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Top 27 Free Landing Pages Templates Built With Bootstrap Frontend Framework 2018

Top 27 Free Landing Pages Templates Built With Bootstrap Frontend Framework 2018

If you visit (or create) a web page that has terms such as “Sign up!”, “Register”, “Act Now!”, “Buy”, “Pre-order”, amongst others — you are browsing a landing page! A carefully curated page that’s meant to serve as the stepping stone for having you, the visitor, complete an action based on the information you’re consuming. In the age of rapid web development and expansion, much of the webs pages can be considered landing pages. But, we want to focus on more specific type — the kind that startups, eCommerce stores, online businesses use; any page that involves completing an action that leads to a transaction can be considered a landing page.

Because landing pages account for so much sales and hold such a weight of importance, there is an infinite number of resources available for learning more about the important parts of a good landing page, how to use the full potential of modern web design to better convey ideas, and most importantly to make more sales. Just like testing your online advertisement campaigns, landing pages should also be treated to extensive and rigorous A/B tests to determine which versions work the best in which particular situations.

There are a ton of platforms and resources out there that will help you to analyze your landing pages in front of a real audience for free (and there are also paid options available, we recommend traditional search networks to find what you need), which can be helpful to understand the first impressions others get when visiting your landing page.

On top of making room for a high-quality lead form to capture emails, it’s important to ensure our landing pages consist of:

  • Concise Headlines — we want our main headline on top of our landing page to directly convey our mission, vision, purpose in the best way possible. Be bold about the usefulness of your product.
  • Call-to-Action — our call to action buttons should be easy to spot, and with inviting messages on their own. If you’re offering early access use “Get early access” and so on.
  • Email Singup Form — you want to make your email signup form visible, but not too bloated with text or other funky widgets. Traditional email input form and the “Subscribe” button work the best.
  • Photo & Video — enriching your landing pages with great visual content is invaluable to your success. Investing in professional photographers and videographers is a must if no one else on the team is able to produce high-quality visual content. A demo video helps to ingrain your mission as well as set the tone.
  • Social Proof — have any publications written about you in the past? Use it to your advantage as social proof, it’s one of the easiest methods of ensuring that your visitors feel safe about using your product.
  • Urgency (optional) — sometimes it helps to mention things like the availability of the product, mostly if you are still in a development phase and currently work just with BETA testers and such.

Now, if those insights sounded interesting, know that the world of landing pages (technical aspects of it) go much, much deeper than that. Ed Shelley from ChartMogul has put together an amazing resources that depicts the leading 40+ SaaS startups and their landing pages — there’s a vast ocean of insight and knowledge to be gained from reading his post, and we know for sure that many of you will find new and better approaches to craft highly-converting landing pages. With all this energy on our side, it’s time to take a look at some of the best free landing pages templates that have been built using the Bootstrap front-end framework. We are pleased to announce that this list turned out to be truly spectacular and there are a lot of cool picks to be played around with.


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Shapely (WordPress)

Remarkable things are ahead of you once you choose to build your landing page with the amazing and always impressive Shapely. This tool is a pack full of outstanding features and assets that will help you set yourself up the ideal web space for whatever project you are launching. You can keep things super simple or you can do some advanced stuff and refine the look of Shapely however you see it match your project best. By all means, go as creative as you would like, Shapely handles it all.

Shapely is a responsive, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible Bootstrap-based free template for putting together all sorts of different landing pages. Out of the box, it comes with a clean, modern and professional look with cool stuff like parallax and hover effects, testimonials slider and multi-level drop-down menu. You are in charge of your online presence with Shapely!

Download  Preview


Building and customizing landing pages/one-page websites with Glint is almost as easy as saying ABCDEFG. I did extend the “ABC” part slightly because, well, it does require a little of your time and effort to make it work. Other than that, your pages will be phenomenal and put together in a snap.

Glint is an HTML template which layout is 100% responsive and retina/HIDPI ready. Said that, it will appear crisp clean and pixel perfect on any device your visitors might be browsing the web on. Of course, the page will adapt instantly to mobile devices, too. By the way, did I mention that Glint is a free template? Each section of the template appears with a beautiful animation and so are the stats counters animated. The latter is great for sharing awards, completed projects and how many clients you already worked with.

With the elegant portfolio, you will amaze guests and get them closer to picking you over the competition. All they might need is to read a few testimonials and they will use the contact form right away. Glint has all mentioned features and then some. Your landing page will look like it was built using premium and only premium tools.

Download  Preview


Halo Free Template
As far as free Bootstrap landing page templates go, we have very many available for you to utilize and employ however you want. Sure, many will find the default looks ideal while the others will want to perform tweaks to make the desired tool adjust to their branding needs. When it comes to Halo, you can use it as is or you can modify its web design and fill it with your artistic touch. Whatever the case, the end product will always be a stunning website, attracting new visitors and turning them into potential clients.

Halo is best suitable for businesses and agencies in the creative field and will do the trick for freelances, too. It is your imagination that is pretty much the only restriction that you have. Full-screen slider, lovely hover effects, integrated working contact form, social media icons, you name it, Halo has it all there, at your disposal.

More info / Download Demo


Transcend Free Template
You have plenty of options what for you would like to use Transcend free Bootstrap landing page template. It fits design studios, modern web agencies, individual professionals and similar best. However, if you have a tiny amount of skills, you can easily customize Transcend and even use it for something entirely offbeat. Feel free to do your thing, go against the norm and stand out a mile. Achieving insane results with Transcend is very likely to happen if you put the work in.

Transcend helps you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to establishing your perfect internet appearance. After all, the web design, the features and all other fancy stuff are there, ready and set for you to employ. Also, due to the powerful Bootstrap Framework, your outcome will be a flexible and super responsive creation that will fluently work on all devices and platforms.

More info / Download Demo


Massive free template
Massive is a cracking layout that will do your innovative application exceptionally well. Whether it is a mobile, web or even a desktop app you are building, by all means, take a peek at Massive. It is a highly adaptive, pliable and extendable free Bootstrap landing page website template that takes care of your needs and regulations. But to truly understand the potential of Massive, you better move over to its live preview page and be amazed and fascinated. I know, right, very interesting!

Moreover, Massive comes with a ton of great and premium-like features for your convenience. From a massive banner, sticky navigation and call-to-action buttons to on scroll content load and unique screenshot slider, Massive is named like that for a reason. The site canvas also supports videos, rocks pricing tables and a newsletter subscription box.

More info / Download Demo


Landing pages using Bootstrap will have zero issues adapting to smartphones, tablets and desktops. In this day and age, every website must be fully responsive and that is a fact. You should not even think twice whether to make a site responsive or not. Responsiveness is simply a must. With that in mind, Dinomuz is the free template that helps you build vivid and impactful landing pages easily. Ideal for everyone in the creative field but can work for other businesses and projects as well.

What you will find awesome about the Dinomuz template are bright, sunbeam-like colors it uses. It definitely adds a distinct look to it that you might not find elsewhere. Display your magnificent projects and tell your story. Moreover, grab emails of those interested in staying updated with your company news with a simplistic subscription box. But it all begins with the big image that incorporates text and a call-to-action (CTA) button. That’s the first and most important part of persuasion. Act wisely and add captivating captions to intrigue everyone landing on your lander. What happens next is all about refining the funnel and take them on a journey from a visitor to a lead.

Download  Preview

Go Crepe

To create a modern and elegant landing page which is based on Bootstrap, do not be shy and go with Go Crepe. The name is fun and the template is free, do I need to mention anything else? Of course we will further chat about the tool and why you will find it useful and efficient for you. Starting all the way at the top, Go Crepe template is great for websites in creative and development niches, like mobile apps, digital agencies and small businesses. Still, you do not have to be any of those and benefit from Go Crepe. It is flexible and quickly adjusts to other industries. No one says you should not use it for food-related websites, too. After all, it is called Go Crepe!

A simple tool with just the right amount of features that you need to represent your work on the web. Background photo, slider, skills section and projects showcase. Go Crepe allows you to display logos of brands you worked with and share your story. A newsletter subscription box is also included which requires nothing but visitor’s email. All the way at the bottom, you will find social icons which you can use to link your landing page with your social accounts.

Download  Preview


Crafting landing pages for app developers of all kinds feels comfortable with MobApp template. You can use it for Android, iOS, Mac, PC or just about any other application or software that you need a website for. To spice things up a bit, MobApp sports vivid colors which will add a lovely and original touch to your landing page. Great for promoting your newly released app and to increase the downloads. There is one Download button located in the menu while more call-to-actions are put into different locations across the whole site. Get folks familiar with what your app is all about and why they need it. More importantly, why it will benefit them.

Each part of MobApp template is carefully designed to perfection. Testimonials, screenshots slider, pricing tables and even FAQ, it is all at your service to put it to use. Add your details and content and you are ready to go. It goes like this: change the screenshots and texts and you are prepared for the big launch. Seriously, it is just as simple as it sounds. No need to be looking for a different mobile app lander, you just found the ideal one.

Download  Preview


Landing free template
There is no need to think twice to figure out what is the case when it comes to Landing. Indeed, it is a free Bootstrap landing page website template with a creative and sophisticated feel. If you are an agency or you plan on starting one, have your works and services presented online in a professional way using Landing. There is a nice light and dark color contrast that gives this web design a pleasant feel which will fascinate your guests and have them around for a long time.

When it comes to Landing’s features and assets, the website skin misses nothing. It is responsive, mobile and retina-ready, in tune with all modern web browsers and optimized for ridiculous performance. Big and bold design, enticing parallax effect, contact form, Google Maps and other specialties are stuffing Landing and making it a banging tool you should consider.

Download  Preview

Creative Agency

It is hard to ignore as amazing landing website template as Creative Agency is. Take it to your advantage and make sure you use it to its full potential. Although the tool is free, there are still many features it comes with. At some point, it will seem like you actually download a premium template. Yep, that is how much quality Creative Agency delivers. You surely will be impressed even when further examining the preview.

The layout of Creative Agency is responsive and optimized for retina screens. It is expansive enough to cover, roughly said, all kinds of businesses. For as long as you need a landing page style website, Creative Agency has all the resources you need. The whole experience begins with a full-screen image. Use it to welcome visitors with style and elegance. Luxuriate them with something exclusive so they will not be able to resist but take action.

White background, hover effects, portfolio section, services and prices, it is all part of Creative Agency. You will not need to add any additional elements to your page. Creative Agency has it all, including a contact form. If the earlier template or the one that comes next are not your thing, pick CA and all the rest becomes history.

Download  Preview


Do you own a small business but do not have a website build for it yet? Or maybe your current page is old-school, loads slow and does not even adapt to mobile devices. Either way, BBS is a free Bootstrap landing page template that is the perfect option for both examples. Constructing a new or updating the current one, with BBS template, you can do both. While there will be no need for, you can still do minor tweaks and customize the template to meet your likings. But if you are in a hurry, you will have a website live in the shortest amount of time possible. Whenever the need may occur, you can always modify the looks later.

What is the best part of our free Bootstrap landing pages templates is the level of professionalism and premium design they come with. Barely anyone will even notice that you used a free item to put together a website on. And BBS template is no different. It is simple, yet very lively and energetic. Have the quickest solution for your business website and make a landing page with BBS.

Download  Preview


Some like websites with a boxed layout while the others full-width or in some cases, full-screen. If you are looking for a free template that falls into the latter category, you came to the right place. Datarc is the Bootstrap based landing page template for you to take into consideration. For creative and digital agencies, startups and almost all businesses you can think of you can easily make Datarc your go-to template. It has all you need to forge the much-needed website in the shortest amount of time.

What happens above the fold is probably the most crucial part when it comes to catching the visitor and making him or her stay. With Datarc, that will not be a problem for you. With the massive header, text and call-to-action, along with the menu, you are equipped with all the needed to turn visitors to become your new and loyal clients. The second most impressive section of Datarc is the categorized, full-width portfolio. It is just beautiful, that’s why. There is more to Datarc than just header and portfolio. Team section, services, pricing tables, testimonials slider and more. For business pages, a contact form is a necessity. Let’s just say that Datarc scored another point.

Download  Preview

Ca App Landing

You can use our free Bootstrap landing pages templates for nearly any intention. We have a special one that is exclusive to mobile apps both for Android and iOS. For application showcase, Ca App Landing template is the most supreme tool you can go with. Along with the app promotion, you can also use the template for sale and download page websites.

The massive, full-width introduction strikes heavily. With an image of your app in use right beside the name and quick few words about it and a CTA, you will have no difficulty hooking new visitors. Ca App Landing is easy to use, customizable and the design insanely powerful. If you have a promotional video, make sure you use it on your landing page. Plus, list the outstanding mobile application features, statistics, app screenshots and pricing plans.

Whether you are a one-man-band or a group of four, Ca App Landing’s team section is perfect to show users who stands behind the masterpiece of an app. Display your contact or let visitors use the contact form. Indeed, that is something you also get with Ca App Landing. Plus social media icons and a back to top button. Did I mention that a CTA is located in the menu area? And that the menu is sticky?

Download  Preview


Websites that use Dup template will make an impression on everyone that comes across, let it be on purpose or randomly. All thanks to its beautiful and minimal layout that is entirely responsive due to the Bootstrap technology. Mobile, tablet and desktop users can all enjoy scrolling and examine your website, but more importantly, your business in great detail. From creative agencies to local firms, everyone who wants to expand their brand to the online space, Dup is here to help you out.

Stunning in the looks with just the right amount of features to not overwhelm visitors. Frankly, there is no need for the extra entertainment and clutter. Sometimes, you just need to keep things relatively simple to reach the best results. Dup does just that. Moreover, it supports you with spreading your studio’s name out there and help you build your brand. A special segment is solely responsible for displaying your achievements and another one plays your promo clip. The third one is for your skills and the fourth one presents your recent projects. Subscription box and Instafeed widget are also part of the Dup template.

Download  Preview


Boxus is one of the templates that will most certainly help you stand out on the internet. It has a very unique and innovative touch to it that sticks with you forever. Everyone who will come to your site will be happy remembering it later in the future. For a business website, that is highly rewarding. They might already be down to do business with you but there is just one thing missing to actually make them do it. And a superb website can surely be the final touch to get the deal going. You will all understand what I am talking about when you see the live preview.

For firms and agencies which would like to show their portfolios and push their brand and spread the word, Boxus is the free landing page template to help you make it happen. The idea behind Boxus’ design is just brilliant. How the menu moves with scrolling highlights each section in a unique way. You will know what you are checking out at all times. Moreover, along with the not-your-every-day layout, Boxus template has plenty features for a complete online business presence. Take it to your advantage and construct amazing websites with it.

Download  Preview


When in need to build a boxed landing page website, free Bobsled template has you sorted. It is a contemporary product which makes your lives a lot simpler. From now on, you do not have to come up with the layout all on your own. And you do not even have to worry whether or not your site will be responsive or not. Bobsled uses Bootstrap what makes it entirely responsive. The template beautifully adapts to any screen size and that is something you can test with the preview. Although it is free, make sure the template you pick is the right fit for your business or online project. No need to undergo the installation and customization process once again.

With a name like Bobsled, it is somehow expected that blue color will be involved. If you think the same, you are so right. From the eye-pleasing colors to the required sections for providing all the business information, you get everything. Bobsled also comes with a working contact form and box that will help you capture visitors’ emails. An HTML template for bringing about landing page-like sites that you will not have a problem to stand out in your industry with. Pick the template and use it as is to save the most amount of time.

Download  Preview


Exclusive for Android and iOS apps comes Colid. This free Bootstrap landing page website template has a series of traits for you to shine online and spark the interest of even more potential users. No doubt, with a solid page, you have a much higher chance of expanding your potential and, of course, grow your brand to an entirely new degree. Even if your current web space feels old and outdated, you better freshen it up with Colid and astound all your fans.

Along with the mobile apps, Colid also comes handy for SaaS and other software landing pages. Clean and modern, mobile-ready and refined layout to always deliver the same cutting-edge experience is what you are treated to with Colid. No matter where your visitors come from, Colid makes sure they can enjoy skimming through your content seamlessly, as well as distraction-free.

Download  Preview


Appy free landing page template
Hence the name, Appy is a free Bootstrap landing page website template for apps of all industries and niches. It is very simple, you change the imagery and you pretty much turn the entire theme of Appy. On top of that, you can also modify colors and texts and have a fully functional and active website following your branding ready to go live. The design is there already, you just need to download it and edit it with your material and you might be done in little to no time. No need to waste countless hours on establishing the ideal page when Appy is The ideal.

Appy has all the necessary a landing page should have. Sticky navigation, call-to-action buttons, loads content on scroll, video support, testimonials and screenshot slideshow, these and many other goodies are available in the Appy kit. Knowing that Appy is powered by Bootstrap, you know that your webpage will be responsive, accommodating to any devices smoothly and instantly.

Download  Preview


Drimo is a very original free Bootstrap landing page website template with a sophisticated and contemporary expression. Furthermore, it is a very large tool with more ready-to-use content that you are used to seeing with other templates. That said, Drimo comes with a whopping eleven different, stunning and novel demos with the addition of two blog layouts and an error page. Indeed, all the aforementioned you get to download this very moment for the price of free.

There are different samples for various niches but you can also use one and customize it for something entirely offbeat. Not only that, but with Drimo, you can make eleven entirely diverse websites in a concise space of time. Once you get the gist of it, you can start hammering out page after page for your own or your clients’ projects and boost your workflow to a new degree.

Download  Preview


Robotics free template
If robots, drones and other scientific projects are your thing, Robotics is unquestionably an item you should study further. It is an up-to-the-minute free Bootstrap landing page website template with solid performance and an array of goodies. What’s more, Robotics follows all the latest technology trends and web regulations to make sure the fresh web design of your new website stands the test of time. Not only that but to always perform at the highest level for satisfied users.

Clean, modern and vibrant style of Robotics helps you win them over easier. Share images, tell more about your creations and push your promotional video that appears in a pop-up beautifully. Sticky and transparent navigation, newsletter subscription, Instagram feed, full blog section and a functional contact page with Google Maps, have you seen Robotics yet? You better should, it is a killer template after all.

Download  Preview


CallCenter free business website template
Although less and less folks use phones for actual calling, agencies offering community services still exist and will very likely never go away. If you are one of those, we have an exclusive free Bootstrap landing page website template ready and set for you. It simply goes by the name, CallCenter. Very to the point just like its web design is. In other words, CallCenter hits you with a straightforward and easy to browse through web design that everyone will enjoy viewing either from their handheld devices or laptops.

By using CallCenter, you can provide all the details and what exactly your fantastic services are in a distinct and expert manner. Tell the world what you excel at, increase your reach – potential, too – and skyrocket your agency. Download CallCenter now and you can have your page up and running as of today. It is a very newbie-friendly tool, organized and super simple to use.

Download  Preview

Creative Agency

Agency free agency website template
You know already what you can do with Creative Agency, don’t you? With this free Bootstrap landing page template, you can quickly set up an online presence for your agency which offers all kinds of various creative services. No doubt, with help from Creative Agency, you can provide solutions that bring joy, happiness and satisfaction to all your clients. But first, take the chance to see the tool live and enjoy the features it brings to the table.

Speaking of which, Creative Agency comes with a full-screen banner, parallax background, sticky navigation and an assortment of web elements. While you can continuously do the work for your clients, you can still build a pristine website on the side without affecting your workflow. As soon as you start using Creative Agency, you will understand how simple the process is.

Download  Preview


Rango free template
For small businesses, Rango is the free Bootstrap landing page template you can greatly benefit from. It is professional, advanced, simple to use and loaded with great characteristics. While you are already doing remarkable work completing extraordinary projects, a neat and tidy website will only enhance your expertness. No need to look elsewhere, with Rango, you can promptly and effortlessly create an effective webpage and engage your visitors to take action.

But first, you need to take action. Download Rango and get things moving towards a successful launch of your business page. Rango has a bold and wide web design with a solid attention to details and a greatly structured layout. Awesome services slider, full-screen banner with text rotator and a nifty and filterable portfolio section, all this awaits every Rango user. You should be wasting no time and get things rolling with Rango.

Download  Preview


Sierra free template
Startups and small businesses, you are in for a special treat that goes by the name, Sierra. This free Bootstrap landing page template is here to take care of your needs and wants with its polished and stylish web design. The layout of Sierra is responsive and flexible, what makes it correct itself to the preferred screen in an instant. That said, users of all devices will have a blast examining your website and learning more about what you do and what you have to offer them.

Super clean, vivid, trendy, yet minimal, web design of Sierra is a real eye candy. You will not even mind doing many customization tricks due to the fact of how smoothly Sierra adapts to a broad range of distinctive online projects out of the box. However, due to its simplicity and user-friendliness, improving Sierra is unchallenging and always will be.

Download  Preview


Mosh free template
If you are passionate about building things and designing stuff for others, get your name known with Mosh. And how in the world can you do that? Before you think of any marketing campaigns to push yourself out there, you first need to have a solid web presence up and running seamlessly. After all, a website is still one of the best marketing tools that you should implement in your business for a steady growth. With Mosh, you can do just that and have a page brought to life quickly and efficiently.

Just like all the rest in this collection, Mosh is also one of the tools that miss nothing. In the neatly packed bundle, you will discover all the needed for your agency or firm and then some. Mosh makes sure you are equipped with the necessary so you do not have to construct anything from scratch.

Download  Preview


Suitcase free template
For a clean, big, striking and wide website, you should think using Suitcase. This free Bootstrap landing page template is suitable for agencies, firms and professional individuals offering web design, web development, marketing and other web-related services. Or you might even be a superstar, providing a complete solution for your clients’ web presences. Whatever the case, it is Suitcase that gives you a chance to bring it all online and give the world a chance to get familiar with your extraordinary knowledge, experience and services.

Slider with text and call-to-action buttons, menu overlay, on scroll content load, animated statistics, functional contact form and subscription widget, get your hands on Suitcase now and see the difference. It also emphasizes your works and completed projects so they sure cannot miss it and see what you do in great detail.

Download  Preview


Labs prides itself on a large, full-width slider which might be the main reason why visitors start browsing your page. Soon after someone starts scrolling the page, he or she sees what you excel at. Three large boxes display what you are the expert on and how you can help them out. Hover effect makes each box to stand out for even more visibility. Later, you can go more in-depth with your refined skills and services with the special section dedicated to it. Labs free Bootstrap landing page template has it all perfectly in order.

For your promotional video, Labs supports embeds and places it strategically on your page. With the custom image and play button, the video will blend with your page smoothly. However, after someone clicks on it, it will appear in a popup. Do not forget to showcase what others are saying about your company with the testimonials section and make guests aware who your company members are with the “Meet the Team” section. Once they scroll all the way to the bottom, they are ready to use the contact form and get in touch with you. Business growth is inevitable with a site built on Labs.

Download  Preview


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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others.

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      Templates doesn’t store any emails (none of above listed ones and none in general at all). It is done by 3rd party services such as MailChimp. However, you can use these templates in combination with MailChimp or other email services.

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