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WordPress Document Management Plugins
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8 Best WordPress Document Management Plugins 2022

Plugins are essential to make your website user-friendly, letting them navigate on your page smoothly. With that being said, you still need to be extra careful with the add-ons you will avail from the market. You have to make sure they are bug-free to avoid further problems in the future. Before choosing any of them, you can do some trials to test their capabilities.

Of course, the essence of plugins differs from what you are trying to aim at your website. You can search for reviews on the internet to see their performances, but you don’t have to. We are here to give you clear feedback and suggestion of plugins that are perfect for your site’s purpose.

When looking for WordPress Document Management Plugins, you need to make sure that they are compatible with the themes you have purchased.

WP Docs

Minimalist design for document management on your website - WP Docs

WP Docs has the premium quality to let you manage your documents inside your website. You can have better navigation with the Breadcrumb Bar inclusion. It will assist your better with a lot of features included in it. I’m also happy to tell you that this plugin is free. The only thing you have to do is to download the plugin today.

This plugin can help you organize your files while saving a lot of time. It would also be possible for you to create, edit, and delete directories and sub-directories. Moreover, it has a front-end refresh-based file browser and document preview and thumbnails for all files. One of the reasons for its smooth navigation is jQuery and Ajax-based.

You can manage your documents into different directory listings and files. It works with a 5 or higher version of WordPress.

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SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project and Document Manager is a document management plugin which has a search bar function

If you search for a multi-purpose plugin for your documents, you will probably love this SP Project & Document Manager. It comes with various features to help organize your files on your website. You can create limitless folders and files for your videos, documents, etc. What comes to a folder is the sub-folder to narrow down your searches when you need to find your items more accessible.

This plugin also allows you to manage your clients, student, and supplier documents and accounts. It is important, especially if you are carrying business on your website. It’s easier to have a scatter when you have several clients on your site.

SP Project is perfect for online entrepreneurs. Its feature is easy to modify with straightforward layouts. You can add and change it anytime you want. Also, you can submit tickets to the developers, and they are happy to reach out.

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Memphis Documents Library

See the name, download counts, version, owner, date of last modification, and rating of your document management plugin.

This WordPress Document Management Plugin is an excellent tool for organizing and distributing your file through your website. It comes with several features letting you manage documents easier than before. It has a new feature – the Front-end Upload Button. Rest assured, Memphis has the latest update of having the bug fixed together with the permission of previewing images.

You can have the Document Preview and Thumbnails with any file type. What’s more, you can upload 2 or more files once into the system. You will love this plugin more about your ability to view and revise your file into the older version if you prefer the old one.

Another thing, it is possible for you to share your files on other websites. You can also assure that it exports your libraries to backup your files if anything happens. As you download the plugin, you’ll see more of its available features.

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WP Document Revisions

WP Document Revisions is perfect for multiple users revising a document

Managing the document as a team is crucial, especially if you want to create a more accessible website for both you and your clients. This plugin allows you to track, store, and organize different types of files. It tracks the progress of each document and will enable you to edit and manage to improve its workflow. With its collaboration tool, you can improve and edit your documents the way you want them to be.

WP Document Revision had it if you are looking for a file hosting solution. It comes with various collaboration tools to create and manage other WordPress features. Another thing is its Document History, wherein you can receive an instant screenshot of your team’s progress and improvement.

This one also has Enterprise Security to ensure the privacy of your document and make sure that only those who have authorization can have access to your work.

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WPYog Documents

Manage your documents with this easy-to-use plugin!

If you are looking for a simple plugin for your website, this is ideal. It allows you to create galleries and upload files. You can download it for free. All of your latest files and documents would appear at the top. The order depends on each date.

Using this plugin add-on, it is possible to upload any documents, such as PDF, WORD, EXCEL, etc. You can also add or edit your listing anytime you want. Another one is its ability to let you display either the full list or single list of documents.

It supports 4.0 versions or higher of WordPress. So, make sure that it is compatible with the WordPress version you are using to use this plugin conveniently. Its simplicity would help your visitors or users upload their files conveniently without clicking too many buttons on your site.

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Just click the link of each document to download!

Documentation is solely created for managing your documents and leveraging your WordPress website to its full potential. Its simple format makes it one of the best free WordPress Document Management plugins. It has the latest feature to let you completely handle your site and its internal structures. If you want to manage your documents independently, this plugin has a new section.

Organizing your files is now more hassle-free with the document tags and categories. It will help you to distinguish your post from blog-oriented and CMS-like pages. You will appreciate how it was made to make it compatible with WooCommerce using the WooCommerce Documentation. You can attach the documents on each product to help consumers see more about buying items.

It provides various widgets supporting several document links. These are Documents Hierarchy, Document Children, Documents, and Document Categories. You can download the add-ons to get the most out of this Documentation plugin. 

More info / Download
Create a gallery out of your documents by using this document management plugin

The search is finally over for the creation of the gallery of documents you are looking for. This Document Gallery assists with your website needs. You can watch the video tutorial you can find on the page’s link provided above. With this plugin, you can also attach media and other images. It will help you to use it conveniently.

It has a partnership with WP Real Media Library, allowing you to create folders in the media library. One more feature it has is the up-to-date translations available to six more languages – Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian. Other functionalities included in this integrate with other plugins for better performance.

You can look at the screenshots to see more of the plugin’s appearance. It integrates with WordPress Media Manager so that you can edit and manage your files or documents straightforwardly.

More info / Download

File Manager (Documents, etc.)

Manage your files using the File Manager document management plugin

Managing your file on your website is crucial for the organized appearance of your page. This plugin allows you to manage, edit, delete, rename, move, copy, or extract files. Using this is pretty simple; you only have to download it for free and install it with the typical installation process made in WordPress. Don’t worry if you are new to this; you can always ask for the customer’s support team.

The new update is automatically synchronizing the uploaded file to the media library. You can also upload, download, and delete operations. You can manage all operations with your files and documents using this plugin. Moreover, it has Archives, Image, and File Edit Support. 

With this simple plugin, you have the things you’ve needed to organize your folders with the addition of video and audio preview/play. It is responsive that works best on any device.

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There you have it! These WordPress Document Management Plugins can help organize your things on your website. The items above are all for free, but you can purchase the premium version. That is only if you need it since free versions also have pros that cater to your website needs.

All of the things mentioned above are excellent options for you, but each has its purpose. You can choose the one that suits your goal of improving your document management letting your users get access to your files.

Another important of these plugins is the privacy it gives to the owner, you. You can set boundaries to the file others can get access to. On the other hand, you can also set the privacy setting of one of your documents into the public if you want anyone to view and download it. The choice is up to you! Pick the plugin of your choice.

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