgrounds available for you to have a wider specter of possibilities. Image, gradient, solid and slideshow options are all available if you pick DON template. You can also embed a YouTube video and use Google Maps as background, the choice is yours.

Google Fonts, Font Awesome icons, MailChimp subscription popup and a functional contact form, it is all sorted with DON. Tasteful and sophisticated tool for bringing about coming soon pages, that’s what DON is all about. While it is easy to setup and have it ready to go live that does not mean the end product’s design loses quality. You can use DON for one or thirty coming soon pages, each following site will be as top-notch as the very first one.

More info / Download Demo


pulse coming soon template
PULSE is a beautiful and creative template for building persuading coming soon pages. The HTML5 template is for everyone who adores minimalism and at the same time likes standing out from the crowd. Five colors, light and dark versions, enabling or disabling timer, as well as particles animation, it is all possible with PULSE.

If you make a coming soon page with PULSE, visitors’ first impression will be an outstanding one. Even if nothing is prepared yet, you can get them familiar with what they can expect. Or if you are a fresh company, briefly explain what you are all about and get them intrigued. To speed up the building process, three unique demo layouts are at your service of which all are easy to customize. Go all in and construct a superb coming soon.

More info / Download Demo


mirai coming soon template
Mirai is a creative multi-purpose coming soon template with eleven HTML demo pages. It includes a split slideshow, full-width slideshow, YouTube background and other niche designs for freelancers, models and products. You can also choose between dark and light versions. Mirai is a minimal and smooth tool that makes whatever type of a coming soon page you are about to build first-class.

With a little imagination, you can quickly turn Mirai into a landing page promoting your newly released product or services. Portfolio, testimonials, contact form and about section can all be filled with texts and visuals. Keep what you need and remove what you would like to exclude. Adjust Mirai template to follow your demands and start growing your project with it. Get customers to buy long before the official launch and march towards great successes early. With a strategic coming soon page you can attain way more than you think.

More info / Download Demo


innovo coming soon template
When you feel like there are too many coming soon/under construction pages out there with countdown timer, you can easily distinguish yourself with Innovo. We could almost call it a coming soon template behemoth. Why? It sports a whopping 144 page variations that cover just about everything. Nope, that is not 14 and not even 44. You read it correctly, one hundred and forty-four. If there is something they do not see on a regular basis, it might spark interest in them. And that is exactly what you want to achieve both with the coming soon landing page and the actual startup website.

Innovo has various layouts available; with countdown timer, form and text to name a few. Choose the one you fancy most and customize it on the go. Some additional effects that you can take to your benefit are particles, slider burn, water pipe and others.
While you are busy building the main project, you do not have to invest all this extra time and effort in putting together a coming soon page. Go with Innovo and have the page live in no time.

More info / Download Demo


trendy coming soon template
TRENDY is a versatile teaser template that you can use for all sorts of intentions. You can use it to set up a coming soon page, an under construction page, or even to give a quick peek at your new product launch. It is your imagination which can expand the usage of TRENDY template above and beyond. The template itself is artistic enough to adapt to what you are looking for quickly.

The key features of TRENDY are 3D mouse movement and parallax effect, more than twenty different backgrounds and two skins, dark and light. You can customize the template exactly how you like it. Luxuriate users with something entirely out of this world. The possibilities come very close to endless. Ajax contact and subscription forms along with MailChimp integration and multi-purpose sections to help you bring about more than just a classic coming soon page.

More info / Download Demo


firetime coming soon template
For an inspiration and to create marvelous soon-to-be-ready pages, Firetime has you fully sorted. It is an advanced coming soon template with a variety of concepts. Meaning, Firetime does not have a problem even if you are constantly jumping from industry to industry, niche to niche. With simple adjustments, it can quickly suit almost any online project. Not to mention, use Firetime as a landing page.

Firetime template comes with many ready-to-use demos for agencies, businesses, apps and any other professional. Pick accordingly and have a classy coming soon page designed for yourself or your client speedily. Firetime is a minimal, yet at the same time complex enough, template, to bring the we-will-be-live-in-a-minute pages to the online space quickly and efficiently.
The template is responsive and ready for retina displays, based on HTML5 and CSS3 and features a delightful project gallery. Get everyone astound and hungry for what is coming next.

More info / Download Demo


luxury coming soon template
LUXURY is a one-page coming soon template which can quickly adapt to what you are in need for. You can use YouTube as a background, image slideshow and single image. The three mentioned are the basics, the real fun comes next. LUXURY template is equipped with various animations, like snow, rain, cloud, star and kenburn. One is prettier than the other.

LUXURY is an entirely customizable template with newsletter and contact forms, a timer and 3D parallax background. Font Awesome icons and Google Fonts, MailChimp integration and an easy install is all what LUXURY treats you with. I know, there is a lot going on to cover as many users’ needs as possible. Get those custom backgrounds make magic for you. Like with other coming soon templates, LUXURY also allows you to comfortably work on your project while users examine your coming soon page.

More info / Download Demo


diamond coming soon template

If there is something new on the horizon which you are releasing to the online space in a minute, enter the first stage of promotion with a coming soon page. Surprisingly, you can do a lot more with a coming soon page than you think. You can start getting people comfortable with your online project, quickly share what it will be all about and start building a much needed mailing list. With a strong list, you can experience a fantastic product launch with sales coming in right away.

To finally get to the point, here is a 21 different background packed coming soon template, Diamond. It uses the latest HTML and CSS technologies to make your page follow all the up-to-date web trends. You can use a static image, YouTube video, space, slideshow and other entertaining backgrounds that Diamond comes with. It includes 84 HTML pages, 19 color styles and an option to choose between timer or text. All is ready to use for you to quickly and efficiently put together the announcement page.

More info / Download Demo


relax coming soon template
Relax is quite minimal, yet fine-tuned, template for forging coming soon pages of professional level. Little effort is needed to announce your comeback or the big launch in great fashion. You can use images or videos for background and choose one from many predefined demo backgrounds. Relax is responsive, ready to appear stuningly on any mobile device.

Quick and effortless to customize, Relax template is no stranger to acclimatize to any business’ needs. You can use it with eCommerce, agencies, studios, corporate and local business websites. Over thirty HTML pages, countdown timer, AJAX subscription forms, social icons and incredible animations and effects, you get it all with Relax.

If you are in a hurry, use coming soon templates you find in this batch and have your personalized version up and running in little to no time.

More info / Download Demo


elora coming soon template
Elora is a gorgeous coming soon template loaded with twelve background styles, like lines, waves, web, smoke and rain. Of course, you can also use a single image or a YouTube video. Whatever you need a coming soon page for, you can do it with Elora. Bootstrap 3 and all the freshest technologies make Elora, and potentially your website, responsive and flexible.

Innovative and modern item, Elora, gives you just the right amount of options to build as many cracking coming soon pages as you would like. Your workflow enhances and all end products stay at the same level of expertness. Editing Elora template is easy and user friendly and the documentation thorough and detailed. MailChimp is also integrated into the template to catch users’ emails and notify them of the launch day. Whenever you might need any help and support, Elora offers a professional assistance.

More info / Download Demo


mami coming soon template
Mami is a cross-browser and mobile compatible template for under construction and coming soon pages. You can use the template with any project and take to your advantage its unique design. Two different backgrounds, the classic and the particles one, come in dark and light versions. All versions come with social media icons and a working contact form. Mami is keeping things simple what might have a great and positive impact on your visitors. Although your page is not live, they can still get in touch with you and connect with you on social media without doing their own research. For your information, Google Maps is incorporated into the template’s contact section.

What is also pretty cool about Mami template is the fact that all the pictures and fonts come in the download pack. Everything you see in the live preview you can use for your own under construction page.

More info / Download Demo

The Times

the times coming soon template
Nine variations along with two content pages and two columns is what The Times comes ready with. But let’s investigate it further. To give you a better idea about the backgrounds, you can use a full-screen slideshow, split image slideshow, YouTube video or a single image. Besides the index page, each version comes with the about us section. The latter you can use to tell more about the project, show your works and let everyone interested use the working contact form. Popup newsletter subscription box and jQuery countdown make your coming soon page appear even hotter.

Google Fonts, Font Awesome icons, a number of animations effects and touch-friendliness, you can build amazing things with The Times. Displaying on any device will be instant and so will your page work with any browser. As far as the technical part goes, let The Times template take care of it.

More info / Download Demo


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