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WordPress booking plugins
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20 Best Free WordPress Booking Plugins 2022

Your reservation- and appointment-based businesses are fully sorted with free WordPress booking plugins. While you can sign up with some of the world’s leading online websites to do the booking and promotion for you, sometimes, it is better to have it all in-house. It gives you way more control and helps you go on a more personal level with the people interested in your services. Not to mention, you can also capture your clients’ information and contacts. You can then use a WordPress newsletter to stay in touch with the customers and further promote to them your goodies.

A booking plugin for your WordPress sites is helpful for local businesses, from hairdressers, dentists, consultants, and even hotels. It is not always time to call you to arrange the perfect appointment or book a room. Also, not everybody will be comfortable calling you. It makes it easier for you, the owner, to avoid manually checking at what time and date your services are free. You can all customize it with a dedicated tool.

A huge advantage of offering to book on your website is avoiding the fees. There is no middleman. All in all, it comes down to what your long-term plans are for your business. Moreover, it depends on the size of your business. However, to gain some quick recognition, you can sign up for a service and migrate to a self-served platform. The options are endless.

Check out our complete collection of WordPress themes with booking forms integrated if you’re just starting out. On the other hand, if you want to expand your existing sites and make them look more professional, keep scrolling and find the best free WordPress booking plugins below.

Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Hotel Booking Lite (Our Top Pick)

hotel booking lite wordpress plugin

As the name suggests, Hotel Booking Lite is a WordPress booking plugin for everyone in the accommodation business. It is a tool that simplifies the process of bookings, keeping your business as organized as possible. Regardless of the theme you use, Hotel Booking Lite integrates seamlessly. You can now easily and quickly create an online booking system for your hotel, motel, hostel, and even real estate.

Hotel Booking Lite has no problem handling tons of properties and allows all sorts of extras. It sports real-time search availability form, custom pricing, taxes, shortcodes, widgets, supports multiple currencies, and more. Have in mind, Hotel Booking Lite is already localized to fourteen different languages, as well as comes fully compatible with the WPML plugin. Take your business to new heights by sorting out a sophisticated online booking system.

More info / Download


Avoid sticky notes and give everyone a chance to book your services throughout the entire day (and night) by using a simple, flexible and manageable WordPress booking plugin, Amelia. You only need one tool to automize your entire appointment bookings regardless of the industry you operate in. Fitness centers, beauty and hair salons, consultancy, dentists, the list goes on and on. In short, when there is a need for an online booking system, Amelia is your best bet.

With Amelia, you will show every potential customer how professional you are across all chapters of your business. The plugin smoothly integrates into your website, is effortless to use and makes managing and maintaining all your bookings child’s play. There are also different front- and back-end demos at your disposal to save you even more time. You are short moments away to changing your business and scaling it above and beyond with Amelia.

More info / Download Demo

Amelia (Free)

amelia free wordpress booking plugin

Offering to book online will boost your business professionalism and organization. Thanks to Amelia, you can now get the job done without breaking a single drop of sweat. Regardless of your services, with Amelia, you can tailor the online booking to your needs and wants precisely. In short, if you would like to keep bookings and appointments fully automated, now you can with the practical Amelia. Still, this is a free version of the tool that comes with a few limitations. However, it will surely do the trick, getting you going swiftly.

Amelia comes with a handy calendar view in the back-end, offering you to have total control over all the appointments and their statuses. To add a booking wizard to your website, copy and paste Amelia’s shortcode to your existing post or page or create a new one.

More info / Download

Booknetic (Premium)

booknetic multi purpose appointment booking

Okay, we’re adding Booknetic to this list of free WordPress booking plugins only because it’s really so damn good. You can treat yourself to many advanced options and solutions for your business for a small investment.

And it doesn’t mean what industry you’re in; Booknetic is ready to sort things out quickly and reliably. (Exactly what you deserve!)

Payments, software integration, form builder, visual translator (built-in!), reports – yes, you get it all, and more.

You also get free updates for life and 6 months’ worth of premium support. At a rapid growth and 5/5 star rating, Booknetic is a SERIOUS deal.

More info / Download Demo

Booking Calendar

booking calendar

Shall we begin with the oldest available plugin on the market? Why not? Booking Calendar comes with a calendar and a booking option for your online services. It could be offline, too; it’s just that the reservation process happens on the Internet. Complicated? Not really. Booking Calendar is flexible in function and allows every business that works on a booking basis to benefit from it. You will blend it into the style of your site and make it look like it is part of it from the get-go. It is fully responsive so every user, mobile, tablet, and desktop can check availability and make a booking smoothly.

You can freely customize the design of Booking Calendar and make it follow your branding. In just three steps, users will finish their reservation and you will receive an email notification. You have an option to approve or decline the reservation in the user-friendly admin panel. You also have a complete overview of the bookings by day, week, or month. Booking Calendar is free, and you can start making adjustments to fit your needs perfectly. You can even import .ics feeds via Booking Calendar’s Booking Manager from sites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and any other service that uses .ics format.

More info / Download


sagenda free booking system

For project owners and freelancers working with clients, whoever needs an online reservation solution, Sagenda is a free WordPress booking plugin that will take care of your needs. You can have your web appointments sorted or help a client out at no cost. You are not limited to any number of bookings, and you can take care of as many customers as you would like. Treat yourself right to a free booking system, and have your business as organized as possible. To activate Sagenda, create an account first to get you an authentication code to use later to validate the plugin.

Are you prepared to ditch sticky notes and have all your appointments available online? When you install and adjust Sagenda to your needs, new and existing clients can start choosing the time and date per their request. When ready, they can pay via PayPal or even use a credit card. All the major credit cards are supported to offer your customers as many purchasing options as possible. Also, Sagenda is translated into many languages already, like Chinese, Danish, French, Hindi, Polish, Russian, and Spanish, to name a few. Of course, by default, the plugin comes in English.

More info / Download

Booking Calendar Contact Form

booking calendar contact form

The Booking Calendar Contact Form plugin is a contact form, a calendar, and booking process, all blended into one tool. With this plugin, you can create the classic contact form or add a reservation calendar and have an online reservation ready. It is easy as pie. Moreover, this plugin connects with PayPal to offer your clients a way to seal the deal. After clicking on the booking button, customers get redirected to PayPal to complete the reservation.

Three emails are sent out from then on: the PayPal notification, the booking confirmation to the client, and an email notification to the website owner. Once completed, a confirmed booking appears in the list and calendar. The selected dates are then blocked from the calendar, so reservations cannot overlap. However, you can disable the “booking overlap” option if you host a webinar where an unlimited number of users can join. Booking Calendar Contact Form also allows you to set different prices for different times of the year. This can be for hotels where higher prices are higher than low-season ones. There are also many things you can do with the free version of the plugin. There is always the premium upgrade available, though.

More info / Download

WP Simple Booking Calendar

wp simple booking calendar

For a quick and straightforward solution for the apartments or rooms you are renting, pick WP Simple Booking Calendar. It is one of essential plugins on the market. Still, it’s powerful enough to cover the essentials. You can also upgrade to the premium version at any time. We speak only about the free option that you can test right away here.

You can use WP Simple Booking Calendar for basically any type of bookings and reservations. With just a few clicks, visitors can check the availability of your bed & breakfast. This saves time when chatting with them and picking the exact dates when they would like to book. It is called “simple” for a reason. It’s useful when you still want to manually do part of the reservation process.

The free version of WP Simple Booking Calendar allows you to build one calendar and display availabilities. I told you it is called “simple” for a reason. It is a calendar that displays the availability of your holiday apartment.

More info / Download

Pinpoint Booking System

pinpoint booking system

Simplicity is key to success. You can fully organize your business by picking any from our collection of the top free WordPress booking plugins. Scheduling, renting, booking, and reserving are done easily with Pinpoint Booking System. As much as you will enjoy editing it, your clients will be amazed by its simplicity. Thanks to the one-page booking process, your site’s user experience will be of high standard. It also allows you to keep the customer from leaving your page early without finishing the booking process. Add all the extra and unnecessary clutter, and you might miss many business opportunities.

Pinpoint Booking System is great for both small and big business owners. The latter might use the pro version straight away. The main feature of PBS is WooCommerce integration for the ultimate solution. This brings you all the extras that one of the biggest e-commerce tools supports. For example, you can benefit from the shopping cart and the big range of payment methods. Plus, there are many payable add-ons available in full flexibility for your web booking. However, these are just a couple of options that you can take advantage of.

Like any other plugin for bookings and appointments you find on this list, Pinpoint Booking System is original in its way.

More info / Download

Appointment Hour Booking

appointment hour booking free wordpress plugin

Appointment Hour Booking is a free WordPress booking plugin that sets up a start time and specific duration. With its visual configuration, you will never need to touch a single string of code to edit and adjust Appointment Hour Booking according to your business needs. You can preset your working hours so the end user knows immediately when you are available to make an appointment. Moreover, each calendar you add to your website can have multiple services, durations and pricing.

Adding an appointment/booking system on an hourly basis to your website is easy as pie with Appointment Hour Booking. Appointment Hour Booking allows you to link booking forms to different payment methods, like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill, etc. There are also multiple add-ons for integrating with 3rd-party platforms and setting up extra features and functions.

More info / Download

Booking Package

booking package free wordpress plugin

Whether you would like your visitors to book a room or an event or make an appointment for a service, you better utilize the terrific Booking Package. This free WordPress booking plugin creates an entire system to add to your existing page and sort out bookings in full. It also ensures that your bookings and appointments are fully organized. Skip the old-school approach and move over to digital appointment management once and for all.

Booking Package unlocks many options and features to make sure you effortlessly get the most out of it. Along with the obvious, Booking Package also comes with a shortcode which you can insert into any page or post. Additionally, you can accept unlimited bookings, confirm bookings quickly from the admin dashboard, send out notifications and set a different schedule and pricing for holidays.

More info / Download

Advanced Booking Calendar

advanced booking calendar free wordpress plugin

Advanced Booking Calendar is ideal for hotels and other accommodation businesses. It is a convenient and easy-to-use free WordPress booking plugin with must-haves and loads of other goodies. You can now manage and maintain all your bookings hassle-free. If you were doing it manually until now, the time has come to follow the trend and move online 100%. This way, all your potential customers can play around with the booking calendar and find the dates that suit them best from the comfort of their sofas.

The web design of Advanced Booking Calendar is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. All the bookings you generate are stored in your WordPress database, so you will never lose them. On the other hand, guests will receive email notifications whether the booking is approved or declined. Fine-tune your new booking calendar accordingly and boost your business through the roof.

More info / Download

Webba Booking Lite

webba booking lite free wordpress plugin

Webba Booking Lite is one of the best free WordPress booking plugins you can get your hands on for service providers. It will save you a ton of time and effort by taking over the bookings and appointments part of your business. The owner needs to input very little work while the client can comfortably pick the dates and time that fi With that in mind, you can keep refining your craft and marketing your business to reach new heights.

Webba Booking Lite rocks over eighty customization options, well over seventy predesigned layouts, unlimited custom fields and the ability to add unlimited services. The final layout will also be mobile-friendly, smoothly adapting to any device they use. While the free version already has many features, Webba Booking Lite also comes with many more pro functions if you would like to upgrade.

More info / Download

Booking Calendar

booking calendar WordPress plugin

The simplicity, yet great features, is what Booking Calendar is all about. It helps you create a clean and responsive calendar with all the needed options for a complete and fully working booking calendar. In just a few minutes, you can have your entire booking system arranged and organized to start taking new clients.

Just like all the other free WordPress booking plugins on this list, BC also has its gems. It allows you to create unlimited booking calendars, forms, and all required extras. You can easily modify the price, date, weekdays format, availability and unavailability, etc. It works smoothly with all WordPress versions, and due to its responsiveness, mobile and tablet users will enjoy it.

Booking Calendar comes with an easy-to-understand admin section that will be a breeze setting things up for your company. Further optimization allows you to set required fields, add multiple options, and change the currency. You can play around with colors and change the default text as well. Be as picky as you want, and Booking Calendar will most certainly take care of it. Still, if you feel to upgrade, there is a pro version of the plugin awaiting you.

More info / Download

Booking Ultra Pro

booking ultra pro

Booking Ultra Pro comes ready for all kinds of businesses and organizations. You can use it for students attending your classes or benefit from it if you are a barber. It can handle big numbers steadily, so there is no need to worry whether it will manage hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees to your seminar. Booking Ultra Pro simply will.

While there is a pro version available, many will be satisfied with the free plugin just as well. It comes with all the important characteristics and then some. To complete the booking, the client undergoes a simple four-step process. They pick the services and time, adds details, and choose a payment method. The last step is already the thank you page, which you can fully customize. Technically, it only actually takes three steps. It’s a quick, simple, and efficient process that your new and existing customers will enjoy using again and again. For your information, the clients’ information is stored in the back-end, which you can later use for running promotions and sending newsletters directly.

More info / Download

WP Booking System

wp booking system free wordpress plugin

Whether you run an accommodation business or you rent bikes and boats, let customers complete a booking online, using nothing but your website. With WP Booking System, a free WordPress booking plugin, you can now do just that and take your business to new heights. No need for sticky notes and no need for picking up phones and reading emails, WP Booking System does all the heavy work for you. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, WP Booking System is still perfect for you, as it is super effortless to use.

Create a convenient calendar on your website that your customers can check availability and complete a booking. You can also create custom forms and use WP Booking System with various languages. The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg, too, works with a shortcode or widget.

More info / Download

Booking Activities

booking activities free wordpress plugin

Booking Activities is a more niche-free WordPress plugin that specializes in activities primarily. You have amazing customization functions to tailor the online booking form for any activity or several that you offer. Thanks to the drag and drop technique, you do not need to touch a single code string when performing tweaks and improvements. Simply copy and paste the shortcode to integrate it into your website or even use Booking Activities with WooCommerce products. The customer then gets to pick the activity and desired date and books it. As simple as that.

Great availability options, notifications, WooCommerce payments, entirely translatable and fully fluid, and responsive design are just a few of the specialties that Booking Activities has in store for you. Thanks to Booking Activities, let enthusiasts book your activities via your website and completely automate the process.

More info / Download

Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin

appointment booking and online scheduling by vcita

Let the Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling plugin do all the work for you. There is more it can do for you than just the scheduling part. This software will expand your website with a scheduling system to have bookings organized and automated—no need for you to do it all by phone calls or emails anymore. The plugin also covers reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups. You can also set an option where a client can request a callback if necessary.

One great benefit of having an online booking system on your website is that it works even when out of the office. Customers do not always have time to book within your working hours. They like checking and browsing in the evenings or early in the morning. When you get back to the office, you can check all the generated appointments when you are away. With this plugin, you can reply to clients’ requests in real-time and assign different clients to different staff members.

More info / Download

WooCommerce Easy Booking

woocommerce easy booking system

If a plugin is WooCommerce-compatible, you know it must be flexible and packed with features. Additionally, it is also probably easy to use, so that improving your page with a solid new quality is as simple as pie. Roughly said, that is what you get with WooCommerce Easy Booking.

An appointment and scheduling plugin perfectly integrates with the e-commerce toolkit. With the plugin, you can add an option to your WooCommerce products for clients to book or rent. This could mean just about anything since you can sell, rent, and offer memberships with WooCommerce.

This new section that the free WordPress booking plugin adds to your products allows you to set the start and end dates and calculate the new price. The plugin uses Pickdate.js, which is a mobile-friendly date and time picker. You can set custom pricing based on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even nightly basis.

However, to get the most out of WooCommerce Easy Booking, several add-ons available. Of course, these do not come free of charge but sell at a certain fee. However, if you are satisfied with the free version, use it for as long as possible.

More info / Download

Salon Booking System

salon booking system

The salon booking system is perfectly suited for salons, from hair dresser salons and barbershops to beauty shops and spa and massage salons. There will be no need to pick up new reservations during your work schedule. Instead, you can focus on the work 100% and let your online booking and appointment system do its thing for you. All you need to do is check how busy you will be the next day and the days and weeks. The administrator can quickly check the upcoming sessions in the back-end and never miss a business opportunity. Are you feeling disorganized? It is time to step up your game and focus on online bookings rather than receiving calls and checking tons of emails.

Developed explicitly for one-on-one appointments, the Salon Booking System is a great feature that your website should not miss. You can connect it with Google Calendar and have all reservations synced. Style the calendar according to your needs; offer clients to book as guests and pay later. Ready, set, and go! You can truly do a lot with this easy-to-use and free WordPress booking plugin.

More info / Download

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