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Onetech free template

Template Details

Author: Colorlib

Released: March, 2018

Licence: CC BY 3.0 (footer credits must remain in place)

Credits: Images from Unsplash


Carefully designed and developed free electronics and gadgets website template, Onetech, is an exceptional tool. Stylish, modern, trendy and full of premium features, Onetech over delivers and sorts you out with an eCommerce website. Based on Bootstrap Framework, Onetech is responsive, easy to work with and highly flexible and adaptable.

Light and bright web design calls for an outstanding website performance for smartphone, tablet and desktop online shoppers. Special sections for weekly deals, featured and on sale products, popular categories and product highlights are just a few of the elements of Onetech’s sophisticated home page. You will not be missing a handy multi-level navigation, newsletter subscription, neat product pages and other online store must-have sections, too. Get a taste of what is possible by checking out Onetech’s preview page.

This Post Has 27 Comments
    1. You can but not at its current state. You need to convert it into a WordPress theme. It is not like there is an automated tool for that and you will need a developer to help with it.

  1. The download seems to be broken (the download page keeps refreshing but nothing is downloaded). Tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

  2. Hi,

    I wish to buy it.
    But when I am trying to edit it for testing purposes, Dreamweaver hangs and is not able to open index.html file.

    I tried in windows as well as Mac but same issue.

    So how will I be able to edit it can you suggest ?
    If it works then I will purchase it definitely.

    1. Akash,

      Unfortunately, we are not familiar with such an archaik software as Dreamweaver. We use Atom and Sublime Text editors to develop all of our themes/templates.

      1. Well. Are these applications mentioned by you i.e. Atom and Sublime Text editors are free or opensource?
        Please share their links to download so that I can test this template before purchase.

        1. Atom is completely free and open source. Sublime Text has free unlimited time trial making it still free but you will get asked to purchase a license upon each startup. So if you are going with completely free version then Atom is a way to go.

          1. Hi,
            I found some errors/bugs. Please help me to resolve it.

            1. In mobile responsive page/theme > When menu is not fixed, if we scroll down and click menu, it does not appear.
            2. In mobile responsive page/theme > At very top, its size is bog and three lines after work Menu disappears.
            3. In mobile responsive page/theme > Menu sub items URL not working. If we click it closes and no redirection happens.

            Please guide how to resolve these serious issues?

  3. Can we make menu bar and top bar dynamic so that it moves if we scroll down the page? It is very important these days.
    Please suggest how to do that?

  4. where is the documentation for this theme, seems there are not of customization from the bootstrap base css. Do you have a documentation for this?

  5. When i try to upload it to my wordpress it throws error saying missing ‘style.css’. also after tediously manually adding all the files it says
    “Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.”
    Can you help me?

    1. This is not a WordPress theme but an HTML templates that’s why you are getting this error when trying to install it in WordPress. Similar WordPress themes can be found here.

  6. I saw you have a full forum discussion and no one cares about the menu problem :))
    For whoever has problems with the mobile menu, let me explain why first. If you open custom.js and search for “if (item.hasClass(“has-children”))”, you’ll see “evt.preventDefault()” which is cancelling the default behaviour of your tags (a href=”abc”).
    So, to solve this you can just delete “evt.preventDefault()” and “evt.stopPropagation()”.
    Now, after you’ve finished deleting those lines, to keep the same functionality, if your category link is href=”#”, replace it with href=”javascript:null”
    You don’t have to do anything if have an actual link there and no subcategories.

    Hope it helps,
    Cheers 🙂

    I’ll try to keep an eye here for a few days if you have any questions.

  7. Sorry, I didn’t had time to check it properly, delete only evt.preventDefault(), leave the propagation. There’s still better ways to do it and to make it perfect, but I don’t have time for them, so.. get what you can 🙂


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