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10 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins 2024

Are you searching for the best WordPress affiliate plugins to monetize your website (as an affiliate marketer) or grow your business (as a vendor)?

We’ve carefully hand-picked the ultimate solutions for both types of users so you can quickly find the right plugin for your online project.

This ranges from making the “ugly” affiliate links pretty to tracking and managing your affiliates.

Of course, we did not forget about Amazon and book reviews, comparison sites and automatic affiliate link inclusions, to name a few.

Note: Check our best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes if you want to work with Amazon primarily.

But if you are just starting and need to build a website, have look into our affiliate marketing WordPress themes first.

This post covers:

Can I Use WordPress For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, WordPress is a great CMS for diving into the affiliate marketing space. What’s even better, you can make it happen as a vendor or as a marketer.

You can create a full-blown affiliate program for your business, easily cloak links, and generate sales through various affiliate platforms via your blog.

And you can do it easily with a WordPress plugin that unlocks all the features you need to make affiliate marketing work for you.

Note: sites are ready for affiliate marketers but avoid (because it’s not allowed).

How To Pick The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin

It’s highly inadvisable to go out there, pick an affiliate plugin and think you’ll do great business with it.

No, it doesn’t go like that.


Because we found many unreliable solutions that’d do more harm than good for your business.

That’s why we looked at the most common factors that helped us pick the best WordPress affiliate plugins.

In case you plan on doing further research (very unlikely), here’s what to look for in a plugin to make the right pick:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface is a must both for you, as the owner, and all your affiliate marketers
  • Managing affiliates, links, campaigns, creatives and more from your WP admin
  • In-depth tracking and statistics so you can quickly find winners and losers
  • Easy (pretty) affiliate links creation
  • Fast payouts (preferably 1-click payouts)
  • Custom emails, 3rd-party plugin integration, translation readiness
  • Support (an affiliate plugin without good support is a no-go)

Whether you are a webmaster or a product owner, let’s look at the best free and premium WordPress affiliate plugins.

TL;DR – Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers and Vendors

4 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Vendors

1. Affiliates Manager

wordpress affiliates manager

Would you like to scale things up regarding your sales or lead generation? You can do that with Affiliates Manager plugin.

Let more people advertise your products and services and boost your revenue above and beyond. While very cost-effective, signing up only a handful of affiliates can take your business to an entirely different level.

Sometimes, only one affiliate can mean a surprising increase in your income. Who does not want more money, right?

Recruiting new affiliates is easy with Affiliates Manager. The registration process and the overall management are smooth. This WordPress affiliate plugin works with some of the most popular eCommerce solutions, like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Simple Membership.

Tracking traffic and sales your referrals produce is uncomplicated, and there is no limit regarding your number of affiliates.

Even if you already have 749 bringing in traffic and sales, you can easily track them all.

Pick percentage or flat-based payouts and have complete control over bonuses, which you can set manually. Get managing affiliates sorted with Affiliates Manager.

Best for:

Everyone who wants to add an affiliate system to their online store.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated affiliate system allows you to save a lot of time when running and growing your business.
  • Unlimited affiliates don’t limit how extreme you want to go regarding scalability.
  • Customizable email notifications are a must to show your professionalism. Create branded welcome emails, notifications, affiliate-specific templates, and more.
  • Add creatives for affiliates to download so they don’t need to create their own and simply download them directly from your website.


  • Integrates with multiple 3rd-party plugins
  • Translated into 10+ languages


  • Support can be slow


  • Free: Detailed tutorials, community support
  • Single site ($39): 1 site, premium support
  • Developer license ($97): Unlimited sites, premium support
More info / Download

2. Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro free wordpress affiliate plugin

If you offer an affiliate program, avoid the hassle with Post Affiliate Pro. This free WordPress affiliate plugin will help you manage and maintain your growing affiliate network.

There is no need to do it yourself, marketing your website and products; let affiliates help you out. By driving traffic to your website, they will increase sales while earning a commission.

Thanks to Post Affiliate Pro, you can now create your network quickly. Your affiliates get a custom ID, which they can share wherever they want.

With the plugin, you can track all the sales and process commissions much more simpler.

Post Affiliate Pro also integrates with many other extensions for even smoother operation when in need of additional features. And if you ever want to unlock more goodies, you can always go pro.

Best for:

Everyone searching for a reliable all-in-one affiliate marketing tracking software.

Key Features:

  • Discount coupons can play a big part in promoting your products and services. They are easy to generate.
  • Private campaigns allow for exclusive affiliate partner collaborations (these aren’t public like the plugin’s default campaigns).
  • Real-time user report to have an overview of how your affiliates are doing. Find super affiliates.
  • Multi-tier and recurring commissions are great features to motivate your affiliates with additional earnings.
  • Mass payments allow you to pay your affiliates in one go.


  • No setup fee
  • 24/7 support
  • Supports affiliate programs and networks


  • Pricey pro plans


  • Free: Integration with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Marketpress, WP EasyCart, etc.
  • Pro ($129/month): 1 million tracking requests, 220+ integrations, customizable interface
  • Ultimate ($249/month): 6 million tracking requests, lifetime referrals manager, multiple admins
  • Network ($599/month): 20 million tracking requests, branding fee, smartlinks, membership subscriptions
More info / Download

3. AffiliateWP

affiliatewp plugin

Even if you are satisfied with your project, why are you plateauing?

The referral program is an incredible way to grow your business. The more affiliates you recruit, the bigger the possibilities.

To kick it off, though, only one marketer can significantly change your revenue.

Installing AffiliateWP is quick, the tracking is precise, and real-time reporting is very helpful. See how well your affiliates perform, the visits, the earnings, the new affiliate registrations, and more.

No set amount of marketers can sign up for your program and promote your products.

We go by a simple principle: The more, the better.

Offer affiliates a wide selection of promotional material and text links they can access anytime. Save them time and work so they can start pushing your site immediately.

You can approve new affiliates manually or enable the automatic affiliate account creation feature. There are many add-ons available, which make AffiliateWP very flexible.

AffiliateWP meets the requirements of a range of business owners and helps them reach new successes.

Best for:

Everyone who wants to boost their WordPress or WooCommerce websites with an affiliate management system.

Key Features:

  • Affiliate dashboard gives you a complete glance at your entire affiliate system from one location.
  • Tracking ensures you see new referrals, visits, conversions, and more.
  • Fraud detection prevents you from losing revenue from affiliate fraud.
  • 1-click payouts save you time when paying your affiliates.
  • Custom commission rules include one-time, recurring and lifetime commissions – or even custom.
  • Supports 30+ languages (Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish, German, Czech, etc.)


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Affiliate growth tools


  • No free version
  • Professional plan doesn’t support unlimited sites


  • Personal ($149.50/year): 1 site, unlimited affiliates, unlimited creatives
  • Plus ($199.50/year): 3 sites, unlimited referrals, 17 free add-ons,
  • Professional ($149.50/year): 10 sites, 16 pro add-ons, 17 free add-ons, integrates payouts service
More info / Download Demo

4. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

ultimate affiliate pro wordpress plugin

Suppose you are a product or service owner who wants to spread the business across as many affiliates as possible. In that case, Ultimate Affiliate Pro will easily make it happen for you.

Let marketers promote you and pay them a commission for each sale they generate.

You can even set individual rewards for those bringing in the most deals to hype them up. It is a marketing strategy that costs very little investment upfront.

Another positive thing about affiliate programs is that you can offer separate commissions to affiliates who refer other affiliates, or multilevel marketing, aka MLM. This allows you to win big time.

The Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin sports numerous excellent features for your program to be high quality. Along with many other goodies, your affiliates can earn extra with the commissions they make from recurring referrals.

The plugin is translation-ready, allows you to set your currencies, and supports PayPal and Stripe payments.

Best for:

Everyone who wants a complete affiliate marketing solution that supports multiple earning methods.

Key Features:

  • Different commissions per affiliate level to reward top affiliates and hype them to push your products and services even more.
  • Special offers for better commissions.
  • Lifetime commissions per each customer an affiliate refers to you.
  • Custom registration form that you can brand however you want.
  • Detailed reports for admin and affiliate about actions, earnings, etc.


  • Easy affiliate campaign management
  • Supports all earning methods (CPC, CPL, CPM, etc.)
  • Video tutorials and great support


  • No free version


  • Regular license ($69): One end product where end users aren’t charged for it
  • Extended license ($149): One end product where end users can be charged for it
More info / Download

6 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

1. ThirstyAffiliates


With 1,000s of users, ThirstyAffiliates is one highly popular plugin for bloggers. Your referral marketing is complete and uncomplex with this tool.

The setup is quick and the functions very handy. But to use the full potential of ThirstyAffiliates, you would need to look into the available add-ons and open your wallets. But you can do the basics with the free version and only upgrade when necessary.

Basic functionality is more than enough for some.

You can enjoy hierarchical categorization for complete control and overview of your links. Managing and maintaining your referral links will be effortless!

Can you imagine how much work it would require to change every link in 356 articles manually?

Save time with ThirstyAffiliates.

An extra cool feature of this affiliate plugin for WordPress is that you can add images and banners to your links. Assign preferred images to particular links and access them from within the post editor.

Best for:

Every blogger who wants to monetize their affiliate marketing.

Key Features:

  • Advanced statistic reports show link performance, geolocation reports, best performers, etc.
  • Link scheduling to set when you would like to activate affiliate links.
  • WooCommerce external product integration to make it work with 3rd-party links.
  • Affiliate disclosure that the plugin generates automatically (but you can customize it).
  • Nofollow tag and “open in new tab” so you don’t have to set them for each affiliate link individually.


  • Regular updates
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • The plugin continues to work even if you don’t renew


  • The Advanced plan limits you to only 10 sites


  • Free: Stats and reports, nofollow tag, custom URL prefixes
  • Basic ($79.50/year): 1 site, all features
  • Plus ($129.50/year): 5 sites, all features
  • Advanced ($199.50/year): 10 sites, all features
More info / Download
pretty link shorten links wordpress plugin

While there are other free tools to shorten your URLs, the downside is that they use their domain names.

Meanwhile, you can use your domain name with Pretty Links and look more professional. Even with the free version!

As icing on a cake, the plugin allows you to track every single link you shrink. Moreover, it provides all the necessary information to understand better where the hit came from.

For instance, it will tell you the location, operating system, host, and browser the visitor was on.

While search engines are clever enough to know whether it is an affiliate link, having things organized for your personal preferences is great.

Do it with clean links that provide all the tracking information you need to optimize your affiliate marketing further. Even when your referral links spread across different platforms, forums, emails and blogs, you will know exactly which performs best.

Besides, some like clicking on organized affiliate links more than their original “ugly” version.

Best for:

Everyone who wants to easily create pretty affiliate links and have them 100% organized.

Key Features:

  • 302, 307, 301 redirects that you can pick from a simple drop-down.
  • Gutenberg support for easy affiliate link insertion in the Block Builder.
  • Link categories to keep your MANY affiliate links organized.
  • Public link creation allows you to turn your WordPress website into a shortlink generator (like
  • Social sharing buttons so you can add buttons directly into your posts and pages.


  • Use your domain name
  • Easy link management


  • Supper Affiliate plan only supports 5 sites


  • Free: Automatic link titles, nofollow links, export click database,
  • Beginner ($99.50/year): 1 site, custom slug, detailed click reporting, rotate redirects
  • Marketer ($149.50/year): 2 sites, import and export links, public link creation, social sharing buttons
  • Super Affiliate ($199.50/year): 5 sites, automatic link creation, Google Analytics integration
More info / Download
amazon auto links free wordpress affiliate plugin

If you are tired of manually posting products to your website, you better look into Amazon Auto Links. Instead of doing all the hard work yourself, this free WordPress affiliate plugin will do it for you.

Pick the category and the tool will start displaying appropriate items for you to include on your page. Of course, with your affiliate ID attached to them.

Moreover, you can also look for specific products and insert only those you want.

Amazon Auto Links is that simple.

It is a full-blown solution, especially if you deal with many Amazon products that you are pushing on your website. You also do not have to worry about outdated products, Amazon Auto Links takes care of it.

It supports all the Amazon locales, so you can offer the best user experience globally.

Best for:

Everyone who wants to automate Amazon affiliate link inclusion on their websites or blogs.

Key Features:

  • Custom buttons allow you to add brandable buttons or use the style that works best for you.
  • Geo-targeting so your Amazon links fit specific locales.
  • Gutenberg block saves you time that you otherwise need for creating a shortcode.
  • Custom widget that works in different widget areas on your website.
  • Product filtering keeps your website more organized with items you want to show. It removes products you don’t want to display.


  • Works with all Amazon locales
  • Works without JavaScript
  • Great automatization


  • No money-back guarantee for pro plans


  • Free: Up to 3 categories per unit, 10 products per unit, product filters
  • Pro ($47.98): 1 site, all features
  • Extended ($77.98): 5 sites, all features
  • Unlimited ($237.98): Unlimited sites, all features
More info / Download

4. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

woocommerce amazon affiliates wordpress plugin

For those who already saw some success with Amazon or those who are just starting out, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a great tool for both.

It features many modules to give you many options for your great WordPress website. Start from scratch, build a website using WooCommerce WordPress themes, or implement it into your existing page.

The WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin comes with the recommendation module for you to quickly find similar products.

For instance, are you selling fishing rods? If so, the Amazon recommendation section will display recommendations based on your keyword.

One fantastic feature of WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is the PageSpeed Optimization module. (Our favorite function.)

It detects which products decrease your site speed and which do not affect it. There are four scores that each product gets ranked with: A, B, C, and D (A being the best and D the worst).

If an Amazon product you import gets a D, it contains a lot of information. This could be images, variants, categories, etc. It helps you further optimize the product, so your site loads exceptionally fast.

Meanwhile, you are good to go with A and B products.

Best for:

Everyone who wants to take their Amazon affiliate commissions to the next level. You can also import eBay products.

Key Features:

  • Excellent tracking of imported Amazon products and synchronization log.
  • Product diversity allows you to switch products and choose better-performing ones quickly.
  • Custom badges to display on the front-end for increasing conversions.
  • Easy setup wizard that allows everyone to start with the plugin (even without experience).
  • Speed optimization module picks products from Amazon that won’t slow down your website. These are the ones without too many images, text and any other (heavy) content.


  • No API keys
  • Amazon Associates report module
  • Supports all Amazon locales


  • No free version


  • Regular license ($49): One end product where end users aren’t charged for it
  • Extended license ($3,025): One end product where end users can be charged for it
More info / Download

5. Affiliate Coupons

affiliate coupons wordpress plugins

Countless coupon websites offer deals for just about anything you can think of. From WordPress coupons to Nordstrom coupons, special party supply deals and holiday deals.

Of course, there are also many free and premium coupon themes and plugins at your service to start your coupon project.

The one we recommend is the Affiliate Coupons plugin.

Start promoting exclusive deals and earn yourself a passive income with referrals.

This plugin helps you create vendors and affiliate links, which you can then link to the coupons. The latter, you make within the plugin, so you are in full control over the process.

When you have a ton of coupons available on your site, it is wise to assign categories to coupons and keep things organized. What’s cool, you can display your coupons inside posts and pages with shortcodes.

Lastly, before installing the plugin, you can try the demo/check preview page first and see how it looks.

Best for:

Everyone who would like to add coupons to their websites and blogs and earn affiliate commissions.

Key Features:

  • AMP support guarantees the ultimate mobile experience.
  • Built-in search and filtering so users can quickly find the coupon(s) they’re after.
  • “Click to reveal” discount codes add more user-to-website engagement but at the same time increase your affiliate earnings once a user clicks on it.
  • Custom widgets that, for example, show the most popular affiliate coupons.
  • Light and dark coupon styles give you a little more out-of-the-box options to save time.


  • Easy to use
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No import/export coupons function in the free version


  • Free: Create vendors and coupons, shortcode and widget, customization,
  • Personal ($29/year): 1 site, all features except Multisite
  • Plus ($99/year): 5 sites, all features except Multisite
  • Pro ($199/year): Unlimited sites, WordPress Multisite support,
More info / Download

6. Content Egg

content egg affiliate comparison deal sites plugin

Are you running a price comparison or any other deal-like site but need a monetization solution? Then you need Content Egg.

You can implement what all the top comparison sites are using into your page, and you do not need to spend huge budgets with Content Egg.

Heck, you do not even need to hire a coder. You can do it all yourself with this user-friendly, advanced tool.

Adding products to your site with Content Egg from other affiliate systems is easy. All you need is a keyword.

It also updates prices automatically, so you do not have to do it manually. There are price drop alerts for products available with price history graphs. You can see how the prices vary over time, or maybe they never really change.

The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and comes with product synchronization.

Content Egg also features an auto blog option. After adding additional content to your posts on autopilot, you just need to edit the results – a big time saver.

Start making money online with Content Egg.

Best for:

Everyone who’d like to add price comparisons from different affiliate networks.

Key Features:

  • Auto price updates, so you don’t need to check for price changes manually.
  • Price alerts and tracking with custom emails that notify the user. (Boosts urgency.)
  • Add your partner ID to links automatically, which is great if you have many of them.
  • Show offers anywhere on your site via a simple shortcode.
  • Auto-blogging creates posts with relevant content. But we recommend editing them with your creative twist.


  • Easy to add offers from different affiliate networks
  • A lot of automation to save you time


  • No free version or money-back guarantee


  • Regular license ($55): One end product where end users aren’t charged for it
More info / Download


Are you running a successful blog that you want to turn into a cash machine? Or would you like more sales and leads for your business?

These free and premium WordPress affiliate plugins are the best solution for both. They offer you complete control over links, clicks, sales, and track of marketers.

Moreover, you can cloak links and offer new referral marketers the simplest method to sign up with you. Not only that, automatize the process and always be on time paying out commissions.

You have everything you need to start as a business owner or a marketer in the affiliate marketing space.

And if you have experienced any of these plugins or have other suggestions, we are ready to listen.

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