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30+ Best Stunning Free Photography Website Templates [HTML & WordPress]

30+ Best Stunning Free Photography Website Templates [HTML & WordPress]

A picture worths 1000 words. If you are a person who loves to see the world through the lens than with your retina, you must share your work with the online world. Who knows a simple click may turn into an epic moment captured memory in the future. We have seen this several times in the history.

Photos are captured time capsules. With the advent of the live photos, we can relive the moment for a while now. Being a photographic professional, most of you love to share your works on social media like Instagram. Some of you love to organize your artistic works in a more professional way with a website. The following HTML and the WordPress photography website templates help you to have a modern photography website and portfolio.

HTML Photography Website Templates

If you are a retired photographer, who never intends to update your portfolio with your new pics, you can go for an HTML photography website templates. The reason why I am saying this is because updating contents and media is really a tiresome process in HTML websites. Since it is a photography website template, you always have to update your gallery.

Apart from the knowledge of using shutter keys and lens adjustments, you should also know to use HTML tags and CSS in the HTML photography website. CMS is the preferred way, and among the CMS, WordPress is the best pick. Still, you can change these HTML website templates into WordPress themes through several transformation processes. Saying that following are the best free photography website templates built with the latest HTML5.


bitmap free template
You will going to be blessed and impressed once you land on the Bitmap live preview page. This free photography website template is a cracking one, full of marvelous features and assets ready for you to put them to use. Bitmap rocks a fully responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible layout which smoothly adapts to all screens and devices. Indeed, it is retina-ready, too, following all the latest web and tech regulations.

Some of the very many features of Bitmap are parallax effect, filterable portfolio, transparent navigation, newsletter subscription widget and social media icons. What’s more, you can also link your Instagram profile to your fresh new website and start writing a blog. Do not hesitate, make your first move right now by downloading Bitmap and get things going. No doubt, you can later enjoy the impressive reward after Bitmap does the magic and starts attracting new potential customers.

More info / Download Demo


Imahe Free Template
In our collection of the most advanced and cutting-edge free portfolio website templates, you will surely find the ideal one for your photo project. If what you saw so far did not meet your expectations, then there is a good chance Imahe will. It is a modern and sophisticated page canvas with a jaw-dropping web design that will spark everyone’s curiosity. Before they know it, they are already spending several minutes, enjoying your spectacular creations and possibly even considering hiring you for their next project.

Imahe is based on the popular and well-liked Bootstrap Framework what guarantees 100% mobile-readiness. On top of that, the tool is also quick and straightforward to work with. Meaning, editing and adjusting the default look of Imahe will be a breeze. That said, make sure your internet appearance follows you branding and makes it stand out from the crowd. With Imahe, you will have zero issues achieving just that.

More info / Download Demo


Bato Free Template
While Bato might be more of a tool for building neat and tidy online portfolios for a creative agency and professional individual, we can comfortably call it a free photography website template, too. It is a versatile and highly adaptive web design which works with loads of different projects efficiently. In our case, fill and enrich Bato with your remarkable work and let Bato display in on the web like pros do. No need to stay behind rather always be one step ahead of the competition thanks to Bato.

Straight away, Bato hits you with an innovative and full-screen slider with pagination, text and call-to-action buttons. Navigation appears as an overlay right sidebar with the search option and built-in gallery. In addition, Bato also has killer internal sections, a blog and a contact page with a working form and a newsletter subscription box. With its clean and minimal design, you can shine online using Bato and reach a broader audience.

More info / Download Demo


Cocoon free template
For creative minds who are dealing with photography on a professional or amateur level, Cocoon is the template for your web presence. It creates a unique portfolio of your amazing works and displays them in a way to amaze everyone visiting your site. There is no need for you to be doing any hard work to stand out and catch more folks’ attention. Cocoon is here to do the job for you with its originality and creativity.

Along with the already impressive front page, Cocoon also has other inner sections for services, blog and about. Not to mention, an addition of a portfolio department is also part of the package. Apply filters to your projects and let visitors find exactly what they are after quickly. Of course, Cocoon allows you to link your page with your social media accounts, too.

More info / Download Demo


Photographers who are just starting out their career, you might want to kick things off with a free photography website template. Do not miss on the opportunity that a compelling website might bring you. Start by creating a stunning portfolio full of your remarkable pictures and spark everyone’s interest. Such fantastic tool that does it in a distinguishing way is Sonar. A template with a clear carousel slider and more goodies further down the layout. There is a great chance of you becoming an instant fan once you see Sonar’s live preview page. Dare to check it out?

Along with an assortment of great features and additional pages, Sonar is also mobile and retina ready and compatible with all the modern web browsers.

More info / Download Demo


You might be a solo photographer or an agency, either way, having a strong online appearance is a must. You can create one swiftly with Studio free photography website template. The way how the full-screen slider works will surely create a strong first impression on every visitor. They will probably first spend a considerable amount of time flipping through the images, enjoying your masterpieces. From then on, they can use the popup contact form, check your social media or further investigate your page.

Features like progress bars and accordions, milestones, loaders, back to top button and categorized portfolio, you get them all and a whole bunch more with Studio. Express yourself on the web in an easily distinguishable way and give everyone a chance to get to know you better.

More info / Download Demo


Po-Portfolio free template
First and foremost, no matter which free photography website template you go with from this list, you win big times. They are all responsive, optimized for great performance and simple to use. Especially if you are a beginner, that is exactly what you need to get things going. Po-Portfolio is a minimal and straightforward tool that makes your creations look even more professional than they already are.

The first thing a guest sees when your site loads is a grid of images. He or she can inspect each project straight away or use the left navigation to go to portfolio, blog or read your story. Po-Portfolio is unquestionably the kind of a template you will be hooked on in an instant. The time has come to take things into your own hands and boost your photo project.

More info / Download Demo

Photography 2

Photography-2 free template
Photography 2 is an update of the free website template for photographers that we will chat about a little later on. The main focus of the template is your images and your incredible content. It all begins with a large framed slider which you can use for your latest projects, photo shoots, whatever you believe needs the extra shine. You can also link each slider to the more in-depth presentation of the work. But more about your work, the process and other news you can use the integrated blog section for.

Mix blogging with photography and witness great things unlocking in front of you. Always be ready and have an open mind. What’s more, Photography 2 has a separate portfolio section for other pictures you want to share with the folks online.

More info / Download Demo


Foto free photography template
If Photography 2 was a template you dig a whole bunch, Foto will knock your socks off. We could almost say that Foto is Photography 2 on steroids. They are quite similar regarding the design yet still so different. The former one keeps things as simple as possible while the latter enriches web design with loads of extras and special effects. If that is something you are after, skip Photography 2 and go straight to Foto.

For a free photography website template, Foto is very original and out of the ordinary. Big slideshow with smooth transitions, two types of portfolios and additional default page and social media icons, Foto is a serious deal. Rock the online world with a fabulous and mindblowing page and push your images and creations further.

More info / Download Demo


Photography free photography website template
When you look for a way to advertise your imagery online, the tool you use for the website needs to have a strong emphasis on your content. That is something Photography thoroughly thought about and provides a home for your grand work. Although “only” a one-page website template, Photography still has all the elements for you to tell your story in a striking way. Grab their attention with the full screen slider and have them hooked with your persuasive photography story.

When the potential clients are ready to get in touch with you, Photography has a functional contact form included in the design. You can also use the Donate Now button and start writing your very own online journal. There is a whole bunch you can do with Photography and take your little project to new heights.

More info / Download Demo


If you run photography as a side or your main business, Yaseen presents all the necessary for your web presence. It has a clean, vibrant and easy on the eye web design with a framed layout. Moreover, the site skin is noncomplex to use rather easy to modify and edit with your content. Alter it to your needs exactly how you want it and see the success for yourself you always wanted.

Yaseen is responsive, cross-browser compatible, includes a newsletter subscription, social media buttons and animated statistics. For a quick launch of your photo-first website, Yaseen is a great template to make it happen. Turn it into a functional page swiftly and see how far it can take you.

More info / Download Demo


Creative Agency Free Website Template
Droppler is a website canvas which you can turn into a superb photography website. It is a fantastic foundation for almost any creative individual out there who is ready to craft himself or herself a page. Use it for blogging or use it for photography but best, use it for both. Along with the very particular first page, Droppler also has other sections for about, gallery and contact. The contact page already has included Google Maps and form so doing things on your own is not necessary.

If blogging and photography are your passion, realize your online project with Droppler. It is going to be a fun journey adjusting the template and improving it with your information and content. Use Droppler to its full potential and construct the jaw-dropping page you strive toward.

More info / Download Demo


Pemodule is another fantastic device that brings your idea to realization with a cracking website. By now, you know already that you do not have to waste your time crafting a page from the ground up. Save all this precious time and invest it in building your photography business. As for the website, let free photography website templates do the work for you. These tools cost you nothing but the outcome is a professional, pliable and neat page, enhanced with your gorgeous photos.

Newsletter subscription, functional contact form, parallax and hover effects and gallery, Pemodule has all the needed and then some. In addition, the template also has a range of elements which you can use or avoid adding to your page.

More info / Download Demo


glint free photography website template
For individuals and agencies, Glint is the free photography website template you will love dearly. It is original, modern, flexible and easily adapts to your needs and requirements. Make it follow your idea and branding to the T and increase your reach and grow to the new professional levels.

Glint is a free HTML website template compatible with smartphones, tablets, retina screens and modern browsers. It instantly adapts to any device for a butter smooth experience. Visitors and returning clients will fancy coming back to your website not solely for the business purposes but to examine your remarkable work again and again. Glint is stacked with greatness and amazingness. It does not feel at all free. More like it would be a premium template which you won as a prize.
More info / Download Demo


yummy free photography website template
Are you a food photographer or a blogger? You might even be a passionate chef who enjoys taking images of your dishes each time you come up with a new recipe. For now, you might only be doing it to make your Instagram followers’ mouth to water. However, your following base is growing and you decided to expand your repertoire and launch a website. Yummy is the free website template which specialized in food, cooking and lifestyle. Oh boy, will it be a delicious treat once you set it up and make it go live.

From carousel slider and on scroll content load to widgets packed sidebar, full-width Instagram feed and an option to add a pattern as a background, Yummy is no joke.
More info / Download Demo

Go Crepe

go crepe free photography website template
We at Colorlib are working hard at releasing new free website templates, covering as many niches as possible, regularly. Photography happens to be an industry which has a high demand for such tools and, luckily, we have many available. Here is Go Crepe. Outstanding web design, clean code, quick to customize and simple to manage, the canvas gives you fantastic opportunity to shine online.

While Go Crepe applies to photography agencies and other photo needs, you can also use it for a variety of different projects. Flexible and extensible to suit as many tastes as possible. Enjoy the great and vivid choice of colors, interactive slider, newsletter subscription box and other whatnots. The sooner you start, the quicker you will see the effect Go Crepe has on your business.

More info / Download Demo

Katrine Dove

katrine dove

Katrine Dove is a professional free photography website templates for freelance photographers. As soon as you land on the website template, you can see brilliant photographs of different genres. The circular space in the middle describes the type of photography.

The transition effects when the carousel images changes also look great on the images. As you scroll down, you will see a big about segment with a “Hire Me” button; the perfect place to show you are open for photographic jobs.

It is a multi-page photography website template. This website template feels more feministic by using pink colors for texts and other contents. The gallery section is also great, and it is also a great CSS website template.

More info / Download Demo


responsive free photography website template

Photography is a multi-page photography website template. You have a foldable navigation menu to the right; it is a bit different to the normal website navigation option. The designer tends to follow this web design to help the photographs to be viewed without any disturbance.

The landing page is a huge carousel with beautiful images. Best way to stun your visitors with the best shots as soon as they land on your website. As the navigation bar expands, significant space is reserved for the logo to make it brandable.

The work page is also designed very well. You get three filter option, where people and select and see your works. The gallery page is designed quite differently; it looks like a scattered gallery. When you click on the next picture, the images align themselves from the scattered pieces.

More info / Download



Photofolio is a simple, clean looking photography portfolio website template. It is a modern HTML5 website template, which is fast and responsive. With a big banner image, you have ample space to describe about you and your works in a bold and neat text fonts.

It is a multi-page website template. The homepage let you speak through your photographs first. The masonry style gallery on the homepage interacts well with the visitor; images change on hover. Following the gallery section, you have short bio, testimonials and your social media accounts link.

This photography website template has a dedicated gallery page. In the gallery page, visitors can see the photographs along with a short description of the picture.

More info / Download

Theme Photography

theme photography

Theme photography is a timeline style personal portfolio website template. Each set acts as an album, which comprises of more related photographs. For example; if you are making photographs of Christmas celebration 2017, you can make this as a separate album and organize all the Christmas photograph in this album.

The split screen design helps to avoid a lot of empty space on the website template. It is a multi-page website template with about page, gallery and contact pages. The gallery page is also simple; you don’t have any unique designs or CSS effects. When you hover over the images, you get a red shade with a zoom icon.

Overall a simple, neat photographic website template, best suits for personal portfolios.

More info / Download

AT Gallery

at gallery

AT Gallery, the name itself feels like a studio name right? This photography website template also feels like the same way. The best pick for photography studios. The transition effects on the carousels in the header section are great.

As you scroll down, you can immediately see a gallery or a portfolio. Each gallery is properly segmented by their types. Users can easily switch between tabs and can see your versatile photographic skills.

The segments after the portfolio show the credibility factors of your photographic service. The credibility building factors you see in this website templates are;

  • Counters showing about your experience in numerical formats
  • Then comes your awards segment and
  • The client segment

This is an intuitively designed photography website template, best for freelance photographers and photography studios.

More info / Download



Photographer website template is the opposite of the theme photography. It is a modern looking photography website template with the fresh use of HTML5 and CSS3. The website template is clean and professional looking with only required CSS effects and proper layouts.

It is a single page website template, the use of hexagon shape surrounded by a circle for the buttons looks clean on the photographs, and the same hexagon shapes are used for the social media icons.

There is no separate gallery page in this website template; the gallery option is provided as carousels. The image holder is big enough to show your photographs beautifully even in the carousels.

More info / Download



Snapshot is a perfect photography website template for both the freelancers and photography studios. It is professional looking with all the necessary web elements you need for a professional photography website.

With a big static hero image section, the text alone changes. It helps to tell you or about your studio in a more intuitive and interactive way.

It is a multi-page website template. You get all the necessary pages like about, services, gallery and contact pages. This website template is built over the modern HTML5 and CSS3 frame, so it responsive and fast on any devices.

The gallery page also looks great, with neat and subtle animation effects. The proper use of layout design and effects make this website template a perfect pick for the professional photographers.

More info / Download Demo

GavickPro Portfolio


GavickPro portfolio is a straightforward, simple website template. If you are looking for a photography website template only to showcase your photographs, then this template is the right one. It solely has only one purpose, to showcase your photographs and share the story behind the photograph.

You don’t have any other pages in this website template.Each photograph can be made into separate posts. If you are a travel blogger, who love to take and share pictures, then you can use this website template. This website template is also available to be downloaded in WordPress and Joomla.

More info / Download



Capture is a bright color website template, with the modern layout design. The template is completely designed by keeping in mind about the photographs. You can see small animation effects here and there on the website template, which is the unique point of this website template.

The bright colored gradient makes this website template feel like a premium photography template. The box styled layouts help to display your photographs and also helps to describe you and the work.

It is a single page website template. By far this photography website template has the best gallery section in the HTML website templates in this list. You get a nice zoom in effect and line shades when you hover. The images are shown on the full screen when you click the images. The full-screen mode takes the complete advantage of the user’s screen and displays your photograph beautifully.

More info / Download Demo



Capture is a professional looking photography website template. It is more or less same as that of the Capture website template in this list. The layouts and the color used in this website template differs from the Capture website template.

The hero image section is static and the content alone changes, this helps to describe you and your services easily. The CSS animation effects are clean and professional looking.

It is a single page portfolio website template with all the necessary website elements you need for a professional photography website template. The gallery section is also designed well with enough space for each image to make it look clearly in the grid layout. When you click on an image, the image expands to the full screen with image title and a small note about the photograph.

More info / Download Demo

Click On

click on

Click on is a photography website template for freelancers and photography studios. It is a simple multi-page photography website template with all the necessary web pages you need for a professional website template.

The home page has a big hero image as the header section; it does not have carousels like other website templates. Below the header section, you have service section, gallery section, and testimonial section. The gallery section in the home page is designed like a carousel that automatically scrolls in a periodic interval.

Apart from the gallery section in the home page, there is a separate page for the gallery. The gallery is designed in a way that the photographs are displayed according to their category. Users can easily switch between tabs and find the images they want.

More info / Download Demo

We Photography

we photography

We Photography, a modern looking photography website template. The template is clean and simple looking, with the use of trend HTML5 and CSS3 elements this template make you feel like a premium website template.

Since the template is developed on the HTML5 and CSS3, the website template is lightweight and responsive. It contains all the website elements you need in a professional website; you can start your photography website right away.

The galley section is designed in the gridview with large space, so that the images can be viewed clearly.

More info / Download Demo

WordPress Free Photography Website Templates

WordPress photography website templates give you lots of useful features than the HTML website template. As said before, updating and maintaining contents on WordPress easy like using your computer and smart phones.

Even if you need to add a new feature or intended to extend the given feature, you can do it easily with the help of a plugin. Following are the best WordPress photography website template.



Fotography is a multi-page WordPress free photography website template. It is a multi-page website template with all the features and options you need in a professional photography website template.

Each image section is provided with ample spaces to display your high-quality photographs beautifully on the website. The gallery is designed in a masonry style layout, the CSS work on the gallery section is also immaculate and elegant. When you hover over the image, you get two options, one to preview the image and other is the link to the particular images.

In the preview option itself, you get the option to tweet the image and also a facebook like button. There are four gallery views and three single gallery post view. It never feels like a free photography website template with so many page variations and options.

It is a freemium WordPress template, that is it has both the free version and pro version. If the free theme really impressed you and if you want advanced feature go for the pro version.

More info / Download Demo



Aperture is a straightforward, simple WordPress photography website template. It is a multi-page website template best suits for photographic blog sites. Since the navigation options are isn’t quite up to the mark and the lack of profession website element, make this website template not the best choice for professional photographers and studios.

It is also the best option for the travel bloggers. With a big carousel image as the landing page with a link to the posts, help the travel bloggers to share their story with beautiful images. But hey it’s WordPress website template, you can customize the theme with the pages you want. Design and functionality wise this photography website template are great.

More info / Download



Panorama is a photography website template with a unique home page website template. The whole screen is split into a horizontal screen with different pictures. When you hover over the image, you get a short note of the image and a link to the single page of that picture.

It is a multi page WordPress photography website template. The gallery page/ portfolio page is designed like a slide show. User can choose from different sets of sliders and experience your photographs.

More info / Download Demo

Portfolio Gallery

portfolio gallery

Portfolio gallery, as the name implies this is a photography portfolio website template. The HTML5 and CSS3 works are clean and looks professional on this website template.

This website template let your photographs speak for you to the visitors. The masonry style gallery layout gives equal space for each image in the portfolio, so that all the images can be viewed easily by the viewers.

The menu options are given to the standard sized left-hand side navigation bar, to make this template look different and modern. It is a multi-page WordPress photography website template. This template is the best choice for the freelance photographers.

More info / Download



Photomania is a clean looking professional photography website template. It is the best pick for both freelance photographers and studios. It is a photography website with a lot of white space to display your photographs neatly without any visual and color hindrance.

The header section is with the properly sized carousel with subtle transition effects. Since the space below it is white the images in the carousel looks clean and elegant, and the search button at the center is a user-friendly feature for the user to find their favorite photographs.

The gallery section comes immediately below the carousel, with different category tabs. It is a multi-page WordPress template with all the common pages you might normally need on a photography website.

More info / Download



Electa a common style photography website template that one might expect. If you are in search of regular styled free photography website template, then this template is for you.

It is also a multi-page website template. The home page itself acts as a gallery page in this website template. Electa is the next photography website template on this list which supports WooCommerce by default so that you can use this website template for your e-commerce store also.

This theme is built on the latest HTML5, and CSS3 script and the usage of javascript is also limited to this website template, which makes this website to load faster and also responsive.

More info / Download



Photomagic gives you more than you expect in a free website template. This website template is a modern website template, all the web elements and the fonts used are in current design trends.

It is a multi-page website template build on the HTML5 and CSS3. The template is lightweight and also mobile responsive. Below the big header image with neat transition effects you will find the portfolio and feature image sections, both the parts are designed in a grid view.

Photomagic provides three types of page layouts to choose from and by default has five categories to organize your portfolio.

More info / Download



Bloc is a traditional looking photography website template. It is a minimalistic website template with lots of white space and reduced the complexity of animation effects and other transition effects to make the website template load faster.

The website template comes with three default pages; home page, about and contact page. On the white background the images look clean. On clicking the images, the picture expands to the full screen gallery mode. You also got a social media links at the bottom right corner. This photography website template best suits for personal portfolio.

More info / Download Demo



Illustrious is also a minimalistic photography website template. There is both free and pro version of this WordPress template. This is a multi-page website template with almost five different page design. If you are into minimalistic design you will like this website template.

More info / Download Demo

Riba Lite

riba lite

Riba lite is a perfect pick for travel bloggers and photographers. The intuitive design of this template helps you, display your pictures and also the story behind the photography elegantly.

At the header itself you will get the social media links and other useful navigational elements. This website template is build on HTML5 and CSS3, so that the website is fast and responsive by default.

More info / Download Demo



Pinbin is a Pinterest style layout website template design. This layout makes this photography website template unique from others. You can categorize your photographs and can organize them effectively.

When you click on a image it takes you to the particular album, where you can see more related images. It is a clean and easy to customize WordPress photography website template.

More info / Download Demo

Which One Suits You?

These are the best WordPress HTML and WordPress free photography website template. Some of the templates give you loads of features like a premium template, while some of them give you only the features you can expect in a free website template.

This list comprises all types of website template, select the best one you need. Let us know which template you like and also your favorite photography website template that is not on the list in the comment section below.

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