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8 Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2021

Selling a product is never an easy task, and selling online is a great deal more difficult. When you sell a product online, it’s important to remember that your potential customers have many other options, and you need to convince them that your product is somehow a better fit for them. If you’re going to attempt this in lengthy paragraphs, you’ve lost a customer right at the very start. Bullet points are okay, but even better than bullet points are pricing tables and comparison tables.

These tables present all the features of the product and the price for such features in one screenshot. They can also compare your product, feature for feature, with that of a competitor to establish why your product is better value for money. There are a number of WordPress Pricing Table plugins that help you add these tables to your website in a pleasing and effective way.

WordPress pricing tables can be used for listing product features, product prices, product highlights and comparison with any other product, including a competitor’s product. You can use it to illustrate the change in the price of a product as the features differ. At a glance, visitors can gather the information necessary for them to evaluate a product.

Pricing table plugins not only help you tabulate the product features and prices, they can also highlight features, options and plans by using different color backgrounds, fonts, animations, tooltips and popups. And so long as you do not clutter the table with unnecessary information, they can make it easier for your visitors to come to a decision on whether to make purchase or not. To add these tables to your WordPress website, you can rely on CSS3 table templates or pricing table plugins.

Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

When it comes to plugins for adding pricing tables to your website, the WordPress plugin repository offers only a limited choice. But the few that are available can easily handle the task of adding and displaying attractive tables on your website.

Easy Pricing Tables

Once you activate Easy Pricing Tables on your website, it’s rather easy to build pricing tables and comparison tables. These tables are not merely functional, they are designed to convert. The plugin adopts the conversion rate optimization best practices, and guides you through the process of creating highly converting tables. And once you create a pricing table using the intuitive interface, you can insert it anywhere using a shortcode.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugins: Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is a responsive plugin and works with any WordPress theme. You can customize colors, font sizes and round off the borders. You can also use custom CSS to style your table. The plugin allows you to create any number of rows and to use drag and drop to reorder the columns, as well as feature your most popular pricing table.

The premium plugin packs in many more features such as ten pricing table designs, additional customization options, priority email support and tooltips. It connects easily with most shopping carts. Add-ons offer Google Analytics integration that tracks table button clicks, and pricing toggles that allow you to switch between monthly or yearly pricing or between currencies. The premium plugin comes with a sixty day unconditional money back guarantee.

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Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic helps you build beautiful and responsive pricing tables with the help of an online builder. These tables support tooltips and hover animation and allow you to add any number of rows and columns. Preset templates are available and you can simply use those if you wish. The plugin allows you to align text within the table and add a descriptive column to it. You can also add header and footer rows as well as text, images, video, icons and buttons to your table.

Pricing Table by Supsystic

The text, background color and the font settings, can all be adjusted. You can add a badge for the columns, an icon to the header, import and export tables, and disable autosave in pricing table. To highlight any column, simply enlarge it. The plugin also includes a CSS editor.

The premium version of the plugin includes a pack of premium tables and restriction on access, based on user roles.

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Responsive Pricing Tables

The Responsive Pricing Table adds a tab in the Admin panel in your WordPress using which you can create as many tables as you like. You can create these tables in WYSIWYG mode and customize the table by changing colors and many other details. With a simple shortcode, you can get the table to display anywhere.

Responsive Pricing Table

From the settings page of the plugin you can assign a title, subtitle, description, price, periodicity, small icons, button URL and text. Besides you can highlight any one plan, remove currency signs for the free plans, change the currency for the remaining plans and set how the links should behave when clicked. If you want to choose from additional skins or add tooltips to your table, you’ll need to purchase the premium plugin.

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Pricing Tables by PickPlugins

Pricing tables by PickPlugins enables you to add any number of tables anywhere with shortcodes. The tables can have unlimited rows and columns. If you wish, in each column you can display vimeo videos or YouTube videos simply by adding the URL. It allows you to add descriptive text in the header as well as against the prices. Images can be used within the columns.

Pricing Tables by PickPlugins

The background color for the header and for the column can be customized. A background image for the table area can help you add character to your table. It’s possible to include unlimited ribbons, featured column and insert tooltips anywhere. Using the plugin is easy – after activation find the ‘Pricing Table’ menu and select ‘New Pricing Table’ and proceed to fill in the options as per your need.

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arprice responsive pricing table wordpress plugin
Creating responsive, vibrant and attention-grabbing pricing tables and plans becomes a piece of cake with ARPrice. It provides a whole bunch of features and functionalities that will get you going in no time. The convenient real-time editor in combination with ready-to-use templates will complete the project swiftly. Even if you have not yet build a layout for pricing plans, you will now execute it comfortably with ARPrice.

Of course, ARPrice’s pricing tables follow all the latest trends and regulations. In other words, it is a guarantee that the final product will work smoothly on all devices, retina screens and modern web browsers. Choose from preset color skins, utilize the power of drag and drop builder, introduce your own signature style and get things moving forward. Little do you know, in just a few clicks and edits, you can be done already.

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Pricing Table For WPBakery

price table for wpbakery wordpress plugin
If you are using the outstanding and super handy WPBakery page builder, here is a WordPress pricing tables plugin for you. No need to complicate and go after creation from scratch. Simply choose a tool that does the job and you can save yourself loads of time and energy. When it comes to pricing plans and tables, our collection of plugins will do the trick for sure. On top of that, with this pricing tables plugin for WPBakery, you will create basic, yet impactful, web design that will bring to the table all they require. Provide all the information that the plan includes, the cost and that is pretty much it. Keep things simple and win them over.

Some of the features include mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible layout, custom content, external linking and neat animations. Choose one from several ready-made templates and adjust it to your needs precisely.

More info / Download

Pricing Table

abc pricing table wordpress plugin
You do not really need much information when it comes to the Pricing Table. This free WordPress pricing table plugin does exactly what it says it does only by reading its name. No need for further explanation. However, we will talk about the amazing perks that the tool comes with. And those are pretty vast, considering that the plugin does not cost you a single penny. You can start pushing products and services online in a little breeze with Pricing Table.

Some of the goodies of the plugin include four template designs, custom CSS style, Elementor page builder compatibility, Bootstrap-based and columns settings. The layout is also mobile-ready, as well as in tune with all modern web browsers. Simply use the shortcode and display pricing on any of your pages or posts.

More info / Download

Pricing Tables For WPBakery

pricing tables for wpbakery
If you are working with the powerful and practical drag and drop page builder, WPBakery, this is the extension that you need for creating pricing tables. All it takes is a few clicks, and you can have it all set and ready to go live. Also, there is no need to change code or perform any other advanced tasks when it comes to modifying and adjusting Pricing Tables For WPBakery plugin. Easy work for excellent results, that’s what’s up.

Moreover, Pricing Tables For WPBakery rocks an entirely responsive design, making sure the superb performance stays intact across all devices and platforms. Animations, external linking, custom heading and complete control over columns are just a few extras that come in the Pricing Tables For WPBakery kit. Start pushing your products or services and enjoy taking your business to new heights.

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WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables is a responsive plugin that that does not use any JavaScript, it relies on CSS3. With the plugin installed, it’s possible to add as many tables as you want, each with any number of columns and rows. These columns and rows can be reordered in any way you want using drag and drop.

WRC Pricing Tables

The plugin also includes multiple package ribbons, feature tooltips, link buttons and check / cross icons. Using the Color Picker you can change the color of each row or column, the package ribbons as well as the tooltips. Simple animations such as enlargement of a column on hover and doing away with shadows upon highlight are available.

If you opt for the premium plugin, you get to choose from eleven ready made templates. Further, you can copy existing pricing tables in a jiffy, import and export pricing tables from one site to another and integrate a PayPal button. Viewers can toggle the pricing options between various periods or currencies. As site admin, you can also choose to hide parts of the table.

More info / Download

Premium WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

The premium plugins offer a great deal more by way of customization options and ready made templates. They also offer a higher level of support for their product.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables offers two styles of tables in 20 color options, all of which use CSS3 and HTML. You can have unlimited tables and rows, configure the dimensions both in pixels and percentages from the settings page, and preview all the changes using the Live Preview option. Different hover styles and addition of tooltips is possible. Moreover, you can toggle between expandable columns, sliding columns and column highlights.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

You also get to choose from over 40 different icons to place beside your list of features. 60+ ribbons are available and you can add them to one or more columns. If you wish, you can hide some columns. The plugin files load only when the option is chosen and the tables are all implemented using shortcodes.

More info / Purchase

Go Pricing

Go Pricing takes building tables to a whole new level, giving you many more features than other comparable plugins. It offers 250 templates for your tables, and you can be fairly sure that you’ll find the one you need for your website from among these templates. Moreover, it’s compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, so if you need any further customization, that’s easy too. You get to choose from over 2000+ font icons, and make changes from an easy to use interface and see all the changes that you make in preview mode. From the dashboard, you can also perform bulk actions like cloning, exporting and deleting tables. Import of tables and data from another site is also possible.

Go Pricing

Each column can have ribbons and customized text and fonts, along with 39 transition effects for your columns. The columns also support various Media Elements like Audio, Video, Image or Map. Various bulk actions like import export or cloning help you manage your tables. The plugin includes animation effects and can delay the display of table elements. It also supports PayPal purchase button.

More info / Purchase


pricing tables sliders comparison tables wordpress plugin
The letters PTSC stand for pricing tables, sliders and comparison tables. Yes, this next WordPress plugin is actually a 3-in-1 tool for building the three mentioned earlier. Not only are the layouts compatible with mobile devices and web browsers, PTSC also works flawlessly with Fusion and WPBakery builders. That said, setting up pricing tables for your business page will be stress-free. Indeed, you can easily and quickly do it all by yourself, without the need to hire someone to integrate pricing tables into your web design.

PTSC comes with many outstanding features, like tooltip support, recurring pricing, toggle pricing, custom discounts and currency toggle to name a few. After you unbox the package, you get instant access to over fifty creative designs. While you can use the one you fancy as is, you can also modify and adjust it accordingly.

More info / Download

Plugmatter Pricing Table

Plugmatter Pricing Table helps to design tables that are not merely attractive, but also converting. It includes ten customizable and responsive templates in two styles. The matrix templates that allow horizontal scanning, highlights features over packages and is a good fit for large feature sets and pricing tables. The card templates on the other hand, allow vertical scanning, highlights packages over features and is good for small and medium tables. You can customize these templates from a Visual editor. Further, using simple drag and drop, you can reorder the rows and columns.

Plugmatter Pricing Table

The plugin includes a cell editor that lets you customize the text and fonts within the cells. You can add tooltips to describe features, add icons and links to the features. 23 button designs are also packed into the plugin, and they can hold a main text, a sub-text as well as an icon. The buttons come in three styles – regular, flat and ghost. Add the tables anywhere using shortcodes, and test them for conversion rate with split testing. The Plugmatter Pricing Table is responsive, integrated with Google Events Tracking System and includes Advanced Custom CSS compatibility.

More info / Purchase

Wrapping Up

To be effective, the tables must be crisp and simple and capture the features, prices and differences between products in one screenshot. The tables in this list can surely help you design and display such tables. These tables are suitable for selling any service or product online, including digital products. If there’s any quality plugin missing on this list, do let us know in the Comments below.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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