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21 Best Amazon Affiliate & FBA WordPress Themes 2021

We bring you a collection of the most powerful Amazon affiliate WordPress themes that work for any niche.

Ten years ago nobody could have expected the incredible growth of websites like Amazon. These days, Amazon and other similar eCommerce platforms are the primary solutions for shopping. And why not, the shipping is convenient, and typically websites like Amazon attract incredible amounts of vendors.

It is best known for its extensive catalog of Books and Electronics products. Starting an Amazon Affiliates website is a viable business opportunity. For the most part, it is viable because you have so many products to work with.

And, not all Amazon sellers provide correct descriptions or product examples. In those cases, you can snatch the opportunity by advertising such products on your affiliate marketplace. And when you do, you can insert more product data, but also additional videos and photos.

Naturally, search engines like Google will see that your product descriptions are more concise. In turn, you get to enjoy more organic traffic. And at this point, you don’t have to worry about taking users back to Amazon. You have given them a new way of looking at this particular product, and that is enough to increase affiliate sales.

Still, amazon affiliate themes aren’t in as rich availability as some other niches. Nevertheless, we managed to put together some fifteen beautiful themes, specifically for amazon affiliate marketplaces. You have enough options to start single vendor websites (where you can sell only your products) or multi-vendor enterprises.

It is all about how much of affiliate products you want to show on your website. It’s possible, thanks to unique plugins, to combine both your brand products with affiliate products using any of these themes.

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes


yozi amazon affiliate wordpress theme
Yozi is a WooCommerce WordPress theme which you can use for a broad specter of intentions. You can also use Yozi as an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme and start your online business quickly. To achieve a fast website launch, Yozi lets you pick from six ready-to-use homepage designs of which all are clean, contemporary and optimized for performance.

The list of features, you are treated to, is vast. Along with index page design, Yozi also delivers five headers, six footers, live search, mega menu and catalog mode. Yozi supports all the popular plugins and is fully compatible with WPML, ensuring you to localize or globalize your eCommerce web platform. SEO optimization, mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility are also part of the deal for your convenience. If you would like to become an Amazon affiliate, now you can with Yozi.

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sumi amazon affiliate wordpress theme
Today, it is easier than ever to become an Amazon affiliate. With the right set of tools, you can create your own web space and start banking on commissions. Sumi is an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme that unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you. It is a WooCommerce powered theme with multiple home designs and other internal sections that create a fully functional website.

Sumi might be an electronics-focused theme but you can easily modify its web design and use it for something entirely different. Needless to say, Sumi is optimized for both mobile and desktop devices to make sure your shoppers enjoy your page at all times. Live Ajax search, homepage cart, color swatches, horizontal and vertical mega menu, you name it, the list of features Sumi sports is close to endless.

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blurb wordpress theme
Would you like to become an Amazon affiliate? If that is the case, then you definitely need to check out Blurb, an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme. You can now create your own online store with products that you don’t own, start a review website or price comparison platform. Blurb offers all sorts of different solutions which will sort out the realization of your affiliate marketing business ideas. Also, the entire process of getting your website up and running will take barely any time.

Three homes, 31 internal pages, Elementor drag and drop page builder, coupons, product carousel, multi-vendor shop, you name it, Blurb delivers tons of features and unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities. It is also optimized for search engines and fast loading, compatible with all devices and congruent with well-liked web browsers.

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gloss wordpress theme
One of the best ways how to monetize your blog or online magazine is with affiliate offers. To have a full guarantee that a theme supports such offers, you better get your hands on Gloss. This is actually a three-in-one WordPress theme that takes care of blog, shop and landing page. Regardless of the niche or even if starting a general news page, you can do them all and then some with Gloss. The clean and highly adaptive web design of Gloss is ready and set for any challenge.

To save you time and energy, Gloss comes with five and counting home demos. For your information, you can expect even more to drop with upcoming updates. Editing and modifying Gloss’s ready-made layout will also happen in a breeze as there is no coding involved. Start your journey to success like a champ from the very beginning and use Gloss.

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amazon WordPress theme REHub is a hybrid Amazon Affiliate WordPress theme with a true multi-purpose use case. It aims to provide a universal solution for multiple business types, specifically targeting social communities, price comparison, and affiliate marketing websites. Customers of REHub have used this theme framework to create deal websites and communities, multi-vendor eCommerce stores, product review websites, and sophisticated business directories. The powerful community features are what has stood out for most of REHub’s customers. With a superb combination of plugins like BuddyPress, MyCred, S2Member, and Dokan, you can bootstrap your own digital community in a matter of hours. Even faster if you use any of the provided demo data.

The designs in each case are of professional quality. It’s one thing to have the plugins to support a community website, but it’s something else to have the design as well. REHub uses both Content Egg and Affiliate Egg plugins to provide support for many different marketplaces, not just Amazon. With those plugins, you can insert affiliate products from Linkshare, Shareasale, Flipkart, Etsy, BestBuy, and countless others. Since a number of demos are intended for product comparison websites (which are great for affiliate marketing), you get many features that cater specifically to data and tables outputs. Create charts, data layouts, and similar visual widgets that help to explain how products work.

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Price Compare

amazon affiliate WordPress theme Price comparison websites are one of the easiest ways to create a marketplace based on affiliate sales. When you create price comparisons between products, you can also compare price from other websites. This is exactly what the Price Compare theme for WordPress affiliate websites does. You have the ability to launch a full-scale marketplace of any kind of a product, but without having to sell items directly. Create product pages and then compare the pricing and shipping costs from a multitude of websites. That includes eCommerce giants like Amazon. A number of popular eCommerce stores have an accessible API that you can use to fetch prices. When you find a list of the best eCommerce marketplaces online, you can start structuring your own digital affiliates website.

The Price Compare theme emphasizes the simplicity of page navigation. It makes way for customers to quickly find a product they are looking to buy. Combined with a modern design principle and lightweight fast performance results, you have here a solid choice for starting your affiliate website. Some themes require a lot of work to manage the products, but not this one. You will be spending less than a few hours a week on maintenance, apart from adding new products.

You don’t have to write any code either. There are custom scrapers available for the most prominent online stores. If you plan to add physical items and ship them yourself, then you can go as far as inviting other brands to come and sell at your store. Moreover, this theme includes 5 unique payment methods, flexible store management dashboard, and front-end registration option. It is compatible with modern SEO plugins, but by itself already covers a lot of ground for SEO functionality.

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amazon affiliate WordPress theme Comre is a WordPress coupons and promotion codes theme with the possibility to turn it into an affiliate marketplace. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get this theme to work. You have a WooCommerce back-end through which you can add new products. As you are adding new products, instead of adding the usual “Add to Cart” button, you can add outbound links. Those outbound links are your affiliate marketing promotions. Your visitors can vote on the quality of the coupon/promotion, and leave comments through the Disqus commenting system.

It is definitely a unique approach, but one that has worked in the past nonetheless. If you can establish decent business connections with leading product sellers, then getting coupons specific to your business won’t be a problem. In most cases, businesses themselves seek out successful promotional websites where they can encourage you to promote their product. The Comre theme includes layouts for Stores, Categories, Blog and custom page types.

With a gigantic index of custom shortcodes, you have the ability to design the most appealing product pages. With the purchase of Comre, you will get WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider for free. Finally, Comre includes features like custom animations built with CSS3, an unlimited sidebars system, detailed documentation, clean codebase, and Bootstrap back-end.

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Admania is an advertising optimized WordPress theme. It is intended to be used by bloggers who use AdSense and other Affiliate Marketing techniques on their website. With a distinct design, the Admania theme emphasizes content alignment alongside advertisements for maximum earnings potential. Each of the provided Admania layouts specifically targets advertisement placements that will fall within the scope of the reader. Also, due to careful performance optimization, you won’t need to tinker with expensive plugins to improve website speed. This theme takes into account the relationship between speed and readership, as a result, the content loads fast.

Whether it’s a pure advertising website, or an affiliate marketing platform that you wish to run, your most difficult task is to find great ad placements. Sometimes you will put ads at the beginning of the content, and at the end of it. In special cases, you will throw ads on the sidebar. Well, given that your theme can support sidebar ads. The developers are currently working on expanding the capabilities of this theme. The newest features in the pipeline are a mobile-design layout, new ways of displaying ads for mobile users, an ad-blocker detection system, split testing, and advertising performance monitoring.

It is growing to be an all-in-one theme solution for affiliate marketers. Most of all, with Admania you can edit content and design from the front end of your website.

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CrazyBlog is a modern magazine theme with in-depth support for promoting ads and affiliate links. Many of the more successful affiliate websites are actually based on content blogs. This theme still manages to give you the required features to make your affiliate website work for you. It begins with a responsive design that effortlessly adapts to any device. The automated codebase is precise with recognizing the device type that’s accessing your website. With more mobile users than ever before, this is a welcoming feature.

You can pick and choose from layouts in the style of traditional list, grid, masonry, modern, and creative. CrazyBlog has its own social media sharing script, unique to this theme and highly converting. While you have the ability to show off countless unique design components, you can also switch them off on an individual basis. If there is something you feel that doesn’t belong on a website like yours, go to the options panel and switch that stuff off. Your blog posts feel authentic in their own way. With enriched features and things like socially optimized author boxes, the overall feel is one of distinct professionalism.

This theme uses its own Ads Management System. It is a carefully planned framework for inserting ads, and product links, into prominent areas of your blog: whether it is on the sidebar, directly into the posts or after the main content. The possibilities for displaying your ads in any area of the website are limitless. And anyone who has run an affiliate business before knows, your design has a huge impact on the receptivity of readers interest towards making a sale through your content.

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doo is yet another magnificent affiliate marketing oriented theme for WordPress users. It’s most commonly utilized to host websites related to daily deals, classic stores, affiliate marketplaces, digital downloads, and bookings related businesses. It does an excellent job at providing its users with the most versatile selection of layouts related to selling products, whether those products are your own or based on affiliate sales. With an impressive homepage design, you won’t have to struggle to attract customers. Right out of the bat, the introduction of the website is a full-width product search form. Customers can type in a keyword and specify a category, immediately jumping into the list of products that you promote.

The product page layouts are all about descriptive explanations of the product. You can specify two different versions of the same product and allow customers to leave a review instantly. If you invite other vendors to sell at your website, they have the option to showcase their business description below each of the products. Amongst the sea of features, you will find support for Google Maps, an extensive integration of popular payment gateways, email templates, product reporting, a countdown timer for offers, and more.

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iffiliate amazon affiliate wordpress theme
iffiliate is a striking and easy to use WooCommerxe Amazon affiliate theme for you to take to your total advantage. Right away, iffiliate’s cool feature is the option to pre-test it before you fully commit. The author believes in their product, so once you go iffiliate there is no turning back for you.

Fully mobile-ready layout, grid and list views, mega menu, live search, pop-ups and various custom-made shortcodes, the iffiliate bundle is full of great features and functions. Needless to say, you can also fine-tune it to your heart’s content and create your dream Amazon affiliate website quickly.

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puva amazon affiliate wordpress theme
Puva is an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme that helps you establish an excellent review site. If this is what you are after, you will witness great success in building a solid online presence with Puva. The tool comes with different home page layouts and internal templates for you to quick-start your project idea.

Moreover, Puva includes ACF Pro plugin, Elementor page builder, review submit form, newsletter subscription form and RTL layout. The whole structure of Puva is 100% customizable and optimized for mobile and desktop devices. Your website’s performance will be top-notch at all times, helping you increase your potential.

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Kingdom’s design is so sleek that it is difficult to distinguish this affiliate websites between an actual store. In the early days of affiliate themes, you had to put the links directly into the product page. It wasn’t the most convenient of approaches. Largely because it clearly indicated that the website is based on affiliate marketing. Themes like Kingdom take it a step further. Instead of purchase links being shown on the product page, your visitors can add items to an actual shopping cart. Then, when they are ready to order, they can go to the shopping cart which will take them to the Amazon website. It is a new approach, but one that feels more professional and authentic in many ways.

Most of all, it is unlikely that your visitors would guess that they are visiting an affiliate marketplace. Kingdom’s design is modern, with trending features like full-page sliders, and thoughtfully designed product arrangements. In addition to concise product information, and technical description, the Kingdom theme can fetch reviews from directly. It shows them in an iFrame widget, so you don’t have to be concerned about any copyright issues.

Furthermore, you will be using WPBakery Page Builder to build new layouts. It is a powerful WordPress plugin for creating new designs using drag & drop feature. Anyone can quickly learn and master their ability to structure a unique website design. Finally, this amazing amazon affiliates theme includes a blog as well. Get organic traffic to your products by publishing reviews, insightful stories, and reasons why certain products are so appealing.

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couponseek amazon affiliate wordpress theme
CouponSeek is a remarkable WordPress theme that you can use for Amazon affiliate offers, too. As the name suggests, it is a tool for creating coupon websites that can include Amazon links easily. All the necessary is gathered into one complete solution that you can put into play out of the box. For a tad more versatility, CouponSeek also includes two homes that you can further refine according to your branding directions. Thanks to Elementor page builder, changing code is entirely avoidable.

Some other exclusivities of CouponSeek contain expiration deals, deals counters, social widgets and testimonials. CouponSeek is also SEO-friendly, in tune with all modern devices and compatible with browsers. To start with the right foot forward, CouponSeek is the versatile tool you should check out. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, anyone can profit from CouponSeek.

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blabber amazon affiliate wordpress theme
As a blogger or a news website owner, heck, even online magazine, Blabber is the multi-functional tool that will do you well. And if you are looking for an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme, Blabber becomes one, too. After all, you can comfortably include different links in your articles, whether it is a review or a listicle. Of course, Blabber is also in tune with all modern plugins, so you can quickly integrate different extensions to create the page that fits your style best.

In the kit, you get twenty outstanding demos and all sorts of other page layouts and elements. Furthermore, Blabber is compatible with Gutenberg block builder and comes with Elementor. Nowadays, you do not even need to know how to code and still make a professional website without a hitch.

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urus amazon affiliate wordpress theme
While Urus is a WooCommerce theme for online stores and eCommerce websites, you can also use it for external products aka affiliate offers. That said, Urus happens to be an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme, too. You can play around with all the different options and possibilities that the tool brings to the table. Moreover, you can use Urus for dropshipping. Let’s face it, with Urus, you can do nearly anything you fancy, even if you have no programming skills.

With a quick setup, you can start working on your new website in a snap of a finger. Feel free to stick to the default look of Urus, however, you can brand and personalize it, too. By the way, there are thirty demos at your disposal, all set and ready for you to put them into play.

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antive amazon affiliate wordpress theme
When in search of an Amazon affiliate WordPress theme with a distinct touch, Antive is a great solution to consider. It rocks a minimalistic and contemporary look that places your items right in front of their eyes. Everyone that visits your page powered by Antive will surely have a fantastic experience skimming through your catalog of products and completing new purchases.

Where to even begin with the features? First, Antive brings to the table twelve demos including an Instagram shop and a product landing page. Second, you can pick from several preset headers and footers and couple them with your favorite home. Third, you can adjust and improve the web design with the drag and drop feature that requires no coding. Lastly, you can create attractive slideshows with Revolution Slider and introduce content marketing with an integrated blog.

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KUPON is a responsive WordPress theme for coupons, deals, and discounts websites. It is community optimized, which makes sense. The most successful deals websites encourage readers to sign up and bid on their favorite items with a set price. Since KUPON has a modern marketplace design already, you don’t have to worry about customizing anything. Just import any of the three demos and you can start adding affiliate products. You get to maintain that sleek design which feels fresh and welcoming. One of the examples is promoting deals for vacations. You can include even the smallest of details, like what is included in the promotional package.

Furthermore, everything feels organized. With a theme like this, it’s hard to do something wrong because it’s based on the fact that this theme is going to be used for that specific purpose; which in this case is to build an affiliate marketplace. Needless to say, you can go wild with editing the design by using WPBakery Page Builder. Guest visitors can become contributors in a matter of minutes by submitting free content to you.

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The best affiliate websites are the ones that can deliver a professional service. Back in the earlier days, anyone could bootstrap their very own affiliate website with poor design. The quality didn’t matter, as quantity and availability of products were the dominant things. These days, things have shifted towards quality. It is perhaps because digital security has become so much more present in eCommerce. People want to avoid fake websites as frequently as possible, and you can be sure that using a theme like Tumbas will strip away those assumptions of your customers. It is a high-quality theme with Amazon Affiliate capabilities.

You can save yourself the trouble by not having to recreate a demo design. The Tumbas theme has its own demo data importing engine. Just select the provided demo files and click import. Your website instantly looks like the one on the demo page. Just don’t forget to eventually delete any demo data. You don’t want to advertise non-existent products. For page building, you will be using King Composer. It is an alternative WordPress page builder with great features and widgets.

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Flavia is a super stylish eCommerce theme. What better way to impress your customers than a unique design? Surprisingly enough, people are still catching up with getting this theme activated on their own stores. You can give your website an authentic look with WPBakery Page Builder. Just pick a page, such as a homepage, and start putting together the countless widgets and product grids. Some of the features, like Product View and Wishlist, are powered with smooth AJAX navigation. Your customers will appreciate the usability of your store.

It is, of course, a theme for amazon affiliate websites. With a native Amazon integration plugin, you can start fetching products instantly. Just specify your affiliate username and you are ready to start making sales. Besides that, the Flavia theme supports physical stores as well.

Furthermore, every page that you see in the demo is based on concise market research. What does it mean? It means that Flavia uses design components, elements, and positioning according to custom eCommerce store design research. If your plan is to open an affiliate store in your home country, you can quickly translate your website with the WPML plugin.

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As it stands right now, there aren’t more than fifteen professional amazon affiliate themes for WordPress, at least not in the premium market. But, that is more than enough to meet your requirements. Fifteen unique designs are better than just a handful of them. So, with that in mind, we give you your last option, which is the Ducan theme. This marvelous WooCommerce theme is ready to amplify your eCommerce marketplace with some revolutionary features.

It is a single theme that serves dozens of store types. For example, you might want to launch an amazon affiliates website only for cosmetics items, or for products that are intended for men or women alone. You can go as far as using Ducan for kids, mobile, furniture, pet, book and shoe stores. It is that diverse. And finally, Ducan adapts to the needs of a digital marketplace with flexible support for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

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