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Top 16 Popup Plugins for WordPress To Get More Subscribers And Improve Conversion Rates 2020

Looking for WordPress Popup Plugins for your project? We have reviewed and compared the best popup plugins and services out there.

Marketing tactics and techniques are starting to become scarce, especially for those who don’t really have a budget to invest in promotion. Bloggers are feeling this hit the most because blogging by default is the kind of field that requires a lot of solid hours of work and dedication in order to bring about results. Search engine marketing is definitely one of the most popular ways to promote content, but sometimes it’s not all just about the content.

Bloggers are expanding their blogs to include products like eBooks, books, video courses, and even physical items that reflect the kind of community they are building, which brings about a kind of category that can be marketed by itself, internally. And one of the most successful ways to market internally, and also externally, is popup marketing. Popup marketing offers the webmaster to showcase deals, offers, content, promotions, subscription models, and much more, within a single popup that can be configured to appear on specific pages, at specific locations and/or times, and you can even collect performance data; depending on the kind of popup plugin you’re using.

Any webmaster, blogger, startup owner, an entrepreneur who wants to do a promotion towards each visitor that visits his website, it’s highly recommended to look into popup marketing and how it can help to market parts of your network directly. We have gathered together a number of the greatest and best WordPress popup plugins that offer a range of unique features and have been installed by thousands upon thousands of WordPress bloggers already. Please feel free to recommend your own favorite popup plugins within the comment section and we will make sure to include your favorite within the list accordingly.

Here are the best Popup Plugins for WordPress 2020

Popup Builder

Popup Builder WordPress Plugin

Popup Builder is a popup plugin for WordPress website that allows you to add highly customizable popup windows. This plugin will enable awesome popup in your WordPress website using shortcodes. You can add unlimited popups with their own configurations. We added effective settings panel for each popup. So, you can fully customize the popup themes, colors, sizes, and many many other options. You can expect features like Facebook Popups, custom Image Popups, HTML code Popups, all of which will be natively responsive and work on all devices simultaneously.

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PopUp by Supsystic

PopUp by Supsystic

Supsystic’s team have built a sophisticated popup plugin that lets you create popups with additional features like social buttons, contact forms, google maps, image and content sliders, lightbox integration to display image popups, PDF popups, HTML popups, and you can customize the way popups appear on the page, whether coming from the top or the bottom, or flying in for that extra attention-grabbing effect. You can also setup A/B popups to split test the performance for each and go for the one that performs the best. What more could you ask for from a free plugin?

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Popup Maker

Popup Maker WordPress Plugins

Sometimes developers go the extra mile to provide a plugin that truly stands out from the rest, and Popup Maker for WordPress is one of those plugins. If you are serious about increasing the number of subscribers your email list has, if you are serious about increasing user engagement and conversion rates of your products, then this is the one plugin you will want to explore more about. Popup Maker is the most versatile and easy to use popup, modal & content overlay plugin available. With a wide variety of customization settings, you can create any type of overlay you can imagine. With a growing library of extensions, you can further increase its power. Create slide outs for related content, banner notices, optin or contact forms, special advertisements & much more. there are no limits here for customizability or creativity.

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PopupAlly WordPress Plugins

PopupAlly is built to natively support exit-intent technology, which means that every time someone is about to leave your site, they will be greeted with the custom popup that you will have built using the PopupAlly’s settings panel. This allows you to increase the number of people who engage your popups by a significant margin. The visual popup creator will let you build the kind of popups you see on the most prestigious of sites, needless to say that you will save yourself a ton of time along the way; no coding experience required.

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As the name suggests, MailOptin is a fantastic and advanced WordPress popup plugin that will help you build your mailing lists and take your email campaigns to an entirely new degree. It does not always happen that a visitor will turn into a client right away. Sometimes, you need to nourish them further through emails before they finally decide it is time to make a purchase. Whether you have a service-based business or you run a successful online store, even a thriving blog, capturing their emails is almost crucial.

What is truly solid abut MailOptin is the broad range of features and options it unlocks for you. You can test a whole lot of different things to see what works with your audience best. MailOptin is a ridiculously simple to use tool with all and everything that you need to crush it in the email marketing game. Instead of leaving all that money on the table, integrate a newsletter subscription box into your website even upon your site launch and start the journey strong. Take your business to the next level thanks to MailOptin.

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Yeloni Exit Popup

Yeloni Exit Popup WordPress Plugins

Yeloni’s mission is quite simple. This is to provide bloggers with an easy to use popup plugin that will use the latest exit-intent technology. This simple plugin is for those who are looking to capitalize on the visitors that are leaving the site, as the plugin doesn’t provide much more options than that. Use the Yeloni’s exit-intent popup to easily add various types of exit popups with social buttons, offer images, email subscription forms, MailChimp, AWeber & InfusionSoft integrations and much more.

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OptinMonster Best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plugin WordPress Plugins

OptinMonster has been a huge success in the online marketing community. Also, the WordPress popup plugin from OptinMonster is not an exception from that statement. OptinMonster’s popup editor is based upon a form builder that lets you create the kind of popup your website needs. OptinMonster uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to help its customers to create one of a kind popups. This will naturally attract your visitors’ attention. Book sellers, startup owners, and even huge media sites have started using OptinMonster. This is thanks to its wide range of features and custom technologies that take full advantage of popup marketing.

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Popup Anything On Click

popup anything on click wordpress popup plugin
Pop-ups are an excellent way of grabbing the attention of your visitors. Popup Anything On Click is a versatile WordPress plugin that offers you to enrich your website with any type of pop-up that you fancy. It even creates a pop-up when the user clicks on a link, image or button. Moreover, you can easily set the right positioning of the pop-up and use a shortcode for placing a pop-up anywhere on your page.

Other specialties of the tool include image title and caption, custom pop-up width, customization control, contact forms compatibility and animations. You can also add as many pop-ups as you want to your website. What’s more, you can also add a full-screen pop-up, which will intrigue everyone. Last but not least, every pop-up that you add is responsive.

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WP Popups

wp popups lite wordpress popup plugin
WP Popups is a great alternative that helps any website or blog owner to add a pop-up. Before we even continue with the description, you need to know that WP Popups will never ask you for coding knowledge. Yet, you can still modify and enhance the pop-up, so it matches your branding directions precisely. Not to mention, it will take you barely any time to get things moving and spice everything up on your website.

You can employ the powerful WP Popups for all sorts of intentions. Whether you would like to grow your mailing list, add an EU cookie notice or simply add a call-to-action, anything is possible with WP Popups. The tool is also in harmony with all the popular plugins, like Gravity Form, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, Ninja Forms and the like.

You can choose between five different locations, specify when the pop-up should appear and hide the pop-up if the user scrolls back to the top. There is an array of other features and display filters that you can mix and match and come up with the right outcome for your project.

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hustle wordpress popup plugin
Hustle is a flexible marketing plugin that helps you grow your mailing list, social following, boost sales and other whatnot. You can easily and quickly create targeted pop-ups that will take your potential of winning over new leads through the roof. Hustle also integrates will all sorts of software and easily connects with your social media accounts. You will also have a lot of fun styling and enhancing the pop-up with your branding directions. The customization functions are numerous, making sure you tailor it to your liking precisely.

Some more goodies of Hustle include Gutenberg compatible block, smart exit-intent and Google reCAPTCHA protection for bot subscribers. Different pop-up designs, smooth animations, conversion rate overview and design editor are just a few of the extras that come with Hustle. Make those pop-ups shine on your page with Hustle now.

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WP Post Popup

wp post popup plugin
While you are normally seeing popups in the form of forms and coupons and whatnot, WP Post Popup takes a completely different approach. This tool – hence the name – turns any post and page into a popup. As simple as that! Your readers now won’t need to wait until a new page opens rather enjoy the content without leaving the current one. They can simply close the popup when they are done reading and continue skimming through your website.

Some additional features of WP Post Popup are loading external pages in a popup, displaying just a section of a page in a popup and it gives you a chance to customize the popup link accordingly. If you would like to go against the norm, WP Post Popup is one of the additions to your website that can make a big difference.

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popups plugin wordpress
When you have the right tool at hand, creating popups becomes a piece of cake. Thanks to Popups, a lot is possible without the need to be tech-savvy. You can use the addon for an assortment of different purposes, like subscription newsletter, cookie notice, social media and to simply put on display important news. Also, Popups is compatible with the major part of the most notable plugins, like MailChimp, Ninja Forms, Jetpack, Mailpoet and Contact Form 7 to name a few.

Popups allow you to choose from five different popup location. You can show popups only to members or sitewide, you can filter users and even display a popup on particular posts and pages only. Besides, you can also set when you would like the popup to appear again (after how many days). Additionally, customize and adjust the style of the popup so it will match your branding regulations precisely.

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Popup Maker

popup maker wp plugin
You can popup a ton of stuff on your web platform with Popup Maker. First and foremost, the tool is super simple to use, yet higly advanced. Popup Maker works with videos, email forms, images, contact, social and age restriction popups and then some. You can get almost as creative as you want with Popup Maker and even go entirely against the norm. As an example, you can mix a bunch of different solutions and blend it into one powerful popup.

With the fantastic Popup Maker, you can create and manage tons of popups without hassle. There is no real limit to how many you would like to create. In short, as many as you wish. Moreover, it rocks cool animations, supports Google Maps and Paypal, redirects users to a different page if necessary and sends a notification upon opt-in form submission. Spice up your website with some popups using Popup Maker.

More info / Download


icegram popup plugin wordpress
Icegram truly is a multi-purpose WordPress popup plugin with plenty of features. It is also put together in a way simple to use for beginners, yet powerful enough for professionals. Indeed, anyone can profit from Icegram and all the perks it comes with. That said, no need to have any coding knowledge to setup and activate Icegram’s popups on your website. Moreover, you also do not need to worry about responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, Icegram sports it all by default.

With Icegram, you can boost your newsletter subscriptions, convert visitors into buyers and simply drive guests to a particular page with a call-to-action button. Icegram has a bunch of different popup styles to choose from, like header and footer bars, toast notifications, slide-in messages and another eight more. Of course, you can track the performance and statistics of each popup for further optimization. Style it your way and add new popups to your page or blog with Icegram.

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Alligator Popup

Alligator Popup WordPress Plugins

Alligator’s popup plugin is for those who want to have a popup plugin that works only through a shortcode. This means that you can customize each page to have a different popup. You also gain the freedom to setup popups across individual pages, rather than having the popup show up everywhere. Settings let you customize things like width, height, and whether to use a scrollbar or not. At the moment, the plugin allows the insertion of URLs.  Presumably, the URL you’re entering should contain an HTML code of the kind of popup that you want to display. In turn, this lets you code a custom high-quality page using the latest web technology. You can use that as a popup through the Alligators shortcode feature.

More info / Download

Simple Popup Plugin

Simple Popup Plugin WordPress Plugins

Need a simple popup that can integrate your favorite email subscription services, and also provide an option to display social sharing buttons on your popups? This is the one plugin you will want to get thanks to its simplicity. There are no extra features that this plugin can do. This makes it very appealing on sites that focus on minimalism and strictly content.

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Here are some useful tips to improve the conversion rate for your WordPress blog using popup plugins and other effective methods.

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  1. Austin Keane says:

    This list is missing MailOptin It’s like OptinMonster but a real WordPress plugin and not a SAAS software.

  2. Hi, with so many choices… I am trying to find a popup that is not too annoying, one that sits at the bottom left, and is a small text button, that may says “10% Discount” and if they click it a offer pops up to sign up to the newsletter, and will also send a discount code to there email. If they close it, it goes away, if they never click it, it never pops up. Will any of the listed apps do that for me?

    1. Hey Scott,

      MailOptin is going to be one of the best options for that.

  3. hi, thank you for this list. I like the mailoptin plugin. I have tried a simple pop up plugin before but i didn’t like this plugin.

  4. Jasmin Bajric says:

    Thank you we are looking for a popup for our website and this is great info.

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