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32 Best Free Under Construction Website Templates 2021

We went on a long journey of developing our own and reviewing existing free under construction website templates.

Sorry, but we completely lost count of how many cups of coffee it took us.

Anyhow, here we are now, with 32 SOLID and RELIABLE solutions.

Our collection is based on templates with a responsive design and user-friendly code structure.

You also get features such as bold message area, countdown timer, email opt-in, social links/icons, and more.

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YES! We also added WordPress alternatives to help everyone (0 coding) build a striking under construction page.

A coming soon or under construction page is just around the corner.


Free Under Construction Templates

Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode (WordPress plugin)

Our very own coming soon and maintenance mode plugin is a pack of goodness that will help you make things happen in little to no time.

First and foremost, you do not have to be tech-savvy to be able to use all the amazing perks that this WordPress plugin has in store for you. You can fully style and customize the look from the comfort of Live Customizer.

Keep in mind, you even get fifteen different templates to choose from and take to your total advantage. The final creation will also be responsive and cross-browser compatible, as well as GDPR compliant.

If you would like to collect new leads while working on your website in the back, this is the plugin that will do the trick.

Some other goodies include MailChimp integration, custom CSS, countdown timer and social media icons. Get your hands on the plugin, it is free of charge after all.

More info / Download

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V01

If you are using a modern creative consultancy website template like the Cellon template we gave you. Then this under construction template will make a perfect addition.

This template is CLEAN and SIMPLE with the modern, full-width design trend.

The trapezium style split screen design gives ample amount of space for the animated countdown timer and the text message. On the left hand side, you have the subscription form with casual tone message.

To the bottom left corner, you have the option to add your social media profile icons. On the right hand side, you have two pairs of circular dials for the countdown timer.

Download  WordPress version  Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V02

This template can be used with a software company website templates and regular style business website templates. Instead of a static background, we have added an image slideshow.

If you are using this template for a newly launching website; you can use this space to give a gist about your company to make the users curious about your site.

If yours is a photography website template then you can use this feature to show some of your best clicks even when your site is down.

Apart from the image slideshow feature, you get USEFUL web elements like an animated countdown timer and a subscription form. If you are wondering how to change the image background with your images, it isn’t a problem.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V03

Our third version of the free under construction template is minimal looking and designed specifically for the minimal style website templates. This template also helps you to remain brand focused.

We have given you space for adding your logo at the right spot where the user sees directly. The color scheme of the template is a violet color if you have a brand color you can change this color to your brand color.

Even if you are a blogger SWITCHING your site from one server to another this template can help you to retain your readers.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V04

If you are searching for a colorful under construction template, then this template is for you. Instead of boring mono-color background, we have used a trendy gradient color background.

This template can be used if your site is going to be down for few hours. It is a generic template, so you can make use of this template in any type of website template.

With this simple under construction template design, you get countdown timer showing days, hours, minutes and seconds.

YOU ALSO GET a working call to action button to subscribe, which trigger a subscription window. The text fields in the popup window follows field validation, so if the user misses a detail, they will be notified.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V05

The version five template is designed like a flash sale type that you mostly see in e-commerce website templates. At the top of the page, you get a timer ticking and right below it, you get bold texts to show your message.

Again this template also uses a trendy gradient as the background. This type of template best suits for app launching page, since it follows all the design trend of the modern app landing pages.

You also have the option to add subscription form. The subscription form button has hover effects.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V06

This full page modern under construction website template is also following a generic design style. But if you intended to use this template as such, WITHOUT any modifications, then this would be a perfect fit for travel and tourism website templates.

With a beautiful image as background and the color gradient as the overlay, this template gives a pleasant feel. The countdown timer is using a classic card flipping animation.

Other than the animated timer you also have an interactive subscription form.

At the top right corner, you have the option to add your social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V07

Our seventh version of the under construction template is purely conversion based. The first and the most priority we gave in this template is to get the user’s email address.

Being a website owner you will know, how valuable an email is, that’s why we are using popups and slide-ins wherever possible on the site.

If you read some AB testing result of the subscription forms, the conversion ratio for jus email field surpassed the forms that asked for other details.

As long as you make the process simple, you will get the BEST RESULT. The form field supports field validation to reduce the chances of receiving faulty email addresses.

Just below the form, you have a bold timer with lightweight circular dial borders.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V08

This is a classy style under construction website template. Thin line web elements and bold texts give a professional look to the template.

Like most of the templates mentioned above, this template also uses image background and it is a full-width template.

This template uses purple color as the color scheme, but if you need you can change this to your brand color by making a small CSS customization. With this template, you get features like animated COUNTER and subscription FORM.

The hover effects and other animation effects on this template are clean and simple.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V09

This is also an image slider based under construction website template. With the bold digital clock and thin texts, this template gives a neat look.

This is a straightforward template which only displays the animated timer and coming soon texts.

You can use this template if your site is down for short period time, for instance like the SCHEDULED maintenance and updates.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V10

The version ten of our coming soon template design follows a CREATIVE design. If you are using a modern, studio style website template, this coming soon page will fit in well.

To the right, you have a digital clock ticking in vertical style and to the left-hand side, you have the option to add a call to action button.

The coming soon message and the subscription form remains the centre point of the this template design. We made the hover effects and the text input animations sleek and simple.

To keep your under construction page brand focused we have provided ample amount of space to make your logo stand out from the rest of the design.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V11

This is a WINTER theme focused under construction website template. Not only the live site can reflect the eve and seasons, with this template you can also set the mood on even on your maintenance page.

Since we have taken winter as the theme the background images are beautiful photographs that reflect the winter season. By changing few lines of codes you can customize the template to your wish.

Other than the background image you get a modern countdown timer with a trendy font.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V12

It is an another minimal looking modern under construction template from us. With the features of this template, you can make the under construction page reflect your brand.

With the vertical split screen design, the template manages the texts and the multimedia contents SMARTLY.

On the left side, you have the option to add coming soon message, social media profile links and most importantly a subscription form.

With this template, you can gather leads before your site launch. On the right side, you have the option to add image slideshow, you can use this space to give a glimpse of your upcoming site.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V13

This template is made for the photography websites and studio websites. But the SMART design of the template makes it an easy fit for any type of websites.

With the full-width design, we manage to give ample amount of space between each web elements.

All the web elements like the logo, signup button, social media icons and subscription form are moved to the corners of the template.

We have already made image slideshow as the background to keep the template interactive, but you can add video to make your band even more presentable to the visitors.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V14

This template is a tweaked version of version twelve. It also follows a simple and minimal style design. Instead of an image slideshow, you have a big static image to your right hand side space.

To highlight the subscription form we made the design of the form standout from the rest of the design. This design of the form indirectly prompts the user to SUBMIT their email address.

Other than the subscription option you have an option to add social media profile link.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V15

It is a classic style under construction website template. With the retro fonts and card flipping style timer animation, this template has some touches of earlier web design.

If you wish to USE this template AS SUCH without making any changes, then this under construction page goes well along with the real estate website templates and construction website templates.

At the footer, you have the option to add social media links.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V16

The version sixteen template is an intuitively designed under construction website template.

The smart design of the template can handle more texts when compared with other templates in this list and the animation effects are also simple.

The animated countdown timer is the most elegant web element on this template. The colored rings fills based on the time remaining.

On the left hand side along with the texts you ALSO have the subscription form options and social media profile link.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V17

This template is a tweaked version of the previous under construction template. It has all the features and the options you have in the previous coming soon template.

In the footer, you have the options to give a link to social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest. So you have all the major social media covered by this template.

The animation effects and HOVER EFFECT are also neat and simple to give a professional look.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V18

This is a PRE-LAUNCH under construction website template or a short maintenance notice template for sites.

It is a simple and straightforward template, you can directly mention the reason for showing this simple and elegant under construction template.

You don’t have any other flashy elements with this template.

What you get with this under construction page is a call to action button, a text message with neat looking font and at the footer, you have the option to add your social media profile link.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V19

The nineteenth edition of our under construction template is a dark skinned template. If you are a person who always asks does this come in black, then this template is for you.

Though minimal templates with lots of white space are the trend, many still love to follow a dark skinned template.

With this under construction page, you have enough space to add your CUSTOM message.

If you are planning to own a personal branding website, then this template gives you space to add your image to the pre-launch page itself.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V20

With the thick border, this template looks like boxed width template. The hover and the other VISUAL effects on this template make it a fit for the present-day website designs.

Like all other templates, this template also has a big image as the background. The timer uses circular clock holder to display the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

With this template you get features like animated timer, call to action button to subscribe and social media profile link.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V21

It is a clean looking modern under construction website template. This template uses a flat style design layout, which gives a professional look to the template.

Like most of the templates mentioned above, this template also uses image background and it is a full-width template.

With this template, you get features like an animated counter, subscription form, and social media profile link. The hover effects and other animation effects on this template are CLEAN and SIMPLE.

Download  WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V22

If you are site is shut down for a temporary maintenance, you can use this template DIRECTLY without making any changes. The template looks clean and simple with professional fonts and subtle animation effects.

With this template, you get features like animated timer, submission form, and social media profile link options. The hover effects on the social media icons are done neatly.

Out of the box, this template is mobile responsive, cross-browser compatible and the clean-coding makes the adding of this template to your existing site easier.

Download WordPress version Demo

Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V23

This under construction template is similar to the version twenty. With the boxed design, the web elements are made to fit well along with the design of the template.

The texts and the web elements are designed well so that they are visible even on the image background.

This under construction page gives you OPTIONS like animated countdown timer, call to action button, ample amount of space to add texts and social media icons.

Download WordPress version  Demo

Under Construction WordPress Themes


When you finally decide to create a page but the hype is too strong, set up an under-construction page first thing. Divi has all the right templates available and predefined for your convenience.

While passionately working on your main web design, you can speedily create a maintenance page and make a difference. This also works fantastically well if you are in the process of redesigning your existing website.

Divi is stuffed with all the necessary content and material that will put you right on track. It also comes with an integrated, custom-made page builder which makes things even more straightforward.

That’s that, now go all in, ANNOUNCE the news early and boost the excitement through the roof.

More info / Download Demo


Jevelin is another remarkable solution for all sorts of different pages and websites. If you are in the process of creating an under construction site, you can do that, too, without a hassle, by employing the killer Jevelin.

In fact, Jevelin is the type of web design which covers all sections of your website.

With that in mind, if you would like to set up a website for your business or project, but you would first like to realize an under construction page, do it IN A BREEZE with Jevelin.

No need to be an expert web developer, as Jevelin comes with the WPBakery drag and drop page builder. This extension allows you to avoid doing the programming work completely.

More info / Download Demo


kellex under construction template
If you are more technology-oriented, you will surely find Kellex of great use. It is a web design primarily for SaaS and agencies, but you can go beyond that by enriching it with your creative touches.

Let’s face it, you do not always need to stick to the default layouts and regulations. With the available codeless page building experience, you can avoid the hassle and speedily set up the page that you want.

And if that means CREATING an under-construction site which will announce the exact date of your launch, then be it.

Kellex is mobile-ready, instantly adapting to both handheld and desktop devices.

Other goodies include parallax effect, boxed and full-width mode, Instagram feed, header and footer builder and video support.

More info / Download Demo


somo under construction template
Somo is a highly versatile and flexible tool that you can utilize for anything creative-wise. Whether a freelancer, agency, designer, photographer, you name it, with Somo, you can build a page that fits the need precisely.

And if you are looking for a coming soon page, Somo rocks an exclusive template that makes things happen, too.

Of course, Somo WILL NEVER ASK you for coding knowledge – ever. You do everything with the method of dragging and dropping.

Some other specialties of Somo contain impactful, dark design, one click installation, various demos, eCommerce section, fast loading speed and plenty of practical pages and UI elements.

More info / Download Demo


berserk under construction template
Berserk is another outstandingly versatile and extendable solution for building an array of different websites. And if you are exclusively looking for a coming soon template, that’s what Berserk delivers, too.

Business pages, portfolios, online stores, you name it, Berserk is capable of all of them and then some. It also comes with 45 custom-made shortcodes and a collection of fourteen beautiful headers.

From WPBakery page builder and The Grid to Slider Revolution and Yellow Pencil, all these AND MORE are available for you to take to your benefit.

If you are ready to make a difference, now you can with the help of Berserk.

More info / Download Demo


holleta coming soon template
Instead of going straight to creating a hotel website, use a coming page and go from there. That’s what Holleta comes with out of the box.

In fact, even if you are in the process of redesigning your existing website, use a coming soon page as a maintenance mode. In short, get everyone excited for the new design that’s coming.

Holleta comes with a ton of features that will fit just about anyone in the accommodation business.

From creating a full-blown website to creating a countdown timer page, it’s all possible with Holleta.

More info / Download Demo


ottro coming soon template
Make an online portfolio with Ottro that will stand out from the masses. But first, use its integrated coming soon template and START the HYPE early.

You can also switch to this page later, when you will do any upgrades and improvements to your website – the options are very many.

Moreover, working with Ottro will be EASY. It is a web design that does not require any coding knowledge whatsoever.

If you would like to make any adjustments to the default settings, make them happen with the drag and drop function.

With that in mind, Ottro is for everyone out there, whether you are a beginner or a professional web developer.

More info / Download Demo


facmaster coming soon template
A coming soon page comes welcome in any industry and niche. Even for something like construction and industrial-related, you can make the announcement with a coming soon page.

Facmaster is an ALL-AROUND alternative that helps you bring to fruition a website that will rock the online world.

Everything you do with Facmaster will be easy. After all, it is a very beginner-friendly WordPress theme that requires no coding and design knowledge.

Start strong with Facmaster and make a positive impact.

More info / Download Demo

How Will You Engage Your Visitors?

These are some of the best free under construction templates (and premium themes) you can use for your site.

All the templates mentioned in this list are flexible so that you can use these templates for the maintenance mode page or for the website launching page.

Most of the template follows the LATEST coding framework and also meets the industry standards, so you needn’t worry about the performance or installation of these templates.

To find a better website template with good code quality standards, please check out our website template collections.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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    1. Depends on the settings you use for the plugin. By default only admin will be able to see the site when logged in but you can change that.

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    I’d love to know how to use this with my WordPress site or mail chimp?


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