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13 Free WordPress Advertising Plugins To Boost Revenue 2017

13 Free WordPress Advertising Plugins To Boost Revenue 2017

To start making the most with your blog, the simplest way is to introduce one of free WordPress advertising plugins to it. Without a proper software, which could be a simple-to-use and powerful plugin, it can be a struggle monetizing your website. Meanwhile, by picking a solid tool, you can have it all organized and your first banner live in little to no time. Besides, our collection of advertising plugins will not cost you a dime. That said, if you are unsure which to pick, test the waters with a few first and then choose accordingly.

You might already be selling links, blog posts and paid reviews, but why don’t you offer even more options to your potential advertisers? Aside from adding banners to your website, you can also have complete control over your system. Meaning, have a look at statistics and learn how well the ads are performing.

Count clicks, impressions, let banners be live for a certain period of time or appear only on specific sections of your website. Along with manually adding banners, you can use other services like AdSense. To avoid having an issue with adding the code, free WordPress advertising plugins will take care of all the technical part.

With a plugin, you can quite quickly build a fantastic marketing strategy for your website. Place ads on your page where they will be the most lucrative and have them optimized to a T. That is when the real success of your WordPress blog might start taking place. You can begin working directly with businesses, avoiding 3rd party ads platforms. In other words, stay away from paying any fees and earning cents for clicks. You can do much better than that.

Maybe you are not there yet, but at one point, you will start considering adding ads to your blog. While there are many premium ads managing plugins available, you are safe if you start with free WordPress advertising plugins.

However, if you would like to jump in with both feet and bring your site’s advertising campaigns to the next level, check out premium WordPress ads management plugins.

AdRotate Banner Manager

adrotate free plugin
AdRotate Banner Manager will place ads on your website just about anywhere you want. It is a very straightforward plugin which makes it really easy to manage numerous banners and groups from the admin. It shows statistics, allows you to schedule banners and set the precise moment when they should stop showing.

While you can use your own banners, AdRotate Banner Manager also supports ad servers like AdSense, JuiceAds, and many more. This also means that you can have a mix of self-served and 3rd party ads on your page, spread around different sections.

As far as statistics go, AdRotate Banner Manager shows impressions and clicks for you to determine clear winners and losers. Moreover, scan groups and leave running only the most successful ones.

For everyone who does not have many technical skills, if you know how to use WordPress admin, you will surely know how to use AdRotate Banner Manager. The style is similar what means that, in some way, you are familiar with the plugin before you even start using it. Take a look around, get the gist of it and start running banners in no time. It supports all ad sizes and is compatible with plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and Yoast SEO to name a few.

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WordPress Ad Widget

ad widget free plugin
The simplicity of WordPress Ad Widget is almost hilarious. It is very basic and extremely easy to use, yet it does the work for you. We all like simple things, don’t we? Upon installation, a new widget appears which you simply drag and drop to your sidebar or other locations. It is pretty straightforward regarding setting things up for your website. You drag the widget to the sidebar, upload an image, add a destination and by clicking the Save button, you are done. All there is you need to do is to refresh your website and enjoy the new banner. You can add as many as you would like and arrange them however you would like.

WordPress Ad Widget is an essential free WordPress advertising plugin that does not come with any advanced stuff. Along with image ads, you can also include Google ad tags and other ad code to run 3rd party banners. But what about impressions, clicks and other statistics? That’s not something that you can benefit from. If you need a quick beginner solution, WordPress Ad Widget is for you. However, if you are after a tool with many features, you should look above or below and find the one that meets your needs.

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Advanced Ads

advanced ads plugin
If you wish to add adverts to your website, Advanced Ads is the free WordPress advertising plugin that will do just that. Moreover, you will only witness its simplicity, yet powerfulness, when you put it to use. After all, it is free so why wouldn’t you want to give it a shot. Advanced Ads allows you to have as many banners on your website as you like. It is compatible with all ad sizes and networks. Meaning, you do not have to question yourself whether or not ads from a certain platform will work on your website. They simply will. Even if your website is big and generates a ton of traffic, Advanced Ads will, again, have you covered.

With Advanced Ads, you can rotate ads, schedule them and set when they expire and display banners by content. To place ads inside posts, you do not have to do any coding, Advanced Ads does the magic for you. You, too, can easily sell ads on your website but the Selling Ads add-on comes with a fee.

What is more that you can do with Advanced Ads is displaying and hiding ads by device, stick responsive banners to your website and it even fights against AdBlocks.

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Ultimate Ads Manager

ultimate ads manager plugin
Managing ads is a simple task with a proper tool that does the majority of work and covers technical part in its entirety. Ultimate Ads Manager is one of the ads managing plugins that does not shy away from delivering fantastic results for your campaigns. It comes as a widget or you can use a shortcode and display it just about anywhere you want on your website.

Some of the key features of Ultimate Ads Manager are the ease of use, ads grouping and automation. Along with its own statistics, UAM also supports Google Analytics for even more detailed information about the performance of your banners. As far as default stats go, the plugin counts clicks and views on an hourly, daily, weekly and yearly basis. All-time statistics are also available for your further investigation and optimization.

With Ultimate Ads Manager, you can set a certain number of rules when it shows banners and when it hides them. A random select is possible as well. There are plenty features Ultimate Ads Manager sports for you to take to your benefit and run successful campaigns yourself. You can even categroize banners so Ultimate Ads Manager then picks more intelligently.

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wp insert plugin
When you start looking deeper and deeper into Wp-Insert plugin, it will feel like you downloaded and installed a premium tool. Well, it is still a free WordPress advertising plugin, it is just that it goes above and beyond with its features. Wp-Insert can do way more than just inserting different adverts into your website. Its power is inevitable. But where to even begin with such an amazing and straightforward item? At the beginning that is for sure.

Wp-Insert is AdSense optimized plugin but that is only the start of what it can do for you. Regarding ad placement, you can insert banners wherever you want on your page or inside a blog post. With the midpoint detection algorithm, Wp-Insert allows you to add banners in the middle of a page or post effortlessly. As for the sidebar, drag and drop the widget, but for all other locations, use the shortcode.

You can hide adverts for logged in users, mobile browsers and restrict their appearance and show them just on particular pages. You can make Wp-Insert work with Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, custom CSS or other codes. What is also important to know is that Wp-Insert does not slow down your page load speed. Start inserting banner ads into your page and see the revenue go uphill.

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AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin

adplugg plugin
All the free WordPress advertising plugins you find in this collection are great for beginners, but some are fantastic for experienced users, too. An undemanding and efficient tool that falls somewhere in between the user level is AdPlugg. Before listing some of the features, it is good to know that AdPlugg works with the free service and only by getting yourself the free Access Code. Without the later, AdPlugg is useless. Now let’s get to the fun part. Features.

Upon setting it up, you can manage your advertising system from your administrator. Adding banners to your blog will be pain-free since there is no coding involved. Yes, utter newbies can use the plugin, as well, and see great results with it. With AdPlugg widget, you can use the drag and drop technique to ad banners anywhere on your website. Unquestionably, it supports Zones what gives you more freedom with where you would like your ads to appear. Rotate, schedule and track your banners, look into analytics and get familiar with the ads’ performance.

One cool feature of AdPlugg WordPress ad plugin is that it can rotate banners for you after a set time interval. Furthermore, to make your lives easier, group banners into different placements to have an even better control over them.

Doesn’t AdPlugg sound the cutest?

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Insert Post Ads

insert post ads plugin
Insert Post Ads is a practical plugin that automatically places banners in posts. It is said that this type of ads get a high click-through-rate what means an increase in AdSense’s revenue. Instead of going through a tedious process of trial and error, implement what already works for others and start from there. Of course, it is advisable to still test your ads and ad placements to see what works and what does not. No audience is the same. Instead of posting banners in posts manually, Insert Post Ads inserts them after a specified number of paragraphs. What a time saver!

The process of setting up Insert Post Ads for your website is easy as pie. While it comes fully AdSense ready, you can also use other advertising codes and, of course, custom banners. You can select where exactly you would like advertisements to appear. It could be in posts, pages and even a particular type of posts. Moreover, add banner ads before or after the content, or, like mentioned earlier, somewhere in between. Write down after which paragraph it should include your preferred creatives and Insert Post Ads will do the job for you.

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Ad Inserter – WordPress Ads Management

ad inserter plugin
With Ad Inserter, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to monetizing your website. Regarding ads, you can include all kinds of. From AdSense and Amazon Native Shopping Ads to rotating banners and more. It can be Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP and any other advertising code and Ad Inserter will realize it for you. Locate where you would like the banner to appear, and at the exact spot the plugin will show it.

You can insert ads before or after content, before or after comments and even in between comments. Of course, these are just a few places where you can append advertisement. It is possible to add it after the excerpt, before the post and randomly inside the article. But always, you can do it manually with a shortcode or widget.

Ad Inserter detects ad blocking software, as well as whether users are browsing on desktop or mobile. Just like with other free WordPress advertising plugins, read the installation and quick start documentation first for a flawless integration. No need to be coming across any issues since you have it all written down. Follow the steps and before you know it, first ads are already on your page.

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Corner Ad

corner ad plugin
Some call it even corner peel, Corner Ad, hence the name, uses your website’s corners to display advertisement. It does not harm the user experience since it is very minimal and distraction-free. On the other hand, with the cool animation, you can easily attract guests and get them clicking. Who does not like flipping through magazines after all? Just that in this case, only part of the page peels and show promo content underneath. Once you get visitors to click on the animation, there is a greater chance they will also follow the promotion. They are hooked already.

You can use Corner Ad for all sorts of purposes. For pure advertising, for announcements and all the rest that needs to be further promoted. You might already be using banners on your website but visitors are not really clicking them much. If so, test Corner Ad and see how much it can do for you. Or you just need to add extra announcement on your website but avoid the traditional banner advertising. Again, pick up Corner Ad free WordPress plugin and you are ready to roll.

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Quick AdSense

quick adsense plugin
Do you solely rely on AdSense? Do you see the best results with Google ads? However, your current tool does not do the trick for you, always breaking and causing issues. If so, look no further and pick Quick AdSense free WordPress advertising plugin. It is the, hence the name, quickest way to insert AdSense code into a blog post. Notice: you can actually use any ad code with Quick AdSense plugin. It can randomly place ads wherever you want in a post without you doing any hard tasks.

With Quick AdSense, you can test a variety of banner sizes within your posts. You can have a square box at the top of the article and a rectangular one at the bottom. Yes, exactly how you see it in this article. Mimic this approach and see how well it will perform for you. And for returning guests, the randomization will not bore them since something else will always be showing. Unless specific ads are following them across the web 24/7 due to retargeting.

There is a set of default positioning that Quick AdSense comes with but you can customize banner placement to anywhere within the post. You can display up to 10 ads on one page and the same goes for sidebar widgets. But that does not mean you should fill all the spots and overwhelm your users.

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Website Monetization by MageNet

website monetization by magenet
At a certain point of your blogging career, you will want to begin cashing out the hours of hard work you invested in it. Have you ever thought about seeling contextual ads? These can bring in the extra revenue that you were leaving on the table up until this point. With Website Monetization by MageNet, it is all pretty much automated for you. You only need to undergo a few simple installation and set up steps, and you are ready to start receiving automatic payments via PayPal.

First, you sign up to where you add your website to get the activation code. You then go to Plugins section in your WordPress admin, install Website Monetization by MageNet and use the activation code to activate the plugin. In your account, you set the cost of your ads and restrictions and that is it. MageNet then finds relevant contextual ads for your website by category so you do not display inappropriate material.

Website Monetization by MageNet also comes with detailed statistics for you to have a clearer view how well ads are doing for you. In addition, with MageNet, you also have access to a range of affiliate programs which you can promote and earn from with your WordPress blog.

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Meks Easy Ads Widget

meks easy ads widget
If a plugin has word “easy” in its name and the downloads are in tens of thousands, then it surely must be simple and easy to use. Not only that, it probably meets many webmasters’ needs and generates great results for them. That is exactly what Meks Easy Ads Widget is what is all about. Fairly basic but still with enough features to have your banner ads sorted and organized on your website. There are just enough features and options for you to start a lucrative campaign or a few.

Aside from Meks Easy Ads Widget being a, well, widget that you can drag and drop to different locations on your website, it also performs other tricks for you. To begin with, you can create an unlimited number of ads inside one widget. We chatted about this already earlier but I will mention it again. Even if you can place numerous banners on your website with a plugin, that does not mean you should do it. Place only a few, or maybe even one to start with and see how it does. Only then, add the second and the third one.

Meks Easy Ads Widget comes with a set of predefined ad sizes but feel free to use custom measurements. The free WordPress advertising plugin supports both image and script based ads, as well as randomize ads ordering. You see, although it is very elementary, you still get a nice portion of options.

More info / Download

content ad plugin
Whoever is familiar with knows that it is a huge ad platform which suggests relevant ads for your websites and helps you monetize them. One of the best ways to introduce ads to your website is by using their official free WordPress advertising plugin. With guided three-step installation process, you will have your first advertisements up and running in no time.

The widget creation wizard makes modifying the look of it simple and uncomplicated. Make it blend with your website smoothly, just like it would be part of your content. What’s plugin does next is it finds relevant content for your blog and displays it to your users. All the optimization happens on what means that ads are not served on your page and the widget does not slow down your page speed.

Plenty of features that you can access from your WordPress admin let you fully control how the widget appears on your screen. Show only what is popular and applicable to your users and nothing else.’s ads might even lower the bounce rate and, most importantly, increase the site income.

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