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16 Outstanding Free WordPress Gallery Plugins 2019

16 Outstanding Free WordPress Gallery Plugins 2019

Depending on the content your website is all about, installing a tool from our best free WordPress gallery plugins collection is a wise decision to make. WordPress’ default installation comes with a gallery, however, it lacks features and functions. You cannot do any of the fancy stuff rather keep it as basic as it can get. If you truly want to impress your users with your wonderful media, this article is the right one for you.

Even if they are free, the plugins you will find below treat you with plenty goodies. Still, some are more on the minimal side while the other get pretty complex. With this in mind, setting up most of the tools will take you little to no time. Meanwhile, you might read the documentation to get the gist of it first with some. But this does not mean that all of you without the technical knowledge will struggle. Far from it! Everyone will have a blast creating outstanding galleries and portfolios for their WordPress websites.

Whether you have a photography website, a portfolio site or maybe you are a travel blogger, creating stunning galleries is inevitable. For the best user experience, before crafting a gallery, you should first optimize your images so the final piece of mastery will load extremely fast. No one is interested in flipping through a gallery if pictures take ages to load.

Without wasting too much of your time with the intro, let’s move on and check some of the best free WordPress gallery plugins.
Shall we begin?

Modula (Trending)

If you are looking for something a touch more creative and contemporary, then you should go with Modula. The moment the dashboard opens, you will notice that Modula is quite different compared to the majority of free WordPress gallery plugins. When creating a new gallery, you set the name, add a description, specify gallery width in percents and gallery height in pixels. You can even set the hover effect and pick images from the WordPress media library. Each image can have a title and a subtitle, to give the viewer a better understanding of what the photo is all about.

After that, Modula creates a random grid inside the specified measurements. What’s refreshing about the plugin is that you can control the randomness. By switching it off, you will create a classic, everyday gallery. Meanwhile, by keeping the “random factor” on, you can add a distinct look to the gallery. After pressing the save button, it generates a unique shortcode which you can then use in posts and pages. But you do not have to copy and paste it. You can simply choose the desired gallery you created in the editor. For a modernistic image gallery, Modula is a terrific plugin to pick.

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Envira Gallery

envira free wordpress gallery plugin
A plugin which has a whopping number of downloads and plenty 5-star ratings must be absolutely fantastic, don’t you think? If you do not know where to start and how to pick the ideal plugin, you can easily go with the one which is the most popular. Read the reviews and if people dig it, there is no reason why you would not like it, too.

When it comes to free WordPress gallery plugins, Envira Gallery is a highly popular one. Still, we have even more popular plugins (with over one million installs) ready for you. However, since this is no competition of sort, we listed all tools in no particular order. At the end of the day, this is a collection of the best plugins after all.

Envira Gallery is a drag and drop gallery builder which requires zero coding and design knowledge. It is easy to use, yet your final product will look like an experienced professional built it. Moreover, your galleries will load super fast what adds up to your site’s overall user experience. And keep your website’s search engine optimization intact. The simplicity of Envira Gallery will definitely hook you immediately when you start putting it to use. Use it to its full potential and create the much-needed photo and video galleries your users will enjoy.

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NextGEN Gallery

nextgen free wordpress gallery plugin
You are looking at the one million downloads big plugin for WordPress galleries I mentioned earlier, called NextGEN Gallery. It has been around since 2007 and keeps on growing and growing. While it looks very basic, NextGEN Gallery does not lack fantastic features even for the pickiest photographers and creative individuals. You will all be treated with a great solution for crafting stunning galleries full of your magnificent creations.

NextGEN Gallery offers two options how to display your content; either as a slideshow or a thumbnail gallery. In addition, there are two albums available for you to go with; compact or extended. Pick whatever suits your needs best and benefit from all the tweaks you can perform. You are able to have full control over size, lightbox effects, transitions and a whole lot more.

You can also edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, upload photos and rearrange pictures however you fancy. Building, managing and maintaining unlimited galleries on your website will be hassle-free with NextGEN Gallery. That is a guarantee. If the free version is not enough for you, at any given time, feel free to upgrade to the pro version. But you do not have to if free’s features are more than enough for your needs.

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Photo Gallery by WD

photo gallery by wd free wordpress plugin
Adding a responsive and mobile friendly photo or video gallery to your WordPress page with Photo Gallery by WD plugin will take you only a few minutes. With hundreds of thousands of active users, the plugin is one of the most popular ones out there. There are many advanced features that Photo Gallery by WD supports. This makes it very flexible in regards to covering as many different webmasters’ needs and requirements as possible.

Photo Gallery by Web-Dorado gives you the opportunity to add photo galleries and albums to posts and pages smoothly. It also supports multiple widgets which help you bring your delightful galleries to even more locations on your website. You can display content in a range of different views, like thumbnails, mosaic, masonry, blog-style and slideshow. There are no limits how many images you can upload, not even how many albums you can create. There is nothing Photo Gallery by WD would shy away from. It can face even the toughest challenges.

Some of the coolest add-ons of Photo Gallery by WD is the eCommerce integration. Photographers and other creatives can now sell visuals using their freshly designed gallery. But that, my friends, you can unlock only by paying a fee.

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grandwp free wordpress gallery plugin
GrandWP is a simple, yet highly efficient, free WordPress gallery plugin that will take your web space to an entirely new degree. With little work and time invested, your online presence can now be much hotter and engaging. In just a few clicks, you can now create enticing photo galleries with GrandWP and shine online. Also, the tool supports unlimited photographies and comes with all the necessary functions and several more as an icing on a cake.

Moreover, GrandWP includes five different views which will definitely help boost the appearance of your website or blog. Two-type Lightbox, various sorting types, custom CSS, shortcodes and quick upload are some of the features of GrandWP. Of course, the final gallery layout is also entirely responsive and cross-browser compatible. Additionally, GrandWP also supports YouTube and Vimeo content in case you are interested in adding videos, too.

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Video Gallery

video gallery free wordpress plugin
Some plugins are just for images, some for videos and there are the third ones that support both. Video Gallery is the middle one. It is a free WordPress gallery plugin that supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and MP4 formats. The setup process of the plugin is quick and simple, making sure you create stunning video galleries without hassle. In other words, even if you are a beginner, you will still succeed at it.

Video Gallery supports all modern WordPress themes and does not have a problem acclimatizing to different types of websites. Whether you run a blog, a business page or an entertainment website, Video Gallery works with all of them flawlessly. It rocks sixteen templates, nine gallery layouts, hove effects, Lightbox effect and catchy animations to name a few. You can customize the look, and fine-tune the features so it blends perfectly with your theme.

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Image Gallery by Ape

gallery images ape free wordpress plugin
Image Gallery by Ape is another cracking free WordPress gallery plugin that will beautifully decorate your websites and blogs. And it is one of those plugins that supports both image and video content. You can now craft intriguing galleries that will keep your visitors around for longer. Deliver a spectacular experience for both desktop and mobile users and make a difference. Indeed, it takes little time to install, activate, configure and bring your fresh gallery to your page. Also, Image Gallery by Ape makes sure that newbies and pros get the most out of it with ease.

While the plugin might be free, it comes with countless valuable features. It supports multiple categories, has a Gutenberg block, load more function, hover effect and shortcode. There are also social media buttons for sharing, but you can enable or disable them if necessary. Create a gallery that will knock everyone’s socks off with Image Gallery by Ape today.

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photonic free wordpress gallery plugin
Photonic is a highly versatile free WordPress gallery plugin that will help you realize outstanding galleries. If you always wanted to have more features in the WordPress default gallery function, make it happen with Photonic. Along with adding your custom content, Photonic also supports 3rd-party image platforms, like Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos and SmugMug. On top of that, you can also use Photonic for building video galleries.

What’s more, Photonic indeed works smoothly with the new Gutenberg block builder. In fact, even if you have some content created with Gutenberg and some without, Photonic still works like a dream. There are also multiple different layouts to choose from for displaying your content exactly how you want it. Editing and adjusting the Photonic gallery is also a piece of cake, for everyone to use it without a hitch.

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foogallery wordpress gallery plugin
Straightforward and efficient WordPress plugin for creating eye-catching galleries. It is responsive, retina ready and does not slow down your page loading speed. While FooGallery plugin is ideal for all levels of users, from newbies to advanced, it is also developer friendly. Use it out of the box and customize it to follow your requirements to a T. With the available features, plenty is possible with this free gallery building tool. It fully supports video galleries and the creation of albums. The latter comes as an extension which you can enable on the extensions page. When enabled, a new menu item will appear where you can add albums in a similar fashion compared to adding galleries.

FooGallery supports lazy loading, custom CSS for galleries and albums and visual shortcodes in the text editor. Rearranging images and galleries is done with the simple drag and drop organization. With the built-in media library, you can access and manage all your content and create galleries using beautiful templates. FooGallery is an extensible free WordPress gallery plugin which will help you integrate attention-grabbing galleries to your websites.

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Photo Gallery by Supsystic

gallery by supsystic free wordpress plugin
Photo Gallery by Supsystic is a free product with which you will not have a single issue designing grid photo galleries. With various layouts and features, you can easily create the precise look of the gallery you want to rock on your page. Users will enjoy clicking and checking out the photographies which will keep them on the page for longer. And you just scored yourself a few extra points by Google. The longer the visitors stay on your site, the more likely your website’s SEO will improve.

The layouts you can choose are fixed, horizontal, vertical and mobile. Speaking of mobile, Photo Gallery by Supsystic is optimized for all mobile devices to appear beautifully and readjust to the screen size in an instant. You can benefit from the polaroid, full-width and mosaic gallery along with watermark function and additional caption builder. Although there are limitations with the free version, you are still able to create impressive galleries.

Your blogs and business websites will look even more professional than they did so far. With an easy integration of a top-notch gallery, you can have a great impact on your visitors. Get them intrigued and turn them into returning visitors and even loyal clients.

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Robo Gallery

robo gallery free wordpress plugin
To skip using the default WordPress gallery and move to something way more proper, use Robo Gallery. If you are looking for a quick and efficient solution, again, use Robo Gallery. With our free WordPress gallery plugins, you can effortlessly boost your website’s appearance, making it look first-class. Plus, for the most part, every tool is uncomplicated, what makes its use a child’s play and newbie-ready.

From the installation of Robo Gallery plugin to having your first gallery live on your website will pass just a few minutes. To reach the same results even quicker, watch the installation and setup guide video and get the gist of it in advance.

Robo Gallery has nice hover animations (fifteen in total), flexible thumbnails layout and adapts to any screen size promptly. Its media manager has an option to upload images in bulk with just one click. Advanced cache options, manual resizing tool, lazy loading and customizing text style are some of the key features of Robo Gallery. The plugin also supports swipe effect, videos and social sharing. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the number of features Robo Gallery comes with. And all the mentioned above come with the free version of the plugin.

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Grand Flagallery

grand flagallery free wordpress gallery plugin
Grand Flagallery is a versatile free WordPress gallery plugin which can do a whole bunch of things for you. It is not only for building image galleries. You can also use Grand Flagallery for audio and video galleries. Use it to showcase your latest photo shoot or take your users on a journey through your recent trip to Berlin, Germany. Each gallery, photo, audio or video, you publish is search engine optimized and ready to accept mobile and tablet users. For mobile users, Grand Flagallery supports touch controls for flawless browsing.

There is a full how to guide available which you can go through to check how Grand Flagallery works. There are also different skins available for you to use upon install. No need to come up with your own styles if you dig the ones already available. One day, you feel like creating an image gallery while the other day, you finally have all the video material ready to put it in a slideshow. With Grand Flagallery plugin, you can realize it all in next to no time.

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Gmedia Photo Gallery

gmedia photo gallery free wordpress plugin
An all-in-one media gallery for your gorgeous photos and fascinating videos, Gmedia Photo Gallery plugin covers it all. Indeed, if you are putting together audios of all sorts, the plugin will be happy to help you out with inserting a music player into your website. Almost all media files can be managed with Gmedia Photo Gallery. It is a very powerful tool which, at the same time, is fairly basic and simple regarding setting things up and making it work for you.

Adding and managing content with Gmedia Photo Gallery does not require any skill. You can upload as many photos and audio files as you want. Videos, too. Creating as many galleries and playlists as you need will be a fun work to do. You can group items in albums and help save yourself a lot of time using tags. Upon uploading the files, assign relevant tags to them and you can add pictures and audios to various groups in unison.

Gmedia Photo Gallery smoothly integrates with WordPress and looks like a regular post. Moreover, you can use the search bar in the admin to find albums and galleries in a snap. Create something fresh for your website and make users hungry for more.

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Easy Media Gallery

easy media gallery free wordpress plugin
Easy Media Gallery plugin’s name speaks for itself. It is a free WordPress gallery plugin which you will not need to take much time setting it up for you. On the other hand, it comes with many features for creating much needed galleries. With Easy Media Gallery plugin, your site’s visitors will enjoy browsing and flipping htrough your content even more. No matter the device they are using, galleries and portfolios put together with Easy Media Gallery will adapt to the screen like a dream. No need to worry about the user experience since it will be intact. As a matter of fact, it might even get improved after placing an eye-friendly gallery on your page.

From photo and video to audio galleries, Easy Media Gallery supports all formats. In the easy-to-use control panel, you can change colors, reposition media, adjust grid and size of the content and much more. If you already have images in your media library, you can use those. No need to upload content one more time. Pick the media you would like to put into a gallery and with the Easy Media Shortcode Generator place it on the pager or in a post. For your information, with the free version, you can create up to three albums or galleries with no more than 15 photos per album.

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Portfolio WP

portfolio wp free wordpress gallery plugin
Bringing into being a grid photo gallery with Portfolio WP plugin will be a piece of cake. The key features of the free version are responsiveness, layout composer, shortcode, customer support and comes with one layout style. For a basics user, these might be more than enough to display their work in a way to magnetize even more visitors. You can use it for your photographies, your creative projects, YouTube videos and even to introduce clients and team members. Portfolio WP is an all-around plugin that you can use for a variety of intentions. Whatever you believe will work best if displayed in a grid, Portfolio WP plugin will make it happen for you. There you have it, another splendid WordPress product to use for building galleries and portfolios.

To create a fully working portfolio website, the best portfolio WordPress themes are the ideal way to go.

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Galleries by Angie Makes

galleries by angie makes free wp plugin
To be frank, I do not know how, but I almost missed Galleries by Angie Makes plugin. The moment I stumbled across the tool and checked the demo, I instantly knew it is a must-have inclusion into this free WordPress galleries plugins collection. And once you see it in action, you will know why it is so, too. Galleries by Angie Makes is a robust galleries creation product which you will enjoy using. It comes packed with features ideal for photographers and creatives. However, everyone who is in need of a gallery or even a slider can use Galleries by Angie Makes plugin. There are no limits who can and who cannot benefit from it.

From one to nine columns mosaic galleries and carousels to autostart sliders, it is all realizable with Galleries by Angie Makes. There is even an option to create a slider with additional thumbnail links at the bottom. You can display your work on your website in many ways, let it be on a page or inside a blog post. Link images to internal or external URLs to get visitors to the location as quickly as possible.

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  1. Nice listing! Thanks for your hard research. All plugins awesome.
    Modula is my favorite WordPress plugin that helps create stunning image slider and video slider for your WordPress website. It has unique features like touch and swipe navigation, drag and drop visual slider builder, multi-media content and many more.

    1. Am I right in saying Modula Gallery free version does not allow more than 20 images? There is not enough precision on the plugin and their available functionalities; had there been more details ( such as ‘Modula is really great yes but dont forget not more than 20 images per gallery for free version! So dont go about installing it if you have a gallery of more than that! Else you pay; a man’s gotta eat u know!’ )

  2. These are the best gallery plugin in the market, no doubt. I have tried most of them. Beside these, I have also tried some other unfamiliar gallery plugin which are not bad at all comparatively many of these gallery plugin. e.g. WP Modula, it is a new gallery plugin with 3 different lightbox scripts. I found this plugin very helpful with lots of customizable features. You can try this gallery plugin too.

  3. Thanks for sharing great list of player but search on google Responsive HTML5 Audio Player PRO is best ever bcoz i have purchased and used on my site, very simple easy to operate, you can download and share song with social media friends, u also can create list etc….

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