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Masonry Grid Style Themes

20 Masonry Grid Style WordPress Themes Inspired by Pinterest to Build Awesome Blog or Portfolio – 2017

Whether you want to sell your artwork or product, attract a potential client or simply want to show off your work to the world, you need to build a strong online presence to get the attention of your target audience and beat your competitors. We know that one of the effective ways of getting ahead of the competition these days is having a unique website. Using jQuery Masonry or the grid style website template gives your website an extra oomph that sets your website apart from those typical portfolio sites on the web. Essentially, masonry is a revolutionary grid layout plugin for jQuery. To have a clearer view of how masonry layout works, consider it as the flip-side of CSS floats. While CSS floats push theme elements to the left or right, masonry moves elements vertically. It positions each element in the next open spot in the grid, which minimizes vertical gaps between elements of varying height.

One of the perks of using the masonry grid style layout is it makes your site look clean and organized. With masonry’s format, your site visitors are able to take a closer look at your work. A clean and well-structured layout allows you to show off your work in an elegant way and gives website visitors a pleasing experience. If you are planning to build a new blog or portfolio site or wish to give your existing website a revamp, here is the list of the best Masonry/ Grid style WordPress themes.

Grid style websites become very popular after Pinterest was introduced in 2010 and now is among Top 30 websites in the world by traffic. If you are looking for other Pinterest grid style themes you might want to see this collection as well.


Oshine is a visually-appealing WordPress theme for people who value quality and consistency. It includes an adaptable, streamlined design that is sure to attract plenty of views. Upon installation, customers will benefit from informative voiced tutorials. These tutorials can guide them through the personalization process, explaining everything in detail. This assures that even new users can create a competitive site.

Oshine is definitely one of the best products on WordPress, considering that it has earned the approval of multiple niche blogs, reviewers, and customers. Every client can select his/her favorite demo, given that there are 18 distinct variations.  The demos can save you a lot of time, as they are fully functional and ready to go. If you wish to learn more about Oshine and its innovative features, you can access a live preview that is available on the theme website.

As a site owner, you are given the reins of your own page. Every single element can be changed and made to fit your vision. Also, changes can be previewed before they applied, allowing for instant feedback. Even if you are not a seasoned programmer, every option will seem intuitive and user-friendly. Oshine does its best to accommodate all customers, not just those who work in web development.

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uncode-simple-wordpress-blog-site-template Uncode is a wholly impressive, technologically cutting edge, polished and masterfully crafted, developer friendly and cleverly designed, attractive and flexible, engaging and appealing responsive WordPress creative multiuse theme, a potent and secure solution for webmasters of any background or skill level to seamlessly produce the most professional, polished and deeply functional websites across a wide and diverse range of applications and archetypes, easily meeting the demands of a whole slew of industries and fields. That is because Uncode has been packed to the brim with all sorts of advanced and time-saving features, plugins, shortcodes and thoroughly preconfigured page templates for all sorts of specific page needs.

Uncode is capable of handling so many diverse websites and pages because Uncode is built with an advanced JavaScript Masonry technology that truly makes the most from your vertical space, producing wonderfully responsive websites that always look their best regardless of device, platform or screen size. Uncode is also packed full of unique conceptual demo websites, fully decked out with complete inner pages simply awaiting your content and high-resolution images. Retina-ready icons and graphics are all included out of the box for added convenience, making Uncode a truly spectacular looking theme. Try it today!

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Kalium is a modern and attractive, sleek and aesthetically appealing, lightweight and highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose, portfolio and online shop website theme. Kalium is a solid and robust design solution for webmasters who don’t want the hassle of handling any coding but need to craft sophisticated modern websites in a grand style capable of effectively communicating information to a broad range of demographics in a massive, online audience.

To that end, Kalium deploys the premium Visual Composer page builder to ease the entire customization process, combining it with the animated and engaging power of the Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins for good measure. Kalium is built around a curated set of amazing demo websites and convenient, elegant template pages for all sorts of applications and market niches, from neat and fresh-faced online shops powered by WooCommerce to gorgeous, brilliant modern portfolios for professionals to showcase their works and abilities under the best spotlight. You will find Kalium’s capabilities are uniquely powered by a robust handling of grid styles including the most modern and configurable masonry layouts in the market today, capable of presenting all kinds of content in an attractive, original, customizable arrangement. Try Kalium now, and let everything be where it should be!

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gridlove-creative-masonry-style-grid-themeGridlove is a beautiful and professional, polished and imaginative, easy to use and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress creative news and magazine website theme. Gridlove is the result of a laborious and lengthy design and development process, aimed at furnishing webmasters with or without previous coding experience to easily and effectively articulate sophisticated visual environments where they can deploy a number of widgets and custom post styles in hundreds of different iterations and combinations, with thousands of possibilities waiting under the hood.

Gridlove is ideal for blogs, magazines and news websites because its clean and fresh-faced layouts provide a perfect framework for stories to unfold, provided with numerous unique post and widget highlight features that bring your customizable masonry grids to live and keep your audience engaged and entertained. Flexibility is the name of the game with Gridlove, and this means you get a plethora of customizable options for each different predesigned header style, for your sidebars and sticky sidebar, and even for your pagination style, with extensive síngle post layout customization features to boot. Graphic design agencies and creative professionals love Gridlove’s capacity for handsome portfolio management and thorough mobile friendliness powered by Bootstrap. Try Gridlove today, and see for yourself!

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Werkstatt is a pliable and responsive WordPress creative portfolio multipurpose website theme. Werkstatt is a tech-savvy platform for making impressive modern websites. You don’t need to know a thing about coding to get professional results. With a completely visual design process, making custom pages is fast and easy. Use the advanced Visual Composer to craft custom layouts and sections. Deploy dozens of elements in hundreds of styles and combinations. A powerful masonry layout lets you showcase your content any way you see fit.

Your content will come to life with Werkstatt’s smooth animations and attractive hover boxes. No theme out there has as many masonry and portfolio settings as Werkstatt does. You’ll find endless ways to present yourself or your business to your audience. Awesome, clever features like integrated sound options let you spruce up your pages. You can have sounds effects for clicks, hovering and menu animations. With Werkstatt at your side, you can make elaborate, articulate navigational experiences. Your audience will be in awe with your works. Incredible portfolio styles await within Werkstatt. You will find the most incredible options to showcase your accomplishments within. Check out Werkstatt today, and let your creative side flow with total freedom!

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jevelin-masonry-wordpress-blog-themeJevelin is a unique and personable, highly customizable and very intuitive, user friendly and readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is a clean-cut theme designed for webmasters rookies and veterans alike to get instant access to a world’s worth of technological innovation and splendidly smooth functionality without having to write any code, through premium quality visual admin user interfaces that put you in charge of the arrangement, disposition, visual and graphical effects, colors, animations and much more of every single element within every single page of your creative Jevelin websites.

From gorgeous sliders powered by Slider Revolution to seamless Carousels and attention-grabbing Portfolios in a variety of layouts and styles, Jevelin can do it all, and dressed to impress the whole way through. Jevelin is ideal when deployed as a landing page website theme, as it not only includes dedicated landing page demo websites to save you time and effort in initial installation and setup, but it also packs over 40 custom elements that add endless amounts of features and resourcefulness to your landing page website, from customizable user forms to jaw-dropping Video Parallax background sections, Jevelin puts it all at your fingertips. Give Jevelin a go today!

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ROUA minimal portfolio theme

ROUA is a simple WordPress portfolio theme designed with a touch of sophistication. This modern theme is especially designed for artists, freelancers and creative agencies. This theme will definitely save you a lot of time because it is easy to install and very customizable. Its solid framework is built with Bootstrap 3 framework. It has a Redux framework backend panel, which makes theme customization fast and easy. Its parallax headers let you make a statement and let your website standout. ROUA also includes custom page templates, AJAX portfolio and isotope & masonry layout.

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Soledad is a wonderfully expansive, graphically malleable and colorful, vibrant and dynamic, sophisticated and deeply resourceful, easy to use and very flexible and nimble, powerful and ambitious, well coded and highly developed, full featured and responsive WordPress multi-concept blog and magazine website theme. Soledad is a uniquely powerful theme, packing a whopping 250 Home Demo pages, 250 Live Customizer options and over 100 Sliders and Blog combinations available out of the box. That makes Soledad a truly endlessly pliable theme, capable of empowering webmasters of any skill level to create the most gorgeous and modern blog and magazine websites around, with a uniquely conceptual approach that makes every Soledad website truly different and recognizable.

Soledad natively supports a powerful Masonry grid layout  that will present your content in a dynamic, fluid fashion that looks and feels great both on desktop and mobile based devices, perfect for very visual websites that deal in lots of image-based content in various aspect ratios, such as professional photography websites, news websites, content aggregation websites and any other kind of magazine or blog that appreciates the fluidity offered by Masonry layouts. With plenty of powerful plugins, features and resources, there is virtually no end to where Soledad can take your website. Try it today!

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notio clean minimal portfolio theme

The design philosophy of Natio is different from other WordPress themes. It tries to leave its mark, and have a more impactful presence. It wants really hard to avoid being another medium-quality WordPress theme. It attempts to spice things up by adding a full-stack library of animations. Beautiful animation that can be accessed from any platform is definitely one of Notio’s key selling points. The Visual Composer tool is responsible for all of the pages, thus eliminating the need for practical yet mundane templates. If you are to ask an agency for the same results, it would cost a lot of money. Notio delivers on its promises of quality, because it provides you with a service that saves you from spending tens of thousands of dollars. It boasts 8 portfolio detail pages and 10 portfolio layouts. Should you want to establish your own online shop, you must know that WooCommerce is the only reliable way of doing that. It gives you a great advantage, as it is trusted by most of the online community. You need it, because people don’t shop at stores that they do not trust.

If you want to organize your images into pretty slideshows, be sure that the Revolution Slider Plugin can help you out. As the images transition, you will get to see some impressive animation effects. WPML compatibility is also a feature, resulting in a page that can be translated into various languages. This brings more people to your site, and increases the size of your community.

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twofold-creative-masonry-website-templateTwoFold is a gorgeous and highly polished, professionally designed and swiftly malleable, readily responsive WordPress premium fullscreen photography website theme. TwoFold is a powerful and highly versatile platform where webmasters with any level of experience can easily and effectively construct sophisticated modern photography or blog websites in a matter of minutes, without ever seeing a line of code and deploying some of the most advanced web development technologies on the market today.

TwoFold is a surprisingly easy to use venue for you to craft amazing photography galleries, present impressive albums composed of these galleries or individual works, and even assemble entire collections in an instant through the integrated AJAX powered filtering system. Presenting your images is a highly customizable matter, with a slew of handsome, unique layout styles available. Three different masonry layouts are readily available for you to craft your visual style, and you can even set these Gallery and Collection pages as your homepage easily, so you can effortlessly stay on top of your visual design. With TwoFold, even crafting a modern blog website that makes creative use of adaptive masonry layouts is a breezy task. Accomplish all your visual goals and assemble the website of your dreams, with TwoFold!

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CheerUp is a competent and capable, modern and innovative, easy to use and highly engaging, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. CheerUp has been constructed as a purposefully designed platform for the seamless and speedy development of blog website solutions for absolutely any kind of client, project, platform or industry, with enormous flexibility and capacity for expansion under the hood. CheerUp provides a fully functional framework for the design and development of unique blog websites in a variety of amazing styles and presentations, featuring over 100 unique template layouts for you to choose from and dozens of unique demo websites for you to base yours off of, as well as an incredible diversity of options for you to customize your chosen layouts or demos to your heart’s content.

CheerUp is particularly gifted at managing dynamic, attractive modern masonry layouts, with a plethora of customizable grid and masonry options readily available for you to fiddle with. Your content and posts are never displayed as carefully and deliberately as they are within CheerUp. You’ll be amazed by the dozens of detailed customization options for posts, pages and galleries contained within. Make it look right, with CheerUp!

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Paperio is a clean and responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Paperio is a great theme for crafting impressive modern blogs. Users from all backgrounds find in Paperio the things they need to start blogging away today. Creative design is the order of the day with Paperio. Deploy sleek headers and custom footers. Fine-tune limitless sidebars on any page in a couple of clicks. Advanced admin theme settings flip Paperio inside out in minutes. Branding and customizing your end-user’s navigatinal experience is effortless with Paperio. Convenient features like latest posts and trending articles keep things interesting.

Gorgeous post sliders give your finest content the exposure it needs. 7 unique demos let you hit the ground running with Paperio. Impressive layout styles let your visitors peruse your content in your terms. Dynamic and clean masonry layouts are a favorite for modern bloggers. They let visitors gaze upon your content in a shifting and lightweight presentation. Responsive and mobile-friendly, Paperio adapts your masonry layouts to every device. Utter cross-compatibility is built right into Paperio. Reach users on their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops with ease. The Live Customizer lets you mix and match before your very eyes. Check out Paperio today, and find out!

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corpuschristi-grid-style-wordpress-templateCorpusChristi is a clean and purposeful, effective and minimalist, fresh-faced and easy to use, readily responsive WordPress modern blog website theme. CorpusChristi is a slender and lightweight platform for the design and development of simple yet fully functional blog websites across a variety of subject matters and fields of interests. CorpusChristi has been outfitted with a polished set of cutting edge tools, features, widgets and plugins designed to provide you with multiple choices in terms of pages, layouts, post styles and graphic customization through a streamlined interface that requires absolutely no previous coding experience.

Built on a robust framework based on Twitter’s own Bootstrap modular design, CorpusChristi loads fast and looks smooth on every device and platform out there. Resourceful in its roots, CorpusChristi includes multiple modern post styles that keep your blog content entertaining and dynamic, such as video posts and slideshow posts featuring engaging CSS3 powered transitions and animations. Posts with their own sidebar and even posts featuring music are incredibly easy to achieve in elegant style, while a wealth of custom typographical choices empower you to be in total control of the presentation of your precious content. Captivate a broader audience today, with CorpusChristi, and see for yourself!

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Amory is a sleek and attractive, fashionable and youthful, technologically seamless and lightweight, rapidly responsive WordPress premium creative blog website theme. Amory has been developed by a dedicated team of professional coders, web designers and developers in order to create a sophisticated website building kit that can tackle the needs of the most demanding bloggers and professional online magazine editors in the business today.

With Amory’s beautiful, professionally graphically designed demo websites and templates, coupled with the immense creative freedom afforded by the intuitive premium drag and drop Visual Composer page builder plugin, creating your own unique visual statement doubling as personal or professional blogging platform is easier than ever before, and with polished, seamless results every time. Custom categories, custom post formats, limitless color choices, multiple header and footer styles, and complete integration of multi-language support through the WPML translation plugin make Amory a force to be reckoned with in modern blogging. With specially designed Google Ad Block elements within the Composer, monetizing your Amory blog is a quick and painless process that yields results overnight. SEO enhancements from the codebase up ensure maximized traffic and hits as well, completing your blogger equation. Try Amory now, and taste success!

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The Fox


The Fox is an incredibly sleek and purposeful, intuitively structured and very user friendly, tech-savvy and rapidly responsive WordPress contemporary magazine for creators website theme. The Fox has been exclusively designed by a professional theme of dedicated developers and designers aiming to produce a solid, lightweight, flexible modern theme that empowers creatively minded webmasters with or without previous website building experience to put together impressive, resourceful, functional online magazine websites in a matter of minutes, no coding required at any point, and with a myriad advanced features exclusively to the magazine industry that let your users and visitors feel at home and engaged.

The WordPress Live Customizer, expanded to feature over 100 unique, customizable configurations for your every page and template, serves as conduit between your creativity and the dozens of amazing, on point shortcodes and widgets available within The Fox, such as expansive social media features, Facebook Like boxes, highlighted posts for easier viralization of your content, Latest Tweets feeds, Contact Form 7 to create all manners of custom forms for your users to fill out, and a thousand more features to play around with. The Fox is the definitive contemporary magazine theme of 2016. Try The Fox now!

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van WordPress masonry theme

VAN is a minimal and elegant WordPress theme created for agencies, corporations, bloggers and artists who want to show their content using masonry grid style. This theme is 100% responsive and resizes efficiently on different devices to ensure that all your target audience will be able to view your website whatever device they prefer to use. Pixel perfect and retina ready graphic elements are also included in this theme to make your website or portfolio look splendid on HiDPi displays. It is fully integrated with advanced Visual Composer, a drag and drop page builder that allows you to create layout page that you want for your website without touching a single line of code. It is very quick and straightforward to customize, thanks to its powerful admin panel powered by Redux Framework.

It has a MegaMenu functionality that allows you to create extensive dropdown menus that show links, posts, categories and more. With their very efficient Mega Menu, your visitors are able to explore your website without difficulty and instantly find they are looking for. This minimalist theme also comes with unlimited accent colors to help you personalize the look and feel of your portfolio site. It has Google font support for menu, heading and body to improve the readability of your content. VAN WordPress Theme also offers users 2 beautiful homepage styles and 2 layout portfolio layout styles. The 12 PSD files are included in the theme package to give you a quick mockup for a new layout page. Moreover, masonry style theme has Contact Form 7 support to help you build a long list of potential customer/ clients and let them contact you. Finally, VAN is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin to help users set up their own online store without so many complications and sell their merchandise or woks online.

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sleek premium masonry grid theme

Sleek is a chic and modern WordPress theme perfect for building magazine-style websites. This creative and responsive blogging WordPress theme is designed to provide functionality and sophistication into the blog. Its smart layout makes the most of the entire screen size, while making a sidebar fixed and independent in scrolling. Sleek has a very fluid and mobile-first approach to ensure that your website will run smoothly across all types of devices to give visitors an awesome user experience. This theme looks razor-sharp and clear on devices with high screen resolution, thanks to its full retina support.

Sleek comes with 5 unique blog layout options: Minimal List, Masonry, Newspaper, Carousel and Slider. Distinctive post formats are included in this theme to provide variety and richness to your content, both in a single view and in listings. Moreover, the Category and Tag pages of this theme can have customized headings, with supported featured images and description for an inimitable and styled blog archiving. One of the features that makes this blogging theme stands out is its interactive sidebar comment functionality. It also has Tweet post format support that helps you post your latest tweets into your blog. AJAX navigation and AJAX comments creates speed, animation and interactivity for a brilliant user experience.

Sleek is very easy to customize to suit your needs and design preferences. It comes with a user-friendly and intuitive theme customizer that allows you to change the color scheme, font styles and backgrounds. Additionally, Sleek has custom background control for tweaking the background elements of your blog. For faster web development process, Sleek offers grid system, shortcodes and custom blog lists, to support custom page building. Other nice theme features included in this theme are: image slider, Sleek Slider with customizable content, Masonry Gallery with Lightbox, great social media integration, Google Maps, Contact form 7 ready, Disqus support, Translation ready, RTL & WPML support. To end, Sleek is a well-crafted theme with best coding and WordPress practices in mind.

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koncept creative portfolio theme

KON/CEPT is an awesome WordPress theme carefully crafted to showcase creative contents such as illustration, photographs or products in an elegant way. Its modest yet very straightforward design will definitely leave your visitors stunned with the perfection of your website. KON/CEPT is created around a modular concept and an amazing masonry portfolio grid, which is also supported by a solid framework. It comes with three column types, two layout styles, four animation options, two hovering previews, infinite loading, filtering and amazing portfolio theme features that will make your website a suitable platform to show off your design, illustrations or images. Besides, the project pages also allow you to include rich content into your website so you can also slot in anything inside your portfolio. This theme does not focus mainly on exhibiting visual contents as it also provides users a well-built blogging template. With KON/CEPT, your blog will be presented in the way of a well-structured grid with classical inner post design, focusing entirely on your content.

You can change certain elements of your theme with just few clicks using the Theme Customizer. You don’t have to be a professional website developer to install and personalize this theme since it is fully integrated with Visual Composer plugin, a drag and drop page builder that allows you to quickly set up your page layouts without touching a single line of code. This theme also supports WooCommerce plugin to help you sell your works or products online. Web accessibility and usability will never be an issue with this theme because it is 100% responsive functions slickly on all modern devices. In addition, all icons and graphic elements used in this theme look sharp and pixel perfect on retina and HiDPI displays. Lastly, proper heading tags and coding standards are implemented in this theme to guarantee good SEO performance.

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alona - full screen portfolio theme

Alona is a neat and clean creative WordPress theme crafted with an innovative approach suitable for designers, portfolio, freelancers, photographers, creative agencies, studio websites and more. This theme is jam-packed with advanced theme features that let’s your content as well as your brand standout and grab the interest of your target audience. This theme is compatible with WordPress 4+ and built based on Bootstrap 3 frontend framework for easy website development and unfussy theme customization. Alona comes with a very liquid layout that resizes gracefully to any devices. It looks clear and razor-sharp on HiDPI displays thanks to its retina support. The theme’s minimalistic design plus good register on retina ready displays ensure that your audience will have a great viewing experience each time they visit your website.

It has a fully functional layout design that is effectively ‘framed’ within the browser window, which creates a beautiful visual effect that is bound to grab the attention of your visitors. It comes bundled with four optional portfolio layouts (grid, horizontal, vertical & projects), allowing you to choose which one best complement your needs. In addition, it features advance custom fields that makes adding content so easy, over 600 Google font options, FontAwesome Icons, gallery post format slider, super smooth parallax sections and many more. Its user-friendly admin options panel allows you to edit and customize any theme element without putting forth much effort. This theme is designed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding to help you stay abreast of the latest web standards. Establishing good online presence for your brand and ranking at the first page of major search engines become easier with this theme because it is well-coded and fully optimized for SEO. Alona provides extensive documentation and offers outstanding customer support.

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The Voux

the voux masonry style magazine theme

The Voux is a highly responsive, retina-ready and stunning magazine theme for WordPress. Each page is fully customizable through the Visual Composer which allows creation of user-friendly headers with mega menus which enable the use of tags, subcategories and/or categories as a source. You may choose to position the ‘Home’ header at the center or on the left of the page and also include an ‘In news detail’ page header.

Browsing through news articles on the page is made easy for users as the next article loads as they scroll down. The url on the browser also changes in sync with the page being viewed. This feature is possible through infinite scrolling. Besides news articles, galleries can also be showcased not only in style but also in full screen.

As a first for ThemeForest, The Voux incorporates social network plug-ins for facebook, twitter, google plus, and pinterest with the sharing data stored in WordPress and equally visible on the backend. Cache period for the data and choice of social networks can be modified through Theme Options. Finally, the theme is viewable on all devices without taking the quality of the page or any of the elements for granted.

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pluto - beautiful grid layout

Pluto is a clean and sophisticated masonry grid style WordPress theme specially made for casual bloggers. This theme is fully responsive because it is built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Pluto performs efficiently on mobile devices because of its unique reading mode feature. Its powerful admin options panel allows you to customize different aspects of your theme. It also comes with QR code scanner, infinite scroll feature, 8 post formats, predesigned skins, unlimited font and color option, Smart Photo Protection, social buttons and a lot more. Pluto also serves as a functional template for eCommerce websites, thanks to its WooCommerce integration. Moreover, it also includes $76 worth of useful plugins like UserPro, Mega Main Menu, Visual Composer and Private Messaging premium.

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master - masonry grid style theme

Master is a decidedly bold, visually pliable, modern and powerful WordPress news and magazine theme, constructed with the needs of news and magazine websites of all natures in mind, though peculiarly suited for usage in news aggregation websites specializing in massive distribution of news content, articles and media across all sorts of content distribution platforms, such as social media networks. Master includes native search engine optimization, maximizing the performance of your website in terms of traffic and relevant search hits, as well as native ad distribution network integration and support, turning your news website into a revenue stream easily and effortlessly, out of the box!

Master is jam-packed with tools and features to easily and effortlessly build professional looking websites without writing a single line of code. From predesigned layouts to the Awesome Builder plugin and powerful theme customization options, Master puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s look and feel, empowering you with over 40 custom widgets and shortcodes to extend functionality at every turn. Responsive and lightning fast, Master makes for a modern website that feels light on its feet and minimizes server loads. With Master, all that is missing is your content, for your news website to take off!

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1Page grid theme

1Page is a clean and beautiful magazine WordPress theme developed for any kinds of website. Its strong framework is built based on the newest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. 1Page WordPress theme is fully responsive and works suitably on desktops and other mobile devices. This masonry WordPress template is easy to set up and manage, thanks to its brilliant theme and blog options. The blog post options include unlimited images for the gallery slider format with drag and drop functionality. Visitors will enjoy exploring your website content with the theme’s infinite scroll feature. 1Page grid style theme also includes other amazing features like unlimited sidebars, powerful shortcodes, custom widgets, Live Search, navigation for tablets and mobile devices, review system, Tag & Cat map, Google Snippets, unlimited colors and many more.

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Fabulous - Masonry theme

Fabulous is a modern and fully responsive masonry blog theme that comes with a timeless design. This theme is very easy to set up and highly functional. Its masonry grid layout makes your website look clean and organized. Fabulous is built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 code. It offers fabulous features you can use for customizing your website such as custom logo upload feature, unlimited color options, pagination or infinite scroll options, post entry options and a lot more. It also allows you to modify any aspect of your theme via WordPress theme customizer. Fabulous is perfect for creating blog or portfolio for bloggers, photographer, designers and developers.

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Magtastico - grid style theme

If you are looking do a fantastic magazine-like website template, Magtastico is the perfect choice for you. This fully responsive theme is built with clean code and integrated with amazing theme features. Magtastico comes with a masonry layout, which is ideal for creating blog, magazine, photography website or portfolio. Choose a color skin that goes with your brand or business. In addition, the theme offers tons of color and font options you can use in designing a unique website. It also let you personalize the basic element of your theme through its built-in WordPress theme customizer. Whether you prefer infinite scroll or standard pagination, Magtastico got you covered! This incredible theme includes amazing features such as custom post formats, built-in social sharing, contact form 7 plugin, custom image cropping sizes and many more.

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GoBlog - Blog theme

GoBlog is a simple yet fully responsive blog theme that you can use for showcasing your content. This clean theme has 7 different page layouts you can choose from and 8 post formats. It also provides 2 header layout options, infinite color and font options, social sharing buttons, custom CSS option and many more. Its advanced theme options allow you to change the basic elements in your website. With GoBlog, you don’t have to be a professional web developer to build an elegant and professional website.

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story - multipurpose portfolio theme

Show, don’t tell! That’s the basic rule in sharing a story and making an impact to your audience. Story WordPress theme let you present your content in the most precise manner. Its fullscreen slider let you share your story in a full canvas. Additionally, this theme boasts its advanced portfolio gallery that allows you to create spectacular images for your website. It includes an intuitive admin panel, which is packed with theme customization options that allows you to personalize your website. Story is WooCommerce ready to help you easily incorporate an online store to your website. This theme is very flexible and can be used for any type of website, such as creative portfolio, photography, products, corporate and business sites.

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Zefir Masonry WordPress Theme

Zefir is a clean and tastefully designed blog theme built with valid HTML5 and CSS3 code. Its rock-solid framework is built with Bootstrap 3, which provides an effective and user-friendly timeline component. Your website will surely look crisp and beautiful on any types of device and screen sizes because of its responsive and retina ready layout design. Its powerful admin options panel makes theme customization a child’s play. You can take advantage of its built-in sliders in creating engaging visual presentations. Lastly, your post will look clean and organized with its masonry/ grid layout.

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Ibuki - creative business theme

Ibuki is a flat yet ultra responsive grid style WordPress theme ideal for agency, portfolio, creative people and photography websites. This minimalist theme is packed with incredible features such as shortcodes, page builder, theme options panel and Revolution Slider. Its sophisticated and modern framework is designed based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3.0. It has a smooth scroll feature to provide visitor’s a pleasing user experience. Ibuki also offers support for WooCommerce plugin to help you effortlessly build an eCommerce site. Lastly, this flexible theme is SEO optimized and built with clean, semantic HTML5 code.

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Skilt blogging template

Skilt is a modern and elegant tumblog-inspired WordPress theme designed for frequent bloggers. Every aspect of this theme is fully responsive and looks amazing on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. This minimalist theme is developed to present your content in a sophisticated way. Skilt is jam-packed with functional features such as WordPress live customizer, multiple homepage layouts, CSS3 filters for post and page backgrounds, Ajax post like system and many more. This innovative theme is also SEO optimized and compatible with the best SEO plugins on the market. By and large, Skilt WordPress theme offers a crisp and clear, minimalistic design approach with strong focus on typography.

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Twenties - minimal grid theme

Twenties is an elegant and fashionable website template ideal for any blogger, photographer, freelancer or writer. This modern theme is built using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Its clean and smooth masonry grid layout is easy on the eye, which makes your content stand out. This theme is awash with great features like pagination and “load more” options, numerous post formats, styled archives page and a lot more. You can also change the default colors, fonts and other theme elements through its built-in WordPress theme customizer. Twenties grid style WordPress theme is perfect for building modern magazine or blog. It’s elegant and responsive design will certainly keep your readers coming back to your site!

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Lobo - minimalistic grid theme

Lobo provides a fresh and new portfolio concept for creative agencies and designers. This masonry grid style theme is fully responsive and retina ready. It helps graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and other creative individuals develop a professional portfolio with a creative touch. The theme has a custom module builder that allows you to build unique website layouts in no time. Make best use of its parallax or Lobo´s exclusive immersive sticky header to draw the attention of your target visitors or clients.

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Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. I just want to say, if anybody wants to sell a theme to me, DON’T sell it thru envato. they are scumbags. They should be offering no questions asked refunds on stuff we buy that probably won’t work properly anyway but you can’t get a refund, will never buy from them again

    1. Hi Elaine,

      It is not easy to refund a digital product such as a theme. Themeforest is great. You just need to do your homework properly and make sure that it fits what you require. A refund would be great but too many people would lose out and this would encourage all the chancres out there to willy-nilly try a theme and then just say, “Sorry, I don’t like it”. It is not a dress and it is non-refundable after you have downloaded it from the theme forest dashboard.

      Sorry to hear about your horrible experience with them. I have used them for years and so far, no need to go elsewhere. I personally have bought quite a few themes that i did not even bother to use..just because they looked good at the time.

      The decision NOT to use the theme or when I found that the theme does not fit completely what I was after is not the fault of Envato nor the designers.

    1. Ali,

      Masonry style grid doesn’t affect website SEO in any way and there is no negative or positive effect. It is more about usability and overall look of your website. I like Masonry grid style a lot and that’s why we have adopted it on our website as well. Maybe it is not the best example of it but still you can get an idea how it looks and functions.

      If you want to get the best SEO results for your website make sure to optimize your website to make it load as fast as possible. Another thing is to use SEO plugin such as SEO by Yoast to optimize things even further.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about Masonry grid style themes or WordPress SEO.

    2. I believe that a masonry layout is bad for the bounce rate. If you just have a bunch of pictures in masonry with infinite scroll. Your users are very likely to just bounce of after they looked at a couple of pictures, without further exploring the website.

      1. It depends how you look at it. If you implement infinite scroll and track new image/post load (There is a options for Jetpack’s infinite scroll for that and probably for other plugins too) as a new pageview in Google Analytics then you are going to reduce bounce rate to zero. Therefore I don’t think that Masonry or any grid style websites are a porro choice if bounce rate is an important metric for you.

  2. Thank you Aigars for this.
    I need to build fast loading gallery for my blog.

    Wanted to ask if you have this type of gallery, how does it work on mobile device? Does it show images in grid too? Would it not be too small images?

    Second question wanted to ask if all images in Masonry grid get indexed by search engines?


    1. Armands,

      I would recommend to test these themes yourself using any mobile device to understand how they are adopting to each screen size. Grid usually turns into a list of large full width images on mobile just like you would see images on Instagram and other social apps.

      Masonry doesn’t affect SEO in any way. It is a way how your images and content is being displayed and search engines such as Google can’t tell the difference between long list and Masonry grid. It is the same content but showcased differently.

      Let me know if you have any other question about Masonry style themes.

  3. Every website is of either no sidebar or left sidebar I need a right sidebar masonary theme for my website. If you have any link please update your list 🙂

    1. Vivek,

      It is not all that bad and there are several themes with right side sidebar. In some cases it is not showcased on their demo but this layout option is there and you just have to enable it via Theme Options. Some themes with right side sidebar are: Fabulous, Zefir, Twenties and Van.

      So it is not all that bad and there are themes with this kind of layout but you have to spend some extra time to find them.

  4. Hey Aigar,
    I hate to comment here and ask but I really am stuck. I’ve been working on a clients site for months and I just can’t solve my problem and decided to look for a theme. I bought one already for $60 and doesn’t do exactly what I want and I’m disappointed. Maybe you have some insight as to which theme is what I’m looking for.

    I need a theme that displays a gallery with a filter and a infinite scroll. I want it to display just the images and then when an image is clicked it displays a light box. It sounds simple but I see a lot of other themes that have descriptions listed and names, my client just wants the images displayed. If you have any insight please let me know.

    1. Alex,

      The real question is how you can offer custom development services if you have no idea how to create a simple filterable gallery. If theme does not offer this kind of functionality and no plugins have functionality you are looking you can always build you own plugin. All you need to do is Isotope for jQuery style filtering and PrettyPhoto for lightbox. Both are ready made JavaScript based jQuery dependant libraries that doesn’t need any technical knowledge to be used.

      Just Google for Isotope and PrettyPhoto related tutorials and copy/paste everything from there. Your mentioned infinite scroll is not part of most portfolio themes that uses Isotope. But this functionality is included in Isotope and you just have to adopt it for WordPress. Again there are plenty of tutorials that will help you to achieve that.

      Sorry for my negative answer but I feel terrible for your client who is paying for your services. Please spend some time and learn at least basic WordPress theme modification and some libraries such as Isotope and PrettyPhoto and that will help you a lot. It will save you ton of time and will help you to sleep better in night knowing that you offer a service you can actually deliver.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions about my above mentioned libraries or WordPress themes and I will be happy to help.

  5. would you be kind enough to mention my new masonry grid FOTOWAVE theme for wordpress which comes with special hover effect and few photographer goodies like touch enabled gallery with pinch and zoom capability


    1. Tom,

      This theme is called Expressivo but we have removed it from the list as it has been discontinued but its developer. Will make sure to change featured image shortly to avoid confusion.
      Thank you for reporting it!

  6. The Master theme seems to be out of date. wordpress.org theme page says it is over 2 years since it was updated. You may want to check and update or take out of this list. Thanks for the list, good picks!

    1. AmiV,

      Those are two completely different themes. Your mentioned is a free and completely outdated theme which is distributed via WordPress.org. One that you can see listed here is a theme which was released only year ago and and was updated less than a week ago. There are no restrictions to use the same theme name as long as they are distributed via different platforms and the original author is ok with that.

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