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Top 10 Plugins for Data Visualization on WordPress Websites 2021

Data visualization is the process of taking raw (usually numerical) data and converting them into a visual presentation. Techniques for converting raw data have existed for many decades already. However, we have only seen such a steady influx of functional data visualization tools, libraries, and WordPress plugins in the last five years. That humans learn better through visual data is a known fact, but that’s not the only reason why data visualization works. For example, when we analyze the performance of two websites where their analytics data are involved, it is easier to understand all large data sets through visual portraits than it is to read every single statistic through text.

Big data continues to expand as machine learning becomes a real tangible thing even for those inexperienced with deep data learning. It comes down to the fact that humans are better at processing visual data than they are at reading data reports or spreadsheets scattered with complex patterns. With data visualization, it’s possible to display and communicate the data in a traditional manner. There are available countless examples of how data visualization helps in different fields, like science, biotech, health, and artificial intelligence. A little bit of research will reveal many such uses and examples. Many universities and online schools are now educating their students about data visualization. Many courses are accessible for free in the digital environment.

WordPress bloggers can now enjoy using data visualization charts and graphs on their own blogs with the addition of plugins. We know that there are 100+ reliable tools out there that do data visualization really well. Some are truly complex for the most complex of tasks, but we’ve decided to stick to the basics and cover the areas of data visualization that you’d typically see in journalism, writing, and blogging. If you’re concluding your own research, it will be most helpful to rely on any of the following plugins to help you display your data through visual concepts.

Free Plugins

WordPress Charts and Graphs

WordPress Charts and Graphs

Thousands of WP bloggers trust CodeInWP’s data visualization plugin to create highly dynamic, interactively versatile, and statically beautiful charts, graphs, and data visualizations that represent your sets of data that you are trying to visualize. Choose from any of the nine charts provided in the plugin’s core: line charts, bar charts, columns, pie’s, geographical charts, and a few more.

The technology used for rendering the charts is a combination of SVG and HTML5. Therefore, you’re shooting two rabbits for the price of one. HTML5 represents the latest browser technology, while SVG represents the best vector graphics format for the web. You might have a heavy set of data to work with, but the SVG output is going to surprise you with its tiny size. Choose where you want to upload your chart data from the web or your own computer. Customize font types, titles, tooltips, and general chart settings to make each set of data unique.


Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Supsystic has a good eye and determination when it comes to popular WP plugins. We’ve already covered their popup plugin once, and we’ve got a few other posts in the pipeline that feature Supsystic’s remarkable approach to solid WP plugins. Now, we’re highlighting their data visualization plugin—Data Tables Generator. Native table support has existed for decades in HTML language. With the evolution of CSS and JavaScript, tables can be reliable methods of displaying data back to the consumer.

Data Table Generator really gives you the tools to display your data without prior experience in data management. Create charts, graphs, and data diagrams all from a single plugin. Manage your date entries to make them easier to understand for your readers. Search engines won’t have a problem picking up your data either. Everything has been taken care of. You can plug your Google Charts data into this plugin, too, for that extra diversity.


M Chart

m chart data visualization wordpress plugin
If you have data to display and you would like to do it in a clear fashion, M Chart is the data visualization WordPress plugin for you. With the plugin, you can manage all the data and statistics via a spreadsheet. Later on, when you are done editing and preparing the content, you can use the convenient shortcode and add the chart to the post. Bear in mind, to make it fully work, you will first need to install the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin.

M Chart gives you plenty of options to add all the information and details to the charts that you would like to create. The process of installing, activating and completing is also very straightforward, suitable for all levels of users. Level up your online presence with a sophisticated chart by M Chart.



ichart data visualization wordpress plugin
As the name suggests, iChart is a free data visualization WordPress plugin for building charts and graphs. It works with just about any WordPress theme and even comes with a Gutenberg block for your convenience. In addition to that, iChart’s own shortcode generator allows you to add your creation anywhere on your website or blog, displaying loads of data and stats beautifully. Needless to say, the design is responsive and mobile-ready, following the trends of the modern web for an always smooth performance.

The features of iChart are very many. It supports all sorts of chart styles, like bar, line, pie, polar area and doughnut, to name a few. And once you are done creating the desired chart, simply copy and paste the shortcode to any page or post and see it appear on your site.


WP Charts and Graphs

wp charts and graphs data visualization wordpress plugin
Crafting simple, yet beautiful charts for your website happens in a little breeze with WP Charts and Graphs. This data visualization WordPress plugin is all set to get you going, even if you are not really tech-savvy. From your admin panel, you can create the chart that you fancy and see the live preview first before you go live. If it needs any additional tweaks, now is the time to make them happen. However, you can always go back to the drawing board and perform corrections or add more data and stats.

Just like all the other solutions on this list, WP Charts and Graphs calls for a fully responsive end product that operates on smartphones, tablets and desktops smoothly. Moreover, it comes with all sorts of different chart styles for you to find the right one right from the get-go. Now get that doughnut, radar or polar chart or any other going strong, decorating your website stunningly.




Could be the leading table generator plugin for WordPress; whopping 400k installs! Table management can be overlooked if you’re working with only a select few data pieces, but for bigger content projects. TablePress can really step up to the plate and deliver that great experience you’re after. Google Spreadsheets is fine, but why not manage your data directly from admin dashboard? Your tables can be showcased in posts, content pages, and widget areas; all with the help of a shortocde. Table’s has several features: custom content (text, visual, number, HTML, JavaScript), custom formulas based on Excel, highlighting for individual rows, import using traditional methods or from external servers.


Easy Charts

easy charts data visualization wordpress plugin
The name of this next data visualization WordPress plugin might give an impression of a basic tool but it is not quite like so. Easy Charts comes with many amazing features and functions to create the most amazing charts out there. Although a free add-on, the goodies Easy Charts delivers are very many. First and foremost, Easy Charts is, of course, quick and simple to set up. No need to have any prior experience to get a chance to decorate your pages and posts with nifty charts.

In the Easy Charts, you will discover a whopping collection of twelve different chart layouts. From bar, step up bar and percent bar to line, pie, donut and waterfall charts, they are all there and then some. Make the most out of Easy Charts, create interactive charts and let your website shine online.


WP Beautiful Charts

WP Beautiful Charts

What do you wish to share with your readers? A pie chart, a bar graph? Perhaps a line chart to showcase your latest earnings reports? For simple tasks such as those, you won’t need more than WP Beautiful Charts. It’s a data visualization plugin that gets straight to the point.


Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Google Spreadsheets is Excel for the web. Until now, there wasn’t a clear way of embedding your Google Spreadsheets into WordPress content posts. Now, you can, thanks to Meitar, who put in the effort to create a WordPress module (plugin) that would render the Spreadsheet’s content in your posts. With an automated updating engine, your spreadsheets that have been embedded into posts will automatically refresh whenever the data for those spreadsheets change.

There are quite a few uses for Google Spreadsheets, including creating beautiful charts and graphs and visualizations of your data. Getting the spreadsheet to embed in your posts couldn’t be easier. After you install the plugin, all you have to do is copy and paste the spreadsheet URL in one of your posts. The shortcode support is handy when you need to customize the data for your spreadsheets. An example is if you want to use different titles in your blog posts and such.




Infogram probably didn’t expect to explode with popularity the way it did, but we have to give credit where it’s due. With nearly five million infographics already built, Infogram has shaped the presentation of content in more ways than one. Infogram has a selection of 30+ unique charts: bars, columns, pie, lines, multiple axes, areas, scattered, bubbles, pictorial, hierarchy, tables, gauges, word clouds, treemaps, financial reports, timers, and facts.

Import your data from CSV, XLS, and XLSX. Direct data copy and paste. Use Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, JSON feeds, and Google Analytics. Even tap into a global pool of data sets. The intuitive infographic management interface lets you control all the aspects of your infographic. It also renews a sense of freedom for building your custom content.


Premiums Plugins

You probably don’t need all of these plugins. Heck, if you’re really serious about doing data visualizations, you should seek support from JavaScript libraries that are super reliable in this category. A direct JS library has slightly more capabilities than a core plugin for WordPress, but you know best what your visual data requirements are. We have shown you the best of the best plugins in this regard, including Blazing, which is the combination of many acclaimed JS charting libraries. Now, we present you with a selection of data visualization plugins that you won’t find for free download. That’s right. The following plugins and addons for your blog are of a monetary investment nature and for support, too. Know that their quality is impeccable.


wpDataTables is a comprehensive plugin for visual data management on any WordPress website. Fetch your existing Google or Excel Spreadsheets, and import them into wpDataTables to showcase your information on WordPress. If that doesn’t work, plug your MySQL data directly into a data spread. You won’t even need to know MySQL queries, and the plugin supports query building with an intuitive interface. Administrators can edit visual data directly from the post or page (front-end), or managing it from the dashboard (back-end). It has been called a very secure plugin, and it should be. You’re working with sensitive data, so you wouldn’t want others to play with it or even access it even without your permission.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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    1. THUMBS UP! Polar Charts.. at last.

  1. Hello,

    I need a plugin to display complex stats about a blog and show them as graphs, piecharts, etc. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find one to fit my special need. What i need is a plugin to allow me :
    – display this data FOR ALL MY USERS in WIDGETS OR PAGES , not in admin, or member page
    I want to display on my site front page some nice graphs (to be shown to all visitors and members) showing :
    – number of posts evolution on a period
    – a piechart with posts in different categories (if i have 4 categories, each one with different posts, i wanna see a piechart of this displayed on front page, on widgets, or in other pages of the site for logged users or not loged in
    – a graph with comments : a top of users and theri comments (let’s say top ten commenters : user a:x comments, user b: y comments…and so on)
    – evolution of comments / articles over a timeslice…show an graph of volume evolution by week, month, year, etc
    – a graph showing evolution of new users numbers

    ..and other various graphs FOR ALL MEMBERS in ANY PAGE I WANT or / and in widgets

    I would be very interested to buy such a plugin

    1. Andrei,

      Unfortunately, none of plugins will do that much by default. However, you can use any plugin as a base and hire a developer to create the rest of the tweaks.

    1. Neil,

      Those charts look like they were designed in 90s and haven’t had any updates since. Are you sure they are worth the shot?

      1. Hi Aigars

        I’m a developer, not a designer. Those charts are very very customisable, like very very. That’s the idea, some designer can build a chart anyway they want them. Are you a designer? You want to work with me to make some nice ones? be my guest? let me show you what they can really do?


  2. The graph lite plugin ( that we recently developed might be very helpful. Unlike other plugin, it has an interactive graph builder to show you a preview while you are adding data.

    Disclaimer: I am one of the developers of the plugin.

    1. Alyssa Maac says:

      Hi! I’m a student and I’m kind of a newbie in wordpress. I installed it but I can’t seem to find the plugin in the dashboard. can you help me out?

      1. In your WP dashboard go to Plugins -> Add New and search for the plugin you want to add. Or add it manually from there.

    2. Jamie Poitra says:

      Just to be clear. M Chart does an active preview as you add data as well. I agree that’s a great feature though. 🙂

  3. Nicholas Gibbs says:

    Why include infogram under free when it costs £67 per month for the level of usability most of us would want. I mean what is the point, you’ve just wasted half an hour of my life – i thought colorlib were better than that?

    1. Nicholas,

      I completely disagree with you. We use free version of Infogram on our website so does millions of other users. You might be among few who needs premium version.

  4. I really enjoyed your article! Which of these plugins can be used to include a variable in a query on a MySQL database that filters results presented in a chart using the logged in user?

    1. Peter,

      Unfortunately, none of the plugins will do that by default. No mass plugins will ever support custom queries and variables as it imposes a huge security risk.

  5. Would this only be achievable using a custom-built plugin?

  6. Brandon Elliott says:

    I think Peter was asking for something other than what you answered. It sounds like he wants the same thing as I do: A plugin that is access MySQL directly (especially an external DB) to display a chart or graph to the logged in user (like showing their stats in a nice bar chart). So far, I have found that wpDataTables and Sysuptics Data Table Generator are two that may achieve the goal. I am about to test them to see, but Sysuptics is quite a bit cheaper for similar-looking quality (at least for the basic charts/graphs to show my user’s their stats). Cheers!

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