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Top 28 Free WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Addons & Extensions for WordPress 2020

WPBakery Page Builder was the first-ever WordPress plugin for building pages that support addons/plugins. WPBakery Page Builder has been growing in popularity since early 2011. Although more than 1M websites are using WPBakery Page Builder today, the fact that the plugin is premium means that there is a price-tag attached to it. A price worth investing if you are looking to optimize your WordPress pages with a fresh perspective.

With more than just modern design standards within WPBakery Page Builder core, you can rest assured that any design you build with WPBakery Page Builder is going to work equally great on all modern devices, as WPBakery Page Builder allows you to test your designs against different browsers, smartphones, and tables from within the editing panel. All this keeps coming back to being able to save time while improving the efficiency of your page designs.

The in-built intuitive User Interface (UI) is a perfect compliment for experienced and not-so-experienced WordPress bloggers who simply want to build better, more appealing, and more converting web designs on their own websites, without the need to involve a third-party developer at humongous costs. Features like template saving allow you to create templates and save them for later use in other pages, or within the same page but elsewhere in the design, once more decreasing the amount of time required to create stunning designs. Those who are search engine conscious will not have to worry about any missed search optimization opportunities, WPBakery Page Builder is built to compliment the most solid, most famous search engine optimization plugins for WordPress.

Free WPBakery Page Builder Addons and Extensions

Although the majority of our extensions and addons for WPBakery Page Builder are going to be of premium nature, meaning they require a monetary investment, a couple of WordPress developers have published their WPBakery Page Builder plugins for free in the WordPress plugin database. Some have accumulated as much as tens of thousands of downloads. We use WPBakery Page Builder here at Colorlib. And we must say, we absolutely love this platform for editing our pages and creating the kind of designs that keep visitors entertained, engaged, and wilful to explore more of what we have to offer.

Livemesh Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Addons for WPBakery Page Builder — WordPress Plugins

Livemesh is extending the WPBakery Page Builder to include more than a dozen new features and settings that will further enhance your experience of building stunning designs. Some of the features we liked the most in this add-on package were: custom element for displaying descriptions of your services, variety of styles for displaying header content, ‘Team Members’ widget for listing all your existing members on the team, a special meter widget to display your best stats about your agency or business, simple charts to display your skills and experience with percentages, widget to show your clients, a widget to display your portfolio items in many different design styles, and a ton of grids to play with. Makes sense to get this if you are already an existing user of VC.


Mega Addons For WPBakery

mega addons wpbakery extension
Whoever out there is looking for more features to add to the already impressive WPBakery page builder came to the right place. We bring you a broad collection of different plugins and add-ons that will enhance the drag and drop software accordingly.

Instead of one addition, Mega Addons brings to the table a whole bunch of different goodies. In total, Mega Addons for WPBakery delivers a stunning collection of 28 elements. There is pretty much all and everything you need to take the editor to an entirely new degree.

From image hove effect and 3D flipbook to timeline, testimonials, accordions, headings, countdown timer and interactive banners, the Mega Addons kit has it all. After you install and activate Mega Addons, they become available right away. Of course, it is necessary that you have WPBakery already running.



wpglobus wpbakery extension
If you would like to bring more languages to your website’s experience, all you need is to add WPGlobus. This WPBakery extension is a simple to use plugin that enhances your admin dashboard and easily ads new languages. You can now create posts in multiple languages. To switch between languages, all you need to do is configure settings first and it will only take a click when in the editor. Hence the name, you can now globalize your website or blog with the simplicity of WPGlobus. And if you will ever need any additional assistance, you can always hit up plugin’s author.


Ultimate Carousel For WPBakery

ultimate carousel wpbakery extension
Take your online presence to a new degree with Ultimate Carousel, a WPBakery extension. As the name suggests, you can expect to be able to create all types of carousels. It is a flexible, responsive and light plugin which anyone can utilize, even if a beginner. There is no need to do any advanced stunts, like coding, to take Ultimate Carousel for WPBakery to your full advantage. Moreover, the outcome will also be a touch-sensitive carousel which works flawlessly on all mobile and tablet devices.

With Ultimate Carousel, you can quickly sort out image sliders, content sliders, video showcases, testimonials and team members. You can also use dots and arrows and multiple other features that Ultimate Carousel has in store. But first, do not miss checking out the live demo of the tool and see what’s possible.


Advanced Ads for WPBakery

advanced ads for wpbakery extension
When you grow your websites and blogs to a certain volume, you are – very likely – starting to think about monetizing your web spaces. To do so, and if you are already using WPBakery page builder, all you need to add is the Advanced Ads extension. This allows you to integrate the fantastic ad management plugin which eases the process of adding all sorts of different advertisements to your page.

With Advanced Ads, you can run different ads, like AdSense, Amazon, Taboola, Ezoic and Awin to name a few. You can further specify which users see your ads; mobile or desktop. Moreover, you can also inject advertisements into content and blog posts. Upon activation of the plugin, you will find three additions appear, Advanced Ads Ad, Group and Placement. Introduce 3rd-party advertisements to your website with Advanced Ads for WPBakery and start banking.


Image Hover Effects

image hover effects wpbakery extension
Image Hover Effects is an excellent WPBakery extension that ads another layer of sophistication to your website. A hover effect is when you hover with your cursor over an image and a particular animation fires. It could be something super simple or even advanced features which unlock additional information about the image and whatnot. Well, with Image Hover Effects, you get a banging collection of over eighty image hover effects which you can add to your existing online presences easily.

In the bundle, you will find all sorts of different hover effects, like captions, circles, squares, CSS3 transitions and more. The tool is based on iHover and comes with four types of directions. You can also add links to each hover item and open them in a new tab if necessary.


Extensive VC Addons

extensive vc addon wpbakery extension
If you would like to take the practicality of the WPBakery page builder to another level, go with Extensive VC Addons. This amazing extension adds plenty of goodies to the already sophisticated drag and drop page builder for you to profit from. Of course, you first need to have installed and activated WPBakery on your website/theme before you can start using Extensive VC Addons.

In the Extensive VC Addons bundle, you get an array of shortcodes, custom post types and widgets. First, shortcodes. You get buttons, tabs, separators, pie charts, line graphs, progress bars, icon lists, SVG texts, you name it. As for the custom posts, Extensive VC Addons adds clients and testimonials. Finally, in the widgets section, you will find blog list, button, Contact Form 7 and text marquee widgets.


Export & Import Templates

templates import export wpbakery extension
If you have plenty of different templates going on either for your single or multi-site WordPress installation, let Export & Import Templates do the trick. This WPBakery extension is a little breeze to use, offering you to take care of importing and exporting custom templates in a single click. You can do the work in JSON format. Moreover, if you would like to unlock even more amenities of the excellent Export & Import Templates, you can also take the leap and go pro. Install and activate the tool, and you can already proceed with importing your own templates and exporting existing ones.


Post Slider

post carousel slider for wpbakery
If you would like to create post sliders and carousels, here is a WPBakery extension that will help you complete the job in just a few clicks. Instead of doing the job from square one, you can now employ Post Slider and avoid the coding work altogether. Of course, without WPBakery, you cannot use the powerful features of Post Slider.

As for the features, Post Slider comes with seven stunning post designs, post carousel, post grid, touch sensitivity, category filtering, as well as dots and arrows. You can also set the order by time or based on the tags. There are even different color variations available for you to take to your benefit. Post Slider plugin also fully supports flexibility and extendability, ensuring a smooth operation on different devices and web browsers.


Pricing Tables

pricing tables wpbakery extension
Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, heck, any other business that offers services, Pricing Tables offers you to add pricing to your website swiftly. It is a dope and easy to use WPBakery extension that you can use entirely free of charge. Have in mind, Pricing Tables keeps things simple and clean, ensuring a beautiful display of your different pricing packages and all the details that come along. You do not want to distract the potential client or customer with too many fancy attachments.

When it comes to features, Pricing Tables guarantees a completely responsive structure, so that the design runs on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Great customization functions, external linking, animations and 24/7 support are just a few extras that will do you well.


Pricing Table

price table wpbakery extension
Whether a service-based business or a software owner, chances are, you would want to add pricing tables to your website so they immediately know what they get. With Pricing Table, a WPBakery extension, it will be a small breeze adding modern pricing tables to your website. In just a few clicks and some customization, you can already rock them on the page, getting everyone familiar with what to expect from you. As simple as that.

Some of the features of the Pricing Table add-on are full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. It supports custom heading, columns, and content, external linking for call-to-action buttons and animations. If you are unsure if Pricing Table is a fit, head over to the live preview page and let it hook you instantly. The numerous different layouts you can build will easily persuade you.


Premium WPBakery Page Builder Extensions and Addons

As can be seen above, the free extension for WPBakery Page Builder is great in their own way. Combining all of them together could create a truly remarkable designing experience that will enrich and enliven even the most forgotten WordPress themes. That is one thing that we adore about VC. It’s the ability to adapt to any WordPress theme and allow the user to create a new and profound experience that will leave others questioning as to how this theme can look so great. And where one needs to look to make their themes better.

We are marching into premium extension territory now. Where in total the following premium add-ons have been downloaded over 100,000+ times and are being used on millions of websites combined. Take your time to thoroughly investigate each of the extensions and add-ons, and see how well they would fit in your planned design strategy.

Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress

We will be listing a couple of variations of add-ons plugins for VC. Ultimate add-ons is the leading add-ons extension for VC that integrates several tens of great functionalities to help you build even better, even faster website designs. The elements included in the plugin have been carefully selected to feature uniqueness, user demand, and usability as far as UI and UX go.

Wish to create more detailed descriptions about what you or your business has to offer? Use information boxes element to create beautiful info boxes that highlight your most important business. Tired of using traditional WordPress lists? Why not give information lists element a try and see how spectacular your lists look after.

Want to create overlay effects for your images that would incorporate call to action calls to action calls. Easy, just use the flip box element and you will be all set. What about discussing your achievements with your readers and customers? A specifically built timeline (that looks much like what facebook has to offer) allows you to outline your achievements and important events during your existence. Interactive banners, sliders, video backgrounds, and so many more great elements to choose from when you signup for Ultimate Add-ons.


CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables WordPress

CSS3 has really helped designers to shape the building process of elements such as tables. We covered some truly amazing CSS3 table designs recently, and recommend you check them out. Some of which are actually pricing tables. If using custom CSS3 code is not your cup of tea, try this VC extensions from QuanticaLabs. It perfectly compliments in VC for when creating pricing tables becomes a requirement; we are looking at you startups, small businesses and freelancers. The plugin is stuffed with great configuration options that allow you to select from two different styles, and more than a dozen color varieties


Interactive World Maps

Interactive World Maps WordPress

We mentioned an extension that helps to use Google Maps in your designs. Ready to take it a step further? A huge step further! Interactive World Maps for VC allows you to use the maps of the entire planet in your page designs. And we are not even kidding.

The maps are divided in three parts; continents, countries, and also United States states for those who work in US or content related to the States. Colors and markers are two very important features to have when dealing with anything that has to do with maps, and rest assured that Interactive World Maps will give you all the functionality for managing both colors of your maps, and adding custom markers to outline important information, Dimensions of the maps are also fully customizable, and all those settings can be optimized from within the maps panel inside of your VC plugin.


Templatera – Template Manager for WPBakery Page Builder

Templatera Template Manager for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress

The same company, WPBakery, that is behind VC is also behind Templatera. A well-built template management add-on for the most popular page builder on the WordPress platform. With Templatera you can quickly build, govern, and specify access control to all of your custom templates that will be based on the permissions of the user, or the kind of post type that you are working with.

Templatera removes the strain of having to manage your layouts on individual basis, and instead you get universal access to templates that will automatically updated as you make changes. the changes will instantly appear across all designs using the particular template. What is even better, with this add-ons you will be able to import and export your created templates to use them on other sites!

The basic explanation for the use this plugin is this: Let’s imagine that you have built a new VC block that is meant for collecting users information; their name, their address, email address, and other details, and then you decide to use this block across multiple pages on your site. In this case, instead of having to edit the block separately for each page, you can use Templatera to edit one template and have the changes appear across all pages. A feature worth having, and worth investing into as it will increase productivity, and save a ton of time.


Easy Tables – Table Manager for WPBakery Page Builder

Easy Tables Table Manager for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress

Creating tables with HTML should be a fun process, because the end result is always fun to look at! This is what Easy Tables is trying to bridge, trying to bring back fun into making things look visually appealing, whilst maintaining a work process that is not complex or rigorous.

The simple drag & drop user interface enables Easy Tables users to create powerful tables for any purpose imaginable; to report on latest market stats, to create custom data reports, display analytics data, show your prices, and the list keeps going on. The extension comes pre-packaged with a dozen themes to choose from, giving you the freedom to focus on the data, rather than visual appearances.


Testimonials Showcase – WordPress Plugin

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin WordPress

Testimonials are the lifeblood for pretty much every single eCommerce website out there. But it isn’t just eCommerce that greatly benefits from testimonials. It is also freelancers and startups who need to express the voice of their customers, to help potential customers better understand the product and its benefits. Finding a way to display your testimonials efficient manner is quintessential to your success.

Testimonial Showcase for VC will help you achieve the desired result with an extension that lets you create a showcase of testimonials, reviews, and quotes in two different styles; grid and sliding effect. All reviews can contain an image of the reviewer, a description, and their website link if necessary to prove the usability of a particular product.


WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard WordPress

As with any serious WordPress plugin, the community grows, it developers and starts to become aware of all kinds of extra functions that could make a plugin so much better. One of those things for VC has been the ability to clipboard stuff, and work with that stuff without having to switch screens all the time. The time consumption that goes into switching screens, and reloading content is huge, and who wouldn’t want to save themselves some time.

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard enables VC users to copy and paste any existing blocks, rows, or any other VC element that would otherwise require to switch over. With this functionality, you can now copy and paste rows and directly edit them from the same page you are building your design with. You can even copy stuff to new designs, just don’t get forget to first add your desired rows to the VC clipboard, a function that this extension will enable.


Advance Post Grid/List with custom filtering for WPBakery Page Builder

Advance Post Grid List with custom filtering for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress

Photographers and portfolio people rejoice! WPBakery Page Builder has really helped hundreds of thousands of webmasters to build the kind of designs that speak to their hearts, and while native VC is good enough to create complex designs, sometimes extensions can help to ease the process by offering a unique function that would heavily impact the design. This is what the Advance Post Grid/List extension is all about.

It’s a tool to help you create a separate WordPress page design where you could list your posts in a grid/list like nature. This means that you can now write blog content, but also showcase ALL of your photos in a separate page, a page that would use photography-friendly design, and most certainly friendly to other visitors. You can build your grids or lists and then use custom queries to really narrow down your best content, and also to enable visitors to use the navigation menu to find the content that they are looking for, quickly and with ease.


Row Navigation

row navigation wpbakery extension
If the default navigation of your WordPress theme install does not suit your taste, Row Navigation is the extension that you should look into. It takes navigation to the entirely new degree and you can quickly implement it into the experience. Row Navigation is a very user-friendly plugin, yet the outcome will surely enhance the overall user experience of your website. And there is no need to be tech-savvy to put Row Navigation into play.

With the numerous available designs to choose from, you can quickly find the one that resonates with your online presence best. You can add infinite rows and pick custom background and text colors for each row. Last but not least, do not miss modifying navigation buttons and make them even more appealing to the eye.


Category Image

category image wpbakery extension
While it is more oriented toward eCommerce websites, you can use Category Image with any online project that you run. If you would like to elevate your webspace, Category Image is the right WPBakery extension to consider using. Instead of using only text for categories, you can now introduce an image. Not just that, but you can also add cool hover effects that will definitely spice up the experience. Sometimes, it’s the details that help you take your business to a new degree.

Category Image comes with all sorts of different predefined layouts to choose from. You can also customize the text, add buttons, set background image or even go with a solid color. Additionally, customize icons, border, padding and animations according to your taste. The options to enhance your websites are there, and it is a simple process of adding category images that will do the trick.


Ultimate Reviewer

ultimate reviewer wpbakery extension
When building a review website – any kind – you do not really need to hire a coder to realize it for you. All you truly need is WordPress, WPBakery and Ultimate Reviewer extension. That’s it. From then on, it is your creativity that will do the magic and help you hammer out a neat review site. Without the need to perform any programming tasks whatsoever, you can have a fully active review page up and running in close to no time with Ultimate Reviewer.

With the very many features, Ultimate Reviewer has available, you can engage visitors to rate and review items as well. There are also comparison tables and widgets to utilize when crafting your must-have review page. Besides, Ultimate Reviewer also runs smoothly with any modern WordPress theme for easy integration.


Product Pack For WPBakery

product pack wpbakery extension
Product Pack For WPBakery is another fantastic extension that will make your online stores appear even more persuasive. You can practice using an array of different layouts that will surely spark your interest. Also, all the web designs that Product Pack For WPBakery brings to the table are mobile-ready and in tune with web browsers. That said, the experience of browsing your website will always be first-class. Choose the ideal background and customize border, box shadow, typography and hover events. Turn your professional images into secret salesmen and saleswomen and see the conversions go uphill. See the live preview page first and you will immediately understand what I am trying to say.


Creative Addons Bundle

ultimate addons wpbakery extension
Creative Addons Bundle for WPBakery lets you improve your existing website with special goodies and components. There are loads to choose from, each coming with its own set of configurations. Also, all the add-ons you find in the bundle are responsive, mobile-ready and deliver unlimited color possibilities. Of course, you can employ each element for a variety of different intentions and projects. In short, your imagination is the only limitation you have.

In the kit, you get add-ons for animated text, counters, call-to-action-buttons, custom lists, flip box, pricing tables, image hover effects and social icons to name few. Besides, you can expect even more to drop with future plugin updates, which just happen to be free and regular. With little effort and time, you can take your page to new heights.


Pricing List

pricing list wpbakery extension
This next WPBakery extension is pretty self-explanatory. You cannot go wrong with the name of a plugin that goes straight to the point and Pricing List is a fantastic example. If you would like to add professional and sophisticated pricing tables to your website, you can now make it happen almost in an instant.

Whether you offer some type of services, software, web hosting, you name it, rocking pricing plans on your page is crucial. You do not want them to wander around, figuring out how much your service cost. Bring it right in front of them, educating them on the different plans you offer.

Once you set up Pricing List, you will see very many layouts to choose from and numerous additional elements and effects. Configure the pricing list you dig to your taste and attach it to your website.


360° Photo Viewer

360 photo viewer wpbakery extension
360° Photo Viewer is a WPBakery extension that creates the niftiest panoramic presentations. You can utilize this feature for an assortment of different purposes, like virtual tours of locations and apartments, as well as 360 product views. The options and features that 360° Photo Viewer has available unlock a broad horizon of different possibilities. One thing is for sure, when adding 360° Photo Viewer to your website, the whole experience goes to level eleven.

Core features of 360° Photo Viewer are different markers, fully responsive layout, blend mode, auto rotate on start, overlays and custom backgrounds. Before you fully dive in, you can first take a peek at both front- and back-end demos to see all the different variations of presentations you can craft with 360° Photo Viewer. In brief, the limits and boundaries are barely any so take action now and make a difference.


WooCommerce Products Layouts

Woocommerce Products Layouts WordPress

WooCommerce changed the way businesses sell online. It was the one single plugin that managed to get it right, and now tens of millions of WordPress users are using exactly WooCommerce to take care of selling online. If you feel that you are bending your back too much when it comes to the positioning of your product layouts, don’t waste any time to get the WooCommerce Products Layouts extension that’s both easy to install and easy to configure. This Bootstrap-built plugin allows you to use VC to create WooCommerce product layouts in a flash while offering many extendable features for styling; grid, list and default. Both product pages and individual product can be fully formed with more than forty unique features and settings.


Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress

Massive Addons is a MASSIVE addition to your existing WPBakery Page Builder workflow. We couldn’t believe how multi-functional this plugin really is until we tried it for ourselves. The number one feature of Massive Addons is a feature called “presets” — a template system that lets you choose from over one thousand presents that can change the design of your blog in one click. That’s right. That’s more than one thousand ways to reorganize your content, what are the chances that amongst that one thousand styles there isn’t at least one that you would really love? In addition to presets, there are things like shortcodes available for instant use, truly modern full-scale page templates, icon fonts, and even custom fields where necessary.

Since it is a massive extension in itself, some focus had to be dedicated towards performance, and you won’t be disappointed — Massive Addons will only load the files and scripts that you are using in any given page, saving you bandwidth and increasing your load times tenfold. All that on top of native search engine optimizations to ensure the performance of your content on search engines. The plugin consists of — 50+ shortcodes & additions, 1000+ presets, 18 page templates, 5000+ settings, 15 tutorial videos. This project required nearly nine months of constant development to be finally released, hundreds of VC users are already enjoying the vast benefits of this addon package. Will you be one of them?


Which WPBakery Page Builder Extension Will You Choose?

WordPress extendability has come a long way since the introduction of APIs and developer-specific features. WPBakery Page Builder takes the cake as far as plugins go for building and optimizing your own page design projects. Hundreds of thousands of users already, and so many more to come as the team behind the plugin continue to build upon requests and feedback of one of the most loyal communities for any WordPress plugin. It was a pleasure to combine together these extensions, to learn more about each and explore the different variations that VC now offers, and we hope that some of these extensions will find their way in your daily plugin calendar too!

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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