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Top 30 Free ECommerce Website Templates Built With Bootstrap 2018

Top 30 Free eCommerce Website Templates Built With Bootstrap 2018

While the sound of being able to create your own business from the comfort of your own home has certain appeal to it, anyone who has done it before will happily tell you that the process is demanding, and requires precise focus to make it a feasible venture. Even those who wish to convert from a physical store to a digital one, even those will need to learn more about the practical design aspects of designing an online store that follows the latest trends, design standards, and to some extent — psychological factors. eCommerce is serious business!

The last couple of years in eCommerce has shown us that anything, literally, can be turned into a business idea, and eventually a sustainable business that generates revenue. Steve Olenksi recaps a little bit of history of eCommerce, and looks back at two different business concepts and how they have helped shape and set in stone certain aspects of eCommerce for casuals, and for those who are in for the long-term. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent by Americans alone in online sales each year, the global market data would easily be up to ten times that (including China region), do you feel prepared to tap into this potential?

ecommerce trends 2016

One of the most recently inspiring stories I read in eCommerce comes from Richard Lazazzera — a mentor for tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs; as well as a big part of the Shopify Growth team — who tells a story in this post, depicting the process of taking an idea — like selling Matcha Tea — and executing it into a fully profitable business within just a couple of days. The success of the story was $922 in revenue in just 3 days, but taking out the costs of the actual setup of the business ($866) left the total revenue at $56. But, at this point the dropshipping business is fully functional and any other money that comes in (apart from the product costs) goes straight into the profit box!

eCommerce website designs require careful thinking and analysis process to come to terms with what your desired end result is for your landing pages, for your product pages, your contact and shopping cart pages, each page carries its own weight in this marketing, and the team at Weebly share with us some strong points on what it takes to design an eCommerce website that will attract customers naturally. Our treat to you is going to be an insightful look at nearly 30 unique and outstanding eCommerce websites templates that have been built thanks to the Bootstrap framework. Each design has been carefully decided on to guarantee unique choices and the best design versatility.

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Colorlib Templates

We have designed and developed over 100 free website templates for everyone to use. Check them out! 




Fashe is our one of the most popular ecommerce website templates. It was downloaded over 10,000 in the first week we launched it and that is just the beginning. It is by far the most advanced and professional ecommerce templates that you can download and use for free.

Download  Demo

Tyche (WordPress)

Tyche is a WordPress theme focused on the shopping and selling world. It comes with a live demo and a highly responsive design. You will get it completely free and documented! Tyche has WooCommerce integration and offers many particular features. It has shopping carts, location services, free shipping systems and login accounts. You will get a very simple and basic menu to fill on the most important aspects. A search bar and flexible diving sections for products posts is also available. Tyche lets you arrange your offers according to many categories and conveniences. Use this Colorlib creation and see its magic for yourself! Set your online business with Tyche!

Download  Demo


ColoShop is the most popular free Bootstrap eCommerce website template ever created. It has been downloaded over hundred thousand times and based on it has created loads of websites. You can’t go wrong by choosing this amazing ecommerce template for your fashion, apparel, shoes, jewelry, gadgets or any other store.

Download  Demo


Yet another stunning ecommerce website template made by Colorlib. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Download  Demo


Mattress A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Furniture and home decorations are just the very tip of the iceberg of the kind of industries that we find products within on daily basis, so it makes sense that many of the eCommerce templates on our list are going to feature specific themes for specific kind of items, and the Mattress template is perhaps the one that makes that statement very loud and clear — this will be a template you will want to use to promote your bedding, cushion, and other bedroom items with. Mattress has been built to feature a minimalistic approach towards product pages, which allows for webmasters (store owners) to utilize the page space for explaining products in more detail, with pictures and descriptions. Built with Bootstrap and FLAT design standard on top of CSS3 and HTML5 technology.



Watches an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Watches are one of those things that majority of the time require a physical interaction between the watch and the potential owner, not because we don’t trust the quality, but because we want to ensure that the watch looks good on our hands, and goes together with our personality, and in order for an eCommerce store to provide that experience — it must have a pretty good template helping to outline the most important aspects of the watch through descriptions, and visual content like photo and video. The Watches template will help both small and large watch selling companies to promote their products and ensure a steady flow of sales thanks to the elegant combination of colors, fonts, and website elements that help to promote the essence of the watches that are being sold.



Eshop a Flat E Commerce Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 are doing so much good for the web right now. To be able to produce such a premium template such as E-Shop using just those three technologies is truly amazing. E-Shop’s unique slider functions, interactive sidebars and dynamic product pages will make this template a great choice for brand stores who are into clothing, and accessories. A well tailored colour scheme means that the eyes will always fall back on the products, rather than external elements. Product pages feature an elegant slider gallery for displaying as many images as necessary to explain your product in full-detail. A tab widget allows to talk more about the product, its specifications as well as display the latest reviews. The sidebar features a full site menu, and a section for discovering new product tags.


Swim Wear

Swim Wear a E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

The swimming season is always open somewhere, so starting a swimming equipment store might actually turn out to be a very viable idea. Swim Wear is a Bootstrap template for businesses and brands that market themselves in the swimming accessories markets. List products in a simple product listing page and talk more about them in concise product detail pages that let you insert photos, specifications of the product, size availability, pricing, and also the latest customer reviews. Template’s footer is for listing your most consistent website links and also for displaying your social media availability.



N Air a E commerce category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

N-Air is an outstanding template for brands and businesses who want to promote their shoe products. The front-page has been carefully crafted to help brands promote their most outstanding product in a very visionary and futuristic way, much like brands the likes of Nike, Reebok and Adidas would do. Though the menu uncovers a much deeper side of the template with product listing pages and product sales pages. Each sales page features a slider that can be used to zoom-in over the photos you have uploaded to understand more about the product features and looks. The zoom-in feature appears every time a customer rolls over one of your product photos, a neat feature to have!



Lighting A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Lighting is one of those things that requires a careful selection, based on the way your existing space already looks. Simple light bulbs, chandeliers and other light holders are all equipped with a hint of personality, and in order for an online store to provide a great browsing experience, the template itself should feel like it has personality and charm, and without question the Lighting eCommerce template does! Product pages are kept to a bare minimum of features to allow outline the products most important aspects, as well as to focus on showcasing what the product looks like in different physical situations. Great and detailed product descriptions are known to be drivers of sales.


Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

An online store selling luxury items better have a luxury look, and of course the Luxury Watches template is powered by a luxurious execution of modern web design. The minimalist black on white look inspires the emotion of ‘buying’ straight away, and there are no technical difficulties during the process of finding the product to clicking the purchase button that one should think this template is not for them. Upon closer inspection, it will become very clear that Luxury Watches will also work seamlessly with eCommerce stores that wish to sell jewellry and other expensive and luxurious items. We were also quite pleased to learn that in this particular template there’s a fully styled Bootstrap blog available too!


Nuevo Shop

Nuevo Shop a Ecommerce Online Shopping Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Specific field templates aside, Nuevo Shop will compliment the inventory of any small or big brand out there selling clothing like shoes, shirts and everyday items, accessories like watches and glasses, as well as anything else that might fall under those categories. The front-page has been styled in a way where you can quickly and easily point out to the category listings that feature products on sale, most trending products, or products of your own choice that you wish to sell as quickly as possible. The very light green combination of colors help to inspire calmness in customers who are serious about making a purchase. A slider between the footer and the end of the structural page elements can be used to display the kind of brand products you are working with — so this template will also work great for individuals who are into drop shipping business.


Fashion Mania

Fashion Mania A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

Fashion stores are always on top of things when it comes to making sure that their own fashion store actually uses the latest fashion standards in displaying and promoting products. Fashion Mania template will provide such an experience by using creative fonts and light color choices that put the emphasis on the product itself. Fashion Mania (like every single other template in our roundup) is optimized for mobile browsing experience, with each page featuring a Google Maps integration to help customers find your store’s location also in the physical world.


Luxury Furnish

Luxury Furnish an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstarp responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

We started off our list with a template that’s a good fit for bedding furniture and items, and we are now arriving at a template that’s more luxurious and meant for businesses that sell the high-end items and need a high-quality website template to outline that premium quality. Starting off with a huge first page that can be modified with a custom background photo, we move on to very stylish product pages that help to display your luxurious products with bright and appealing appearance. Product pages themselves still feature the main background image on top (which adds to the overall experience of viewing products), but also adds other elements for discussing products specifications and details, and also for showcasing related products to perhaps cash in some extra sales.



I wear A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstarp Resposive Website Template Home w3layouts

For selling a simple item such as glasses, sunglasses and their accessories, the I-Wear template might actually be the most sophisticated, in a very good way! This interactive and highly dynamic Bootstrap eCommerce template will help brands to market and sell their eyewear related products in professional and appealing manner. We are definitely seeing the potential for this template to work on many other products, and it’s going to be so easy to customize and change it up thanks to the easy to follow HTML5 and CSS3 codebase. Actual product pages allow to list product information, reviews, product tags, as well as things like related products and best selling products for maximum product exposure.


Wedding Store

Wedding Store A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Weddings are very special occasions, and although much of wedding shopping still happens in the physical world, much of the inventory is slowly shifting over to the eCommerce world due to more availability, less hassle of moving items, as well as the pricing seems to be slightly better with online purchases. The Wedding Store template does look like a planned wedding itself, there’s everything a wedding shopper would need — beauty, simplicity, color and contrast, whereas sellers will find it easy to promote products and specials, to talk about products and their features, as well as to maintain general business activities through solid header and footer menus.




eShopper has accumulated a whopping 100,000+ downloads in less than two years, clearly indicating its success and maturity in the market of eCommerce templates that actually help business owners to sell products, rather than just to showcase them. Built with Bootstrap, the eShopper template features 10+ pre-made and ready to go page templates, a beautiful slider for helping you to display your most beautiful products in effective manner, pages for product listings and details, very simple (yet beautiful) product checkout page template, two separate templates for having a blog (single page) and also for listing your blog posts. Your customers will not only enjoy the great looking style of the website, but also the simple contact form widget (utilizing AJAX technology) that will help you stay on top of the latest customer questions and feedback.



Obaju e commerce template

Complex product category sites need a complex design, and Obaju offers just that! Upon inspecting and playing with the design some more, we were also able to find that this template might even work for sites that are selling online items — like services, gaming related products, amongst other such items. Obaju’s main area of focus however is to serve stores and brands that wish to sell clothing related items, with the interactive use of jQuery and HTML5 the web pages flow together in smooth fashion. Just like the website looks on desktop, it continues to shine brightly on mobile and tablet devices as well. A very trendy and beautiful choice of web design elements is going to attract a crowd of youthful shoppers!



Universal All In 1 Template

Universal means that it has many uses, and the Universal template certainly has a good set of uses attached to it! This theme includes 45 HTML pages so you should have everything you need to start developing new business, portfolio or ecommerce website. Along with the 45 pages you will get also 11 pages showcasing Bootstrap elements and possible template modifications. This theme has been heavily modified and optimized to include jQuery and JavaScript plugins such as Owl Carousel, Counter Up, Waypoints, scrollTo, GMaps, and Modernizr. Good codebase and in-built SEO standards are what make the Universal template the number one choice for over 5,000+ webmasters already.




mPurpose may not look like an eCommerce template from the first time you look at it, but believe us when we tell you that just by doing a few simple modifications, this template can be turned into an eCommerce powerhouse for freelancers and online businesses who wish to sell digital products, offers and services without the compromise of having to use a feature heavy templates. mPurpose offers an elegant solution to selling a handful of products and giving them real unconditional attention to help attract customers, and sales.


Pendent Store

Pendent Store a Ecommerce Online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template About w3layouts

Selling jewelry on sites like Etsy can have its rewards, but to really bring out personality of your own products, it’s best to opt for opening up your own business website. The Pendent Store template is certainly appealing to those who wish to sell pendants, but this template will stretch so much more further than just pendents. Whether you’re looking to sell jewelry like rings, earrings and necklaces — Pendent Store has something to offer to anyone working within the jewelry industry, a business, an individual or a brand. The use of sliders and large photo spaces will for sure make this template a good choice when it comes to personalizing your products in a way that better reflects their infusion of your own vision and personality.



Shape an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

We didn’t really see that many FLAT styled templates on our way to the bottom of the roundup, but here we are encountering Shape — a beautiful HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap eCommerce template for brands (or businesses and individuals) who work within the fitness industry. Shape uses a very similar design concept that one of our themes on our list already used — Fashion Mania. Shape is more focused on stronger color choices, and more broad fonts to help promote the kind of gym products that will make customers return for more. This also goes to show how easy it is to modify these templates to better fit our needs for each individual website project.


Free Style

Free Style A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Buying shoes online always comes with its risks, so in order to help customers make a good purchase (the right one), it’s essential we provide a browsing experience where the customer can really feel their shoes before they actually get them, and needless to say that it’s important to have concise content elements for displaying descriptions and other important notes; all of which the Free Style template posses. The demo page itself shows that Free Style can be used for selling both kids shoes and shoes for grown ups and more mature people. Free Style product pages make it easy to select a good color for your shoes, to select the right size, and if necessary — to change the brand real quick.


New Store

New Store A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

New Store is a multi product template that will work great with cross-browser and cross-device technology, giving you a peace of mind when it comes to capturing the sales of mobile customers. This simplistic yet concise design approach will give you all the necessary tools to promote your variety of products without needing to do much maintenance or other overlooking of the site. Just plug up the template, get your products in and watch the sales roll in. SEO features exist but we recommend double checking, and also there’s a ready to go blog template that can be used to push out content right away.



Furnyish Store a Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Furnyish looks like a lovely choice for furniture stores who specialize in modern, luxurious as well as old-school type of furniture that needs a little bit extra space to be properly showcased on a website. The Furnyish template just makes it super easy and simple to explain what your products are about, as well as to give them a good rundown through visual content like good pictures. In this particular case, the Furnyish template has been setup to feature ALL home appliances and furniture items, proving to potential template users that this template has what it takes to unload a huge list of inventory and still manage to look good.



Amberegul A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Amberegul’s a professional eCommerce template that will compliment online stores (brands, etc,.) looking to sell items in the form of fashion specific clothing, accessories amongst other similar items. The variety of design elements and concepts in this template really help to create that authentic look that so many brand stores seek. With the help of Ambergul you will find that distinct space between the menu, the footer and the actual product elements are all separated yet maintain a fluid flow providing a seamless shopping experience.


New Fashions

New Fashions a Flat Ecommerce Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

New Fashions’s a beautiful eCommerce template styled to suit fashion stores selling mens and womens items with the extra emphasis on each individual product. The use of pink on the front-page and the huge background image is what really ties together the rest of the front-page experience, and it’s so important that the first page experience is pleasant for potential customers to continue surfing the product listings. There are menu items for navigating trending items, new arrivals, existing items, on-sale items, and so much more. For those who are conscious of content marketing, you will be pleased to know that New Fashion template also supports a stylish blog template for all your content publication needs.



Gretong a Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

It’s unbelievable to think that each template on this list has been unique, but truly they all have been more than unique, they have provided authentic choices for all levels of eCommerce needs. And we continue this trend with Gretong — a beautiful eCommerce template that will compliment greatly brands and businesses who wish to sell their authentic and classy products through pages that look equally the same. Gretong stands out with simple to navigate product pages, and the elegant use of white background and simple font styles to provide a welcoming shopping experience. Contains within itself all the necessary website elements to help you reach your audience (social media) as well as to connect with it on a deeper level. (subscription module) We can foresee huge success for this template, more than 6,700+ people have already established their sites with this beautiful template.



Markito A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Markito is such a friendly and playful eCommerce template. We are seeing this one appear on product sites that give priority to products for children and teenagers. The use of separated elements with good font choices are the few things that really make Markito stand out when browsing the available inventory. Product pages themselves are rich in color and just feel very pleasant to browse and to finalize purchases from. This is one of those templates where the use of CSS3 & HTML5 really shines, and of course Bootstrap — as this template is based on the Bootstrap foundation. Truly wonderful and pleasant style.


Mih Store

Mihstore A Ecommerce Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Mih Store is possibly the only eCommerce template in this roundup that uses a non full-width style, and instead focuses on a boxed layout. This of course doesn’t mean that the template is not good, quite the opposite actually, it’s good to give your customers something that not many others are doing and see what their reaction is going to be, so in that sense Mih Store is a great template to utilize for some A/B testing, but if you have your heart set out for such template styles already, you will enjoy the versatility and multitudes of functionality that Mih Store style has to offer. Will work absolutely with any kind of product stores out there.



Lookz an E Commerce online Shopping Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Hey look, it’s another boxed style template — great! This time, we have Lookz which takes a more colorful and concise approach to executing a box style design. In this one we have yellow and green dominating, with a beautiful large-scale footer that lists all the available product categories and other available pages including about, support, blog, and much more — this is also where you will find the social media icons. The product pages themselves are very huge and provide a ton of space for talking about your products, and there’s also an additional related products widget at the bottom of each product page — letting you make those extra sales without the extra work.



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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others.

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