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Photography WordPress Themes

50+ Best Photography WordPress Themes For Professional and Hobby Photographers 2016

As of today WordPress powers 25% of all websites globally and even several of the most popular news sites are hosted on WordPress. The main reason for WordPress popularity is its simple interface and limitless customization using themes, plugins or writing your own code. Even if you are not developer you can find plenty of great WordPress tutorials that will help you to build complex web solutions with ease. Personally I used WordPress to learn how to code and that was the best decision I have ever made. However, this time we won’t get into details about theme development but we will dig deeper into WordPress themes.

This time I would like to share the best WordPress photography themes as of today. Most of these themes are premium ones but they are worth every penny. I have used them for my client sites and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with results. However, it is possible to ruin even the best themes but I hope that you won’t be able to manage that.

Photography, thanks to Facebook and Instagram, have become the most popular form of art. Thanks to these great photography sharing services people are getting into this art a lot more. And of course we can’t forget about iPhone and other smartphones with impressive cameras that allows to capture a lot of images on the fly.

While for most people it’s enough with Instagram for their photography needs but there are plenty of people like you who are looking into more serious solution – own photography blog or portfolio website and apparently you want to build it in on WordPress.

These are one of the best WordPress photography themes but not the only ones since there are thousands of WordPress theme developers and millions of themes available. I haven’t seen any statistics on how many WordPress themes are available but you can be sure that you will be able to find one that suits your needs. Probably the hardest part will be to choose this one and only photography theme because there are so many great options available.

Ok, enough talking and let’s finally get to the theme showcase. I promise you’ll love them!



Oshine is a creative and beautiful WordPress multi-layout and multi-purpose portfolio theme. The theme is well suited for photography, art portfolio, freelancer and other creative photography centric websites. Oshine theme is very flexible and it features dozens of different layouts, unlimited color options, 50 drag & drop page builder modules and much more to create beautiful and professional websites with ease. Theme developers have created 16 unique demos to show potential of this amazing theme and have included demo data with theme for easier setup. This theme has it all to take your photography websites to the next level.

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photocrati multipurpose photography theme

Photocrati is a clean, modern and highly customizable WordPress theme with over 60 style variations out-of-the-box. There are literally endless ways to customize this theme to your needs. Theme functionality, color schemes, gallery style and element size can be tweaked via simple yet powerful theme options. This theme is used by more than 18,000 photographers worldwide and it means that this theme is well tested and will work under any circumstances. Photocrati theme is optimized for all device sizes such as smartphones and tablets. This theme comes with eCommerce integration that allows you to sell your prints, photography or other merchandises. This is the right theme if you are looking for simplicity, customizability, and image-centered design.

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Divi is a completely visually enthralling and stunning, professionally graphically designed and composed, extensively developed and technologically refined, stylistically flexible and very creatively inspired, simple to customize and deeply flexible and functional, reliable and secure responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Divi is an extremely powerful and experientially engaging WordPress theme, designed with the raw power and sheer flexibility to effortlessly lend itself to servicing a whole slew of different website profiles and archetypes across many different industries, fields and niches.

Divi accomplishes this task by combining a very intuitive and streamlined yet profoundly powerful and deep-running visual customization process centered on the block-based modular Divi Builder and its 40 content modules, with a fiercely uncompromising sense of aesthetics, that notoriously permeates every theme and template within Divi with an equally gorgeous treatment of space and arrangement that will have your users focused on what matters and attentive throughout their visit, while better appreciating your visual content thanks to a multitude of specific and convenient post formats, styles and multimedia handling shortcodes, capabilities that make Divi a uniquely well suited theme for all sorts of photography websites, from photographic studios to wedding photographers, from artistic and freelance photographers to photojournalists, Divi can help your images always look their sharpest and your audiences grow to ever-larger sizes.

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Tography is a stunning and visually stimulating and polished, graphically eloquent and expressive, incredibly resourceful and feature rich, cleverly coded, robust and reliable, technologically top of the line and astoundingly modern and immersive, highly customizable and extremely easy to use responsive WordPress multipurpose photography website theme. Tography is an attractive and handsome photography multipurpose theme that has been developed with the utmost care and attention to detail, in order to provide a complete, full set solution for webmasters of any skill level to quickly and effortlessly craft their own unique, distinct and visually cohesive photography websites where end users can intuitively navigate their way about gorgeous collections of high resolution images.

With a host of photography specific features and options that will make any photography website come alive in a matter of minutes, without ever having to write a single line of code, through a completely visual webpage construction process that is aided by extensive, ambitious and plentiful shortcodes to simplify and streamline your workload, so you can focus on what matters–adding more of your precious content for users to delight themselves with! Tography websites are unique, high impact and very memorable, and no theme will burn your photographies into your visitors’ minds like Tography.

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Uncode is a truly impressive, visually vast and stunning, graphically polished and seamless, ambitious and bold, engaging and dynamic, deeply creative and very easily customizable, feature rich and functionally versatile, search engine optimized and fast loading responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Uncode is the result of a loving and devoted design and development process that is continuously being updated and expanded, in order to produce a truly pliable, flexible and veritably multipurpose theme that can effortlessly handle websites professional or personal, business or corporate, from blogs and portfolios to landing pages and more, owing to a spotlessly coded Bootstrap foundation with HTML5 resources and CSS3 animation.

Along with smoothly integrated plugins like the enhanced Visual Composer, the Revolution and Layer Sliders, WPML and WooCommerce out of the box, makes for a thoroughly coherent and cohesive end user experience that results in users more carefully and purposefully digesting what actually matters—your precious content. With such gorgeous layouts and amazing media handling features powered by a unique and augmented Media Library, Uncode is a perfect theme for showcasing beautiful, high resolution photography, and amateur photographers, professional or freelance photographers, travel journalists or photojournalists alike will invariably benefit a great deal from Uncode’s stylish, fascinating visual approach.

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TIMBER is a unique and conceptually innovative, highly creative and very memorable, visually stunning and graphically refined, aesthetically capricious and inspired, technologically competent and capable, resourceful and functionally rich, modern and unusual responsive WordPress photography theme. TIMBER is a theme that is the result of a conceptual approach to website design, resulting in a completely one of a kind set of interpretations and avant-garde layouts and page templates for all sorts of purposes narrow and general.

TIMBER has been designed for photographers or other creative types to easily and gorgeously show off their high resolution image and works in completely engaging, creative and unique ways that will surely make a lasting impact upon your audience, whatever it may be, and will change the way users appreciate and relate with your content and works. TIMBER is more than just a beautiful showcase, it is a powerful and bold statement, with sophisticated, cutting edge technological features seamlessly integrated into TIMBER for your convenience, such as AJAXified Filtering and out of the box WooCommerce integration for you to easily market your wares, works or prints. TIMBER is a theme that goes above and beyond in impressing the world with your visual content. All that is left is for you to add content and take off.

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moon - creative photography theme

Moon is WordPress theme that aims to enhance and improve your creative website. Blogs and portfolios can be optimized by a series of useful website tools. Customers can easily showcase their videos, audio files, and photos. Moon can increase your page’s flexibility, and free you from having to sit in an office for the entire day. You will be able to work, even while traveling. The theme is completely responsive, given that it can display your site on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. You will never lose the ability to upload edited or unedited photos, write posts for your blog, distribute your items, or manage your page layout.

This theme was constructed by an elite author, and it has earned the praise of those who have bought it. Customers will be rewarded with a series of free updates, and a support system that never fails to resolve troubling issues.
Moon allows you to showcase distinct textures and colors for your site’s main panel. This is will aid in the presentation of your beautiful content. Those who don’t mind a little reading can access the theme documentation file, which is quite informative. Gif snippets and video tutorials were included as well.

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soho - creative fullscreen theme

Soho is a new, creative, and professional WordPress theme for photography and video. It has a full screen layout, which is arguably the best method of presenting your video and photo art pieces.  The theme includes some modern implementations, such as the enhanced version of the built-in GT3 page builder.  Other notable implementations include an option for color editing, easy content, and a boost in web site speed. This impressive theme is only a click away.

Only a full screen slider can be expected to represent your work, and do it justice.  Thankfully, Soho’s slider is perfectly adept at creating amazing presentations that will surely display your talent and eye for detail.  This theme will work with most popular web browsers, and it is quite responsive. The Documentation is extensive, and it is enough to turn a beginner into an expert in just a few hours.

As a backdrop for your main page, you may now implement Video and Image backgrounds, adding another layer of immersion for your site’s visitors. Take full advantage of the masonry gallery and portfolio option in order to present your work to others. The masonry style is ideal, given that it makes good use of space, allowing the owner to post more items. Be it landscape or portrait images, the Ribbon Gallery will enhance their appeal. However, many prominent artists also maintain a blog, updating their readers in regards to recent activity and projects. Available in standard or full screen layouts, blogs are definitely valuable assets. For more info about this theme you can read our review.

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epix - multipurpose photography portfolio

A website that promotes art must always be a shining example of quality design and streamlined implementation. If you are an ambitious photographer, ePix is your greatest ally. It can properly showcase your amazing content, and it does not demand any specialized programming knowledge. The number of unique features is staggering, granting your website an unprecedented degree of flexibility and adaptability. ePix is designed by an elite author, and it has earned a five star rating. It offers a limitless number of skins, each designed to maximize the client’s chances of success. If you choose to purchase this product, the amazing ePix Galleries will be at your disposal. Your content will be showcased in a proper manner, given the inclusion of the Fullscreen Grid, Portfolio, 3D Carousel, and Group Slider.

The lazy load function can load a pre-determined number of pictures on a single page. In addition, administrators can create their own personalized skins, thanks to the capable theme Customizer. The Visual Composer offers untold customization options, as each client can design a unique website. Users will benefit from 3rd party add-on support, further expanding their page’s capabilities. If you want to avoid page clutter, you can program your menu to auto-hide or Collapse, freeing up screen space.

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Darkroom photography theme

Darkroom is a retina ready full screen WordPress theme designed for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and other creative professionals who wants to showcase their stunning work on the web. This theme has light/dark header UI switching transparent header support that you can use for displaying your background image. This theme has a very straightforward design with fullscreen slideshow and supports videos and WooCommerce plugin. It also includes fantastic theme features like portfolio posts supports, shortcode generators, widgets, multiple sidebars and advanced theme options.

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diamond - dark classic photo theme

Diamond is a WordPress theme that comes as a response to the need of photographers everywhere. Modern and impressive, many of its features were tweaked and added based on customer feedback and requirements. A live demo is available, allowing clients to sample the content without having to spend money. Presentation has always been an important part of art. Thankfully, this theme includes an enticing Full Screen slider, which supports both video and image files. Using it, anyone can create an astounding presentation. Full Screen is paramount to any photographer design, as it increases the appeal of a beautifully shot image. Feel free to establish a breath-taking portfolio.

The album feature is ideal for storing and organizing memories. The creation of such an album is not difficult at all, and you can make as many as you wish. Thanks to the Masonry Gallery and Portfolio, there are multiple options for displaying art.  The masonry-style layout is by far, the most popular. It is efficient with its use of free space, and it can showcase plenty of pictures.

The Ribbon gallery is yet another attractive and awesome method of showing off your slides. Be it landscape or portrait photos, they will look good! A good photography website theme will never neglect its presentation. With Diamond, all formats of images will benefit from an amazing look. A blog can also be created, and the user is free to pick the layout. The choice is between the standard and full screen variety, and both are just as impressive.

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inspiro - fullscreen gallery theme

Inspiro is a gorgeous, visually stunning, flexible and powerful WordPress responsive photo-focused theme. While well suited for the design and construction of a number of different website projects, Inspiro truly shines the brightest when in the hands of professional photographers. Freelance photographers will find it extremely easy and quick to set up their online foothold for their business, project their images and expand their customer base.

Inspiro is jam-packed with tools and features to better showcase your work. Tons of widgets are readily available to better display your beautiful, high resolution imagery on your interactive, dynamic homepage, which can seamlessly be changed from a widgetized layout to a blog style layout extremely easily, thanks to the ZOOM Framework and its advanced customization capabilities. Solid HTML5 and CSS3 coding provide smooth scrolling and hovering effects that make your content pop, while search engine optimization built right into the code ensures you will top the pageranks and draw in much more business. Get a revenue stream going with the powerful WooCommerce plugin integration, offering an online shop within hours of installation. Drag & drop custom menus anywhere you want to make navigating your website easy and breezy. Beautiful gallery pages are available with visually captivating layouts that exhibit the aesthetics of your work without getting in the way.

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H-Code is a delightfully attractive and visually stimulating, clean and pristine, polished and enticing, technologically resourceful and deeply imaginative, professionally graphically composed and extremely user and developer friendly, mobile friendly and readily responsive WordPress one page and multipage website theme. H-Code has been equipped with an extensive and potent set of creative website crafting tools readily designed to empower webmasters rookie and experienced alike, allowing them to construct their own customized, unique, one of a kind modern websites for all sorts of purposes and projects of any scale and size.

H-Code packs the stuff you need to quickly set up the most amazing and engaging websites on the market today. H-Code’s sophisticated deployment of advanced HTML5 coding gifts it with unique capacity for managing multimedia and high resolution media content of all sorts, with modern Visual Element components and elements elegantly arranged about 57 different home page demo websites and over 190 page templates, readily available for you to install them with a single click and then make them your own in a few easy, intuitive steps. H-Code is the definitive toolkit for webmasters looking for a handsome home for their photographic works. Try H-Code now, and start making the right impression!

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tempo - simple photography gallery theme

Tempo is a beautiful, aesthetically accomplished, powerful and easy-to-use WordPress responsive theme, designed with the needs of very visual-heavy websites that need to showcase tons of high resolution images and photography to a wide audience of unknown composition or demographics. Tempo will render your photographies in Retina-ready full visual glory regardless of the device they’re displayed on, with no possible compatibility issues with platforms, browsers or screen sizes. Tempo lets your photos reach everyone, and reach them in style.

Tempo is built for speed and ease of use. You’ll hit the ground running with Tempo’s numerous predesigned layouts, which can be modified in real time with the Live Customizer, to make them look and feel entirely unique. Tempo includes light and dark skins to match the tone of your website easily. Tempo really shines when it comes to producing your Gallery pages though. With the capacity to display your images in fullscreen, you can make distraction-free, amazing looking grid or masonry layout galleries with large, high resolution photography or images. Select your gallery thumbnails’ aspect ratios, from square to landscape to portrait, to perfectly frame your work depending on its nature, or simply leave them all uncropped, as you desire. Tempo is the sound of the future. Can you keep up?

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insight - photography blog style theme

Insight is a visually stunning, entirely flexible, intuitive and powerful WordPress responsive multi purpose theme, fully capable of handling the needs of a number of different websites with all sorts of possible applications, though particularly beneficial to websites relying heavily on visual content. These features make Insight uniquely well suited for photography related websites, including photography magazines, photo journals, photography blogs and freelance photographer websites. If your website’s purpose is to showcase gorgeous imagery, Insight is the theme for you, and it will display your content in beautiful, gorgeous style no matter what device, browser or platform they’re being viewed on.
Insight features a multitude of different homepage styles and demos, with tons of customization options available thanks to the pliable ZOOM Framework and Live Customizer, which combine with the powerful Dynamic Homepage Builder to create amazing, widgetized pages that include incredible featured content slider headers, Jetpack supercharged sidebars and extended widgets such as Related Posts and Tiled Galleries, which will all give you incredible control over how your photos are displayed. Layouts include grid and list for your posts, and several elegant color schemes are offered, though you can easily construct your own to suit your website’s taste and tone. Insight lets the world see through your eyes.

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Shutter is an incredibly gorgeous and profoundly impressive, solemn and sober, graceful and stylish, aesthetically minimal and polished, technologically engaging and cutting edge, smoothly animated and quite dynamic, malleable and flexible, functional and resourceful, creative and highly responsive WordPress art and photography multipurpose website theme. Shutter is a subtle, understated, beautiful work of art of a theme, a carefully developed solution for webmasters looking for a gracious, elegant way to present high resolution, appealing and powerful visual content to a wide, undifferentiated, massive online audience.

Shutter is an expert at handling appealing visual content in an elegant manner, while keeping your website clean and seamless, perfect for your users to immerse themselves in your imagery and lose themselves in your content. That makes Shutter the top theme for photography websites of all kinds, niches and natures this year. Its uncomplicated and amazingly intuitive approach to modern website design and construction puts Shutter light-years ahead of the competition. Unique, conceptual gallery template pages are included for you to present your photographical material in different arrangements to best serve diverse images, ensuring your content is always presented under the best possible light, from Gallery Sliders to Vertical Panoramas and many, many more,

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munich - fullscreen scrolling theme

Munich is a well-designed WordPress theme that features a keen eye for detail. With Munich, you are sure to attract plenty of visitors to your page. It is very responsive, meaning that it can work on every conceivable device, be it desktop pc, smart phone, or tablet. You will notice no difference between these platforms, as your page will resize, adjust to new resolution, and do everything necessary to fit the screen.

The same adaptability is extended to web browsers, because Munich works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9-11, and Opera. Your website will be compatible with WordPress 4.0 and WordPress 4.1. Theme Forest Files were added, including PHP files, JS files, and CSS files. Munich looks even better on a Retina Display. The vector graphics are brilliant, adding another layer of awesomeness to your page. This theme is kept simple on purpose.  It features and displays your art, without diverting the visitor’s attention.  The design is sleek and intuitive, almost to the point where you can navigate the site with your eyes closed.

In addition to its efficiency, this theme is remarkably easy to implement. Usually, you need a specialized company to build your site, but not with Munich. Using the innovative Drag&Drop page builder, the task becomes as easy as playing a Facebook game. Every element of the page works towards a common goal: to promote your business. With the trusted WooCommerce plugin, a nifty online store can be created, without any additional fees. Your merchandise will fly off the virtual shelves!

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RokoPhoto - simple photo theme

Are you looking for a clean and elegant theme for your photography or agency portfolio website? If yes, you can check out RokoPhoto. This theme is a sleek and responsive WordPress theme created for photography and portfolio website. RokoPhoto is boasts its totally responsive layout that does not only loads really fast but also adjusts slickly on different kinds of devices such as desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. This theme is built using clean and valid code that can be effortlessly customized by anyone who has basic understanding of HTML/PHP language. You can use its broad site header for welcoming your visitors in your website with a beautiful and memorable photo. This theme displays a simple yet very elegant design that makes your photographs or any visual content standout. It includes amazing typography settings to let you change the font styles, sizes and designs you incorporate in your website design. In addition, this theme provides you unlimited color options to help you choose the color scheme that will match your brand. It also includes custom widgets that are really helpful in creating and adding custom sidebars or widget areas to any post or page in your site. You can use its social follow footer area for acquiring more followers that you could also turn into customers/clients.

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superba - horizontal scroll album

Superba is a WordPress theme whose focus is media and photography. Projects, albums, and media tagging are all features that can be yours. This theme is made with the artist’s needs in mind. The best way to improve a product is to consider customer feedback, and every step of Superba’s design process was a collaborative effort.

From the ground up, this theme functions as a framework for your art. Superba never shifts focus from the photos, while complementing and presenting them in an enticing way. Its albums are versatile in their function, as they can feature their own unique sets of pictures, or include slides from other projects and albums. Every individual item that is included in a project has its own taxonomy so it can be filtered and tagged in album pages.

Everyone knows that a first impression is important and Superba assures that your site will make a positive one. Using the Splash template you will gain the ability to establish an awesome intro page, featuring social links, full screen images, and slogans. This will make for a great intro to your website. The task of starting a website is not a walk in the park. However, using the impressive Page Builder, it becomes something that even a child can easily accomplish. There are also over 18 blocks available for use. A modal skin for albums is incorporated, available in a classy black and white color. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing the user to commercialize products by using a safe and reliable system. There are multiple template variations for albums, including: grid masonry, mosaic, slideshow, full-screen carousel, and others.

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vega - stylish ecommerce theme

Designed for the true artist, Vega is the photography WordPress theme that never ceases to impress. It is a Widget-Ready, High Resolution theme that works with most web browsers. It is compatible with WPML, and the theme’s documentation is very extensive.  The layout is fully responsive, and users will not encounter problems while viewing content from mobile devices.

Everything is kept as intuitive as possible, and even creating multiple layouts is reduced to child’s play. This is due to the Content Builder, and the interactive Drag&Drop interface. You photos can be displayed in multiple layouts, resulting in an online photobook where the website owner can customize, upload, and publish content.

The photography business will often necessitate the creation of a Private Gallery, viewable by only you and your customer. You can accomplish this by using the Admin Panel. Most popular websites use Parallax effects, in order to enhance the feel of their presentation. With Vega, you can upload background themes and headers with ease, and the Parallax effects will take over on their own. You are not required to learn programming or code manipulation. A blog may also help to increase your visitor count, and help keep the loyal followers that you already have. You may opt for the standard blog format, or a full screen version. The full screen capabilities do not seem tacked on, and they are well integrated into the theme’s capabilities. The admin panel is vital to option navigation, and thankfully, Vega’s panel is very user friendly.

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bow - white full screen gallery theme

Bow is a streamlined WordPress theme that is ideal for professional photography websites. It is available in high resolution, and it is compatible with most web browsers.  It includes several Theme Forest Files such JS files, PHP files, CSS Files, and HTML files. It features over 4 columns, and it is responsive to all devices. The Documentation is detailed and informative, and the support system is eager to help.

There is a live preview available on the page, along with some screenshots. Feel free to sample the content, before making a decision. This theme was tested using an A-grade speed page, managing only 2 seconds of total load time. However, even the best options and plugin customization choices are useless without a good Admin Panel. Thankfully, the choices presented in Bow’s Option Panel are quite extensive, allowing for satisfying customization.

The theme is constructed using top-quality SEO tactics, and it is compatible with the most popular plugins. Regardless of the nature of your question, be it large or small, users should not hesitate to contact Bow’s support staff. All characters and letters may also be altered. The theme sports over 600 Google Fonts, each of them presenting several typography settings. You may craft beautiful text, highlighting the nuance and flavor of your art. Bow has 3 main variations: Content Slider, Image Background, Video Background. You may upload your company’s distinct logo, to increase brand recognition. Highly customizable and infinitely interesting, this theme is certainly worth your time and attention.

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armada most popular multipurpose theme

There is no better way of displaying creative photography on the web.  Armada listens to the requirements of creative professionals and amateurs alike, resulting in a very efficient multipurpose WordPress theme. Using this modestly priced theme, users can benefit from limitless layout and design possibilities. There are also several interposition options for page content, titles, and multiple headers.

Although you can tinker with the theme options for as long as you wish, Armada includes 16 pre-made skins. There is no hassle involved, as you need only to apply them. The theme options are vast, allowing for all sorts of modifications and customization options. This theme is responsive, meaning that your finished site can show up on most popular devices, not only on PC. Armada incorporates several Theme Forest Files, including JS files, CSS Files, and PHP files.

Use the distinct stylized page titles for projects, pages and posts. You may also decide how to present your creative items. The layout of the page is fully within your control, thanks to the awesome Visual Composer.  Armada is retina ready, resulting in an enhanced experience when your site is viewed on a Retina Display. For many users, displaying their photos is only part of their ambition. Establishing an online store and commercializing photographs is a priority for many. However, it is easier said than done. Thankfully, Armada works with the priceless WooCommerce program, in order to offer customers a stable and reliable platform. With all of the features presented by this theme, the sky is the limit!

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finch - minimal photography blog template

Finch is a Magazine and Photography WordPress theme that manages to impress customers with its quality and attention to detail. It offers a multitude of possibilities for blogs and portfolios. The websites of personal freelancers, photographers, digital studios, artists, can be enhanced by Finch. This theme was constructed with the impressive Twitter Bootstrap v3, and it includes over 20 page builder options, along with a limitless amount of color choices. There are 3 headers, 2 layout options and 5 sliders.

Given that Finch is entirely responsive, your web page will adapt to displays of different sizes. This will make your content easy to access from mobile and desktop devices. Some might even want to commercialize their assets in a responsible and secure fashion. Thankfully, this theme has integrated the WooCommerce plugin. It is one of the most reliable and popular plugins on WordPress, earning the trust of your customers.

The theme Documentation was recently updated, and it contains plenty of useful information, especially if you are a new user. Finch has both a Full and Boxed layout choice, and several variations for your homepages. There are 3 distinct versions of headers, further adding to appeal of the product. Finch works with Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11, and Firefox. Not all images fit perfectly, and every good site needs an awesome cropping tool. Thankfully, this theme has included a feature that lets you crop as many pictures as you want. WPML support was included, resulting in a web page that is easily translatable.

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santino photography theme

Santino is an eye-catching and fast loading WordPress theme perfect for photographers, creative agencies, freelancers, creating image galleries, etc. Its dynamic and future-proof framework is built based on the newest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. This theme is designed with gallery-style layout. It comes with a built-in background music player incorporated with stunning animated effects. The theme also includes amazing rail slider with mobile swipe compatibility, a built-in ratings system, unlimited font options, easy Google map integration and Ajaxified navigation. Its powerful theme options panel makes your website easier to customize.

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Oyster Full Screen theme

Oyster is a creative photography website template built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code. The theme’s user-centric Oyster HTML Photo Template enables you to transfer your portfolios or any other photo works into a clean and organized canvas. It makes your website look impressive and adjustable to different screen resolutions because it is responsive and retina ready. The theme’s fullscreen design with its Revolution slider makes your website look spectacular and improves usability. Moreover, it has a wall portfolio and gallery that enables you to display images or photos in the well-organized layout. You will certainly impress your visitors with Oyster’s new type of gallery, which provides mirroring effects that help your photos achieve a 3D look. This creative theme also includes striped pages, fullscreen video, unlimited portfolio layouts and coming soon/ under construction page with counter.

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Kameron hotizontal scroling theme

Kameron is a WordPress portfolio theme custom-built for Photographers. Most of the features of this theme is carefully chosen and integrated on the template to give photographers an exceptional website template. This theme loads really fast and adjusts suitably on different devices. It is also built with advanced HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. The theme also includes horizontal and vertical layouts, Youtube and Vimeo video support in galleries, option to create unlimited portfolio pages and a lot more.

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eclipse grid style theme

eClipse is a clean and minimalist photography theme that will definitely make your works standout. This theme is fully responsive, retina ready and coded with the latest HTML5 & CSS Code. This versatile theme comes with several homepage layouts, image, video, pattern and color backgrounds that makes the theme customization quick and straightforward. The theme includes Stripped Page, fullscreen Masonry Portfolio, Kenburns Gallery, fullscreen Masonry Blog and fullscreen video patterns. It also offers two-color option so you can choose between light and dark skins for your portfolio. Additionally, eClipse Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme includes cool features such as drag & drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin, easy Font and Color Management, advanced Theme Settings Panel, Contact Form 7, Mailchimp and WPML support.

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trend - photography wordpress theme

Trend is a minimalist and well-designed theme perfect for creating blog, portfolio and gallery site for creative professionals. This simple theme is armed with the best theme options that make your website easy to set up and customize. This gorgeous portfolio-style theme is apt for showcasing abstract photography, black and white images, or nature, travel or beautiful photos. The theme comes with powerful slider, background video, AJAX page navigation, multiple portfolio layouts, a full-page gallery and category slider. Trend WordPress theme is for photographers who want a portfolio that stands out in a smart and fashionable way.

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border fullscreen slider template

BORDER is a unique and easy-to-use Photography WordPress theme built with the professional photographer and their needs as the main ‘focal point’. It comes with an intuitive designed interface, carefully crafted to ease the way to showcase your unforgettable photos. The theme features photo frame design that will make your photographs to stand out. This theme was recently released but already have proven to be among the best selling themes of its kind.

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wynn creative portfolio theme

Wynn is a responsive, full screen, all ajax WordPress portfolio theme that has a stylish look and a slick user experience. Wynn is ideal not only for agencies, freelancers and photographers but for all creatives looking to showcase their portfolio. Wynn comes packaged with plenty of great features and is highly customizable.

Most importantly, Wynn is a unique template that was built after carefully considering use cases of several portfolio websites and we came up with minimalistic elements, clean design, creative placement of sidebar and an ALL AJAX implementation. If you are not familiar with AJAX loading, I suggest to check out theme demo to see how it works. You don’t need to get into technical details, just check those smooth transitions, awesome loading effects and much more.

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mountain - creative portfolio theme

Mountain theme (a.k.a MNTN) is a premium WordPress theme in flat style. It can be used from personal blog site, photo gallery or portfolio to creative company website, and everything in between. MNTN is fully customizable theme. You can customize each section to your taste (background image and background color, widget areas, fonts and more). The parallax effect, smooth scrolling, flat design will allow your site to look stylish and modern.

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kappe brilliant creative masonry portfolio theme

Kappe is a modern and beautiful WordPress theme for portfolio website to showcase your work and photographs. Theme is well optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This theme has a built-in shortcode generator to add various content elements using default WordPress text editor to which you are already familiar.

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hiker - nature and art photographer theme

Hiker is yet another full-screen photography WordPress theme designed with adventures in mind. This theme would be an ideal fit for travel and nature photographers and anyone adventurous. This theme has several predefined color variations that you can further customize.

More Info Demo


crush - full screen portfolio theme

Crush is a beautiful and highly customizable photography portfolio theme designed to be well suited for freelancers, agencies or personal websites. It is a robust WP theme with many awesome features that can be accessed via simple Theme Options.

More Info Demo


camilla - fashion photograpy theme

A beautiful name for a beautiful theme – Camilla. This theme shifts focus on your work and creativity. It has loads of awesome features such as horizontal scroll, parallax, scroll, minimalistic design, fullscreen galleries, one-page setup and much more. This is the right theme if you are looking for something fresh, clean and modern. Camilla theme has 3 different pre-defined color variations that you can further tweak using several color pickers.

More Info Demo

Photo Video Blog WordPress Theme

Clean photography blog theme

This is a well-designed, streamlined WordPress theme, capable of showcasing your artful content. A good website or blog can be essential for keeping track of the latest events in your field of activity. A marketing campaign depends on the fluidity of your plans, and this product assures that you will always be kept up to date. It can enhance your existing website, adding a much needed layer of depth, in addition to some astounding features. The layout will be entirely responsive, assuring that mobile users will benefit from the same quality experience as those who use desktop computers.

The Photo Video Blog WordPress Theme is optimized for search engines, maximizing your chances of getting noticed by potential customers. Your pages will be entirely editable, as each element can be changed in order to accommodate your vision. Variety is indeed the spice of life, and your website should always shun monotony and stagnation. Thankfully, customers will benefit from custom post variation and post formats, making sure that no two sites will ever be identical.

As you seek to expand your site and appeal to a broader demographic, it is best to translate our content. This theme is entirely WPML certificated, offering multilingual support for all its customers. In addition, it incorporates over 80 short codes, along with over 600 Google fonts and various color options. If you are having trouble with the installation process, you can easily consult the theme Documentation source that was added to the download. It is quite informative and expansive.

More Info Demo

Zerif PRO


Zerif Pro is an elegant and sleek multipurpose WordPress theme that is well suited for portfolio, creative agency, blog and even corporate websites. It would work well for photographers looking to promote their services and have some standard pricing modules that can be easily listed on website using pricing tables. Zerif Pro comes with WooCommerce integration, which means that you can sell your work and other merchandises with ease. It is a different kind of theme that might not be the best if you are looking for full screen galleries and other slideshows but it is going to be your best bet to promote and sell your work online.

More info / Download Demo

Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio

core - bestselling photography theme

Core is the Minimalist Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type and Image Uploader and other awesome features. This theme is perfect fit for everyone looking for simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice functionality and customizability. Core theme puts images first and turns them into amazing experience so users won’t leave your website for a long time. Core is by far the most popular photography theme available today. It has gone through several major overhauls and still holds strong position on this niche. This theme is for every serious photographer looking for well tested theme that will boost your online presence.

More Info Demo

Samba – Colored WordPress Theme

samba colorful image slider

Colorful Samba WordPress theme comes with ton of customization options and page builder. This theme will be perfect fit for users who are looking for custom-built solutions. Samba is limitless and you can make everything from basic photography portfolio up to complex WooCommerce eStore. Other basic features like responsiveness and retina ready graphics are also there.

More Info Demo

LENS – An Enjoyable Photography WordPress Theme

lens - masonry powered theme

Lens is a surprising flat WordPress theme that strives to deliver premium experience and look. Theme is aimed at photographers that cares about how their photographs are displayed. Every feature are well crafted that allows to crate spectacular photography portfolio website with ease.

This theme features several great features like fullscreen slideshow, flat design, grid based galleries and a journal that will allow you to keep visitors informed.

More Info Demo

Almera Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

almera - light photography template

Almera is an amazing responsive portfolio WordPress theme that will impress you and your visitors. It stunning looking theme with amazingly powerful functionality. Amera best suits gallery and portfolios but it can be used for different purposes as long as you have a lot of images. There are different slider and homepage options, so everyone will be find their perfect fit. Unleash your creativity and start share your portfolio now!

More Info Demo

BIG Gallery WP – Fullscreen Photography/Portfolio

big gallery wp slider theme

Big Gallery is a clean design fullscreen photography portfolio theme. This theme provides with unique way to showcase your photos. It allows to show your work as big as possible in Web bowser. With creative, simple and powerful use of CSS3 and JavaScript this WordPress theme will please the most demanding users. Try theme demo to see it yourself!

More Info Demo

Frame Photography Minimalistic WP Theme

frame - wedding photography theme

Frame Photography is a minimalistic design theme which highlight the main part of your website – photos. This WordPress theme features different page templates for you to choose. Like most other theme it is built using HTML5 and CSS3 and is fully responsive leaving no place for doubt that this it one of the best themes for photography. Frame Photography theme has over 600+ Google fonts for you to choose as well as several options for gallery.

More Info Demo

Folo – Premium Responsive Portfolio Theme

folo creative portfolio theme

Folo WordPress theme is based on grid layout powered by Masonry and snazzy infinite scroll that loads pages on the fly. Minimalistic design along lightbox image effect makes your photos to stand out. Powerful yet simple Theme Options allows to push this theme to new design and functionality heights. Other modern features like Video gallery, social media icons, custom widgets, contact form are also there.

More Info Demo

Skylab Portfolio / Photography WordPress Theme

skylab - multipurpose theme

Skylab is a premium looking portfolio / photography WordPress theme. It packs innovative touch enabled navigation and smooth slider built for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, art and creative directors, movie directors, architects, luxury businesses or anyone who are looking to put their portfolio online. There are no limits for this theme and you can showcase dozens of galleries and thousands of pictures. Each of these galleries can be created using different gallery template.

More Info Demo

HQ Photography Responsive WP Theme

hq photography WP theme

HQ Photography theme is unique and awesome WordPress template that is designed to showcase your photographies in fullscreen. This theme allows to showcase images and videos it full screen which means that most creative artists will find a great use for this theme.. There are various of portfolio and gallery options and loads of other Theme Options ready for your to explore.

More Info Demo

Division – Fullscreen Portfolio Photography Theme

division - light photography theme

Division is premium WordPress theme build with freelancer, creative agency, art directors, illustrators, photographers or bloggers ind mind. Using built-in drag-and-drop interface you can get done everything with ease. Theme customizer will allow you to change and tweak theme colors via simple web interface., This theme is fully responsive and will look amazing on any device including iPhone and iPad. Among other great features this theme has several different gallery and portfolio templates, custom fonts, social network integration, and much more.

More Info Demo

Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

photolux grid style theme

Photolux is a fully customizable portfolio WordPress theme. Theme is best suited for artists, creatives, photographers and other who are looking to showcase their work. Photolux is powered by advanced Theme Options, so everyone will be able to build website they have always wanted. This theme is one of the best selling ones and customer feedback speaks for itself.

More Info Demo

Scroller – Parallax, Scroll & Responsive Theme

scroller multipurpose WordPress template

Scroller is clean, minimalistic yet elegant WordPress premium theme with fully responsive layout optimized for all screen sizes. Theme will suit well for photographers, creative, business and portfolio websites. Scroller theme features lots of amazing features like fullscreen image slider, popular Parallax effect and various other cool functions. All features can be tweaked via simple Theme Options that gives full control over the looks of your website.

More Info Demo


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

This Post Has 67 Comments

  1. @Aigars awesome collection, I and I am sure others really appreciate the effect and quality of your choice 🙂

    Keep rocking ! Also I may have theme suggestion for this collection I will email you later.

      1. hi, do you offer service to write theme / modify on requirement.
        i am looking to buy pexoto theme but with some modifications. Can you do it ?

        i need sign up and login page. so each user can upload their pictures in their account. can you do it ?

        if not is theme any other theme which provides similar functionality. looking forward to hear from you.

        1. Sourab,

          Unfortunately, we don’t offer any WordPress theme customization or development service at this point. However, your mentioned functionality are already included by default in WordPress and you just need to enable it. These WordPress core functions works with any of above listed themes.

    1. I agree Brian, this is an excellent display of various designs to select from. Thanks it this will be a huge help for me in deciding how to redesigning my website.

  2. I have not found a theme that would have an option to zoom in on images in viewer to reach 100% 1:1 scale (exceeding the screen resolution, and pannable). Is nobody interested in showing hi-res full size images? This is photography targeted themes!

    1. It all comes down to usability and design. This kind of images would be completely user unfriendly because of size (it would take minutes to loads a 20 megapixel image on mobile ) and how they would appear on their devices. Imagine 20 megapixel image on an iPhone with its full scale. No one will ever return to your website with this kind of setup.

      There is a reason why Flickr, 500px and other website has certain image size limit.

  3. that’s a great collection. Does anyone knows where or how can I find the background photo from Photochrom theme ?

    1. Nazmul,

      Open any of the above buttons marked as “More Info” and click “Purchase” afterwards you will be asked to register or use your existing account. After registration you will be asked to confirm your purchase and you can change your order in any of those steps.

      Let me know if that helps.

  4. Nice showcase, please does any one know where i can get a wordpress template that looks exactly like this site: imagekind.com

    1. Michael,

      There is definitely no exact clone for this website available as free or premium WordPress theme. But I can suggest you to look into WooCommerce themes because they will come the closest. By using WooCommerce you can add all those custom sorting options, different size options for each product, different materials and delivery options. While these themes originally doesn’t showcase these features, they are part of WooCommerce or at least available as add-ons. WooCommerce is the main takeaway here, don’t try to concentrate on photography themes as they are all about portfolios, galleries, blogs and stock image stores, you need to look into fully functional eStores.

      1. Thank you very much for your response and insight. The client wants me to add a functionality close to that of smugsmug.com

        In fact he wants visitors to be able to create their own windows and frame. How can i achieve this please ?

      2. After Creating their windows and frame, they will submit and then my client will then print out what the visitor created on the site. I dont know if wp can do this. I will be glad if pointed to the right direction or approach.

    1. Ajay,

      Thank you for pointing that out!

      Their demo website appears to be done. Will monitor if this issue will not be resolved in few days, I will remove Gnarly theme from this collection.

  5. Thanks for the list but I’m currently looking for a free wordpress gallery plugin for clients websites dailynewscompany.com and cimenews.com which allows me to include a caption for each image. I’m currently using next gen but with no luck. It allows you to put a description in but it never shows as a caption. It just seems to show each galleries title on the first image of each gallery. Anybody got any ideas. Many thanks.

    1. Olivia,

      I am not sure about Next Gen gallery plugin but default WordPress galleries does support captions by default. There are also option to use Jetpack gallery plugin which would look like this: https://colorlib.com/sparkling/gallery/

      You can hover over images and you will see that several of those images have caption on them. There are plenty of different options available on how to create gallery with captions you just have to play around what is inside WordPress core and what can be extended by using plugins.

  6. Thank you for posting the great selection of photography WordPress themes, all of them have their own distinctive style. I`m planning on redesigning my website in the coming months, these themes have given me some great inspiration.

  7. Thanks for compiling such a useful list photography styled WordPress. It gave me a quick insight to what & what to expect when choosing photograph based theme.

    Although I didn’t choose a theme of this list, it sure helped make my decision, I ending up choosing a theme called Stitchable, if anyone’s interested I got it here: Logodf.com

    Once again, thanks for another amazing post.

  8. This is among the most popular theme collections on our website and we just made a huge update to this it. We removed dozens of themes that felt outdated or where loosely updated by their developers and replaced with dozens of new themes to make sure that you can always find the best themes for photography related websites.

    If you have some specific requirements for themes you can post theme here on comments and I will try to suggest the best theme for your website. I haven’t tested all of these themes but I aware of what these themes are capable of, so feel free to ask questions about themes or WordPress functionality in general.

    1. Hi there, Thank you for your kind offer to help with suggestions for an appropriate theme. My current theme has stopped working so I think it is time to update to something better. I would really like a minimalist full screen slider, interactive photography theme (most of my photography are shot portrait but I do shoot landscape too, so I’d like something that can seamlessly accommodate both) with lots of options and extras like page builder, linking options to social media like twitter/facebook, analytics, SEO, calendar, shop option, meet the team, blog, video and pricing etc. I am rebranding at the moment and my style has become more art portraiture with very cinematic soft lighting done in a quintessential british tailored heritage feel.

      Thanks again for your help!

      1. Ani,

        I can recommend Border and Camilla themes that have all things that you mentioned such as fullscreen image slider, WooCommerce (store) support, blog and everything else.

        Social networks, Analytics, SEO is usually part of premium themes but I would advise not to use these features and use plugins instead. That way you will avoid problem that you are facing now – theme suddenly stopped working. Themes are for design and plugins ir for functionality.

        Let me know if you would like to know more about these themes.

  9. Thanks for compiling such a useful list of styled WordPress themes. It gave me a quick insight to what & what to expect when choosing theme.

  10. I love that themes. I have get one and now my blog looks better. I’m triying to configure all the settings to make it more beautiful.

  11. It took me a while to go through the list of themes, but have found a few for my final selection. As a beginner you have no idea what you are getting into and finding what you like it not always easy.
    This page made narrowed it down from all those thousands of themes to “just” 60. Thanks for making that selection.

    Perhaps even these 60 could be classified as to a beginner vs experienced WordPress user. Or from fully flexible to little possibilities to modify.
    Now I have chosen just what I liked from the demos, but will have to see how much I can actually modify and how it will be.

    To anybody asking me, I will for sure refer them to this site to make there own selection.

    1. Jeroen,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, it might be very difficult to choose the right theme because there are many great themes out there. However, I disagree about complexity and simplicity because all themes are built on WordPress which means that you will get the same user interface no matter which theme you will choose. Of course you will get different Theme Options panel but these are settings that are documented by developers, so it is going to be easy to get through them.

      For customizability you might want to look if theme has some Drag & Drop page builder such as “Visual Composer” or some custom built platform. This plugin helps to build fully custom website layout without writing your own code and many of themes listed below does support it.

      If you can find theme on this list that you like you can be sure that you will get the same result when you will install on your website because all themes comes with demo data, so you can see how everything is created and then remove unnecessary things. It is always easier to remove something than add and that’s why demo content is included with your purchase.

      Let me know if you have any questions regarding these or any other WordPress theme listed on colorlib.com.

  12. Lumen and Ink look AWESOME for bold photography. One really cool option not on the list is Capture by Slocum Themes. It is really fast to load and it has big full-screen views.

  13. hi

    one question
    when i buy a theme as above for photographers, is it suitable for all devices (responsive) ?
    and are the blog and portfolio options included in theme velvet?
    can i install it over and excisting wp site? (i am a wp beginner with installing)

    1. Marlies,

      There is no such theme called “velvet” on this theme collection. Could you please have another look?

      All themes are responsive and mobile friendly which means that they will all look great and function properly on all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

      You can install as many themes as you want via WordPress dashboard – Appearance – Themes and then activate this new theme you have installed. Also you can switch back to your old theme any time. No content will be lost from your WordPress dashboard unless there were something specific that come with your theme such as custom post types, post formats and other settings and content.

  14. Hi Aigars! Can you suggest a theme or a developer that can do something like Vivian Maier’s website? vivianmaier.com – I like how simple but efficient the site is. And I’m new to wordpress and online portfolio world.

    1. Julius,

      Thank you for your questions.

      Your mentioned website is based on WordPress but theme is custom built. It is well coded and there is no unnecessary bloat included with it, so it loads really fast. Developer have done an incredible job with code and performance optimization.

      I no longer offer custom development as Colorlib have took off and so far it is working incredibly well for me. I am developer myself and haven’t had a need to hire someone, so I don’t have anyone that I could recommend. I am more on the other side of the game 🙂

      While there is no exact clone for this theme you might want to have a look at these examples: Skylab, Lens, Division , eClipse, Lightbox, Zyra, Vega, Bow, Diamond.

      Most of these themes are not yet listed on this theme collection but I think would be worth your consideration.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. Hi Its a good forum to share what you found on photography

    I Just bought a theme from themeforest.com a day ago and that theme was too good for me and some of my clients i can use that but i was scare about the theme i like was from new author so i was just worried that what if i get any error in it then will the author of this theme will help me to fix it or will do same as mostly bad authors do like not replying and communicate (2-3 days) you know.

    But i bought it because i loved that theme and got a very small error and I LOVE THE AUTHOR TOo because that was too fast with me they fixed everything in an hour and he give me skype id to connect with them for any help FREE OF COST. So i like themeforest too 😀 because this is how i met with my needs and got a great support 🙂

    Again its very nice theme and love the support they provided me 🙂


  16. Hi there
    I’d like to buy Photolux theme but I’m concerned about 2 things. 1. Resolution 2. Pricing option on toolbar
    – Can I put high resolution pics on this theme if it’s not high res? and what’s the difference between high res themes and themes which have no high res?
    – Can I add Pricing option on toolbar?

    1. Sia,

      1. Photolux theme does support large full size images that looks nice on high resolution displays such as 4K and Retina.

      2. There are no read-made pricing tables includes with this theme but it is not difficult to add another page on your website and list your prices there. If you want pricing tables you can always use free WordPress plugins for that such as this one. There are numerous other free pricing plugins available just choose the one that you like the most.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

  17. Thanks for the very useful post.

    I am ready to buy a template for my photography, and can work either with WordPress or straight HTML. I have one concern however WordPress: scalability. With some themes, changing the size of the browser, the browser itself, or the device the picture is viewed on, either distorts the picture (changes aspect ratio) or winds up showing a fraction of it. I only want to consider themes that will show the entire picture whether the browser is full-screen or in a small window. Ideally, the theme should also be able to display the full picture on tablets and phones.

    Is there some way I can figure this out before I pay for a theme? Is there a terminology I don’t know about I should be looking for that offers full picture view?

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Ed,

      Sorry for late response. I was really busy migrating Colorlib to a new hosting with HTTPS support and everything.

      WordPress while is PHP and backend it generates HTML pages but does it dynamically by taking information from database. Which means that you can use the same CSS styling for WordPress as you would for plain HTML.

      You should look for responsive themes in general as they absolutely must resize properly without distorting images. It is completely unacceptable that theme distorts images and it must be a bug in theme. The main things you should focus on are responsive or mobile-friendly. Both means the same thing but each developers likes to use a different name for that.

      Also don’t just test themes using browser resizing as this is not a proper way for testing. Maybe this theme check for mobile user agents and are not rendered based on browser size but are tailor made for different devices. The best way to test these themes is to actually open them on mobile device or use GooGle Chrome developer tools with its built in device emulator. This tool uses correct device user agent info that will help to test themes properly on different devices using your desktop browser.

      Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for compiling all these! I’m designing an official website for a celebrity (a movie star from the 1950-80s). There are obviously a lot of photos, and the site will be photo-heavy, but will also have pages with quite a lot of text, and a small e-commerce component. Does anything jump out to you as appropriate? I’m especially concerned about the photo gallery being clean, classic and elegant.


    1. Ben,

      Sorry for late response.

      I can recommend you Oshin theme. It is really flexible theme with several demos that you can use as foundation for your upcoming website. On top of that WooCommerce integration is also there which will help you to sell any digital or tangible merchandises.

      Let me know if you have any other question about this or any other theme listed above.

  19. Great list!! Was looking for a new theme that had e-commerce capabilities and now, thanks to your list, I’ve narrowed it down to three – Oshine, ePix and Amada.

    Decisions, decisions!!

    Thanks again.


    1. Jayne,

      Based on feedback we have received from our customers Oshine is the best one on your list. Haven’t had a single complaint about this theme.

  20. Thanks for providing this information. this is very help full to me. I decided to go with Oshine theme for my personal photography portfolio.

    1. Valeria,

      All above listed themes are for WordPress only. Some of theme are available as HTML version and some themes includes PSD files but those are only some exceptions. Are you looking for different website templates?

  21. Hello. Very informative blog. Thanks for sharing WordPress theme. I would like to go the Oshine theme for my photography portfolio.

    1. Reinhard,

      Oshine is the most popular WordPress photography theme today and that’s why we have listed it on top of our theme collection. It’s so flexible that it can be used for any photography driven website and that’s the read why it is so well received.

    1. Eric,

      Most themes are compatible with WPML plugin that helps you to translate your website into multiple languages. However, it is a paid plugin and is not included with any of the themes and you have to purchase it separately. You can read more about this plugin here.

      Let me know which themes you are considering and I will let you know if they are compatible with WPML.

  22. Hi Aigars,

    How are you? I’m looking for a good and responsive wordpress photography theme with woocoommerce. Can you suggest any?
    How much will you set it and make everything working?

    1. Kay,

      Many of above listed themes does support WooCommerce. My favorite are Oshine, Darkroom, ePix and Timber but there are many others. Let me know which theme you like from the list and will let you know if it is compatible with WooCommerce or not.

      Unfortunately, we don’t offer website setup but you can follow this guide. It describes everything from how to choose domain and hosting all way yo finishing touches for your fully working website.

  23. I am very interested the eClipse theme but could not find a way to post in their discussion blog.

    Just one question.. would it be possible to embedd a twitter feed in one of the Thumbnail space ??

    Since I did not see any space for sidebar in the Demo…


    1. There is no sidebar for frontpage because it is all about images and nothing else. You might try to embed twitter feed in blog sidebar or elsewhere but replacing image with twitter feed is going to be rather difficult.

  24. Hi! This is a great resource. I am building a personal web site, and want the ‘standard’ WP features readily available — blog, menus, misc. widgets, a lot of mostly text resource pages etc. But I want to add easy access (organized into galleries/albums by topic, add captions/comments, searchable) to a lot of pictures and a few videos — vacations, parties, etc. I see some themes that seem to co-exist better with sidebars etc. but are there any that would be good for supplementing a site with picture-friendly features rather than ‘taking over’ in a photo-centric design? Thanks.

    1. Jack,

      Since these themes are created for photography websites all demos are created photo-centric. However, you can feel free to create your website in any way you want especially if you choose multipurpose themes such as Oshine, Divi, Armada or others. Theme demos are meant to showcase the maximum what these themes are capable of and you can remove all unnecessary things. You can also create plain text based website using these themes and everything will still just fine.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions and will help you from there.

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