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26 Best Software Company Website Templates For Startups And Enterprises 2018

26 Best Software Company Website Templates For Startups and Enterprises 2018

Softwares changes how we interact and feel with the devices. No matter how great the hardware is without a proper software optimization the device is a waste silicon chip. Users are also constantly in search of better apps to improve their day to day tasks. It is important for your software business to have a modern website that is great in UI and also modern looking. Following are the best software company website templates for startups and big enterprises.

Before getting into the best software website templates list, we have to know what are the aspects we must consider before selecting the best template. As said before people are always in search of new best app and software to improve their day to day task. It is important to have a fresh looking website template for your company with modern design and web elements. Since most of your target audience came to you through your site, it is important that your site must be able to convey all your features and highlight to the user.

It is not necessary that everyone must use the software website templates with modern design layouts. Some of you may have a target audience who likes simplicity so in that case, choose a simple website template. In this software website template list, we have mentioned both the feature-packed modern website templates and simple website templates. The choice is yours.


lateral software company website template
Lateral is a fantastic, smart and simple software company website template best suitable for SaaS firms. However, with a few tweaks, you can also use Lateral for other intentions due to its great adaptability. It is a landing page style site template which gives you a chance to push all your products and services using one single page. This is becoming a more and more common practice amongst companies since it comes super convenient. No need to be moving from page to page anymore, clicking the back button, to find all the information you need.

In the superb Lateral kit, you will get thirteen contemporary home demos which differ quite a bit in regards to the web design. But when it comes to the technical part and performance, all the content and feature Lateral brings to the table are of the highest standards. You can always feel safe and secure that your users are treated right regardless of the device and platform they use to surf the internet.

More info / Download Demo


softdash software company website template
Softdash is a unique software company website template that can easily be noticed because of its bright and refreshing layout. This is one of the highly sought tools amongst entrepreneurs and startup companies. It has a flexible and fully adaptable and modifiable web design that you can easily tailor to your needs. Softdash comes ideal for advertising your mobile apps, digital products, SaaS, different applications and a wide variety of valuable software.

Based on Bootstrap, Softdash is a fully responsive and flexible template that works fluently on all devices, browsers, too. It includes a number of different and exciting index page variations, crisp clear look and excellent customer support which you can access 24/7. Along with one- and multi-page layouts, Softdash also has a full blog section and other internal pages.

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bufet software company website template
When speaking of Bufet, we could talk about many different topics since the template is so versatile. It is a multi-concept software company website template with a wide range of possibilities to craft your ideal internet space for your thriving business. Included come four gradient color presets and eight stunning home page demos for you to quickly find the right style that best resonates with your product or service. There are other predesigned pages included for you to utilize, too.

While all out of the box looks already appear very appealing to the eye, you can still improve and enhance them to follow your branding to the T. Not only is Bufet well-documented, you are also treated to a friendly support which works all day every day. When and if you cannot solve something yourself, you know who to contact to get things going.

More info / Download Demo

Soft Themez

soft themez software company website template
As a reliable and popular software company website template, Soft Themez offers many features and web elements that could greatly improve your launch of the digital product. Moreover, Soft Themez is also a template entirely modifiable with guaranteed powerful performance. And this goes for all devices and browsers. Meaning, Soft Themez readjusts to smartphones, tablets and desktops, as well as Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer to name a few in a snap.

Its simplicity and modern touch characterize the layout of Soft Themez. It is highly capable of delivering your needs as a startup firm or simply a solo individual. Some of the assets to look forward to include gradient colors, enticing hover effects, working contact form and CSS3 animations. Soft Themez also has multiple ready-to-use samples that save you loads of time and effort.

More info / Download Demo

SaaS Agency

saas agency software company website template
As the name suggests, SaaS Agency is the perfect software company website template to use with any type of SaaS project. Get your hands on the demo content and start from there. But first, make sure you check live preview of each sample and see what could and will work best for you. Sniff around before you fully commit and start building an active web space with the magnificent SaaS Agency. Besides, along with the front-end, SaaS Agency also has a back-end admin panel available and set for you to employ.

SaaS Agency is mobile-ready (thanks to Bootstrap!) and coded in a user-friendly way what makes it simple and straightforward to adjust. Compatible with Mailchimp, integrated contact form, congruous with modern web browsers and on scroll content load are a selected few of the assets SaaS Agency rocks.

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prosoft software company website template
As the prefix on the name of this software company website template would suggest, ProSoft is an ideal site skin for professionals looking to have an expert experience in their online endeavors. This one-page HTML template design addresses the needs of startups and software as a service launch landing page. It is a value for money template because of its rich features and content. ProSoft follows all the latest regulations to give you a solid foundation for your web space.

Amongst many features, ProSoft includes a layout that is responsive and retina-ready, layered PSD files, three different homes and sticky and transparent navbar. The look of ProSoft is very minimal and tidy, allowing you to push your services right in front of your audience distraction-free. Put ProSoft to good use and do great things with it.

More info / Download Demo


spring software company website template
Spring is a first-class software company website template with a fantastic design that will spark their curiosity and make them hungry for more. With its simplistic and minimal approach, the experience skimming through your content will always be a fun and noteworthy adventure. Not only that, those interested in your services will swiftly find all the needed details before they sign up for more.

While the customization capabilities of Spring are top-notch, you might need nothing else than one of the ready-to-use index pages. That said, you can either use the one you fancy as is or you can move things forward and tweak it per your request. Whatever you do, not only does Spring make sure it is easy and straightforward but it also assures that the end product will be of the highest quality.

More info / Download Demo


cronos software company website template
It seldom happens that functionality meets creativity and sophistication at the same time. With Cronos software company website template, all three elements are present for your advantage and convenience. Cronos is an exceedingly modifiable and lightweight HTML template, offering premium quality and feel to its environment. It is based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework what gives it responsiveness and mobile-readiness. Cross-browser harmony included.

Cronos is a high-end tool for SaaS, startups and apps with five index pages and other must-have internal sections. The tool is packed with a solid collection of UI components, clean code, functional contact form and newsletter subscription widget. There are also two separate pages for login and signup with active forms. Cronos allows you to go online quickly and effectively, promoting your software to an international audience.

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bulkit software company website template
As an alternative to all the Bootstrap Framework based templates, here is Bulkit. A software company website template powered by the Bulma Framework, as well as Sass and Gulp. The code is clean and organized so both beginners and pros will find good use of it. That said, editing Bulkit with your content or doing all sorts of needed adjustments becomes a simple task with Bulkit. Moreover, Bulkit is an all-in-one template with front- and back-end layouts.

In the bundle, Bulkit provides 39 demos pages, 45 components, over fifty SCSS files and twenty js files, as well as 3rd party add-ons and libraries. Awesome graphics, five different landing kits and three niche demos for startups, agencies and admin dashboards. By accessing Bulkit’s live preview pages, you can further investigate the web design and see what is truly possible with this supreme tool.

More info / Download Demo


smart software company website template
If you are a developer or a group of people that formed a startup looking to sell your creations online, SMART is, indeed, a smart choice. It is a reliable software company website template with all the needed and then some for a complete creation of a cutting-edge web space. The landing page style scheme of SMART offers a sleek and contemporary, as well as effective, way of showcasing your software or apps for the people to check easily.

What makes SMART special is the fact that it comes with thirteen ready-to-use demos hence giving you more room for adjustments and creativity. SMART also keeps in consideration the trend and aesthetics of today’s websites. There is all this material awaiting every SMART user to help bring his or her project to a new degree.

More info / Download Demo

Protech SaaS

protech saas software company website template
If you are in the market for a flexible tool that will help you commence with your fresh business, Protech SaaS is the tool you should check. For a grand launching, again, Protech SaaS software company website template is all that you need. Whether you are running and building SaaS, applications, startups and other projects, you now know what the site canvas that will take care of your online presence is. Exactly!

With the elements and assets present in this template, you will find it easier to create a website with Protech SaaS. When you download it, you gain instant access to six unique index pages variations, fifty inner pages, six header menus and four different testimonial options. There is a ton of content at your disposal, ready for you to take to your advantage. Go with Protech SaaS and kick things off in style.

More info / Download Demo


faulkner software company website template
Get things sorted out online with Faulkner software company website template. This professional pack of fantastic features and elements is fully furnished to help your craft the exact page that you need for your company. It could be SaaS, mobile or web app, tech agencies or other startups, Faulkner is ready for them all. What’s best, not only is Faulkner modifications-ready but it comes with sixteen professional demos which go from niche to niche. Besides, it also offers four coming soon pages to start the hype early.

Faulkner has a modular design which makes it easy and quick to design the ideal look for your projects. Moreover, it comes with ten premium plugins at no additional cost, stunning portfolio layouts, over 150 section blocks and an active MailChimp newsletter subscription form.

More info / Download Demo

SaaS Trade

saas trade software company website template
SaaS Trade is a straightforward and fully functional software company website template intended mainly for SaaS startups. However, due to its extremely easily modifiable components and pliable features, doing other projects with SaaS Trade has also been more convenient and practical. No need to be limited just to one thing when you have such a solid tool at your fingertips. While using it out of the box exactly as is is the quickest option, you can also start experimenting and doing your thing with SaaS Trade as well.

This particular template comes with seven grand first pages and over fifteen internal sections to cover every chapter of your business. What makes this template highly searched for online is that you do not have to spend too much time to make your website fully functional and ready for launching. But the same applies to other in this collection of top-notch tools for software companies pages.

More info / Download Demo


sigma software company website template
With a very stylish and minimal look, Sigma is one fine software company website template. It is loaded with all the required and then some for a fast and reliable website that will stand the test of time. With four exclusive and original home demos and other inner pages, you can almost instantly find the right combination to push yourself and your product above and beyond. Everyone visiting your page based on Sigma will immediately be intrigued to learn more.

Sigma has a mobile and retina-ready design which acclimatizes to all modern web browsers in an instant. Moreover, it enhances the experience with animations, has integrated pricing tables and contact form and features valuable and in-depth help documentation. Sigma even comes with editable PSD mockups, so that’s something you do not have to find and implement yourself as well.

More info / Download Demo


way software company website template
When you are having trouble getting hold of a clean and light software landing page for your website, drop everything now. You must find a better way of approaching web design or better yet download Way and make all the rest history. Way is a software company website template created ideally for developers but can be used by other enthusiasts out there. The template brings simplicity, modern touch and functionality in one basket.

Due to its rich features and assets, navigating and making your page with Way has been more straightforward than you have previously imagined. With stuff like cross-browser and platform compatibility, valid HTML5 and CSS3, your outcome will always be stable and secure. Way is also optimized for search engines to get yourself known the organic way and spread your reach amongst many funnels.

More info / Download Demo


zero software company website template
Hence the name, ZERO does not require to build anything from the ground up. With such a compact software company website template, you have it all at the reach of a mouse click, ready to be put to use and craft an active webpage with. ZERO is a landing page layout with three enticing demos, based on the popular Bootstrap Framework. It also supports RTL languages and comes with twelve different color schemes. You can choose between a banner with a static image, slideshow or a video background and create a strong first impression.

No matter what software or application you would like to showcase and push, let ZERO be the tool that helps you achieve the set success. Contact and subscription forms, on scroll animations, blog pages, two new niche demos, sticky navigation and call-to-action buttons are all part of the ZERO bundle.

More info / Download Demo


appino software company website template
As the name implies, APPINO! is a tool ideal for mobile app showcase. Still, this versatile and adaptive software company website template is ready for other projects easily. You get a ton of predefined front and inner pages which all are customizable and ready to follow your branding. Make adjustments or just edit the desired layouts with your content and hit the streets of the internet with a bang. It is all very possible when you have such a striking tool at your reach.

No need to wonder, indeed, APPINO! is responsive and supports all major browsers. Different color skins, hover effects, Google Maps, retina-ready layout, three homes and three footers, this is just a small list of assets APPINO! brings to the table. There are other advanced features available and ready for you to benefit from and construct the killer web space you always wanted to own.

More info / Download Demo


utouch software company website template

Utouch is a creative modern looking website template. Every creative company would prefer this type of template. This template is full of vibrant colors and trendy vectors. All the patterns and the web elements used in this template is unique.

The visual effects and the animation effects used on the web elements are also made to match the overall trendy look of the template. With the full-width website template, you have plenty of spaces to make interesting contents. With this template, you get carousels, colorful pricing table, and animated counters. Utouch includes multiple pages predesigned for you so that you can start your website as soon as you add contents to the site.

More info / Download Demo

The Saas

thesaas software company website template

The Saas is one of the best and famous software company website templates. With this template, you have both minimalist and colorful header section. But the main body of the template follows the clean white background in all the eight demo variations. The demo variations are designed based on the famous software like Skype, Trello, and Slack to cover almost all the popular features. So you get all the necessary sections and pages you normally need in a software company website templates.

You get custom icons with this template to symbolic represent all your features elegantly. You also get small animated icons and web elements in this template to keep the visitors engaged to your site. With the big header image and lightweight bold texts, you can give a captivating intro about your company.

More info / Download Demo


saasera software company website template

SaaSera is a colorful and modern software company website template. This is a value for money template, you get multiple demo options and multiple concept variations. So SaaSera is a one template solution for all your corporate website needs. This template can also be used as an app landing page.

SaaSera provides you 50+ demo variations as of now, this includes both multi-page website templates and one-page website templates. All the demo variations follow neat design layout and full width design style. With the full width design layout, you have plenty of spaces so that you can say more about your software and your company elegantly to the user. All the demo templates use trendy color gradients, it has both light colors and bright colors as the primary color scheme. You can choose the color scheme you want.

More info / Download Demo


canvas software company website template

Canvas is another value for money multipurpose website template. This template provides you more than 100 website template demos. It has separate demos for each niche, Canvas covers niches like photography website template, restaurant templates, construction templates, medical templates and many more. You also get different template variations for software companies and corporates.

It is a user-friendly website template you can add and remove web elements easily by yourself with the help of the provided 50+ shortcodes. This template gives you both multiple page layouts and one-page website templates. All the templates follow a clean and modern design layouts, but if you need you can do small tweaks to the templates.

More info / Download Demo


sofbox software company website template

Sofbox is a trendy looking software company website template. Primarily this template is designed for the software website landing page. But the design layout and segmentation of the template, make this an obvious choice for the software and other corporate website template.

This template provides you three layout option and four header variations. In the header, you can use static images, video background, and canvas backgrounds. This template uses both solid colors and trendy gradients as the color scheme. But you also have the option to customize the theme color by yourself. It is a fully responsive website template, so you need not worry about your site performance in the small screen devices.

More info / Download Demo

Appai App Landing

appai software company website template

Appai App Landing page is a feature-packed modern software company website template. With this template, you get four layout options and more than five header background variations. All the layout options follow clean full-width design to help you present a beautiful website to the visitor. The logical design of the template helps the user to get a complete idea about your company and the software easily.

Though this is a one-page app landing page by default you also get other subpages pre-designed for you. Appai uses custom icons that fits the overall creative design of the template. You also have the option to embed video easily into the template.

More info / Download Demo


porto software company website template

Porto is one of the best and famous multipurpose website templates. With this template, you get nineteen homepage variations. All the templates follow standard agency style website layout. This template does not include any fancy kinds of stuff or colorful elements. If you are looking for a high-quality simple website template for your software company, then you can try Porto template.

This template also now includes construction website templates, medical website templates, hotel website templates and real estate website templates. So Porto template is a value for your money. Speaking about the software company website template, all the template variations follows a clean design layout with warm color scheme.

More info / Download Demo

Digital Agency

cynic software company website template

The Digital agency is a modern website template that includes design layout for both the small companies and big enterprises. This template gives you three homepage variations and includes both single page layout and multiple page layouts.

With the full-width website template layout, you have ample space to present your images and texts neatly to the user. In the header section, you have a background image. You also get bold texts and colorful call to action button in the header section. This template follows HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. With this template, you get custom icons, neat hover effects, and carousels.

More info / Download Demo


applify software company website template
Applify is a fresh new modern looking software website template. This template is primarily designed for app landing page. But it has all the web elements and design layout features you need to create a single page software company website.

The logical designing of the template helps the user to get a complete idea about your software ot your company in a single page. The template uses trendy modern color gradient as the color scheme. Along with the homepage design, you also get separate blog page design layouts, to help you setup blog pages easily on your site.

More info / Download Demo

Which Template Impressed You?

These are some of the best software website templates you can use for your site. Some of the templates are designed specifically for the software and app development companies. While some of the templates are multipurpose website templates that fit for all types of websites. The benefit of using multiple concept website templates is you get many layout options and web elements. With different combination of web elements and web layouts, you can make an outstanding software website templates on your own easily.

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