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14 Best WordPress Voting Plugins 2023

Are you looking for a WordPress voting plugin or poll plugin for WordPress? This list will help you to choose the right one for your website.

Visitors are the most valuable asset to any blog. You can increase visitor count by identifying the content type they favor and providing it to them regularly. However, how do we know what type of content they like? Those small buttons on many websites—thumbs, emoticons, likes, upvotes—can help you determine what visitors seek. Many WordPress voting plugins can help you gather feedback based on visitor reactions. You can use them generously on your website to gauge and understand what visitors like. Then, you can steer your website in that direction.

Sure, analytics can help you with data, but feedback based on votes can help you understand the reasons behind the patterns and trends. With plugins, you can collect the data efficiently without being overly intrusive to the reader. When you put it all together, the emerging picture will help you provide content that keeps bringing the reader back to your webpages.

Some site admins prefer using standard contact forms to collect feedback. While that may serve your purpose, a dedicated plugin can persuade readers to leave feedback more effectively. Few readers will take the trouble to open a form and fill in feedback. At the same time, they may not hesitate to click a like button. A voting plugin can make data collation and presentation standard and easy.

A good rating is particularly important for businesses like restaurants, salons, or e-commerce stores. These WordPress review themes may interest you if you run a review website. You can ask your readers to leave feedback in many ways—rate, vote, thumbs, like button, emoticons, and more. Let’s see what the WordPress voting plugins can do for us.

Best Free Voting WordPress Plugins

There are numerous quality free plugins that you can enable on your site to persuade readers to leave feedback. Many have pro versions you can upgrade to if you need additional features later.

1. WP-PostRatings

WP-PostRatings offers many ways to display votes, such as stars, thumbs up/down, ticks/crosses, hearts, and numbers. Right at the start, though, you should know that this plugin needs a bit of technical configuration to get it to work on your site.

WordPress Voting Plugins: WP Post Ratings

You can select the rating images you want to display on the plugin’s settings page. Using code, you can set the rating option to appear on all posts or selectively on some. You can view the ratings from the Manage Ratings option.

Changing the image type from GIF to PNG is possible using a filter. The plugin can show the highest-rated posts, most rated posts, lowest, and highest ratings. These stats can display in a widget in the sidebar. You can drag the widget to any widget area and customize it to show the title, the number of posts, and more. The plugin is regularly updated and enjoys 100,000+ active installs.

More info / Download

2. WP-Polls

WP-Polls can help you add a polling module to your webpages. AJAX powers it and is easy to install. The plugin is highly customizable, offering many options to get it to work the way you want. Participants get to choose from multiple answers.

WP Polls

You can display or embed random or specific polls and show poll results using code snippets. The plugin allows you to customize using templates or CSS.

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3. kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings includes a widget that you can place in your sidebar to highlight your most popular posts. You can display the ratings on the homepage, archives, posts, or pages from the plugin’s settings page. You can also select the placement of the ratings within the pages. A rating column is available on your admin screen to view the ratings. The default number of stars is five, but you can also change that and restrict the number of votes from a unique IP. Besides, you can add images and attach tooltips that show up on hover.

kk Star Ratings

There are two features that you’re sure to like in this plugin. One is the Google Rich Snippets, meaning the ratings will likely appear in a Google search result. The second is a visual button in the editor that helps you add ratings without messing with code.

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4. Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder

Poll, Survey, Quiz, SlideShow & Form Builder allows you to run both simple and advanced polls. You can conduct an online quiz, take surveys, create forms using the form builder, and post polls. Social media integration allows users to log in with their social profiles.

Poll, Survey, Quiz

The polls and surveys can be interactive because of the easy-to-use interface and many design elements. The plugin offers many customization options, integrates with social media, and is responsive. It supports 42 languages and is ready for translation.

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5. YOP Poll

With YOP Poll, it’s possible to conduct any number of polls and to keep track of all polls, answers, and results. Every poll has a unique ID, so it’s easier to manage them, and you can even share the results with participants.

YOP Poll

There’s a lot you can do from within your WordPress dashboard. Allow multiple answers, sort poll information as you want, manage results, and choose which results to display and retain as private. You can schedule posts to run concurrently or one after another. You can edit, clone, or delete existing polls.

The plugin maintains proper records, so you can access older information anytime. Besides, you can insist on voting permissions like registration for guests or banning specific users. Custom fields are available to customize your polls and edit even existing ones. Result display options include vertical and horizontal displays, but you can customize the result bar in the HTML or visual mode.

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6. WP Poll Survey & Voting System

wp poll survey voting system

WP Poll Survey & Voting System is a versatile WordPress plugin with various options. You can now easily hammer out different poll surveys and even allow users to vote. It is an all-in-one tool that lets you add a new addition to your website by simply copying and pasting a dedicated shortcode. Yes, you can place it anywhere on your pages and blog posts. Get creative and keep your user engagement at the highest degree.

WP Poll Survey & Voting System gives you a neat list and grid design that you can use for all sorts of purposes. From political, restaurant, travel, movie and music, folks can vote and participate in various activities. With the advanced yet user-friendly admin panel, it will be a breeze creating new polls that you can precisely tailor to your project.

More info / Download

7. Rating-Widget

To add a poll to any content, you should try the Rating-Widget. The star review system of this plugin allows you to embed star and thumb ratings in posts, pages, and comments. The plugin does not need any configuration, and you can create and manage ratings from your WordPress dashboard. You can set up as many ratings as you want and place them wherever you like. A sidebar widget displays the top-rated post on your blog.

Rating Widget

The free version of this plugin is good for one million page views, and comes with branding. To remove branding, you’ll need to purchase premium plans. These plans offer a secure connection to prevent fraud, Google rich snippets, email support, and identification of visitors by IP. Voting can be based on multiple criteria, and the plugin integrates with WPML and Polylang.

More info / Download

8. bbPress Voting

bbpress voting wordpress plugin

If you want to add a voting feature to your bbPress website, you can now make it with – hence the name – bbPress Voting. It adds a simple option of up- or down-voting a topic or a reply. By hitting the up or down arrow, users express their opinion through a vote. Every user can vote only once. The total score appears immediately, letting everyone in the community know the number of votes a response or a topic has. In other words, there is no need to refresh the page to see the vote to come into view. bbPress Voting is also compatible with AMP.

More info / Download

9. WTI Like Post

WTI Like Post adds the simple functionality of placing a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down option to any post or page. At the same time, it lets you choose between various settings, such as showing a list of most-liked post or page. Once cast, participants can change their votes as well. It’s possible to restore all the settings to default at any time. Two widgets are available—one showing the Most Liked Posts and the other showing Recently Liked Posts. The plugin includes three voting styles with images, allowing you to hide the +/- symbols before the thumbs. You can exclude select posts from this plugin’s action and bar guests from voting.

WTI Like Post

The pro plugin allows reward points for voting, display of user avatars against the voters, and BuddyPress activity integration. Three action hooks allow you to message participants who vote successfully and customize the message on the page load and Ajax call. The Like/Unlike counts of individual posts is visible on the admin screen. If you enable only logged-in users to vote, you can see how each member has voted. To redirect the user, there’s an option to highlight the chosen thumb icon on click after successful voting.

More info / Download

10. YASR — Yet Another Stars Rating

YASR offers a powerful star rating system for WordPress that will help users rate the content on your site. It allows you to make your review (vote from a reviewer) or lets your visitors vote. Because of rich snippets, Google will likely index both review scores and visitor ratings. You can also create multiple sets of stars based on multiple criteria for a page or post. Installing the plugin does get a bit technical, but there are detailed instructions in the WordPress plugin repository.


Using a shortcode in the visual editor, you can place it anywhere. For visitor votes, you can place a shortcode wherever you want the stars to appear. While the plugin is free, YASR does offer premium extension for user reviews, custom rankings, and customization options for the stars.

More info / Download

11. WP ULike

With clean designs and neat styles, WP ULike attempts to fulfill all your needs in a rating system. It supports BuddyPress and bbPress and allows users to record their likes on beautiful Ajax buttons for multiple content types like posts, forum topics and replies, comments, and activity updates. There is support for Google Rich Snippets, voting reward points, and statistical tools. Users do not have to register to Like, and the Ajax feature enables updating without reloading the page.

WP ULike

You must install the plugin and activate “automatic display” in the plugin configuration panel. WP ULike has four auto options for posts, comments, BuddyPress activities, and bbPress topics. Customizing the Like/Unlike button with custom fields and changing colors with color picker settings is possible. The plugin supports shortcodes, different logging methods, custom templates, a Likes log, RTL, advanced widgets, and a simple box form for a user avatar.

More info / Download

A Few More Free WordPress Voting Plugins

  • Polldaddy Polls and Ratings from Automattic allow you to manage polls within your WordPress dashboard. The polls are fully customizable. You can set up your custom poll and embed the polls on other websites, too.
  • With Like Button Rating, you can add the voting feature to WordPress posts and pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress activities, and bbPress posts. The most popular content can display in a widget.
  • Multi Rating is a good fit, especially if you want to rate based on multiple criteria. Users can rate by clicking on a star, selecting from a drop-down, or choosing radio buttons. A pro version is also available.
  • Thumbs Rating is a simple and light plugin that allows you to add a thumbs up or down rating. The plugin is lean by design with no fancy effects.

Premium WP Voting Plugins

The choice of free plugins is huge for WordPress voting plugins. However, if you’re still looking for a premium plugin, here are a few.

12. TotalPoll Pro

With many features packed into it, TotalPoll Pro is compatible with all modern browsers, is extensible, and allows much customization. The free version makes for a good start, but to fully experience the features, you’ll need to pay up $19 for the more popular premium version.

Total Poll Pro

It supports several vote forms, such as text, shortcode, HTML, or media-based options like photos, audios, and videos. Five customization settings enable you to welcome and thank your participants, and five different field types help you collect additional information. Trackback every vote right up to the IP details, and keep track of the stats as well.

It allows you to permit users to vote and view results based on cookies, IP, user role, date and time, quota, and more. You can integrate a poll with a widget, a shortcode, or a direct link. Many customized templates are available as well as many extensions. The polls are portable, meaning you can import or export any poll with built-in WordPress tools.

The plugin is responsive, developer-friendly, and SEO-friendly as the polls can be picked up in a Google search.

More info / Purchase

13. WP Foto Vote

WP Foto Vote is the plugin you want to use to conduct user-generated photo contests. It allows you to add photo, video, or even Instagram contests directly from your WordPress dashboard. Once you install this plugin, users can submit content from the front-end, and others can vote on the content. You can choose the order of appearance of the photos and manage everything from the back-end.

Foto Vote

Some of the features require premium add-ons. Shortcodes will help you display the poll wherever you like. You can conduct as many competitions at a time as you like. At the same time, you can select from several styles or you can opt to customize the poll. A drag-and-drop builder can be used to build your form. All the emails you receive on your site can be exported to email marketing platforms like MailChimp. There’s support for multiple languages and protection against fraud. Login using social profiles is possible on account of integration with social platforms. The plugin generally helps to boost social activity on your site as well.

More info / Purchase

14. Reactions WordPress Plugin

reactions wordpress plugin

Reactions WordPress Plugin is one cool solution for you if you want to get creative with voting on your website. As the name suggests, Reactions WordPress Plugin adds different reaction buttons to the content, making it even more engaging than a classic vote button. Besides, Reactions WordPress Plugin is also fully compatible with the BuddyPress plugin. That said, you can now add reactions for user activities, comments, profiles and more. You can also add reactions to posts, pages, comments, archives, and more with BuddyPress.

With Reactions WordPress Plugin, you can easily enable or disable reactions for your members or guests. What Reactions WordPress Plugin also does can show content based on the most votes by calculating one or all types of reactions. You can also append it to specific roles only. Moreover, the plugin is fully adjustable, letting you create your take on reactions that best resonate with your online presence.

More info / Purchase

A review is becoming increasingly important for websites as it can persuade more visitors to interact with the site. This post lists several free and premium plugins to convince readers to leave a rating on your page or post. If we have left out your favorite plugin, do let us know in the comments below.

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