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20 Exceptional Writer Portfolio Examples For Design Inspiration 2023

Are you a writer looking for practical inspiration for your portfolio website as a writer? If you are, build a strong web presence by exploring these writer portfolio examples you shouldn’t miss. Spare time checking out these websites and learning how creatively and professionally create your portfolio.

Online portfolio isn’t limited to creative individuals or agencies in graphic and web design, photography, or advertising. Regardless of the styles and techniques, writers must have a  portfolio to increase visibility and presence. Likewise, a good writer’s portfolio can help create a first good impression as works are shared and showcased professionally. In addition, it can also fully reveal and determine the writer’s quality and style of work. We see many online portfolios on the web today with outstanding features, design, and functionality. You can find various excellent themes with the perfect tool to build a web presence. Or you also have the option to outsource a web designer to build it for you. However you want it done, these writer portfolio examples will be valuable.

create your own writer portfolio with Squarespace

How to create a portfolio?

There are many ways how you can create your own website. However, the easiest DIY solution is to use a drag and drop portfolio website builder. They come with ready-made templates, a simple interface, and affordable pricing.

Before you finalize your portfolio design, this inspiration will help you examine which features you should include. Though your website should be functional and user-friendly, its look and feel should represent your writing personality. So, before you reveal your credential to the world, ensure it can be the best evidence of your skills, achievement, and abilities. So, get the best features from these writer portfolio examples.

Top Content Writer Portfolio Design Examples

1. Kodah (Page Builder)

kodah news website design

Kodah is the ideal solution to create your online writing portfolio. It is a simple blog website template with a beautiful and minimal touch.

You don’t need any knowledge to activate it, customize it (Zyro builder) and turn it into a working website. What’s cool, Kodah even treats you to web hosting and domain name.

And lastly, Kodah caters to any niche and topic you’re passionate about. That’s it. Go time!


2. Thos

thos simple website template

Your food blogging begins with Thos. It’s an excellent solution to share your culinary experiences with the world – especially if you’re not a web developer or designer.

All the heavy work is predefined for you, saving you time and effort. You only focus on the refining touches and go live shortly.

Thos is also optimized for great performance on mobile, fast loading and search engines. Grow your food writing to the next level with Thos.


3. Dovile

dovile simple website template

You can easily create a personal website for your writing services with Dovile. It’s a modern and creative template with page builder that anyone can put into practice.

Share your services, write about yourself and even start a blog, where you can showcase your skills, and more. Dovile also includes a testimonials slider, which you can use to build client trust through past clients’ experience working with you.

Make a name for yourself online with Dovile.


4. Brooke

brooke simple website template

This website template has everything needed, so you only add your content and go live. Building a website is just as simple as it sounds. And it’ll also be very fast!

Brooke’s biggest advantage is the smooth one-page layout that it sports. Everything is quick to access, so you don’t bore your potential clients.


5. Julian

julian simple website template

Julian is another writer’s template for resume websites, but it rocks a multi-page structure. The minimalist look ensures everyone has a blast browsing through your content, which Julian emphasizes fantastically.

Multiple sections for experience, education, services, portfolio and testimonials are ready. You don’t need to build anything from scratch.

Julian also features web hosting, (1-year free) domain name and portfolio page builder, Zyro. Bring your ideas to reality in a few clicks!


6. Ribot

ribot simple website template

You might be present on many platforms as a writer, even have portfolios live on various sites. Bring it all together with a clever link-focused website template, Ribot.

You can then share a link to it in your bios all over the web, so everyone can quickly access your works and more. (Just an example.)

And I think I don’t even need to say how easy it is to work with Ribot. Beginners and experts both achieve the best results. Enjoy.


7. Oving

oving simple website template

If you’re sharing your knowlege amongst fellow writers, helping them succeed, as a coach, then you better build an online presence with Oving.

It’s a template of many advantages that’ll get you on the internet as fast as ABC. One of the best treats of Oving is that you can manage and maintain your website entirely from one location. Yes, including web hosting and purchasing a domain (which is – by the way! – free for the first year).

Make a strong impression on everyone with Oving.


8. Florian Wacker

By crafting a portfolio website, you stand out in the highly competitive industry. Here’s a list of awe-inspiring writer portfolio examples that will inspire fellow writers to craft their own with style. Here’s Florian Wacker, a writer and at the same time a creative front-end developer based in Germany. His website is an excellent example of clean and minimalistic designs. It doesn’t contain many attractive images or videos except for his simple photo on the homepage. The website welcomes the viewers with his big and bold name and a short description of what he does.

Similarly, each section on this website displays nice typography with big, bold subheadings. Specifically, the portfolio uses the accordion neatly to exhibit his works well. Furthermore, it also uses a sticky menu on the sidebar for quick and easy navigation.


9. Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines

Present evidences as an expert writer with a grandeur portfolio that will speak of your skills and abilities effectively. These writer portfolio examples will be useful if you don’t know how to do it. Kristi Hines is a freelance writer from Arizona who offers freelance and content writing services. Specifically, she develops blog content, ebooks, emails, lead magnets, and website copy. Her website design is comprehensive and cohesive, distinguishing her from the highly competitive industry. The layout is simple but looks visually appealing with a blue border, white space, and beautiful typography. To enhance credibility as a writer, its website indicates the different brands that trust the writer through the logo display just before the client testimonials.


10. Stephanie Chizoba Odili

Stephanie Chizoba Odili 

Being a writer is a wonderful profession. And having a website is way much better to bolster career advancement. You can create an excellent website to show your personality with these writer portfolio examples. Stephanie Chizoba Odili is a writer and author who wishes to spend the rest of her life creating and telling beautiful stories. The homepage looks elegant and modern with the fullwidth layout and dark background. It features the monochrome writer’s photo with a little introduction of what she does, social media links, her name, and a simple menu. Other pages of her website include the about page, books, publications, press/media, and contact. All those pages manifest visual appeal with a corresponding visual hierarchy too.


11. Karina Barker

Karina Barker

A writer’s portfolio can wonderfully feature work samples, experiences, and clientele. So, as a writer, you shouldn’t miss these writer portfolio examples for your upcoming project. Karina Barker is a freelance copywriter in Toronto. Her superior track record and advanced skills drive her to create fresh, inspiring, and effective copy. Her website manifests a simple but full of useful web components. The hero header is a stunning photo display, a compelling headline, and a CTA. The website uses a simple layout with thumbnails to represent clientele to showcase her recent works. Furthermore, the brands that trust this writer are also exhibited using their logos displayed randomly. That’s not all, it also features the different testimonials in a nice and clean layout.


12. Stefanie Ellis

Stefanie Ellis 

Create a polished portfolio that perfectly reflects your accomplishments as a writer. With that in mind, these writer portfolio examples will surely motivate you to craft it seamlessly. Stefanie Ellis is a passionate writer who offers editing, ghostwriting, copywriting, food writing, strategy & campaign development. The portfolio design is classy and looks modern with one page web design. Likewise, the visually appealing web elements on the homepage never impress the audience. Its portfolio is pretty attractive that can be filtered to view each project. Moreover, the testimonials section uses a slider to highlight reviews and a timeline for displaying experiences.


13. Freddie Braun

Freddie Braun

Online portfolio is a demand for professionals. This way, unlocking more opportunities will be possible and effective. Freddie Braun’s website is one of this collection’s writer’s portfolio examples. He’s a London-based creative writer, editor & translator that has a modern and elegant portfolio design. Specifically, it welcomes the visitors with audio that can easily be paused or played. The website uses black for the background and white typography, so the overall design looks superb. Meanwhile, the integration of GSAP animation makes the design even more interesting. That’s not all, it also uses an off-canvas menu where the portfolio page, about me, FAQ and contact pages can be accessed.


14. Todd Henry

Todd Henry

Your portfolio is a great marketing tool to empower your career as a writer. As the internet has become one of the most powerful media to spread awareness, the online portfolio has become a must for every professional. Todd Henry writes books, speaks internationally on creativity, productivity, and passion for work. He has finished writing the four powerful books about creativity, productivity, and passion for work. The hero header shows bold headlines and an enticing CTA. It also comes with a pretty cool sticky header and a clean footer. Meanwhile, being featured on online magazines will certainly increase the credibility of a brand, Todd Henry ensures that such a feature is not missed.


15. Gari Cruze

Gari Cruze 

A portfolio is essential for career growth, whether you’re a new or seasoned writer. Gari Cruze is a senior copywriter that always loved words and advertising. His website is an excellent showcase of his magnificent works. The homepage is unique and creative with the grid portfolio layout. It may seem simple, but it can improve his career by showcasing his outstanding works. Each work has a nice page with quality images and videos. It also uses a nice slider to transition from one work to another.


16. Kayla Voigt

Kayla Voigt 

Online portfolio must reveal your credentials to the world. So, having a lot of inspiration is helpful. Kayla Voigt is a writer and marketer ready to take your business to the next level. She’s also a creative communications professional and adventurer. She has a pretty simple website design but can effectively promote her career. The hero header exhibits a stunning nature photo with charming introductory and CTA. Part of the introductory elements are the small photo of the writer, social links, and her short story. Moreover, the website also reveals the logo of the clientele presentation.


17. Tiny Wanderer

Tiny Wanderer

What makes an online portfolio a great marketing tool? Well, it can easily and provide “evidence” of your experience and training. Hence, putting much effort in building your online portfolio will be excellent. Here’s a stunning collection of writer portfolio examples to inspire you in your project. Ying Tey is the Malaysian author behind Tiny Wanderer. She’s a travel writer, freelance copywriter and ex-cruise ship TEFL lecturer. Like other travel writers, Tiny Wanderer’s website highlights content via a smooth slider. Furthermore, her website ensures that the latest articles she works with will appear on top. It also uses flat icons with a little description to showcase her identity to the audience.


18. Jay Crisp Crow

Jay Crisp Crow

An online portfolio can effectively help demonstrate your talent and ability as a writer in a highly competitive industry. In these writer portfolio examples, you can find various real websites for building a web presence. Jay Crisp Crow is a writer and speaker ready to build an incredible business and brand, delivering copywriting and copy coaching to women in business worldwide. She has a simple design on the hero header with a charming photo of herself, clear CTAs and her name. Furthermore, this writer also gives the clients clear choices of her services. She also didn’t miss adding testimonials to build trust and establish credibility, not to mention the magazines that featured her work and the awards and associations she has.


19. Kevin Allardice

Kevin Allardice

Certainly, your web presence can help make or break your writing career. So, make sure your portfolio will positively impact your career. Look at these writer portfolio examples so you’ll get inspired by what other writers implement on their site. Kevin Allardice is known for his short stories about Berkeley, California. The website design looks superb with the retro-style theme with the split-screen layout. The left side displays his latest novel’s cover while the other is scrollable. The interested visitor can buy the book at Amazon and IndieBound to market the book effectively. The site also shows a biography of the author with news and essays she has worked with.


20. Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss 

Create a beautiful and professional online portfolio to showcase yourself as a writer and your awesome works worldwide. Before you finalize your designs, you may check these writer portfolio examples to help you carry your designs to the next level. Hillary Weiss is a copywriter, ghostwriter, consultant, and strategist. The website design is ready to empower the writer’s career. Like other writers’ portfolios, the hero header exhibits her photo and the off-canvas menu. Specifically, the contents look awesome in divisions with borders. With this website, clients can easily hire this writer, learn of the freebies she offers and book her as a speaker for upcoming events. Moreover, the site also shows the magazines that featured her works in the grayscaled logo.


I hope this article inspired how a good content creator portfolio should look. We recommend using any of these amazing portfolio templates to build a similar website for yourself.

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