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25 Best Free and Premium Moodle Bootstrap Templates For E-Learning Sites 2021

When you decide that you want to work with Moodle Bootstrap templates, you come to this collection and pick from the very best available on the market today. These guarantee you a spectacular outcome.

Moodle is one of the famous open-source learning management systems. Among the open LMS source software, Moodle is the best choice to use. Since it has more support and plugins available to help you.

In recent years, many Moodle partners have also joined to improve this open-source platform. With this, a lot of excellent templates hit the market that you can use for your outstanding website.

With the premium Moodle Bootstrap template, you will get support from the author to do some basic customizations and installation. One of the drawbacks of the Moodle platform is the learning curve for beginners and new users is very steep.

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It will take a couple of weeks to get an overview of the working principle of the platform. In order to customize a Moodle theme, you have to get expert help. If you wish to use a free template, read the installation guide to get the best result.

Another drawback of Moodle is the user interface. Though you get plenty of options and support still the UI of the Moodle is not so very great. In this Moodle Bootstrap templates list itself, you can see that almost all the templates use a similar interface.

If you are still in dilemma in selecting the learning management software, take a look at the e-learning industry post to read the complete comparison of all types of LMS.

For serious online course providing companies, it is better to go for the premium LMS like the Adobe Captivate or you can use the WordPress education themes which support LMS. Saying that let us get into the collection of these outstanding tools now.

Premium Moodle Bootstrap Templates


lambda moodle bootstrap template

Lambda is a classic-style Moodle template. The developers have put a lot of effort into making this Moodle template look neat and also managed to add interactive web elements. It is a multi-page website template with all the necessary subpages needed for an e-learning website. The primary color scheme of the template is yellow, but the color is handled perfectly so that it does not look flashy. On the homepage at the top, you have the member login option and in the header section, you have an image slider. The transition effects on the template are neat and enough timing is given between each image so that the user can read the texts without any hurry. Drop-down menu options are also given for a better user experience. Along with this template, you get three demo variations. Almost all the variations follow a similar design layout with minor changes.

More info / Download Demo

New Learning

new learning moodle bootstrap template

New learning is a full-width colorful learning management template that uses Moodle framework. The New Learning template gives you a premium look and feel to the user with its design. The visual effects used in this template are clean and sleek. Talking about the animation effects, this template only uses effects at the required spot, which make it an easy fit for professional eLearning sites. The use of transparent color overlay for the content blocks gives this template a more lively feel. At the top bar, you have the member login option and search options. Just below the search option, you have a place for adding your social media profile links. With this template, you get all the modern web elements and features combined well with the Moodle core features. This flexible website template also gives you a boxed width layout, and the option to change the header style.

More info / Download Demo


academic moodle bootstrap template

Academic is a clean-looking Moodle bootstrap template. With a full-width design, you have plenty of space to add your courses neatly to the user. The use of white space gives users a clutter-free visual experience no matter how much content you add to the website. The clean white background also adds richness to the colorful web elements. In the header section, you have an image slider, the transition effects are clean and simple. The courses page is designed with easy navigation options so that the user can easily search and find the course they want. In the footer, you have the option to add an Instagram widget. The Academic template uses HTMl5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and the latest Moodle framework.

More info / Download Demo

Macro Learning

macro learning moodle bootstrap template
Macro Learning is a Moodle Bootstrap template that works great for building learning platforms. If this is something that you are after, well then, you better not miss this feature-rich tool and make it your own. With all the various goodies at hand, you can now begin working on your project with comfort and confidence. Why doing all and everything from the ground up if you do not have to? Instead, save yourself a good deal of time and energy by utilizing Macro Learning.

Macro Learning rocks plenty of stuff for your convenience. From courses dashboard, drag and drop page builder and slides plugin to the custom login page, badges and sticky navigation, to name a few, it’s all available and heaps more. Macro Learning also easily integrates with social media and offers you to style the look of it to your liking precisely. Get it all in one kit with Macro Learning.

More info / Download Demo


edumy moodle bootstrap template
Online courses and e-learning platforms are easy to create once you have the right material at hand. And that’s when Edumy comes into play. This outstanding Moodle Bootstrap template rocks tons of specialties that will set you apart from the competition. Whether you would like to create niche learning platforms or generic, whatever the case, Edumy has you sorted out to start right now. For the small investment, you can do it all yourself. No need to work with a coder nor designer when you unlock your access to Edumy.

What’s in the kit?

Well, more than eighty custom blocks, drag and drop technology, thirteen home samples, convenient dashboard, RTL layouts, course filters and the list goes on. In short, you will not find anything lacking, so go full-tilt and found an online education platform with Edumy now.

More info / Download Demo


alanta moodle bootstrap template
Highly-rated websites that promote knowledge will always grab more learners. Alanta is a Moodle Bootstrap template that exemplifies top quality when it comes to web design. It is ideal for any learning institution, as it aims to get students together as a community. Alanta has hundreds of fabulous elements to try out and plenty of opportunities to utilize. These choices let your cause highlight your services further.

Alanta also has a customizable and clean code, and it is built with RTL compatibility. Alanta contains multi-language and multi-purpose options if you are branching out internationally. It is ready for marketing and SEO as well. Choose from several preset color skins, add your custom content comfortably and customize the layout according to your needs. Whatever you do, the process is easy as pie.

More info / Download Demo


space moodle bootstrap template
Make your vision come true and make your platform more engaging to students by getting Space. This Moodle Bootstrap template suits all forms of learning avenues from online teaching to school establishment. There are plentiful features and elements to select from, all fully responsive, easy to customize and designed to inspire.

Merge multiple font and color styles to satisfy your branding needs and customize your web platform further. Premier versatility is what this tool promises as you can view it on any browser or device with its pixel-perfect features. Space rocks a simple, clean and super modern web design that will capture everyone’s attention in an instant. Offer them to experience your services and courses in an unforgettable way and keep them engaged with fantastic details. Take things to the next level and make a difference.

More info / Download Demo


iq moodle bootstrap template
You are probably looking for the most intellectual website tool ever. Well, IQ is definitely right at the cream of the crop. It is a Moodle Bootstrap template with multiple course formats suitable for any school, institution, e-learning or even personal purposes. All templates are responsive and easily customizable. After all, IQ is based on Bootstrap Framework which ensures the necessary flexibility and mobile readiness.

You also get full access to the back-end of your online classes, making it easy to manage even after you have already published your website. In addition, you can categorize your blogs and add social media support as an impactful marketing tactic. With IQ, you do not really need to know how to code to be able to customize and edit the layout. Moreover, you can also translate and localize your website that you will create with IQ.

More info / Download Demo


klassroom moodle bootstrap template
Educational organizations are pretty much like a second home. Such a notion is what Klassroom represents. As a Moodle Bootstrap template, your website will definitely have that inclusive atmosphere you have been gunning for. Focusing on minimalism, this template lets you express your uniqueness, yet it works effectively to impart belongingness among your learners.

Integral features include course categories, sticky navigation, sliders, calendar pages, social media and preset color skins, to name a few. Klassroom is ready for RTL languages to ensure a broader reach in case you are planning to spread your cause. Try it ASAP and explore more of this theme’s incredible features and pages, all for an affordable cost. When you decide to start working with Klassroom, the final web platform is just around the corner. On top of that, you also do not need to be a pro at web development to utilize Klassroom’s full potential.

More info / Download Demo


school moodle bootstrap template

School is a Moodle Bootstrap template for schools and colleges. With this template, you get features like parallax effects, custom icons, and interactive content blocks. This template does not include plenty of features like Lambda Moodle template. But the available features are given working perfectly. In the header, you have an image slider with animated texts. The transition effects and the animation effects on this template are clean and subtle. Another useful feature of this template is element blocks. As of now, only four elements are given as blocks. Since it is a premium template, you may get more features in the future.

More info / Download Demo


alpha moodle bootstrap template
Alpha is a nifty, modern and impactful Moodle Bootstrap template that works for all sorts of different educational objectives. For instance, you can employ the tool for schools, colleges, universities, LMS, and even training centers. The options are very many when you gain total access to the remarkable and feature-rich Alpha. Indeed, Alpha is also compatible with all modern devices, web browsers, and retina screens. In short, the performance will be of the highest degree at all times.

Some of the features of Alpha contain twelve front page blocks, a user-friendly builder, hero image slider, login page, sticky navigation, and testimonials. Instead of hammering out an educational website from square one, go with Alpha now and make an immediate difference. You can also integrate other Moodle plugins and take Alpha to an entirely new degree with ease.

More info / Download Demo

Apple of Knowledge

apple of knowledge moodle bootstrap template
When setting up a website for a school, let Apple of Knowledge do the trick. This premium Moodle Bootstrap template is equipped with an array of specialties that will help you start online with little effort. You also do not really need to do the coding work when you plan to start the process with Apple of Knowledge. It is the drag and drop page builder that allows you to alter the appearance of Apple of Knowledge according to your intention. However, if you dig it as is, use Apple of Knowledge out of the box and call it a day.

Course dashboard, sticky navigation, shortcodes, multilingual, RTL-friendly, social media integration, and Moodle plugins support are just some of the specialties of Apple of Knowledge. And if you are building your very first website, feel free to flip through documentation and get in touch with the support team.

More info / Download Demo


drona moodle bootstrap template
For anything education-related, let Drona do the magic. It is a powerful, practical and up-to-the-minute Moodle website template that guarantees an outstanding outcome that will boost the popularity of your educational institution. With a striking website, you know you can win over even more potential students and scale your project accordingly. There is no need to be working on your page from scratch, as Drona sports it all and then some. Even if you would like to translate the template, you can do that, too.

As for the features and functions, you know you get a lot of them. From photo gallery, teacher profiles and video section to news, social media, custom logo, smooth slideshow and four footer blocks, to name a few, it is all part of Drona. Start on the web like a pro with Drona and enjoy the positive result.

More info / Download Demo


flora moodle bootstrap template

Flora is a classic style simple and straightforward Moodle website template. The homepage is filled with interactive elements and visual effects. The course page is almost similar to the Moodle course user interface as you have seen in many Moodle bootstrap templates in this list. Just like in the school template mentioned above, this template also provides blocks. To the right, you have the option to add a gallery image.

More info / Download Demo


trending moodle bootstrap template

Trending Moodle bootstrap website template is a visual effect rich website template. The homepage design consists of all the important web elements to create promote your courses. The logical design of the template helps the user to have a complete overview of the courses you offer and their features. In the header section, you have an image slider with cool transition effects. Other features you get with this template are parallax effects, carousels, custom icons, and a subscription form. The course pages follow the same design style as the Moodle course features. The filter options and search options help the user to find the required courses easily.

More info / Download Demo


learning zone moodle bootstrap template

LearningZone Moodle template is also from the same author of the Trending website template mentioned above. But with this template, you get completely different layouts and web elements. On the clean white background, the orange color scheme of the template looks elegant. In the top bar, you have the member login option and register option. For better website navigation drop-down menu option is used. The homepage consists of all the web elements to promote your e-learning courses. Different filter options are given in this template to help the user easily find the courses they want and enroll in them. The template uses CSS3, HTML, JS, and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


edutech moodle bootstrap template

Edutech is a bold education website template. The red color scheme of the template easily manages to get the user’s attention as soon as they land on your website. But the color of the template is also not too flashy and falls within the professional-looking color range only. In the header section, you have a big static image background. The interactive text slider helps you to give an impressive intro to the user. The sticky navigation bar gives a better user experience and the user can easily switch between the pages whenever they want. The hover effects and other visual effects in this template are also done neatly.

More info / Download Demo


university moodle bootstrap template

University is a boxed-width website template. The trendy flat color combination gives this template a trendy look. The e-commerce website template like design help you to promote your courses elegantly to the users. The modern design layout of this template smartly accommodates both the texts and the multimedia contents easily. Other useful features you get with this Moodle Bootstrap template are neat visual effects, gallery lightbox effects, carousels, and colorful content blocks. As usual, just like most other Moodle templates, this template also has the same course page with a similar user interface. Out of the box, this template is mobile optimized, speed optimized, and cross-browser compatible.

More info / Download Demo


cognitio moodle bootstrap template

Cognitio is a classic style website template with shady colors and grey background. It is an image-rich website template that indicates the courses with images. The colorful course labels compensate the classic style of the template. With this template, you also get the option to easily add videos. In the header section, you have a normal-sized image slider with different course details. You also get an option to add a call to action button in the image slider to take the user directly to the course they want. Other useful features you get with this template are accordions, image slider, carousels, and neat animation effects. This Moodle Bootstrap template uses HTML, CSS3 and javascript frameworks.

More info / Download Demo

Free Moodle Bootstrap Templates


adaptable moodle bootstrap template

Adaptable is one of the few free Moodle Bootstrap templates that give premium template-like features. This is a one-page template that showcases all the Moodle features on the homepage itself. The full-width design and the bluish-green color scheme of the template make it look like a modern website template. One unique feature of this template is the flash notification bar like you see in the news website templates. Since this free template is built purely on the Moodle platform, you will get all the default Moodle features with this template.

More info / Download Demo


academi moodle bootstrap template

Academi is a complete learning management website template you get for free. Although the design looks a bit outdated, it has all the web elements placed properly in the right spot. Unlike some of the premium Moodle Bootstrap templates mentioned above, this free template has all the features in perfect working conditions. In the header section, you have an image slider with text. The transition effects of the image slider are neat and simple. Other features you get with this Moodle template are a calendar, accordion, user login, and registration page.

More info / Download Demo


eguru moodle bootstrap template

Eguru is a free simple and straightforward Moodle Bootstrap template. With this template, you can showcase your educational services and the courses you offer. This template does not include any fancy elements or conversion-focused elements. In the header section, you have an image slider. The sidebar gives you the option to add more useful course links and calendars. The grid-style course arrangement helps you to display courses with cover images. The course navigation and other LMS features are similar to all the Moodle templates. This Moodle template is responsive, cross-browser compatible, and also supports multiple languages.

More info / Download Demo


klass moodle bootstrap template

Klass is almost similar to Eguru template mentioned above. The instant difference you will spot as soon you see this template is the lack of a sidebar. Klass template uses a full-page design. With this layout, you get plenty of space to showcase your educational services and the courses. Adjustable floating grid boxes are used in this template. So that you can display courses of any title length and images neatly on this template with equal spacing. The template uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Moodle framework. It is mobile responsive, speed optimized, and is also cross-browser compatible.

More info / Download Demo


snap moodle bootstrap template

Snap is a premium feel interactive Moodle Bootstrap template you get for free. With the full-width design and trendy colors, this template manages to compete with modern-day websites. But still, due to the Moodle user interface restriction, the template is not very attractive as you see in many modern HTML website templates. On the homepage, you have an image slider and featured courses sections to showcase your best-selling courses. Icons are used to explain the features and services of your e-learning courses. With this template, you get all the pages you need to run an effective online course offering website.

More info / Download


squared moodle bootstrap template

As the name implies, this is a tiles-based moodle template. When compared to the regular style, this template looks a bit refreshing, but still, the user interface on this template is not up to the mark. If you are looking for a website template with the tiles interface, then you may find this template interesting. As with most other templates, Squared also uses HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and the latest version of Moodle framework.

More info / Download

These are some of the free and premium bootstrap Moodle templates you can make use of for your website. Since the latest 3.4 version of Moodle is released in November 2017, we have managed to collect the template that is updated to the current version. So you needn’t worry about compatibility issues. What’s your favorite Moodle Bootstrap template? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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