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16 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins, Widgets & Scripts 2022

If you are building a website for the coin market, you most certainly need a selection of cryptocurrency WordPress plugins.

Maybe one is enough, but you might need two or even three. While some cryptocurrency WordPress themes have loads of features and extensions, others might need to undergo some additional improvements. We prepared a collection of the finest and most promising cryptocurrency plugins for WordPress and even versatile scripts.

With the current crypto hype, an immense call for websites related to the industry occurred. Not only is everyone talking about Bitcoin and Altcoins, but many are also expanding their businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments, others are becoming traders while the third ones offer to consult. Along with the themes and plugins, there are also plenty cryptocurrency website templates available to cover an even broader specter of users.

In short, creating a website for the virtual currency industry is way easier than you think. With the tools at your hand, plugins, scripts, themes and templates, your business idea becomes a reality in little to no time. Below, you will find cryptocurrency WordPress plugins for calculators, rates, Visual Composer widgets and more. There is even a plugin for Bitcoin affiliate system and one that expands WooCommerce payments to cryptocurrencies.

You can have the ultimate crypto website all set to hit the online world with hardly any work. Take these amazing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency plugins to your advantage and make outstanding WordPress websites.

1. Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets

massive cryptocurrency widgets
When building a cryptocurrency website, you probably need a bunch of widgets to add to your site to level up the experience. You came to the right place. Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets is a fantastic pack of tools that will skyrocket your website’s online appearance and make it come into view ten times more professional.

In the Massive Cryptocurrency Widgets bundle, you get tickers, tables, lists, charts, cards and labels widgets to name a few. Of course, there is also a widget that lets your users convert different currencies and get instant price calculation. You get a ton of content with one kit of widgets, so make sure you look into it and consider spicing up your crypto website or blog with some fine features. And no, you do not need to do any advanced coding tasks to add the widgets of choice to your page.

More info / Download Demo

2. Coin Table

coin table cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
Shall we begin with something that goes slightly against the grain the main topic? Or better said, entirely? I bet no one will be mad since the product we have here for you is terrific. Coin Table is a content management system exclusively built for the cryptocurrency real-time information. It supports over one thousand currencies and all their information with 24/7 automatic updates. You do not need to do anything manually, let Coin Table do the work for you. Coin Table also fully supports 156 other currencies, like dollar and euro, along with the cryptocurrencies.

Coin Table comes with its admin panel where you can manage all the settings and even create multiple admins/users. You get four customizable pages included in the package; home, table, currency and converter. Did I mention already that Coin Table is not a cryptocurrency WordPress plugin?

More info / Download Demo

3. Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets For WordPress

premium cryptocurrency widgets for wordpress
This set of Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets will help you out tremendously to enhance your WordPress websites. You can effortlessly add a broad range of widgets to your sites with cryptocurrency quotes. 1500 coins are supported, from the most popular to those less known. Predominantly, all currencies are updated real-time, without the page refresh. Moreover, all cryptocurrency prices can be transformed into fiat currencies for your users to understand their value better. Meaning, let them know the value of Ripple in dollars, euros, yens and rubles.

All Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets come with various templates and color options for you to find the ideal one to fit your branding. You can operate all widgets from the native WordPress administrator.

More info / Download Demo

4. Coinpress

coinpress cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
Coinpress is a cracking cryptocurrency WordPress plugin that automatically creates over 3500 coin detail pages and in real-time. All the information about each coin is generated and updated without you doing any manual work. Through this easy-to-use add-on, you can gain a ton of information and material, offering your users the opportunity to get the most out of their search. Indeed, super convenient.

Coinpress also comes with an advanced table with features like search, currency selector, watchlist, drop-down menu to buy and sell, and an option to change the default order. You can also fully customize the information about each coin and even modify the default order and style of the layout. In brief, if you are interested in constructing a similar website to Coinmarketcap, you can do it quickly and efficiently with Coinpress.

More info / Download Demo

5. NOWPayments

nowpayments cryptocurrency wordpress plugin

Crypto is here to stay for a long time (forever?), so it’s becoming more common to integrate crypto payments (and donations) into your website or online store.

But how?

NOWPayments is a system that eases the process for you. It supports over 100+ cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

It’s a 3-step process to set up NOWPayments, and off you go. Create an account, choose payments or donations and place the pay/donation button on your site. That’s it!

Excellent (read: low) fees and instant payouts – what else do you want? Maybe a personal manager and 24/7 support? You get that, too!

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6. Cryptocurrency Search Addon

cryptocurrency search addon
First and foremost, you have to be using a crypto plugin already to benefit from the striking Cryptocurrency Search Addon. Three of the plugins this tool is compatible with are: Coin Market Cap & Prices, Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro and Crypto ICO List Widget Pro. From then on, if you would like to add a super sophisticated search box to your WordPress page, you can now make it happen with Cryptocurrency Search Addon.

With this cryptocurrency WordPress plugin, you can offer all your visitors and members to search over two thousand coins, more than two hundred crypto exchanges and additional four thousand ICOs. What Cryptocurrency Search Addon does, it shows combined ajax based search results for, like mentioned in the previous sentence, crypto coins, ICOs and exchanges that base around your target keyword.

More info / Download Demo

7. Cryptoniq

cryptoniq cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
If running an online store or pushing any products or services on your website is your business, now you can offer your customers to pay with cryptos. Thanks to Cryptoniq, a cryptocurrency WordPress plugin, the integration happens seamlessly. Cryptoniq supports four of the most popular cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOGE. What is also super cool about Cryptoniq is that there are no 3rd-party service providers between the user and the admin. The payments are processed instantly and go from the buyer straight to the owner. Meaning, no withdrawal fees!

To cut a long story short, Cryptoniq uses decentralized payment method. In other words, all you need to do is add your wallet address to the plugin’s settings, and you are pretty much ready to go. Yes, it truly is as simple as it sounds.

More info / Download Demo

8. Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro

cryptocurrency exchange list pro wordpress plugin
We have a top-notch crypto WordPress plugin for everyone who would like to add an advanced cryptocurrency exchanges list to their website. Hence the name, Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro is the one tool that will do the work for you. With the ability to create over two hundred cryptocurrency exchanges and over 11,000 market pairs, you can easily put your web platforms on top. Offer your users a fantastic experience and customize the list accordingly.

With many features that Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro treats you to, you can start right away. You will not need to perform any hard coding tasks to make it work on your page. Cryptocurrency Exchanges List Pro is beginner-friendly, ensuring everyone to get the most out of it. Some of the features are exchange markets, coin price comparing, custom content and loads of smart shortcodes.

More info / Download Demo

9. Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro

crypto ico list widgets pro
Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro is a cryptocurrency WordPress plugin with a huge ICO database. With over three thousand ICO information pages, you can create an online hub where virtual coin enthusiasts will enjoy spending their time at. The ICO list displays active, upcoming and past details and provides all the financial information. Since the tool is linked to, all the data is updated automatically without performing any manual refreshing.

Other goodies of Crypto ICO List Widgets Pro are Yoast SEO friendliness, Twitter ICO feed, adding a custom ICO, and pushing featured ICOs. As for the latter: featured, premium, and sponsored ICO. You can now have your own and customized ICO database on your website, providing all the necessary stats and data to the end user.

More info / Download Demo

10. Coinbase Commerce

coinbase cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
You can now add a new payment method to your WooCommerce store with help from Coinbase. Indeed, it is accepting cryptocurrencies. You need to do two things to make it happen. First, you need a Coinbase Commerce account and, second, you need to install the Coinbase plugin for WooCommerce on your eCommerce page. How simple was that?

All the payments are then handled through Coinbase, which protects both the website owner and the customer. Coinbase supports five of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. Display prices in cryptocurrencies and follow the trend. Lastly, if you need any additional support, the team of experts is always at your service. Comfortably add Coinbase to your online store and make a difference.

More info / Download Demo

11. Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet

multicurrency crypto wallet cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet is a simple and powerful cryptocurrency WordPress plugin that adds a new layer of sophistication to your website. The tool supports all sorts of assets that one can add to their wallet with ease, from Bitcoin to others. Of course, the user has complete control over their coins and other information. For this, they need to have their keys stored locally; otherwise, it will not work.

You also get a widget with an exchange option that supports exchanging to and from Bitcoin. Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet is the one for a wallet that does all the hard work for you. There are also many examples of real clients who are using the tool (someone even raised $40 million with it! That’s how legit they are).

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12. Crypto Portfolio Tracker

crypto portfolio tracker cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
Crypto Portfolio Tracker is a cool WordPress plugin that offers all your users to create and track their cryptocurrency portfolio. Of course, they can also share it with others and enjoy all the real-time statistics. This cryptocurrency WordPress plugin supports over three thousand coins. The user can create a portfolio in any FIAT currency that they want. Also, each user has an option to create as many portfolios as they need and even add an unlimited number of transactions. The options and possibilities truly are enormous.

Moreover, you can translate the plugin, too, and benefit from any of the eight built-in color skins. Crypto Portfolio Tracker is responsive, flexible, cross-browser compatible, working flawlessly on all modern devices and platforms.

More info / Download Demo

13. Coin Market Cap & Prices

coin market cap and prices cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
Coin Market Cap & Prices is a cryptocurrency WordPress plugin that is pretty self-explanatory. It does the job when creating a 100% automatized crypto coins price list website. Coin Market Cap & Prices shows live prices, percent-base price changes, historic data, 24h volume, and marketcap. Additionally, it also displays charts and other useful data.

You can now push over 1,700 coins on your website without doing much work yourself. Coin Market Cap & Prices automatically saves you loads of time and energy. You can then sort cryptos by rankings, prices, volume, and other beneficial ranking factors. Last but not least, each coin also links to a single page which Coin Market Cap & Prices generates by default. You can specify which data to display and allow users to get exactly what they are looking for.

More info / Download Demo

14. Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro

cryptocurrency widgets pro
Creating a cryptocurrency website is way easier than you think. While you can utilize a dedicated WordPress theme, you can take things to an entirely new degree using various cryptocurrency WordPress plugins. Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro is a set of amenities that will get you going in little to no time. It has multiple widgets for displaying price ticker, market cap, live prices, real-time updates and loads more. Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro supports over two thousand coins, from the most popular to the lesser-known ones.

Through a shortcode or widget, you can showcase different coin information across your website. You can also modify the layouts and brand them according to your needs. Once you set things up, all that follows gets done automatically. Take your online crypto project to new victories with Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro.

More info / Download Demo

15. CoinCompare

coincompare cryptocurrency wordpress plugin
Whoever plans to run a website similar to or add an extension to your existing page, use CoinCompare cryptocurrency web app. You can display a set of data for each coin, like last trade price, 24h absolute change, high/low, price in BTC, and market capitalization. Of course, more information is available for you to add to your coin comparing spreadsheet.

CoinCompare plugin is mobile-friendly, search engine optimized and supports Google AdSense for monetization. You can create an individual page with more helpful information and data for each coin. Moreover, the news ticker on the home page allows you to fetch and rotate news from any RSS feed. The tool is also multi-language friendly and already translated into many languages which you can select from the admin panel.

More info / Download Demo

16. Cryptocurrency Charts

cryptocurrency charts for wordpress plugin
Of course, there is a plugin for all of you who would like to add interactive and entirely customizable cryptocurrency charts to your WordPress websites. Now you can create and embed a custom version with the Cryptocurrency Charts plugin. You can craft the exact chart you want straight from the WordPress admin dashboard. You can then add it to a page or blog post by copying and pasting the code into the section of choice

Cryptocurrency Charts supports all the major coins and then some, like Bitcoin, Dash, Waves and Monero to name a few. The historical performance of all the coins can be compared against each other and displayed in any major fiat currency. Let users further investigate the preferred coin with help from your amazing and super handy chart.

More info / Download Demo

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