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17 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Donations for 2020

Collecting money for a good cause is not always an easy task. But you can make it a little easier for yourself by adding a prominent Donation button on your website. While a collection box placed near any street corner may not catch the attention of passers-by, an attractive Donate Now button on your website has a better chance of being noticed by visitors. Asking for contributions and managing donors can be streamlined on a website or blog with the help of many WordPress Donation Plugins. They add attractive buttons, facilitate payment gateways and do many more things that make collecting contributions a pain free affair.

A non profit organization depends on the goodwill of donors to achieve its noble objectives. Besides, there are many blogs that function totally or partially on well meaning contributions from their readers. Quality WordPress themes and HTML templates are also available that help you build your Not For Profit website. Such a website must set out all the relevant information about the objectives and activities, fund requirements and the way it will be utilized. Beyond that, donors must find it easy to send you the money. Prominent call to action buttons, easy to fill forms and multiple secure payment gateways go a long way in helping you collect contributions on your website.

Free WordPress Donation Plugins

As always, you’ll find a number of quality plugins in the WordPress repository that help you with many functions, including donations. These plugins help you to add one or more donation buttons, work well with one or more payment gateways and redirect users to any page after a donation. They help you keep track of donations, and by and large do not take any part of it as fees or commissions.


Give is a complete solution that optimizes online giving. The good part is, it does not charge any commission for any of the donations you receive. Donors will find it easy to fill the forms, and these forms can have an entire page to themselves. Or using the shortcode generator, you can embed the forms into your theme’s sidebar as well. There are multiple presentation options to embed forms in different parts of your website.

WordPress Donation Plugins : Give

The plugin includes all the important features such as standard PayPal payment gateway, donation history, and more. What sets it apart is that you can use the forms for reporting purposes, and export forms in CSV or PDF format by date range. Besides, you can also customize the forms. Give integrates well with a number of third party services. Developers can extend functions easily.

Give earns it’s revenues by charging for additional functionality, such as adding another payment gateway. Add-ons are available for Recurring Donations, Fee Recovery to cover the fees, PDF Receipts to issue tax deductible receipts to your donors and Stripe Gateway.

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PayPal Donations

The name tells you the function of this plugin. PayPal Donations helps you collect donations using the popular PayPal payment gateway. It adds a sidebar widget to your site. Using a shortcode, you can place a Donate button almost anywhere on your website, including the header and footer. You can choose the style of the button, the country and language, or even add a custom button. You can also pick any amount as the default payment amount or default currency.

PayPal Donations

The PayPal Donations plugin is not high on features, but it does the job that it sets out to do efficiently. After completing the payment, the donor can be redirected to any page, such as a Thank You page.

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Charitable is a plugin that gives you control over your fundraising efforts. It is both developer friendly as well as user friendly. Users can work off a friendly interface and get their fundraising campaign running in a few minutes. It is compatible with most standard WordPress themes and plugins. You can set up as many fundraising campaigns as you want and customize them to suit your needs. You can indicate the amounts that are accepted as donations or leave it to the donors to choose the amount, or offer both options as well. By displaying the goal for collection and the date by which you need the money, you can convert the campaign into a time – sensitive one.


Charitable does not charge any fees on transactions and there are no hidden charges either. The plugin supports standard PayPal payments, but for additional payment gateways such as Stripe or, you’ll have to purchase add-ons. Peer-to-Peer fundraising is possible using the Charitable Ambassadors Extension, which adds a frontend campaign submission form. Any visitor can use these forms to create a fundraising campaign for you or for their own cause. Thus you can also allow your users to start crowdfunding for any cause. Other extensions support Recurring Donations, Avatars, Anonymous Donations and Newsletter Connect.

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Smart Donations

smart donations
If you would like to simplify the process of adding donations to your website, Smart Donations is the plugin you should go with. In fact, any free WordPress donations plugin you find in this collection will do the trick. However, some might be tailored more toward your project than the others so choose accordingly. With Smart Donations, you can go beyond the basic donations and raise the most funds for your campaigns.

From different donation approaches and goals setting to results monitoring, forms and thank you emails, Smart Donations covers it all and more. Smart Donations also includes three different donation buttons which all are fully customizable. There is also a slider option for choosing the right amount of funds they would like to donate. The slider is also accompanied by a smiley face which changes the expression based on the amount.

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YITH Donations for WooCommerce

yith donations for woocommerce
YITH Donations is a WooCommerce compatible free plugin that helps you with donations. You can use the tool in your online stores or even when raising funds for a cause. The versatility of YITH Donations knows no bounds. Use it however you fancy and do not mind going entirely against the grain, utilizing YITH Donations for something entirely different. Simply install and activate the plugin in your WordPress and you can already start using it. You can also flip through the official documentation to get the gist of it before you fully dive in.

Once ready to proceed, all you need to do is to name each donation project and you can also associate donation form to a single product. Additionally, YITH Donations come with a donation widget which you can easily attach to your sidebars or footer section.

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Cryptocurrency Donation Box

cryptocurrency donation box
With the hype of cryptocurrencies, you might be interested in adding Cryptocurrency Donation Box to your website or blog. Whether you are raising funds for a cause or just to keep your website alive, this is an innovative approach to allow folks to donate with their crypto coins. This free WordPress donations plugin is exclusively accepting well over twenty different cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more.

As for the setup, Cryptocurrency Donation Box does not require much. First and foremost, you need your coin wallet address and the plugin activated in your WordPress admin. From then on, all you need is to add the shortcode in pages, posts and sidebar and you can start accepting donations right away. One cool feature of Cryptocurrency Donation Box is that it turns your payment address into a QR code which makes activities even easier for users.

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paytium free wordpress donations plugin
To accept payments and donations from users from all over the globe, all you need is a simple free WordPress plugin and call it a day. Paytium is a remarkable solution that does not require any coding knowledge to integrate donations to your blog or website. Along with iDEAL payments, Paytium also accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, Belfius and many other payment methods.

Thanks to the user-friendliness of Paytium, anyone can put it into practice. All it requires is to undergo a guided setup and you can already start accepting donations on your website.

Moreover, you can specify a flat amount for donations, but you can also let the donor decide how much they would like to donate to your charity, organization or your outstanding blog. Keep in mind, you can even use Paytium for selling simple products, both physical and digital.

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Donations for WooCommerce

donations for woocommerce plugin
If you are already using WooCommerce on your website, you can now add a cool feature to it with Donations for WooCommerce. Hence the name, this free WordPress donation plugin adds a donation product type to your website, which you can then implement into your website. Afterward, the user can then specify the amount they would like to donate. It is a super simple plugin that you can start to profit from right away. Activate and install the tool from your admin dashboard and see it in effect shortly after. It is also beginner-friendly, so even if you are new to WordPress and WooCommerce, you will still succeed at it.

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Woo Donations

woo donations plugin
Woo Donations is another impressive and easy to use free WordPress plugin to accept donations. Some multiple options and configurations come with this extension for you to get the most out of it and tailor to your specific needs precisely. You can let the user specify any amount they want to donate either at the cart or at the checkout page. That is something you can manually configure, where you would like the donation button to appear. Speaking of the donation button, you can also change the color, so it flows with your branding regulations. You can also set the donation button text to any you want.

Moreover, with the shortcode, you can also add the donation button to other locations of your website, not needing to limit yourself only to the cart or checkout pages.

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PayPal Donation

Within a few minutes of installing PayPal Donation, users will be able to collect money from donors all over the world. The plugin inserts a Donate button using a shortcode and includes a donation widget as well. Donors can also contribute by using their credit cards. You can view the donations in your WordPress Admin area. You can add any number of buttons, and multiple buttons in a single page or post. Seven button styles are available, but you can also upload your own custom button. It supports the 18 languages and 24 currencies offered by PayPal, and each button can have its own language and currency. The button can also display an image.

PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation is a simple plugin that guides users to sign up for a PayPal account. It also helps you set up a PayPal Sandbox which you can use to test out payments before going live. From a dropdown, it’s possible to set specific level of donation as well as specify how the PayPal window opens. The plugin works fine with most standard WordPress themes.

A Pro Version for recurring donations and for a higher number of dropdown menu options is also on offer.

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Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer is a super simple plugin that accomplishes perfectly what it sets out to do. It adds a thermometer image that reflects the contributions your site is receiving. It’s not really heavy on features, though you can completely customize the image.

Donation Thermometer

A shortcode helps to specify the dimensions of the image and display it anywhere on your site. Alongside the image, you can also display the target you’re aiming for and the progress you’ve made so far. The running total of contributions can also display in the sidebar or footer area. You can choose the currency and edit all fields using a dashboard widget as well.

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Custom Post Donations

custom post donations

Custom Post Donations works a little differently, it helps you create PayPal Donation forms which you can then insert into your pages and posts. While the standard donation form carries a single editable donation field, a second form allows you to collect a fixed amount plus a variable contribution. A third form allows for collecting a fixed amount per item, plus a variable amount. Two additional forms are available (complies with the Federal Election Commission requirements) with the premium version of the plugin. The pro version supports multiple currencies, plus two additional languages.

To choose a form, visit the plugin settings page and fill in the options. Then insert the shortcode that is generated on a new page or post to create the form.

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donorbox free wordpress donations plugin

Donorbox is a feature rich plugin that allows you to collect donations on a recurring basis. Besides, you can design the donor forms to collect the information you need. The form builder that comes with the plugin allows donors to designate donations and dedicate them in honor of any person. You’ll need to sign up on Donorbox for an account and you can collect up to $1000 every month, without parting with any of it as fees to Donorbox.

The plugin embeds a donation form on your site using a shortcode. It allows you to run multiple fundraising campaigns at the same time. Other helpful features include customizable receipt text, PayPal donation, Salesforce and MailChimp integration and availability in many languages.

More info / Download

Premium WordPress Donation Plugins

A number of premium options are also available to add a donation function to your website. The premium plugins generally include features to display target amounts and progress bars, and support recurring payments, donors list and more.

Elfsight PayPal Button

paypal button free wordpress donations plugin
With a simple Elfsight PayPal Button plugin, you can add a donation button almost anywhere on your website. It works with pretty much anything, from products, services and, of course, with your fundraising campaigns. And if you would like to start accepting donations for your blog, you can do that, too. What’s cool about Elfsight PayPal Button, you can now receive payments immediately. Donors can process payments from your site and the transaction is processed in a split of a second.

Elfsight also has a dedicated button exclusive for donations. You can also set a fixed price or let donors decide what amount they would like to donate. Elfsight indeed works with any WordPress theme out there and enables you to customize it however it fits your branding best. And if you use Gutenberg, there is a special block that Elfsight creates for you to utilize.

More info / Purchase

Tiva Crowdfunding

tiva wordpress crowdfunding system
If you would like to establish a full-blown fundraising and crowdfunding platform, Tiva Crowdfunding is the one tool to use. It is a super powerful WordPress plugin that helps you create a sophisticated website where you can start raising funds for a variety of different causes. And if you would like to help others succeed with their projects, you can do that, too. While the idea might sound a bit intimidating at first glance, using Tiva Crowdfunding is way easier than you think.

The web design of Tiva Crowdfunding is clean and minimal, very appealing to the eye. It also works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices, as well as modern web browsers. It comes with multiple configuration options and allows you to modify the look to suit your heart’s content. Apply the power of Tiva Crowdfunding and start your own Kickstarter-style website without doing much work.

More info / Purchase

Donation Manager

Working with Donation Manager, it’s easy to create a donation campaign, generate a shortcode and insert it in a page to start receiving donations. It accepts donations from readers and includes them in a Donors list automatically. It accepts payments through many payment gateways – PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa and EgoPay.

Donations Manager

The plugin offers two templates for light and dark versions, and any number of shortcodes to help you run multiple campaigns. Moreover, it’s easy to install and Ajax enabled, so readers can fill out forms without refreshing the page.

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Donation Content Locker

If you wish to hide some content from readers and display it only to donors, Donation Content Locker is the plugin to use. You can do this easily by wrapping the content to hide with shortcodes. Only if readers makes a donation, will they be able to access that content.

Donation Content Locker

Many payment gateways are available to receive donations – PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, InterKassa, Authorize.Net. Once donors make a payment, they receive an activation link which they can use to unlock the content. You can set the minimum donation limit and use Ajax enabled forms for donors. Using the visual editor, you can edit the content of the donation box. Cookies help the plugin to recognize repeat donors and you can also blacklist donors who distribute links to other readers.

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And Finally

The success of any fundraising campaign depends on a number of factors. One area where you can reduce uncertainty is the ease by which donors can make contributions. Online contribution is always possible through a combination of Forms and payment plugins. But for a website for which fundraising is the main or important activity, it may be wiser to go with a donation plugin to achieve the overall objective of the campaign more efficiently.

If you’re happy using any quality plugin that’s not on this list, let us know in the Comments section.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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