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Plugins to Stop Ad Blockers
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7 Plugins to Stop Ad Blockers on Your WordPress Website 2022

Advertisers and the advertising industry, in general, are in quite a pickle right now. The number of AdBlock users is expected to grow by up to 40% in the coming two years. This means that advertisers will have to find new ways to promote and sell their products. For advertising platforms, that number is scary. However, what can you do when many ads served today are malicious and not user-friendly? Most are typically scam-oriented to squeeze money out of people’s pockets. Those wise enough not to suffer will, of course, opt to use ad blockers.

Publishers, however, are trying to crack down on those who use ad blockers. Some have gone to great extents to ensure that no advertising revenue is lost. For example, Forbes blocks new readers from its website unless they disable their ad blocker. This is a brutal approach and sets a bad example for publishers who’re also worried about their revenues, but sometimes you have to take risks to ensure a secure future. Some have suggested that using an ad blocker is dangerous to the whole Internet community.

It’s fair to say that adblockers will remain among the best alternatives for blocking out cheap ads, malicious scripts, and obtrusive content that doesn’t add to the user experience. However, we’re still making this post. We’re still helping webmasters (WordPress) save their revenue streams by encouraging users to disable ad blockers. The nice part about ad blockers is that you can whitelist a website that provides you with great content and a great user experience. In those cases, it can be helpful to use minimalistic ad blocking notification plugins. They would encourage your readers to whitelist your website.

Below are the most suitable WordPress plugins for stopping people from using adblock on your website.

Simple Adblock Notice

Simple Adblock Notice

Sometimes bloggers are concerned about using anti-ad-block plugins and scripts because they might penalize their rankings on search engines. They might also get their account banned on AdSense. It’s all nonsense, though. Google doesn’t penalize popups as long as they’re not forcing malware onto the users. Besides, asking users to whitelist your site can hardly be considered malware. It’s just a reminder that you appreciate those who consume your content. To continue down that same path, you need help, such as earning equal revenue from all your visitors. It does work. People can appreciate bloggers who are sincere and honest about it.

Simple Adblock Notice is user-friendly in terms of creating an ad block message. It’s an independent popup message that you can customize to ask users to give your site a chance. Generally, as long as your site is not bloated with crappy ads, users won’t mind enabling ads so that you can continue to support your project.



adunblocker plugin
With all the hard work you invested in your website, the time has finally come to monetize it. However, once you add advertisements, not much seems to be happening. You only later notice that many of your site visitors use ad blockers. To offer them an option to whitelist your site, use AdUnblocker. This plugin detects whether or not Google AdSense is running. And if not, the plugin will share a message with your users, kindly asking them to turn the ads on by adding your blog or website to the whitelist in the ad blocker plugin they use.

Some of the features of AdUnblocker include hiding or showing the close button, customizing the look of the message pop-up, random file naming, and lightweight for smoother performance. Avoid experiencing the ad revenue drop due to ad blockers with AdUnblocker.



dh anti adblocker plugin
Nowadays, we see advertisements wherever on the web we go. Many times, we see ads even when accessing premium content. With that in mind, a portion of your website traffic likely uses ad blocker. Today, you can show all these users that you detected their ad blocker and would kindly advise them to disable it. Thanks to DH, this stop ad blocker plugin will save you time and energy. But most importantly, you can witness an increase in revenue which is crucial to keep your web platform alive.

What’s more, DH acts as a pretty aggressive ad blocker prevention, only allowing folks to enter your website if they disable their ad blocker. Only then, they can refresh your page and the outstanding and must-read content will appear in front of their eyes.


Ad Inserter

ad inserter plugin
Ad Inserter is a powerful and practical advertisement management plugin with a ton of option and functions. It allows you both to start monetizing your websites and prevent ad blockers from hiding your ads. As far as ad blocking detection goes, Ad Inserter displays a pop-up message or even redirects a user to a page on your website without ads or whatever. When showing them a pop-up that an ad blocker was detected, use clever and persuasive wording and get them to disable it.

Do things the right way with the multi-functional Ad Inserter, and you can grow your online project to new heights. Even if you are new to any of this, you do not need any prior experience with the right tool. You can execute it all in a user-friendly way, succeeding at it without a doubt.


Advanced Ads

advanced ads plugin
Hence the name, Advanced Ads is a complete solution for running advertisements on your website. Not only that, Advanced Ads goes beyond that with keeping your ads alive even if the users practice ad blockers. We will not really go in-depth with all the remarkable functions Advanced Ads has when setting up different ads on your website. However, today, the anti ad blocker matters to all of us the most. After all, we all try to show banners to at least the majority of our traffic. Indeed, the hard-earned revenue is surely very precious to us.

There are many different options and solutions available to improve the monetization of your page. Advanced Ads’ ad blocking detection software fights ad blockers to continue showing your ads to your loyal community. You can also redirect your users and show them alternative content if you wish.



adrotate plugin
AdRotate is a famous tool that helps you seamlessly incorporate banner advertisements to your website or blog. Regardless of your skills and web development level, you can still use AdRotate to its full potential. It is very simple to use, perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Along with helping you monetize your page, AdRotate also offers you to prevent ad blockers from hiding your ads. This way, you can keep the revenue and not lose any.

For your information, the pro version of AdRotate has the feature to stop ad blockers on your website. Yes, I placed this stop ad blocker plugin at the bottom of the free tools, just before the premium ones begin. As far as the performance and practicality of AdRotate go, trust me, you will enjoy using it a whole lot.


Premium Plugins to Stop Adblock on Your Blog

As part of our free roundups, we also include many paid choices so that you don’t have to rule out all of the available options on the market, besides having two read two posts separately can be too time-consuming, and we usually only pick the best choices that there are anyway. If you couldn’t locate the features you desire with the free adblocker plugins, perhaps you will have better luck with the following paid ones. Feel free to recommend more options, and we will consider including them.


There is a lot of stuff the extraordinary MailOptin tool can do for you and your blooming business. Along with its refined newsletter subscription and email marketing specialties, a mega valuable adblock detection is also integrated into the plugin.

Unfortunately, more and more people are using an ad blocker to ensure them a smoother and distraction-free experience while checking news pages and reading their favorite blogs. But this can cost website owners quite some money, especially if they solely rely on visual advertisement. Very likely, you cannot even display simple lead generation forms as the software blocks them.

Luckily, here is MailOptin. You can now effortlessly deliver super-targeted messages to your users and potential clients to increase your revenue without a sweat. This plugin stops an ad blocker from preventing it from displaying your content and helps you continuously gain new leads. Isn’t that something you want?


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