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Template Details

Author: Colorlib

Released: July, 2019

Licence: CC BY 3.0 (footer credits must remain in place)

Credits: Images from Unsplash


Keep growing your career and freelance business with our free personal portfolio website template, Jackson. Your skills and talent both deserve a mindblowing web space to attract clients that are in need of your service. Or make an employer impossible to say no to your expertness.

Jackson is a one-page website template with a handy and sticky left sidebar navigation. The content is on the right and guides every visitor through the world of your professional offerings and amazing work. Every section is carefully designed for the best performance no matter de device they use to browse your website. Once you download Jackson, you will see how easy and quick it is to edit it. You can even remove some elements and introduce other content, yes, that phenomenal Jackson is.

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  1. Trying to use this theme for my website, but when I upload to wordpress it says the style.css is missing. WordPress has directed me to reach out to the developer of the site theme. Any ideas? After the failed attempt to upload the zipped theme, I checked to confirm that the style.css was included, and it was.

      1. So if found this template via a web search that took me to colorlib’s page detailing “wordpress templates.” Can I use this template somehow with wordpress? Do I need to edit/add files in the zip to use it as a wordpress template somehow?

            1. HTML means that there is no dashboard on CMS. If you have the knowledge you can convert to be used with any CMS you want.
              Otherwise, I would recommend to look for personal WordPress themes here.

  2. I guess you don’t plan to create a version of this template for CMS Joomla, do you? It looks like it would almost perfectly fit one of my ideas for new personal website (including possibility of adding sections, posts, blogs etc. as unique subpages and urls). :)))
    It’s also a pity that there is no example of a single blogpost in blog section of your demo.
    All the best!

  3. There’s an issue on the portfolio section, Filters don’t work, they don’t show categorized portfolio items, How can it be fixed ?

  4. I noticed when clicking through the demo of Jackson, the Work and Blog posts in the section don’t link anywhere. It says it is also missing a blog.html file. If purchased, will the Work and Blog section be included or is this something we would have to build in our own?2

    1. Jamal,

      These are just individual HTML files. You can link them together anywhere you like. We just have created a sample version and you can build from there.

    1. Depends on the approach you will use to convert it. Just changing Bootstrap files from version 3 to 4 will obviously break so going through template files is a must.

  5. Hi there,

    really great theme, thank you!
    How can I remove these words that “the theme was developed by colorlib, etc.”? Do I have to buy a license for that? Could you please give me a link for that?

  6. Hello, I really like Jackson free template and I am looking forward to bying it’s licence, but there is an issue with it’s main menu links logic (About, Services, Skills, etc.). They don’t really have each it’s own specific URL, but instead, they all have the same URL:
    I understand that the linking is done via Javascript, by the section naming, but what about SEO issues? Structurally, this template consists of one page with different sections, so, the ‘Services’ “page” for example cannot have it’s unique URL, so when a visitor hits it, will be driven directly to this page. Instead, all visitors are driven to the initial section of the site (the “home page”). So, the search engines cannot differentiate between the differenet sections of the site.
    So, I was wondering if there is any tweak for ascribing unique URL’s to each section.

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