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25+ Top Writer Website Templates For Bloggers And Authors 2019

25+ Top Writer Website Templates For Bloggers and Authors 2019

If you are a blogger, a journalist or someone who likes everything related to writing, you will love our list of the best writer website templates. Let me ask you a question; do you like to write but you do not have a website yet? This needs to change right about now. That’s why we prepared the ultimate collection of the finest, content focusing, website templates for writers.

Instead of writing on a blank piece of paper, why wouldn’t you want to start publishing articles online? Or even if you are already using platforms like Medium and WordPress, have you ever thought about crafting and managing your own website? If you have a long-term plan for your writing project, then you surely need to bring into being a site. And even if that means the simplest and most minimal blog with posts section and a sidebar. For as long as it is yours, you are in full control of your project and might soon expand it into a full-time business.

With compelling articles and SEO friendly website, search engines will quickly pick up your website and organic traffic will start flowing toward your page. Slowly and steadily, you will grow your readers base and before you know it, advertising opportunities will arise. Do it like professionals are doing it with writer website templates and achieve outstanding results quickly and easily.


gillion bootstrap website template
Gillion is a multi-functional website solution for writers, bloggers, authors and everyone else who would like to share their stories with the world. With over fifteen demos and a total of more than fifty templates, Gillion has something for everyone. The tool also includes drag and drop site editor, which keeps you away from programming. With this in mind, Gillion is very beginner- and user-friendly. Just install the sample you fancy with one click and proceed with the creation of an online presence like a pro.

Gillion supports all types of content, comes with Slider Revolution and does not miss mobile-friendliness. Everyone who is new to working with such a tool, Gillion also offers you video tutorials and additional support from their professional team. Some other amenities include review system, post view counter and read time, social sharing and sticky navigation.

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divi writer website template
Writers, authors and bloggers, you are in luck, with Divi, you can create your page in a snap of a finger. No need to be tech-savvy at all to be able to work with Divi. This is a nifty solution for every user, whether you are a beginner or an expert web developer. Divi also comes with a broad assortment of different full-website samples for you to take to your total advantage. And with the integrated page builder, you can also hammer out custom-made layouts which will be exclusive to your project.

Divi is every site owner’s dream. If you do not want to build a page from scratch, this is the tool you should consider. Along with very many demo material and elements, Divi also gives you total creative freedom, allowing you to edit it to the very last detail. Make your writing project shine online with Divi.

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jevelin writer website template
Jevelin gives you more opportunity online as a writer or blogger. With the ready-to-use demos, you can start on the web swiftly with as little time and effort as possible. In fact, if you dig the sample out of the box, by all means, utilize it exactly as is and start releasing your compelling content right away. Jevelin completely simplifies web development not just with the samples, but with the codeless experience, too. After all, you will find WPBakery drag and drop page builder, which makes customizing Jevelin a lot of fun.

Other treats of the tool are Slider Revolution, working contact form, one-click sample data import, search engine optimization and high performance. Jevelin is also in tune with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Enrich the default settings of Jevelin with your distinct touch and make an impressive web space for your outstanding content.

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barley writer website template
It does not matter what your writing project is all about, with Barley, you will quickly establish the right website for your needs. This creative, modern and sophisticated web design is packed with features and layouts that will do you exceptionally well. Right away, Barley treats you to seven stunning home demos and several different inner pages. These alone will get you on track at the speed of lightning. No need to build and design anything from the ground up anymore. Barley has you sorted out in full.

In the bundle, you will also find sticky sidebar and header, unlimited color options, review system, advanced theme features and social sharing. Barley is also optimized for SEO and speed, as well as mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. If you would like to create a strong first impression, get things going forward with the incredible Barley.

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blackbeard writer website template
For a modern and stylish look that’s clean and simple to use, get your hands on Blackbeard writer website template. Look no further and start getting your site sorted out. For an always smooth and stable experience for every user, Blackbeard uses Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. This makes Blackbeard a flexible and extensible page canvas which you can do a lot with. You can use it as is or you can improve it per project’s request.

The design of Blackbeard is minimal and is meant to put all the focus on your hard work. It is all wrapped up in a fantastic web design that will keep your traffic coming back, day after day, eager to read more of your enticing content. Blackbeard also comes with a help file which will guide you through a successful start of something big.

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panora writer website template
Regardless of what you are passionately writing about, Panora writer website template is the best way to connect with your audience and give them the content they need. The tool comes with three smooth and unique front pages to choose from. In addition, you also get six more HTML pages to give you the power to fill your site with everything that you need. Panora is also fully customizable for you to alter it to your needs precisely or even go with the exact demo look as it comes out of the box. To each their own.

There are plenty of blog options to make your web space stick out from the crowd and attract more traffic. Due to using all the modern technologies, Panora is also responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. Your page will look great no matter what device and platform people are using to read your articles. Start today, download the template and get your website rolling.

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deus writer website template
With Deus, you can create any type of newspaper-like page you would like. It is a multi-concept tool that comes with several different demos for you to choose from. Speaking of which, get your politics, fashion, games, videos or music pages up and running in little to no time. However, you can utilize Deus for any other writing project you would like and push your content amongst readers from all around the world.

Deus supports six different post styles, has a ton of reusable UI components and plenty of pre-made widgets. Modify the look of Deus however you fancy and personify the browsing and reading experience of your page. Besides, Deus instantly adapts to all devices and browsers for everyone to enjoy your page at the same high level. For any extra support that you may need, read the included documentation and hit up the team of experts.

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travelexpress writer website template
For travel enthusiasts and adventurers, TravelExpress could be something that fits your project idea best. While it is a travel agency website template by default, TravelExpress can do so much more for you. The bundle includes two beautiful blog styles (masonry and sidebar) which you can freely use as a standalone page. Can we then call TravelExpress a writer website template, too? Why not!

The web design of TravelExpress is elegant, trendy and modern while the coding tidy to make using it a breeze. There is no need for you to be super experienced when it comes to building websites. TravelExpress makes things quick and straightforward. It is adjustable, SEO friendly, includes Google Maps and features smooth animation sections to spice things up a bit. Whether you are an agency that needs a blog or you would just like to start a travel journal, consider TravelExpress.

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newstoday writer website template
Instead of writing for yourself only, why wouldn’t you want to express yourself on the web and push your texts out there? Who knows, with consistency and patience, something truly amazing may come your way in the near future.

To get things going, NewsToday is the writer website template for newspapers and online magazines. Instantly, you get three home demos and quite a bunch of other inner pages including a working contact page. NewsToday was built using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Sass and fully supports Gulp. Using and editing the template will be something nearly anyone can do. It is all organized and documented so you know what to do without the hassle.

Every NewsToday user is also treated to a lifetime worth of free updates to keep your page looking fresh forever. Without further ado, kick off your writing project now.

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newspoint writer website template
The things you write about are important so using Newspoint writer website template to bring them to your readers is a must. Why complicate and build a page from scratch when you have all and everything at your fingertips, ready to be put to use? And you know the outcome will always be as professional and high performing as possible. That said, pick up a template and have a page live quickly.

Newspoint rocks a clean and flat look that will guide the eyes where you want them to go. Not only that but it also makes sure that your point always comes across. Newspoint is retina ready and responsive to always appear beautiful and interest sparking. Whether your readers are using a desktop computer or a mobile device, the will always have the same stable experience. You are not far away from creating the site that you have always wanted to have for your writing.

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cryptomag writer website template
With the cryptocurrency hype still going strong, you might want to start an online crypto magazine. Pushing industry news, doing interviews with top traders and sharing all sorts of ticks, trips and other useful information is all possible with CryptoMag writer website template. It is a very clean and to the point item which will grab everyone’s attention, making them want to come back for more on a regular.

CryptoMag has a ton of fantastic features that will benefit you greatly. From live prices widget and crypto prices ticker to social media integration and newsletter subscription, CryptoMag has it all at your disposal. You can start immediately and have the first results available to further inspect shortly after. Use CryptoMag’s full potential and craft something genuinely remarkable that coin market was missing up until this time.

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escritor writer website template
If you are after a neat, tidy and contemporary scheme that works on all browsers and platforms, you need Escritor writer website template. It comes with four different index page styles for you to easily find and decide on what your final page look will be. You can start a travel, review and food blog right off the bat but doing something entirely offbeat is very possible with Escritor, too.

All the pages of Escritor are responsive and optimized to always look amazing to all your guests. It is Saas and Gulp supported to ensure functionality and a stable environment. Moreover, Escritor is documented and comes with a clean code for a simple use. The tool makes sure you have all the information you need to get your site ready for the internet ASAP. One thing is for sure, Escritor makes everything easy.

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znews writer website template
News pages, blogs and any other writing project will come to life with ZNews writer website template. You get a whopping twenty demos and an addition of an online shop layout which you can use however you want. And in case there is no demo that follows your requirements to the T, by all means, tweak and improve it, it’s simple. In short, you can start whatever with ZNews. Be it travel, sports, politics, fashion, food, cooking, health, you name it, ZNews adapts to all niches and industries.

ZNews is a Bootstrap Framework template what guarantees responsiveness of your page. They could be using smartphones, tablets or desktops to browse your page and always have the same amazing experience. Some of the superb features of ZNews are overlay menu, six color presets, multi-level drop-down menu and sticky sidebar. If you are prepared to take action, ZNews is ready even more.

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cryptex writer website template
Cryptex is a multi-purpose website template which you can use for both blogging projects and corporate pages. Or you can even mix the two together and create something out of this world. However, whatever you try and do with Cryptex, the end product will always be spectacular. When picking a template, not only will you experience a boost in your workflow but it is also a guarantee that the end product will always be first-class.

Cryptex is responsive, retina ready and optimized for search engines and modern web browsers. It comes with two front pages and a ton of other outstanding inner sections. You also get two headers and two footers, Owl carousel, active contact and newsletter forms and mega menu. Whatever you plan on doing, chances are, Cryptex has it included in the bundle. Polish Cryptex to suit you best since it is effortless to use and edit.

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blogger writer website template
For something that is easy to modify and fun to visit, all you need is Blogger writer website template. You can make your web presence known with everything that comes in this loaded offering. Blogger sure is an impressive and one-of-a-kind blogging template that will serve all modern users and make them crave more of what you do. One thing is for sure: Blogger’s web design will never go out of style.

Blogger is retina and mobile ready to make sure your site will look great across every single platform out there. It does not matter what they use to surf the web, your website’s performance stays intact. You can incorporate pop-up videos, benefit from the cracking slider and link your page to all your social media accounts. To always be one step forward, go with Blogger.

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Blog Master

blog master writer website template
Become the blogging master with Blog Master HTML template and start the writing project you always wanted. With this cracking writer website template, all your texts appear ten times better and even more appealing to the eye. Everyone will enjoy flipping through your posts, checking what good you have to say about a particular topic. Speaking of topics, Blog Master works with all sorts of niches, like food, lifestyle, fashion, travel, it truly can be everything.

A total of sixteen files and five marvelous home variations treat every Blog Master user. Moreover, the tool is fully layered, pixel perfect and uncomplicated to customize. Cool hover effects, full-width Instagram feed, minimal look and ads ready, Blog Master is for both beginners and advanced bloggers. It supports all types of posts and sorts out contact page with a functional form and Google Maps. It is all there, you just need to put it to use.

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trio writer website template
Do you want an impressive website look that displays your boldness? It is always exciting to see anything new, and Tri-O always expresses content perfectly. This writer website template is the real deal for publishing blogs and stories from anything under the sun. Regardless of the niche and topics, you are interested in, Tri-O covers them all with ease. It is built with a responsive design that does a spectacular job adjusting to different devices and screens.

With lots of templates, icons and fonts in its collection, you can come up with unlimited design combinations. Tri-O has an enthusiastic support team that addresses your concerns and queries 24/7. Improve and increase your website’s value over time, as Tri-O will still guide you even after you have published your site. Get your writing project going with Tri-O like a champ.

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wroot writer website template
Express creativity and get the ball rolling with Wroot. It is a multi-purpose tool which you can easily use as a writer website template that allows you to publish a professional page with ease. Wroot includes a wide variety of templates that are relatable, giving you a 100% guarantee that this template showcases your works in the best possible way. You are free to create everything, thanks to its very simple interface. Wroot is also fully SEO friendly to boost your online presence and make your website popular.

Customer satisfaction is, of course, a top priority for Wroot. In the kit, you will find four home demos, awesome typewriter effect, video background and stunning WOW animations. Wroot also includes a fully functional contact form that saves you additional time and helps you connect with your readers more.

More info / Download Demo


cabe writer website template
You decide how you run your content, but Cabe can materialize it beyond your expectations. With support coming from this writer website template, you are indeed on the right track. It is 100% responsive with a modern design suitable for all creatives who wish to build a website for any writing or blogging reason. This enables you to finally showcase your portfolio instantly without experiencing issues.

Creativity is all about passion, and this is what separates Cabe from other templates. You do not need to spend thousands on developers or designers when you have a dependable Cabe support team. When it comes to the design of your online presence, Cabe has it all fully sorted out for you. Try it now to see what Cabe can do. Whether lifestyle, fashion, personal, food, cooking or any other blogging, Cabe is here to please your needs.

More info / Download Demo


ak1 writer website template
Work out your passion and start building a loyal reading community by getting a.k1. This writer website template provides numerous variations in style, color backgrounds, content pages and custom headers, all of which are made with a professional touch. It has a responsive layout which leads to a better connection with your readers. Kick things off by selecting from dark and light designs and go from there.

With progressive reporting, well-documented files, convenient customer service and boundless opportunities, you can manage your website without hassle once you get your hands on a.k1. Contact the support team; they are more than happy to guide you on your journey. a.k1 is 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and optimized for spectacular performance. Introduce your personalized touch and you are on the right path to success.

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minberimag writer website template
When you have a point to get across through your writing, the best way to do it is with MinberiMag writer website template. It is a newspaper and editorial tool for design, tech, travel, fashion and everything else that comes to mind. All this tells you is that MinberiMag is super adaptive, offering you to customize it how you want it. MinberiMag comes with tons of great features that you can take to your advantage.

Eight beautiful and unique home design await you and help you kick-start your writing project. MinberiMag is responsive, retina ready and in tune with browsers to make your page look phenomenal in spite of device and platform they use. With MinberiMag, you can focus 100% on your writing and let the template do the work of representing it online in the best possible light.

More info / Download Demo


minipo writer website template
MiniPo is actually a portfolio template but the integrated blog section is so inevitable, it was a must to include it in this collection of the best writing website templates. Yes, you can use the blog part of MiniPo as an individual website and get your word out. In fact, there is not just one blog style, MiniPo sports seven creative ones with five additional blog details. Trust me, you will be amazed.

To get straight to the features, MiniPo rocks a super minimal design that will place all your works front and center. It is a very user-friendly tool with a solid assortment of traits that you can utilize and profit from. MiniPo is optimized for search engines, too, for your page to get more SE juice. But if there is any extra help you find yourself in need of, contact support team and they will be happy to assist you.

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yolo writer website template
If you are one of those with multiple ideas, Yolo is the template you need. This multi-concept tool is packed with goodies and ready for all sorts of intentions. You can do loads of stuff with it and, indeed, use it for a writing project, too. The included blog layouts are there to be put to use and filled with fresh and compelling content. Of course, you can also make adjustments if you feel like doing them or just go with the out of the box version.

Yolo supports both wide and boxed layouts, comes with five color presets and features appealing parallax effect. It has a pixel perfect coding, is fully mobile-ready and gives you a widget-rich sidebar and footer. Sticky navigation, back to top button, multi-level drop-down menu and partners slider, it is all there. Yolo makes you realize you live only once so take action this very moment and do what you are passionate about.

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neotech writer website template
To build a site that brings you content to the people who want o read it, Neotech is the writer website template that you need. It is an exclusive tool for the tech industry but going against the norm is something that Neotech allows you to do, too. Neotech comes with three different and unique home page layouts, as well as a newsletter modal popup. You can choose to integrate the YouTube video section to give your users a fun and fulfilling experience.

Neotech is based on the powerful and popular Bootstrap Framework for the stability, flexibility and ease of use. Ever page of the tool has a super fast loading speed to always appear on all screens in an instant. Besides, Neotech also rocks lazy load images what makes the template even lighter. If you would like to write about technology, gadgets and all that comes along, Neotech is your best bet.

More info / Download Demo


creatink writer website template
Thinking creative and bringing something super artistic to realization is very possible with access to Crea;tink. This multi-concept template unlocks a brand new horizon of possibilities for you. What was once impossible is now possible and easily achievable with Crea;tink. The tool has a ton of predesigned blog pages to choose from and utilize for your next writing project. Moreover, it has over three hundred reusable UI elements for you to individualize it however you see it fitting best.

Four premium extensions, twelve pre-made headers, fourteen color presets and three different icon sets, these and loads more is available with Crea;tink. You will quickly find the desired look for your blog using the live preview page and get a better understanding of what you can do with Crea;tink. Even if you are new to all this, stepping into the unknown is not a challenge with Crea;tink.

More info / Download Demo

News 24

news 24 writer website template
There is very little that you cannot do with News 24 writer website template. The only limit to your customization is your own creativity. Other than that, News 24 manages it all and gives you the freedom that you are after. It comes with seven full demo layouts to help you figure out how you want your site to look and feel. There is one for general news and online magazine, the second for sports, the third for fashion and the last for soccer news. Each of these can also be put to use for other niches.

Moreover, News 24 delivers additional seven homes to choose from and over 85 pages in total. Whatever you want to attach to your site, you are able to do it quickly and easily. Get News 24 now, start sharing your writing and grow your community to a new degree.

More info / Download Demo


funky writer website template
There are many numbers that we need to go through when chatting about Funky template. First and foremost, it comes with over twenty demos, a total of more than one hundred sample pages and a whopping two thousand premium icons. Moreover, there are ten slider and ten footer variations, fifty shortcodes and ten menu styles. Since Funky is a multi-purpose template, it can suit nearly any users. Indeed, there are two demos dedicated to writers, masonry and split screen. The latter looks very modern and original. Don’t miss checking the live preview!

Besides the common, Funky template also has an option to choose between dark and light layouts, reuse the elements and is cross-browser compatible. Check it out in action and you will know immediately that Funky the one.

More info / Download Demo


ahamag writer website template
Did you have your Aha! moment yet? I bet you had since you are already looking the best solution for your project’s websites. If you finally decided that writing is what you are honestly passionate about, get things going with AhaMag magazine HTML template. Your project could be a large online magazine or a small blog, either way, AhaMag has you sorted out. The template is optimized for speed, has a lazy load feature and sports a whole bunch of widgets.

AhaMag is an HTML5 template powered by Bootstrap 4 what makes it responsive to adjust to mobile, tablet and desktop screens smoothly. All the files are organized to make changing the template a no sweat experience. AhaMag supports retina displays, is compatible with all modern browsers and fast site loading speeds optimized. Four types of blog posts, contact page with a working contact form and a nice selection of shortcodes are a few extra goodies of AhaMag. Get that Aha! moment realized once and for all and release it to the online space.

More info / Download Demo


inews writer website template
In our collection of high-standards following writer website templates, you will find a mixture of blog and magazine style templates. In between, there are a few multi-purpose ones to really offer you as many template variations as possible. But most importantly, to take care of your writing projects with a solid website creation.

One that falls in the news and magazine template bucket is I-News. This responsive Bootstrap template is suitable for entertainment, travel, fashion, general news and any other niche that you plan to write about. Out of the box, I-News comes with default, dark and RTL layouts. Each is set up with a specific pack of features and widgets that you can reorder how you like it. Google Maps, YouTube video, two weather widgets, eight additional home page variations and many other features make I-News a remarkable template.

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