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16 Best WordPress PDF Plugins 2023

When you run a blog or a website, there likely will be many instances when you want to display PDF files on the web pages. By default, WordPress does not support embedded PDF files; you can display PDF files only as links. Clicking on these links will only lead visitors away from your site to the PDF document. If you want visitors to view the files without leaving your website, you’ll need the help of WordPress PDF viewer plugins.

PDF files are popular because they help you to style documents to a great extent. Moreover, they retain the formatting consistently across all devices. PDF viewer plugins will embed the PDF files into your posts and page. Visitors can view, read, download, or print the files without leaving the post or page. They can download blog posts as PDF, too.

Below are free and premium plugins.

Best Free PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins

The free plugins can competently accomplish this if you’re looking for a plugin that does the basic job of embedding PDF documents in your pages or posts. Some have a few additional features as well.

1. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder allows you to embed PDF files in the posts and pages of your site with the help of JavaScript. You need to upload your file just as you do with images. The height and width of the files are automatically adjusted to fit the size of the visitors’ screens. The site-wide dimensions you set can be changed for individual pages, and some customization is possible using shortcodes.

WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins - PDF Embedder

The plugin does not rely on any third party service or iframes, so the display is faster and more flexible. The PDF files and JavaScript are stored on your own server, so it’s more reliable.

Users can browse using a Next/Previous button, which is helpful in a multipage document. From a convenient toolbar, it allows users to zoom, navigate, and even download the PDF file.

If you upgrade to the pro version of the plugin, users can download the files and click on hyperlinks. This version also allows pagination, better resizing, a full-screen mode, and enhanced experience for mobile users.

More info / Download

2. Google Drive Embedder

Google Drive Embedder helps embed many documents—Word doc, Zip files, videos, and PDF files. You can also embed native Google docs like spreadsheets or MS Office files. It works in combination with the Google Apps Login plugin.

Google Drive Embedder

Authors can access all their Google drive files from a popup box and select the file they want to embed. It’ll be similar to working with the Media Library on WordPress. You can allow inline viewing, downloads, or links that open up editable files, all without help from Flash or PDF browser plugins.

However, you must set up document sharing in Google Drive for non-Google-file types to enable users to access these documents in the drive. The plugin works on WordPress multisites as well.

The premium plugin allows you to embed entire folders and calendars.

More info / Download

3. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

PDF & Print adds a PDF download and print button to your WordPress posts, pages, search results, archives, and custom post types. Besides, you can add your title, featured image, custom styles, and fonts. You get to select the button position, set the button type (image, text, or image plus text), and add a custom code in the plugin’s settings page. The plugin can also execute shortcodes when generating PDFs or while creating a printer-friendly version.

PDF and Print

The pro version gives you many more options. You can disable the download as PDF buttons on specific posts or pages, add text or image watermark, set custom images for buttons, and create custom documents, complete with header and footer.

More info / Download

4. Flowpaper

flowpaper lite pdf flipbook

If you would like to add your PDF content to your website in a professional and eye-catchy way, you better get your hands on Flowpaper. This WordPress PDF viewing plugin lets you embed PDF material, like catalogs, blogs and brochures, even portfolios, as an easy to flip through flipbook. It will surely add a sophisticated touch, elevating your overall page experience. Of course, the tool supports all modern devices and browsers, ensuring it instantly adapts to any screen and platform.

When creating a neat presentation of your PDF document, you need to know that Flowpaper accepts files that do not exceed 15 MB. Flowpaper also supports some customization functions to make sure you can alter it to your branding regulations to a T. However, it is already super pretty out of the box what might make you want to just stick to the look as is.

More info / Download

5. Interactive 3D FlipBook

interactive 3d flipbook

Interactive 3D FlipBook is a powerful WordPress PDF viewer that creates a life-like experience when flipping through the book you are about to create. With the plugin, you can create a marvelous experience viewing your PDF documents, images and even HTMLs. In other words, Interactive 3D FlipBook is best for presenting magazines, books, booklets, and other soon-to-be printed content. Of course, this could be the final version, no need to be printed version. After all, enjoying a magazine from our mobile or desktop devices is becoming increasingly popular anyway.

The set up is user-friendly, ensuring everyone gets the most out of Interactive 3D FlipBook. The final product will undoubtedly capture everyone’s attention in a snap. See the video presentation of the plugin or head over to the live preview page and enjoy Interactive 3D FlipBook in action. It even has sound effects.

More info / Download

6. Embed PDF Viewer

embed pdf viewer

Embed PDF Viewer does a fantastic job when you are interested in embedding your PDFs to pages or posts. After you upload the content to your media library, you can instantly make it visible on your page. For your information, Embed PDF Viewer is also compatible with the new WordPress block editor, Gutenberg.

Creating a smooth presentation of your PDF document will be a breeze when you have access to a solid tool like Embed PDF Viewer. If that is the case for you and you want to enhance your website, make it happen hassle-free with a WordPress PDF viewer.

More info / Download

7. WonderPlugin PDF Embed

wonderplugin pdf embed

Whether you are a brand, run a magazine, a creative agency, you name it, chances are, you have a lot of PDF content lying around. Bring it to the online space with the help from WonderPlugin PDF Embed. Hence, the name is a simple WordPress PDF viewer that lets you display all your compelling PDF documents on your websites. The outcome is a responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible PDF viewer that will engage your visitors and keep them satisfied.

To get the gist of it, do yourself a favor and first check the live preview of the plugin. Moreover, setting up and configuring WonderPlugin PDF Embed is child’s play. All you truly need to do is to upload the content and use a simple to edit shortcode that you can then add to your page. On top of that, WonderPlugin PDF Embed is also compatible with tools like WonderPlugin Lightbox and WonderPlugin Carousel. With PDF embedder you can go way beyond the standard PDF presentation.

More info / Download

8. Algori PDF Viewer

algori pdf viewer

Adding PDF content to your WordPress website or blog has never been simpler. With the right PDF viewer plugin, you can embed your content in a click. Algori PDF Viewer is a superb alternative that does the trick for all the Gutenberg fans. This tool adds a new block to the editor to practice and use for your PDF files. Although a free solution, Algori PDF Viewer has many features that will do you well.

First and foremost, you only need to install the plugin and that’s it. No need for any browser plugins and whatnot. Speaking of browsers, Algori PDF Viewer is compatible with all the popular ones and displays beautifully on mobile devices. It supports downloads, printing, presentation mode, zooming in and out, and other greatness that will improve your website experience.

More info / Download

9. Gutenberg PDF Viewer Block

gutenberg pdf viewer block

Hence the name, Gutenberg PDF Viewer Block is a free WordPress plugin that lets you enrich your website with a nifty PDF viewer. The final design ensures complete flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring the PDF displays beautifully on any device, smartphone, tablet and desktop. Not just that, but it works on all the major web browsers, too. Keep in mind, if the JavaScript is disabled, Gutenberg PDF Viewer Block creates a download link, offering the user to still get to enjoy the PDF.

After installing and activating the plugin, you only need to search for the block in Gutenberg and add it to your content. As simple as that. You can also configure height, width and the alignment of the viewer, making sure the PDF appears precisely how you want.

More info / Download

10. dFlip 3D Flipbook

dflip 3d flipbook wordpress pdf viewer

Instead of keeping the PDFs on your website dull, spice things up with dFlip 3D Flipbook. This WordPress PDF viewer offers you to create a stunning flipbook, that creates a virtual magazine or catalog. You can even use dFlip 3D Flipbook to display your stunning portfolio or showcase the company’s annual reports. It is your imagination that will define what for you can use dFlip 3D Flipbook, as the options and possibilities are numerous.

Some of dFlip 3D Flipbook features are entirely realistic 3D appearance, deep linking, outgoing linking, RTL mode, lightbox mode and amazing customization configurations. You can also translate it into any language that you fancy. You can even use dFlip 3D Flipbook to create a flipbook using images only, no need for a PDF.

More info / Download

11. Custom Post Type Attachment

custom post type pdf attachment

If you need more WordPress PDF viewer alternatives, by all means, keep on enjoying the plugins on this list. Yes, we still have several more for you to peek at. If you feel like testing out a few before settling down on one, by all means, get to work, most of them are free of charge anyway.

As far as Custom Post Type Attachment plugin goes, you can upload up to ten different PDF files to one post or page. The item also works flawlessly with custom post types.

Although Custom Post Type Attachment gets you going, you can upgrade to the pro version anytime. It unlocks even more features and functions to create a truly unforgettable experience. But first, install and activate the free plugin, upload a PDF file and see it in action.

More info / Download

12. CopySafe PDF Protection

wp copysafe pdf

This particular plugin is slightly different from all the rest, but that is something you figured out already just by reading the name. While adding PDF content to your websites is fun and games, there is a chance it gets stolen. If you have some precious material, you can now protect it with CopySafe PDF Protection. The plugin works online and offline, ensuring your content is always safe and secure.

Some of the features of CopySafe PDF Protection are dynamic embeds using JavaScript, different protection on page and post levels and width and height control. CopySafe PDF Protection also protects your content from print screens and other screen capturing software. Better be safe than sorry and download and active CopySafe PDF Protection now.

More info / Download

13. WooCommerce PDF Invoices

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin is a good fit if you use WooCommerce on your website. It lets you generate PDF invoices and attach them to any email you send to customers. Because you can automate everything, you save a lot of time.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

To generate invoices in bulk, to customize your invoices, or to issue them in different languages, you’ll need the premium version of the plugin.

More info / Download

14. BSK PDF Manager

BSK PDF Manager is a file manager for PDF files on a WordPress site. If you upload several PDF files regularly to your WordPress, you may need some help managing them. This plugin helps admins slot them into categories or display them in a single list. Readers can also download an entire category with a single click.

BSK PDF Manager

It’s not hard to use this plugin. You merely need to copy the shortcodes into the pages or posts where you want the links to display. Since the plugin supports widgets, the PDF list can display in a widget area. You may not need this plugin if you have only a few PDF files on your WordPress. The premium plugin offers some additional features.

More info / Download

One other free plugins that you can look up is PDF Poster, which allows you to embed any number of PDF files.

Premium PDF Viewer WordPress Plugins Plugins

The premium plugins are truly feature-rich and offer many options besides embedding PDF files. Besides, they come with a higher degree of support.

15. PDF Viewer for WordPress

PDF Viewer for WordPress is one of the best plugins available for viewing and displaying PDF documents on WordPress. The plugin is fully responsive and compatible with most of the major browsers. With over 3,000 in sales, it’s among the top-selling PDF plugins on CodeCanyon.

PDF Viewer for WordPress

You can add toolbar icons to help users to navigate, zoom, print, download, or share the PDF. Not only that, but you can also enable or disable these features as needed. All the embedded PDFs are responsive, so visitors can view them on all screens.

More info / Purchase

16. Real3d FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Real3d FlipBook WordPress Plugin will help you display PDF documents in a magazine style. You can upload your PDF documents and then use a shortcode to display these flipbooks easily. In addition, you can create as many flipbooks as you want.

Real 3d flipbook

The plugin uses Web Graphics Library, a JavaScript library to render interactive graphics within the browser. It creates stunning HTML5 pages for your documents. Because it’s responsive, it works perfectly on all devices.

You’ll find that the plugin matches with any theme since it allows you to customize the menu colors, button colors, shape, size, border, and shadows as well as hide buttons that you don’t need. You can enable the lightbox, full-screen mode, single-page look, RTL, and interactive content within the flipbook using shortcodes. Refer to this post for WordPress themes that cater to the newspapers and magazines niche.

More info / Purchase

A PDF document is a welcome addition to a WordPress website. It enables readers to view a document the same way it was formatted. Moreover, it is the preferred format for many official documents. The WordPress plugins on this list make it easy to include them on your blog or website. Users can save, print, or download them without difficulty. If we’ve missed your favorite PDF viewer plugin, do share it with us in the Comments section.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Priya.

    Thanks for this detailed article. You’re absolutely right, nowadays you need to engage visitors to keep them on your website longer. I was also looking for an easy to use software or plugin that helps me with embedding my PDF documents into my WordPress blog. I’ve tested different viewer plugins and came to the decision that page turning flipbooks perform best (at least for my fashion blog). Visitors can flip through the pages, watch my fashion videos from within the flipbook, etc.

    Thanks again and kind regards – Catherine

  2. I’m looking for a plugin (or theme with this built in as an option) that will allow visitors to a business’s site to see a grid of available quarterly reports which opens a pdf of the report (in a new tab, not a lightbox, so they can download it if they wish) when they click on it. Everything I’ve found so far displays either images, or uses a tree or accordion layout, which won’t work for what I’m trying to do.

    I need to be able to create more than one of these grids, so that I can have a page for quarterly analysis reports and one for quarterly financial statements. It would also be awesome if the plugin had a feature that allows you to upload into the grid itself (when editing the page, or within the plugin editor), instead of uploading it as a general post or media item and adding tags to get it into the grid.

  3. Help needed!!

    Have tried a number of these and find them slow to load when we are dealing with large PDF’s of a magazine – like 25 meg. Would be interested in thoughts on what is best way to create a digital archive of quarterly publications (25 megs or more each) that would be searchable??

    1. Ed,

      Plugins themselves does not affect load time of PDFs. The main difference comes from your hosting provider and or CDN if you use one. To host such a large files you definitely need a high grade hosting such as Kinsta that we also use for our web projects. They also offer CDN as part of the deal to improve website and especially large file loading further.

      1. Aigars,

        Thanks for the reply. A follow on question is would not a lazy load plugin still help in speeding up a pdf load?? Any suggestions on where to find out more about setting up an archive of magazines that are in that 25 + meg range that are in pdf format?? Thanks Ed

        1. Lazy load just delays the loading and not speeds it up. It might help only if you try to load many PDF documents on the same page but give absolutely nothing if you load one big file on a page.

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