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Top 18 Free And Popular Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

Top 18 Free and Popular Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Whether for a business or a personal blog, communication is an essential key in maintaining a steady flow of support, feedback, sales, and opportunities. However, WordPress, while used by millions of business people and bloggers all around the world, does not offer a direct communication method. So, bloggers need to rely on the public plugin repository to find the contact form plugins that best suit their needs.

The Contact Us or Contact Me pages are among the most visited pages on any website. It’s a way for like-minded individuals to connect and communicate with each other. Thus, lacking a contact page on your website can mean a huge loss in contacts and business opportunities. Ensure that your customers can reach out to you whenever they have a question. Looking up personal emails on the web is never fun and is very unprofessional. Besides, there is no reason to hide your emails anymore because platforms provide truly sensational spam protection.

Contact forms themselves can be used to inspire a call to action, such as sending messages. Using a white-on-black contact form with no added personality can sometimes lead to a lack of emails. Sometimes, though, all you need is simplicity. Fortunately, this list features a huge variety of choices. Some will certainly suit even the most complex of WordPress blogs and platforms. Others will match your simple requirements. These contact form plugins are stylish but easy to use, allow custom modifications, and are equipped with security and spam protection features.

Compare your own personal favorite to this list. In case we have missed out on a truly reliable contact form plugin, please let us know either through our own contact form or in the comments section. Give us the URL of your favorite contact form plugin, as well as the reason why you like it so much. We then will do our best to consider it for inclusion in the following list.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

WordPress › Contact Form by BestWebSoft « WordPress Plugins

BestWebSoft offers a reliable contact form plugin that requires next to no configuration changes to begin receiving emails from your contact pages. It uses a traditional shortcode approach for displaying your form. So, you can just create a new WordPress page and put the shortcode in there. Then, use the menu to add the new page to your main menu, and use it as a means of redirecting visitors to your contact form. This plugin is for beginners, so the technical barrier is really not that high.

BestWebSoft is a modern web development company, so expect your new contact form to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices, any screen size basically. Customize each form to consist of specific fields and requirements of your own choosing. Make those fields mandatory or optional. Then, select a number of required forms that the user needs to fill out so that you can learn more about their intentions and their background.

You can enable features like file attachments to allow others to upload content through your form. This contact form is therefore great for sites that deal with customer support and anything of that nature. Spam protection is of high importance. Expect two different choices for captcha plugins: reCAPTCHA and BestWebSoft’s own Captcha plugin. Also, it’s easy extend the plugin through the use of additional plugins.


Custom Contact Forms

WordPress › Custom Contact Forms « WordPress Plugins

Custom Contact Forms is a solid form plugin for small and enterprise-level blogs that want more than just a contact form. With this plugin, you will be able to do all your required form-related tasks in a single place in WordPress Media Manager. Whether for booking events, collecting payments, or building email lists, create forms using this plugin’s many features. You can create forms and use fields like addresses (worldwide), the current date for billing stuff, dropdowns, phone numbers, file attachments, and so many more. Because this is a legacy plugin, you can also expect to be able to use custom HTML5 within your forms. This allows you to optimize them better.

The clever use of AJAX means that all form requests are completed within a single window without the need to refresh the page. A variety of themes mean that you don’t have to worry about styling the plugin yourself. Majority of the time, there will be a suitable style for your own existing theme.

When doing renovations or running out of stock, you can configure the plugin to show a temporary Pause Message with an explanation as to why it is impossible to complete the form. Translation options are available, too, and the plugin is super-protected when it comes to security concerns. With Custom Contact Forms, spam will be a thing of the past.


Contact Form Builder

WordPress › Contact Form Builder « WordPress Plugins

Contact Form Builder is one of the best platforms for designing flexible, interactive, and functional contact forms. The basic configuration offers all the necessary features and attributes to build fully optimized contact forms that will let you start collecting feedback right away. The easily available CSS styles allow for bloggers to quickly customize the plugin style and the way it feels. The integration of reCAPTCHA will also make sure that no spammer is able to get through.

If you have a physical business address, you can display a Google Maps widget alongside your contact form. This will allow much easier and much quicker access to your business details. You can also display a custom confirmation text after a submission has been made. Users, moreover, can receive a copy of the email they are trying to send you. This tool is fully ready for all device types and comes with 10 prebuilt templates.


Contact Form to Email

WordPress › Contact Form to Email « WordPress Plugins

CodePeople brings out a special email support management plugin for quick and effective email delivery. All emails sent are saved in the database, and you can choose to export them to CSV and Excel formats. You can also choose to print out your list of messages for future reference. The visual forms builder (drag and drop) will make it easy even for the most inexperienced WordPress users to build contact forms within seconds. Anti-spam features include a CAPTCHA plugin for maximum security. One of the reasons why thousands of people are constantly coming back to this plugin is the Reports feature. With it, bloggers can learn about the behavior of their visitors and their email sending habits, giving an insight on how to improve that experience.


FormGet Contact Form

WordPress › FormGet Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

FormGet is one of the most promising contact form platforms we have seen in the last decade. This truly effective plugin lets you craft forms and use a special widget to display them on your site. This widget enables your form to appear on every single page as a Contact Us button. It remains throughout the page as the user keeps interacting with your content. These style forms have become increasingly popular in recent years. FormGet has the required experience to ensure that your widget gets seen by everyone.

Needless to say, this particular WordPress plugin is not just for contact forms. It also allows you to create feedback collection forms, a form for doing helpdesk tasks, a form for allowing others to book stuff, a simple email list form for collecting emails, and a survey form for concluding important questions. Further, job sites may use FormGet’s plugin to do job application forms. It can be used as well to solve everyday problems about building reliable and converting forms. Notably, the FormGet team focuses on user experience and user interface. It ensures that each user interaction with the contact form widget is authentic and unique. It must provide the maximum conversion rate potential, too.


Sliding Contact Form by FormGet

WordPress › Sliding Contact Form By FormGet « WordPress Plugins

Here is a more interactive plugin from the FormGet team. It positions itself on the left- or right-hand side of the web page of your blogs and then slides alongside the movement of the visitor. Sliding Contact Form allows you to set all the parameters, such as font, color, custom branding, look and feel, and layout. This allows for a more personal experience and, in turn, delivers more trustworthy signals to your visitors and/or customers. Another clever feature is the ability to collect your payments from your customers using PayPal integration. Other features include custom alerts and reports on how your email servicing is influencing the overall customer support experience.


Contact Form Builder by vCita

WordPress › Contact Form Builder by vCita « WordPress Plugins

Guys at vCita are taking the modern web design approach to deliver a stunning contact form experience for webmasters. Use the extensive configuration panel to create forms that will capture every important detail from your visitors. Instantly convert it into a beautiful and rounded up email. The styling is fully customizable. The layout of the form, the colors, the width and height, and the fonts can all be customized to reflect your personality and requirements. The easy to work with forms builder allows this plugin to become a part of any blogger’s toolkit.

The premium version of the plugin is more advanced but requires a monetary investment. The free version is flexible and sufficient enough to be used on sites that deal with large-scale requests.


Contact Form Maker

WordPress › Contact Form Maker « WordPress Plugins

Dorado and Web are professionals in Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal content management systems. Their experience shows in each of the plugins that they are able to share with the community. The Contact Form Maker is not an exception to this. With conditional logic, email management options, unlimited fields, submission management, CAPTCHA spam protection, PayPal integration, Google Maps integration, unlimited field types, file upload, and nearly 40 unique templates to choose from, Dorado Web showcases its unique approach to creating extensive plugins that can accomplish dozens of different tasks from within a single system. WordPress Contact Form Maker uses a simple and easy to manage backend interface. So, users who can’t make code-level changes will be able to make customization and changes using parameters.


Contact Form by ContactUs

WordPress › Contact Form by ContactUs « WordPress Plugins

Looking for an easy to set up form that will enable you to utilize powerful and extendable features? Look no further than the magnificent work of art from the team at ContactUs. This bunch of inbound marketing professionals are fully experienced and knowledgeable. They know what it takes to capture the attention of a potentially interested customer. Their customer contact form execution is the perfect proof of that experience. With the integration of the Customer Acquisition Suite that ContactUs provides, you will be better able to build, prioritize, and track the submissions of your contact forms. This gives you an edge over any competitors who might want to try and win over your business. ContactUs is an inbound marketing enterprise that focuses strictly on the inbound aspects of marketing, helping webmasters and bloggers to quickly acquire leads without the necessary analysis and expertise.

Contact Form by ContactUs is more than a contact form plugin. This plugin is part of an overall tool to grow users and customers. It manages your relationship with them. ContactUs has powerful contact management tools, They can track, segment, analyze, and communicate with your inbound form submission. It’s integrated with the chat, which can be another vehicle for growing interactions and sales from your website. For premium users, ContactUs offers several features to enhance the look of your contact forms. Great features to increase leads and customers include A/B Testing, Retargeting Alerts, advanced lead analytics, and call tracking.


Contact Form Generator

WordPress › Contact Form Generator « WordPress Plugins

Sometimes it’s great to just load up a plugin and have it do all the work for you, but the Contact Form Generator is aimed at a niche audience that wants to build their own contact form with the ability to customize field types and their settings. Here we have a plugin that allow you to select from field types like phone, address, number, customizable text areas, selection dropdowns, checkboxes and more. The use of shortcode methodology is going to help you insert your custom forms anywhere on your site, whether through a page, a widget, or directly through your templates codebase.

A unique feature to this plugin is the option to send out received emails to multiple email addresses, meaning that more support people can be allocated to each contact form. AJAX will ensure everything is loaded and submitted without the need to reload pages. Protection is ensured by high-level CAPTCHA plugins. Has been built with traditional User Interface elements in mind to provide an easy to use experience.


WCP Contact Form

WordPress › WCP Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

WCP Contact Form uses Bootstrap to provide a very authentic contact form design experience that you will be able to incorporate of any web design of your choosing. With this plugin you are getting more than just a forms management panel, WCP offers an exceptional way of managing your forms and emails that almost resemble a customer support platform. Be grateful to your visitors for sending you a message with a customizable ‘Thank you’ page that can also be used to promote your other products or email list if you desire.

Supports reCaptcha, a number of custom styles to choose from, a visual notification widget within the admin dashboard whenever a new email is received, the Inbox Page for emails provides a quick reply option. Amongst the latest new features there’s the option to redirect users to custom URLs after successful form submissions, action hooks for making your forms more dynamic, and an option to go for a more numbers oriented captcha solution.


Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form

WordPress › Perfect Easy Powerful Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

Is there such a thing as perfect? For each of us, perfect means a different thing, yet we can see what the creators of this plugin are trying to say. In order to achieve a sustainable visitor experience, we don’t necessarily have to rely on premium plugins, or heavy addons that bloat our servers memory. Quite often, it’s the simple things that take care of things in the best way possible. This mobile-optimized contact form has exciting features like slide-in effects, lightbox effect, responsive templates to choose from, ability to create forms for different needs (contact, call me, applications, reservations, submissions, polls, and others) all within a single and easy to manage environment. It’s so simple to use you won’t want to rely on anything else, give it a try!


POWr Contact Form

WordPress › POWr Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

POWr is a premium plugin that offers a free version as well. Unfortunately the free version only offers about 100 unique email submissions a month, but it’s worth giving it a try if you are looking for a more premium contact form experience. You can manage your POWr plugin to reflect your own choice of borders, fonts, backgrounds, colors and so forth. A payment integration module will allow you to collect PayPal payments, as well as manage other financial aspects of a subscription based platform. Mobile-ready and supports your own language if you have the specification. Also one of the few plugins that will support a custom ‘Thank you’ page for the potential of making extra conversions.


Popup Contact Form

WordPress › Popup contact form « WordPress Plugins

Popups are taking over the World of Web! Perhaps the only unique popup plugin in this list, we are looking at a very lightweight contact form solution that will behave whenever triggered by another visitor to appear in the form of a popup. Although the configuration settings allow you to create ‘unblockable’ popups, we strongly advise to be ethical about your choices and instead focus on the interactivity of the plugin, rather than the potential of making extra submissions appear in your inbox, just because. The configuration options are very simple, so you will have no problem getting the plugin up and running in a matter of two minutes.


PROPER Contact Form

WordPress › PROPER Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

Sometimes all you need is a contact form that will let you enter fields like name, surname, email and website and of course the actual message itself. While fancy forms plugins are great for established sites who are dealing with a high-volume of traffic, for writers and bloggers who work within specific niches, sometimes it’s the simple things that deliver the best result. The PROPER Contact Form is built with those writers and bloggers in mind, to help them enable simple, elegant and aesthetic forms into their own blog designs, without having to worry about the latest features of capabilities that other plugins might provide. Really liking the autoresponder features in this particular plugin too, now you can stay in touch with your visitors even when you’re not at the computer.


JavaScript Contact Form

WordPress › Js Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

This might be the most lightweight form of them all. Install and activate the plugin, go to the plugins template files and edit the main core file to replace the Receivers email and you are ready to get the emails rolling in. Can be activated with a shortcode.


Dialog Contact Form

WordPress › Dialog Contact Form « WordPress Plugins

Dialog is a very simple form that enables several fields: name, email, website, phone, textarea, captcha and the submit button. The design is transparent, meaning it will flawlessly integrate with the majority of designs out there. Can be enabled using a shortcode.


Contact Form 7

WordPress › Contact Form 7 « WordPress Plugins

We saved what we believe to be the best for last, and for good reasons. Contact Form 7 is the most installed contact form plugin within the public WordPress plugin database. Millions of bloggers, businesses and writers rely on CF 7 daily to receive and manage their feedback, emails, support questions and so much more. The comprehensive documentation is one of the things that keeps WordPress users attracted to this plugin in the first place, with so many examples and documentation details available — it makes the plugin experience much more seamless, much more rich in a sense where the plugin user can get the most out of the experience of email management.

Contact Form 7 will let you create an unlimited number of forms with an unlimited number of variations in the form of field types, requirements, security protection and more. Remember, this is THE most popular plugin of this kind, so that alone speaks for itself. Before we close our post, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular extension plugins for Contact Form 7 and how those can help to improve our overall user to user interaction.


Contact Form 7 Addons and Extensions

There’s no questioning the usability of Contact Form 7, but even the best of the best can sometimes still be adjusted and optimized for a much more refined experience. We decided to leave Contact Form 7 last on our list — because the community has been so supportive of the plugin — as there are a number of very cool extensions available to make your Contact Form 7 experience a much more exciting one. The following addons and extensions will greatly help to enhance the overall business experience for small businesses, startups and agencies who wish to convert their WordPress platform into a full-enterprise solution for business needs and tasks.

Yes, it’s quite a known fact that CF7 is easy to work with, but even a plugin like this can run out of good features, and this is where extensions begin to come in, and what a blessing it is that the developers of CF 7 are allowing others to built extensions on top of it.

Slack Contact Form 7

WordPress › Slack Contact Form 7 « WordPress Plugins

Slack is becoming (already is for developers and designers) one of the most prominent instant messaging services of our time, and it’s only natural that Slack users who also happen to use WordPress are going to be looking for ways to combine the two for maximum productivity. With this neat extension plugin you will be able to receive instant notifications to your Slack profile about successful form submissions on your contact pages. Just specify the channels you want to have the messages sent to and it’s all good to go.


Contact Form 7 – PayPal Integration Add-on

WordPress › Contact Form 7 PayPal Integration Add on « WordPress Plugins

Turn your CF 7 into a fully functional billing solution. This PayPal module extension will give you the necessary tools for collecting payments as soon as users create a successful contact submission. Whether you want to use it to collect payments for digital products, or services you provide, this will be the plugin to make it all happen for you without the extra fuss.


Contact Form 7 Style

WordPress › Contact Form 7 Style « WordPress Plugins

Knowing how to style a plugin using CSS is not something that everyone can proudly say they are able to do, but with this specific styling plugin, you will quickly be able to change the appearance of your contact forms on the go. Don’t worry about having to learn complicated syntax of a styling language, load up the extension and let the settings panel give you all the right tools to create the kind of forms that will better suit your needs.


Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

WordPress › Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 « WordPress Plugins

Bootstrap is a household name for front-end developers. Being able to use CF 7 with Bootstrap is the dream of many, and now it is possible to achieve that dream by installing this easy to use extension. Tens of thousands of CF 7 users are using this plugin to compliment their existing Bootstrap templates with this Bootstrap extension.


Contact Form 7 Leads Tracking

WordPress › Contact Form 7 Leads Tracking « WordPress Plugins

In online marketing, the more stuff we can track and analyze, the easier it becomes to improve in the future for more conversions. This Leads Tracking extension will help you track the user interaction with your contact forms and give you the data to analyze to learn more about where a users stops, how long it takes for users to finalize forms, and many other insightful statistics that will give you an insight into the behavior of the visitors who wish to leave you an email message.


Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension

WordPress › Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension « WordPress Plugins

Are you a user of MailChimp? Wish to extend your list through Contact Form 7? What better way to do it than by using this CF 7 addon for growing your email list through each new submission. It offers all the opt-in features that MailChimp itself would provide.


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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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